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               cell study
Arthritis stem cell study
  SCIENTISTS from the Keele               Board updates new policies
                                          Board updates     policies                                                                             Summar y of new drugs
                                                                                                                                                 Summary         dr
                                                                                                                                                   THE Pharmaceutical Society of
University in the UK are set to              THE Pharmacy Board of Australia       provided further definition of its                            Australia’s PAC10 is set to feature a
commence a year-long trial of stem        has clarified its policy regarding the   standard regarding pharmacists’                               session titled ‘New Drugs – A
cell therapy for osteoarthritis.          responsibilities of proprietor           Regency of Practice registration                              Summary of Recent Releases’ as
  Seventy participants with               pharmacists, with an update from         requirement, stipulating that to                              one of its last sessions on Oct 31.
osteoarthritis of the knee                its most recent meeting stating that     comply, pharmacists must have                                   Presented by Associate professor
will take place in the trial which will   proprietors must ‘maintain an            practiced for at least 450 hours                              Luis Roller from the Faculty of
see them undergo keyhole surgery          awareness of the manner in which         within the past three years                                   Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical
to remove cartilage cells and bone        their pharmacy is being conducted          Where an applicant wishes to                                Sciences at Monash Univery, the
marrow stem cells.                        and where necessary, intervention        return to practice, the Board will                            session will look at modes of action,
  The removed cells will then be          to ensure that the pharmacy is           determine a period of supervised                              evidence for efficacy, indications,
grown in a lab for three weeks            properly conducted’.                     practice, education program and                               contraindications, adverse reactions,
before being reimplanted into                The updated guidelines also           assessment and/or examination to                              drug interactions, dose forms, doses,
patients legs, either separately, or in   stipulate that ‘that proprietors must    be undertaken by the applicant on                             place in therapy and counselling
some patients mixed together.             have an understanding of the range       an individual basis depending on:                             points of eight recently released or
  The aim of the trial is to gauge        of pharmacy and non-pharmacy             when the applicant last practiced in                          about-to-be-released medicines.
whether combining cartilage cells         goods sold, and services provided        Australia; the nature of their                                  Medicines canvassed will include
with bone marrow stem cells is            at the pharmacy (and the liability       practice as a pharmacist in another                           agomelatine (Valdoxan);
more effective than the current           associated with providing such           jurisdiction and activities                                   dapoxetine (Prilogy); a fixed-dose
procedure of reinjecting just             services), e.g. teeth whitening          undertaken during the period since                            combination of an opioid agonist
cartilage cells into damaged knees.       products and pathology collection        the applicant last practiced as a                             and an opioid antagonist,
  Results of the trial will be based      services’.                               pharmacist in Australia.                                      oxycodone + naloxone (Targin);
on the quality of patient cartilage          MEANWHILE the Board also                See                               paracetamol +caffeine (Panadol
formed over a period of 12                                                                                                                       Extra) as an enhanced analgesic;
months.                                                                                                                                          nivibolol (Nebilet); lacosamide
                                               WIN A MINERAL EYESHADOW                                                                           (Vimpat); melatonin (Circadin) and
                                                                                          Every day this week,                                   low-dose doxepin (Silenor).
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                                                                                                                                                    The state sheriff’s association                                                                Candy, sweet inspired
                                                                                                                                                 went before a healthcare
                                                                                          products to taunt and
11-12 Sep Australasian                                                                                                                           committee on state legislature this
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 Conference for Compounding                                                                                                                      week, successfully arguing that
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 the Pharmacy Management                          The eyeshadow has a long lasting formula                                                          As a result the committee will
 Conference on Hamilton Island -                                                                                                                 now present a detailed plan on
                                                       that does not ......., ....... or .......                                                 patient access to the General
05 Oct Monash University,                                                                                                                        Assembly for consideration in 2011.
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 Australia Congress in Melbourne                                                                                                                 likely have to go through a series
                                           University of Sydney.
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FDA warns on e-cigs
FDA warns
   THE US FDA has issued warning
                                            urges medicines
                                         MA urges medicines focus
letters to five electronic cigarette       MEDICINES Australia has today           Shaw also threw his support behind
distributors for various violations of   urged the newly formed federal          the proposed R&D tax credit reforms
the Federal Food, Drug and               government to focus on key              and also called on the Gov to finalise
Cosmetic Act, as well as                 medicines and policy issues.            the Clinical Trials Action Group          NO-Dose, guarana and a lot of heart.
unsubstantiated claims and poor            “The Australian medicines industry    report and to quickly process medicines      A group of German street
manufacturing practices.                 welcomes the at least in-principle      currently awaiting PBS listing which      performers have taken out the
   The FDA has said that it intends      expressions of support for the          were delayed by the election.             title for the world’s longest
to regulate electronic cigarettes,       Memorandum of Understanding               MEANWHILE Medicines                     busking session, after performing
and its warning letter outlines the      from the major political parties        Australian has also welcomed three        for 24 hours straight.
regulatory pathway for marketing         before the election and we hope for     new directors to its Board: Mr Dean          To take the crown the three
drug products incl. demonstrations       a speedy passage of the legislation     Phizacklea (Abbott), Mr Tim               musicians were only allowed a
of the products’ safety and efficacy     to implement savings,” said Medicines   McCormick (Biogen Idec) and Mr            five minute break every hour, no
profile, as well as manufacturing        Australia ceo, Dr Brendan Shaw.         Jim Cain (Bristol-Myers Squibb).          more than 30 seconds break
standards.                                 “The MoU provides a predictable         The appointments follow the             between songs, and pieces could
   “FDA invites electronic cigarette     policy environment for the Australian   departures to overseas positions of       only be played once every four
firms to work in cooperation with        medicines industry, a fiscally          the incumbent directors Jeremy            hours.
the agency toward the goal of            sustainable PBS for the Government,     Morgan from Eli Lilly and Jez                The world record attempt was
assuring that electronic cigarettes      and lower prices for medicines and      Moulding of sanofi-aventis, as well       performed in front of an ever
sold in the United States are lawfully   improved access to new medicines        as the the resignation of Dieter          changing crowd at the Popkomm
marketed,” the agency said.              for Australian patients,” he added.     Torheiden from Solvay.                    Music Industry Trade Fair in the
                                                                                                                           German capital of Berlin.
J&J CPD Calendar Institute and gives a helping Handshake
     reveals its                       helping Handshake                                                                      “I am totally exhausted but
                                                                                                                           completely happy that this unique
                                                 L AST week at its ONETOUCH Verio launch (PD yesterday) J&J
                                                                                                                           concert was a success,” said
                                               Medical introduced the Australian industry to its own Johnson &
                                                                                                                           Samuel Harfst, one of the
                                               Johnson Diabetes Institute, as well as the new and uplifting Global
                                                                                                                           performers, following the
                                               Diabetes Handprint project.
                                                                                                                           completion of the 24-hour marathon.
                                                 Addressing attendees over dinner, former US Acting Surgeon
                                               General and current Chairman of the Johnson & Johnson Diabetes              A WEIGHTY problem for a primate.
                                               Institute, Dr Kenneth P Moritsugu said: “diabetes is a pandemic.
                                                                        .                                                    A orangutan, Oshine, living at
                                                  “The trends are alarming and the acute care model is not                 Monkey World in Dorset in the
                                                meeting the needs of those with diabetes.                                  UKI has been put on a strict diet
                                                  “80% of practitioners agree that they don’t get enough                   after having arrived tipping the
                                                specialised training [to deal with diabetes patients] and 95% want         scales at a massive 100kgs.
                                                better tools,” he added.                                                     The healthy weight range for a
                                                   Both a global online community where healthcare professionals           typical orangutan is between 31
                                                can learn from each other, engage in up-to-date blogs and case             and 76 kilos.
studies; as well as a collection of training centres where specific two-day diabetes (patient centric) training is           Orshine arrived at Monkey
provided, the institute’s mandate is to “transform diabetes care through education”.                                       World recently after having been
   Institute curriculum includes Guidelines and Standards of Diabetes Care, Decision Points in Therapy, Product            donated by her previous South
Training, Chronic Care Model, Communication Techniques and Behavior Change and Reimbursement for                           African owner who raised her
Diabetes Care.                                                                                                             (and fed her a lot) for the past
   At present the Institute has four training centres located in the US, Tokyo, Paris and Beijing, however J&J             thirteen years.
plans to launch 15 new virtual training centres as well as a fully transportable curriculum next year.                       Eventually it was decided that it
   Also revealed throughout the course of the evening was the Aussie launch of the Global Diabetes Handprint.              was in Orshine’s best interests to
   Founded by American diabetic Manny Hernandez, the Handprint is an online forum where diabetes patients                  be looked after by a team of
can share their experiences and connect with other diabetics.                                                              experts, so now on a strict diet of
   Australia is the first country in the Southern Hemisphere to join the global community, and to get involved             vegetables and fruits, and despite
participants need to write a word onto a photograph of their hand which expresses their feelings about                     her age, Orshine has been placed
diabetes and post it, along with the story behind the word, onto the forum.                                                in a orangutan crèche where she
   For every handprint posted, Johnson & Johnson Medical has committed to donate $5 to one of two leading                  will learn to socialise with others
Australian diabetes organisations: The Type 1 Diabetes                                                                     of her kind.
Network or Diabetes Counselling Online.                                                                                      It is hoped that following her
   To learn more about the Diabetes Institute visit                                                                        weight loss (which will take a few, and to learn about the Handprint Project,                                                                    months) Orshine will enter the
visit                                                                                        park’s breeding program.
   Pictured top at the launch are, from left: Christoph
Vonwiller, J&J Medical general manager, Aust and NZ;
Namal Nawana, J&J Medical area vice president Aust and
NZ and Dr Caroline West.
   And at right are Nicole Bernard, J&J Medical assistant
product manager; Amy Meikle J&J Medical product
specialist and Xavier Laniol, country director, Lifescan.

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