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									                                                                              Apart from these notable animals there are thousands of varities of insects balance the
  Anshi National Park                                                         intricate web of life in this green grove.

A treasure trove into the
heart of Western Ghats
      Salient Features of the Park
      The Anshi National Park is Tropical Evergreen and Semi Evergreen         Cultural Diversity
      Forest situated in the North Kannada district of Karnataka. It was       The cultural diversity is also unique at this place. You can see mixed culture of Marathi,
      designated as National Park in1987and It is a part of the Dandeli        Konkani and Kannadigas in this region. The literacy rate is quite high and the crime rate is
      wildlife sanctuary. The park covers an area of 340 sq km and it is       very low. The people are mild mannered and helpful. Very interestingly a small population
      considered as India's most diverse National Parks. The National Park     of Habshis (Negroid) can be seen here. They were brought here as slaves hundreds of years
      is a part of southern Western Ghats and having characteristic            ago. But they have become a part of the North Kanada culture. They speak fluent Marathi,
      features such as deep valleys and high peaks. The altitude of the        Konkani and Kannada. It is always interesting to see them and communicate with them.
      park varies from 200 m to 927 m and the temperature ranges
      between 16-37°C. There are many small brooks, springs and                Trekking: There is trekking facility from the Anshi nature camp located 3kms off the park. All
      cascades in the park. The unique feature of the park is the Black        four trekking routes commence from here. The treks are range from 5km to 20kms.
      Panther which occurs here more frequently than any other place in
      the world.                                                               Accommodation: The Nature Camp is well maintained with tented and dormitory
      Flora                                                                    accommodation and food arrangement. Twin sharing basis. The Camp Premises and toilets
                                                                               are clean and the food is simple These camps are situated right inside the forests and offers
      More than 600 species of flowering plants have been recorded
                                                                               plenty of Birdwatching/ nature walks inside the campus. well furnished tents with fans & lights
      from here. It is a treasure trove for the botanist. It has many
                                                                               & electricity points for charging
      varieties of medicinal plants and forms a gene bank for crops
      such as rice, millets, cereals, and various edible plants. Along with
                                                                               Camp Fees
      this there are hundreds of medicinal plants hiding in the deep
                                                                               Rs. 4500/- This includes all the costs from Kolhapur to Kolhapur. Participants have to make
      forests of the park.
                                                                               there own arrangements to reach Kolhapur on 26th May.
      Birds: There are more than 200 species of birds found in this           Schedule                                         29th May - Friday
      tropical heaven. Of these 200, about 26 are endemic to India            26th May - Tuesday                               6:00 Bird watching/Nature Trail in Dandeli
      and 34 are endemic to Indian subcontinent. It makes this place          6:00 Arrival at Kolhapur by Sahyadri Express     12:00 Back Journey to Kolhapur
      one of the most Important Bird Areas of the world. A serious birding    1:00 Anshi National Park
      in this sanctuary may take you in beautiful world of birds and their    3:00 Introduction
      beauty.                                                                 4:00 Safari/Nature Trail
                                                                              7:00 Review of day                               Contact Details
      Mammals: This is abode for more than 33 species of mammals                                                               Dr. Pramod Patil
                                                                              28th May - Thursday                              Plot No. 15, B Ward, Datta Colony, Sambhaji
      apart from various species of rodents and bats. The most elusive
                                                                              6:00 Bird Watching/Nature Trail Sanctuary        Nagar, Kolhapur 416012, Maharashtra
      animals are Black Panther, Slender Loris, Malabar Civet, Asian
                                                                              9:00 Mandurli/Cintheri Rocks                     Contact No: 09960680000
      Elephant and Flying Squirrel.
                                                                              2:30 Kalva Caves                                 Girish Jathar - 9825414824
                                                                              8:00 Back to Anshi
      The main attractions of the park are King Cobra, Indian Rock                                                             Payments
                                                                              27th May - Wednesday                             ICICI Savings Account: 016601522504
      Python, Flying Snake, Flying Lizard and Travancore Tortoise.
                                                                              6:00 Trekking/ Nature trail                      HDFC Savings Account: 01641000086108
                                                                              10:00 Group Discussion
                                                                              4:00 Safari/Nature Trail
                                                                              7:30 Review of the Day and group

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