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        Product Disclosure Statement

         Product Disclosure Statement prepared on June 1st, 2009

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The purpose of this Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) is to provide you with information
to make an informed decision about whether or not to purchase a Warranty provided by
Premium Warranties Australia Pty Ltd (PWA) [ABN 91 060 943 375; AFSL 313138].
Before deciding to purchase the Warranty, you should read this PDS carefully to understand:
• The protection provided by the Warranty including significant features, benefits and risks;
• Information about how the Warranty fee is calculated;
• The cooling off period that applies to the Warranty; and
• How to make a complaint if you are not satisfied with the product or our handling of a
  Warranty claim.
This PDS operates as the Terms and Conditions on which the Warranty is provided and applies
once the Warranty is issued to you and you have paid the Warranty fee. We suggest you store
the PDS in a safe place in case you need to make a claim or review the conditions that apply
to the Warranty at any time in the future.

PWA is the product issuer for your Warranty. We hold an Australian Financial Services Licence
which authorises us to deal in and provide general advice on, motor vehicle and other
We are responsible for the payment of any claims you make under the terms of the Warranty,
not the motor dealer, financier or service centre that sold, financed or serviced your Vehicle.
You can contact us by phone (07) 3808 7555, fax (07) 3290 3322 or in writing to Premium
Warranties Australia PO Box 304 Springwood, Qld 4127.

This Warranty is a discretionary risk product with the following significant features and
                                                                            See these pages
Features and Benefits of the Warranty                                         for details
Protects against Mechanical Failure, providing cover for the repair or          15 & 16
replacement of certain parts of your Vehicle which are Covered Items.
Provides protection after any Manufacturer’s or Dealer Warranty has              7 - 10
Offers you a choice of five different Warranties A, B, C, D or E.                7 - 10
Offers you a choice of the following different warranty periods –
• 12, 36 or 60 months on Warranties A, B, C and D; and                           7 - 10
• 12 months or 25,000 kms (whichever occurs first) or 36 months or
  75,000 kms (whichever occurs first) on Warranty E.
The Warranty starts the day you sign the Warranty Schedule and PWA
receives cleared funds for the total amount of the Warranty fee. If the
Vehicle is covered by any manufacturer’s warranty, the Warranty will             7 - 10
commence on the day following the expiry of that warranty.
Subject to our approval, the Warranty may be transferred to the Vehicle's
new owner.                                                                         13

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The taxes and charges that apply to the Warranty will be shown in the Schedule completed
when the Warranty is issued to you by your motor dealer, financier or service centre. The
financial limit for each Covered Item includes any GST payable for repairs and replacement.
This Warranty is not a repair and maintenance plan, but intended to cover the unforeseen
Mechanical Failure of certain parts of your Vehicle. There are a number of Warranty exclusions,
• Pre existing defects;
• Deliberate damage, abuse, misuse or neglect of the Vehicle;
• Failure of any item not listed as a Covered Item;
• Failure of any item listed under the exclusions in the Terms and Conditions;
• Failure to comply with the service requirements;
• Damage caused by corrosion, water damage, leaks etc;
• Any damage caused by overheating or lack of oil, water or coolants;
• Any damage caused by theft, fire, flood, earthquake, riot or the Vehicle being involved in an
  accident or collision;
• Service items such as spark plugs, hoses, brake pads;
• Parts subject to recall by the manufacturer;
• Consequential loss or damage of any kind including personal injury or property damage
  resulting directly or indirectly from failure of the Vehicle or any Covered Item.
• Any loss caused by modification of the Vehicle or any non-manufacturer fitted part or directly
  related to or caused by the fitting of any non-manufacturer fitted part;
• Repair of oil leaks or damage caused by gasket or seal failure;
• All bodywork, handles and hinges, interior / exterior trim, bright work, paint, glass, weather
  strips, rubber seals, sheet metal, sunroof, antenna, seats, carpets, seat belts, wiper arms/blades,
  wheels and tyres, wheel alignment / balancing;
• Any necessary adjustments including but not limited to belts, transmissions, clutch etc;
• Timing belts, unless as part of a claimable repair or where there is proof that the manufacturer
  replacement recommendations have been complied with, and they are free from oil or
• Electrical accessories including, bulbs, lamps/lenses, LED’s, batteries, fuses, wiring harness,
  wiring terminals, and remaking of disturbed electrical connections, car telephones and any in
  car entertainment units specifically, radio’s, DVD & CD players and televisions;
• Repair of any Covered Item due to a normal reduction in performance as a result of wear and
  tear commensurate with the Vehicle’s age and kilometres travelled.
Warranty E is not available for any Vehicles which are hybrid vehicles, imported vehicles -
being vehicles first registered outside Australia, or vehicles which had or would have had an
original recommended retail price of $75,000 or more at the time the vehicle was sold as new.
This list does not include all warranty exclusions. Please refer to the Warranty Terms and
Conditions to ensure that you are aware of all exclusions which apply to the cover provided.
You should be aware of the following risks associated with the Warranty.
Warranty Risk: This Warranty is a discretionary risk product. This means that payment of a
claim is subject to PWA’s discretion. PWA is obliged to consider the merits of your claim and
exercise its discretion in a fair and just way, but PWA is not obliged to pay all claims that come
within the terms of the Warranty.
A discretionary risk product is not the same as insurance policy. PWA is not an insurance
company and is not required to maintain the same financial resources that an insurance
company does. However, we do meet the ‘financial resources’ requirements for an AFS licensee
and this means we must maintain adequate funds to meet our obligations to you.
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Limit of Liability: There is a risk that one or more of your claims may exceed the financial
limit for each Covered Item. You should take care to ensure that the Warranty option you
select, offers the level of protection you are likely to require for your Vehicle (See the Warranty
Terms and Conditions for information on claim limits and Covered Items).
Service Requirements and Other Warranty Conditions: There is a risk that if you fail to
comply with the conditions of the Warranty, we will not exercise our discretion in your favour.
(See clause 8 – “Warranty Obligations” in the Warranty Terms and Conditions).
To apply for cover, complete the Warranty Schedule and pay the Warranty fee to your motor
dealer, financier or service centre.
The Warranty is not a repair and maintenance plan, but a Mechanical Failure warranty which
covers you against sudden and unforeseen failure of certain specified Covered Item of the
Vehicle during the warranty period.
You have 5 options when selecting a Warranty for your Vehicle – Warranty A, B, C, D or E.
Each option offers a different level of cover. The age of your Vehicle and the kilometres it has
travelled will determine which options are available to you and you should consider which level
is most appropriate in your circumstances. Your motor dealer, financier or service centre cannot
advise you on this.                                                   Indicates a Covered Item.
     Covered Items         Warranty A Warranty B Warranty C Warranty D Warranty E
  ABS Brake System                                                                    
  Fuel System                                                                         
  Turbo Charger                                                                       
  Power Windows                                                                       
  Air Conditioning                                                                    
                                 MAXIMUM CLAIM LIMIT
      Engine, Transmission,                                                             Market
                                   $1000        $1500        $2000          $3000        Value
  Other Covered Items (See the      $350         $750        $1000          $1250       Market
     Terms and Conditions)                                                               Value
The total value of claims is not to exceed the value of the Vehicle at the time of the most recent
claim as per “Glass’s Guide” (See the Warranty Terms and Conditions).
Please Note: Noise does not necessarily constitute a Mechanical Failure of a Covered Item
and not all claims involving noise will be covered by this Warranty.
This is a summary of items covered by the Warranty. For more information on claim limits,
Covered Items and exclusions please refer to the Warranty Terms and Conditions.
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The total Warranty fee payable for your Warranty will be shown on your Warranty Schedule.
The cost of the Warranty varies depending upon the cover you choose, the following factors
will affect the cost of your warranty:
• the type of Warranty – A, B, C, D or E; and
• the duration of the Warranty that you purchase – 12, 36 or 60 months; and
• the type of Vehicle you are covering.
The cost of this Warranty is the fee charged by PWA including GST but excluding surcharges*
(where applicable).
This table sets out the maximum retail amount for each Warranty (including taxes and
applicable surcharges).
         Term        Warranty A      Warranty B     Warranty C     Warranty D     Warranty E
    12 months          $650.00         $912.50       $1137.50       $1237.50       $1487.50
    36 months          $975.00        $1237.50       $1487.50       $1737.50       $1987.50
    60 months          $1237.50       $1487.50       $1737.50       $1987.50     Not Available
*All warranties may be subject to an additional surcharge depending upon the Vehicle and
Warranty selected. The surcharge on Warranties A, B, C & D is $137.50. On Warranty E the
surcharge will range from $275.00 to $1375.00.
There is a fee of $77 associated with transferring the Warranty and a fee of $22 if you require
a replacement Warranty book, see page 13 of the Terms and Conditions for details.
You have the right to cancel this Warranty at any time up to 14 days from the date when your
Warranty is issued and receive a full refund. You may cancel the Warranty by giving us notice
in writing of your intention to cancel within the cooling off period. You cannot cancel within
the cooling off period and obtain a refund if you have made a claim.
PWA may cancel this Warranty if you are in breach of any of the terms of the Warranty, or for
any other reason available at law. We will give you notice in writing of our intention to cancel
the Warranty. If we cancel this Warranty, no refund will be payable.
If the purchase of the Vehicle has been financed by a Financier, we may cancel the Warranty if
we are advised that the Vehicle is repossessed. We will refund the Warranty fee to the Financier
in accordance with the Uniform Consumer Credit Code less our cancellation fee of $110 and
any paid or authorised claims.
If you wish to make a complaint about our services, products or any decision we make
regarding a claim, you can contact our Complaints Officer on (07) 3808 7555. We will send
you a written acknowledgement of your complaint within 7 days and then attempt to resolve
it within a further 28 days.
We are a member of Financial Ombudsman Service Ltd (FOS), an external dispute resolution
scheme. If you are not satisfied with how your complaint has been handled by us, you can
contact FOS on 1300 780 808 and they will consider your complaint. This is a free service.
You should refer to clause 10 - How to Make Warranty Claims in the Terms and Conditions
for information regarding making a claim under the Warranty.

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Your privacy is important to us. The information you provide on the Warranty Schedule is used
for the purpose of issuing the Warranty and handling Warranty claims and any enquiries you
may have. We do not trade, rent or sell your information. At any time you can check the
information PWA hold about you. For more information ask for a copy of our Privacy Policy.

Premium Warranties Australia Pty Ltd
ABN 91 060 943 375 AFSL 313138
20 Vanessa Boulevard,
PO Box 304
Springwood Qld 4127
Phone (07) 3808 7555
Fax    (07) 3290 3322

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