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									  Lifestyle Excellence                         CREATED BY AUSTRALIA’S PREMIER HEALTH RETREAT FOR FREE DISTRIBUTION

                                       er 200

                                                  Living Longer
                                                  By Gary Martin ND.
                                                  The life expectancy at birth of Australians, as at 2009, is 81.6 years, the seventh highest
                                                  in the world. In 2001, the country boasted over 3000 living centenarians. However,
                                                  when we look at the medical needs of those over 60, the levels of chronic disease and
                                                  the steady increase in nursing home residents, the picture is not so rosy. Many would
                                                  prefer to live a shorter life rather than suffer the slow and painful degeneration of body
                                                  and mind during the last quarter. The health intelligence acquired and the choices made
                                                  during the prime years will determine to a great degree the quality of life experienced
                                                  in old age.
                                                  Eating properly and doing regular               insulin response through improper diet
                                                  exercise will make a big difference             can lead to diabetes, heart disease, obesity,
                                                  when preparing for the long haul. When          osteoporosis, dementia, gum disease,
                                                  it comes to eating, however, there are          dental decay and cancer.
                                                  many differing opinions as to what is           Diabetes is Australia’s fastest growing
     “To eat is a necessity, but to
                                                  considered proper. Irrespective of the          chronic disease, and the sixth highest cause
      eat intelligently is an art".
                                                  various belief systems that influence diet,      of death. Over one million Australians are
           La Roch Efoucould                      there is a truth that can significantly          presently diagnosed, and the figure will
                                                  reduce the rate of aging, promote optimal       reach 2.5 million by 2014. In 2007, the
                                                  wellness and prolong life. The science of       World Health Organization reported that
                                                  insulin is a vital key for understanding        there were 246 million diagnosed cases
                                                  and achieving quality longevity.                worldwide. Type 2 diabetes costs the
                                                  Insulin is a hormone produced in the            Australian taxpayer $3 billion per year, or
Lifestyle Excellence                                                                              12% of the total health budget.
                                                  pancreas and released in response to
Editor: April Patane                              elevations in blood glucose levels. It
Design: Heather North - Living Valley Design                                                      Yet, with a simple shift in the
Publisher: Living Valley Springs                  has an extensive effect on metabolism,          carbohydrate-protein-fat ratio in one’s
                                                  influencing many bodily functions. Insulin       diet, diabetes Type 2 can be avoided,
Living Valley Springs
                                                  causes cells in the liver and muscle to take    stabilised, managed and even cured.
PO Box 35, Kin Kin, 4571, Australia
Ph: 1800 644 733 (or +617 5485 4344)              up glucose from the blood to be stored as       When excessive carbohydrates are
Fax: 07 5485 4346                                 glycogen. Glucose is also conveyed into         ingested over a long period of time,
                                                  fat cells by insulin, which then inhibits the   insulin receptors in muscle, liver and
                                                  use of fat as a source of energy. Basically,    fat cells become insulin resistant. They
                                                  insulin converts sugar and other food into      fail to take up sugar. This results in
           Visit our website at                   energy for immediate use, or for storage        uncontrolled levels of glucose building                               to be used in times of need. Insulin, more      up in the blood.
                                                  than any other hormone, regulates the
                                                  rate of aging. Poor management of the
                                                                                                         Continued on page 2


                            Lifestyle Excellence
                                                                                                    Live Longer
E di t o r’s                                                                                   Continued from p.1
       Message                             Insulin receptors in the hypothalamus
                                           also become resistant, creating a
                                                                                         carbohydrates in the diet, animals live
                                                                                         much longer and the rate of aging is
                                           devastating domino effect throughout the      significantly reduced.
Would you like to live for 100 years or    endocrine system. Thyroid function slows
longer? Longevity is a grand ambition,                                                At Living Valley Springs we have
                                           down, testosterone and adrenal-hormone     successfully treated many cases of
but it’s how we live now that determines   levels reduce, melatonin production at
if we are able to enjoy those additional                                              diabetes. However, the rate of long
                                           night decreases and oestrogen goes up.     term success is obviously dependant
years. Gary Martin ND. explains in his     A prolonged elevation in blood glucose
article “Living Longer” the vital part                                                on compliance by the patient. Through
                                           will cause heart disease, obesity, impaireda basic weight loss program and ten
insulin plays in the role of aging.        eyesight, peripheral vascular disease, highday cleanse, followed by a reduction in
Regular exercise is also important         blood pressure and many other diseases.    dietary carbohydrate and an increase in
in preparing for a long healthy life       India is known as the diabetic capital of good fats, regular daily exercise, mineral
and Spring is the ideal time to get        the world with 42 million                                     supplementation (inc.
started on a new exercise program.         diagnosed cases presently     ...diabetes, Type 2             chromium) and our
Living Valley Springs Personal Trainer     requiring      treatment.                                     unique       DiabeeTea,
Mark Smith has highlighted some of                                        can be avoided,                many are no longer
                                           Approximately        42%
the popular ways of achieving and          of the population are stabilised, managed                     dependant           on
maintaining a fit, healthy body in his                                     and even cured.                insulin     medication
                                           strict       vegetarians,
article “Fit for Life”. Don’t wait until                                                                 or injections.
                                           consuming a diet that
Summer to start enjoying the benefits       is predominantly high carbohydrate, The key is to be educated rather
of regular exercise.                       low fat and low protein. If this sector than medicated. Keep total dietary
I hope you enjoy reading through this      of the country were to replace some of carbohydrate down to 50-70 grams per
Spring edition and feel encouraged by      their grain and sweet foods with eggs, day, replacing the carbohydrates with
the testimonies from past guests. I have   soft cheeses, butter and sour cream good fats, while maintaining a reasonable
also included a new section “Letters       there would be a significant decrease
                                                                                      level of protein. Make vegetables the
to the Editor”. You are welcome to         in diabetic statistics within a few years.
                                                                                      main source of carbohydrate. I invite you
submit your feedback by emailing           America also has a high diabetic count of or by sending          21 million diagnosed, and an estimated to come to Living Valley Springs for ten
us a letter.                               21 million not yet diagnosed. Once again days where you will learn the dietary
                                           this is mostly due to a diet that is high ratios and a lifestyle that will best suit
All the best in health and happiness
                                           in sugar, processed grain foods and other you for ultimate wellness and a long life.
and a big thank you for taking the time
                                           concentrated carbohydrates.                Living Valley Springs has been operating
to read “Lifestyle Excellence”!
                                           It has been found that when insulin for nearly 20 years and is known as
                                           is kept low through the reduction of Australia’s most healing health retreat.
                                                        Extensive references available upon request to

                     i Pa t a n e
              A p rtolGary Martin)                  INSULIN RESPONSE TO THE THREE FOOD GROUPS
(Executive Assistant

                                                4                                                       INSULIN RESPONSE
                                                3                                                       CALORIES


                                                      CARBOHYDRATE              PROTEIN               FAT

                                                                                                   "He that takes medicine and
                                                                                                  neglects nutrition, wastes the
                                                                                                          skill of the physician"

Maca                                                                                                              Chinese Proverb

Much more than an aphrodisiac...

Pure 100% Living Valley Maca Powder            nutritionally supports the function of         has an amazing
is derived from an organically grown           the glands. As Maca is a vegetable, it         nutritional value.
cruciferous root vegetable which only          is natural and without any known side          Its    high     protein
grows at 4000m in the Andes of Peru.           effects. An acute oral toxicity limit study    content excels that of
Traditionally Maca has been used by the        also demonstrated Maca to be very safe.        other plants. For example it
Peruvians for at least 3000 years as a                                                        has 5 times more protein and 4
medicine and an integral part of their diet.   Preliminary      in     vivo     experiments   times more fibre than the potato.
This turnip-like root was greatly prized by    demonstrated promising results for energy,     Maca has the ability to store high levels
the Peruvians and was used by the Incan        stamina and depression. These results have     of nutrients in a form readily accessed by
royal court for its fertility enhancing        sometimes been seen in as little as 6-8        the body. It is also an excellent source
and aphrodisiac qualities. Maca was also       hours after the initial dose. Although Maca    of trace minerals, including zinc, iodine,
given to their army to increase vitality       has been promoted as a potent aphrodisiac      copper, selenium, bismuth, manganese
and strength.                                  and a natural alternative for the treatment    and silica, calcium and magnesium, iron,
Maca      stimulates,     regulates     and    of hormonal imbalances, this super food        phosphorous and B vitamins.

 Uses for Men:                                  General Wellbeing:                             Uses for Women:
  • Treating impotence and                        • Increasing athletic performance,            • Easing hot flushes, breast
    encouraging healthy fertility                   stamina, endurance and vitality               tenderness, sleeplessness and
                                                  • Increasing energy                             mood swings
  • Enhancing libido
                                                  • Promoting mental clarity                    • A natural alternative to hormone
  • Increasing sperm count and                                                                    replacement therapy (HRT)
    mobility                                      • Treating chronic fatigue syndrome
                                                    and depression                              • Aiding in regulating and
  • Increasing testosterone levels                                                                normalising menstrual cycles
                                                  • Decreasing anxiety
                                                                                                • Relief from PMS
                                                  • Slowing down the aging process
                                                    and keeping skin youthful                   • Stimulating fertility
                                                  • Treating osteoporosis                       • Enhancing libido
                                                  • Fighting Ross River Fever,
                                                    glandular fever and other immune
                                                    system related diseases
                                                  • Balancing blood iron levels

                                                       Maca Smoothie
                                                   •1-2 raw organic eggs (optional)
                                              • ¼ to ½ tin coconut cream
                                            • 1 tbs Maca
                                          • 1 tsp raw honey
                                        • 1 banana
                                       • Strawberries
                                      • Blend, serve & enjoy!


                                           By Avalon Walker

                                           It was late 2008 when I realised that my
                                           health had degenerated vastly. Due to
                                           my distressed nervous system I had lost
                                           approximately 23 Kilos in weight and was

Spinach                                    completely exhausted! Upon checking
                                           into Living Valley Springs, I immediately
                                                                                           across to my accommodation as I was
                                                                                           so very weak. But by the time I left, I

Croquettes                                 felt a deep sense of safety and relief.
                                           I completed a 24 day program, during
                                                                                           was actually skipping up the hill to my
                                                                                           lovely room.
with Minted Yogurt                         which everyone made me feel so welcome.         If I close my eyes and place myself back at
Sauce                                      The recovery I experienced was not just
                                           on a physical level, but I was also totally
                                                                                           Living Valley Springs, I immediately feel a
                                                                                           wonderful sense of calm. It was truly the
                                           rejuvenated mentally and spiritually. The       best thing I have ever done for myself. I
Makes approx. 16 Croquettes. Serve
                                           staff were sensational, caring and sincere.     cannot recommend it highly enough to
with fresh spring salad.
                                           It was so wonderful to experience an            everyone! Thank you Gary and Debbie for
•      1 ½ cup short grain rice            establishment where everyone is enjoying        having and pursuing such a blessed vision
•      250g feta cheese, crumbled          their work. When I first arrived I was           in Living Valley Springs. I will see you all
•      ¼ cup toasted pine seeds, chopped   concerned I would not be able to walk           again soon!               Avalon Walker
•      2 organic eggs beaten
•      1 clove garlic, minced
•      2 tsp grated lemon rind
•      1/3 cup chopped spring onions
•      250g fresh spinach                  Letter to the Editor
       1 Tbs chopped fresh dill
       Enough spelt flour to bind
                                           The French article
                                           (Winter 2009 edition)
Cook the rice in a large pan of boiling
                                           I was particularly interested in your article   the week. The French are very choosy
water until just tender.
                                           on “The French”. I am a French teacher          about their food and will not accept poor
Drain. Rinse under cold water, and then
                                           and having lived and worked in France,          quality. I once enjoyed a weekend stay
drain again.
                                           I can totally support the findings of this       with a family in the Cahors region of
Combine the rice, cheese, nuts, eggs,
                                           research. France has its own very unique        Southern France. A five course lunch was
garlic, lemon rind, spring onions,
                                           culture. Indeed, the French do not snack        prepared to celebrate a holiday, consisting
spinach and dill in a large bowl.
                                           between meals, you do not usually see           of cabbage stuffed with mince, roast
Add enough spelt flour to have
                                           French children walking along the streets       pheasant, chicken cooked in wine, salad,
croquette mix stable for frying.
                                           munching packets of chips. Meals have           locally produced cheese, fruit, coffee
Portion out using a large ice-cream
                                           always been the focus of family and social      and modest amounts of local red wine.
scoop. Put on fry pan and cook over
                                           life, and are taken seriously. One thing        The meal lasted three hours! It was full
low heat until they are set
                                           that was not mentioned in the article is        of cream, fat, beef lard, butter etc. All the
and browned.
                                           that traditionally the main meal of the         things we are told are unhealthy. Maybe
Minted Yogurt Sauce                        day has always been lunch rather than           eating slower, eating foods separately
                                           dinner. The French meal does not have           and in small amounts is the key. In fact,
• 200g plain yogurt
                                           everything crammed onto a plate, but the        perhaps we just eat TOO MUCH here!
• 2 Tbs chopped fresh mint
                                           meat and vegetables are served separately,      I have often thought that if Australia
• 2 Tbs lemon juice
                                           as different courses. Helpings are always       had been colonised by the French instead
• Himalayan Salt
                                           small. And yes, processed food is rare.         of the English, we would have the
Combine all ingredients and mix well.
                                           Every town has a fruit and vegetable            perfect country!!
Cover and refrigerate until needed.
                                           market and many operate every day of                                      Susan Flegg


                          A.                                                                              G.


                             products are safe for our environment yet effective, economical and gentle in caring for you and your
family. They are formulated so the combinations of ingredients work harmoniously to create the lowest possible toxicity for flora
and fauna, while producing powerful results for the intended job. They contain no phosphates or nitrates. Tip: As these products are
concentrated, remember to use less than what you would with normal products.

A. Alpha Plus – Herbal Laundry                 D. Chamomile Liquid Organic                      stainless steel, aluminium and laminated
Concentrate 2kg                                Concentrate 1L                                   surfaces.
Was $46.20, Now $39.20                         Was $25.30, Now $21.50                           G. Sphagnum Moss Herbal
Gives your clothes a new and natural clean     An extremely mild, multi-purpose cleaning
                                                                                                Disinfectant 1L
with extra brightness. Tip: Safe for           product that leaves no toxic residue.
                                               Chamomile and Marshmallow emollients             Was $28.75, Now $24.44
septic tanks
                                               deliver a unique, skin-softening property to     Hospital grade disinfectant concentrate.
B. Alpha Plus – Herbal Pre-Wash                prevent ‘dish-pan’ hands!                        Enriched with natural herbal germicides, this
                                                                                                innovative product re-odourises all treated
Soaker 2kg                                     E. Hyaline Glass and Window                      areas, leaving a gentle fragrance of natural
Was $50.80, Now $43.20                         Cleaner 500ml                                    spearmint and musk. Contains no bleach,
Non chlorinated, phosphate & nitrate-free                                                       chlorine, acids or caustic alkalies, no harsh or
de-stainer.                                    Was $10.15, Now $8.65
                                               Inhibits misting/fogging. A powerful, natural-   toxic fumes.
C. Citrus Dish washing Powder                  based solvent cleaner that creates a crystal     H. Supre Multi-Purpose Cleaning
Concentrate 2kg                                clear sparkle whilst reducing finger-marking
                                               and re-soiling.
Was $46.55, Now $39.25                                                                          Was $23.00, Now $19.55
Leads the world in safety. A naturally-        F. Ultra Cream Cleanser 500ml                    Effectively boosted by a complex and
based herbal cleanser that controls staining   Was $10.55, Now $8.97                            synergistic blend of naturally-based solvents,
and sanitises as it cleans. No caustics or     Contains no ammonium or chlorinating             including orange and pine oils. Contains no
chlorinating compounds and no toxic            compounds. Soft mineral micro spheres will       caustics, ammonia or petrochemical solvents.
fumes. Peace of mind for the well-being        not scratch surfaces. Ideal for use on           Can be used for cleaning cupboards, stove
of your children.                              vitreous enamel, ceramic tiles, porcelain,       tops, tiles and sound painted surfaces.
               Spring Specials
                                                                                      Earth Skinfoods Organic
                                                                                      Rosehip Oil (25ml) with Free
                                                                                      Rose Spritzer
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                                                                                      Restore and rehydrate your skin with
                                                                                      100% pure certified organic rosehip
                                                                                      oil. Rich in vitamins A, C & E, your
                                                                                      skin should start to glow in a short
                                                                                      time. Order and receive a bonus Rose
                                                                                      Spritzer (while stock lasts).
Cellande Hand, Face & Body Scrub 150g
Was $14.95, Now $11.95
For thorough cleansing of the skin and a clean, fresh and revitalised feel.
Contains pine cellulose (tiny wood particles) that gently remove unwanted
residue from the skin, essential oil of lavender for its antiseptic and anti-
inflammatory properties, and palm oil, which is high in Beta-Carotene and a
natural source of vitamins A and E.
Cellande Hand, Foot & Body Lotion 220g
Was $18.95, Now $15.15
An advanced moisturising lotion formulated using essential oils and herbs to
smooth and recondition the skin. Contains: essential oil of lavender and herbal
extracts of calendula, comfrey and chamomile, apricot kernel oil, aloe vera and
coconut oil.
Anna’s Wild Yam Cream 100g Was $44.95, Now $38.20
For the symptomatic relief of PMS/PMT and Menopause.

                                                      Nutrition & Physical Degeneration
                                                      Weston A. Price DDS, 527 pages
                                                      Was $61.60, Now $55.45
                                                      A shocking and powerful testament to the adverse effects of modern
                                                      processed diets upon health, this book is a valuable resource.
                                                      Tip: See book review on page 7
                                                      Back to Eden – Jethro Kloss, 886 pages
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                                                      Back to Eden is a classic guide to herbal medicine, natural foods
                                                      and home remedies. Packed with practical natural remedies,
                                                      hydrotherapy, charcoal treatments, a guide for many common
                                                      ailments, with a herbal index and healthy recipes this book has sold
                                                      over 5 million copies.
                                                      Juice Fasting and Detoxification - Steve Meyerowitz,
                                                      154 pages Was $39.40 Now $33.50
                                                      Use the healing power of fresh juice to feel young and look great.
                                                      Changing Habits Changing Lives - Cyndi O’Meara,
                                                      272 pages Was $31.30, Now $26.60
                                                      This inspirational book successfully demonstrates how true health
                                                      and success begins with you and the way you think and act.
                                                      Cyndi takes you on an exciting journey that gives you the keys to
                                                      transforming your health, energy and vitality – one habit at a time.
                                                                                                        Special prices valid
                                                                                                 till 31st October 2009 or
                                                                                                           while stocks last

                                                                         TO FF
                                                                      UP % O
Living Valley Bee Pollen 200g Now $14.60, 400g Now $22.70, 1kg Now $45.00
100% pure, premium quality Australian Bee Pollen. Ideal for an energetic start to your day!
Living Valley Living Greens 100g Now $14.90, 200g Now $22.65, 1kg Now $57.75
A potent combination of three excellent herbs: Green Barley, Wheat Grass & Alfalfa. Together they form an abundant
supply of rich vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids.

Living Valley Green Barley Leaf 100g Now $14.90, 200g Now $22.65, 1kg Now $57.75
100% Australian Green Barley Grass. A concentrated source of chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, carotene, dietary
fibre and amino acids. Dried at 37˚C and powdered for fast absorption.

                                     Red Yeast Rice 30g Was $23.25, Now $19.75
                                     Red Yeast Rice is used in traditional Chinese herbology and traditional Chinese
                                     medicine and is taken internally to invigorate the body, aid in digestion, and remove
                                     "blood blockages".
                                     Vital Saw Palmetto 60 capsules Was $23.15, Now $18.55
                                     Saw Palmetto helps maintain a healthy prostate. It is known to help balance and
                                     support normal male physiology and function.
                                     Herbal Tri-Plex 50ml Was $49.90, Now $42.40
                                     Containing three powerful Australian grown organic herbs, Tri-Plex aids in ridding the
                                     body of worms and protects against other intestinal parasites.

            Amena’s Organic Herb Salt 200g Was $5.95, Now $4.95
                 Amena’s Herb Salt is a blend of organically grown herbs mixed in a special
                       process with sea salt to retain the full flavour and freshness of the
                             herbs. A delicious replacement for regular table salt.
                                    Living Valley Cayenne Pepper 80g
                                        Was $8.00, Now $6.80
                                           Premium quality Cayenne pepper which not only
                                              tastes great applied to your favourite dish, but
                                                 has renowned medicinal properties.

                                    TRY$54          Yummy Bar 55g Was $3.50, Now $3.15
                                                    Yummy Bar’s are a sweet, delicious wholesome snack without any refined
                                                    sugars, flavours, colours or preservatives. Select from five different yummy
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                                                                                          Portable FAR Infrared Sauna
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                                                                                          immune system, relax and energise, all
                                                                                          in the comfort of your own home.

                                                     TRYUR F
                                                      FO 95                                       VE
                                                           $ 17.                                SA 125
                                          !   The combined mix of sunflowers,
linseeds, almonds and pepitas creates a delicious and nutritious topping to
yoghurt, waffles or fruit. Tip: To avoid rancidity it is best to grind the SLAP            Living Valley Maca
ingredients daily rather than purchase pre-made mixes.                                    150g Now $10.70
                                                                                          300g Now $19.20
        Chemical Free Sunflower Kernels 200g Now $3.35                                     A brain and hormone tonic for
           Organic Linseed 500g Now $5.95                                                 women, increases testosterone levels
              Chemical Free Almonds 500g Now $6.50                                        in men, improves performance, boosts
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                            Made from 100% pure natural organic apple juice,
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                            Equagold Pure Vanilla Extract 50ml
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                            This is a pure cold pressed extract and contains only                (Excludes Champion Juicers & other
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                            pure New Zealand spring water, alcohol (35% vol) and
                            vanilla pods. Tip: This is a single fold extract (sometimes                       To order call:
                            referred to as “domestic strength”) and should be used
                            as directed by recipe.
                                                                                                           1800 644 733

                                                                                          The only exercise some people get is jumping to
                                                                                                 conclusions, running down their friends,
                                                                                                              side-stepping responsibility,
                                                                                                                   and pushing their luck!
                                                                                                                         Author Unknown

                                                Fit for Life
                                                By Mark Smith
Mark Smith is the Gym Instructor at Living Valley Springs, providing energetic and
empowering workout sessions, personal training and stretch classes. He is also a
“Boxing for Fitness” advanced instructor. Mark has Certificate 4 in Fitness Training and
Remedial Massage giving him the edge in creating effective programs. So when you
come for a visit, be sure to book in with Mark for a Personal Training package.

Regular Exercise                                to play a regular game of tennis, squash
                                                or basketball or join a cycling or rowing
By 2020, 75% of Australians will be
                                                club. Having a training buddy is another
overweight¹. Excess weight can increase
                                                excellent way of making exercise a fun
the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes,
                                                and social time, while keeping each other
certain types of cancer and hypertension.
                                                challenged and motivated.
Without regular exercise many of my
clients reported increased stress levels and    Running / Jogging
an inability to cope in crisis situations.      Running on a regular basis can lower blood
They also reported that they suffer low         pressure and aid the arteries to maintain
self esteem and negative body image due         elasticity. While running, the arteries
to their extra weight. I tell them, with over   expand and contract three times as much
640 muscles in our body we need to be           as they do when sedentary. This means you
working them daily!                             are not only working out to improve your
Regular exercise can help eliminate             physical appearance but also the overall
poisons from the body, increase circulation,    function of your body. In doing this the
increase metabolism and strengthen              risk of heart attack and stroke becomes
the heart and lungs. Endorphins are also        greatly reduced.
released during exercise which make us
feel good. Exercise can decrease the risk of    Swimming
osteoporosis and relieve stress. Research       Swimming works every main muscle
conducted by The Mayo Clinic shows that         group in the body, providing low impact
regular physical activity, combined with        stress. It can be especially beneficial if you
healthy eating habits, is the most efficient     have injuries.
and healthful way to control your weight.
Exercise can take many shapes and forms.
The most important thing to consider            Cycling is another great exercise for those
when choosing a workout program is to           with certain injuries and conditions.
pick an activity that you enjoy. Choose         A bicyclist can burn up to 40 calories
something that is challenging yet fun.          per kilometer.
It is important to set goals for yourself.      Rebounding
This will encourage you when you reach
certain milestones and help you to keep         Rebounding is especially good for people
intensifying your workout.                      who suffer from conditions such as
                                                arthritis. It can reduce the risk of knee
Many people tell me they simply do not          problems and shin splints due to the
have time to exercise. I encourage these        low impact on joints and limbs. It can
people to choose an activity which they         also be good for back problems as it
can conveniently work into their                strengthens the back without undue strain.
schedules. For example, walking or              Rebounding can also improve balance
riding a bike to work or the corner store       and coordination.
instead of driving. Family time could be
better spent taking a walk or swimming          Walking
at the beach than watching TV. Exercise         Walking briskly for 30 minutes a day
can even be integrated into the social          is of great benefit. If you find this too
part of your lifestyle. Invite your friends     challenging at first, try ten minutes and               Continued on page 6

                               Lifestyle Excellence

Fit for Life
Continued from p.5
gradually build up. A pedometer can be
used to measure your steps. You need
to walk at least 10 000 steps per day to
achieve good health benefits.                    The Lord works in
Pilates                                         mysterious ways
Pilates is a very popular exercise. One
of its benefits include increased muscle         I did the 10 day program at Living Valley were sold at the pub. So back down the
strength, particularly of the abdominal         Springs in April 2009. A few days prior to hill I went and into the pub where they
muscles, lower back, hips, buttocks (the        arriving, the area was flooded by torrential had begun the big job of hosing out the
“core muscles“ of the body). It can also        rains and many of the staff who live off- mud and debris from the flood. Again, I
improve stabilisation of the spine, posture,    site were marooned. As luck would have asked if they sold cigarettes. A man said,
physical coordination and balance. Pilates      it, there was more torrential rain on the yes, they did, but the cigarette machine
is very popular for women due to the low        Monday after my arrival. Staff were was waterlogged because of the flood.
impact stress on their bodies and the           again marooned at the retreat overnight.
attractive way it shapes their muscles.         Those of us staying in the Valley View Feeling forlorn, I went outside and
                                                                                                                     looked up into the
Strength & Weight Training                      accommodation
                                                were confined to                                                      clear blue sky. As
Strength and weight training is great for
increasing muscular strength, reducing          our quarters from          “The floods had been I gazed heaven-
                                                                                                                     ward, I had a
body fat, which can then increase lean body     2pm on Monday to
                                                Tuesday morning.
                                                                                 sent to Kin Kin                     mighty revelation.
mass and raise your metabolism, causing
you to burn more calories 24 hours a day.       Fortunately, the            expressly to stop me                     This was a sign,
                                                                                                                     I thought!        The
It also assists in improving your muscular      staff managed to
endurance and can aid in slowing down           get up the road in
                                                                                from smoking”!                       floods had been
the aging process, which usually begins         a four-wheel drive                                                   sent to Kin Kin
around the age of 30. Some symptoms of          vehicle to bring us our evening broth.                               expressly to stop
aging include muscle wastage, slowing                                                        me from smoking! I felt very humble but
down of metabolism and poor posture.            I had come because of my vices – smoking, very special and I turned on my heel and
                                                alcohol and over-eating. Of the three, walked with a new vigour back to Living
Aerobic Classes & Circuit Training
                                                smoking is ‘The Big One,’ and as I laid Valley Springs.
Aerobic training can lower the heart rate       in my bed listening to the unrelenting
and blood pressure at any level of exercise.    torrential rain, I suffered the pangs There’s a postscript to this story. Two days
It can also increase maximal oxygen             of withdrawal. I could have killed for later I again walked out of the front gate,
consumption and increase blood volume                                                        heading for the fork in the road that leads
                                                a cigarette!
and its ability to carry oxygen.                                                             to the walking trail. To the left lay Kin Kin.
Whether you are trying to lose weight or        By the following morning the floods had I stood still for a moment and wondered
maintain it, you should understand the          abated, but my withdrawal symptoms if the cigarette machine in the pub had
important role of physical activity and         hadn’t. I decided to make a break for it been fixed yet. Then a thought came to
include it in your lifestyle.                   and walk to the nearby town of Kin Kin me. Gary is considered to be something
If you can breathe you can achieve!             to buy some cigarettes despite the fact of a miracle worker. Perhaps he has a
                                                they are ‘contraband’ at the retreat. It hot line to ‘Head Office’? Perhaps he had
¹ `Obesity’         was a slow, long walk. I tried to thumb something to do with creating the flood?
Please consult a health & fitness professional
before commencing a new exercise program.       a lift but the cars just sped up when they And if so, what other pestilence might
                                                passed me. They probably realised I was he conjure up?             A plague of locusts
                                                an escapee from Living Valley Springs.       maybe? I decided it wasn’t worth the
                                                                                             risk, and headed off down the road to the
                                                About an hour later I reached Kin Kin, walking trail.
                                                which had also been under water the
                                                previous day. I trudged up the hill to the The moral of this story? The Lord works
                                                little general store and asked if they sold in mysterious ways, particularly at Living
                                                cigarettes. They didn’t, but I was told they Valley Springs.            Eileen Wilson

                                                                                          “Man does not live by bread alone, but by every
                                                                                            word that proceeds out of the mouth of God”
                                                                                                                  The Bible, Matthew 4:4

                                                Testimony                                      “Nutrition
                                                By Michelle Preston                            and Physical
PROGRAM: 26th April – 5th May 2009              of my diabetes. I am living proof that         Weston A. Price, DDS
                                                lots of regular exercise, correct diet and
I feel Free!!
                                                Gary’s very own Diabee-Tea can produce
                                                                                               “A shocking and powerful testament to
Hi, I am Michelle. I live on the Sunshine       stable blood sugars within days. My
Coast with my gorgeous husband and I am                                                        the adverse effects of modern processed
                                                goal is to beat it altogether. I will keep
33 years old.                                                                                  diets upon health”
                                                you posted.
In December 2006, I became seriously ill,       I have so much energy, I feel calm, my         This book documents the findings of
and was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.                                                        Weston Price and his wife, as they
                                                mind is clear and I am really motivated to
Since then, I have been on four insulin                                                        travelled the world in search of the secret
                                                continue this wonderful healthy lifestyle.
injections a day to manage it. I knew in                                                       to health. He observed both modernised
my heart there was a more natural and           It gets better. I am no longer a smoker
                                                                                               and traditional diets, documenting the
basic approach to manage my condition,          (of 18 years) and lost nearly 3kg over         effects of introducing modernised foods
but was unable to find a doctor to support       the ten days. I had the best time there        such as white flour, white sugar, refined
my decision. The doctors and specialist         and made many new friends with other           vegetable oils and canned goods to
told me that I could not possibly manage        guests and the exceptional staff. I will be    groups of people who previously thrived
diabetes Type 1, without insulin injections.    sending everyone I care about to do this       on ancestral diets.
They said that if I tried, I would die!
                                                program after having such a worthwhile
                                                                                               Dr. Price uses photographical evidence
I am not taking insulin anymore! I’m not        experience myself.
dead! In fact, I have never felt better! The                                                   and case studies to demonstrate the
10 Day Program at Living Valley Springs         Coming to Living Valley Springs has not        importance of whole food nutrition and
has given me an opportunity to try a            only added years to my life, it has added      the degeneration that comes from a diet
different approach in the management            life to my years!                              of processed foods. If you need evidence
                                                                                               on the vast benefits of following a
                                                                                               healthy diet, then it is essential you read
                                                                                               this book!
Team News                                                                                      Recently imported from the USA - a
Michaela & Julie                                                                               valuable investment.

It was a sad day when Michaela O’Neill
informed us that she would be leaving
on the 17th July 2009, exactly five years
from the day she started. Michaela grew
up at Living Valley Springs, left for a while
then returned in July 2004. For many
                                                and trainer. After several years teaching
years she has managed the Health Shop
                                                massage at TAFE she has come back to
and is well known by our guests. She has
                                                take on the position of shop manager
done a mighty job and will be missed.
                                                with extraordinary enthusiasm. Julies
Julie Palmer has worked at Living Valley        husband Kevin and her son Nathan are
Springs in the past as a therapist, cook        also part of the team.


                                  Lifestyle Excellence
                                                      went to a health store and saw the LVS
                                                      brochure, which I took home and read the
                                                      testimonies. In that moment I knew here
                                                      I have to go.
                                                      It is such a peaceful, quiet, lovely, unique,
                                                      special place with the best staff that I ever
                                                      saw. I felt secure and safe and that is not
                                                      normal for me. I felt the good spirit at this
                                                      retreat. After the first ten days I was still
                                                      very tired, so I booked another ten days. I
                                                      never could imagine before that healthy                    Zomby
Testimony                                             food can be sooo good and the fact that I
                                                      could eat so many different foods surprised
                                                      me. There is the best kitchen team in the
                                                                                                      Zomby, the Living Valley Springs mascot
                                                                                                      dog, although in his twelfth year, is still
Hi, I am Stefanie from Switzerland. I                                                                          “the ultimate charmer”.
                                                      world. Everybody is soooooo friendly and
suffered severe food allergies and life-
                                                      warm hearted. It’s a big experience to be       He loves to greet the guests on arrival
threatening      circulatory   breakdown.
                                                      in the hands of such attentive staff.           and show them some of his macho
Further I had hypoglycaemia, candida
infection, migraines, mercury poisoning,              My special thanks to Gary who had the                         rock tricks.
lack of energy, chronic fatigue, chemical             brilliant idea to create this place. Nothing    Pictured here with Rosy, Zomby proudly
sensitivity, hay fever and disturbance of             was too much for everybody. I want to
                                                                                                      shows off one of the rocks out of his
the intestinal mucosa. Therefore, I could             give my thanks to all staff at Living Valley
                                                                                                                precious collection.
not absorb nutrients anymore and suffered             Springs. I had one of my greatest times
with nutritional deficiency.                           with you and the other guests and I miss
                                                      you all.
In May 2009, my husband had to travel to
Australia on business.                                I feel so much better and no longer
                                                      suffer from migraines. I am now enjoying                 Receive a
I was afraid to stay at home in my
condition and I was not fit to fly. With my
                                                      everyday rather than just surviving. I                copy delivered to
                                                      learned so much from the lectures. It was
big trust in God, I knew Jesus will bring me          fantastic. No, it was much more! It was                  your door!
back well. On the journey, my whole body              a revelation to learn all about nutrition,
was trembling. After arrival I trembled all           which gives back good health.
day. I was afraid that I made the wrong                                                                           lifestyle Excellence
decision to travel to Australia. I was sooo           Big kisses from Switzerland.                                                                  July
                                                                                                                                                                  NUTRITION | EXERCISE | WATER | SUNLIGHT | TEMPERANCE | AIR | REST | TRUST IN DIVINE POWER


weak and totally burned out. One day I

                                                      Stefanie Ruoso

                                                                                                                                                                       The French
                                                                                                                                                                       By Gary Martin ND.
                                                                                                                                                                       When it comes to wellness and longevity there is much we can learn from the French.
                                                                                                                                                                       As a nation, France has one of the highest life expectancy statistics in the world, with
                                                                                                                                                                       an average of 80.87 years (females = 84.23 years).¹ With a population of 62 million,
                                                                                                                        “Laughter is the sun                           most of whom are thin and fit, France boasts the lowest death rate from Coronary Heart
                                                                                                                     that drives winter from the                       Disease(CHD) in the world. In 2000, the number of French who died of CHD was 82 per
                                                                                                                            human face.”
                                                                                                                                                                       100,000 population, compared to 216 in the USA, 229 in the UK and 144 in Australia.²
                                                                                                                              Victor Hugo                              Only 11% of French adults are considered                   common in France. Food is fresh and often
                                                                                                                                                                       overweight, compared to 66% in the USA.                    locally grown. Even the smallest brasserie
                                                                                                                                                                       A low 7% are obese compared to 31% in                      would never cook with dehydrated or
                                                                                                                                                                       the USA.                                                   frozen foods.
                                                                                                                                                                       In 1999, the British Medical Journal                       The French eat small to moderate meals,
                                                                                                                                                                       reported that the average adult total                      ensuring maximum nutrition in each
                                                                                                                                                                       serum cholesterol level in France was                      preparation. Whereas, the Americans have
                                                                                                                                                                       6.1mmol/L in men and 6.5mmol/L in                          3-4 times the volume per meal. The French
                                                                                                                                                                       women.³ Based on advice given by                           stop eating when they are no longer hungry,
                                                                                                                                                                       members of the medical profession over                     whereas Americans and Australians tend to
                                                                                                                                                                       recent decades, these statistics appear to                 stop when their plate is clean.
                                                                                                                                                                       be a paradox, when cardiovascular health                   The French consume more fat than any
                                                                                                                                                                       in France is rated the best in the world.                  other nation on Earth, ingesting 170gms
                                                                                                                                                                       Although cancer in France has increased                    per person per day, against a world average
                                                                                                                                                                       over the last 25 years, mortality has reduced              of 78gms.5 A Doctor Serge Renaud from
                                                                                                                                                                       by 25% for the same period,4 with only 240                 the Bordeaux University coined the term
                                                                                                                                                                       cancer deaths per 100,000 population in                    “French Paradox” in 1992 when he
                                                                                                                Lifestyle Excellence
                                                                                                                                                                       2005. Other lifestyle related diseases such                determined that saturated fats make up
                                                                                                                Editor: April Patane                                                                                              the majority of the 170gms.
                                                                                                                                                                       as Diabetes Mellitus have always been well
                                                                                                                Design: Heather North - Living Valley Design
                                                                                                                Publisher: Living Valley Springs                       below the world average in France. In 1999,                In his book ‘The Fat Fallacy’, Dr. Will
                                                                                                                                                                       France registered eight male deaths per                    Clower suggests that the paradox
                                                                                                                Living Valley Springs                                  100,000 population from diabetes.                          may be narrowed down to a few key
                                                                                                                PO Box 35, Kin Kin, 4571, Australia                                                                               factors. The French eat good fats as opposed
                                                                                                                Ph: 1800 644 733 (or +617 5485 4344)                   The French are healthier, fitter and live                  to bad fats. They get up to 80% of their fat
                                                                                                                Fax: 07 5485 4346                                      longer than the populations of most other                  from dairy and vegetable sources. They eat
                                                                                                                Email:                             countries. Is it genetic? It is interesting                butter (4 times more than the Americans),
                                                                                                                                                                       to note that studies have shown that                       soft cultured cheeses such as cambembert,
                                                                                                                                                                       Americans who move to France lose                          brie and blue vein, cream, sour cream
                                                                                                                         Visit our new website at                      weight, get fitter, healthier and live                     and yoghurt. They do not eat margarine,
                                                                                                                                               longer. So what is it that gives France
                                                                                                                                                                       the edge?
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  trans fats, hydrogenated fats or

                                                                                                                                                                       Fast food stores and supermarkets are not
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Continued on page 2

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