November 2010 - Teeball batting clinic Chocolate drive fundraising by hjkuiw354


									                                                 Teeball batting clinic                           Website
                                              A batting clinic directed at teeball              information
                                              players was conducted by professional       For rules, regulations and an
                                              coaches late October. The objective         abundance        of     other
                                              was for teeball players and coaches to      information check out these
                                              learn the correct batting stance, bat       websites:
                                              handling and swing that will improve        Club website
                                              their game at teeball level through to
                                              baseball or softball as well as to          For teeball
                                              eliminate or reduce injuries or over-
                                              wear due to incorrect batting practices.    For softball
                                              Nearly 100 players turned up to the
                                              clinic which was held near Diamond 1        For baseball
                                              while teeball games were in progress.
                                              As the clinic was held over several
                                              hours it allowed players to attend either     Teeball canteen
                                              before or after their own game.                   duties
                                              More of these clinics will be conducted     Every team playing on
                                              in the near future. Information will be     diamond 4 this season is
                                              emailed to parents.                         being asked to send at least
                                                                                          one parent to the canteen
Above: Ben Floyd showing a young Rookies player the correct way to hold a bat.            half an hour before the game
                     Chocolate drive fundraising                                          commences to undertake
                                   The Club will be conducting a Chocolate drive to       canteen duties.
                                   raise funds to improve our facilities. A box will      The canteen offers a great
                                   be given to each family in the Club this coming        viewpoint to the game on
                                   weekend by team managers.                              this diamond.
                                   Each box contains a range of Cadbury favourites
                                   including Freddos, Cherry Ripes, Boost bars,            Teeball reminders
                                   Crunchies, Time Out and Summer Rolls all of            All teeball parents taking to
                                   which sell for $1.20.                                  the diamond (coaches, base
                                                                                          coaches,     umpires     and
                                    Monies collected must be returned to the team         managers) need to have
manager by 11 December. Families who find it difficult to sell the chocolates have        closed in shoes.
the option of not taking a box but instead donating the profit portion of $29 directly
to their manager.                                                                         All players must tuck their
                                                                                          shirts in and wear a WBC
Anyone requiring further boxes to sell can access more from the Canteen at                cap.
Willetton Reserve.
         Show your colours in new club gear for Sale                                     .
                              You can now show your colours loud and proud with
                              the indroduction of a new range of Clubwear.
                              With cool evenings and game days with us still the
                              Club will be placing an order for new Club jackets,
                              hoodies and batting pullovers. All are bottle green and
                              will feature the gold WBC logo. The hoodies will have
                              “Willetton” emblazoned baseball-style across the
                              These items must be pre-ordered and paid for by
                              Sunday 21 November. Orders can be made at the
                              Willetton Reserve canteen, or with Peter Byrne in
                              person     or    email     and     eft   payment
                              The canteen has stocks of the Willetton baseball caps,
                              sunsmart hats, visors and supporters shirts for sale.
                              Club gear for sale
                              WBC Club jackets                               $60
                              WBC All-fleece batting pullovers               $60
                              Willetton Hoodies                              $40
                              WBC baseball caps                              $12
                              WBC visors                                     $10
                              WBC easyfit senior baseball caps               $25
                              WBC Sunsmart hats                              $22
                              WBC supporter shirts                           $25
                              WBC Kit bags embroidered with your name        $65
                              Socks                                           $8

                         Secondhand gear store
Since we opened our pre-loved diamond sport gear store last month there have been
plenty of items come and go. Housed in the canteen at Willetton Reserve, you will
be able to bag a bargain and know that all funds will go to developing diamond-sport
players at the Club.
Donations of outgrown/unused goods such as bats, fielding mitts, batting gloves,
baseball pants, helmets and tees in good usable condition will be gratefully accepted.
These goods can be handed in to the canteen at Willetton Reserve, or to any
Committee member.
Many of the items have barely been used including a pair of size 13 Eaton baseball
shoes, fielding mitt, a gold supporter’s shirt worn once and a couple of kit bags.
                     SEMSA representative teams
Once again SEMSA is looking for nominations for players, coaches, statisticians and
managers to form representative teams from the association.
Player nominating need to pay a $10 fee but this is refundable should the nomination
be unsuccessful.
Anyone interested in nominating at any of these levels should contact Peter Byrne on
0412 912 615 or; or Milosa Jackson on 0414471530 or
Get on the bus for Christmas social fun
HO HO HO, It's on the Coach we'll go!!!!!!!!!!!!
Christmas is coming, so we thought it was the ideal time to combine some
fundraising, with "fun" the essential ingredient!
How would you like to have a luxury coach collect you at the Burrendah in
Southlands at 9pm Saturday 4 December and transport you to Northbridge to
boogie a few hours away at the Elephant and Wheelbarrow? The well known cover
band Gunshy Romeos will ensure you have a hoot and a giggle with music from the
1960's through to modern day. All ages are encouraged to participate.
But not only that, you'll receive a complimentary welcome drink of a champagne,
beer or wine on arrival. The luxury coach will then gather us all up at 1am and drive
you back to Southlands so you can crawl into bed happy and weary.
It will have to be first come first served and there is a maximum of 43 seats
available. You'd expect to pay at least $40 taxi there and another $40 back home,
plus have to queue to get in and pay for your a minimum of
$90.........but.........................we have organised this Christmas fundraiser for the
amazing price of $30 all included and there's no postage and handling!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please phone Nicola on 0438 935 353 to secure a place and give her your money
ASAP. See you there.
New baseball undershirts
With many thanks to our sponsors all of our junior baseball teams have new
undershirts which they wear to training and to warm up in before the game.
                                                           While most teams have been
                                                           supplied with bottle green
                                                           shirts the Little League
                                                           teams        have     colours
                                                           corresponding with their
                                                           team name. This allows for
                                                           easy distinction when we
                                                           have derbies amongst our
                                                           three Little League teams.
                                                           Left: Our 15.3’s team
                                                           proudly show off their new
Looking for a new home loan?
Resi Home Loans in Midland, a major sponsor of Little League Baseball in WA, is
offering a special deal to Club contacts that will also benefit the Club.
For any home loan application taken between now and the end of December
2010 (and settling before the end of January 2011) Resi Home Loans will contribute
towards the BWA cost of registering a Little League team this season. If the
application is at least $300,000, they will meet the full cost of one Little League
team - in Perth metro that's a benefit to your club of $660 per referral.
The application need not come from just club members, but any referral from you
will qualify.
So if you know of anyone looking to purchase a property or refinancing their
existing home loan, even if only to do a home loan review, please contact:
      David Hayes
      Little League District Administrator and owner of Resi Home Loans, Midland
Parents code of conduct
As outlined in the Club’s fixture book, there is a code of conduct that must be
adhered to by all parents:
1   Children play for fun. Accept any mistakes as part of their learning process.
    Remember they are playing for their enjoyment not yours.
2   Don’t leave your child, stay and support the team, volunteer to help and discuss
    your child’s progress with the coach.
3   Applaud good play from both teams and encourage your child to accept is
    important as victory
4   Encourage your child to always play within the rules and accept the umpire’s
5   Never ridicule, abuse or yell at a child for making a mistake or losing the game.
6   Offensive behavior from parents or spectators is not acceptable under the rules of
    baseball and stern action will be taken against offenders.
7   Recognise the value and importance of volunteer coaches and officials. They
    give their time and knowledge to provide organized teeball/baseball/softball for
    your child and deserve your respect and support.
8   Teeball, baseball and softball are team games. Accept and understand that at
    times your child may be asked to take a turn on the bench.
9   Not all children can be champions. Do not force an unwilling child to participate
    or expect more from your child than their best effort.
10 If you disagree with an official or coach, raise the issue through the appropriate
   channels rather than question the person in public.
11 Foul language of any sort will not be tolerated.
Batting cages available for teeballers
The Club’s batting cages are available for any of our teeball teams to use on a Friday
evening for intensive batting training. If you would like to make use of the cages
please contact Neal Rogers on 0433 771 993 to book. Batting cage rules will apply.

                                             Left: Nippers team the Hot Rollers line
                                             up for a warm up drill prior to their
                                             Above: Nippers players in the Bronze
                                             Beez wait patiently on the bench ready
                                             for their turn to bat.
New accredited teeball coaches
Congratulations go to Craig Bayens, Joshua Gherardi, Jarrod McHoull, Michelle
Rogers and Neal Rogers who have all recently passed their Level A Coaching

State Championship teams selected
The State Championship team try-outs have concluded and players have been
selected to represent the Club in the Under 10’s and Under 11’s categories.
Well done to all players who tried-out and congratulations to all those who were
selected. There was a lot of talent shown which made it difficult for the selectors.
We appreciate the efforts of committee members who took time out to select the
state teams and a big thank you to the parents who encouraged and supported their
children and brought them to the ground to try-out.
We wish both teams all the best with the carnivals and the State Championships.

Teeball has new accredited umpires
Six of our teeball parents recently attended
umpiring clinics to become TBAWA
accredited teeball umpires. Conducted at
Morris Buzacott Reserve in Kardinya all
participants were given both theoretical and
practical information in what was an
interesting and enjoyable day.
Gaining this accreditation not only improves
the understanding of the game but also
enables these umpires to participate at a
higher level. Level 1 umpires can base
umpire at the State Championships, whereas
Level 2 umpires can plate umpire at that
Congratulations to the following members:
Craig Bayens Level 1                     Michelle Rogers     Level 1
Fred Hack       Level 1 and Level 2      Neal Rogers         Level 1 and Level 2
Mellissa Hack Level 1                    Caylen Sayers       Level 1
Greg Johnstone Level 1
Pictured above is Craig Bayens from the Diamondback team ‘Take That!’ putting
into practice new umpiring skills while other participants took turns in being the
Below: participants in the classroom
WBC Wildcats softball
Senior A
Team                   Played Won LostDrawn Byes For          Agst    %    Pts
WBC Wildcats              5    4   0    1    0   54            9   600.00% 9
Thornlie Hawks A          4    4   0    0    1   48            13 369.23% 8
Breakaways A              4    2   1    1    1   19            12 158.33% 5
Lasers                    5    2   3    0    0   32            36   88.89% 5
Kelmscott Bulldogs        4    2   2    0    1   22            27   81.48% 5
Rebels                    4    2   2    0    1   22            31   70.97% 5
Thornlie Hawks            5    2   3    0    0   17            39   43.59% 5
Cougars                   5    1   4    0    0   15            46   32.61% 2
Breakaways                4    0   4    0    1   21            37   56.76% 1
Senior B2
Breakaways                4       4    0     0      1    62   28    221.43%   8
WBC Wildcats              4       3    1     0      1    55   26    211.54%   4
Thornlie Hawks            4       2    2     0      1    46   33    139.39%   4
Cougars                   4       2    2     0      1    31   36     86.11%   4
Peppars                   5       2    3     0      0    51   77     66.23%   4
Mets                      4       1    3     0      1    30   48     62.50%   2
Redbax                    5       1    4     0      0    35   62     56.45%   2
Senior B3
Thornlie Hawks            4       4    0     0      1    35   21    166.67%   8
Steelers                  5       4    1     0      0    54   33    163.64%   8
Nomads                    4       3    1     0      1    48   32    150.00%   6
Cougars                   4       2    2     0      1    46   42    109.52%   4
Breakaways                5       2    3     0      0    61   49    124.49%   4
WBC Wildcats              4       0    4     0      1    26   57    45.61%    0
Lasers                    4       0    4     0      1    11   47     23.40%   0
Junior A
Thornlie Hawks            4       4    0     0      1    47   13    361.54%   8
Breakaways                4       3    1     0      1    43   44     97.73%   6
WBC Wildcats              4       2    2     0      1    46   42    109.52%   4
Cougars                   4       1    3     0      1    39   39    100.00%   2
Saints                    4       0    4     0      1    29   66     43.94%   0
Junior B
Redbax                    5       4    1     0      0    91 64      142.19%   8
WBC Wildcats              5       3    2     0      0    90 53      169.81%   6
Cougars Gold              5       3    2     0      0    76 76      100.00%   6
Cougars Blue              5       0    5     0      0    37 101      36.63%   0

Above left WBC Wildcats Subbies team. There is no ladder kept in this grade
Above right: WBC Wildcats Junior B team

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