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									                          The Hamilton Unitarian
                                            The First Unitarian Church of Hamilton
                                                       Established 1889
                                                                                                                 June 2009
                                                                                                            Volume 60, No. 6

                             Sunday Services
June 7: New Members Sunday: Characteristics of a thriving congregation-Part 1
Speaker: Rev. Edward Brock                    Service Leader: Stephanie Ounpuu
Music: We will enjoy the wonderful singing of the men of our congregation.
There are clear, definable, well-documented and well-studied characteristics of con-
gregations that are healthy, thriving and growing, in every sense of that word. How
can we can strengthen and encourage these traits in our congregation? Please join us    Welcome the summer with
for this partially-intergenerational service. Our newest members will be welcomed       our Church Picnic, June 28
into our Hamilton First family at the top of the service.                               Bring:
                                                                                          Food to share—ready to eat or
Friday, June 12 at 7pm: Soulful Sundown Outdoor Youth Service
Speaker: Rev. Edward Brock
                                                                                             “plated” is best
                                                                                          Plates, cutlery and cups for eve-
June 14: Service of the Living Tradition: Characteristics of a Thriving Congre-              ryone in your family
gation-Part 2
Speaker: Rev. Edward Brock                        Service Leader: Gail Rappolt            Chairs, blankets, hats, sunglasses,
Music: Our Choir, led by Cindy Carey                                                         sun umbrellas, etc. for the service
                                                                                             and the picnic
We will continue to examine the clear, definable, well-documented and well-studied
                                                                                         Depending on the weather and your
characteristics of congregations that are healthy thriving, and growing, and look at
                                                                                        inclination, you can eat inside or out.
how we can strengthen and encourage these traits in our congregation. Our annual
                                                                                        Drop off your food on the tables in
ritual of honouring and acknowledging those we have lost, accomplishments we have
                                                                                        the foyer before the service.
achieved, milestones we have reached and new life we have welcomed into our fami-
lies will take place during this service.                                                Afterwards, come in and enjoy—
                                                                                        we’ll have cold drinks ready.
June 21: Music for its own sake                                                          Any help for clean up would be ap-
Service Leaders: The Music Committee                                                    preciated.
We will celebrate the lively music ministry in our congregation                          Questions, concerns or volunteering,
This is our special end of the church year music service, where the many musicians in   call Barb Wallace or Gordon Beckett.
our community share their many gifts. If you are interested in participating in this
service please contact Rachel Derry, our church’s Music Director, at rachel@first          The church calendar is online at: by no later than June 14, 2009.                                       http://www.firstunitarianhamil
June 28: Celebrating Summer
Service Leader: Aukje Byker                                                               June church events, page 14
Music: Gary Hicks and friends will be providing the music for our annual picnic
Come celebrate the beginning of summer in a casual pagan flavoured fully intergen-       Summer Newsletter Deadline
erational outdoor service held in our own beautiful back yard. Please bring something         Wed., June 17
comfortable to sit on, sunscreen, sunglasses, and some food and drink to share. All        Please send submissions to
offertory funds raised will go to the Housing Emergency Loan Program (HELP). A                newsletter@firstunitarian
Pot Luck and other fun outdoor activities are planned to take place immediately fol-     
lowing the service. Please read page 8 of the newsletter to find out more.               Include the words “Summer News-
                                                                                           letter” and a short description of
                                                                                           the item in the subject line, e.g.,
           Sunday Services 10:30 AM—all are welcome                                      Summer Newsletter, Adult Education
The Hamilton Unitarian June 2009                                  Contact Information                                                         Page
                      MEMBERS OF THE BOARD
PRESIDENT .........................................................KathMcIntyre
                                                                                    OFFICE M ANAGER:
VICE-PRESIDENT:.................................................Tim Versteeg
                                                                                    Melina.....................................905-527-8441 ext.221
TREASURER: .........................................................Mel Webber      Email ..................
MEMBERS:............................................Cathy McPherson-Doe             PROGRAM DIRECTOR:
SECRETARY:....................................................... Pat Dickinson     Julie ........................................905-527-8441 ext.222
VOLUNTEER RECRUITMENT:.................................. Gail Rappolt               Email ......................
                                                                                    MUSIC DIRECTOR:
           LEADERSHIP       & ADMINISTRATIVE COMMITTEES:                            Rachel ....................................905-527-8441 ext.224
Management..................................................... Tim Versteeg        Email ...................
Congregational Health............................................................
Nominating ........................................................ Ginny Megin
Stewards.................................................... Tony Marcogliese                                  INDEX
           THE CLUSTERS AND THEIR MANAGEMENT REPS:                                  1 Sunday Services
                     FELLOWSHIP – LESLEY CORDERO                                      Welcome the summer with our Church Picnic,
Membership Committee .................................Daphne Payne                      June 28
   Greeters Coordinator ....................................Barb Kulcher
   Newcomers’ Coordinators ..Ali Steinbergs & Dave Gaylor                           2 Contacts
Adult Potluck Group.......................................Sheila Brockest            3 Slivers from the Chair
Book Group .................................................. Dawn Ludbrook          4 Splinters from the Board
Fellowship Hour.................................................June Jenkins           Volunteers needed
Librarian.........................................................Sheila Brockest      Fellowship hour request
Young Adult Social & Spiritual Circle ................... Kate Hicks                   Subscription and address change form
                  OUTREACH – M ARGARET MCFADYEN                                      5 Splinters from the Board continued
Denominational Affairs Representative ............ Nora Prosser                        Shifting of Leadership Positions
Lay Chaplaincy Committee .................................Janet Hillen               6 CSC announcements
Social Justice & Green Sanctuary Committee .. Bill Johnston                            June Speakers
     ..................................................... & Margaret McFadyen         Call for Aesthetics Committee members
   Fair Trade Task Force ...................................Jen Dawson                 Attention all Battlestar Galactica fans
   Grandmothers to Grandmothers......... Ann Craig Howarth                             Improve your ability to speak out
   UU-UN Office Reps..........Raman Kumar & Todd Fraleigh                            7 Report on CUC Annual Conference:
                          PASTORAL – BILL FULTON                                          Answering the Call
Benevolent Fund Manager .....................................Bill Fulton            8 Preventing homelessness, one emergency loan
Caring Community Comm. .... Don McFadyen, Nancy Gaylor                                    at a time (HELP)
   Joys and Sorrows Co-ordinator ........................ Pat Oertel                   Join the discussion on poverty
Shared Ministry Groups Co-ordinator................... Beryl Pegg                   9 Reflections: Indifference
Speakeasy Salon...................... Mary Eve & John Stevenson
                                                                                       Art In The Foyer: Image Meets Spirit
               RELIGIOUS EDUCATION – M ARILYN HUNT                                  10 CUUL School: Is it for you?
Adult Rel. Ed. Co-chairs .......Nancy McMartin & Anne Wilson                           Calling all gardeners
Children’s R.E. Council Chair .......................Julie Bergshoeff               11 The ministerial Search Committee: first report
Our Whole Lives (OWL) Co-ordinator ...........Monica Bennett
                                                                                       Lifespan Learning Religious Exploration Task
Youth Group Leaders .............Jeff Mahoney & Stephen Park
                                                                                          Force Update
                     SACRED SPACES – BOB ELLISON                                    12 A transportation alternative: Hamilton CarShare
Property/Grounds Committee................ Sue Stewart Greene                          Blooms for Africa Garden Tour
Sound Team Co-ordinators ....... Craig Hanson & Gary Hicks
                                                                                       Sew What?
                     STEWARDSHIP – ROY DICKINSON                                    13 Music Notes
Canvass Committee .................. Michele Corbeil & Mary Eve                        Music Night
Fall Festival Committee ..............Dave Adeney & Lee Inkster                        Hymn of the month
Finance Committee ..........................................Jennifer Kaye
                                                                                       Speakeasy Salon
                           WORSHIP – LEE INKSTER
Choir Director .....................................................Cindy Carey     Notices and Schedules
Church Services Committee......... Ed Canning & Lyla Miklos                         14 June Church Events
Music Committee.................................................Cathy Grisé         15 June Calendar
Ushers Co-ordinator ...................................... Joanne Waters            Children’s Religious Education
Worship Assistants Co-ordinator ............. Ann Craig Howarth                     16 Chalice Families
   LAY CHAPLAINS: Barbara Jepson 905-304-0559                                           Children’s Calendar
                               Mark Zenchuk                905-777-1743
       Personnel do change. Please inform the office of any errors, omissions or changes. Facilitator: Melina.
        Newsletter compiled by Leslie Kaye and assembled by Mary Beech, Angela Conlin, Pat Keefe, Dawn
             Ludbrook, Sheila McAllister, Ruth Pollard, Val Ramsay, Doris Wells and Eleanor Wrigley.
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The Hamilton Unitarian June 2009                                                                                           Page 3

               Slivers from the Chair
We have the practice of starting our        in evaluation and will supervise in a               est in small groups and
meetings with Opening Words. I have         collaborative, collegial way.                      Providing leadership in all areas of
a favourite which comes from Burton               All of us have a style. With Rev.             church life for positive change
Carley who is a Minister in Memphis:        Brock you will come to appreciate
   “We covenant for the purpose of          that he is a man of vision and enthusi-             When our church life effectively
   walking in right relationship, in        asm. He sees our congregation as a             fosters these three attributes we will
   community, to share what we have         healthy, blessed community which               be able to create the church we all
   experienced of the Holy and to           can achieve whatever we want. If we            need.
   seek the Holy again to learn what        want to have a huge celebration to                  On May 19th the Board revised
   is required of us. We covenant not       mark 125 years of history we can do            the Vision and Mission Statements
   to coerce but to persuade, not to        it. If we want to have a capital cam-          which were presented by the Strategic
   forsake our conscience but to test it    paign to build a retirement community          Planning Committee at the 2007 an-
   in the fierce love of others who         on our parking lot, my high dream, we          nual meeting. Those statements are
   will not let us go until we’ve been      can do it. If we want to develop a             draft in form and need to be modified
   blessed by what it is that we must       community ministry serving the im-             and subsequently adopted in a real
   wrestle with… To that Spirit that        migrant population we can do it. As            way by the congregation. These words
   holds us all, that inspires us to hold   Rev Brock explores with us what we             didn’t spring like mushrooms in the
   one another in covenant and to                                                          dead of night, like magic. They were
   walk together in ways known and                                                         the result of surveys, conversations,
                                                Synergy is an amazing                      focus groups and will now make the
   to be known, we promise our-
   selves.”                                     thing, a joyful mission                    rounds through the congregation. We
                                                                                           are looking for feedback, significant
    This church provides the safe                                                          concerns, possible offences and omis-
place for us to learn how to be better      want please keep in mind that these            sions and will begin by sharing them
people. Politics is a form of ministry      are explorations. As a community               with church leaders at the big team
where this is often very challenging.       where people feel empowered to                 meeting on June 15 after we have re-
We have to keep learning how to do          dream and create, we are going to              ceived input. A more refined version
things differently and just when one        have to weigh the dreams, not get too          will be published in the summer
challenge is overcome another comes         committed to a particular outcome,             newsletter. More input will be sought.
along. For some of us change is the         and truly celebrate a diversity of opin-       These statements will tell our future
challenge, for others an opportunity. It    ions. Synergy is an amazing thing, a           Minister who we are, how we intend
will be both as we are learning how to      joyful mission; folks who love each            to spend our money and direct our
be with a Minister. We have been on         other and the institution, and who             energies. Minutes of the meeting are
our own for some time. We have been         have differing views as to what is the         being e-mailed to church leaders and
getting used to doing it our way. Now       best thing, might look like tumbling           are available to all as explained in
the “our” includes somebody with the        bear cubs. It won’t be easy but if we          Splinters.
expertise to be helpful and the infor-      have that “fierce love,” it will be fun.
mal power to “persuade.” Rev. Brock             Rev. Eller-Isaacs suggests rules            Stay Calm,
                                            for our explorations:                           Be Brave,
is now our staff team leader. His role
                                              A disciplined prayer life for suste-
                                                                                            Watch For The Signs.
with our staff, Julie, Melina, and Ra-
chel, is to be a coach, confidant and          nance and self-reflection                    – Kathryn
unifier. He will participate with others      The ability to be intimate and hon-

 To adequately support programming, Children’s Religious Education needs 10 volunteers each Sunday.

                               The Library is now permanently open.
                               Please remember to sign out all books
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Page 4                                                                                     The Hamilton Unitarian June 2009

            Splinters from the Board
As reported in the last issue of Splinters    the information they will need to do          have been addressed at Board meetings
in the May newsletter, there are a vari-      their work.                                   and retreats:
ety of ways congregants may be in-               Two major issues require Board atten-      • A report from CHC regarding the April
formed about the work of the Board.           tion in this regard. One is a review, as        15th service to honour the congrega-
“Splinters from the Board” reflect ‘the       per the recommendation in the Govern-           tion and to provide an opportunity for
facts,’ a summary of major decisions          ance document, of the current Govern-           congregants to express their apprecia-
and activities of the Board; “Slivers         ance Model, adopted May, 2004. The              tion of Allison Barrett’s ministry.
from the Chair” provides a more per-          other is a clarification of the church vi-    • Rev. Brock has offered to help us in
sonal conversation about Board activi-        sion and mission.                               arranging a covenant with Allison
ties. In addition to these newsletter arti-      Under the current governance model,          about her relationship to the church
cles, all church leaders receive minutes      the primary functions of the Board are          once a settled minister has been
of Board meetings via email; the most         to articulate congregational vision and         called.
recent minutes are posted on the bulletin     ministry; develop policies for the man-       • Further discussion is needed about the
board beside the kitchen window; and          agement of congregational matters that          role of CHC, Management and the
all past minutes are kept in a binder in      are consistent with the articulated vision      Board regarding various leadership
the church office, labeled Board Min-         and mission; and have custody of and            development meetings that have been
utes, 2008, 2009.                             responsibility for all funds.                   planned for the spring while Rev.
   This issue of Splinters represents            The Board has begun this review and          Brock is here. This is part of the re-
Board meetings held on April 21, May          appointed a sub-committee consisting of         view of the Governance document
3, and May 5, an all-day Board Retreat        Rev. Brock, Gail Rappolt, Kath McIn-            discussed above.
on May 9 and a few ‘hot off the press’        tyre and Mel Webber to look at the            • Following a proposal from Bill Johns-
items from a May 19th Board meeting.          Governance Model, 2004, and the                 ton, the Board has requested that he
The frequency of meetings reflects the        ‘emerging’ policy document, to clarify          chair a task force to investigate the
need for the Board to take full advan-        any confusion and modify any conflict-          125th anniversary celebration of the
tage of Rev. Brock’s consulting visits,       ing information.                                church in 2014. We are also investi-
as well as the level of activity required        In addition to the leadership changes        gating the possibility of hosting the
to provide our Search Committee with          outlined below, the following items             CUC conference in 2014.
                                                                                                              Continued on page 5

 You can do your bit for the church                                                             Fellowship Hour
                                                                             Please donate your Canadian Tire money for kitchen
       Volunteers are still needed                                           supplies. There is an envelope on the wall leading
                                                                             towards the kitchen where you can place your Cana-
                      Position          Contact Person                       dian Tire money.
          Gardens and Grounds           Bill Johnston/Leslie Kaye
                                                                             Please remember to sign up for fellowship duty cof-
  Luncheon Task Force Members           Barb Wallace                         fee or cleanup.
        Membership Committee            Daphne Payne
             Worship Assistant          Ann Craig Howarth                    Thank you.
                                                                             – June Jenkins

                           Please send me the monthly newsletter for a trial period of three months.
                           I would like to subscribe to the monthly newsletter for one year. I am enclosing a $20
                            cheque payable to First Unitarian Church of Hamilton.
                           Please note my change of address or telephone number below.
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 Hamilton, ON L8P 4K3
                                   Telephone: …………………..……..Email…………………………………………….…………………………..
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The Hamilton Unitarian June 2009                                                                                           Page 5

Splinters from the Board                        continued

• The Pilot Light Religious Exploration       • The date for the Big Team Meeting             and Canvass Committees that the
  group conducted a survey with the             with all church leaders and Rev.              Board review the membership bylaw
  Board and reported on the results to          Brock has been set for Monday, June           to include pledging as a criterion for
  date of the survey they have done             15th.                                         membership. This recommendation
  with other committees.                      • Board members have examined the               has been approved by Board and Mel
• The Board received and endorsed a             existing Vision and Mission state-            Webber will create a small task force
  report from Rev. Brock recommend-             ments, developed by the Strategic             to review the membership bylaw
  ing the role of Minister as Staff             Planning Committee, through the lens          (Article 2.201) and bring forward a
  Leader and will work with commit-             of material about highly functioning          draft revision to Board. This revision
  tees and church leaders to help imple-        churches that Rev. Brock shared at the        will be explored with the congrega-
  ment this role. The role of staff liaison     May 9th Board retreat. A redrafted            tion in circle meetings and will come
  to the Board, held over the past year         Vision/Mission document will be cir-          to a vote in a duly constituted congre-
  by Gail Rappolt, will now cease to            culated to the Search, Congregational         gational meeting later this year.
  exist.                                        Health and Management Committees            • The Board has agreed to sponsor
• The Board accepted as a work in pro-          for their comments. Rev. Brock will           Linda Thomson as a candidate for UU
  gress a report from Rev. Brock about          help the Board develop a process to           Ministry.
  the development of a volunteer role           engage the congregation in dialogue         • A Leadership Retreat for leaders and
  with two primary functions, volunteer         about it. A draft Vision/Mission docu-        potential leaders in the congregation
  recruitment and leadership develop-           ment will be a part of the Search             has tentatively been scheduled for
  ment. Gail Rappolt was requested and          Committee package.                            Saturday, October 17, as part of Can-
  has accepted responsibility to assume       • A recommendation has been made to             vass Weekend, pending discussion
  and help in the development of this           Board both by Rev. Brock and by a             with Canvass Committee.
  role beginning immediately.                   joint presentation from Membership          – Gail Rappolt

                                        Shifting of Leadership Positions
The creation of the Search Committee has necessitated many           tinue as a Co-chair of the Caring Community Committee and
changes in leadership positions. The following list will help        his work with Adult Religious Education. We are grateful
us all to keep track. The Board accepts with regret the resig-       that he is looking after himself but will miss his wisdom.
nation of Don McFadyen as a Board Member. Don will con-              – Gail Rappolt
 Thank You for Service:                                             Karen Trollop Kumar: Congregational Health Committee
 (Those with asterisks are new Search Committee members)              Chair
                                                                    Don McFadyen: Member of Board, Management Chair
 Anne Bokma,: Fall Festival Co-Chair
                                                                    Gail Rappolt: Staff Liaison to Board
 Michele Corbeil: Canvass Chair
                                                                    Pat Oertel: Worship Cluster rep, Management Committee
 *Roy Dahl: Member of CHC
                                                                    Tim Versteeg: Co-Treasurer
 Bill Fulton: Lay Chaplain Chair
                                                                    *Barb Wallace: Fellowship Cluster rep, Management Com-
 Bill Johnston: Adult Religious Education Chair
 *Jennifer Kaye: Finance Chair, Member Church Services
                                                                    *Joanne Waters: Steward, Finance Committee
 Leslie Kaye: Sacred Spaces cluster rep, Management Com-
                                                                    Mel Webber: Property Chair
                                                                    Carla Williams: Royal Order of the Sandwich
 Doreen Knol: Management Chair, Board Vice Chair

New To Serve:                                                       Nancy Gaylor: Caring Communities Co-Chair
*Search Committee from above                                        Susan Gudgeon: Member Congregational Health Committee
Dave Adeney: Fall Festival Co-Chair                                 *Beverly Horton: Search Committee
Monica Bennett: OWL Chair                                           Lee Inkster: Worship Cluster rep, Management Committee
Rev. Ed Brock: Staff Team Leader                                    Margaret McFadyen: Social Justice Co-Chair
Michele Corbeil: Member, Nominating                                 Gail Rappolt: Volunteer Recruitment Pilot Program
Lesley Cordero: Fellowship Cluster rep, Management Com-             Sue Stewart-Greene: Property Chair
  mittee                                                            Tim Versteeg: Board Vice-Chair, Management Chair
Bob Ellison: Sacred Spaces Cluster rep, Management Com-             Anne Wilson, Nancy McMartin: Adult Religious Education
  mittee                                                              Co-chairs
Mary Fleming, Bruce McPherson: Members of Finance                   _____________CHC Chair
  Committee                                                         _____________Stewards

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Page 6                                                                                    The Hamilton Unitarian June 2009

    CSC               Church
                      Committee                          June
June 7th and 14th Speaker:                                                                          Services
Rev. Edward Brock
                 Rev. Brock, our Consulting Minister, is                    Submission deadline
                 an ordained Unitarian Universalist minis-
                 ter who received his Master's of Divinity
                                                                       for Summer Services extended
                 from Vanderbilt University and his Doc-         Your Church Services Committee has extended the deadline to
                 tor of Ministry from Wisdom University          receive summer service submissions. We will now accept pro-
                 of Oakland, California. During his over         posals for summer services until Friday, June 5, 2009. Please
                 twenty years of experience as a parish          contact your Co-Chairs Lyla Miklos and Ed Canning if you
minister he has held a wide range of roles in denomina-          would like to submit a service proposal form for review.
tional, interfaith, and community organizations. Rev.            Downloadable Service Proposal forms in Microsoft Word for-
Brock and his wife Alphise have been married for 35              mat can be found online at http://www.firstunitarian
years and are the parents of two daughters.            

   Property & Grounds                              Attention all Battlestar Galactica fans!

 Are you interested in:
 - working with others who want to
 ensure our spiritual home is inviting
 and attractive?
 - increasing our awareness of the
 many artists in our midst?                    Are you a fan of Ronald D. Moore and        Lyla Miklos is leading a service at
 - discussing colours, upgrades, incor-        David Eick’s brilliant re-imagining of      Hamilton First on Sunday, August 30,
 porating art into our sacred spaces.          the 1970’s cult sci-fi television show      2009 entitled Battlestar Galactica’s
 Please contact Sue Stewart-Greene             Battlestar Galactica, which first           Big Question: Is Humanity Worth                          launched in 2003 and ended its award        Saving? If you would like to be a part
                                               winning and critically-acclaimed run        of this worship service please contact
 – Sue Stewart-Greene
                                               with a mind-blowing series finale in        Lyla at by
 Chair, Property Committee                     March of this year?                         Friday, June 12.

  Improve your ability to speak out
                        A neighbouring institution is offering members of          I cannot exaggerate how much I’ve gained in 18
                        this congregation a great adult education opportu-      months in terms of my comfort and ability to
                        nity. The Hamilton Spectator Toastmasters Club          speak out when I feel I need to. Plus it’s fun.
                        is inviting members of nearby businesses and area          Meetings are Thursdays 12:30–1:30 p.m. There
                        churches to join its weekly activities.                 is a $20 fee to join and $40 per half year. Both
                           If you are interested in improving your speaking     amounts are low because The Spectator provides
                        skills—or in overcoming stage fright that’s hold-       meeting space free. Visitors are welcome at the
    An adult            ing you back from being all you can be—Toast-           meetings. Call me at 905 526-2461 to learn more.
                        masters provides a proven way of achieving those
   education            goals, through weekly meetings in which people          –Bill Johnston, for the Adult Religious Education
  opportunity:          have a variety of speaking roles.                       Committee

                                    Our website: Check it out!
The Hamilton Unitarian June 2009                                                                                          Page 7

                                          Report on the Canadian Unitarian Council
                                  Annual Conference and Meeting in Thunder Bay, May 15–18

                                                      Answering the Call
This year there were five people at the     suring that they would take the need for      moves us to a renewal of the spirit and
CUC ACM and conference from Hamil-          an implementation plan seriously. In          an opening to the forces which uphold
ton First: Elyssa Canning (Youth),          fact they asked that members of Hamil-        and create life. One particularly inter-
Glynnis Bateman (staff with Junior          ton`s Social Justice Committee consider       esting session was given by Rev Phillip
Youth), Linda Thomson, (Associate           becoming involved in the implementa-          Hewitt called Principles or Persons.
Executive Director and Director Canada      tion of the revised document.                 Using a historical perspective in both
East), and Janet Hillen and Gail Rappolt                                                  Europe and North America he noted
                                              The National Identity Task Force was
(delegates). Although we took our ban-                                                    that almost all religions (and political
                                            the other main policy issue at the meet-
ner, Elyssa and my flight was cancelled                                                   and philosophical movements) are
                                            ing and several sessions addressed
so unfortunately we did not get there in                                                  founded on persons and in North Amer-
                                            “what we stand for as UUs”. This is not
time for the opening ceremony. This                                                       ica (less so in Europe) our faith is based
                                            about a specific Canadian perspective,
year was a small conference in compari-                                                   solely on principles. He noted much to
                                            but rather about how we, as a larger
son to the last few (180 adults, 60                                                       my surprise that our current principles
                                            faith or movement, commit ourselves to
youth, 12 Junior Youth, and a very few                                                    are only about 40 years old.
                                            things like environmental policy
children). It was extremely well organ-     change, anti-oppression of all kinds, and       The empty bowls dinner was followed
ized and the program was excellent.         working for a more peaceful society.          by contra dancing—it was great fun.
Next year it is in Victoria (you might      This task force continues to focus on         The Worship Service Sunday
want to think about that), and in To-       mission and vision for the CUC, just as       (Answering the Call) was conducted by
ronto in 2011 to celebrate 50 years of      we are currently doing that for our own       Rev. Julie Stoneberg (who spoke at our
the CUC.                                    congregation.                                 church this winter). It was a beautiful
   At CUC ACMs the Youth Conference                                                       service that included music, sacred
is totally separate. By all accounts it                                                   dance, and a listening stick for each of
                                            Our own Linda Thomson was recog-              us to help us listen for and answer the
was very successful and the report from        nized with a standing ovation
the Youth member of the CUC Board                                                         call. The awards dinner was lovely and
was a reminder of just capable our                                                        the Knight Award (awarded most years
young UUs are!                                 Needless to say the other key piece of     to someone who has contributed to the
                                            business at the ACM was finances. The         work of the CUC in an outstanding
  The keynote address was done by           CUC endowments lost 17% (net) as              way) was presented to Art Brewer. Art
Rev. Chris Buice, the minister of Knox-     compared to 35% on the TSX. CUC is            will be speaking at our church on Gay
ville Unitarian Church. His address,        in the process of changing its budgeting      Pride Sunday. Art has been the driving
following upon the tragic shooting in       process and determining a formula for         force behind CUC’s Welcoming Con-
their church during the children`s play     drawing down on its non-restricted            gregation Program for many years.
last July, was a touching and thought       finds. There were good ideas to bring
provoking reminder about where we                                                           And finally, to all those who contrib-
                                            back to our congregation. The new ex-         uted to Hamilton’s empty bowl. Our
need to put our energy when tragedy         ecutive director Jennifer Dixon was in-
and evil strike. He spoke of the compas-                                                  congregation raised $556.00 for Empty
                                            troduced. Please read about her at http://    Bowls—our best ever, thank you—and
sion and bravery that members of the Our own
congregation displayed, and how coun-                                                     between those contributions and the
                                            Linda Thomson was recognized with a           Sunday church collection the total
selling and forgiveness rather than anger   standing ovation for her outstanding
and vengeance were creating healing                                                       raised for USC Canada and Beendiggen,
                                            work (calm, grounded leadership) as           a Thunder Bay Native Women`s shelter
and helping the congregation move for-      acting Executive Director during this
ward.                                                                                     was over $8000—pretty amazing when
                                            very complicated year (both staff-wise        you consider there were only 180 peo-
  Since Janet and I were delegates and      and financially).                             ple present.
were asked to take an amendment to the        The Confluence Lecture was given by
Revised Environmental Policy, Janet                                                          As always the conference was restora-
                                            Rev. Stephen Hepperson of Vancouver.          tive, interesting, and provided lots of
did so and although the actual amend-       He challenged us to rethink our first
ment was ruled out of order since it was                                                  ideas for our congregation. Janet and I
                                            source and consider how we might at-          will be forwarding those to the appro-
beyond the scope of the motion, both        tend to it more closely; direct experi-
the Chair of the Board and the Lead on                                                    priate groups over the next few weeks.
                                            ence of that transcending mystery and
the Environmental Task Force spoke to       wonder, affirmed in all cultures, which       – Gail Rappolt
Janet afterwards, thanking her and en-
                                   Our website: Check it out!
Page 8                                                                                       The Hamilton Unitarian June 2009

Preventing homelessness, one emergency loan at a time
                                               denly there was only one income                through it, has granted another 994
                                               earner, and he had to take time off work       loans worth $819,000.
                                               for hospital visits and to look after the
                                                                                                 A women expecting her second child
                                               boys. They were granted a HELP loan
                                                                                              was left by her husband, could not af-
                                               to prevent eviction until sick benefits
                                                                                              ford her rent and then had to take early
                                                                                              maternity leave for health reasons. She
                                                 HELP grew out of a series of public          was granted a HELP loan to cover a
                                               discussions on homelessness that this          deposit for last month’s rent to allow
                                               church put on in early 1999. It was one        her to get more affordable accommoda-
A 40 year old recovering addict came to
                                               of our first activities after moving to        tion.
the Housing Emergency Loan Program
                                               this building the previous November.
after being clean for a year. She needed                                                         Who is eligible for HELP loans? Peo-
                                               The biggest gap identified in services
a second bedroom to accommodate her                                                           ple who live in Hamilton, have income
                                               for the homeless was emergency help to
two-year-old son who was being re-                                                            below the poverty line, intend to stay in
                                               prevent evictions.
integrated with her by the Children’s                                                         the unit for at least a year, can afford the
                                                 A working group from the church,
Aid Society. She was also forced to                                                           rent but have a temporary financial cri-
                                               plus social and legal aid agencies, the
move from her apartment because of a                                                          sis and can afford the monthly loan pay-
                                               Housing Help Centre and other groups
bedbug infestation and safety concerns                                                        ments.
                                               was formed to create what became
resulting from neglected repairs. She                                                           With the current recession, demand
                                               HELP. Our board agreed to have the
had no one else to turn to for help. She                                                      for loans is definitely growing.
                                               congregation sponsor HELP and se-
received $1,100 to cover first and last                                                         A 40-year-old woman born in Paki-
                                               cured a $10,000 loan from the Unitarian
months rent on a new apartment. She                                                           stan lived in Denmark as Danish citi-
                                               Universalist Association to start the
repaid her loan in full.                                                                      zen. Her family married her to a Paki-
                                               loan fund. In December 1999, the first
Ten years ago, this church played a key        loans were granted.                            stani cousin who violently abused her
role in creating a new organization to                                                        and kidnapped their four children. Not
meet the needs of people like this             HELP grew out of a series of public            safe in Denmark, she fled to Canada in
mother. The Housing Emergency Loan             discussions on homelessness that               March 2004. She paid a lawyer, who
Program (HELP) was created to prevent           this church put on in early 1999              turned out to be incompetent and cor-
homelessness by providing interest-free                                                       rupt, to apply for refugee status. Living
emergency loans to help low-income                                                            on Ontario Works, she paid as much of
tenants stay in their current apartments         HELP became an independent agency            her rent as she could manage. She was
or improve their situation by moving to        working out of the Housing Help Centre         granted a loan of $1,184.50 to cover
more affordable housing.                       on Napier Street in 2002. Twice it has         rent arrears, which she totally repaid.
  “The loans issued by HELP not only           had to stop making loans because of              Every dollar donated to HELP goes
benefit the individuals and families who       lack of money, underlining the need for
                                                                                              into its loan fund.
receive the loans, but they also reduce        continuing donations.
                                                                                                At the church’s annual picnic, June
the financial burden of homelessness in          But it did survive and in its first dec-
                                                                                              28th, the collection will go to HELP,
the Hamilton community,” including             ade, HELP has issued more than 1,300
                                                                                              providing an opportunity for congre-
the cost of shelters, health care, child       loans totalling $650,000 from its loan
                                                                                              gants to support this vital program.
welfare and other services to help indi-       fund. More than 20 per cent of the               Cheques can be made out to Housing
viduals when they become homeless,             money lent—it was more than 30 per             Emergency Loan Program and deliv-
says Nancy Cassels, who has been co-           cent before this difficult year—was re-        ered to me before, after or at the picnic.
chair of the HELP steering committee           paid, a high total for people living in
                                                                                              You will receive a tax receipt if your
since 2002.                                    poverty. Since 2005, HELP has also             address is included.
                                               administered loans under the Ontario
  A dual-income couple with two teen-                                                         —Bill Johnston for the Social Justice
                                               Provincial Rent Bank program, with
age boys always managed to pay their                                                          Committee
                                               similar goals but different criteria, and
bills until the wife needed surgery. Sud-

                                                                  Join the discussion on poverty
    NO EXCUSE                               The Hamilton Spectator has an online
                                            forum for discussing poverty issues that
                                                                                            cussion by posting comments. It’s found
                                                                                            at and is

                                            members of the church might find inter-         moderated by Bill Johnston, chair of our
                                            esting to read or even to join in the dis-      social justice committee.
                                    Our website: Check it out!
The Hamilton Unitarian June 2009                                                                                          Page 9

                                                             Indifference to what?
                                                             A tree, for one thing, shows the greatest feeling for the wind,
                                                             and is moved by breezes too slight to be felt on the skin.
                                                             It could not be indifferent to the earth immediately at its feet
                                                             or there would be no growth.
                                                             It is not indifferent to the sun,
                                                             which is filtered to the purest form of shade.
                                                             And if it made light of the squirrels
                                                             they would no longer travel its branches or inhabit its hollows.
                                                             If a tree never minded the limbs severed from its body,
                                                             their loss would not stand out so.
                                                             And if it were inattentive to this urban environment
                                                             its darkness over against the darkest blue of the sky tonight
                                                             would not be so reassuring,
                                                             nor the need for reassurance so strongly felt.

                                                             For a tree is the go-between,
           Trees, Sheelah Dunn Dooley                        the arbiter,
 John Terpstra has published seven books of po-              providing a continuity from heaven to earth
etry, including the CG-nominated Disarmament                 to the waters under the earth.
(2003) and the Bressani Award-winning Forty Days             It is sensitive to any changes in relation, however small:
& Forty Nights (1987). Most recently he published            nothing passes by but is noted, dwelt upon.
The Boys, Or, Waiting For the Electrician's Daughter
(2005), honouring the lives of his wife’s three broth-       Perhaps unhappily,
ers, each of whom lived with muscular dystrophy              a visible impartiality toward everyday events
until their early twenties. The Book was shortlisted         is the price exacted for this,
for the Charles Taylor Prize and the BC Award for
                                                             for taking the intercessory role,
Canadian Non-Fiction.
 John lives in Hamilton, where he works as a writer
                                                             for being attent to all, equally,
and cabinetmaker.                                            and giving voice to all this swaying history.

                                                             For keeping time.
Poem reprinted, with the permission of the poet, from
     Naked Trees, Netherlandic Press, 1990,                  – John Terpstra
            Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

 First Unitarian artists and poets are invited to share your works on paper with the congregation. If your artwork can be
               turned into a scanned image, please consider submitting it to be published in the Newsletter.

  Art In The Foyer
                                                             works by   Gordon Askwith, Robert Creighton,
  Image Meets Spirit                                                    Betty Halliwell, Rene Morris
  “Painting with intense or vivid colour can be a spiri-           these images we encourage you to reflect on the
  tual and emotional experience,” according to                     interface between image and spirituality, as well
  Gordon Askwith, whose estate supplied some of                    as enjoy some fine works of art.
  these pieces.
    Visual art is inherently ambiguous and lends                   Join us for conversation and light refreshments
  itself to various interpretive possibilities. With               Saturday, June 20 th , 3:00 – 5:00

                                   Our website: Check it out!
Page 10                                                                                  The Hamilton Unitarian June 2009

                                            CUUL School: Is it for you?
                                            The Nuts and Bolts:                            tion,
                                            • Congregations are permitted to send          • The ways in which our congregation
                                            up to five congregants.                        will benefit from your participation.
                                            • Registration costs are $499 for the
                                                                                           Following CUUL School:
                                            first registrant, and $549 for each addi-
                                                                                           Participants are asked to provide the
                                            tional person.
                                                                                           Nominating Committee with the high-
                                            • Registration costs are shared by the
                                                                                           lights and insights gained from the ex-
The Nominating Committee encourages         congregation and congregant - each
                                                                                           perience within a month of attending (in
leaders and potential leaders to consider   contributing 50% of the fee.
                                                                                           any form that is appropriate—a letter, a
CUUL School—Canadian Unitarian              (Congregants will contribute $250.)
                                                                                           summary, a song, a poem, whatever is
Universalist Leadership School—this         • Participants write a cheque to First
                                                                                           most meaningful to you). The Nominat-
summer. CUUL School is a ‘cool’ way         Unitarian Church of Hamilton, and re-
                                                                                           ing Committee may choose to share this
to develop leadership skills in a Unitar-   ceive a tax donation receipt.
                                                                                           information with appropriate commit-
ian Universalist context. CUUL School       • CUUL School is July 16–19, inclusive
                                                                                           tees/areas in the church and/or choose
is a capacity building experience, in       and participants are expected to partici-
                                                                                           to submit some of this information to
which you can learn more about who          pate in the full residential experience.
                                                                                           the newsletter
you are in a UU community of similarly      • CUUL School is at Queen’s Univer-
focused people from other fellowships,      sity, in beautiful Kingston. Carpooling        For additional information on CUUL
congregations and churches.                 is encouraged.                                 school, check out the website and/or
   The CUUL school experience will                                                         speak to congregants who have partici-
                                               The Nominating Committee has been           pated: Cindy Carey, Michele Corbeil,
bring clarification and growth and a
                                            designated by the Board as the commit-         Pat Dickinson, Lee Inkster, Bill Johns-
broader understanding of the gifts you
                                            tee that decides who participates this         ton, Jennifer Kaye, Leslie Kaye, Doreen
have to offer the world and your con-
                                            year.                                          Knol, Sandy Lubert, Don McFadyen,
gregation. CUUL school will appeal to
                                               Members who are interested in at-
those wishing to be challenged, to                                                         Stephanie Ounpuu, Daphne Payne, Beryl
                                            tending are encouraged to submit an            Pegg, Karen Trollope-Kumar and Tim
grow, to meet new people, to work in
                                            expression of interest (by email or in a       Versteeg. We have a wealth of commit-
groups while honing your skills. We
                                            letter), describing your involvement in        ted Unitarian Universalists in our con-
expect you will return feeling enriched
                                            the church and what you are hoping to          gregation, with a wide range of skills,
and excited about sharing your insights
                                            learn/experience from CUUL school.             abilities, interests and talents. If you
and new skills with our congregation.
                                            CUUL school participants commit to             have ever wondered “am I church
   As we continue to move through this
                                            sharing their insights, learnings and          leader?” think again and consider your-
time of transition, we are particularly
                                            experiences with the congregation, and-
interested in developing the leadership                                                    self for this wonderful opportunity. This
                                            creativity is encouraged (e.g., previous       may be the year you decide to reach
capacity in everyone who wishes to
                                            CUUL school participants have offered          higher and farther.
engage in this intensive, challenging
                                            a Sunday Service to the congregation).
and fun 31/2 days. This year, in particu-                                                  Nominating Committee: Ginny Megin
lar, is important for our congregation         The Nominating Committee will               (chair), Joan Foster, Michele Corbeil
during this transition and development      review submissions and make decisions          questions:
as we work with a part-time consulting      based on the following;                        poster:
minister and move towards calling a         • First come, first served (we have had        CuulPoster09.pdf
settled minister next year. A strong con-   two expressions of interest at the time        registration:
gregation is comprised of strong,           of newsletter submissions),                    programs/mailings/May09/
skilled, passionate and inspired leaders    • Involvement in the church,                   CUULRegistrationEast09.pdf
and CUUL school can help to build           • Thoughts on what you are hoping to
strong and skilled individuals and con-     learn and bring back to the congrega-          – Ginny Megin
gregations.                                                                                Nominating Committee

                                            The gardens need help from a cadre of         and keep the grounds beautiful and
                                            volunteers who can commit to maintain-        worth showing off. Supervision is avail-
             Calling all                    ing a patch of the perennial beds             able for those who don’t know a rose
                                            throughout the growing season.                from a weed.
             gardeners!                       With about 16 people, perhaps work-           Contact Leslie Kaye or Bill Johnston
                                            ing in pairs, we can hold back the inva-         905 523 7128
                                                                                          at 905 523-7128
                                            sive weeds that surround our property

                                   Our website: Check it out!
The Hamilton Unitarian June 2009                                                                                            Page 11

                  The ministerial Search Committee: first report
                                              Horton, Jennifer Kaye, Barb Wallace,              candidates carefully, generously, and
                                              Joanne Waters, and Mark Zenchuk. We               with an eye to the congregation.
                                              have all taken on specific roles to facili-       5. Presenting the congregation with a
                                              tate the work of the Committee, and are           proposed candidate who, in our esti-
                                              especially grateful to Barb for taking on         mation, is best able to enter into suc-
                                              the role of Chair. As Chair, Barb is re-          cessful ministry with us. We will not
                                              sponsible for keeping the Committee on            put forward a candidate whose abil-
                                              track and moving forward. She is also             ity to do so seems uncertain.
                                              the lead for our contacts with the Cana-
                                              dian Unitarian Council, the Unitarian            We have already started work on the
                                              Universalist Association, and our own         first point, having attended a full-day
                                              Board.                                        retreat at which we learned more about
                                                                                            ourselves, each other, and the work
                                                 We have been charged by the congre-        ahead of us. We are starting to work on
                                              gation to call a settled minister to join     the second point, and this is where you
                                              our church in the fall of 2010. Of            come in. Over the next few months, we
                                              course, we’re not looking for just any        will be asking congregants to complete
This is our first opportunity to formally     settled minister, but for a person whose
communicate with the members, adher-                                                        surveys, attend circle meetings, and
                                              skills and experience provide a good fit      participate in other events that are in-
ents, and friends of the First Unitarian      with our church and congregants. We
Church of Hamilton, but it certainly                                                        tended to help us to better understand
                                              will do our best to find the right person     the hopes and needs of the congregation
won’t be our last. We are committed to        for the job by:
operating in an open and transparent                                                        for settled ministry. We know it’s sum-
manner about our work and the process             1. Learning more about ourselves as       mertime, and that for many people,
we are following to call a settled minis-         Committee members and making a            summer is a time to be less connected to
ter for our church. We won’t be able to           commitment to work and grow to-           the church. But we ask that you keep
share details about the individuals that          gether for the good of the church.        connected this summer to the work of
we deal with—we have a responsibility             2. Learning more about the needs          the Search Committee, so that we can
to respect their right to confidentiality.        and hopes of our church and congre-       be ready to send out our information
But we will happily tell you all about            gants.                                    packet for prospective candidates in
what we are doing and how we are do-                                                        October.
                                                  3. Putting together an information
ing it. In fact, we are hosting a circle          packet about our church and commu-           In the meantime, if you have any
meeting right after church on Sun-                nity for prospective candidates that      questions about the Search Committee
day, June 7 to do just that, and to start         explains why this is a rewarding op-      or the search process, don’t hesitate to
finding out more from the congregation            portunity for someone who has the         ask any of us. We’d be happy to speak
about the priorities that need to guide           ability to celebrate our successes        with you individually, or at our first
our work.                                         with us and nurture us through our        circle meeting on June 7.
  The members of the Search Commit-               challenges.                               – Jennifer Kaye
tee are: Ed Canning, Roy Dahl, Beverly            4. Selecting and assessing potential      Secretary, Search Committee

 Lifespan Learning Religious Exploration Task Force
                                                    Interviews with 13 standing                recommendations to the Board.
                                                    committees and pot-luck groups               If you still want to contribute
                                                    as well as hosting a Village Pot           (refer to the March 2009 News-
                                                    -luck, a few individual re-                letter for details), please contact
                                                    sponses, and a session with our            one of the task force members
                                                    Consulting Minister Rev. Ed                for a questionnaire: Julie Berg-
                                                    Brock complete the first phase             shoeff, Susan Davis, Nancy Gay-
                                                    of our mandate. We now move                lor, Marilyn Hunt, Bill Johnston,
                                                    to analyse the input and make our          Pat Webber or Anne Wilson.

                                     Our website: Check it out!
Page 12                                                                                     The Hamilton Unitarian June 2009

A transportation alternative: Hamilton CarShare
Hamilton CarShare is up and set to run.        some 230 members.                                   Members pay a $400 deposit (for the
      Since a public meeting at our church          In March, a group of Hamilton resi-      first driver in a family, $100 for a second)
back on March 11 that introduced the idea      dents came together at a meeting on car       and a $10 key deposit. Both are refund-
of car sharing, momentum is building.          sharing led by Green Venture and cospon-      able when and if you leave the coop.
There is now a committed core group in         sored by Clean Air Hamilton and this          There’s a $25 application fee and $14 a
the city, a relationship established with an   church’s social justice committee.            month for insurance. Hourly rates (gas
existing car sharing group (Grand River        They’ve been meeting weekly since and         and maintenance included) are $3.70
CarShare), a promotional campaign and a                                                      weekdays and $4.20 weekends, with dis-
plan to have a vehicle on the streets of                                                     counts for longer rentals. There’s also a
Hamilton by about August.                                                                    variable distance rate of 17 to 27 cents a
      Car sharing is, as the Hamilton Car-                                                   kilometre.
Share brochure says, a way to have                                                                 In contrast, it is estimated it costs
“access to vehicles without the cost and                                                     about $8,000 to $9,000 a year to own and
hassle of owning your own.” The aim is to                                                    operate a car, depending on the age, fi-
reduce non-essential use of cars. Through                                                    nancing, insurance costs and use of your
a coop, a fleet of vehicles is collectively                                                  vehicle.
owned and available for use when needed                                                            Your social justice committee is de-
for as little as a half hour to as much as     in April, chose to become members of          lighted with the speed with which this
several days.                                  Grand River CarShare which will expand        transportation alternative has come to-
      Grand River CarShare became the          to include Hamilton as a new service area,    gether. For more information, call Hamil-
first legally incorporated car-sharing co-     operating as Hamilton CarShare. The lo-       ton CarShare at 905 543-4411 or go
operative in Ontario in April 1999 in          cal group is working to have 50 members       online to
Kitchener-Waterloo. By 2007, it expanded       by August, which will provide enough          – Bill Johnston for the Social Justice
into Cambridge and now has 11 cars and         money to buy the first car for Hamilton.      Committee

 Saturday, July 18 and Sunday, July 19
                                                                                                      Sew What?
                                                                                                      Do you like to sew?
                                    Be sure to put the                                                Can you cut fabric?
                                    Blooms for Africa                                                 Do you have fabric
                                                                                                      lying around?
                                    Garden Tour
                                    in your calendars!

 The tour is going to be in Waterdown           ing Room, Dundas.                                                       s
 and West Flamborough and it promises                                                                           f or
                                                  Blooms for Africa is also holding a                         Afric
 to be our ‘best yet’ with 12 gardens alto-     special GALA event on Sept 19th.                                    a
 gether—some really spectacular country         More information to come!
 gardens and some equally impressive
                                                  For more information, or to volunteer
 gardens in the village. A new feature this                                                     If so, Blooms For Africa needs you.
                                                to help with:
 year will be the discounts on eating                                                              Help us make aprons to sell on
 places in Waterdown and West Flambor-          The Garden Tour, contact Ann Craig
                                                                                                our fundraising Garden Tour in
 ough, as well as from several nurseries        Howarth, 905-637-1850
                                                                                                July. All proceeds go to the Stephen
 in the area.                                   The Gala, contact Sammara Wallace,              Lewis Foundation to help those
 Passports will be ready to be sold after       905-628-5888                                    with HIV and AIDS in Africa. If
 church during the month of June and              All proceeds of the Garden Tour will          you can help with our apron-
 early July. They will also be available        go to the Stephen Lewis Foundation              making activity in any way, please
 from A Different Drummer, Burlington;          Grandmothers to Grandmothers Cam-               contact Mary Eve.
 Jitterbug Java Cafe, Waterdown; Bryan          paign, helping African grandmothers                Sewing experience is appreciated,
 Prince Bookseller, Westdale; The Keep-         raise their AIDS-orphaned grandchildren.        but not necessary.

                                      Our website: Check it out!
The Hamilton Unitarian June 2009                                                                                              Page 13

                            Music Notes                     

    I search for inspiration in every book   those days when I didn’t feel that…            music within this community. Whether
I read, every song I listen to, every new    failures felt temporary instead of like an     it’s being at choir, with my second fam-
person I meet, every walk I take…in          anchor.                                        ily, practicing a duet or struggling
every moment I’m anticipating inspira-           But, with all of that lurking inside,      through our hymn of the month with
tion, no, craving inspiration. Paradoxi-     music is my one constant inspiration.          everyone, I see people committed and
cally, I find it hard to be inspired.        I’ve ignored it at times but it is not         caring for each other through song.
    Maybe it’s age, experience, daily        something easily suppressed for long.          From those songs, I see the work that
chores, or the practicalities of being an    Sometimes it’s a song idea that swells         transforms the world. I see the stuff life
adult that prevent me from really grasp-     up inside and can’t be ignored. Some-          is made of. I see the inspiration. Thank
ing all those moments that hold that         times it’s seeing the Playing for Change       you.
inspiration. I suspect that my disap-        video (you must check this out if you              So, keep singing and enjoy the music
pointment in myself, the lack of             can, and             of the world through the summer
achievement of all my dreams play a          I see the amazing work being done us-          months.
large part in my missing both subtle and     ing music as a catalyst.                       – Rachel
not-so-subtle every day miracles. I miss         A lot of the time, however, it’s the       Music Director

                                                       Hymn of the Month, #1004, Busca El Amor
        June 26, 7 p.m.
 Please come to our final official mu-       Salvador Cardenal Barquero, who wrote          of St. Francis of Assisi, Rabindranath
 sic night before summer!                    this piece, is a fifth generation Nicara-      Tagore, and the Sanscrit Vedas (Srimad
 All ages are welcome! Note that             guan. He studied to be a Catholic priest       Bhaghavatam). His plaintive song
 there is no childcare provided but          as a teenager. He, as many of his gen-         Cualquier Hombre (Anyone) has poor
 children singing or playing is always       eration, answered the call for regime          people calling to God in all different
 great.                                      change by forming Duo Guardabarranco           names and “not asking for leftovers.”
 If you want people to sing along,           with his sister Katia.
                                                                                            This is a lovely hymn to send us into the
 bring lyrics or even dust off your          His original songs explore the need for        summer, remembering the love that
 song books and bring them in!               love. He is a devotee of evolving spiri-       binds us as people and as a community.
 Don’t forget to bring some snacks for       tual thought. He has set music to words        We will be singing the English words.
 us to share at the end of the evening!

   Music washes away from the                   If you would like to listen to this hymn of the month, or any that we sing, you may
   soul the dust of everyday life.                 find it helpful to go to this website and listen to the midi recording (no lyrics):
          ~Red Auerbach~                            

  Speakeasy Salon                                     Don’t whisper in the corner
                                                                       —speak right out!
  Whispering in the Corner?
  Whether it’s about the topic of that day’s    The Speakeasy Salon will be meeting in the
  sermon, or something you read in the Spec- Sanctuary.
  tator and just have to get off your chest, or   For further information, please contact
  anything else, we’ll be there right after the John Stevenson or Mary Eve.
  service, ready to listen and discuss.           Everyone is welcome.

                                     Our website: Check it out!
Page                                           June Church Events                               The Hamilton Unitarian 2009

           Mon. 1 Shared Ministry Gr. 7–9:00, Library                                Big Team meeting
                                                                             Mon. 15 Reverend Brock will meet with all church
          Tues. 2 Social Justice 7:30 Room 7                                         leaders, 7:00, RE Area

           Wed. 3 Writers’ Circle* 9:30–11:30 a.m., Library                  Mon. 15 Shared Ministry Group, 7–9:00, Library

           Wed. 3 Youth group, 7:00, Loft                                    Tues 16 Board Meeting 7:00, Room 9

         Thurs. 4 Property committee, 6:00, Room 9                           Tues 16 CRE Committee, 7:00, Room 7

         Thurs. 4 Choir, 7:30, sanctuary
                                                                             Wed. 17 Youth group, 7:00, Loft

             Fri. 5 OWL (RE Area & kitchen)
                                                                            Thurs. 18 Choir, 7:30, sanctuary

                    Circle meeting Search Com. 11:30 (Sanc.)
           Sun. 7                                                                     Fair Trade Sunday
                    See page 11.
                                                                              Sun. 21 After church, Foyer
                                                                                      Caeran enviro-products available
                    Ice Cream Social Noon (Garden)
           Sun. 7
                    See page 16.
                                                                              Sun. 21 Speakeasy Salon 11:30–12:30, Sanct.

           Mon. 8 Shared Ministry Gr. 1:15–3:15, Library                     Mon. 22 Shared Ministry Gr. 1:15–3:15, Library

           Mon. 8 Blooms for Africa, 7:00                                                   Food for Thought Book Club*
                                                                                            Potluck - The group will meet to
          Tues. 9 Membership 5–6:30, Room 7                                                 choose the books for the next session.
                                                                            Monday 22       Please call Dawn Ludbrook for de-
                                                                                 6:30       tails: 905 627-4896
          Tues. 9 Board Meeting 7:00, Room 9

         Wed. 10 Management, 7:00, Room 9                                    Tues. 23 Symbology*, 1:30–3:30 p.m. Room 9

         Wed. 10 Youth group, 7:00, Loft                                     Wed. 24 Mindfulness follow-up, 7–9:00, RE Area

                                                                             Wed. 24 Youth group, 7:00, Loft
        Thurs. 11 Spiritual Practices* 10:30–12:30, RE

                    Threshold Choir 6–7:00                                  Thurs. 25 Spiritual Practices* 10:30–12:30, RE
        Thurs. 11
                    Choir, 7:00, sanctuary
                                                                                        Threshold Choir 6–7:00
                                                                            Thurs. 25
                   Caring Community committee, Rooms 7                                  Choir, 7:00, sanctuary
           Sat. 13
                   & 9, RE Area, 10–noon
                                                                                              Music Night 7:00 p.m., Sanctuary
                                                                                           If you want to perform you can sing
          Sun. 14 Speakeasy Salon 11:30–12:30, Sanct.
                                                                                           solo, or with others, play an instru-
                                                                                 Friday 26
                                                                                           ment ... See page 13.
                 Young Adult Social and Spiritual Circle
                 If you are a member, adherent or friend of the
                 First Unitarian Church of Hamilton and are in                Sun. 28 Church Picnic see page 1
                 your 20s or 30s please join on us on the sec-
                 ond Sunday of each month at the church from
                                                                                      No Adult Potluck
                 5–8 p.m. for a potluck social followed by a
                                                                                      Please note that there is no adult pot luck
  Sunday 14      spiritual discussion group.
                                                                                      dinner on the last Sunday of June.
    5–8 p.m.        Childcare will be provided. To find out
                                                                                      The next dinner is September 27th.
                 more contact Kate Hicks at 905-334-2381, e-
                                                                                      The Adult Potluck contact is Sheila Brock-
                 mail , or join our           Sunday 28      est, 905-544-2742
                 Facebook Group.

* For more details, see the Winter/Spring Adult Education brochure at the Greeters’ Desk or the January 2009 Newsletter, page 1 0.
         Sunday                        Monday                    Tuesday                  Wednesday                   Thursday                 Friday        Saturday
                                 June 1                 2                          3                             4                        5                  6
                                                        7:30–9:30 Social Justice   9:30–11.30 Writers’ Circle    6:00 Property commit-    5–6:30 p.m.
                                 7–9:00 Shared Ministry
                                                        (Rm. 7)                    (Library)                     tee (Room 9)             United Nations
                                 Group (Library)
                                                                                                                 7:30 Choir               (room 7)
                                                                                   7:00 Youth Group (Loft)
                                                                                                                                          5–9:00 OWL (RE
                                                                                                                                          Area & kitchen)
                                                                                                                                          6–9:00 June

7                                8                        9                          10                          11                       12                 13
11:30 Circle meeting Search      1:15 – 3:15 Shared       5–6:30 Membership (Rm. 7) 7:00 Management (Rm. 9)      10:30–12:30 Spiritual    6:30–9 June        10–noon Car-
Comm.                            Ministry Group (Library)                                                        Practices                Caskey             ing Commu-
Noon Ice cream social                                     7:00 Board meeting (Rm. 9) 7:00 Youth Group (Loft)                              (sanctuary)        nity commit-
                                 7–9:00 Blooms for Af-
(garden, kitchen)                                                                                                6–7:00 Threshold choir                      tee (Rooms 7
                                 rica Rm. 9
                                                                                                                 7:30 Choir                                  & 9, RE
1–4:00 Rental (foyer)
6:30–9 Courage to change

14                               15                     16                         17                            18                       19                 20
11:30–12:30 Speakeasy Sa-        7:00 Big Team Meeting                             6–9:00 June Caskey (sanct.)                            6:30–9 June
lon (sanctuary)                  (RE Area)              7:00 Board meeting (Rm. 9)                                                        Caskey
                                                                                                                 7:30 Choir
1–5:30 Rental (kitchen, foyer,                                                     7–9:00 rental (Rm 9)                                   (sanctuary)
                                 7–9:00 Shared Ministry 7:00 CRE Comm. (Rm.7)
                                 Group (Library)
5–8:00 Young Adult Social                                                          7:00 Youth Group (Loft)
and Spiritual Circle (RE Area)
6:30–9 Courage to change                                                           Newsletter deadline

21 Father’s Day, Solstice 22                       23                              24                           25                        26                 27
11:30–12:30 Speakeasy Sa- 1:15 – 3:15 Shared       1:30–3:30 Symbology Dis-        7–9:00 Mindfulness follow-up 10:30–12:30 Spiritual
lon (sanctuary)           Ministry Group (Library) cussion Group (Rm. 9)           (RE Area)                    Practices                 7:00 Music Night
1–5:30 Rental (kitchen, foyer, 6:30 Food for Thought                                                                                      (Sanctuary)
                                                                                   7:00 Youth Group (Loft)       6–7:00 Threshold choir
sanc.)                         Book Club Potluck                                                                 7:30 Choir
6:30–9 Courage to change
(Sanctuary)                                                                                                      Newsletter Assembly
28                               29                     30
Church Picnic (garden,
5:30 No Adult Potluck until
6:30–9 Courage to change
                                     June Chalice Families—
                                    News from the            Children’s Religious Exploration Program
                                           In June, as many as a dozen species may burst their buds on a single day.
                                           No one can heed all of these anniversaries; no one can ignore all of them.
                                                                                                                  ~ Aldo Leopold

1. It takes a village: This year over 50      ing presence for the 3–5 year olds and       teering during the summer please con-
members and friends of the First Unitar-      we are thrilled to have her back next        tact me.
ian Church of Hamilton volunteered            year.
                                                                                           4. Walk-a-thon
with the Children’s Religious Explora-
                                                Great Opportunities: We currently          Rumour has it that we have never had to
tion Program on Sunday mornings.              have two openings for Youth Ambassa-         postpone any of our annual walkathons
Many more members also supported the          dors (16 years and up) to spend time         due to rain and Mother Nature certainly
CRE by supporting the Giving Tree             with younger children on Sunday morn-        didn’t disappoint this year! Our 20th an-
Book Drive, sponsoring children in our        ings. This is an excellent avenue in         nual walkathon took place during an-
Annual Walk-a-thon and supporting             which to deepen your connection to the       other sunny spring day. We had a won-
programming and activities from behind        Unitarian Universalist faith and commu-      derful time on our journey up Dundurn
the scene. Many thanks to those commit-       nity. These positions pay a modest hono-     Street and enjoyed a short service and
tees that we have partnered with this
                                              rarium.                                      fellowship at the Reservoir. Many
year to support the CRE: The Property
                                                Rainbow Room Ambassador: Spend             thanks to Sheila Van Leusden who was
Committee, Social Justice Committee,
                                                time with our babies and toddlers, fa-     instrumental in organizing the walk-
Church Services. OWL Oversight Com-
                                                cilitating music, stories and crafts.      athon and delivered a wonderful service
mittee and the Board of Directors.
                                                                                           for us. Thank-you to all the children that
  To show our gratitude for the many            7th Principle Ambassador: Have fun         collected pledges and took part of the
volunteers who minister to our chil-            hanging out with 10–12 year-olds and       walkathon. Next month we will let you
dren, the CRE Council is happy to be            assisting in delivering multifaceted       know the grand total.
able to host our 2nd annual Ice-Cream           programming. Some activities that the
Social on June 7th after the service.           7P kids enjoy are co-operative games,      5. In June we will continue to explore
Please join us in the Church Garden to          art and computers.                         the 7th Principle: we care for the
enjoy fellowship and delicious ice                                                         Earth, our home we share with all
cream. We are looking forward to seeing       If you are interested in applying for ei-    living things. We will be spending time
you there!                                    ther of these positions please contact me.   outside exploring nature and spend time
                                                                                           with appreciating the other animals that
2. Thank-you to Elyssa Canning who            3. Calling World Travelers and               we share our home with. The June CRE
was our first Rainbow Room Ambassa-                Adventures:                             schedule is not quite formalized yet, so
dor. Babies and toddlers loved spending       This summer we are offering our Unitar-      you will be updated about June CRE
time with Elyssa on Sunday mornings.          ian Universalist World Traveler’s Sum-       programming by email or check the
Elyssa will be leaving the position in        mer Program. We are looking for Tour         CRE bulletin board.
June and we wish her all the best as she      Guides to take the children on expedi-
moves on to new adventures!                   tions to far away places. If you have        In faith,
  Heather Wicket, our Spirit Play Am-         traveled to an interesting locale why not    – Julie Davidson
bassador, also deserves a big thank-you.      spend a Sunday morning reliving your
Heather provides a gentle and welcom-         vacation? If you are interested in volun-    or 905 527-8441 ext 222

                           June Children’s Religious Exploration Schedule
     source:       Principle #7:       We care for the Earth, our home we share with all living things

                Rainbow Room                Spirit Play         Chalice Club           7th Principle group Our Whole Lives &
    Date          (0–3 years)              (3–5 years)           (6–9 years)                (10 & up)       Coming Of Age

 June 7–21         You will be updated about June CRE programming by email or check the CRE bulletin board.

  June 28                                                    Church Picnic

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