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                     PATTERSON RIVER NEWS

    Calendar 2010                  Principal's Report
Term 1
                                   College Council Elections
Monday 1st March                   I am pleased to report that we have had eleven parents nominate for a
       School Photos               position on the College Council. This is a fantastic result and shows that
Tuesday 2nd March                  our parents are really interested in being involved in the College and its
       VCAL Excursion to           administrative processes.
       Barwon Prison
Monday March 8th                   Ballot papers and the candidates’ election rundown are included. The close
       Labour Day Public           of the poll was advertised as Friday 5th March. I will now extend it to
       Holiday – Student free      Friday 12th March as the newsletter has been mailed out later than usual.
Wednesday 24th March
       Parent Teacher/Parent       I would urge all parents to vote in this election.
Friday 26th March
       Year 7 Immunisations        Swimming Sports
       End of Term 1
                                   On Tuesday of last week students travelled off campus to attend our
                                   swimming sports. It was a wonderful sunny day and the students joined in
                                   the carnival atmosphere by dressing up in house colours and by competing
                                   in house groups, dancing to a variety of songs. Of course students also tried
                                   their best to win or just represent their house in a variety of races and some
                                   fantastic times were recorded. Well done to all students who took part on
                                   the day. There are photos below with the Sports’ Report.

                                   College Uniform
                                   The majority of our students look smart and represent the College well in
                                   our uniform. However there are a small group who continually push us in
                                   regards to facial piercings and school shoes. Again I must emphasize that
                                   this school does not allow facial piercing in any form and no discussion
                                   will be entered into on this matter. In regards to school shoes, black,
                                   polishable lace up or the strap over style for girls are the only acceptable
                                   shoes. Not skate shoes, runners and especially not canvas ‘slip ons’.
                                   Students will be receiving uniform notices and follow up detentions where
                                   our policy is not adhered to. Full school uniform should be worn to and
                                   from school.

                                   Email addresses
                                   If you haven’t already provided your email address please fill in the slip below.
                                   We want to ensure that all parents are aware of the events that are happening in
                                   the College plus reduce the time for the office staff to fold and address 1200
                                   envelopes and the large cost of postage which could go into other areas of the
Parent Barbeque
Last week we ran our annual Year 7 Parent Barbeque                The final results were: Blue 1st: 328 points, Red 2nd: 305
with a large number of parents and students in                    points, Green 3rd 251 points, Yellow 4th 204 points.
attendance. The night was a great success and I enjoyed
the opportunity to meet our Year 7 parents.

Mrs Maree Vinocuroff
College Principal

On Tuesday the 16th of February the College held its Annual
Swimming Carnival at the Pines Forest Swimming Complex.
It was an magnificent day characterised by some strong
swimming performances and lovely weather. A real highlight
was the traditional house dancing competition hosted by guest
DJ Ian Cranage, as well as the house costumes, novelty events
and face painting. The BBQ was well patronised all day. I
would like to thank the staff and students for making it such a
successful and enjoyable day for the College.
St Kilda Football Club Visit                                      PRSC played EMC in the first game. We batted first and only
On Thursday the 4th of February the College were visited by       made 7/47 in 17 overs with Jaimee Lambert top scoring with
two AFL Footballers from the St Kilda Football Club. The          15 runs. Unfortunately EMC made these runs with only 1
players were Justin Koschitze and Zac Dawson and the visit        wicket down in the 10th over.
was part of the club's "Community Camps". The players
talked to a group of 30 year seven students and Mr Whaley's       This loss meant we played Monterey for 3rd and 4th spot.
Year 12 Physical Education Class. The diverse topics covered      After 17 overs Monterey made 3/76. The chase seemed a
included overcoming adversity, being a critical friend and        difficult task at 3/14 but a match winning partnership between
recovery strategies after a game. Many students asked             Cassi Stirling (6no) and Jaimee Lambert (43no) of 63 runs
questions related to the player's most difficult opponent, the    saved the day.
experience of playing in a grand final and other aspects of the
game. The students thoroughly enjoyed meeting and getting to      It was an extremely entertaining day with the highlights being
know the players and the College is looking forward to the        Kellie Dunstan’s dive into her crease, the accumulation of the
Club establishing its training base in Seaford and to an          monetary fines and of course Jaimee Lambert’s fantastic
upcoming clinic on Tuesday 16th of March.                         batting and bowling display.
                                                                  Well done girls.

                                                                  Mrs Allan

                                                                  Maths News
                                                                                                       Mathletics is back!
                                                                                                       All students should now
                                                                                                       be able to log on to
                                                                                                       Mathletics at school and
                                                                                                       at home. The website is :
                                                                                                       Parents should ask their
                                                                                                       child for their login code
                                                                                                       so that they can explore
                                                                                                       the website and see if
                                                                                                       tasks have been set.
                                                                                                       Mathletics is a computer
                                                                                                       program that students
                                                                  are using at school and at home to practise their maths skills.
                                                                  Teachers will set tasks from Mathletics for students to do at
                                                                  home during most weeks. If students do not have the
                                                                  internet at home they can come to B4 at lunchtime or on
                                                                  Monday after school to complete their Mathletics
                                                                  homework. If students get stuck they can use the Support
                                                                  Centre to remind students how to do particular mathematical
                                                                  techniques (it is a question mark). Students should also play
                                                                  live mathletics against students from around the world to
                                                                  improve their mental arithmetic and multiplication skills.

Senior Boys Cricket
The Senior Boys Cricket team played two matches on
Thursday 18th February at Ballam Park. Game 1 was against         HMAS Cerberus Excursion:
Frankston HS who scored 144 in their 17 overs thanks largely      Our introduction began something like this “this is where we
to PRSC’s 8 dropped catches. PRSC were all out for about 50       drown them, burn them and gas them”. A statement from a
with Beau Cannon top scoring with 29.                             senior instructor, sure to grab the attention of the Year 10 -12
Patto bounced back in the second game versus Elisabeth            students attending the full day excursion to our local Navy
Murdoch College restricting them to 111 with a solid spell of     base in Hastings.
bowling from Luke Melling (2.16 off 4 overs). The opening
pair of Luke Melling and Beau Cannon put on 76 before             Our day began at 8.30 am where seventeen students in full
Melling was dismissed for 25 and Cannon for 43 putting            school uniform, no ipods and mobiles on silent met Jonathan
PRSC in a game winning position. Caruso took up where the         Tubb our tour guide for the day. Our names checked against
openers left off and steered Patto to a 1 run victory with two    the list provided by security and rules clearly outlined … true
balls to spare.                                                   military style. We collected more prospective candidates from
                                                                  Frankston High School and were on our way again. Further
Mr Clark                                                          checks.

Senior Girls Cricket                                              At the Watch house our bus was acknowledged and we moved
On Thursday 18th February the Senior Girls Cricket team           quickly to Recruit School to check out the accommodation, kit
travelled to Baxter Park to compete against 3 other schools.      and facilities on base. Outside new recruits were being put
We finished 3rd overall which was a fantastic effort.             through their paces, sweat soaked overalls, leaders bellowing
commands and minds concentrating on beep test instructions
and routines at circuit training stations. WO Sharon Campbell      Another event filled week at Patterson River Secondary
explained the benefits of Navy life and introduced LCDR/M          College!!! This week saw our Year 7’s heading off to Phillip
Ferguson who gave a brief rundown of his history in the            Island for their camp. At the same time, arrangements were in
forces. PO Mark Lawler spoke of the 199 jobs available in the      place to spend three valuable days concentrating on supportive
defence forces. Vicki Austin and one of the female stewards,       curricular items to assist Senior School students in their
then became our team leaders. We toured classrooms and             studies and to attain their maximum potential.
facilities and met Senior Instructors Young and Lawler and
spoke to recruits over lunch. With Quinn Petrie and Muir
                                                                   Year 10s spent one session being introduced to the online
being exceptional in relating to our students and Dunstan the      program which formally begins their career investigations and
PT Instructor further whetting our appetites and providing first   plans for the future. The mandated program entitled Managed
hand information relating to entry requirements, fitness tests,
                                                                   Individual Program of MIPs allows students to investigate
eligibility and methods of entry, the day proceeded quickly.
                                                                   career pathways and options while still building on their
                                                                   achievements and experiences in the academic world as well
After a shared lunch, a case of guns was brought into the          as the world of work. These plans can be reviewed at any time
facility and laid out for our young people to try. Talk about      through our Sharepoint facility.
excited … nervous … apprehensive. If you go to Sharepoint,
there is a range of photos which clearly explain how exciting      Our year 11 students were provided with the opportunity to
our day had been.                                                  review their MIPs plans from Year 10, make changes or
                                                                   confirm, career goals while still acknowledging entry
On behalf of Mr Weeks and myself, I would like to thank the        requirements, skill levels, personal characteristics and
crew at HMAS Cerberus for making us feel comfortable and           associated career outcomes. For many, further research is
welcome and also thank our exceptional young people for            required and individual support has been offered through the
their maturity and exemplary behaviour. Our day concluded
                                                                   Senior Team in C3. The MIPs program is not only a personal
complete with a show bag of goodies at 15.00. !!
                                                                   goal setting device but assists students in motivating them to
                                                                   achieve the desired outcomes to attain their career goals or
                                                                   dreams. Additional sessions run by SEASA and WISE
                                                                   supported our program with further sessions on ’Body Image’
                                                                   being run in the library.

                                                                   The structure of the VCE with its strict externally set
                                                                   guidelines as set by the VCAA became another valuable
                                                                   session as well as some informative offerings on lifestyle
                                                                   management and study skills. Towards the end of the week
                                                                   students were able to view the ‘Movies as text’ part of their
                                                                   English studies.

                                                                   Year 12s were subjected to additional sessions to those above
                                                                   in the form of a trial GAT and enjoyed the presentation of our
                                                                   guest speaker.

                                                                   Premier’s Reading Challenge
                                                                   NOTICE TO ENROLLED READING CHALLENGE
                                                                   STUDENTS -
                                                                   USERNAMES AND PASSWORDS TO ACCESS THE
                                                                   WEBSITE ARE NOW AVAILABLE FROM MRS
                                                                   BERNARDO IN THE LIBRARY.

                                                                   There is a form further in the newsletter for students
                                                                   wanting to enrol in the Premier’s Reading Challenge.
                                                                   Please complete and return to the library

                                                                   Every family should have received a hard copy of the school
                                                                   calendar detailing important dates for our school - exam times,
                                                                   course counselling, information evenings, SAC dates,
                                                                   camps etc via their child. If you did not receive a copy and
                                                                   would like one contact the library on 87706725.

                                                                   Janet Mitchell
      CENTRAL BAYSIDE COMMUNITY                                  The Seaford Junior Football Club -
           HEALTH SERVICES                                       Will be holding their registration day for 2010 on
         ORAL HEALTH SERVICE                                     Sunday 28th February 10.00am-12.00pm at Norm Cathie
                                                                 Oval, Brunel Road, Seaford.
                                                                 For more info please contact our registrar Kellie Cook
Central Bayside Community Oral Health Service is                 on 0407 528 387 or Mark Davenport on 0448 326 428.
currently offering FREE dental check ups and treatment
for eligible Year 7 – 12 students who attend Patterson
River Secondary College.

School Dental service located at Central Bayside
Community Health services at Parkdale is now part of
Oral Health Service, offering a fully integrated dental

Who is eligible?
Year 7- 12 students who hold a valid Health Care Card
or Pension Card or are a dependant of a card holder.

Note- Year 7-8 who are currently enrolled in a School
Dental Service will be sent a reminder letter when they
are due for a check up.
                                                                                   PAID ADVERTISEMENT
 What do I do if my child is eligible for check ups and

Ring 03-85870350 and make appointment to visit below

Central Bayside Community Health Services
Oral Health Service
335-337 Nepean Highway
Parkdale ( Entrance is off Carrier Avenue)

 News from Chelsea Heights Community Centre
If you are looking for after school activities the Centre runs
Junior Karate on Friday afternoons, and The Rhythm Factory
is here on Thursday afternoons offering classes made up of a
combination of ballet, tap and jazz with lots of fun music and
fun props.

Our friendly Take a Break Childcare is perfect for busy
parents with sessions offered Monday to Friday in 3 and 4
hour blocks. Our Playroup is also welcoming new members
on Wednesday and Thursday mornings 9.30am to 11.00am
and you can find out more by phoning Ru 0n 0425 160 025 or
Chantal 0402 081 136.

Parents who enjoy a bargain will want to note their diaries –
our long running Childrens Market will be held at the Centre
on Saturday 20th March and is too good to miss!

Ring for our new Term brochure or visit our website for our
full program at
Email addresses

                                           Family Email Address

Student Name: ………………………………………                      Parent Name: …………………………………………

Email: …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

                                   Please return to College General Office


                   Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge 2010
                                 Consent Form
Students need to enrol by completing the form below and returning it to the Library or their
English teacher by 5th March 2010.

For Parents:

                                  (Insert full name)

I give permission for my child’s name to participate in the Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge. I am
willing to authenticate my child’s reading and to verify each book completed. On completion of the
Challenge, I consent for his/her name to be published in the Reading Challenge supplement of ‘The

Signed:                                           (Parent/guardian) Date:          _____

For Sudents:

                         I _____________________________ Form __________

Would like to enrol for the 2010 Premier’s Reading Challenge. I need help to enrol online. I agree to
abide by the regulations of the Challenge (i.e. read 15 books by August as outlined on the website).

Student’s Signature __________________________________

Date ________________
DONT MISS OUT!! these books make great presents and the sooner you purchase -
the sooner you can use them (plus the bonus offers which are only for early birds).
Contact the library to place your order and arrange payment - 87706725.

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