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                                                                 We’re focusing on
                                                                 the really important
                                                                 things in life.

02                      04              06                       What’s important to you?
CEO’s Message           Milestones      Business Overview
                                                                 To us, it’s spending time with loved ones and friends.
44                      45              54                       Recharging body and mind over delicious meals. And dreaming
Brand Tree              Shared Values   Research & Development
                                                                 about the possibilities of the future. These are the things that
56                      57                                       invigorate life. And our mission is to help you experience them
Samsung Group Profile   Network                                  each and every day.
CEO’s Message

                                                    At SAmSung EvErlAnd, wE’rE crEAting A morE fulfilling
                                                    futurE whErE EAch pASSing dAy bringS grEAtEr plEASurE And

                Our cheerful change                 Whether it’s work and play or dining and leisure, the little surprises in life’s ordinary
                                                    moments are what make life so rich and fulfilling. That’s because the unexpected
                will fill your day                  delights we encounter every day never cease to bring us great pleasure and satisfaction.

                with greater pleasure               At Samsung Everland, we’re in the business of delivering the “cheerful change” that

                and satisfaction.                   makes everyday life more vibrant and fulfilling. Our Everland Resort takes leisure to
                                                    the next level with world-class theme and water parks and delightful service. Our
                                                    specialized foodservice and foodstuff distribution businesses serve up healthy, delicious
                                                    cuisine. Our environmental development and property management businesses create
                                                    green urban spaces and comfortable, energy-efficient workplaces. Our golf business
                                                    leads the pack with five world-class clubs and impeccable service. And as we work
                                                    hard to make life richer and more fulfilling, we’re also raising the bar for service and

                                                    Today, we’re looking beyond Korea as we set our sights on taking our unique brand of
                                                    service and satisfaction global. The creative seeds of delight we sow in daily life promise
                                                    to make the world a more dynamic and enjoyable place. It’s a place we look forward to
                                                    the pleasure of sharing with you soon!

                                                                                                                                        2009. 6
                                                                                                                             Joo-hyeon Choi
                                                                                                          President and CEO, Samsung Everland

                            SAMSuNg EVERlAND   02

1963_1985                                                             1986_1997                                                                                 1998_2002                                                                 2003_NOW
                                                                                                                                                    ●	 	Ansung Benest and glen
                                                                         ●	   Turfgrass Research Institute opens
                                                                                                                                                        Ross golf Clubs open
                                                                         	    1989                                                                                                                                                 ●	   Forbes ranks Everland the
                                                                                                                                                    ●	 	Service Academy wins                Food R&D Center receives
                                                                                                                                                                                       ●	                                               world’s 4th most popular
                                                                                                                                                        IAAPA service education             food hygiene inspection                     theme park	
                                             ●	   Everland                                                         ●	   Caribbean Bay                   award                               accreditation from KFDA	
                                                  amusement park opens                                                  water park opens                                                                                           	    2006
                                                                                                                                                    ●	 	Resort Division wins first     	
                                             	                                                                     	                                    international consulting
                                                  1976                                                                  1996                                                                                                                                        ●	 	Company wins top green
                                                                                                                                                        contract with Taiwan’s                                                                                          management honors for five years
                                                                                                                                                        Discovery World                              ●	   gapyeong Benest                                               in a row at KMAR Korea green
            ●	   Anyang Benest
                                                                                                                                                    	                                                     golf Club opens                                               Management Excellence Award
                 golf Club opens                                                                                                                        1999
            	    1968                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   2008

                                 1971                                                                   1994                                                                                                2005                                                                  2009
                            ●	   Dongrae Benest                                                         Food Culture Division
                                                                                                                                                                2000                                        golf Culture Division launches the
                                                                                                                                                                                                          ●		                                                                     Everland, White Tiger

                                 golf Club opens                                                        begins operations                                  ●	   	 MAC inducts Everland into
                                                                                                                                                                K                                           annual Samsung Benest Open                                            Safari open
                                                                                                                                                                its customer satisfaction                   golf tournament                                                       Everland, multimedia show
                                                                                                        Service Academy opens
                                                           1977                                                                                                 “hall of fame”                              Everland wins honorable mention
                                                                                                                                                                                                          ●		                                                                     Dream of laciun open
                                                           Building Management
                                                         ●		                                                                                                                                                at the IAAPA Big “E” Awards for
   1963                                                    Division begins                                                                                                                                  “Summer Splash” parade                   2007
   Samsung group establishes
 ●		                                                       operations                                                                                                                                                                                Company wins top green

   Samsung Everland as a real                                                                                                                                                                                                                        management honors for fourth
                                                                                     1992                                                                                                     2003                                                   straight year at KMAR Korea green
   estate developer
                                                                                     government designates
                                                                                   ●		                                                                                                        Company receives presidential
                                                                                                                                                                                            ●		                                                      Management Excellence Awards
                                                                                     Samsung Everland                                                                                         commendation for contributions to
                                                                                     Korea’s first energy                                                                                     environmental preservation
                                                                                     services company

pionEEring in lEiSurE dEvElopmEnt                                   trAnSforming into A SErvicE lEAdEr                                                            SEtting thE StAndArd for SErvicE                                          A lEAp forwArd AS A SErvicE culturE compAny
Founded in 1963 to build the new Seoul head-quarters                As Yongin Farmland—now known as Everland—grew                                                 Over the past decade, we have embraced information                        In 2009, Samsung Everland announced its corporate
of the Samsung group, we branched out into the golf                 from a small amusement park into a world-class theme                                          technology and knowledge management, launched a                           slogan “Delighting customers through cheerful change”
course construction and property businesses during our              park during the 1980s and 1990s, we continued to                                              Six Sigma initiative, and sharpened our focus on quality                  and is moving forward a service culture company. guided
first decade. In 1976, we opened Yongin Farmland—                   steadily diversify into other businesses such as energy                                       service to satisfy and delight customers as we set our                    by this, we are striving to take the quality of our services
Korea’s first major amusement park—launching the                    conservation and food service, setting the stage for our                                      sights on becoming one of the nation’s leading services                   to the next level.
nation’s leisure development industry.                              emergence as a diversified services company.                                                  companies.

                                                                                                                            SAMSuNg EVERlAND   04

Everland Resort
At Samsung Everland, we believe that energizing life starts with
making people smile. That’s why our Resort Division works hard to
deliver world-class entertainment, recreation, and
leisure experiences to thousands of all ages every day.


                             www.everland.com                Experience has shown that a smile that
                                                                 starts at Everland goes the rounds.
                                                                    It infects kids first, then spreads to
                                                                          their families and neighbors.
                                                                          And as the warm smiles and
                                                               laughter ripple out around the globe,
                                                                     something special takes root and
                                                                               blossoms in our hearts,
                                                                                    enriching life for all.

                                                                                    SAMSuNg EVERlAND   06
               iAApA big
              “E” Awardee
dElivEring world-clASS fun
Each year, the International Association of Amusement
Parks and Attractions recognizes excellence in theme
park entertainment with its coveted Big “E” Awards. In
2005, our “Summer Splash” parade was the Big “E”
runner-up in its category, winning an honorable mention.

                  SAMSuNg EVERlAND      08
                   white tiger                                             Amusement
                     Safari                                                park leader
world’S firSt whitE tigEr SAfAri                           EntErtAining millionS EAch yEAr
Everland has opened the world’s first-ever White Tiger     In 2006, Forbes ranked Everland fourth on its annual
Safari where the White Tiger and lion cohabit. Visitors    list of the world’s most popular amusement parks
can experience a whole new side of wildlife as the “king   based on attendance. In addition to noting the Asia/
of the jungle” and White Tiger’s life together unfolds.    Pacific region’s strong growth prospects, the magazine
                                                           saluted Everland’s unique seasonal festivals and
                                                           attractions that drew over 7.5 million visitors in 2005.

                     SAMSuNg EVERlAND      10
                                                                                                                            At Samsung Everland, we entered the resort business back in
                     dream of                                                                                               1976 when we opened Yongin Farmland, Korea’s first major
                      laciun                                                                                                amusement park. Today, we are the nation’s premier leisure
                                                                                                                            resort destination with world-class theme and water parks,
innovAtivE multimEdiA Show                                                                                                  unique festivals and attractions, a fast-growing content
Dream of laciun is Everland’s featured entertainment                                                                        development business, and the ambition to be a global
show that delivers the message of peace. Every night,
the show catches the fascination of audiences as
Phoenix spreads its illuminant wings brightly lit up with
                                                                                    A globAl                                entertainment company.	

16,000 lED lights and 6000 shots of fireworks color the
night sky.                                                                          entertAinment
                                                                                    resort thAt                             EvErlAnd rESort
                                                                                                                            Everland Resort is Korea’s premier resort complex with something for everyone.
                                                                                    speAks the                              It includes the Everland theme park, Caribbean Bay water park, glen Ross golf
                                                                                                                            Club, and HomeBridge vacation condos. In the coming years, we’ll be delivering

                                                             Making                 universAl                               even greater enjoyment and satisfaction to our guests with fantastic new theme

                                                                                    lAnguAge of
                                                                                                                            zones, performances, and attractions that will make each visit even more
                                                             learning                                                       memorable.

                                                             fun...                 fun                                     contEnt dEvElopmEnt
                                                                                                                            We are bringing our unique resort festivals, characters, and attractions into the

                                                                                                                            cultural mainstream through our content development business. Our Aesop’s
                                                                                                                            Village children’s musical and cartoon series, Zootopia educational comic book
                                                                                                                            series, and a growing range of character and attraction merchandise are just a
                                                                                                                            few examples of how we’re establishing ourselves as a major content provider
                                                                                                                            in the fields of live entertainment, broadcasting, and publishing.

                                                                                                                            thEmE pArk conSulting
                                                                                                                            We are sharing our theme park operating expertise with the world through our
                                                                                                                            growing consulting business. In addition to service training, we are currently
                                                                                                                            providing a full spectrum of consulting services covering park operations,
                                                                                                                            facility management, marketing, food and beverage service, and merchandising
                                                                                                                            to two major parks in China—Discoveryland in Dalian, and Floraland in

                                                                                    EvErlAnd rESort
                                                                                    We introduced the Everland Resort
                                                                                    master brand in 2006 as part of a
                                                                                    branding initiative aimed at creating
                                                                                    a more cohesive identity for our
                                                                                    Everland, Caribbean Bay, glen Ross
                                                                                    golf Club, and HomeBridge

                                                            SAMSuNg EVERlAND   12

Food Service
At Samsung Everland, we believe that energizing life includes serving up
a delicious and nutritious food culture. That’s why our Food Culture Division
helps bring families and colleagues closer together with amazing
dining experiences that come straight from the heart every day.

                              www.welstory.com                 To the casual observer, it might look like
                                                                            just another ordinary meal.
                                                               But for the person dining, it might be an
                                                                         experience long remembered.
                                                                              Wouldn’t it be great if our
                                                                    everyday dining experiences made
                                                                      such a lasting impression on us?


                                                                                    SAMSuNg EVERlAND   14
                                            At Samsung Everland, we bring together quality ingredients and
                                            delicious menus to create wholesome, enjoyable dining
                                            experiences through our specialized foodservice, foodstuff
                                            distribution, and restaurant management businesses. Our
                                            comprehensive food service system features scientific menu
                                            evaluation and screening as well as stringent distribution

A unique                                    management to ensure our Welstory professional food service
                                            brand is among the best in the business.
ApproAch to
food service                                SpEciAlizEd foodSErvicE

thAt’s setting                              Our standardized food preparation system and 7,000-item menu enable us to
                                            provide delicious and nutritious foodservice to major industrial, commercial,
new dining                                  medical, educational, and government organizations across Korea. We offer
                                            customer-pleasing food and cordial service to enrich life.
                                            foodStuff diStribution
                                            We provide our own and third-party food service operators with an extensive
                                            range of quality processed foods and raw ingredients at competitive prices.
                                            Anchored by distribution centers in Korea’s top-four metropolitan areas, our
                                            efficient network enables us to guarantee on-time delivery of the freshest
                                            products to customers nationwide.

                                            rEStAurAnt mAnAgEmEnt
                                            Our success in the food service business has opened the door for us to enter
                                            the restaurant management field. Focusing on retirement communities,
                                            hospitals, and other institutions with unique food service requirements, we
                                            provide a wide range of menus tailored to customer health needs and

Welstory is our professional food service
brand. A combination of “wellness”—
emphasizing the concepts of food
science, pride, and trust—and “story”—
emphasizing foodtainment or the dining
experience—it reflects our commitment
to delivering healthy, memorable dining
experiences to our customers.

                                                                                                     SAMSuNg EVERlAND   16
            hAccp food
kEEping SAfEty firSt
The hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP)
                                                                                 Working on
food safety management system is an essential part of
modern food service operations. We became Korea’s                                tomorrow’s
first food service company to win HACCP certification
in 2000. As of 2009, 13 of our locations were HACCP                              healthy meals...
certified—the most of any domestic firm.

                                                         SAMSuNg EVERlAND   18
                                                         Bringing tables
                                                         of enjoyment
                                                         to life...

             Quality index
SciEntific SyStEm for dEliciouS food
We check culinary details such as the taste of
different menu items, menu compositions, and food
temperature using the FQI (Foodservice Quality Index),
an objective and scientific tool for food evaluation.
Through these systems, we can bring higher-quality
and more satisfying meals to your table.

                  SAMSuNg EVERlAND     20

Asset Management
At Samsung Everland, we believe that valuable life includes making the best use of
available energy resources and assets. That’s why Asset Management Division
helps businesses keep their operations as clean, green, comfortable, and profitable
as possible every day.

                            www.everasset.com                    Buildings that come to life early dawn
                                                               and illuminate the streets till late at night
                                                                                   breathe life into cities.
                                                    Meetings are held in pleasant office environments          energy...
                                                   while production lines are running in large factories.

                                                                  Here at the workplace, as individuals
                                                                are busy with work to fulfill their duties,
                                                                 visions of the future become a reality.

                                                                                     SAMSuNg EVERlAND   22

                                                      lEd lighting
                                       mAking lifE bEAutifully EfficiEnt
                                       lED lighting is the next wave of interior and archi-
                                       tectural lighting. In addition to being extremely energy
                                       efficient, this solid-state technology offers brilliant light
                                       in a variety of colors that will enhance any space.

               SAMSuNg EVERlAND   24
                                                                                                       At Samsung Everland, our experience in managing commercial
                                                                                                       and industrial properties over the years has made us an expert

              property                                                                                 and innovator in the field of energy efficiency. We continue to
                                                                                                       expand our portfolio to meet emerging business opportunities in
             management                                                                                fields such as fuel cells, heat pumps, and Clean Development
                                                                                                       Mechanism (CDM) projects, enabling us to provide our customers
mAking SpAcES thAt work bEttEr                                                                         with state-of-the-art solutions that maximize the value of their
Our commercial real estate consulting services span                                                    properties.
all areas of tenant, property, and facility management,
empowering our customers to make their properties
as convenient, pleasant, and attractive as possible.

                                                          A broAd                                      EnErgy SolutionS
                                                                                                       We became Korea’s first licensed energy services company or ESCO in 1992.

                                                          rAnge of                                     Today, we offer a comprehensive range of energy management services from
                                                                                                       usage analysis and solution engineering to installation and post-sale service
                                                          services to                                  under our Enervix brand. Our energy conservation services include a compre-
                                                                                                       hensive review of energy generation, transmission, and usage to identify areas
                                                          enhAnce the                                  where savings can be achieved. last, but not least, our new and renewable

                                                          vAlue of Any
                                                                                                       energy solutions include technologies such as fuel cells as well as CDM
                                                                                                       projects that aim to stabilize or reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.

                                                          property                                     propErty mAnAgEmEnt
                                                                                                       Our four decades of experience and expertise in property development and
                                                                                                       management have made us one of Korea’s most sought after consultants in
                                                                                                       these fields. Our comprehensive service portfolio includes project location
                                                                                                       selection, feasibility studies, and development planning as well as full-service
                                                                                                       property management.

                                                                                                       ElEvAtor SolutionS
                                                                                                       We sell, install, inspect, and service elevators and parking systems for
                                                                                                       commercial and industrial applications. Whether it’s a new installation or
                                                                                                       renovation project, we provide our customers with quality solutions and service
                                                                                                       for the life of the system.

                                                                                                       lEd lighting SolutionS
                                                                                                       Our experience with interior and architectural lighting over the years has led us
                                                                                                       to embrace lED lighting, an ultra-efficient technology that’s revolutionizing the
                                                                                                       industry. In August 2007, we opened the lED lighting gallery in southern Seoul,
                                                                                                       a showcase of the latest beautifully efficient solid-state lighting solutions.
                                                          “Energy Efficiency & Engineering” is the
                                                          slogan for our Enervix energy services and
                                                          solutions brand. This compound word—an
                                                          amalgam for “energy service expert”—
                                                          reflects our commitment to providing eco-
                                                          and people-friendly energy solutions.

                  SAMSuNg EVERlAND     26
             total Energy
dElivEring Eco-friEndly EnErgy
Our portfolio of competitive energy solutions can meet
the needs of any business. Whether it’s optimizing
existing energy infrastructure or bringing new energy
solutions to market, we’re working hard to keep our
clients sustainably growing.


                  SAMSuNg EVERlAND     28

Environmental Development
At Samsung Everland, we believe that energizing life includes
making our cities greener. That’s why our Environmental Development Division
helps businesses create beautiful living spaces that bring people, culture, and
nature together in creative new ways every day.
                                                                                                            to life...

                        www.everlandscape.com                                  Balance is important in
                                                                        all areas of life. Unfortunately,
                                                                                we’ve largely lost that
                                                                     balance when it comes to nature.
                                                                   So many of our cities have become
                                                            “concrete jungles” almost devoid of green.
                                                                But wherever nature is respected and
                                                                                nurtured, it flourishes,
                                                                                   refreshing our lives.

                                                                                   SAMSuNg EVERlAND   30
                                                                        At Samsung Everland, we thrive on bringing people and nature
                                                                        into harmony. We restore damaged ecosystems to health. We
                                                                        create landscapes that relax and stimulate the senses. We design
                                                                        golf courses that are both challenging and environmentally
                                                                        friendly. We build industrial plants for high-tech manufacturing
                                                                        industries and remodel buildings to give new life and value to old
                                                                        spaces. And we help prepare for all conceivable man-made and
                                                                        natural disasters to protect both lives and property.

                                                       A commitment     lAndScAping & EnvironmEntAl rEStorAtion

                                                       to helping       We design, install, and maintain environmentally sound and aesthetically
                                                                        pleasing landscape solutions for public, commercial, residential, and industrial
                                                       people And       sites. Our eco-friendly PEC™ (polymer-ecology-control) family of revegetation
                                                                        solutions is an outstanding example of how we’re using advanced technology
                                                       nAture coexist   to bring damaged ecosystems back to health.

                                                       in hArmony       golf courSE dEvElopmEnt
                                                                        Since completing the Anyang Benest golf Club in 1968, we have accumulated
                                                                        some four decades of landscaping, operational and management expertise in
                                                                        the field. Today, we are a world-class developer capable of handling consulting,
                                                                        design, and construction of environmentally friendly courses that are as
                                                                        challenging as they are sustainable.

                                                                        building & rEmodEling SolutionS
                                                                        We provide tailored plant construction solutions ranging from project consulting
                                                                        to turnkey engineering, procurement, and construction services to meet the
                                                                        specialized needs of the semiconductor, electronics, battery, optical fiber, and
                                                                        printer toner industries. Our extensive building engineering and interior design
                                                                        expertise also enables us to deliver unique remodeling solutions for
                                                                        commercial, medical, retail, and educational clients that create upscale
                                                                        environments and enhance property values.

                                                                        diSAStEr prEvEntion & riSk mAnAgEmEnt
                                                                        We help our clients protect their customers, employees, and property through
                 total ESh                                              our disaster prevention and risk management consulting services. Our

                 Solutions                                              comprehensive service portfolio focuses on formulating and implementing
                                                                        preventive measures and contingency plans for the full spectrum of man-made
                                                                        and natural hazards.
prEpAring for thE unExpEctEd
We help companies ensure they are aware of and
prepared for all conceivable man-made and natural
hazards. Our comprehensive consulting services
cover the full range of environmental, health, and
safety issues including fire, earthquakes, toxic gas
leaks, and electromagnetic radiation.

                 SAMSuNg EVERlAND    32
                                                                                                the world


                                                      Seoul parks
                                       bringing pEAcE to thE world
                                       Over the past decade, we’ve built a number of
                                       traditional Korean gardens in major cities around the
                                       globe. Since opening our first Seoul Park in Cairo in
                                       1998, we’ve added parks in Paris in 2002 and Berlin in
                                       2005, bringing a relaxing new cultural dimension to
                                       these great world capitals.

               SAMSuNg EVERlAND   34

Benest Golf Clubs
At Samsung Everland, we believe that energizing life includes
bringing the storied sport of golf into the mainstream. That’s why our
Golf Culture Division is proud to promote the sport with five world-class
golf clubs that epitomize its timeless values and traditions every day.                                     timeless

                          www.golfsamsung.com                                   Golf is not just a sport.
                                                                It’s an institution where etiquette plays
                                                                                   a time-honored role.
                                                          And as you take on the diverse challenges of
                                                              both the course and nature at each hole,
                                                                 the camaraderie, views, and timeless
                                                                       traditions of the game broaden
                                                                               your perspective on life.

                                                                                    SAMSuNg EVERlAND   36
                        putting thE bESt to thE tESt
                        In 2005, we launched the Samsung Benest Open golf
                        tournament to bring the sport to a wider audience. It’s
                        our goal to make this competition the highlight of the
                        KPgA Tour—the tournament every professional golfers
                        winning and every fan dreams of attending.

                                        At Samsung Everland, each of our world-class golf clubs
                                        promotes the values and traditions of golf—etiquette, integrity,
                                        competition, and perseverance. Whether we’re designing courses
                                        that harmonize with their natural surroundings, delivering service
                                        that makes the game more enjoyable, providing tailored
                                        consulting services, or hosting major tournaments, we strive to
                                        elevate both golf sportsmanship and the golf experience to the
                                        next level as we help write the next chapter in Korean golf.

                        A commitment
                        to upholding
                                        golf clubS
                                        We operate five of Korea’s most prestigious golf clubs—Anyang Benest,

                        golf’s finest
                                        gapyeong Benest, Dongrae Benest, Ansung Benest, and glen Ross—all of
                                        which are maintained to the highest standards and offer impeccable service. In

                                        addition to hosting seasonal events at each club, we pay special attention to our
                                        turfgrass and clubhouse facilities as part of our commitment to delivering a
                                        superior golf experience.

                                        SAmSung bEnESt opEn golf tournAmEnt
                                        This annual autumn event is an important part of our strategy to promote and
                                        raise public interest in the sport of golf. launched in 2005, the tournament is a
                                        critically acclaimed success thanks to a first-rate course, outstanding
                                        management, and the exceptional caliber of professional golfers it attracts. In
                                        conjunction with the tournament, we organize a variety of family events as we
                                        work to make golf a sport that fans of all ages can enjoy.

                                        golf club conSulting
                                        We actively share our extensive expertise with other clubs to help raise Korean
                                        golf to a higher level. Our comprehensive range of consulting services covers
                                        everything from club management and course maintenance to customer
                                        service and turfgrass selection.

                                        our golf clubS
                                        AnyAng bEnESt | Opened in 1968, this legendary golf club is one of Korea’s oldest
                                        and most prestigious. In addition to its renowned course management and customer
                                        service, the club’s focus on equipping its employees to deliver the finest service has served
                                        as a catalyst for industry development as those employees have moved on to new
                                        opportunities around the industry.

                                        gApyEong bEnESt | Opened in 2004, this Jack Nicklaus-designed club is nestled in
                                        the mountains about 400 meters above sea level and features three distinctive 9-hole
                                        courses that make excellent use of the natural topography. The club’s successful hosting of
                                        major tournaments and outstanding management have already earned it a place among
                                        Korea’s top golf clubs despite its relatively short history.

                                        dongrAE bEnESt | Opened in 1971, this 18-hole course in the warmer climes of
                                        Korea’s southeastern tip is a popular year-round golf destination. In 2007, the club opened a
                                        new 9-hole short-game practice area to make the sport more accessible to the public.

                                        AnSung bEnESt | Opened in 1999, our largest golf club has four challenging 9-hole
                                        courses, one of which is open to the public. The club has recently completed a course
                                        renewal project and installed a gPS course management system to help keep play moving
                                        smoothly as it continues to upgrade both facilities and service to rival the best in the industry.

                        grand vistas
                        to life...

Brand Tree                                                                        Shared Values

                                                                                  Making people happier,
Meet                                                                              nature cleaner and greener,
The brands of                                                                     and the future brighter...
Samsung Everland
                                                                                  These are the really
                                                                                  important things
  BRAND                                                                           in life to us.

              resort     golf culture   food culture   Environment &
              division    division        division     Asset division


                                                                                                                customer Satisfaction

                                                                                                                   value creation


                                                                                                                  Eco friendliness

                                                                                                                 Social responsibility

                                                          SAMSuNg EVERlAND   44
                                                                                                            customer Satisfaction
                        Making every MoMent MeMorable
                        At Samsung Everland, we believe begins at the instant
                        an emotional connection with our customers. It goes beyond
                        the product or service to the human touch that delivers it.
                        That’s the experience we strive to deliver to our customers
                        each and every day.

                        Managing for satisfaction
                        We value the daily interactions we have with our customers. Each and every
                        customer opinion is important to us. By methodically analyzing this wealth of
                        feedback, launching the Korean service industry’s first Six Sigma initiative, and
                        continually upgrading our processes, our advanced customer satisfaction
                        management system is empowering us to keep them smiling.

                        cultivating service specialists
                        The secret behind our ability to deliver services that create not only fun but
                        lasting satisfaction is that our employees pride themselves in being service
                        specialists. They know that the more they enjoy their jobs, the better they can
                        delight their customers. This service philosophy is what empowers our
                        employees to take the initiative in delivering greater satisfaction.

                        Making new experiences
                        We’re always looking for new ways to delight our customers. Whether it’s
                        unique greetings and mannerisms, actively involving customers in the
                        entertainment experience, or spicing up the dining experience with
                        foodtainment, we continue to add creative new touches in all our businesses to
                        make every visit fresh and new.

                                                                                                             value creation
                        Enhancing thE quality of lifE
                        At Samsung Everland, we recognize that affluence and
                        prosperity create demand for new products and services.
                        We are responding by taking our businesses in new directions as
                        we continue to deliver value that makes every day more
                        rewarding for our customers.

                        Sharing the experience
                        Our diverse attractions and entertainment at Everland Resort have made us
                        one of Korea’s top cultural icons. Today, we’re taking our theme-park content
                        to a wider audience through live performances, broadcasting, and publishing.
                        In a similar way, our food service business is also pioneering what we call
                        “premium food service”, a concept that goes beyond serving delicious,
                        nutritious food to promote healthy lifestyles.

                        going global
                        We’re taking the Samsung Everland experience to the world. We’ve provided
                        operational consulting services to international theme parks like China’s
                        Discoveryland and Floraland. We’ve also built traditional Korean gardens in
                        several world capitals, giving local residents a place to relax as well as a taste
                        of Korean culture.

                        exploring new horizonS
                        We’re always looking over the horizon for new business opportunities. We’re
                        actively investing in the energy development field, focusing on greenhouse gas
                        reduction projects as well as new and renewable energy solutions. Another key
                        area is the consulting services field where we are leveraging our experience
                        and expertise to pursue consulting opportunities in areas such as service
                        training, golf course operation, and theme park development.

                                                                                                              Eco friendliness
                        Dreaming of a green future
                        At Samsung Everland, our vision of a clean and healthy future is
                        no dream. Armed with extensive experience gained through our
                        resort, environmental restoration, and energy solutions
                        businesses as well as involvement in numerous eco initiatives,
                        we continue to promote environmental stewardship each and
                        every day of the year.

                        Making green fun
                        We work hard behind the scenes at Everland Resort to provide a clean and
                        relaxing environment for our guests. For example, we recycle 100% of resort
                        food waste as compost for pleurotus mushroom cultivation. We also have an
                        advanced water treatment and recycling system to reduce usage and safely
                        return water to the environment.

                        Managing the green way
                        We launched our green management initiative in 1996 and acquired ISO 9002
                        and ISO 14001 environmental certifications in 1997. Today, our Green
                        Management Information System spans all facets of our operations, giving us
                        the information we need to make environmentally sound business decisions.

                        ProMoting environMental awareness
                        Our environmental efforts go far beyond the confines of our company
                        properties. We are an active participant in local stream restoration initiatives as
                        well as conservation campaigns coinciding with major international events
                        such as World Environment Day and World Day for Water.

                                                                                                         Social responsibility
                        Encouraging and inspiring
                        our nEighbors
                        At Samsung Everland, we believe in building strong, lasting
                        relationships with our neighbors. Our diverse business portfolio
                        enables us to reach out in unique ways to encourage, inspire,
                        and improve the lives of the less fortunate in communities across
                        Korea every day.

                        Taking care of special kids
                        We’ve always had a special place in our heart for children battling serious
                        diseases. We encourage and give these special kids hope by helping pay their
                        medical expenses, inviting them to share their musical gifts through the Voice
                        of Hope choir, and organizing special events at Everland for them and their

                        expanding educaTional opporTuniTies
                        Schools in Korea’s rural communities rarely have the resources to send their
                        students on cultural field trips. We’ve been sponsoring special culture camps
                        at Everland for these schools annually since 1999. As of the end of 2008, some
                        5,000 students from over 220 rural schools nationwide have been exposed to
                        the fields of art, drama, music, and dance—both traditional and modern—
                        through this unique program.

                        Befriending man’s BesT friend
                        Our background in animal breeding and zoo operation makes a pets as therapy
                        (PAT) program a natural match for us. We train and socialize abandoned dogs
                        for donation to welfare organizations, hospitals, and prisons. These PAT dogs
                        give the lonely and isolated a chance for physical contact and play, providing
                        comfortable, enjoyable interaction that also helps encourage human contact.

Research & Development

investing in
the future.

                         Service AcAdemy                                                                      Food R&d CenteR
                         Established in 1994, the Service Academy trains and equips our employees             Established in 1999, the Food R&D Center develops the high-quality foods we
                         with the specialized skills they need to satisfy customers. The academy has          sell under our various brand names, conducts comprehensive quality
                         provided specialized training and consulting services to over 450,000                assurance and safety inspections, and builds partnerships with leaders in
                         individuals and more than 900 public, private, and educational institutions to       industry, academia, and research from around the world. A leader in its field, the
                         date. Its growing list of international clients currently includes Discovery World   center has developed over 80 products to date, winning numerous patents for
                         in Taiwan, Discoveryland in China, and the Seiko Group of Japan.                     its advances in the fields of food preservation and bacteria inspection.

                         Culinary aCademy                                                                     Turfgrass research InsTITuTe
                         Established in 1997, the Culinary Academy focuses on kitchen and wait staff          Established in 1993, the Turfgrass Research Institute is home to Korea’s top
                         training, menu development, and food quality improvement. Boasting a first-          turfgrass experts and an innovator in organic turf management systems with
                         rate teaching staff with extensive real-world experience and spacious, modern        some 30 sports turf patents to its credit. In addition to offering comprehensive
                         facilities, the academy ensures Food Culture Division employees and outside          consulting services, the institute has developed a system that detects the
                         students get the best training in the business.                                      warning signs of turfgrass disease and pest infestation so early preventive
                                                                                                              action can be taken.

                                                                                  SAMSuNg EVERlAND   54
Samsung Group Profile                                                                                                                    Network

Dedicated to making
a difference in life
around the globe.


The Samsung Group got its start back in 1938 as a small trading company. Over the past seven decades it                                  hEAdQuArtErS	                  Environment & Asset division   food r&d center	
has made a dramatic transformation into Korea’s No. 1 business group and a leading global brand with                                                                    Samsung Fire&Marine            553-3 Mabuk-dong
                                                                                                                                         310 Jeondae-ri Pogok-eup
                                                                                                                                                                        Insurance Bldg. 5F             giheung-gu Yongin
interests in electronics, services, finance, chemicals, machinery, and numerous other fields.                                            Cheoin-gu Yongin
                                                                                                                                                                        87 Eulgiro 1-ga Jung-gu        gyeonggi-do Korea
                                                                                                                                         gyeonggi-do Korea
As a member of the Samsung Group, we share much more than a name. We share a management                                                                                 Seoul Korea                    TEl : 82-31-288-0788
philosophy of devoting our human resources and technology to create superior services and products,                                                                     www.everasset.com              FAX : 82-31-288-0880
                                                                                                                                         TEl : 82-31-320-5000
                                                                                                                                                                        TEl : 82-2-759-1727
thereby contributing to a better global society. We share the values of people, excellence, change, integrity,                           FAX : 82-31-320-8549	
                                                                                                                                                                        FAX : 82-2-759-1237            culinary Academy
and co-prosperity. We also share a code of conduct with five basic principles that include compliance with
                                                                                                                                                                                                       310 Jeondae-ri Pogok-eup
laws and ethical standards, maintenance of a clean and transparent organizational culture, respect for                                   bEijing officE	
                                                                                                                                                                        golf culture division          Cheoin-gu Yongin
customers, shareholders, employees, care for the environment and human health and safety, and                                            China Merchants Tower 26F      Anyang Benest golf Club        gyeonggi-do Korea
accountability as a socially responsible corporate citizen. And as we put our philosophy, values, and                                    No. 118 Jian guo lu            1 Bugok-dong gunpo             TEl : 82-31-320-8137
principles into practice day-in and day-out around the globe, we’re making a difference in life as we help                               Chao Yang District             gyeonggi-do Korea              FAX : 82-31-320-8138
                                                                                                                                         Beijing China                  www.golfsamsung.com
create a brighter future everywhere we do business.
                                                                                                                                         TEl : 86-10-6566-8100 (6400)   TEl : 82-31-460-3331, 3334     turfgrass research institute
                                                                                                                                         FAX : 86-10-6566-8115	         FAX : 82-31-460-3310           Anyang Benest golf Club
                                                                                                                                                                                                       1 Bugok-dong gunpo
ElEctronicS                                  finAnciAl SErvicES                                 othEr AffiliAtES                         diviSionS                      rESEArch & dEvElopmEnt         gyeonggi-do Korea
  Samsung Electronics                          Samsung life Insurance                             Samsung Everland                                                                                     TEl : 82-31-460-3401~6
                                                                                                                                         resort division	               Service Academy	
  Samsung SDI                                  Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance                    Samsung Corporation                                                                                  FAX : 82-31-460-3400
                                                                                                                                         310 Jeondae-ri Pogok-eup       310 Jeondae-ri Pogok-eup
  Samsung Electro-Mechanics                    Samsung Card                                       Samsung Engineering                                                   Cheoin-gu Yongin
                                                                                                                                         Cheoin-gu Yongin
  Samsung Corning Precision glass              Samsung Securities                                 Cheil Industries                                                      gyeonggi-do Korea
                                                                                                                                         gyeonggi-do Korea
  Samsung SDS                                  Samsung Investment Trust                           The Shilla Hotels & Resorts                                           TEl : 82-31-320-8243
  Samsung Networks                             Management                                         Cheil Communications                   TEl : 82-31-320-5000           FAX : 82-31-320-8238
                                               Samsung Venture Investment                         S1 Corporation                         FAX : 82-31-320-9170
                                                                                                  Samsung Medical Center
                                                                                                                                         food culture division
chEmicAlS                                    mAchinEry & hEAvy induStriES
                                                                                                                                         553-3 Mabuk-dong
  Samsung Total Petrochemicals                Samsung Heavy Industries                                                                   giheung-gu Yongin
  Samsung Petrochemical                       Samsung Techwin                                                                            gyeonggi-do Korea
  Samsung Fine Chemicals                                                                                                                 www.welstory.com
  Samsung BP Chemicals                                                                                                                   TEl : 82-1544-8272
                                                                                                                                         FAX : 82-31-288-0880~1

                                                                                                                 SAMSuNg EVERlAND   56
it’s your turn
to be happy.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little better.
We now invite you to join us as we look beyond
the present to the limitless possibilities of the future. A bright
future that’s full of enjoyment and satisfaction. And one that will
bring new delight to your life each and every day.

We are Samsung Everland.

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