Biomass heating feasibility for a country estate

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					                              A NEWHeat biomass heating feasibility

                                                                                    •   Indication of boiler size and list of
                                                                                        balance of plant, and space required
                                                                                    •   Estimation of size of fuel store
                                                                                    •   Running cost comparison, wood v oil
                                                                                    •   Assessment of payback period, with
                                                                                        and without capital grants
                                                                                    •   Short report summarising findings

                                                                                    Similar work for other clients
                                                                                    •   A proposed farm visitor centre in
                                                                                        County Durham
                                                                                    •   A rural business with warehouse and
                                                                                        offices in Northumberland
                                                                                    •   A group of farm houses and cottages in
                                                                                        the Tyne Valley
                                                                                    •   A historic country house near
                                                                                        Newcastle, partly converted to offices
                                                                                        with parts used for weddings and
Biomass heating feasibility for a                                                   •   A heat network for a proposed project
                                                                                        to convert farm buildings to offices

country estate                                                                          and workshops in a cluster with
                                                                                        existing houses, in Northumberland
                                                                                    •   Similar, but more detailed work has
The site                                 Work delivered                                 been carried out for many other
A large stone built country house in     NEWHeat studies comprise one day of            clients outside the scope of NEWHeat,
Northumberland in a cluster of other     work by a biomass specialist. This one         around Northern England
building including three other           involved a site visit, photography and
houses, the estate office and two let    measurements around the site and
offices. The Estate has 250 hectares     discussions with the landowner about
of mainly unmanaged woodland and         the implications of installing a biomass
some commercial softwood forestry        system. Explanation of the operational
and is interested in developing a        and practical issues of siting and fuel
woodchip fuel supply operation and       storage was given. A short report was
using home produced woodchip fuel        then produced to give indicative
for heating estate buildings.            capital costs and a comparison
                                         between the running costs of oil and
The brief                                estate produced woodchips.
•   To carry out a site visit to a the
    house and associated buildings       Specialist work carried out by
    and assess the potential for a       North Energy
    biomass heating network in           •   Assessment of practical
    place of several separate oil            suitability of site for biomass
    boilers                                  heating
•   To propose a biomass heat            •   Assessment of heat loads of
    system                                   buildings
•   To produce a short report and
    costing information, comparing
    wood chip heat with oil heat
A NEWHeat biomass heating feasibility

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