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‘Tis the Season...

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BOARD OF DIRECTORS                                                     The GRTC newsletter is the official news-magazine of the Greater Roches-
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Members at Large   Dick Lewandowski   ralmit@frontiernet.net           must be submitted by March 1.
                                                                       Available for Rent - Finishing line clock and Chronomix time recorder at
                   Deb Wyspianski     debest@rochester.rr.com
                                                                       $75 each. Race directors willing to provide GRTC members a $3 pre-
                                                                       registration race discount can rent the clock and Chronomix for the dis-
                                                                       counted fee of $75 for both. Contact a Board member for more info.
                                                                       GRTC Contacts:
                                                                       Individuals are listed under Board of Directors.

GRTC Board of Directors Meeting
Tuesday June 1, 2010

Present: Deb Wyspianski, Dick Lewandowski, Tom Perry, Roger Howe, Wilt Alston, Craig Litt, Traci Walker

New Business:
- Deb has decided to step down as president. Discussion of new president, Wilt Alston. Deb will remain as board member and help
- GRTC DailyMile experiment initiated by Tom. “Social Networking” site for runners has log book features as well as “Facebook” style
networking capabilities. Tom will include a description and invitation to GRTC members in his next column.

Continuing Business:
- Lilac races follow-up: Per Wilt, race day went well. There were enough volunteers.
- Boilermaker Bus update: A 54-passenger bus has been reserved, registration is open on Active.com, through contacting Wilt or at
- Corporate Challenge water stop: Dick has lined up volunteers. They are all set to go.
- Trail Advocacy” Per Tom, there are no major developments at the moment. Clover ramp is open, with finishing touches in progress.
- Freezeroo Race Director: continue to spread the word to interested parties. Deb will help out with finding a new director and offer
assistance & advice.
Membership: 417, per Roger
Treasurer’s Report: 2009 profit & loss sheet reported by Craig.
Merchandise: Wilt has ordered new singlets. An inventory of existing merchandise is needed.
Minutes respectfully submitted by Traci Walker
                President’s Column
                           By Deb Wyspianski

This issue should be appearing just as we head into the summer. Spring is coming to a close
marked by the completion of the Medved Lilac 10k and The Chase Corporate Challenge. The
GRTC Spring Track is coming to its finale with the Charlie McMullen Mile. The Fourth of July will
bring a host of races and celebrations. The Fleet Feet Fire Cracker Five Mile as part of the RROY
Series will be on the 3rd of July followed closely by the annual Boilermaker Bus trip on July 11th.
These are just the first of many fun filled weekends this summer.

This issue will also be the completion of my Presidents Column. I am handing the baton to Wilt
Alston, the current VP. I am truly proud to have been able to represent a part of the Rochester
running community. Although I have given and will continue to give my support to the club and the
running community, I have not been in the heart of the activity for awhile now. I miss the positive
energy, the camaraderie and the friendly but competitive fuel that flows from it. I am hoping that
eventually I will integrate that into this new phase of my life.

I plan to continue to be a part of the GRTC Board of Directors but in a somewhat diminished
capacity. I have already relinquished my Freezeroo Race Director responsibilities, but will continue
to help find another interested director. Both roles have given me a lot of great memories, lessons
and friends.

Thank you to all of you who have stepped up over the years and helped out. You all are the rea-
son for GRTC’s mission in making Rochester the greatest place for runners to live, and also the
reason for the mission’s success. You are a wonderfully eclectic community that I am proud to be
a part of it. Thank you all and I hope that you will continue to support GRTC with the same enthusi-
asm I have witnessed. I think that our new leadership by someone who is in step with the changes
and the pulse of our running body will renew our spirits and generate new ideas and enthusiasm.

See you on the roads and trails,

             2    !
          te ates
     No t d
di f
    f er e                       Join us
              SATURDAY, July 3rd for
          Fleet Feet FireCracker 5 Mile
              SUNDAY, July 4th for
       Brighton Chamber of Commerce 5K
                              Race Information at
   2210 Monroe Avenue•Rochester, NY 14618•(585) 697-3338 •www.fleetfeetrochester.com

                                 Hey, everybody:
              The Boilermaker Bus is Back!

                       Don’t be like this guy! (Get ON the bus.)
                                    JULY 11, 2010
             To reserve your seat, sign up in person at Fleet Feet Sports,
              2210 Monroe Ave, Rochester. OR, contact Wilt Alston at
                  See the June 2010 issue of KEEP TRACK for itinerary details!
                                         GRTC-Sponsored Relay Teams

Relay runs are about the most fun you can have running with
friends. The shared effort bonds runners together in a unique
and lasting way. Each year the GRTC sponsors teams in two
local relay races:
   Rochester Marathon Relay
     (www.rochestermarathon.com) on September 12th.
     Four-person teams run four legs of 6.0 to 7.5 miles.
     Shuttle buses are provided to drop off and pick up run-
     ners at the exchange points. Team entry fees are $120
     before July 31st and $160 before August 28th.
      Marathon team categories are Male Open, Female Open, and Mixed Open; Male Masters,
      Female Masters, and Mixed Masters. The GRTC will sponsor up to three teams, limited to
      one team per category. Preference on sponsored teams will be given to those who sign up
      before July 31st. The Club will pay half of the team entry fee and will provide a GRTC singlet
      to each runner who needs one.
   Fleet Feet Sports Relay (www.canlake50.org/Relay) on October 9th. Teams are limited to a
      maximum of five runners with each team member running 2 legs of varying lengths and diffi-
      culties on the roads around Canandaigua Lake. Teams provide their own transportation so
      members get to spend the whole day together… driving around the course, taking photos,
      cheering on the runners, hanging out with other teams while waiting for their runner at the ex-
      changes and sharing good food and stories at the post-race feast. Team entry fee is $12 per
      runner before September 22nd and $15 before October 7th.
      The GRTC will sponsor one team of up to five runners. The Club will pay the entry fee of
      each runner and will provide a GRTC singlet to each runner who needs one. Preference on
      the team will be given to runners who sign up before September 22nd.
In 2009 GRTC teams placed 5th and 6th among 116 teams in the Rochester Marathon Relay. GRTC
Team #1 finished in 3:26:43 and was the winning team in the Mixed Open category. GRTC 50 Plus,
with all runners over 50 years of age, finished 2nd in the Male Masters category in 3:27:47.
At the Fleet Feet Sports Relay in October, the five men on the GRTC Veterans team (average age
51.6 years) ran 50 miles around Canandaigua Lake in 5:29:04 (average pace 6:35 per mile). They
not only set a new 50+ age group record, they won the race in the sixth best time ever.
GRTC members of all abilities and ages are welcome to join teams for both races in 2010. Inter-
ested runners are strongly encouraged to apply immediately to secure a spot. Contact Team Coor-
dinator Tom Perry (585-410-0584; tperry01@rochester.rr.com) for more information and to sign up.

           “I run so my goals in life will continue to get bigger instead of my belly."
                                            - Bill Kirby
The Eclectic Runner
by Tom Perry

Each month in this space I share the best of my recent postings in The Eclectic
Runner Blog which appears on the GRTC website (www.grtconline.org). The
content varies widely from month to month, hence the title.

Daily Mile – Running Log meets Facebook
Many runners keep logs of their daily runs. Having a blank space to fill in a log-
book can be a strong incentive to get out the door when it’s raining or your en-
thusiasm is waning. Having a record makes it possible to review your training before an important race and
get insights about what worked or what went wrong. And, the record makes it possible to recall so much
more about the great experiences you had running months, years and even decades ago.
A few “old school” folks still write up each run in a logbook. Some of us track our mileage in a spreadsheet.
A few use a log application running on a PC or Mac. And more recently, we have seen the emergence on
online logs like Motion Based (www.motionbased.com), which cater to runners who want to upload data from
their GPS watches.
Daily Mile has pioneered a new category of online logbooks. At heart, Daily Mile is like a specialized version
of Facebook for athletes. It fits into the category of “social media” but, instead of sharing videos of pets &
children, Daily Mile members share their daily runs and race plans.
I have been using Daily Mile for about six weeks, long enough to get a sense of its strengths and weaknesses
as a logbook and, more importantly, its promise as a way to connect with running friends. I will comment first
on Daily Mile as a logbook.
Daily Mile (www.dailymile.com) is a web application that displays in your favorite browser. Use of it is free
and the only personal information you have to supply to create an account is an e-mail address. So far
there’s no advertising on the site. Daily Mile is more
than adequate as a basic logbook but lacks ad-
vanced graphing and reporting features you would
expect in an application you pay for and install on
your computer.
The image at the right shows the basic form for
“Manual Input” of a workout. You can enter as much
or as little information as you wish. The button for
Advanced Options gives you additional fields for
tracking gear use, average and maximum heart
rates, perceived effort, automatic calculation of calo-
ries burned, weather conditions and optional key
words (e.g., “race”) to aid in searching your work-
The “Add Route” tab gives you a Google Maps fea-
ture to create a map of a route and save it for later
selection. You can also create a route by uploading
a gpx file.
“Sync Device” supports automatic upload from either Garmin gps or Nike+ devices. You need to first create a
free account at Garmin Connect or at Nike+. I’ve been using Sync Device with both a Garmin Edge and Gar-
min Forerunner. After I created the Garmin Connect account and shared the account name and password
with Daily Mile, I’ve been able to quickly and easily upload basic information about my runs and rides. Note:
Daily Mile does not support display of more advanced data such as summary data for individual laps, heart
rate graphs, speed graphs, and elevation. If you use these data, you will want to also continue using a more
advanced log application like Garmin Connect or SportTracks.
Continued on page 8...
                                   CROSSWINDS 5K
                  Proceeds benefit the Sands Cancer Center

                                        Saturday, September 4, 2010
                WHERE: Crosswinds Wesleyan Church, 3360 Middle Cheshire Road, Canandaigua, NY
                                        PRE - REGISTRATION FEE: $15 (GRTC members - $13 )
                                     DAY of RACE REGISTRATION FEE: $20 (GRTC members –$15 )

             REGISTRATION / CHECK-IN on RACE DAY:                                               7:00 am - 8:45 am, Race starts at 9:00 am
           AWARDS: Overall Male, Overall Female, plus Top 3 Finishers (male/female) in each category
        QUESTIONS: call: Bob or Becky Andrus (585) 229-2475   e-mail: crosswinds5K@gmail.com
                                 log onto: www.crosswindsonline.org

                                                         Computerized Race results by PCR Timing
                                                            This course is certified to be accurate by the
                                                        USAT&F/ Road Running Technical Council NY02025AM

                                                                                                                                                             (detach and mail)
Please make checks payable to:          Crosswinds 5K                                Mail to:    Crosswinds 5K
                                                                                                 3360 Middle Cheshire Road
                                                                                                 Canandaigua, N.Y. 14424
(Please PRINT)
Name _________________________________________________                                                 Age on Race Day _______
Address ______________________________________________                                                E-mail _______________________________________
City _______________________________ State ________ Zip ______________
Phone _(_____)_______________________                                        Male           Female                          Date of Birth ______/______/_______

Category - (circle one)                 9 & Under, 10 - 14, 15 - 19, 20 –24, 25 - 29,                                 30 - 34,       35 - 39,       40 – 44,        45 – 49,
                                                                     50 – 54,       55 – 59, 60 – 64, 65 – 69, 70+
                                                                                    Check here if you wish to include an additional donation
Shirt Size - (circle one) S                   M        L      XL       XXL              to the SANDS Cancer Center-- add’l mount:___________
Waiver and Release:
I understand that running a road race is a potentially dangerous activity. I should not enter and run unless I am medically able and properly trained. I assume all risks asso-
ciated with this, including, but not limited to : fall, contact with other runners, humidity, temperature, foul weather, traffic and road conditions; all risks being accepted by me.
Having read this waiver and knowing these facts, I for myself and any entitled to act on my behalf, waive and release Crosswinds Wesleyan Church, City of Canandaigua,
Town of Canandaigua, County of Ontario, State of New York, Ferris Hills at West Lake, the race directors, sponsors, and volunteers and their representatives and succes-
sors from all claims and liabilities of any kind arising out of my participation in this event. I further grant permission to all foregoing to use any photographs, motion pictures,
recordings, or any other record of this event for any purpose whatsoever. I understand that all entry fees are non-refundable.

     Signature: ______________________________________________________                                                        Date: ________________________
               (Parent or guardian must sign if under 18 yrs. of age)

                                                                                                                        OFFICE USE
                                                                                                                               Date :_____________ Amt Paid :___________
                                                                                                                              Check # ___________ Cash
Eclectic Runner continued from page 6...

Once you have entered a workout, you have several possible views of your activity (and the activity of anyone
you have “Friended”). The Profile page (shown below) lists your recent workouts. The graph at the top of
the page shows a simple summary of your workouts one week at a time. If you let your cursor hover over a
daily entry, a summary pops up for the workouts on that day. You can page back through your training a
week at a time.

Once you have entered a workout, you have several possible views of your activity (and the activity of anyone
you have “Friended”). The Profile page (shown below) lists your recent workouts. The graph at the top of
the page shows a simple summary of your workouts one week at a time. If you let your cursor hover over a
daily entry, a summary pops up for the workouts on that day. You can page back through your training a
week at a time. Continued...
The Training page has three different views of your workout data:
   Analytics – simple graphs of distance, page, time, feeling, etc,
   List – a table listing of your training log entries that you can print or copy & paste into Excel,
   Leader Board – you vs. your "friends"
The Community menu on Daily Mile has options to find Routes saved by others, locate People to “friend,”
setup Challenges, list Events you plan to run, contribute to online Forums, or join a Group. You will find more
about Groups and an invitation to join the Greater Rochester Track Club group on Daily Mile below.
The GRTC on Daily Mile
One of the goals of the Club has long been to increase the social connection and camaraderie of members.
After a trial use of Daily Mile by the board of directors, we have created a Greater Rochester Track Club
group to enable sharing of run and race experiences among interested GRTC members.
Benefits. After you join the GRTC group, you will be able to find other club members on the GRTC Group
page. You can select a member and go to the personal Profile page of the member and can comment on his/
her workout log entries. You will be able to send messages to other group members. Members will also be
able to post to a GRTC group discussion board. The Group page includes a Leader Board listing the number
of miles each member has run so far this week. Club members can join the Daily Mile GRTC Group at any
time and, did we mention, it’s FREE.
How to Join. It’s simple and will only take a few minutes.
Create a Daily Mile Account: If you don’t already have an account on Daily Mile, go to www.dailymile.com
   and click on the “Sign Up Free” button. Fill out the form. You will need to provide a valid e-mail address.
   After you complete the form, you will receive confirmation e-mail from Daily Mile. Click on the link in the
   confirmation e-mail to activate your account.
Go to the Groups page: Log in to Daily Mile. Click on the Community menu at the top of the screen. Select
   Groups in the drop down menu.
Find the GRTC Group: Type GRTC in the search field and click the Search button. Click on the Greater
   Rochester Track Club logo or name in the Search Results.
Join the GRTC Group. Click the Join button.
Daily Mile Tips. You can limit the e-mail notifications you receive, edit the items on your Profile page, change
your password and make some minor privacy adjustments via the Settings menu. You can “Friend” other
runners so you can more easily share info with them. Same as on Facebook, don’t post anything on Daily
Mile that you wouldn’t want your mother to see. Continued on page 15...
                             By Deb Iovoli, MS,RD,CSSD,CDN

A lot of people ask me what kind of Nutritionist I am. As a Sports Dietitian, I specialize in ath-
letes, but also help those with weight issues and eating disorders. My nutrition degree entailed
many science courses; biology, chemistry, microbiology, biochemistry, organic chemistry,
physiology, to name a few. This allows me to understand how the nutrients in our food are
digested, absorbed, and metabolized in our bodies.

Nutrition is an ever-changing field with new scientific research coming out daily. It can be very confusing to the
general population without the science background. It’s sometime tough for even me to decipher what’s factual
and what’s hype at first glance! I do make a strong effort to keep up with the most recent nutrition science with
various reputable journals and newsletters. As a good clinician, I don’t put stock in the results of a single study
but know it must be replicated numerous times to hold any merit.

So to answer the original question of what kind of Nutritionist I am, I would say I am trained in Western medicine
but I am open to alternative medicine as well. I guess I would say I’m East meets West… I’m certainly not the
“food police”.

After counseling 1000’s of individuals, I have come to the conclusion, along with research showing evidence, that
it is more than calories in equal calories out regarding weight. There are just too many variables; hormones,
medicine, stress, emotions, sickness, individual metabolism and activity factors. Some of these can be theoreti-
cally accounted for while others cannot.

I believe a person’s emotional well-being must be addressed before they can change their outer or physical ap-
pearance. When I consult with a client I discuss; nutrition and fitness goals, motivating factors, individual
strengths, obstacles, and ways to overcome those barriers along with the typical objective data like height and
weight. I ask them, “If I could wave a magic wand, what would (name of client) look like, feel like, and be do-
ing?” Really, what I am often asking them is “What is your wildest dream?” “What do you want to become and
achieve in your life?” That leads to “What is stopping you?”

Many people have tremendous self-doubt. Honestly, they have so much negative self-talk going on they will con-
tinue to fulfill these thoughts without change. “I will never lose any weight!” “I’ve always been fat”. This often
leads to tears and some deep emotions often going back to their childhood upbringing and thoughts that often
surprise even the client.

I feel like a psychologist at times and I find the psychology of nutrition counseling fascinating! I enjoy getting in-
dividuals to open up and share their secret dreams with me. It’s exciting helping them to achieve their nutrition
and fitness goals as well as understanding where they are coming from both physically and mentally. However, as
I said, I believe one must learn to understand and appreciate who they are NOW before conquering the outside
physical form. This often takes a lot of work; daily positive affirmations, self-healing, and learning to truly love
who they are before any change takes place.

I encourage my clients to take five minutes or more every day to visualize that person they wish to become. What
does that person look like? More importantly, what does that feel like? Do you feel strong, lean, and confident?
How do your clothes feel? How are others responding to you? Do you feel proud of all of your incredible accom-
plishments? It may sound hokey but I’ve seen it work. Clients improve their self image, have more energy, ap-
preciate their bodies and take care of it by eating nourishing, healthy foods, and that leads to weight loss. On the
other spectrum, those individuals with poor self-worth sabotage their diets, look at food as either “good” or “bad”,
feel guilt or shame when they don’t adhere to a certain “diet”, or do not value their self enough to eat well, as in
some eating disordered clients.
So much of body weight has to do with self-esteem and self worth. Some individuals call themselves overweight
as a security blanket. This lowers their expectations of themselves and what their body is truly capable of achiev-
ing. By helping these clients come out of their comfort zone, with slow baby steps, it can gradually increase their
self-esteem and confidence. I’ve witnessed this with my Moms In Motion running and multi-sport group when
someone runs their first mile without stopping, completes their first 5K, or learns how to swim. The sense of ac-
complishment empowers them to achieve new goals. Others hold on to their weight as a way of distracting them
from their real problems. Those 10# are not so bad compared to the financial or marriage problems they may
have, for example.

I hope this article inspires you to start thinking about who you may want to become or what you want to achieve
physically, your health, or your secret life ambitions. Practice positive affirmations and visualize them. Whether it
is to lose weight, develop more muscles, or accomplish an unimaginable goal, if you can dream it, you can achieve
it. What’s stopping you?

Deb is Rochester’s only Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics, adjunct at Monroe Community College as well as Rochester
Moms in Motion Team Leader. She enjoys helping athletes become successful with food choices, body weight and composition, for
                        optimal health and performance! Please contact me for questions or article ideas.

                   "Methinks that the moment my legs began to move, my thoughts began to flow."
                                             - Henry David Thoreau
2010 Rochester Runner of the Year Series
             Sponsored by Innovative Edge Sports and the GRTC

March 13               Johnny’s Runnin’ of the Green            5 Miles

March 28               Fleet Feet Spring Forward 15K            9.3 Miles

May 23                 Medved Lilac 10K                         6.2 Miles

June 10                Charlie McMullen Mile                    1 Mile

June 20                Medved 5K to Cure ALS                    3.1 Miles

July 3                 Fleet Feet Firecracker 5 Mile            5 Miles

July 24                Medved 10 Ugly Men 5K                    3.1 Miles

August 14              Jenny Kuzma Memorial Bergen 5K           3.1 Miles

September 4            Fleet Feet Summerfest 12K                7.45 Miles

October 16             Run for Hospice 5K                       3.1 Miles

November 25            Race with Grace 10K                      6.2 Miles
                                                           Fleet Feet Sports FireCracker 5 Mile 
                                                                  Rochester Runner of the Year 2010 Race #6  
                                                                         by Ellen Brenner‐Boutillier 
It is a great honor that this year the Fleet Feet Sports FireCracker 5 Mile was asked to be in the Rochester Runner of the 
Year Series.  This year’s event is SATURDAY, July 3rd, YES SATURDAY, in Fairport, NY!  This is the first time a July 4th 
event has been part of the series (even though it’s on July 3rd).  The FireCracker 5 Mile has been around for over 32 
years, exact year is unkown.  As I write this now, I am looking at the 1978 “US Post Office mailed” results and letter 
from Perinton Chamber of Commerce President Tom Kennel.  Yup, for those that remember, once upon a time results 
weren’t posted at the race site after the race but mailed to you a few days and maybe weeks later.  That year there 
were approximately 309 finishers.  The awards were given to top 3 Overall Men and top 3 in 10 year age groups for the 
men;  meanwhile the women’s awards were top 3 for Under 30 and Over 30.  Not sure what happens when you are 30 
and a female J.  There was even a parent/child division and a husband/wife division.  The results do not denote if you 
were a male or female nor your age, just your finish position.  However, they did provide a graph of the age grouping 
breakout.  Interestingly the largest age group was 30‐39, by far.  Nowadays, 40‐49 is the most popular age group for 
most events. 
If  you  are  a  race  history  statistics  geek,  that  year  the  top  3  men  were:  Paul  Stemmer  (25:39),  Bruce  Baden  (26:12), 
Derek Frechette (26:38).  That year Scott Bagley won the under 15 category in 28:19 and the late Pete Glavin was 2nd in 
that AG in 28:29.  Roberta Kirsch was the fastest woman (32:18), although for the results she won the Under 30 cate‐
gory not Overall Female.  Second fastest female time was Anne Bartsholts (33:46) and Beth Dwyer (33:47) – also cate‐
gorized in the Under 30 grouping.  It should also be noted there were only about 30 female finishers.  It is so interesting 
to see these results, not only the manner in which they were done, but some of the names from yesteryear and even 
some folks who are still racing today such as: Tom Lamme, Jim May, Mike Reif, Pete Leonard and Scott Bagley. 
Flash forward 20 years, 1999ish, and that was when Boots took the event over from Buzz Schild.  At the time the race 
had about 250‐300 finishers, Scott Bagley was winning the event and not just an age group award, the results looked 
similar except the gender and age were added, and women were able to get “Overall Female” prizes vs. Over/Under 
30.  There still wasn’t chip timing in our area and the internet started to become a vehicle to promote events, although 
Flash forward 10 more years and now it’s 2010.  Now what?  There are over 500 participants, more women are partak‐
ing, age groups are 5 year age groups, chip timing is the norm, shirts have changed to tech tops for early entrants and 
internet is almost the sole source for race info. 
But in those 30 some odd years, what’s remained the same.  On July 4th (or July 3rd when July 4th falls on a Sunday) peo‐
ple arrive to Fairport, NY to register, run 5 miles with their families, their friends and neighbors  and finish in Perinton 
Park just in time to head down to Main Street and check out the parade in celebration of Independence Day.  The real‐
ity is – it’s a Holiday Tradition for Rochester hence why it’s been around so long.  Through the years, we’ve seen the 
changes in technology, goodies and demographics but it’s still the same great race, with great competition, with fami‐
lies and friends on a holiday to celebrate our Independence as a country.  We invite you this year to join us Saturday, 
July 3rd for this long standing tradition.  Bring your family, bring your friends and enjoy the day! 
                                  Race Info & Details can be found at www.yellowjacketracing.com 

                         RROY Race #7
     Medved Ten Ugly Men 5K Race Preview

Can you say party????

Join us for one of the area’s best summer parties, which will be held on Saturday July 24th at 9 am in the
Genesee Valley Park. Proceeds from this event will benefit The Bright Eyes Fund for pediatric brain tumor
treatment at Golisano Children's Hospital, Wilson Commencement Park, Equicenter, St Mary’s Oncology
Center and Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Pre Registration
 Pre entry race fee is $18 and $20 on race day
 Race/Festival Combo Tickets are available: $40 pre registered; $50 on race day
Kids 13 and Under 1K race starts at 10 am; $5 payable on race day

Packet Pick Up
 In store packet pick up held at Medved Running and Walking Outfitters on Friday July 23rd
from 10 am to 8 pm
 Race Day registration begins at 7:45 am at the Roundhouse Pavillion in Genesee Valley Park.

 Cash awards given to the top 3 male and female finishers: ($125-$75-$50)
Merchandise awards given to the top 3 in each age group.

Beat the Uglies
Free entry into the Festival to any runner who beats the Ugly Relay Team

Team Relay
 10 teams will race against the TUM Relay Team
 Each team member will race for about 3/10 of a mile
 Beat the Uglies and win two tickets per team member to the Festival
 Be the #1 team and win 10 VIP tickets, prizes or cash (TBA)
 Team must obtain a minimum of $1,000 in sponsorships
 For details call Alan at 279-8282

Race Amenities
 First 400 registered runners receive a Mizuno Performance Short Sleeve Shirt
 Post race food and refreshments
 DJ playing music at the Roundhouse Pavillion
 On course water stop
 Professionally timed by PCR Timing
Eclectic Runner continued from page 9...

Boston Qualifying Times Unfair for Older Women?
Qualifying for the Boston Marathon is the goal of many runners. As you are probably aware there are different qualifying
times for men and women in various age groups. Table 1 shows the qualifying times for each male age group. Also
shown is the corresponding Age Performance Percentage (AP%) calculated for each qualifying time using a World Mas-
ters Athletic Age-Grading Calculator.
If the qualifying times for each age group are fair, that is, equally difficult to achieve, we would expect the Age Perform-
ance Percentage to be approximately equal for all of the age groups. Notice that this is the case for all but the very old-
est of the male age groups. The AP% only goes above 68% for runners age 75 and above.

                                            Table 1. Men's Boston Qualifying Times

    Age       18-34       35-39       40-44         45-49     50-54       55-59       60-64       65-69       70-74        75-79
    Time       3:10        3:15        3:20          3:30      3:35        3:45        4:00        4:15        4:30         4:45
    AP%       65.4%       64.5%       65.9%         65.5%     67.0%       67.1%       66.2%       65.6%       66.0%        68.5%

Table 2 shows the same data for women. A careful look at the times for each age group will reveal that the Boston Ath-
letic Association simply added 30 minutes to the qualifying time for each men’s age group. But does that simple addition
result in qualifying times that are fair across all age groups? The AP% for each women’s age group strongly suggests
that is not the case. Women in the younger age groups (18-34 and 35-39) appear to have much easier target than older
women and a slightly easier target than the men have. And, most notably, the task of qualifying for Boston gets progres-
sively harder for each successive age group above 45-49. At the extreme, a woman in her 80’s has to run a time close
to the USATF marathon record just to qualify for Boston, e.g., the women’s 80-84 record is 5:10:04 and the 85-89 record
is 6:53:50.

                                           Table 2. Women's Boston Qualifying Times

    Age       18-34       35-39        40-44        45-49     50-54       55-59       60-64       65-69       70-74        75-79
    Time       3:40        3:45         3:50         4:00      4:05        4:15        4:30        4:45        5:00         5:15
    AP%       61.9%       62.4%        64.3%        65.5%     68.5%       70.7%       72.3%       75.3%       80.3%        88.0%

Table 3 shows a set of women’s qualifying times that would be approximately as “fair” as the corresponding men’s quali-
fying times. Notice that younger women would have to suck it up and run slightly faster to qualify. And each women’s
group age 50 and above would get significantly more time.

                                Table 3. Hypothetically "Fair" Women's Qualifying Times

    Age       18-34       35-39        40-44        45-49     50-54       55-59       60-64       65-69       70-74        75-79
    Time       3:30        3:40         3:50         4:00      4:15        4:35        5:00        5:25        6:00         7:00
    AP%       64.8%       63.8%        64.3%        65.5%     65.8%       65.5%       65.1%       66.1%       66.9%        66.1%

Technical Details. The WMA Age-Grading Calculator used in the analysis can be found here: http://
www.howardgrubb.co.uk/athletics/wmalookup06.html. The upper age for each group was used in the calculation, e.g.,
for the age 40-44 group, the calculation was made using age 44. For the 80+ age group, AP% was calculated for an 84
year old. The qualifying time used in the calculations included the extra 59 seconds that the Boston Marathon allows,
e.g., the actual qualifying time for an 18-34 male is 3:10:59 or under.
Another Year – Another Comeback
Things are looking up. See the online version of this blog for the latest news. You can also follow my training and racing
on Daily Mile.
My Running Bio
See the online version of this blog for a major update of Part 2 – Discovering Ultras published in the June newsletter.
I’ve added lots of photos and additional information about the ultrarunning scene in the 1980s. You may also find an
early version of Part 3 online.
Questions? Comments? Suggestions for future columns? Send to tperry01@rochester.rr.com
       Medved Lilac 10K & 5K Family Fun Run Race Recap
                                             By Dan Medved

                                             Who says you can't go home again? Greece native Jeff
                                             Eggleston, now living and training in Flagstaff, Arizona re-
                                             turned to Rochester to win this year's Medved Lilac 10K,
                                             which was held on Sunday May 23, 2010 in Highland
                                             Park. Jeff won the race in a time of 30:09, a very impres-
                                             sive performance given the humidity and the uphill climb
                                             that brings the runners back into the park.

                                            For the first mile or so, Eggleston ran among a pack of run-
                                            ners until he and Jason Lokinatom broke away from the
                                            pack. Lokinatom, who came in for the race from Troy, Ohio
was the 2009 Buffalo Marathon Champion. Just past the two mile mark, Eggleston made his move and
opened up a 15 to 20 second lead. Eggleston would end up holding that lead winning the race by 20
seconds over Genna Tufa, who ran 30:29. Dennis Pollow, Jr. (30:40), Jordan Davis (last year's New
England runner of the year) (30:50) and Dominic Luka (30:56) rounded out the top five. This year's field
was the deepest we have had on the elite level in many years, making Eggleston's 20 second victory
even more impressive.

The women's race saw Salome Kosgei outlasting last year's runner up Miemtsehay Misganaw to win the
race. Kosgei finished in a time of 33:44, 8 seconds ahead of Misganaw. Rounding out the top 5 was
Serkalem Abrha (34:48), Laurel Burdick (34:56) and the winner of the Mt. Goat race held in Syracuse in
early May, Emily Lasala (36:07).

The 5K race was the first race of the day. Steve Strelick won his third consecutive Medved Lilac 5K Fam-
ily Fun Run. Steve is a Greece native, who is now living in Allison Park, PA. He ran the 5K course in a
time of 15:37. The women's winner was Katie Derusso (18:39).

This year's Lilac weekend was a very special one for everyone here at Medved. We had the privilege to
host running legend Dick Beardsley, which quite simply was an amazing experience. Dick has such a
warm personality and genuinely loved sharing his experiences with everyone he met.

Dick spent Friday and Saturday in our store during packet pick up and also participated in
a group run open to the public on Friday. On Saturday evening, Dick spoke about his life
at Nazareth College. On race day, he ran the 5K race, was the official starter for the 10K
race, signed countless autographs at the Medved race tent and helped with the awards
ceremony. Dick is a tremendous ambassador for the sport we love so much and it was a
pleasure to spend some time with him.

Prior to the start of the 10K race a moment of silence was held for Pete Glavin who
passed away on April 23rd. Pete was a long time participant in this event and also the
Race Director for several years. I had the opportunity to work with Pete on this race for
several years and I know how much this event meant to him. He would have really en-
joyed seeing the size of the crowd (over 2500 registered between the two races), the smiles on every-
one’s faces and since Pete was quite the accomplished runner himself, the quality of the elite field.

I would like to thank all of the volunteers, many of whom help out year after year. Many of our volun-
teers came from the Greater Rochester Track Club and the Genesee Valley Harriers, two organizations
who help make our running community so great. Thank you also to our friends at the Lilac Festival,
New Balance and USATF Niagara Association for all of your enthusiastic help and support.

Finally, thank you also to all the participants. We hope everyone who came out had a great time and we
will see you next year. Save the date: next year’s race will be held on Sunday May 22, 2011.
Photos courtesy of Peter Haggerty and Dan Medved
Dr. Tina Shores
                                                              Helping athletes perform at the
Dr. Colby Shores                                              next level!
      -Board Certified Sports Chiropractor

                                                               New state of the art facility
                                                               We utilize an advanced technology that scans
                                                                 your spine and delivers a computerized image
                                                                 system giving us an objective assessment.
                                                               Now on site Acupuncture, Massage therapist &
                                                                 Cold Laser Therapist.
                                                               ART® Certified

American Chiropractic Board                  Call today for an evaluation!
  Of Sports Physicians™
                                       190 Perrin Drive • Rochester, NY 14622
                                              (585) 544-1540
                                                      Shannon McHale

Sarah Nazarian-Elliott
                         Jennie Donofrio in 3rd for
                                the women
    2010 Charlie McMullen Memorial Mile
           Thursday June 10, 2010
           Nazareth College Track

See results of all races at: www.grtconline.org
                                        RACE CALENDAR
 Date-Day-Time          Event        Distance          Contact                   Cost              Race Location
Saturday, June 26, Lifetime Assis-      5K     Kathy Miller, Coordinator       $17 pre-       Greater Rochester Inter-
      2010         tance "Airport 5K               of Development         registration fee    national Airport, Roches-
                      Run/Walk"               kathy.miller@lifetimeassis by midnight on                ter, NY
                                                      tance.org           6/21; $20 regis-
                                                                              tration fee
                                                                         through 6/26; $5
                                                                           Kids Fun Run
                                                                          (children under
Saturday, June 26, Marathon's 5K        5K           Todd James          Pre-registry: $20    Marathon High School, 1
      2010            Run for the                                          Race Day En-       East Main Street, Mara-
                       Scholars                 tajpez0131@aol.com tries: $20. Reg-               thon, NY 13803
                                                                          istration on the
                                                                          village green at
                                                                          the high school
                                                                           until 8:30 AM.
Sunday, June 27,     Harborfest 10k       10k           Charlie Andrews      $10 for pre, $15 Sandpiper Shelter in On-
     2010                                                www.gvh.net         Day of. $5 Extra    tario Beach Park
                                                                               for Tshirts

Saturday, July 03,    Finger Lakes      25K, 50K,      Christine Reynolds      received by    Finger Lakes National
      2010               Fifties         50Miles       fl50s@yahoo.com       6/25/2010: $45     Forest, Hector, NY
                                                                            for 50Miles/50K,
                                                                             $35 for 25K; re-
                                                                               ceived after
                                                                            6/25/2010 & race
                                                                              day: $55 for
                                                                               $45 for 25K
Saturday, July 03,   Fleet Feet Fire-     5 Mi          Greg Buzulencia         $18 if Pre-   Perinton Park, Fairport,
      2010           cracker 5 mile                 events@fleetfeetrocheste registered by              NY
                                                             r.com           June 20th, $20
                                                                             June 21st - July
                                                                            3rd and $25 day

Saturday, July 03,    Springwater          5K            James Bowers         Registration   Can sign form on day of
      2010           Freedom Run                           PO Box 30             $15.00                race.
                         2010                        Springwater, NY 14560                    Registration begins at
                                                    James.bowers@med.ge.                               8am
 Sunday, July 04,    Brighton Cham-        5K           Greg Buzulencia         $18 if Pre-   Brighton High School,
     2010              ber of Com-                  events@fleetfeetrocheste registered by        Brighton, NY
                     merce July 4th                          r.com           June 20th, $20
                            5K                                              June 21st - July
                                                                            3rd and $25 day
 Sunday, July 04,     Firecracker 4      4 Mile        Bob Vanderminden        $20 for pre-   Saratoga Springs City
     2010                                           bobjr@telescopecasual.c registration by  Center, 522 Broadway,
                                                               om            7/2; $25 day-of  Saratoga Springs, NY
                                                                                   race               12866

   See www.grtconline.org for more race details and additional listings!
Date-Day-Time             Event        Distance               Contact                    Cost          Race Location
Sunday, July 04,     Irondequoit July 10K & 2 mi            Charles Tanck          June 26 to July     Irondequoit, NY
     2010               4th Races                           585-467-4993              3, $18.00/
                                                                                   person, $52.00
                                                                                  family rate, Race
                                                                                     Day $20.00/
                                                                                  person, no family
Sunday, July 04, Sodus Bay Light-           5K               David Klaver              $15 pre-     Sodus Bay Lighthouse,
     2010        house 25th Anni-                       fklaver@bluefrog.com        registration by   Sodus Point, NY
                 versary 5K Run,                                                     6/30/10; $20
                   sponsored by                                                      day-of-race
                  McDonald's of
                  Wayne County
Friday, July 09,  The Downtown             1 Mi             John Hutchings                          Downtown Fitness Club
     2010          Fitness Club                        johndfc@rochester.rr.com
                  East End Mile
Saturday, July 17,    Canandaigua      1/2 mi, 1 mi,        Vern Hecker                           Kershaw park, at the north
      2010            Open Water           2 mi               vheck-                              end of Canandaigua Lake,
                         Swim                          er001@rochester.rr.com                         Canandaigua NY
Sunday, July 18,     Jungle Jog 5k          5K              Yarille Ortiz yor-      $20 through    Race begins in the lower
    2010                                                  tiz@senecazoo.org       7/17/10; $30 day park and runs through the
                                                                                   of race 7/18/10            Zoo

Sunday, July 18,  Oatka Festival 5K (3.1 mi)               Patrick Privatera         $15 pre-     LeRoy High School Cross
    2010         5K sponsored by                        leroypt@villagefit.com  registration; $18     Country Course
                  LeRoy Physical                                                   day of race;
                   Therapy & Vil-                                                  teams $10/
                    lage Fitness                                                  person in ad-
                                                                                   vance only
Wednesday, July      Fleet Feet Dirt      4-7 Mi           Greg Buzulencia             $10         Devil's Bathtub Shelter,
   21, 2010          Cheap Trail Se-                   events@fleetfeetrocheste                     Mendon Ponds Park
                        ries #4                                 r.com
Thursday, July 22, Fleet Feet Beach 2.5 K run,      Greg Buzulencia           $15        Durand Eastman Beach
      2010         Cheap Aquathon 1K swim, events@fleetfeetrocheste
                           #2         2.5K run            r.com
Thursday, July 22, St. John Vianney 5k run (with    Elizabeth O'Shei    adult $17. pre- St. John Vianney Church,
      2010            10th Annual     separate   kickoffrun@yahoo.com reg ($20.00 day 2950 Southwestern Blvd.,
                     "KickOff" run     walkers                         of) - 14 years of         Orchard
                                       course)                          age and under       Park (4 miles north of
                                                                         $15. pre reg    Ralph Wilson Stadium)
                                                                       ($17.00 day of)
Saturday, July 24,   Medved Ten     5K; 1 Mile        Dan Medved       $18 pre reg/$20    Genesee Valley Park
      2010           Ugly Men 5K     Kids Race dan@medvedrunwalk.co race day. Festi-
                                                            m         val combo tickets
                                                                       are $40 pre reg;
                                                                         $50 race day

Sunday, July 25,   Shoreline Triath-   1/2 mi       Greg Buzulencia        Tri: Preregis-           Hamlin Beach Area 4,
    2010                  lon        Swim/ 15.7 events@fleetfeetrocheste tered by June                  Hamlin, NY
                                     Mi Bike/ 4          r.com          20th - July 12th -
                                      Mi Run                             $50, July 13th -
                                                                         July 23rd - $60,
                                                                        July 24th & 25th
                                                                          - $65, Day of -
Saturday, July 31, Avon Fitness 5k       5k          Betsy Bancroft          $15 pre-                Avon Central School
      2010         Run and Family                       tavonfit-       registration. $20
                        Walk                     ness@rochester.rr.com day of the race
  Date-Day-Time          Event        Distance             Contact                  Cost           Race Location
 Saturday, July 31, Byron Heritage       5K             Brad Nickerson         $15.00 before Byron, NY at the Commu-
       2010         Festival 5K race/              bcnick@rochester.rr.com     July 26, 2010          nity Park
                          walk                                                and $20.00 on
                                                                                  race day
 Saturday, July 31,    James B Fran-       5K              Paul Glor         Pre: $12 by 7/28; Black Creek Park Chili,
       2010            cis/Andrea Ko-                 pglor@hotmail.com       Post: $15 ($12, NY (near the sledding hill)
                      fahl Memorial 5K                                        under 18); Kids
                                                                                fun run - $3

 Saturday, July 31,   Puerto Rican         5K       Al Burgos and Dan An-        TBA         Frontier Field, Rochester,
       2010         Festival 2010 5K                        tonetty                                      NY
                     Race & Fitness                   al@burgostax.com,
                          Walk                      danantonetty@aol.com
Wednesday, August Young and Wyld           5K           Anne Shannon          $16 for pre-    West Main St, Honeoye
     04, 2010              5K                               ashan-          registration by Falls,NY 14772 (in front of
                                                    non1@rochester.rr.com 7/30; $20 day-of        HF Post Office)
Friday, August 06,     Fr Murphy 5k        5K          Paul Contestable       Entry Fees: Start/finish at north end of
       2010                                                 FrMur-        • Pre-registration school on Chestnut Ridge
                                                    phy5K@frontiernet.net by July 31 $15                 Rd
                                                                            • After July 31     Directions to Race
                                                                             and race day

 Saturday, August      Phelps Sauer-      20K            Jim Phillips              $23          Main & Banta Streets,
     07, 2010         kraut 20K Road                       Sauer-                                    Phelps NY
                           Race                     kraut20k@yahoo.com
 Saturday, August     Run for Reading      5K         Deb Wordingham          $15 before 8/4; Prattsburgh Town Hall 19
     07, 2010                5K                     debword@empacc.net        $18 8/5 to race N. Main St. Prattsburgh,
                                                                              day for over 19            NY
                                                                              yrs old; $10 un-
                                                                                   der 19
 Saturday, August USATF Niagara           T&F           Kevin P. Lucas        $8 pre-register Nazareth College, 4245
     07, 2010      Outdoor Track &                  info@usatf-niagara.org    by August 4th; East Ave., Rochester, NY
                   Field Champion-                                           $15 day of meet
Sunday, August 08, Ellicottville Ultra   4M, 12M        Mark Lawrence             $25          Holiday Valley Resort &
       2010            Trail Run                           heartrate-                         adjoining state land trails
 Saturday, August      Heritage Chris-     5K            Jillian Carter      $20 per partici- Monroe Community Col-
     14, 2010         tian Legacy Mile                         jcar-              pant         lege, Brighton Campus,
                         & 5K Race                 ter@heritagechristianserv                  1000 East Henrietta Road
                                                            ices.org                            Rochester, NY 14623

 Saturday, August  Jenny Kuzma            5km            Eric Boyce             $15 for pre-  51 South Lake Ave, Ber-
     14, 2010     Memorial Bergen                   bergen5k@yahoo.com        registration by     gen NY 14416
                  5km Road Race                                                7/31; $20 by
                  & USATF Niag-                                              8/13; $25 Day Of
                     ara Open/
                   Masters 5km

 Saturday, August Stepping Stones          5K            Don Sinton
     14, 2010     Learning Center                           dsin-
                   5K for Autism                   ton@steppingstoneslearn
Name                                                                               Gender (M/F)

Address:                                                                           Phone #

City                             State                            Zip +4

E-mail address

Birth Date                                        Occupation /School

If under 18, Parent / Guardian Signature

I’d like to help with                             Races                            Newsletter             General

Membership Categories          Individual         $20 / year           $50 / 3 years (save $10)
     New                       Family             $30 / year           $75 / 3 years (save $15)
     Renewal                   Student            $15 / year           $35 / 3 years (save $10)

Make checks payable to GRTC, Would like to make a tax deductible contribution $
Mail completed application to: GRTC P.O. Box 92608 Rochester NY 14692

The Greater Rochester Track Club (GRTC) is a not for profit, volunteer organization, that was founded in
1955. It is one of the oldest and largest running clubs in the northeast. GRTC has approximately 500 members,
consisting of runners, walkers, athletes and fitness enthusiasts,encompassing an eight county region. Our goals
are to help you be more fit and provide information about the local running scene. We also encourage local
race participation for fun and fitness, recognizing such achievement at the GRTC Annual Awards Banquet.
Whether you are a jogger or runner, ready to race or someone keeping in shape, consider a GRTC Member-


   GRTC Newsletter: 10 issues per year containing race calendar, race applications, articles and race reports,
             Use your newsletter mailing label to get applicable discounts

   Race Discounts: In addition to the GRTC Freezeroo Series, some local races provide discounts to GRTC members
        Check the race application form of your favorite race to see if they offer a discount

   Link to Road Runner Sports, Discount of order or Free Shipping valued @$25
   Canalside Theraputic Massage $5 discount
   Mid Town Athletic Club Two Week Free Trial Membership valued, at $45
   Renew your membership at Jim Dalberth Sports and recieive $10 off purchases over $60
   Spring Track Workout, a series of coached track workouts valued @75
   Joyous Fool, Yoga studio, 20% discount on Tuesday evening classes
   Forever Fit, 20% discount for Sport Nutrition Consult or free body fat analysis with consult
   G&G Fitness, fitness equipment 10% off
   Annual GRTC Summer Picnic valued @$10
   Molly’s Yoga Corner 15% off an 8week session

   Annual Racing Mileage Patches, recognizing sustained commitment to running/racing……PRICELESS
GREATER ROCHESTER                                                                         NON-PROFIT ORG
TRACK CLUB                                                                                  US POSTAGE
P.O. BOX 92608
                                                                                          ROCHESTER, NY
                                                                                           PERMIT # 00145

                               Please Check Label For Membership Expiration

                             GRTC HALL OF FAME MEMBERS

Trent Jackson         1970    Dave Winn                    1987               Bill Hearne             2002
Ed Duncan             1970    Dave Coyne                   1988               Carolyn Smith-Hanna     2002
Dick Ashley           1971    Craig Holm                   1988               Greg Brooks             2003
Dick Boddie           1972    Tim McAvinney                1988               Kathy Brown             2003
John Coons            1973    Nedra Osborne                1988               Ric Perry               2003
Len Bagley            1981    Beth DeCiantis               1992               Lois Hotchkiss          2004
Gene Osborne          1981    Bill Kehoe                   1992               Michael Reif            2004
Norm Frank            1981    Nancy Oshier                 1992               Bob Dyjak               2005
Don McWilliams        1981    George Tillson               1992               Peter Glavin            2005
Pete Todd             1982    Marsha Tillson               1992               Carolyn Kriesen         2005
Don McNelly           1982    Ben James                    1993               Bob Wood                2006
Paul Gesell           1982    Charlie McMullen             1993               Charlie Sabatine        2006
Shirley Gesell        1982    Tom Rauscher                 1993               Stacia Prey Barkstrom   2006
Elroy Turner          1983    Barbara Stewart              1993               John Tuttle             2007
Paul Sadler           1984    Scott Bagley                 1999               Dave Bischoff           2007
Beryl Skelton         1985    Jane Iaculli                 1999               Dick Buerkle            2008
Kare Cossaboon-Holm   1987    Tim McMullen                 2000               Belinda O’Brien         2008
Joe George            1987    Renee Rombaut                2000               Jim Robinson            2009
Bill Quinlisk         1987    Charlie Andrews              2001               Dick Withrow            2009
                              Kim Batten                   2001               Dale Ladd               2010
                              Pete Pfitzinger              2001               Derck Frechette         2010

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