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                  Parrots                                             July 2nd, 3rd, 4th 2010
                                                                      sPeaker Profiles
                                                                      Raising the PeRch in av
                                                                                                          icultuR al education

                                                                               Des Bartz
                                                                                M    y interest in birds started 36 years ago with eastern Rosellas and cockatiels being
                                                                                     my first choice of birds. i then moved on to cockatiel Mutations (Pieds & lutinos),
                                                                                and then Bourke’s Parrot, turquoisine Parrot, scarlet-chested Parrot, elegant Parrot
                                                                                and Red-Rumps. i spent a few years focusing on their mutations as well as creating
                                                                                new colours in these species to make it more exciting. i then started on Rosella
                                                                                 mutations before purchasing two pairs of Maroon-bellied conures. thus my fascination
                                                                                 with the Pyrrhura conures started. i have since kept and bred most of the Pyrrhura
                                                                                 conure species.

                                                                                              • Lecture – Breeding Pyrrhura conures •
                                                                                    aBstract: In my lecture I will be covering the aviary design, pre-, during
                                                                                    and post-breeding season feeding, pair compatibility to get the best results
                                                                                    out of your pairs, sexing, nest box sizes, position and nesting material, clutch
                                                                                    sizes, rearing methods and hand feeding of Pyrrhura Conures.

                                                                                                                                   N    icholas started in the zoo industry

                                                                                                                                        in his late teens as a volunteer
                                                                                                                                   guide at adelaide Zoo while studying
                                                                                                                                   arts at adelaide university, specializing

                                                                                                                                   in natural history illustration and
                                                                                                                                   performance in main stage and
                                                                                                                                   musical theatre. he commenced as a
                                                                                                                                   bird keeper at adelaide Zoo in 1999.
                                                                                                                                   Following this, he worked as keeper,
                                                                                                                                   trainer and presenter with the Free-
                                                                                                                                   Flight Bird show team at taronga Zoo
                                                                                                                                   from 2004–2009.
                                                                                                                                   in 2007 he branched out into work
                                                                                                                                   with steve Martin as a production
                                                                                                                                   director and workshop instructor at
                                                                                                                                   natural encounters, Florida, usa,
                                                                                                                                   returning in 2008 as an intern at the
                                                                                                                                   Birds of the World show at the state
                                                                                                                                   Fair of texas. nic’s passion for parrots
                                   • Lecture – Bird KeePers are Bird trainers too! •                                               has seen him producing illustrations
                                                                                                                                   and articles for Fledglings, the Psoa’s
                    aBstract: Parrots are masterpieces of evolutionary and behavioural shaping, and for centuries the              publications for young bird nerds,
                    fortunes of parrots and people have formed a complex and often tense relationship. From wild clown,            since 2006.
                    companion bird or aviary icon, it seems that with parrots, there is definitely something for everyone.         his qualifications include the graduate
                    As homes become smaller and the desire for the compact pet becomes larger, parrots have                        certificate in applied ornithology
                    experienced a boom as companion birds. But parrots are wild creatures and can present challenges               with charles sturt university and the
                    when co-habiting with people. To meet their welfare needs, many thinkers and practitioners in the field        Zoo keeping certificate iii with Box
                    of positive reinforcement have come forward to help parrot people understand their birds by developing         hill taFe. he is also the australian
                    awareness of behavioural principles. These are elegant concepts that help close the species gap and            Representative of the World Parrot
                    foster understanding and awareness. However, the laws of learning and behaviour are not restricted to          trust. nicholas is currently the
                    the lounge room; they are alive in the aviary as well. As a bird keeper and trainer, I want to share with      Manager of animal encounters at
                    you some simple ideas about how these over-arching principles apply to aviary settings and can help            Zoos south australia, working with
                    us be better aviculturists. Bird keepers and are definitely bird trainers, too!                                everything from Parrots to Pandas!

     20            • •
                                                                                                                                                        showcasing the parrot society of australia
                                 Alex Frankowski
M     y name is alex Frankowski, i’m 31 years old and i’m head of the Bird show department at australia
      Zoo. i’ve been training free flight birds for almost 5 years. i grew up in a house full of native parrots
as my parents were keen aviculturalists. Back in 2005, i was visiting the zoo and i saw the bird show, 2
scarlet macaws flew over my head and this amazing feeling washed over me, from that moment i knew i
wanted to be a part of it. at the time i was a quarantine officer, but i started volunteering and 2 weeks later
i was offered a casual position in the bird show team – i guess it was fate! since then i haven’t looked back
and in 2008 i was offered an internship with steve Martin and his nei team for the 20th anniversary ‘Birds
of the World show’ in dallas, texas which i eagerly accepted. My goal is to pass on the ‘amazing feeling’
that i experienced to each and every one of our visitors and for the birds to have as much fun as i do.

                               • Lecture – a day in the Life of Parrots at austraLia Zoo •

 aBstract: The presentation will introduce the types of parrots we           We will take a look at the stages of training parrots, from the aviary
 free fly, discuss the different segments we show, and the routines          to the sky, and learn how we use positive training methods to
 that showcase natural behaviour and freedom of thought for each             deal with many different parrot personalities to overcome some
 parrot. An overview of healthy weight management, diet, and                 challenging behaviours such as aggression, non-compliance and
 nutrition will be given, as well as daily enrichment techniques and         slow-learners. Video footage of shows and stages of training will
 conditioning. Relationships between the parrots and trainers will be        be integrated into the presentation.
 discussed and the question will be posed – Is having a close bond
 beneficial or should it be strictly business?

                                             Dr Rob Heinsohn
                                              D    r Rob heinsohn is associate Professor
                                                   at the Fenner school of environment
                                              and society, australian national university.
                                                                                                 to study the social fabric of lions in the serengeti
                                                                                                 region of tanzania. For the last ten years he has
                                                                                                 been conducting an ambitious program of field
                                              his academic career has been marked by             work on two of australia’s most fascinating birds,
                                              long term, and often difficult, field studies      the eclectus Parrot and Palm cockatoo of cape
                                               of highly social birds and mammals. his           York Peninsula. Both of these species present
                                               first love was the white-winged chough,           major challenges to the researcher, but Rob and
                                                a somewhat goofy and endearing large             his students have developed a rich understanding
                                                black bird found in the woodlands of             of their striking colours, bizarre behaviour, and
                                                south-east australia. he then moved on           conservation needs.

                                     Lecture – to the Beat of a different drum:
                         • ecLectus Parrots and PaLm cocKatoos on caPe yorK PeninsuLa •
   aBstract: Eclectus Parrots and Palm Cockatoos are two of the most unusual birds in the world. On Cape York Peninsula, the Eclectus parrots
   live inside the rainforest and the palm cockatoos live just outside. Male and female Eclectus parrots seem to have “exchanged” plumage; the
   red and blue females are brighter than the green males, and the two sexes look so different they were long thought to be different species.
   Palm cockatoos are the only animals known to fashion their own musical instruments. During displays, male’s fashion “drum-sticks” and beat
   the edge of the hollow like a drum. This talk explores the causes and consequences of bizarre behaviour in both species.

                                                                                                            • Parrot Society of Australia News •                  21
                                                                                    sPeaker Profiles
                                                                                              ouR lineuP continued.

     Steve Martin
     S   teve Martin has lived with parrots from the time he was five years
         old. By the time he was 16 he was already training parrots and his
     interest expanded to falconry. he has now been a Master Falconer for
                                                                                    steve is a trustee with the World Parrot trust, a core team Member of
                                                                                    the california condor Recovery team, President elect of the international
                                                                                    association of avian trainers and educators, and international Patron of
     over 40 years. he began his professional animal training career when           the Parrot society of australia.
     he set up the first of its kind, free-flight bird show at the san diego Wild
     animal Park in 1976. since then he has produced educational animal
     programs, or consulted at, over 70 zoological facilities around the world.          • Lecture – the art of training Parrots •
     steve has produced three videos on parrot behaviour and training,               aBstract: Through the years I have acquired certain strategies
     and he lectures frequently about parrot behaviour. he has also written          and techniques that have proven to be very valuable in the training
     several articles on animal behaviour and conducts four training                 of many species of animals. All of these approaches have solid
     workshops each year at his facility in Winter haven, Florida. over              foundations in the science of behaviour, but it is the artistic
     two-thirds of his year is spent on the road consulting with zoos and            application of these techniques that enhances the level of success.
     aquariums on animal behaviour issues or teaching people the art and             In this paper I will discuss several of these strategies and techniques.
     science of animal behaviour. he is currently producing two bird shows
     at the san diego Zoo.

     steve is President of both natural encounters, inc., a company of over             • Lecture – the secret of Parrot training •
     20 professional animal trainers, and natural encounters conservation
     Fund, inc., a company dedicated to raising money for conservation               aBstract: Some people think there are trade secrets that
     projects. in the past 12 years, natural encounters conservation Fund            professional animal trainers hold in confidence to maintain their
     has donated over $400,000 to in-situ conservation programs.                     allure and mystique. I have been asked many times for my secret to
                                                                                     training birds. In this paper I will detail the most important elements
                                                                                     that make me a successful animal trainer. These principals and
                                                                                     techniques not only form the basis of my animal training practices,
                                                                                     they are also important to anyone wanting to develop a deeper, more
                                                                                     productive and meaningful relationship with their companion parrot.

22   • •
                                         Roger Sweeney
                                          F  or more than twenty years, Roger sweeney has been working internationally in the field of zoo
                                             management and wildlife conservation. he has lived and worked in environments as diverse as the
                                          Philippines, canary islands, arabian gulf, eastern caribbean, europe and north america. note worthy zoo
                                          positions working with psittacines have included being a resident consultant with Birds international
                                          Breeding center with antonio de dios in the Philippines and formerly being curator of loro Parque in
                                           the canary islands.
                                           Roger now lives in north america and is currently resident in salt lake city, utah, where he works as the
                                           curator of tracy aviary. he also currently serves on behalf of the association of Zoos & aquariums (aZa)
                                           as the Population Management Plan (PMP) manager for both the northern & the southern ground hornbills
                                            in north american Zoos. Roger has written several books, numerous scientific papers and many popular
                                             magazine articles about the captive management, breeding and conservation of birds and other wildlife
                                             that has been circulated around the world.

               Lecture – aviary management                                                Lecture – caPtive management
           and Breeding of Lories; of the Lorius,                                        techniques for Pairing and mates
             • eos and chaLcoPsitta genera •                                               • seLection with Psittacines •

 aBstract: This presentation focuses upon the practical captive                     aBstract: This presentation presents an overview of
 management and breeding of Lories from the Lorius, Eos and                         courtship and pair-bonding behaviour in captive parrots;
 Chalcopsitta genera, based from personal experience. Each species                  then goes into detail about a variety of practical methods
 within these genera is discussed as to its history in aviculture, personal         for the management of group pairing operations,
 experience, husbandry & breeding; then general themes of cage design,              introduction processes and mate-selection techniques
 nest box, social management and breeding behavior are examined                     among individual parrots in aviculture.ement and breeding
 in more detail.                                                                    behavior are examined in more detail.

 Bruce Watts
B   ruce lives with his wife Maree and three
    of his grandchildren on 2 1/2 acres in a
semi-rural area at seaham; about 30 minutes
northwest of newcastle in the beautiful hunter
valley. Bruce trained as an electronic engineer
and worked for various companies until in
1989 he started a computer company, andor
computer systems. the company grew to over
30 employees by 2000 when Bruce resigned
as director to pursue other more compelling
interests. one of those interests was the love
of parrots which was a childhood passion
re-ignited after visiting Birdworld in cairns in
the mid 1990s. Bruce currently keeps a range
of australian natives from Rock Parrots to
Red-tailed Black cockatoos, hooded Parrots
to Princess Parrots and exotics such as the
hahn’s Macaw and Pearly conure.

                                 Lecture – BuiLding a native and exotic aviary coLLection
                                        • & Breeding hooded Parrot mutations •

 aBstract: Bruce currently has about 50 aviaries in 4 complexes with 45 breeding pairs of various Australian and Exotic parrots. Bruce’s
 collection includes the Neophema genera such as Rock, Elegant and Turquoisine parrots; Psephotus genera such as Mulga, Hooded and
 Red-Rumped parrots and Princess parrots from the Polytelis genera. Bruce also keeps Pyrrhura conures such as Pearly, Green-cheeked and
 Blue-throated; Eclectus parrot and Hahn’s Macaws. Bruce will present an overview of his journey over the last 10 years showing the building
 of his aviary collection and plans for the future. Particular detail will be provided on aviary design, feeding regime and breeding methods.
 Bruce will highlight his recent breeding of Hooded parrot mutations.

                                                                                                           • Parrot Society of Australia News •        23
     Dr David Waugh
     D   avid was born in england and has had a life-long passion for birds and
         nature. as a boy, his keeping and breeding of common cage-birds,
     and watching birds in the field evolved into university study of zoology
     and a doctorate about the breeding biology and ecology of swallows
     and swifts. he followed his study subjects to tropical africa, where he
     became enamoured by the wonderful diversity of bird life, and has been
     heading south ever since. From that time onwards, with binoculars and
     back-pack he has visited 80 countries in search of birds and to experience
     the fullness of nature. Working as an ecological consultant, he lived in
     venezuela for some years, during which time he increased his involvement
     with parrots and their conservation in several south american countries.
     this involvement continues to the present-day, as director of the loro
     Parque Fundación in tenerife, spain, a world-leading organisation in parrot
     conservation and breeding.
     david has almost 30 years of professional involvement with the
     zoological and conservation communities, previously being director of
     the Royal Zoological society of scotland, and director of the international
     conservation training centre of gerald durrell’s Wildlife conservation trust
     in Jersey, British isles. he is a council Member of the iberian association               sPeaker Profiles
                                                                                                         ouR lineuP con tinued....
     of Zoos and aquariums, and an honorary Member of the World association
     of Zoos and aquariums.

            Lecture – defining success in the                                                  Lecture – ingredients for the
      • Loro Parque fundación Parrot coLLection •                                              conservation of wiLd Parrots:
                                                                                         • the Loro Parque fundación exPerience •
      aBstract: The Loro Parque Fundación parrot collection has a
      sufficiently long history, as well as an unparalleled size and diversity      aBstract: The Loro Parque Fundación has direct experience in the
      (about 4,000 specimens of 350 species and subspecies) from which              implementation of over 70 projects for the conservation of parrots in
      to have made objective comparisons in the success between one                 the wild. In every case, it is important that a project should be seen to
      species and another. Some species do well, and others not so well,            achieve or be achieving its objectives. Success in this sense not only
      and defining success involves not just one factor of management               improves the conservation prospects for the target parrots, but also
      and husbandry, but several. By examining the application of these             provides useful lessons for future projects, and provides credibility for
      factors to a variety of species, and the performance of those                 sustaining support from local people, as well as from outside sources
      species in the LPF collection, this presentation will deal with a             that wish to help. This presentation evaluates the balance of ingredients
      practical definition of success.                                              that make some projects better at achieving their objectives than others.

                                                                                                     Shane Hancock
                                                                                                        • Lecture – fLedgLings worKshoP •
                                                                                                        aBstract: Following the success of the first
                                                                                                        Fledglings Workshop at Parrots 2008, Shane will be
                                                                                                        co-presenting another young aviculturist event at
                                                                                                        Parrots 2010. He and Nicholas Bishop aka 'Nicibird'
                                                                                                        will provide hands-on learning opportunities that
                                                                                                        explore practical bird keeping practices that every
                                                                                                        beginner hobbyist should know. There will be live
                                                                                                        parrots present for the workshop to demonstrate
                                                                                                        simple training techniques as shared in each issue
                                                                                                        of Fledglings. This special children's event is unique
                                                                                                        and supports the Parrot Society of Australia's
                                                                                                        commitment to encouraging the next generation
                                                                                                        of Australian aviculturists. It will be feathered fun
                                                                                                        for everyone who attends.

     S  hane is an internationally experienced early childhood educator
        who has been teaching for thirteen years. he is the co-creator and
     author of Fledglings, the Parrot society of australia's junior aviculturist
                                                                                    aviculture. shane's travels have given him plenty of unique opportunities
                                                                                    to view many parrot species in their native habitats around australia
                                                                                    and beyond. he fulfills many roles on the Parrot society's executive
     publication. although he has kept and bred many different bird species         committee including promotions, advertising and editorial duties for
     from a young age, parrots continue to dominate his primary interest in         the Psoa news. shane is one of the organisers for Parrots 2010.

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