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                               British Dressage Scotland Region                                                            2010

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                                                                                                       Our Training Voucher Winner
                                                                                                                           ITV Fixers
Petplan Area
                                                                                                         Inter Regional Para Report
                                                                                                      Inter Regional BYRDS Report
Scotland has 2 Area                                                                                                Volunteer Awards

28/29 August 2010 at
Rowallan AC,                        Jade Ritchie and Principal – Winners of the
Fenwick, Ayrshire                   Elementary Restricted at the Summer
2/3 October 2010 at                 Regionals.
Fountain EC,
Aberdeen (Gordon                    Hello and Welcome to our new Regional Newsletter
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                     ITV Fixers – the story of the three Kate’s

                     Dear Cecilia,

                     I have been given your contact details by Sue Maitland, District Commissioner of the
Letters to the       Percy Hunt Pony Club in Northumberland.
                     I am a teacher at The King Edward VI School Morpeth, and I am writing to you
                     regarding an equestrian project we have been leading this year with ‘ITV Fixers’,
Would you like to    which may be of interest to you.
have your say on
Dressage matters     ITV Fixers gives young people the opportunity to have a voice on issues which matter
in the Scotland      to them. Year 11 student and rider for the Percy Hunt Pony Club, 16 year old Kate
                     Charlton is very passionate about changing the stereotypical image of equestrian
Region? If so        sports, to ensure that young people of all backgrounds get the opportunity to ‘have a
please send your     go’ especially with regard to future recruitment for the sports. Kate is a keen
letters to Cecilia   Dressage rider and rides for the Scottish B squad. Kate has also attracted two other
                     students in school to get involved in the project, keen Eventers year 11 student Kate
Gladwyn via          Sanderson, and Year 10 student Kate Riley. The project has now been nicknamed
email or post.       ‘the three Kates!’

                     ITV Fixers were so impressed with the project that they selected it to be broadcast on
                     the ITV Local News, as well as appearing on a special ITV Local News launch show.
                     There were only three projects out of the whole of the North East region to be
                     selected to be shown on television. For the first stage of the project, filming took place
                     at the Pegasus Riding Centre in Tranwell Northumberland with the local ITV News
                     presenter. This was a great success. Both of these broadcasts can be viewed online


                                                They are entitled ‘Dressage Fix’ and ‘Make a
                                                Difference’. The Dressage film itself has currently been
                                                viewed 309 times online!
                                                The first stage of the project was so successful, that it
                                                caught the attention of British Number One Eventer
                                                Oliver Townend who invited us to his home and yard in
                                                Shropshire to develop Kate’s project further on 1st
                                                June. An article about this day is also on the ITV Fixers
                                                website at:


                     It was an amazing day, as we saw ‘Carousel Quest’, on which Oliver won his back to
                     back Badminton and Burghley titles in 2009, he gave us a tour of his yard, and he
                     also did some riding and jumping for us. Kate Charlton was the lead interviewer, and
                     Oliver was an ideal person to interview, at the top of his sport, however having also
                     come from a rather modest background, as his Father was merely a milkman with a
                     passion for horses. The day definitely proved Kate’s point that as long as you are
                     passionate and dedicated, you can achieve success regardless of your background.

                     I have attached a few photos of the fantastic day of filming with Oliver Townend.
                     Yours Sincerely, Victoria Najafi, Student Voice,
                     Leadership and Enrichment Co-ordinator The King Edward VI School Morpeth

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    The Duvet Store – Sponsors of the
    clothing for the 2010 Scottish Inter
           Regional Para Team.

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 Remember that
 the dates of the
 Nationals have
 changed. NOW
 12 September.
 Tickets available
 from BD at

Judge Training
Brahan Dressage,
Seaforth EC,
Dingwall / 7
September / Les
Smith / evening
session at Novice
level / List 6 and BD

Area Festival,
Fountain EC,
Aberdeen / 2
October / Susan
Baxter /Session 1 –
List 5/6 and
Trainees Session 2
– List 3A, 3 and 4

Rowallan AC,
Ayrshire / 30
October / Les Smith
– Lists 4 – 6 &

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 Scotland      regions/scotland region
           BYRDS Camp

           38 riders took part in the BYRDS Rowallan camp at the beginning of
           August. Trainers were Andrew Gould, Harry Payne, Mary McFarlane,
           Les Smith and Victoria Gladwyn. Performance enhancements sessions
           were taken by Ali Noble of Evolutionary Training. Rider Fitness
           trainer/physio was Justine Warnock. Horse Nutrionist was Jane Smith.
           All riders had two 45 minute private training sessions and 30 minute test
           riding session. Each rider had a physio session, performance
           enhancement session, nutrition talk, and stable management/proficiency
           badge workshops. Team building games and quiz made up the evening

Scotland   For booking information or more details of all Regional Activities go to:
Pammy Hutton Coaching Day

Coaching day for BD trainers held at
Fountain EC, Aberdeen on Monday 2nd
August. BD Judges and trainers from other
disciplines were invited to attend. Guinea
pigs were Rebecca Stephen/Fortria Express,
Alice Gartly/Ridinghill Reward, Mary
McFarlane/Deoch an Doris, Lea Gray/Tiger
Feet and Victoria Gladwyn/
Granite III.

Lea Gray/Tiger Feet being put through their

Scotland                       For booking information or more details of all Regional Activities go to:
Congratulations to all
who have qualified for
the Nationals and Good

The winners of all of the
classes were –

Centaur Biomechanics
Linda Prescott-Clement
and Menelaos, 69.55%

Dodson & Horrell Novice
Catrina Leckie and
Adventure, 69.88%

Dodson & Horrell Novice
Jo Barry and Rameau II,

Stretch & Flex
Elementary Restricted
Jade Ritchie and Principal,

Stretch & Flex
Elementary Open
Verity Jenner and Don
Rubinland, 68.33%

Haygain Medium
Stuart Walker and
Donatello D, 67.93%

Haygain Medium Open
Nicola Gillespie and
Fearless, 68.47%

Martin Collins Advanced
Medium Restricted
Diana Zajda and Chablis
II, 65.09%

Martin Collins Advanced
Medium Open
Nicola Gillespie and
Fearless, 67.19%

Jeffries Saddlery Prix St
Alice Page and Aderro
Galapagos, 68.07%

Scotland                      For booking information or more details of all Regional Activities go to:
     Para Inter Regional Competition

     SCOTLAND SENT THEIR FIRST EVER PARA TEAM to Millfield, Somerset for the Para Inter Regional
     Competition from 23 to 25 July. What a triumph!

     Scotland proved worthy winners of the open section of the Inter Regional with grade III rider Cate Wilkinson
     from Edinburgh taking individual honours with her own 11 year old Irish bred gelding Loftus Imp on a score
     of 71.13%. Team mate Emma Douglas slotted in for second with Cartoon Topcat while Clare Molyneux
     rounded out the winning trio as well as finishing fifth in the individual competition. Emma then went on to
     win the U25 International class.

     Teams for this prestigious competition at Millfield in July had to consist of four riders from at least two
     different grades. Each rider had to ride the grade test for which they are eligible. Unfortunately at the last
     minute we lost our Grade IV rider but were still allowed to run with our three remaining riders. Representing
     Scotland for the first time in a Para team were -

     Grade 11 - Emma Douglas.
     Emma joined the Highland Group RDA after a spinal injury following a fall from a friend’s horse in 2005 and
     this fall left her paralysed from the hips down. She was then classified as a Grade II rider in 2008 and she
     has spent the last two years working hard to be able to compete in Para Qualifiers and has just qualified for
     the Para National Championship. Emma’s horse, Cartoon Topcat, has been owned by her for 7 years and
     she evented him before her accident. With sheer determination she managed to get back in the saddle at
     the end of 2007.

     Grade II - Clare Molyneux
     Clare lives in Inverness having been born in to an equestrian/farming family, it was inevitable that her career
     should take that path. Having sustained a riding accident in 1971 which left her paralysed, Clare showed
     her determination to overcome this hurdle and was then confirmed as an “incomplete paraplegic”. She
     then went on become a BHSII. Clare sustained a further injury in 2006 which ended up in having spinal
     surgery and the outcome was not the success they had hoped for.

     Grade III - Cate Wilkinson
     Cate is from Edinburgh and has now been graded internationally as well as Nationally and has recently got

     Thanks to Erik McKechnie, dedicated British Dressage Scottish Regional Committee Para Representative
     for the hard work he has put in getting together the first ever Scottish Para Team. Kay Gebbie and Shona
     Mackenzie have also given of their time to ensure the success of the team.
     Thanks have also to go to the PDTT (Para Dressage Training Trust) for their financial contribution which
     allowed us to run the various training activities over the course of the weekend and of course, many thanks
     to Bannockburn RDA for the use of their fantastic facilities.
     Sara Smith from Bannockburn RDA is
     delighted that the RDA centre and British
     Dressage Para Riders have formed a new
     partnership in moving forward the link between
     RDA and BD Para Riding.

     Purchase of all of the team clothing was made
     with a generous donation from The Duvet Store.
     All riders were given a polo shirt and blouson

     For any information on Para riding in Scotland
     please contact Erik MacKechnie on
     07769 553065

                             For booking information or more details of all Regional Activities go to:
Scotland   For booking information or more details of all Regional Activities go to:
                            BYRDS INTER REGIONAL SQUAD COMPETITION AT KEYSOE 10/11 July 2010.
                            5 teams made their way to Keysoe in Bedfordshire for the BYRDS Inter Regional
                            BYRDS competition. A total of 35 teams from all over the UK took part. The
                            Scottish teams were
                            Tay Team (18th)
                            A      Rosie Williams / Perthshire / Purple Oscar (owned by Alice Page)
                            B      Katie Fallon / Aberdeenshrie / Magna Carta
                            C      Lauren Aitchison / Stirlingshire / Mydle Prince
                            C      Alex O’Mara / Edinburgh / Mr. Incredible
                            Tweed Team (27th)
                            A      Jade Struthers / Borders / Knighthawk
                            B      Elizabeth Shaw / Glasgow / The Burning Issue
                            C      Hannah MacGregor / Dumfries / Klippers Diesel
                            C      Pippa Ross / Aberdeenshire / Sultan of Brunei
                            Forth Team (30th=)
                            A      Emma Gibson / Edinburgh / Tarijn Star
                            B      Ashleigh Warnock / East Lothian / Othello II
Nicola Gillespie and        C      Katie Cumming / Aberdeenshire / Edenside Leo
Fearless - Winners of the   C      Helen Stirling / Aberdeenshire / Sligo Late Dancer
Medium Open and             Don Team (30th=)
Advanced Medium Open        A      Jade Ritchie / Aberdeenshire / Principal
at the Summer Regionals.    C      Eilidh Sutherland / Edinburgh / Ciara II
                            C      Jack Hassard / Ayrshire / Hannah
                            F      Harriot Clarke / Aberdeenshire / Langfield Question Time
                            Clyde Team (35th)
                            A      Harriet Tan / Ayrshire / Tubalt
                            C      Amy MacGregor / Dumfries / Bracken
                            C      Jaimie Hunter / Aberdeenshire /Dorus
                            A Scottish competition was held within the Inter Regional competition for all of the
                            Scottish riders making the trip to Keyso. Results were
                            A Squad                        B Squad
                            1      Rosie Williams          1st     Katie Fallon
                            2      Emma Gibson             2nd     Elizabeth Shaw
                            3rd    Jade Struthers          3rd     Ashleigh Warnock
                            4th    Jade Ritchie
                            5th    Harriet Tan
                            C Squad                        Fledglings
                            1st    Alex O’Mara             1st     Harriot Clarke
                            2      Lauren Aitchison
                            3rd    Katie Cumming
                            4th    Pippa Ross
                            5th    Helen Stirling
                            6th    Jaimie Hunter

                            Victoria Gladwyn from
                            Aberdeenshire had been
                            invited to judge at the
                            competition and judged the
                            B squad warm up test on the
                            Saturday and co-judged the
                            C Squad team test on the
                            Sunday with Islay Auty.
                            The C squad team test ran
                            for over 6 hours in a
                            temperature of 31°.
                            Scotland presently has 3 squad test judge/assessors - Les Smith, Mary McFarlane
                            and Victoria Gladwyn.
                               For booking information or more details of all Regional Activities go to:
    Volunteer of
    the Year
    awards were
    given to Angela
    McKinna and

    A huge thank             Angela McKinna receiving her award.          Janet Ramsden receiving her award
    you to Angela
    and Janet for
    their support
    and help this

Verity Jenner and Don
Rubinland - Winners of the
Elementary Open at the
Summer Regionals

   Scotland                   For booking information or more details of all Regional Activities go to:
Diary Dates
4/5 September at
Ingliston EC,

23/24 October at
SNEC, Oatridge,
West Lothian

                        PAM LUCAS FROM GLEN URQHART

                        We had a competition earlier in the year to help capture as many email
                        addresses as we could, with one lucky entrant receiving a training voucher
                        for £50. Here is a wee bit about our winner Pam Lucas.
                        “Jaz and I are both very long in the tooth and not at all illustrious. Neither
Then this is for you.   is either of us at all photogenic. The picture was taken as you can see on
On 16/17 October        a very frosty morning and Jaz could hear a log trolley advancing up the hill
BD Trainers and         towards us, so no chance of getting his head down to show his beautifully
Judges Allison          developing top line. However, winning the draw is a lovely start to the
Fellows (List 3         season, no excuses now! I have ridden for over 50 years and both the
                        horse and I are very latecomers to dressage via the hunting field. Jaz is a
Judge) and Victoria
                        15 year old TB/Connemara and I have had him for 3 years now. He is
Gladwyn (List 5         competing at preliminary level. He is a fabulous mover, very energetic and
Judge and BD            keen to please. Unfortunately he usually has plans of his own and gets
assessor) will be       frustrated and boils up when they do not match the required test. Shona
coming to Orkney.       MacKenzie has had to jolly me out of giving up on a number of occasions
A weekend of            and Elaine Taylor is endlessly patient and resourceful in working to
activities has been     eradicate two sets of engrained bad habits lovingly honed over many
organised for all       years - no easy task. I will be putting the voucher to good use and
riders including Pony   looking forward to showing some improving work this season.”
Club and Riding
Club. Further
details from

Region                      For booking information or more details of all Regional Activities go to:

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