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									                                 HORRY COUNTY SCHOOLS
                                    Office of Special Education
Updated July 1, 2008        Special Education Procedures

            Transitions for Preschool Children with Developmental Delay
Transition from Part C Services (Birth to 3) to Preschool Children with Development Delay
(PCDD) Services

The Part C Agency in South Carolina, BabyNet, is responsible for transferring information to
Horry County Schools (HCS) for children with disabilities currently being served by their agency.
The required procedures for this transition are outlined in the Memorandum of Agreement
between these two (2) agencies. The following timeline is required:

1. No later than six months prior to the child’s 3rd birthday, BabyNet will provide HCS with the
   BabyNet Child Find Notification form confirming the approaching 3rd birthday of each child
   currently being served.
2. No later than three months prior to the child’s 3rd birthday, BabyNet will schedule via email a
   Transition Referral Conference (TRC) with HCS for the purpose of reviewing the Individual
   Family Service Plan (IFSP) and considering eligibility under Part B. The TRC may be held at
   the BabyNet location, at the child’s home or via phone conference.
      a. During the TRC, the HCS representative is responsible for:
              1. Participating in the discussion of the current services as reviewed by the
                  BabyNet Case Manager;
              2. Completing the HCS Transition Meeting Summary Sheet (TMS-1);
              3. Reviewing the HCS Preschool Child with a Development Delay Eligibility
                  Process “What to Expect” Guidelines;
              4. Obtaining Release of Information (CF-4), if needed;
              5. Obtaining parental consent for evaluation (Parcon-E), if needed;
              6. Reviewing and distributing HCS Procedural Safeguards; and,
              7. Obtaining a copy of the BabyNet TRC form.
      b. If a child has complete screening data at the time of the TRC, and all team members
          are present or involved via conference call, a Review of Existing Data form (CF-8) will
          be completed. If the parent participates via conference call, a copy of the TRC form
          and the Review of Existing Data form (CF-8) are hand delivered or mailed to the
          parent within seven (7) days of the TRC by the designated team member.
          1. If no additional information is needed and sufficient information is available to
              determine eligibility for Part B services, then the Procedures for determining
              Eligibility will be followed.
          2. If additional evaluation information is needed, then the Procedures for Conducting
              an Evaluation will be followed.
      c. If a child does not have complete screening data at the time of the TRC or all team
          members are not present or involved via conference call, the HCS Procedures for
          Screening Preschool Children with Development Delays will be followed, including
          Alternative Child Find Methods, if deemed necessary.
3. For preschool students who move into Horry County from another district/state and have
   been involved in BabyNet or another Part C agency, but not Part B, records will be requested
   immediately by HCS staff using the Records Request form (T-1) and the HCS Procedures for
   Screening Preschool Children with Development Delays will be followed.

                                                        Horry County Schools Special Education Procedures

Preschool Transitions (children age 5) to School Age Programs
HCS Procedures for Reevaluation Review must be implemented for every child currently served
in a PCDD program who will be 5 on or before September 1. The following timelines are
1. On or before the 1st week of January, the PCDD teacher will send a Projected Transition
   Roster of students with names, addresses, dates of birth, home base schools, and projected
   placements for the following school year to the PCDD Coordinator and the current School
   Psychologist. The PCDD Coordinator will disseminate the lists to the appropriate building-
   level Case Manager Learning Specialist.
2. By the end of January, the current PCDD teacher consults with the current School
   Psychologist for each student on the roster. If a student currently has a diagnosis of Autism,
   the current school psychologist will consult with the District’s Autism school psychologist
   regarding the up-coming transition process. As a result of this consultation, the PCDD
   teacher and the school psychologist will schedule and convene reevaluation review meetings
   no later than the end of February for each PCDD 5-year-old. The procedures for conducting
   a Reevaluation Review meeting will be followed.
3. From March through mid-April, the reevaluation information will be collected as determined
   on the Reevaluation Review form (Parcon-14).
4. Between mid-April and mid-May, a Staffing meeting to complete the Evaluation Results
   Review and Eligibility Determination (P-1) information will be conducted. Coordination of
   these meetings with the ESY Determination Meeting is recommended. The current School
   Psychologist will facilitate this Staffing meeting, inviting all appropriate individuals, including a
   Learning Specialist and representatives from the school(s) where the student will potentially
   be attending.
      a. If a student is eligible for school-age special education services, the PCDD teacher will
          draft an IEP, with collaboration/input from the potential school-age teacher at the
          receiving school, for the following school year. The draft IEP will be reviewed at this
          Staffing meeting.
      b. If a child has been served in HCS for six (6) months or greater, entered after July 1,
          2006 and have an Entry COSF, an Exit COSF must be completed at this time in
          accordance with the Procedures for Outcome Reporting for PCDD students.
      c. If the team discussed ESY services, then both IEP and ESY process must be filled.
      d. The Staffing team will design a transition plan to expose/introduce the child to the
          upcoming school/classroom changes and will document these actions in the
          IEP/Staffing Meeting Summary (IEP-10). This may involve:
                i. Parents and student visit the new school;
               ii. Parents and student tour of the school’s main areas (office, cafe, playground,
                   etc); and/or
              iii. Parents and student visit the new classroom
      e. At the conclusion of the Staffing meeting:
                i. The attending Learning Specialist will notify the Office of Transportation of the
                   needs for each child and a copy of the Transportation Request form (Trans-1)
                   is faxed to the Office of Transportation and the original is sent to the
                   Preschool Assessment Office; and
               ii. The PCDD teacher will inform the parent of the need to register the child at
                   the receiving school.
5. By May 31st, the PCDD Teacher will:

                                                        Horry County Schools Special Education Procedures

         a. Forward all appropriate forms, in accordance with the Records Procedures, to the DO
             Records Room;
         b. Send a Confirmed Transition Roster of the rising 5-year-old students to the receiving
             teachers of the receiving schools. A copy of this list will also be provided to the
             building administrator and the PCDD Coordinator;
         c. Send the child’s school folder to each receiving teacher and will log the transfer of each
             student’s folder in the EXCENT Parent Log ; and
         d. Prior to the end of June, the student’s “red line” folder will be transferred from the PSA
             Office to the DO Records Room.
   6. The Procedures for the Transfer of Records will be followed to ensure both permanent and
      special education records are transferred to receiving schools.
   7. The Procedures for Transfer Students will be followed for PCDD moving into HCS from
      another school district.

Transition Meeting Summary Form (TMS-1)
Child Find Results Packet – Review of Existing Data Planning Meeting (CF-9); “All Aboard” Parent
   Letter (CF-10); PCDD Eligibility Process Overview (CF-11); Permission for Release of
   Information (CF-4); Permission to Evaluate (Parcon-E)
Evaluation Results Review and Eligibility Determination (P-1)
IEP/Staffing Meeting Summary (IEP-10)
Projected and Confirmed Transition Rosters
Reevaluation Review (PARCON-14)
Request for Records (T-1)
Procedural Safeguards
Transportation Request form (Trans-1)

                                                        Horry County Schools Special Education Procedures

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