OF TOURISM MINISTERS
                             Damascus, Syrian Arab Republic
                                  ٢٩ June-٢ July ٢٠٠٨

                             GENERAL INFORMATION NOTE

                                       ١. DATE AND VENUE

The Sixth Session of the Islamic Conference of Tourism Ministers will be held in Damascus,
Syrian Arab Republic, on ٢٩ June to ٢ July ٢٠٠٨.

The Senior Officials Meeting will be held on ٢٩ and ٣٠ June ٢٠٠٨ prior to the Ministerial Conference
scheduled for ١ and ٢ July ٢٠٠٨.

Both the Meeting and the Conference will be held at Le Meridian Damascus Hotel.

                                          ٢. HOSPITALITY

The Syrian Arab Republic will provide hospitality (local transport, board and lodging) for the period
from ٢٨ June to ٣ July ٢٠٠٨ for the Head of Delegation plus two members of each Delegation of the
OIC Member States. It will also provide hospitality to one person from each Delegation of the OIC
Organs and Institutions as well as Observers and Invitees.

                                        ٣. ACCREDITATION

Participants are kindly requested to fill up and return the “Participation Form” (Annex ١) with two
color photos (size ٣ x ٤ cm) or a digital picture in .jpg or .gif format before June ١٥, ٢٠٠٨, preferable
by e-mail, to the following address:
Ministry of Tourism of the Syrian Arab Republic.
Directorate of International Cooperation
Syria – Damascus – Barada St.
Fax:         +٩٦٣١١٢٢٤٦٠٩٦
Tel :        +٩٦٣١١٢٢٣٩٣٨٣
The Delegates are strongly recommended to return the Participation forms in due time, so that their
identification badges can be prepared by the ICTM Session Secretariat in advance and issued upon
their arrival to Damascus. All personal data sent to the ICTM Session Secretariat will be treated
according to the highest security standards.
                                     ٤. ACCOMMODATION

Accommodation and local transport may be provided for other members of the Delegations on the
understanding that they will bear the coasts of their accommodation and transport.
The following hotels are offering special rates to the participants:

Le Meridian Damascus Hotel *****
Single room     € ٩٣ (+ ١٢.٣% tax)
Double room    €٩٦ (+ ١٢.٣% tax)
Suite junior   €١٣٠ (+ ١٢.٣% tax)
Suite deluxe   €١٩٠ (+ ١٢.٣% tax)
Tel: +٩٦٣ ١١ ٢٢٢٩٢٠٠
Fax: +٩٦٣ ١١ ٣٧٣٨٦٦١

Sheraton Damascus*****
Single and double room € ٩٠ (+ ١٢.٣% tax)
Suite junior           €١٥٣ (+ ١٢.٣% tax)
Diplomatic Suite       €١٩٠ (+ ١٢.٣% tax)
Tel: +٩٦٣ ١١ ٢٢٢٩٣٠٠
Fax: +٩٦٣ ١١ ٢١٢٢١٢٥

Ebla Al Cham Hotel *****
Single room     € ٨٠ (+ ١٢ % tax)
Double room    €٩٠ (+ ١٢ % tax)
Tel: +٩٦٣ ١١ ٢٢٤١٩٠٠
Fax: +٩٦٣ ١١ ٥٤٢٧٢٧٥

Cham Palace Hotel *****
Single room     € ١٠٠ (+ ١٢ % tax)
Double room    €١٢٠ (+ ١٢ % tax)
Tel: +٩٦٣ ١١ ٢٢٣٢٣٠٠
Fax: +٩٦٣ ١١ ٢٢١٢٣٩٨

Semiramis Hotel ****
Single room     € ٨٠ (+ ١٢.٣ % tax): including breakfast
Double room    €٩٠ (+ ١٢.٣ % tax): including breakfast
Tel: +٩٦٣ ١١ ٢٢٣٣٥٥٥
Fax: +٩٦٣ ١١ ٢٢١٦٧٩٧
                                     ٥. PASSPORT AND VISAS

Delegation members are advised to apply for a visa at Syrian diplomatic/consular mission (where
available). Delegates coming from countries where there is no resident Syrian diplomatic/consular
mission should bear a valid passport and have proper documents (٢ photographs) in order to apply for
an entry visa at Damascus International Airport. (Passports sealed with an Israeli stamp won’t be

                                           ٦. TRANSFERS

Local transport will be provided to all participants upon arrival at Damascus International Airport, to
the hotels and back.

                                 ٧. REGISTRATION AND BADGE

All participants are requested to register themselves at their hotels. Security Badges will be issued at
the time of registration.

                                       ٨. SOCIAL PROGRAM

Official dinners and banquets shall be hosted for all delegates. There also will be cultural presentation
during official dinners performed by professional local artists.

                               ٩. GENERAL INFORMATION

Climate:           The average temperature in June and July is around ٣٢ degrees C.
Local time:        GMT +٣
Local currency:    Lira (١ USD = ٤٥ Lira)
Banks:             Generally open from ٩:٠٠ – ١٣:٣٠ Saturday to Thursday
Business hours:    Shops generally open: ١١:٠٠ – ٢٢:٠٠ Saturday to Thursday and some open on Friday
Electricity:       ٢٢٠ Volts

                                    ١٠. POINTS OF CONTACT

The Secretariat of the Sixth Session of the Islamic Conference of Tourism Ministers
Ministry of Tourism of the Syrian Arab Republic.
Directorate of International Cooperation
Syria – Damascus – Barada St.
Fax:         +٩٦٣١١٢٢٤٦٠٩٦
Tel :       +٩٦٣١١٢٢٣٩٣٨٣
Contacts: Eng. Iman Abaza

For more information please go to:

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