AT FASHION WEEKS 2007 by dfsiopmhy6



Ciaté had the opportunity to            Day 1 - LONDON                                                                     NEXT STOP PARIS
                                        LFW kicked off @ PPQ with nails being highly buffed and glossed for the
sponsor many fashion shows              sparkle and shimmer effect. A 7am call time meant little sleep for the team
                                                                                                                           Day 1 - PARIS                                                                    these models were to be pulled into their dresses; in fact some of the
                                        but a big day was ahead. From PPQ we headed straight to Marios Schwarb for
this year in London and Paris. So,      his show held in The Top Shop tents, Convent Garden. A shimmery, pearly-           After travelling all evening the night before, we had an 8am call for            models were sewn into them!
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Gothica meets S&M meets Egypt walked the catwalk for a goose-bump
                                        pink was the stylist’s choice so we used Ciaté's Gwenyth, a slightly iridescent    Stella McCartney! The show mixed classic chic with more adventurous
with nail queen Marian Newman and       and subtle yet highly sexy pink.                                                   styles, including woolly knits, adorned with prominent animal designs.           producing show! Ciaté was honoured to sponsor one of the very best
                                                                                                                                                                                                            shows in the fashion world - probably the best in fact!
                                        The Looks                                                                          Make-up and hair was naturally beautiful with no real madness taking
her super team, I had the pleasure to   PPQ: High shine, super glossy slight shimmer: Ciaté Cameron with lashings          place, so we tailored the nails to match! We gave the models lots of             The Looks
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Alexander McQueen: Glimmering subtle gold: Ciaté Goldie mixed with
                                        of Final Statement Top Coat                                                        cuticle TLC with Ciaté Cuticle Fix oil pen and Ciaté award winning Love Me
work with Grazia's favourite tech       Marios Schwarb: Pearly pink, natural and subtle: Ciaté Gwenyth                     Oil to put some of the moisture back into their overworked hands. Paris          Cameron for a custom blend shade
                                                                                                                           being the last week, hands and nails were starting to become very fragile
Zoë Pocock, the celeb's darling Lucy    Day 2 - LONDON                                                                     and sensitive. Lashings of Ciaté Miss Rich intensive hand cream was given        Day 3 - PARIS
                                        While I preened and prepped myself for my second QVC appearance                    out to all models including Jessica Stam, for them to stay moisturised           After a heavy night of Zoë, Lucy and Charlotte dancing the
Galsworthy and nail veteran Kay Dodd    showcasing the Ciaté Spa Line, the team were out in force at the Aquascutum        during the rest of the week. Ciaté Final Statement gave nails the                night away in Paris' biggest gay night club we were off to meet fashion's
                                        show. By 1pm, Alison Young (beauty expert, QVC) and I sold the hell out of         sophisticated glossy shine to ensure they sparkled all the way down the          most charming and nicest designer, Antonio Beradi. His collection of
                                        the products. At 1.15pm I’m in a taxi heading for BIBA's iconic re-launch show.    catwalk! Stella herself also enjoyed the Ciaté pampering treats with her         clothes was the ultimate in sophistication, from headwear to shoes!
BY CHARLOTTE STRAUGHAN                  It was hats and more hats with 60’s glamour mixed up with the sophistication       very own gift bag!
                                                                                                                           The Looks
                                                                                                                                                                                                            We gave the models naturally tinted nails with Ciaté Cindy to match the
                                                                                                                                                                                                            chic style on the catwalk. Ciaté Spa Olive Oil and Shea Butter hand cream
                                        of our era! Ciaté's Victoria lacquer - chosen to vamp up and the colour choice
                                        - was perfect to contrast with the milky, perfect complexions of the model line-   Stella McCartney: Super glossy nails: Ciaté Final Statement                      was handed out in bundles so the models could rescue their hands from
                                        up. We were blessed to have models with beautiful hands and nails.                                                                                                  the hardship they would have endured over the past four weeks! Ciaté
                                        The Looks                                                                          Day 2 - PARIS                                                                    Love Me Oil was massaged into their cuticles and nails to hydrate and
                                        BIBA: Vampy, Rich, Velvety: Ciaté Victoria                                         After a leisurely stroll around the Parisian streets, we got a 2pm call to the   condition before finishing with flawless Ciaté Cindy and Black Magic Top
                                                                                                                           middle of nowhere! As always, Mr McQueen likes to do things a little             Coat for that extra sheen!
                                        Day 3 - LONDON                                                                     different so of course the venue would have to be big, outrageous and            The Looks
                                                                                                                           miles away from anywhere! We knew we were set for an exciting show and           Antonio Beradi: Neutral but beautiful, Ciaté Cindy and Ciaté Black Magic
                                        Marc Jacobs was in town to launch his collection and celebrate the opening of
                                        his London Boutique on Mount Street. Top models were the order of the day          with more than 40 models we were going to be extra busy! The make-up
                                        in a super venue – Claridges.                                                      was inspired by Egyptians, with gold encrusted skin and Cleopatra eyes.
                                        It was a fabulous show; extra glossy, shiny nails were on the menu - and shiny     With a little clever mixing we were able to match the perfect colour to the      Ciaté UK
                                        nails they got!                                                                    body paint so the nails would blend in with the works of art that the make-      T: 0208 466 5200
                                        The Looks                                                                          up artists had created. Ciaté Goldie was a little too heavy so we bought it
                                        Marc Jacobs: High shine, super glossy naturally beautiful nails: Ciaté Black       down a few shades with Ciaté Cameron, which produced a more subtle
                                        Magic                                                                              glimmer on the nails. Ample top coat ensured the colour stayed in place as

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