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                                                    Letter from the Publisher                           1

With new releases ranging from Yasser Arafat to Zen meditation, Oneworld has become one of
the most provocative and exciting publishers in independent publishing. Our mission is to publish
progressive, critical thought, bringing incisive minds to bear on current affairs, politics, history,
psychology and self-help, popular science, philosophy, and religion. With our commitment to great
writing, editorial excellence, and high production values, we are able to offer a unique range of titles
on the social and cultural forces that shape our lives today.

This latest catalogue showcases our robust approach to the most important contemporary
issues, featuring books on honour killings (page 6) modern-day slavery (page 8) and the changing
face of science (page 4), staying true to our idea that a Oneworld book should help broaden our
understanding of the world around us. We are proud to present our new selection of books from
today’s best writers and public figures.

Coming Soon                                      2 – 19
New in Paperback                                20 – 21
Recently Released                               22 – 24
Beginners Guides                                25 – 27
Select Backlist                                 28 – 32
Index                                                33
Contact details                                      34

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2       Coming Soon

                         Dance with Chance
                         Harnessing the Power
                         of Luck
                         Spyros Makridakis,
                         Anil Gaba, Robin Hogarth
                         How to master uncertainty to boost your
                         health, wealth, and happiness

                         9/11 saw the deaths of almost 3,000 people.
                         However, an additional 5,000 US citizens died
Economics / Psychology   in the subsequent year as a direct result. These    About the Authors

Ÿ   Paperback            weren’t killed by terrorists and they weren’t       Spyros Makridakis and Anil
Ÿ   216mm x 135mm        war casualties. They were killed in car accidents   Gaba are both professors at
Ÿ   336pp                caused by the shift to road travel from the         INSEAD, one of the world’s
Ÿ   30 illustrations     relative safety of planes.                          leading business schools.
Ÿ   £10.99 / $16.95                                                          Robin M Hogarth is ICREA
                           This is a classic example of ‘the illusion of
Ÿ   April 2009                                                               Research Professor at
                         control’ with devastating consequences. We
Ÿ   9781851686537                                                            Universitat Pompeu Fabra. He
                         don’t like uncertainty, and we don’t know how       is President of the European
                         to deal with it. So, we pretend that we can         Association for Decision
                         outwit it.                                          Making.
                           From warning against health screenings to
                         invaluable investment strategies, Dance with
                         Chance is revolutionary. It not only provides
                         fascinating analysis, but also the advice needed
                         to leave you healthier, happier, wealthier, and
                         more successful.

                         ‘Written by true experts, it is informative
                          yet so much fun to read.’
                         Nassim Taleb, bestselling author of The Black Swan

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                       How Brain Science is
                       Changing our World
                       Lone Frank
                       Discover how the brain has become the
                       new heart of humanity

                       From religious experience, moral sense, and
                       personal happiness to advertising, lie detection,
                       and self-control, researchers are increasingly
                       looking to the brain in order to better
Science                                                                    About the Author
                       understand human nature and the world we
Ÿ   Paperback          have created around us.                             Journalist, editor, and public
Ÿ   198mm x129mm                                                           lecturer Dr Lone Frank has been
                         In this exemplary work, award-winning
Ÿ   244pp                                                                  involved in the study of science
                       science writer Lone Frank explores the impact
Ÿ   £9.99/ $16.95                                                          and ethics for over a decade.
Ÿ   April 2009         of the latest discoveries in brain science upon     She has been invited to speak
Ÿ   9781851686490      society, and speculates on what this cognitive      around the world, and her work
                       revolution means for us all. Interlacing            has appeared internationally
                       bizarre experiments, cutting-edge science,          in publications as diverse
                                                                           as Nature and Frankfurter
                       and irreverent interviews with the world’s
                                                                           Allgemeine Zeitung.
                       top researchers, the result is an unforgettable
                       survey of the earth-shaking drama now taking
                       place on the frontiers of neuroscience.

                       ‘Riveting. Lone Frank has selected the most intriguing
                        issues currently engaging scientists and philosophers,
                        and presented them in a way that will engage
                        anyone who possesses the organ she writes about.’
                       Rita Carter, author of Mapping the Mind and
                       Exploring Consciousness

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6       Coming Soon

                        Murder in the
                        Name of Honour
                        The Incredible True Story
                        of One Woman’s Fight
                        Against an
                        Unbelievable Crime
                        Rana Husseini
                        Foreword by human rights activist and
                        actress, Jane Fonda
Current Affairs                                                               About the Author
                        A leading investigative journalist offers the first
Ÿ   Hardback                                                                  Journalist, feminist, and human
                        definitive exposé of honour killings
Ÿ   225mm x 146mm                                                             rights defender, Jordanian
Ÿ   256pp                                                                     Rana Husseini is one of the
                        Rana Husseini’s hard-hitting and controversial
Ÿ   £16.99 / $27.95                                                           world’s most influential
Ÿ   May 2009            examination of honour crimes is a fearless,           investigative journalists, whose
Ÿ   9781851685240       groundbreaking account of a topic that can no         reporting has put violence
Ÿ   Export Edition      longer be ignored. Claiming the lives of 5,000        against women on the public
    9781851685974       women every year, and common in many                  agenda around the world. The
                                                                              recipient of numerous awards
                        traditional societies around the world, as well
                                                                              for bravery in journalism, she
                        as in migrant communities in Europe and the           is a regular speaker at major
                        USA, these so-called ‘Honour Killings’ involve a      international events and has
                        ‘punishment’ – often death or disfigurement –         been interviewed on almost
                        carried out by a relative to restore the family’s     every major international
                        honour.                                               broadcaster, from CNN to
                                                                              the BBC.
                          Breaking through the conspiracy of silence
                        surrounding this crime, the book includes the
                        personal stories of many high profile cases that
                        have recently hit the news. No other writer has
                        taken such an unflinching look at one of the
                        most brutal traditions that still exists in the
                        modern world.

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8       Coming Soon

                        Modern Slavery
                        The Secret World of
                        27 Million People
                        Kevin Bales, Zoe Trodd,
                        Alex Kent Williamson
                        More people are enslaved today than at any
                        other point in human history

                        Though slavery is illegal in all countries and
                        banned by international conventions, 27 million
Current Affairs         people are slaves today. Modern Slavery exposes    About the Authors

Ÿ   Paperback           the phenomenon in all its forms, looking at its    Kevin Bales is the world’s
Ÿ   216mm x 135mm       history, economy, and links to armed conflict,     leading expert on modern
Ÿ   256pp               and reveals the consequences of a brutal           slavery. He is the co-founder
Ÿ   10 illustrations    industry that has made human beings cheap          and president of Free the
Ÿ   £12.99 / $19.95                                                        Slaves, a trustee of Anti-Slavery
                        and disposable.
Ÿ   May 2009                                                               International, and advisor to
                          Written by world experts, this essential book
Ÿ   9781851686414                                                          the UN and the British and
                        pairs hard facts with vivid first-hand accounts    American governments. He
                        of slaves working as everything from carpet        is the author of Disposable
                        weavers to sex slaves, and offers a powerful       People, which was nominated
                        examination of one of the greatest human           for a Pulitzer Prize, and lives in
                                                                           Maryland, USA.
                        rights challenges facing us today.
                          All royalties from the book will be donated to   Zoe Trodd teaches in the history
                                                                           and literature department at
                        Free the Slaves.
                                                                           Harvard University, and is the
                                                                           co-editor, with Kevin Bales, of
                                                                           To Plead Our Own Cause:
                                                                           Personal Stories by Today’s Slaves.

                                                                           Alex Kent Williamson, of
                                                                           Children’s Hospital Boston,
                                                                           Harvard University, is a board-
                                                                           certified pathologist who
                                                                           specializes in paediatric and
                                                                           forensic pathology.

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10        Coming Soon

                       Ten Zen Questions
                       Susan Blackmore
                       Unravel the mysteries of the mind using
                       Zen meditation

                       Who are you? What were you conscious of a
                       moment ago? Who is asking these questions?
                       Combining a lifetime’s practice of Zen with
                       the latest scientific theories about identity and
                       consciousness, writer and broadcaster Susan
                       Blackmore takes the reader on a unique and
                       surprising journey to the centre of the mind.
Philosophy                While the calming benefits of Zen meditation     About the Author
                       have long been known, scientists have only
Ÿ   Hardback                                                               Dr Susan Blackmore is a
Ÿ   198mm x 129mm      recently begun to realise its potential in          world renowned writer,
Ÿ   224pp              influencing our ability to understand and           broadcaster, and Visiting
Ÿ   90 illustrations   experience consciousness. This revolutionary        Lecturer at the University of
Ÿ   £12.99 / $19.95    little book starts each chapter with one of         the West of England, Bristol,
Ÿ   March 2009                                                             and has been practicing Zen
                       Zen’s – and science’s – most intriguing
Ÿ   9781851686421                                                          for over twenty-five years. Her
                       questions, and reveals how intellectual inquiry     many publications include
                       and meditation can come together to tackle          Consciousness: An Introduction
                       some of the greatest mysteries of science.          and The Meme Machine.

                       ‘A remarkable first-person exploration of the nature of
                        conscious human experience that utilizes traditional
                        Buddhist meditation practices to address some of the
                        most perplexing questions now confronting science...
                        This highly original book will appeal to scientists and
                        meditators alike, as well as to anyone who has ever
                        asked the question: “What on earth is going on here?” ’
                       Stephen Batchelor, author of Buddhism Without

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                                                     The Hidden Ecological
                                                     Crisis of the Global
                                                     Alanna Mitchell
                                                     You thought the climate was the problem?
                                                     Actually, it’s the ocean.

                                                     The global ocean makes up 99 per cent
                                                     of the area where life can survive on the
                                                     planet. That total volume, with its immense
                                                     biological importance, is what author Alanna
                                                     Mitchell came to think of as the deeps, the
                                                     third dimension, the source of all life. In her
                                                     groundbreaking book Seasick, she shows how
                                                     the ocean contains the switch of life, and that
                                                     humans have their hand on that switch.
                                                       While tremendous attention and money
Religion            About the Author                 have been devoted to saving animals and
                                                     plants on land, the deterioration of the oceans
Ÿ   Paperback       Alanna Mitchell is the
Ÿ   216mm x 135mm   author of the internationally
                                                     has been going on in secret, and scientists are
Ÿ   240pp           acclaimed Dancing at the         only now beginning to put together a picture
Ÿ   £14.99          Dead Sea: Tracking the World’s   of the crisis. Travelling around the world from
Ÿ   April 2009      Environmental Hotspots. In       Australia’s Great Barrier Reef to England, the
Ÿ   9781851686780   2000 she was named the           Gulf of Mexico, China, and Zanzibar, Mitchell
                    best environmental reporter
                                                     provides an enthralling adventure story as she
                    in the world by the Reuters
                    Foundation.                      exposes the growing crisis beneath the waves
                                                     and its implications for the future of life on the
‘A riveting book of revelations                      planet. Offering ecology at its best, this book will
 about earth’s largest and most                      revolutionize your understanding of the ocean
                                                     and will forever change the way you see your
 important habitat.’                                 planet.
Tim Flannery, scientist, explorer,
and conservationist, and author of
The Weather Makers: The History
and Future Impact of Climate

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                                                                      Coming Soon                  13

                                                    The God Question
                                                    What Famous Thinkers
                                                    from Plato to Dawkins
                                                    have said about the
                                                    Andrew Pessin
                                                    Join the greatest debate in the history
                                                    of creation

                                                    Does God Exist? Without doubt, the greatest
                                                    question to face humanity in its history. The
                                                    controversy rages on today with a recent spate
                                                    of books on both sides of the divide. However,
                                                    this debate is not a new phenomenon. For
                                                    centuries, our greatest philosophers, from
                                                    Aristotle to Nietzsche, have sought to clarify
                                                    the idea of a Supreme Being and examine the
                                                    unique conundrums that He raises.
                                                      Revealing the thoughts of history’s biggest
Religion            About the Author                philosophers on the biggest question of all,
                                                    The God Question will help you make your
Ÿ   Paperback       Andrew Pessin is Chair of
Ÿ   198mm x 129mm   Philosophy at Conneticut
                                                    own mind up. Presenting pithy arguments
Ÿ   224pp           College. He is the author of    from the faithful, atheistic, and downright
Ÿ   £9.99/ $14.95   Gray Matters: An Introduction   heretical, Pessin’s light-hearted prose will give
Ÿ   June 2009       to the Philosophy of Mind and   you a captivating insight into a wide array of
Ÿ   9781851686599   has frequently appeared on      God-related puzzles, whether or not you are
                    The David Letterman Show.
                                                    religiously inclined.
                    Related Title
                                                    ‘A really excellent book - next to
                                                     faultless in its presentation.’
                                                    Tim Mawson, Lecturer in
                                                    Philosophy, University of Oxford

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14       Coming Soon

                                                          The Woman Who
                                                          Saved the Children
                                                          A Biography of
                                                          Eglantyne Jebb
                                                          Clare Mulley
                                                          The adventures and tribulations of
                                                          Eglantyne Jebb, founder of Save the Children,
                                                          and humble revolutionary

                                                          This is an unconventional biography of an
                                                          unconventional woman who did not care for
                                                          children, but dedicated her life to establishing
                                                          Save the Children and promoting her
                                                          revolutionary concept of children’s human
                                                          rights. In this award winning biography,
                                                          Clare Mulley brings to life this beautiful,
                                                          charismatic, and passionate spinster in a brown
                                                          cardigan who helped save millions of lives and
                                                          permanently changed the way the world treats
Biography             About the Author                      All royalties from the book will be donated
Ÿ   Hardback          While working as a corporate        to Save the Children which marks its 90th
Ÿ   225mm x 146mm     fundraiser at Save the Children,    anniversary in 2009.
Ÿ   350pp             Clare Mulley came across a
Ÿ   £18.99 / $27.95   note written eighty years earlier
Ÿ   May 2009          by the organisation’s founder,
Ÿ   9781851686575     Eglantyne Jebb: ‘the world is not
                      ungenerous, but unimaginative
                      and very busy.’ She has since
                      been fascinated by Eglantyne,
                      sleeping in her childhood
                      nursery, rifling through her
                      letters and journals, and even
                      buying her signature on eBay.
                      This biography, which in 2007
                      was awarded the Daily Mail
                      sponsored Biographers’ Club
                      Prize, is the result.

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                                                                         Coming Soon                  15

                                     West Bankers
                                     The Secret Financial Empire of
                                     Yasser Arafat
                                     Benoît Faucon
                                     Lifting the lid on one of the most extraordinary political scandals
                                     of our time

                                     Over the past fifty years, billions of dollars have been donated
                                     to the Palestinian cause, in large part as poverty relief for the
                                     Palestinian people, but the question now on everyone’s lips is
                                     what happened to all the money? Based on exclusive access
                                     to secret documents, bank accounts, and interviews with key
                                     witnesses never granted to a journalist before, Benoît Faucon’s
About the Author                     five-year groundbreaking investigation probes the secret
Benoît Faucon has spent a decade     financial empire that helped turn the PLO into one of the most
in business journalism and           influential guerilla movements of modern times, transforming
currently works for the Dow Jones
                                     the landscape of the Middle East.
financial newsagency in London,
UK, where he regularly writes for
the Wall Steet Journal.              Hardback Ÿ 225mm x 146mm Ÿ 272pp
                                     £16.99 / £24.95 Ÿ May 2009 Ÿ 9781851686179

                                     The Curse of the Mummy
                                     and Other Mysteries of Ancient Egypt
                                     Charlotte Booth
                                     Discover the astounding truth behind the secrets of an
                                     amazing civilization

                                     Egyptologist Charlotte Booth explores the recent theories
                                     and outlandish guesses put forward by today’s leading
                                     archaeologists, forensic scientists, and historians as she separates
                                     fact from fiction for ten of the most intriguing mysteries from
                                     ancient Egypt. Using the latest in science and technology, she
                                     casts fresh new light on a world of cursed tombs, mystical lands,
                                     and even a cross-dressing king.
About the Author
Charlotte Booth teaches Egyptology   Paperback Ÿ 198mm x 129mm Ÿ 224pp
at Birkbeck College in London, UK.   £9.99 / £14.95 Ÿ March 2009 Ÿ 9781851686063
She has written numerous articles,
and her published books include
Ancient Egypt for Dummies (Wiley,
2007) and The Boy Behind the Mask
(Oneworld, 2007).

                             For more information visit
16       Coming Soon

                                        Coping with Obsessive-Compulsive
                                        A Step-by-Step Guide Using the Latest
                                        CBT Techniques
                                        Dr Jan van Niekerk
                                        A positive and empowering self-help guide to breaking free from
                                        your obsessions using the very latest CBT Techniques

                                        ‘I highly recommend this workbook to anyone who has OCD,
                                         is a family member of someone who does, or who just wants
                                         to learn more about the illness.’
                                        Rita Ryan – Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology at the
Dr Jan van Niekerk is a Clinical        University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
Psychologist in Adult Mental
Health, Dept of Psychology,             Self-Help Ÿ Paperback Ÿ 216mm x 135mm Ÿ 192pp
Fulbourn Hospital, Cambridge.           £10.99 / $17.95 Ÿ May 2009 Ÿ 9781851685158

                                        Coping with Shyness and
                                        Social Phobia
                                        A Guide to Understanding and
                                        Overcoming Social Anxiety Using CBT
                                        W. Ray Crozier and Lynn E. Alden
                                        A practical and effective guide to one of the most prevalent
                                        psychological problems in the West

                                        Social anxiety affects millions of people each year. Packed with
                                        case studies, this handy guide includes up-to-date information
                                        on the range of treatments that are available, including cognitive
                                        behavioural therapy and medication, and offers readers practical
                                        guidance to overcoming their shyness.
W. Ray Crozier is Professor of
Psychology at the University of East    Self-Help Ÿ Paperback Ÿ 216mm x 135mm Ÿ 192pp
Anglia and has been Fellow of the       £10.99 / $17.95 Ÿ April 2009 Ÿ 9781851685165
British Psychological Association
since 1997.
L.E. Alden is Professor of Psychology at the University of British Columbia and a registered psychologist. Dr. Alden
has been President of the Canadian Council of Professional Psychology Programs and President of the Society for
Interpersonal Theory and Research.

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                                              Coming Soon                      17

      The Playful Brain
      Venturing to the Limits of Neuroscience
      Sergio M. Pellis and Vivien C. Pellis
      A groundbreaking study of the formative role of play

      Despite hundreds of years of research the phenomenon of play
      and the role it takes in our lives remains a mystery. Over time,
      biologists, psychologists, and anthropologists have offered
      opinions, but no answers. That changes now, with the first
      major investigation into this universal yet mysterious activity.
      Taking the humble rat as their model, and building in references
      to a range of species, the authors synthesize three decades of
      empirical research, creating a pioneering study that leads to
      some remarkable conclusions.

      Professor Sergio M. Pellis and Associate Professor Vivien C. Pellis both work
      at the Canadian Centre for Behavioural Neuroscience at the University of
      Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.

      Psychology Ÿ Hardback Ÿ 225mm x 146mm Ÿ 34 Illustrations Ÿ 336pp
      £18.99 / $27.95 Ÿ April 2009 Ÿ 9781851686322

      Great Thinkers on Great Questions
      Roy Abraham Varghese
      Great minds of the 20th century answer life’s
      monumental questions

      Does the soul exist? Are our choices free? Is there a God? This
      fascinating book presents cogent answers from some of the
      greatest thinkers of modern times to fifteen of the most enduring
      questions faced by humanity. Drawing on a diverse range of
      views from such influential figures as Richard Swinburne,
      Alvin Plantings and Keith Ward, this is a unique insight into the
      fundamental dilemmas that epitomize the human condition.

      Roy Abraham Varghese is an experienced journalist and editor. He is
      the author of several books including the recent There is a God with
      Antony Flew.

      Philosophy Ÿ Paperback Ÿ 216mm x 135mm Ÿ 272pp
      £10.99 / $17.95 Ÿ April 2009 Ÿ 9781851686551

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18   Coming Soon

                           The Little Book of Love
                           Kahlil Gibran, Edited by Suheil Bushrui
                           Profound reflections on love and friendship from the world’s
                           favourite poet - perfect for the romantic in all of us

                           One of the world’s most popular poets, Kahlil Gibran was never
                           more profound than when he wrote about love. Now, for the first
                           time, his reflections on love and friendship have been gathered
                           together in one volume. In this beautiful collection of quotations
                           from both poetry and prose, illustrated with the poet’s own
                           original paintings, Gibran celebrates love in all its forms and
                           moods, with the same simplicity and lyrical beauty that made
                           The Prophet loved by people around the world. Inspiring and
                           moving, Gibran’s words on love will speak to friends and lovers
                           everywhere. A perfect gift.

                           Gift Ÿ Hardback Ÿ 155mm x 105mm Ÿ 96pp Ÿ 17 Illustrations
                           £6.99/ $9.95 Ÿ September 2008 Ÿ 9781851686278

                           The Practice of the Presence of God
                           Conversations and Letters of
                           Brother Lawrence
                           Brother Lawrence
                           A gift edition of the well-loved classic

                           First published in 1692, a year after Brother Lawrence’s death,
                           this beautifully written and intensely personal little book has
                           been cherished for generations as a rich source of inspiration and
                           guidance for all who seek true and lasting spiritual fulfilment.

                           Gift Ÿ Paperback Ÿ 145mm x 145mm Ÿ 120pp
                           £9.99/ $14.95 Ÿ March 2009 Ÿ 9781851686407

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                                                                           Coming Soon               19

                                        Feminism in Islam
                                        Margot Badran
                                        ‘No-one is better able to make such a contribution
                                         to Islam and Gender Studies than Badran.’
                                        Amina Wadud, Professor of Islamic Studies
                                        Many in the West regard feminism and Islam as a contradiction
                                        in terms. However, this is far from the case as Margot Badran
                                        illustrates in this career-spanning collection of influential
                                        articles. Born of over two decades of work, this important volume
                                        combines Badran’s writings from a variety of sources, both
                                        academic and popular, and explores the history of feminist
                                        movements in Islamic societies around the world.
                                           Comparing the plight of secular feminisms (where equal
About the Author
                                        public rights are sought) and Islamic feminism (where Islamic
Margot Badran is a Senior Fellow
at the Center for Muslim Christian
                                        patriarchy is attacked using Qur’anic foundations of gender
Understanding, Georgetown               equality), this is a unique and wide-ranging contribution to the
University, Washington D. C.            field of Islam and gender studies.

                                        Religion Ÿ Paperback Ÿ 225mm x 146mm Ÿ 400pp
                                        £19.99 / $29.95 Ÿ February 2009 Ÿ 9781851685561

                                        Islam and AIDS
                                        Between Scorn, Pity and Justice
                                        Edited by Farid Esack and Sarah Chiddy
                                        Opening the debate on how Islam should tackle the
                                        AIDS pandemic

                                        The first book to comprehensively tackle the HIV/AIDS
                                        pandemic from an Islamic perspective, Islam and AIDS features
                                        contributions from a number of internationally known activists
                                        and scholars, including Kecia Ali and Abdulaziz Sachedina. This
About the Authors                       landmark work provides an insight into new approaches Islamic
Farid Esack is a South African          law and ethics can take to one of the most urgent crises facing
Muslim scholar, writer, and political   humanity today.
Sarah Chiddy has a masters degree       Religion Ÿ Paperback Ÿ 225mm x 146mm Ÿ 300pp
from Harvard Divinity School and        £14.99 / $24.95 Ÿ February 2009 Ÿ 9781851686339
works as a spiritual counsellor
for people with HIV and AIDS in
Boston, U.S.A.

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20          New In Paperback

Body Shopping                                Two’s Company, Three is Complexity            The Elephant’s Secret Sense
The Economy Fuelled by                       Neil Johnson                                  The Hidden Life of the Wild Herds
Flesh and Blood                              An accessible and entertaining                of Africa
Donna Dickenson                              guide to the scientific phenomenon            Caitlin O’Connell
A shocking exposé about the lucrative        of complexity, showing how order              ‘This fascinating book reads like a
new economy that has sprung up to            eventually emerges from the                    fast paced detective story of scientific
take advantage of a single commodity:        interaction of all things.                     discovery and adventure.’
your body.                                   ‘A wonderful book, simultaneously             Ian Douglas-Hamilton, author of Among
‘Ambitious and thoughtful.’                   deep and highly readable. It provides        the Elephants and founder of Save the
New Scientist                                 unexpected insights into a wild array of     Elephants
                                              subjects ranging from jazz to traffic jams   ‘An honest, very personal account of
‘A thoughtful, intelligent, highly            to war.’
 readable work written by someone                                                           living and working with animals in
 with impeccable credentials.’               Michael Spagat – Professor of Economics,       Africa.’
                                             Royal Holloway College, University of         Irish Independent
Fay Weldon, Financial Times                  London
                                                                                           March 2009 • 198mm x 129mm
April 2009 • 198mm x 129mm
                                             March 2009 • 198mm x 129mm                    £9.99 • 9781851686438
£9.99 / $14.95 • 9781851686230
                                             £9.99 / $14.95 • 9781851686308

Head Trip                                    The Diary of Mary Berg                        Best For Britain?
Adventures on the Wheel of                   Growing up in the Warsaw Ghetto               The Politics and Legacy of
Consciousness                                Edited by Susan Lee Pentlin                   Gordon Brown
Jeff Warren                                  She was just 15 when Hitler entered           Simon Lee
Offering a fantastic romp through 24         Poland. She survived four years of Nazi       Newly updated to cover Labour’s
hours in the life of your brain, this book   terror. This is her story.                    freefall in recent polls, Simon Lee
will change the way you think, sleep,        ‘Once again we are reminded that amid         critically examines Brown’s politics
and dream for good.                           blazing homes, flame-swept streets and       over the last decade and argues that
‘The book is full of sentences that make      mass murders there were human beings         ideological wavering and economic
 you stop and consider daily experience       who admitted no defeat.’                     mismanagement are at the root of his
 from a different angle.’                                                                  problems.
                                             New York Times
Guardian                                                                                   ‘Lee has long been the most challenging
                                             April 2009 • 198mm x 129mm                     thinker on Brown from within liberal
March 2009 • 198mm x 129mm                   £9.99 / $14.95 • 9781851685851                 academia…A book I never tire of praising.’
£9.99 • 9781851686513
                                                                                           New Statesman

                                                                                           June 2009 • 225mm x 146mm
                                                                                           £12.99 / $19.95 • 9781851686643

    For more information visit
                                                                              New In Paperback                                 21

The Secret War With Iran                   The State vs Nelson Mandela                  Strange Fruit
The 30-Year Covert Struggle                The Trial That Changed South Africa          Why Both Sides are Wrong in the
for Control of a ‘Rogue’ State             Joel Joffe                                   Race Debate
Ronen Bergman                              Foreword by Nelson Mandela                   Kenan Malik
Ronen Bergman, one of Israel’s top         Joel Joffe, the Instructing Attorney         ‘An uncompromisingly rational approach
investigative reporters, exposes the       of the defendants at the time, gives          to the question of whether there is
attempts of the CIA, Mossad, and their     a blow-by-blow account of the most            such a thing as ‘race’ is taking us in the
European counterparts to control Iran,     important trial in South Africa’s history.    right direction …Three cheers for Malik’s
dubbed by some observers as one of the                                                   rationalism.’
most formidable sponsors of terror in      ‘A remarkable piece of contemporary
                                            historical writing that will serve as       New Scientist
the world today. Riveting and urgent.
                                            one of the most reliable sources for        May 2009 • 198mm x 129mm
‘Thoroughly researched and persuasively     understanding what happened at that         £10.99 / $15.95 • 9781851686650
 argued, Bergman’s brief against Iran       trial and how we came to live to see
 adds a powerful voice to a contentious     democracy triumph in South Africa.’
                                           Nelson Mandela – Nobel Prize winner
Publishers Weekly                          and former President of South Africa
May 2009 • 198mm x 129mm                   March 2009 • 198mm x 129mm
£9.99 • 9781851686766                      £9.99 / $15.95 • 9781851686384

Edgar Allan Poe and the Murder of          The Five Percenters                          Islam
Mary Rogers                                Islam, Hip-Hop and the Gods of New           Past, Present and Future
Daniel Stashower                           York                                         Hans Küng
                                           Michael Muhammad Knight                      An extraordinary, comprehensive book
Daniel Stashower unearths the true                                                      giving an in-depth account of Islam
story of the murder that rocked 1840s      From Malcolm X to the Wu-Tang
                                           Clan, the first in-depth account of this     and explaining why ‘peace between
New York and became the obsession of                                                    religions’ is essential.
a doomed and desperate author.             fascinating Black Power movement.
                                           ‘Knight does an excellent job of             ‘The author’s magnum opus. Destined to
‘Stashower makes the past so vivid you                                                   become a seminal text.’
 feel as if you must have been there and    presenting the movement’s founders,
 walked these streets yourself.’            belief system and its history as seen by    Library Journal
                                            the people who live it.’
Anne Perry – author of Dark Assassin                                                    October 2008 • 225mm x 146mm
                                           Monsters and Critics                         £19.99 / $29.95 • 9781851686124
June 2009 • 198mm x 129mm
£8.99 • 978851685486                       October 2008 • 216mm x 135mm
                                           £12.99 / $19.95 • 9781851686155

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22         Recently Released

What’s Wrong with Eating People?               Can a Robot Be Human?                           42
33 More Perplexing Philosophy Puzzles          33 Perplexing Philosophy Puzzles                Deep Thought on Life, the Universe,
Peter Cave                                     Peter Cave                                      and Everything
‘Prepare to be amused, intrigued,              In this fun and entertaining book               Mark Vernon
 delighted, and illuminated. Britain’s         of puzzles and paradoxes, Peter                 ‘A joy to read, yielding both wisdom and
 wittiest philosopher on top form.’            Cave introduces some of life’s most              delight in perfectly sized portions. A trip
                                               important questions with tales and               to the supermarket will never be the
Raymond Tallis – Author of The Kingdom         tall stories, reasons and arguments,
of Infinite Space: A Fantastical Journey                                                        same again.’
                                               common sense and bizarre conclusions
Around Your Head                                                                               Professor Richard Schoch – Queen Mary,
                                               Paperback • 198mm x 129mm • 248pp               University of London and author of The
Paperback • 198mm x 129mm • 160pp
                                               £7.99 / $12.95 • 9781851686476                  Secrets of Happiness
£7.99 / $12.95 • 9781851686209
                                                                                               Paperback • 198mm x 129mm • 256pp
                                                                                               £9.99 / $14.95 • 9781851685608

Undercover Philosopher                         The Bachelor Girl’s Guide                       The Dying Game
A Guide to Detecting Shams, Lies               to Everything                                   A Curious History of Death
and Delusions                                  Agnes M. Miall                                  Melanie King
Michael Philips                                ‘I’m not sure that I am ready to take her       A fascinating look at the fate that
‘A great book! Writing with clarity and         advice about pouring petrol over my            awaits us all!
 good humour, Michael Phillips reminds          clothes to get rid of stains, but I’m up for   ‘Death and dead bodies are laid before
 me of a great philosophical collector, an      the banana trick.’                              us in an extraordinarily gruesome
 Aristotle of errors, as he enthusiastically   The Times                                        banquet… a compelling and accessible
 categorizes specimens of every kind of                                                         book with a light-hearted style that
 mistake, con and self-deception.’             Hardback • 198mm x 129mm • 160pp                 belies its subject matter. Just make
Rick Lewis – Editor of Philosophy Now          £9.99 / $14.95 • 9781851685837                   sure you’ve eaten first.’
                                                                                               BBC Focus Magazine
Paperback • 198mm x 129mm • 252pp
£9.99 / $16.95 • 9781851685813
                                                                                               Paperback • 216mm x 135mm • 224pp
                                                                                               £12.99 / $19.95 • 9781851685929

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                                                                                   Recently Released                               23

Deep Economy                                  Oilopoly                                     Rising Powers, Shrinking Planet
Economics as if the World Mattered            Putin, Power and the Rise of the             How Scarce Energy is Creating a
Bill McKibben                                 New Russia                                   New World Order
‘An important and multifaceted book,          Marshall Goldman                             Michael Klare
 and it deserves to be read.’                 This deft, informative narrative             In a radically altered world - where
Lord Robert May of Oxford, former             chronicles Russia’s meteoric return to       a resurgent Russia holds Europe
President of the Royal Society                the world stage as an oil Superpower.        to ransom, and the West is forced
                                              Marshall Goldman recounts this with          to compete with the ’Chindia’
‘A timely warning that infinite economic      panache, as only one of the world’s          juggernaut - Michael Klare, forecasts a
 growth is impossible on a finite planet...   leading authorities on Russia could.         future of surprising new alliances and
 A new smart form of Economics.’                                                           explosive danger.
                                              ‘A gripping, highly topical, and important
Dr Derek Wall, Green Party of England
                                               book - and what a rattling good read!’      ‘A brilliant exposition on one of the
and Wales
                                              Richard Sakwa, Associate Fellow of the        gigantic problems facing society.’
Hardback • 234mm x 156mm • 272pp              Russia and Eurasia Programme at the          Paul R. Ehrlich, author of
£16.99 • 9781851685967                        Royal Institute of International Affairs     The Dominant Animal

                                              Paperback • £10.99 • 9781851686469           Paperback • £10.99 • 9781851686285
                                              Hardback • £18.99 • 9781851686216            Hardback • £18.99 • 9781851686483
                                              216mm x 135mm • 256pp                        216mm x 135mm • 800pp

1948                                          Iron Cage                                    Libya
A Soldier’s Tale                              The Story of the Palestinian                 From Colony to Independence
Uri Avnery                                    Struggle for Statehood                       Ronald Bruce St John
Translated by Christopher Costello            Rashid Khalidi                               ‘An excellent account of Libya’s often
The first eyewitness account of               ‘Brilliantly analyses the structural          contentious history: clear, concise,
Israel’s 1948 war of independence ever         handicap which hobbled the                   accurate and balanced. It will be the best
published, this is the Middle East’s           Palestinians throughout 30 years             general work on the country available
All Quiet on the Western Front.                of British rule… Khalidi restores the        for the foreseeable future, very useful to
                                               Palestinians to something more than          anyone interested in the country, from
Paperback • 216mm x 135mm • 400pp
                                               victims, acknowledging that for all their    tourists to students.’
£12.99 / $19.95 • 9781851686292
                                               disadvantages, they have played their       Lisa Anderson – James T. Shotwell
                                               role and can (and must) still do so to      Professor of International Relations,
                                               determine their own fate.’                  Columbia University
                                                                                           Paperback • 216mm x 146mm • 304pp
                                              Hardback • 225mm x 146mm • 328pp             £12.99 / $19.95 • 9781851685981
                                              £16.99 • 9781851685325

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24         Recently Released

Bipolar Disorder                             The Blue Death                           What’s the Point of School?
The Ultimate Guide                           Disease, Disaster and the Water          Rediscovering the Heart of Education
Sarah Owen and Amanda Saunders               We Drink                                 Guy Claxton
‘I wish that this superb book had been       Robert D. Morris                         ‘With a focus on the demands of a new
 around when I was growing up with a         From devastating outbreaks of disease     century, the information revolution,
 father with bipolar ... It will provide a   to potentially carcinogenic water         and the need to help young people find
 huge amount of comfort - and help.’         treatments and the potential threat       their own learning powers and passions,
Martin Townsend - Editor of the Sunday       of bioterrorism, public health expert     Guy Claxton reveals the true essence
Express and author of The Father I Had       Robert Morris crosses the globe to        of education. Enjoy the book – and
                                             provide a riveting account of the         remember the point of school: to open
Paperback • 210mm x 146mm • 288pp            dangers lurking in the water we drink.    hearts and unlock minds.’
£12.99 / $19.95 • 9781851686049              ‘Engrossing and disquieting.’            Mick Waters - Director of Curriculum, UK
                                             Publishers Weekly                        Qualification and Curriculum Authority

                                                                                      Paperback • 225mm x 146mm • 272pp
                                             Hardback • 225mm x 146mm • 320pp
                                                                                      £12.99 / $19.95 • 9781851686032
                                             £16.99 • 9781851685752

Philosophical Ridings                        The Spy in the Coffee Machine            The World’s Favourite Love Poems
Motorcycles and the Meaning of Life          The End of Privacy as We Know It         Edited by Suheil Bushrui
Craig Bourne                                 Kieron O’Hara & Nigel Shadbolt           This beautiful edition collects 120 works
‘Craig Bourne bikes us gently through        ‘Shadbolt and O’Hara have kick-started   from poets throughout time and across
 problems of death, dreams, spanners in       a new debate about what we mean by      the world.
 the works - and much more.’                  privacy.’
Peter Cave – author of the bestselling       Sunday Times                             Hardback • 198mm x 129mm • 160pp
Can a Robot be Human?                                                                 £9.99 / $14.95 • 9781851685776
                                             Paperback • 198mm x 129mm • 280pp        Export Edition 9781851685622
Paperback • 198mm x 129mm • 224pp            £9.99 / $16.95 • 9781851685547
£9.99 / $14.95 • 9781851685202

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                                                            Beginners Guides              25

Oneworld Beginners Guides
The perfect introductions
Oneworld Beginners Guides feature expert analysis on a vast range of
topics. Affordable and fascinating, the books are perfect for anyone
curious about the way the world works and the big ideas of our time.

                                     JA N UA RY–J U N E 20 0 9

              Buddha                                             Humanism
              John Strong                                        Peter Cave
              9781851686261                                      9781851685899
              March 2009                                         March 2009

              Critical Thinking                                  Islamic Philosophy
              Sharon M. Kaye                                     Majid Fakhry
              9781851686544                                      9781851686254
              May 2009                                           February 2009

              Dyslexia                                           Lacan
              Nicola Brunswick                                   Lionel Bailly
              9781851686452                                      9781851686377
              March 2009                                         April 2009

              Engineering                                        Machiavelli
              Natasha McCarthy                                   Cary J. Nederman
              9781851686629                                      9781851686391
              August 2009                                        February 2009

              Forensic Science                                   Philosophy of Religion
              Jay Siegel                                         Charles Taliaferro
              9781851686582                                      9781851686506
              May 2009                                           March 2009

                All Beginners Guides are Paperback • 198mm x 129mm • £9.99 / $14.95
26      Beginners Guides

                                   AvA i l A b l E N OW

Anarchism                                     Crimes Against
Ruth Kinna                                    Humanity
9781851683703                                 Adam Jones
Simon Tormey                                  Criminal Psychology
9781851683420                                 Ray Bull et al
Artificial Intelligence
Blay Whitby                                   Daoism
9781851686070                                 James Miller
Baha’i Faith                                  9781851685660
Moojan Momen                                  Democracy
9781851685639                                 David Beetham
Beat Generation
Christopher Gair                              Dewey
9781851685424                                 David Hildebrand
John Spicer                                   Energy
9781851684717                                 Vaclav Smil
Bioterror and Biowarfare
Malcolm Dando                                 Evolution
9781851684472                                 Burton Guttman
The Brain
Ammar Al-Chalabi, R. Shane Delamont,          Evolutionary
and Martin R. Turner                          Psychology
9781851685943                                 Robin Dunbar, Louise Barrett,
                                              and John Lycett
Christianity                                  9781851683567
Keith Ward
9781851685394                                 Existentialism
                                              Thomas E. Wartenberg
Cloning                                       9781851685936
Aaron Levine

  All Beginners Guides are Paperback • 198mm x 129mm • £9.99 / $14.95
                                                            Beginners Guides       27

                                     AvA i l A b l E N OW

Fair Trade                                      The Palestine-Israeli Conflict
Jacqueline DeCarlo                              Dan Cohn-Sherbok and
9781851685219                                   Dawoud El-Alami
Burton Guttman, Anthony Griffiths,              Paul
and David Suzuki                                Morna D. Hooker
9781851683048                                   9781851685646

Global Terrorism                                Philosophy of Mind
Leonard Weinberg                                Edward Feser
9781851686087                                   9781851684786
Hinduism                                        Postmodernism
Klaus K. Klostermaier                           Kevin Hart
9781851685387                                   9781851683383
Life in the Universe                            Psychology
Lewis Dartnell                                  G. Neil Martin
9781851685059                                   9781851686025
Mafia and Organized Crime                       Quantum Physics
James O. Finckenauer                            Alastair Rae
9781851685264                                   9781851683697
Marx                                            Racism
Andrew Collier                                  Alana Lentin
9781851686469                                   9781851685431
Medieval Philosophy                             The Small Arms Trade
Sharon M. Kaye                                  Matthew Schroeder, Dan Smith,
9781851685783                                   and Rachel Stohl
Jennifer Medcalf                                Sufism
9781851683536                                   William C. Chittick
Vaclav Smil

                 All Beginners Guides are Paperback • 198mm x 129mm • £9.99 / $14.95
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            The Case For Religion                          The First Muslims
            Keith Ward                                     History and Memory
            ‘He writes so well that this rather            Asma Afsaruddin
            difficult subject becomes completely           ‘A nuanced and erudite portrait of
            gripping.’                                      early Muslim lives and ideas. Required
                                                            reading for both specialists and non-
            Good Book Guide                                 specialists.’
            PB • 256pp • £12.99 / $19.95 • 9781851685455   Times Higher Educational Supplement
                                                           PB • 232pp • £12.99/ $19.95 • 978185168497-7
                                                           HB • 232pp • £40.00/ $60.00 • 978185168518-9
            The Spiritual Heritage of the
            Human Race                                     Re-thinking Christianity
            An Introduction to the                         Keith Ward
            World’s Religions
                                                           A controversial and original take on
            Suheil Bushrui and
                                                           how and why Christianity has changed
            Mehrdad Massoudi
                                                           throughout history by a leading British
            From the spiritual traditions of the first     theologian.
            peoples and the ancient civilizations
            of Egypt, Greece, and Mesopotamia              HB • 240pp • £16.99 / $29.95 • 9781851685066
            to all today’s faiths, this illustrated
            introduction reveals the rich tapestry         Why They Don’t Hate Us
            of humanity’s spiritual heritage.              Lifting the Veil on the Axis of Evil
                                                           Mark Levine
            PB • 320pp • £14.99 / $24.95 • 9781851685745
                                                           In this groundbreaking book, Mark
                                                           Levine criticises the prevalent media
                                                           perception of the Islamic world as a
            God: A Guide for the Perplexed                 seething mass of anti-western
            Keith Ward                                     sentiment.
            A book in which the reader will
                                                           HB • 448pp • £16.99 / $27.50 • 9781851683659
            embark on a voyage of discovery,
            digging deep into the mysteries of
            the divine and the age-old search for          Buddhism: A Short History
            spiritual truth.                               Edward Conze

            PB • 272pp • £10.99 / $16.95 • 9781851683239
                                                           This authoritative guide provides a
                                                           classic introduction to the ancient
                                                           faith of Buddhism from one of recent
                                                           history’s greatest scholars in the
            Notable Muslims                                subject.
            Natana DeLong-Bas
                                                           PB • 160pp • £9.99 / $14.95 • 9781851685684
            An upbeat profile of 100 famous
            Muslims who have helped to create the
            modern world.                                  Inside the Gender Jihad
                                                           Women’s Reform in Islam
            PB • 400pp • £19.99 / $29.95 • 9781851685677   Amina Wadud
                                                           ‘A truly thrilling journey - not just
                                                            through the many gender injustices
            British Muslim Converts                         that plague contemporary articulations
            Choosing Alternative Lives                      of the Islamic faith, but also through the
            Kate Zebiri                                     many forms of intolerable oppression,
                                                            which have become interminable
            Kate Zebiri examines British cases of
                                                            causes of human suffering in our world.’
            conversion to Islam, asking whether
            converts could act as much-needed              Khaled Abou El Fadl – Professor of
            meditators in the growing divide               Islamic law and Jurisprudence, UCLA
            between Islam and the West.                    School of Law
                                                           PB • 325pp • £14.99 / $24.95 • 9781851684632
            PB • 288pp • £19.99 / $39.99 • 9781851685462

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                                           H i STO RY

Ireland                                          Turkey
A Short History                                  The Quest for Identity
Joseph Coohill                                   Feroz Ahmad
The third edition of the bestselling book,       This concise history tells the story of
fully updated to include the                     Turkey, a country caught between the
St Andrews Agreement and the                     ideologies of East and West.
decommissioning of IRA weapons.                  PB • 252pp • £12.99 / $19.95 • 9781851682416
PB • 272pp • £12.99 / $19.95 • 9781852686001

India and South Asia                             The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine
A Short History                                  Ilan Pappe
David Ludden                                     ‘If not the last word, this is a major
A concise account of a region rich in             intervention in an argument that will,
history, covering India, Nepal, Sri Lanka,        and must, continue. There’s no hope
Pakistan, and Bangladesh, as well as              of lasting Middle East peace while the
offering insights into economic, social,          ghosts of 1948 still walk.’
and political developments in each               Independent
                                                 PB • 336pp • £9.99 / $14.95 • 9781851685554
PB • 320pp • £14.99 / $24.95 • 9781851682379

Tamerlane’s Children                             The Boy Behind the Mask
Dispatches from Contemporary                     Meeting the Real Tutankhamun
Uzbekistan                                       Charlotte Booth
Robert Rand                                      ‘The Boy Behind the Mask remains a
Drawing on three years living and                 readable and wide-ranging book – and
traveling in Uzbekistan, respected                one that will surely help to introduce
journalist Robert Rand paints an                  a new generation to the fascination of
insightful and captivating picture of             King Tut.’
this fascinating, confused region.               Times Higher Educational Supplement

PB • 224pp • £9.99 / $14.95 • 9781851684571      HB • 200pp • £14.99/ 19.95 • 9781851685448

                                                 Sophie Scholl and the White Rose
Race, Religion and Violence
                                                 Annette Dumbach & Jud Newborn
Jok Madut Jok
                                                 The stirring story of five young
Delving deep into Sudan’s history and
                                                 German students at the University of
culture, this fascinating book isolates
                                                 Munich who resisted the brutal Nazi
the factors which cause its fractured
                                                 regime, tried to spark an uprising, and
national identity and the proliferation
                                                 were ultimately subject to a tragic
of violence.
                                                 death by execution.
PB • 323pp • £12.99 / $19.95 • 9781851683666     ‘The animated narrative reads like
                                                  a suspense novel.’
                                                 New York Times
At the Crosscurrent of History
Lawrence Ziring                                  PB • 256pp • £7.99 / $12.95 • 9781851685363

This controversial book explores one
nation’s journey from the margins of
                                                 Daughter of Heaven
history to the centre of the world stage.
                                                 Nigel Cawthorne
‘This engrossing story of Pakistan is
                                                 ‘Contemporary soap operas
 subtitled ‘At the Crosscurrent of History’
                                                  have nothing on the underhand
 - a telling summation of the Country’s
                                                  machinations of this colourful
 current situation.’
                                                 Good Book Guide
PB • 400pp • £16.99 / $24.95 • 978185683949
                                                 HB • 288pp • £16.99 / $24.95 • 9781851685301

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            The Essential Gibran                              Words to Comfort, Words to Heal
            Kahlil Gibran                                     Edited by Juliet Mabey
            Edited by Suheil Bushrui                          An inspirational anthology compiled
            This beautiful gift book                          from works of literature and the sacred
            commemorates the 75th anniversary                 scriptures of the world, especially
            of the passing of Kahlil Gibran with              chosen to encourage and support
            selected passages representative of his           people who are grieving.
            style and thought.
                                                              HB • 128pp • £8.99 / $14.95 • 978185168154-9
            HB • 208pp • £9.99 / $14.95 • 9781851684793

            The Prophet                                       Kahlil Gibran
            Kahlil Gibran                                     Man and Poet
                                                              Suheil Bushrui and Joe Jenkins
            An attractive gift edition of Gibran’s
            most famous work. The Prophet                     From his love affairs to his artistic
            speaks of love and marriage, joy and              achievements, Gibran is laid bare by
            sorrow, beauty and death, expressing              the world’s leading expert.
            humanity’s yearning for a Unity of                PB • 392pp • £12.99 / $19.95 • 978185168541-7
            Being, only achieved through love.

            HB • 112pp • £8.99 / $13.95 • 978185168178-5
                                                              Past and Present, East and West
            Jesus: The Son of Man
                                                              Franklin D. Lewis
            His words and his deeds as told and
            recorded by those who knew him                    Setting a benchmark in Rumi Studies,
            Kahlil Gibran                                     this award-winning work examines
                                                              the background, the legacy, and
            Presented in an attractive gift format
                                                              the continuing significance of this
            and accompanied by original artwork,
                                                              thirteenth- century mystic, who is
            Kahlil Gibran’s bestselling fictional
                                                              today’s best-selling poet in the United
            narrative recounts the lives of Jesus
            and his close companions.
                                                              PB • 712pp • £19.99 / $29.95 • 9781851685493
            PB • 238pp • £9.99 / $14.95 • 9781851685738

            Kahlil Gibran                                     Wine of Wisdom
            A Spiritual Treasury                              The Life, Poetry and Philosophy of
            Edited by Suheil Bushrui                          Omar Khayyam
            Compiled by an acknowledged expert,               Mehdi Aminrazavi
            and gathered under a spectrum of                  Covering his extraordinary life, his
            thematic headings, this distillation              poetry and his neglected philosophical
            of Gibran’s most profound thoughts                writings, this is a comprehensive
            covers all aspects of human experience,           biography of the legendary Omar
            from love and family life, through                Khayyam.
            joy and sorrow, to death and the life
                                                              HB • 400pp • £14.99 / $24.95 • 9781851685042

            PB • 208pp • £9.99 / $14.95 • 9781851685530
            Rumi                                              Swallowing the Sun
            A Spiritual Treasury                              Translated by Franklin D. Lewis
            Edited by Juliet Mabey                            Commemorating the 800th
            Drawing on his most famous works,                 anniversary of Rumi’s birth, this
            this vibrant anthology offers a                   inspiring volume draws from the
            distillation of the most beautiful and            breadth of Rumi’s work, spanning his
            profound wisdom written by Rumi, the              prolific career from start to finish.
            great Persian poet.                               HB • 192pp • £9.99 / $14.95 • 9781851685356
            PB • 160pp £9.99 / $14.95 9781851685691

 For more information visit
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                                       PSYC H O lO GY

Coping with Fears and Phobias                   Cultural Politics in a Global Age
A Step-by-Step Guide to                         Uncertainty, Solidarity, and
Understanding and Facing Your                   Innovation
Anxieties                                       David Held and Henrietta L. Moore
Warren Mansell                                  ‘A major contribution to interdisciplinary
‘Impressively clear, comprehensive, and          debates on contemporary culture and a
 practical.’                                     must for every thinking person.’
Dr Daniel Freeman - Institute of                Rosi Braidotti - Distinguished Professor
Psychiatry, King’s College London               in the Humanities, Utrecht University
PB • 200 pp • £10.99 / $17.95 • 9781851685141   PB • 432pp • £19.99 / $34.95 • 9781851685509

What Makes Us Human?
                                                Coping with an Anxious or
Edited by Charles Pasternak
                                                Depressed Child
Some of the world’s most brilliant              A Guide for Parents and Carers
thinkers offer their answers to this            Samantha Cartwright-Hatton
perennial puzzle, shedding new
                                                An A to Z guide that will help you to
light on how and why our ancestors
                                                maximise your child’s likelihood of
produced such clever and talented
                                                a happy, confident future through
                                                Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.
PB • 240pp • £9.99 / $14.95 • 9781851685196
                                                PB • 208pp • £12.99 / $17.95 • 9781851684823

What to Expect From – and How to                Coping with Bipolar Disorder
Survive – Your Child’s Pre-Teen Years           A Guide to Living with Manic
Andrea Clifford-Poston                          Depression
‘An invaluable insight into the world of        Steven Jones, Peter Haywood &
 the pre-adolescent.’                           Dominic Lam

The Times                                       Three leading specialists offer a
                                                comprehensive and practical guide
PB • 240pp • £9.99 / $14.95 • 9781851683802
                                                using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
                                                to living with the symptoms and
Great Ideas in Psychology
                                                effects of bipolar disorder.
A Cultural and Historical
Introduction                                    PB • 176pp • £10.99 / $16.95 • 9781851682997
Fathali Moghaddam
An innovative introduction to 19 key            Coping with Schizophrenia
ideas that have revolutionised the              A Guide for Patients, Families and
study of psychology, with subjects              Carers
ranging from childhood development              Steven Jones & Peter Haywood
to neuroscience.
                                                An empowering book that sensitively
PB • 354pp • £15.99 / $24.95 • 9781851683796    combines factual information with
                                                advice and encouragement.
Culture and Identity
                                                PB • 176pp • £12.99 / $17.95 • 9781851683444
The History, Theory, and Practice of
Psychological Anthropology
Charles Lindholm                                The Power of Persuasion
‘The most lucid and up-to-date                  How We’re Bought and Sold
introduction to psychological                   Robert Levine
anthropology available.’ Robert                 ‘A wonderful book. It will change the
A. Levine - Professor Emeritus of                way you think and act in many realms
Education and Human Development                  of your life.’
and Professor Emeritus of                       Philip Zimbardo - Stanford University,
Anthropology Harvard University.                author of Psychology and Life
PB • 480pp • £29.99 / $49.95 • 9781851685288    PB • 280pp • £10.99 • 9781851684649

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           P H i lO S O P HY                                                              SCiENCE

            Hume                                            Why Don’t Spiders Stick to
            H. W. Noonan                                    Their Webs?
            ‘A first-rate introduction to Hume,             Robert Matthews
             covering not just his metaphysics and          ‘Matthews has a gift for finding the
             epistemology, but also his ethical theory       simple, fascinating stories at the heart
             and philosophy of religion.’                    of concepts transforming the modern
            Alex Miller – University of Birmingham           world.’

            PB • 224pp • £9.99 / $14.95 • 9781851684939     John Rennie - Editor in Chief, Scientific
            Locke                                           PB • 256pp • £7.99 / $14.95 • 9781851685516
            Edward Feser
            ‘Opens the door on Locke’s thinking as          25 Big Ideas
             if on a long dormant factory whose             The Science that Changed our World
             machinery is still gleaming and ready to       Robert Matthews
             run... striking and instructive.’              A lively and entertaining introduction
            Graeme Hunter – Professor of                    to the 25 big ideas that could change
            Philosophy, Ottawa University, Canada           your view of life, the universe and
            PB • 192pp • £9.99/ $14.95 • 9781851684892
                                                            PB • 224pp • £9.99 / $14.95 • 9781851683918
            Tadeusz Zawidzki                                Black Bodies and Quantum Cats
            ‘Reveals the systematic structure of my         Tales of Pure Genius and Mad Science
             [Dennett’s] work as never before, and          Jennifer Ouellette
             shows, just how and why the parts fit          ‘A solid, 5 star performer. Ouellette
             together as they do.’                           writes engagingly, the whole thing is
            Daniel Dennett – Director of The Centre          great fun and has plenty of content.’
            For Cognitive Studies and Austin B.             Popular Science
            Fletcher Professor of Philosophy, Tufts         PB • 320pp • £8.99 • 9781851684991
            PB • 224pp • £9.99 / $14.95 • 9781851684847     The Last Man Who Knew Everything
                                                            Andrew Robinson
            Nietzsche                                       Thomas Young, the anonymous
            Robert Wicks                                    polymath, who proved Newton wrong,
            A valuable account of an often                  explained how we see, cured the sick,
            misunderstood figure whose                      and deciphered the Rosetta Stone.
            thought and philosophy made an                  ‘Thomas a neglected English
            immeasurable impact on the 20th                  intellectual hero, derided in his time,
            Century.                                         whose life and work is properly
            PB • 208pp • £9.99 / $14.95 • 9781851684854      celebrated in this fine book.’
                                                            The Times
            Rawls                                           PB • 304pp • £9.99 • 9781851685523
            Paul Graham
            ‘Graham’s lucid and penetrating study           Music of the Sun
             makes Rawl’s thought accessible for            The Story of Helioseismology
             those coming to it for the first time,         William Chaplin
             whilst also doing full justice to its detail   Esteemed lecturer William James
             and subtlety.’                                 Chaplin unveils numerous solar secrets
            Peter Jones – Professor of Political            while describing the advances made in
            Philosophy, Newcastle University                the new science of helioseismology.
            PB • 192pp • £9.99 / $14.95 • 9781851684830     HB • 300pp • £18.99 / $29.95 • 9781851684519

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#                                              Democracy                              26    K                                          Playful Brain                             17
1948                                     23    Dewey                                  26    Kaye, Sharon M.                   25, 27   Postmodernism                             27
42                                       22    Diary of Mary Berg, The                20    Khalidi, Rashid                      23    Practice of the Presence of God, The      18
                                               Dickenson, Donna                       20    Kinna, Ruth                          26    Psychology                                27
A                                              Dunbar, Robin                          26    Klare, Michael                       23
AlChalabi, Ammar                         26    Dying Game, The                        22    Klostermaier, Klaus K.               27    Q
Alden, Lynn E.                           16    Dyslexia                               25    King, Melanie                        22    Quantum Physics                           27
Anarchism                                26                                                 Knight, Michael Muhammad             21
Anticapitalism                           26    E                                            Küng, Hans                           21    R
Artificial Intelligence                  26    Edgar Allan Poe and the Murder of                                                       Racism                                    27
Avnery, Uri                              23    Mary Rogers                            21    L                                          Rae, Alastair                             27
                                               El-Alami, Dawoud                       27    Lacan                                25    Rising Powers Shrinking Planet            23
B                                              Elephant’s Secret Sense, The           20    Lawrence, Brother                    18
Bachelor Girl’s Guide to Everything      22    Energy                                 26    Lee, Simon                           20    S
Badran, Margot                           19    Engineering                            25    Lentin, Alana                        27    Saunders, Amanda                          24
Baha’i Faith                             26    Esack, Farid                           19    Levine, Aaron                        26    Schroeder, Matthew                        27
Bailly, Lionel                           25    Evolution                              26    Libya                                23    Seasick                                   12
Bales, Kevin                              8    Evolutionary Psychology                26    Life in the Universe                 27    Secret War With Iran, The                 21
Barrett, Louise                          26    Existentialism                         26    Little Book of Love, The             18    Shadbolt, Nigel                           24
Beat Generation                          26                                                 Lycett, John                         26    Siegel, Jay                               25
Beetham, David                           26    F                                                                                       Small Arms Trade, The                     27
Bergman, Ronen                           21    Fair Trade                             27    M                                          Smil, Vaclav                           26, 27
Best for Britain?                        20    Fakhry, Majid                          25    Machiavelli                          25    Smith, Dan                                27
Biodiversity                             26    Faucon, Benoît                         15    Mafia and Ogranized Crime            27    Spicer, John                              26
Bioterror and Biowarfare                 26    Feminism in Islam                      19    Makridakis, Spyros                    2    Spy in the Coffee Machine, The            24
Bipolar Disorder                         24    Feser, Edward                          27    Malik, Kenan                         21    St John, Ronald Bruce                     23
Blackmore, Susan                         10    Finckenauer, James O.                  27    Martin, G. Neil                      27    State vs Nelson Mandela, The              21
Blue Death, The                          24    Five Percenters, The                   21    Marx                                 27    Stashower, Daniel                         21
Body Shopping                            20    Forensic Science                       25    McCarthy, Natasha                    25    Stohl, Rachel                             27
Booth, Charlotte                         15    Frank, Lone                             4    McKibben, Bill                       23    Strange Fruit                             21
Bourne, Craig                            24                                                 Medcalf, Jennifer                    27    Strong, John                              25
Brain, The                               26    G                                            Medieval Philosophy                  27    Sufism                                    27
Brunswick, Nicola                        25    Gaba, Anil                              2    Miall, Agnes M.                      22    Suzuki, David                             27
Buddha                                   25    Gair, Christopher                      26    Miller, James                        26
Bull, Ray                                26    Genetics                               27    Mindfield                             4    T
Bushrui, Suheil                       18, 24   Gibran, Kahlil                         18    Mitchell, Alanna                     12    Taliaferro, Charles                       25
                                               Global Terrorism                       27    Modern Slavery                        8    Ten Zen Questions                         10
C                                              God Question, The                      13    Momen, Moojan                        26    Tormey, Simon                             26
Can a Robot Be Human?                    22    Goldman, Marshall                      23    Morris Robert, D.                    24    Trodd, Zoe                                 8
Cave, Peter                           22, 25   Great Thinkers on Great Questions      17    Mulley, Clare                        14    Turner, Martin                            26
Chiddy, Sarah                            19    Griiths, Anthony                       27    Murder in the Name of Honour          6    Two’s Company, Three is Complexity        20
Chittick, William C.                     27    Guttman, Burton                     26, 27
Cohn-Sherbok, Dan                        27                                                 N                                          U
Christianity                             26    H                                            NATO                                 27    Undercover Philosopher                    22
Claxton, Guy                             24    Hart, Kevin                            27    Nederman, Cary J.                    25
Cloning                                  26    Head Trip                              20                                               V
Collier, Andrew                          27    Hildebrand, David                      26    O                                          van Niekerk, Jan                          16
Coping with Obsessive                          Hinduism                               27    O’Connell, Caitlin                   20    Varghese, Roy Abraham                     17
Compulsive Disorder                      16    Hogarth, Robin                          2    O’Hara, Kieron                       24    Vernon, Mark                              22
Coping with Shyness and Social Phobia 16       Hooker, Morna D.                       27    Oil                                  27
Crimes Against Humanity                  26    Humanism                               25    Oilopoly                             23    W
Criminal Psychology                      26    Husseini, Rana                          6    Owen, Sarah                          24    Ward, Keith                               26
Critical Thinking                        25                                                                                            Warren, Jeff                              20
Crozier, W. Ray                          16    I                                            P                                          Wartenberg, Thomas E.                     26
Curse of the Mummy, The                  15    Iron Cage                              23    Palestine-Israeli Conflict, The      27    Weinberg, Leonard                         27
                                               Islam                                  21    Paul                                 27    West Bankers                              12
D                                              Islam and AIDS                         19    Pellis, Sergio M.                    17    What’s the Point of School?               24
Dance with Chance                         2    Islamic Philosophy                     25    Pellis, Vivien C.                    17    What’s Wrong with Eating People?          22
Dando, Malcolm                           26                                                 Pentlin, Susan Lee                   20    Whitby, Blay                              26
Daoism                                   26    J                                            Pessin, Andrew                       13    Williamson, Alex Kent                      8
Dartnell, Lewis                          27    Joffe, Joel                            21    Philips, Michael                     22    World’s Favourite Love Poems, The         24
DeCarlo, Jacqueline                      27    Johnson, Neil                          20    Philosophical Ridings                24    Woman Who Saved the Children, The 14
Deep Economy                             23    Jones, Adam                            26    Philosophy of Religion               25
Delamont, R. Shane                       26                                                 Philosophy of Mind                   27

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