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    February NEWSLETTER
Kyle Lockwood in Math                      Joseph Lupsin in Cultural Awareness
Ollie Tanner in Math                       Madelyn Lockwood in Cultural Awareness
Shania Washington in Career Skills         Demi Levi in Cultural Awareness
Jason Steve in Career Skills               Kealen Kobuk in Cultural Awareness
Mitch Shelikoff in Career Skills           Rachel Kobuk in Cultural Awareness
Samantha Otten in Career Skills            Olga Ishnook in Cultural Awareness
Rosie Matthias in Career Skills            Keyshawn Horn in Cultural Awareness
Eleanor Lockwood in Career Skills          Jasmine Henry in Cultural Awareness
Joelle Hunt in Career Skills               Autumn Austin in Cultural Awareness
Philomena Kobuk in Career Skills           Alex Andrews in Cultural Awareness
Arthur Kobuk in Career Skills              Haley Andrews in Cultural Awareness
                                           Zachary Andrews in Cultural Awareness
Gavin Martin in Technology                 Ryleigh Elachik in Cultural Awareness
Summer Myomick in Technology               Bernard Ishnook in Cultural Awareness
Esther Otten in Technology                 Katherine Kobuk in Cultural Awareness
Luke Shelikoff in Technology               Cody Kobuk in Cultural Awareness
Justin Steve in Technology                 Cody Lupsin in Cultural Awareness
Aaron Tom in Technology                    Jaylyn Matthias in Cultural Awareness
Mary Tom-Oyoumick in Technology            Frank Myomick in Cultural Awareness
Eleanor Lockwood in Math                   Bernelle Pete in Cultural Awareness
Mikey Steve in Writing                     Collins Washington in Cultural Awareness
Kelik Nakak in Writing                     Luke Shelikoff in Career Skills
Davis Katchetag in Writing                 Summer Myomick in Career Skills
Samantha Otten in Math                     Aaron Tom in Career Skills
Ollie Tanner in Reading                    Troy Lockwood in Reading
Morgan Lockwood in Reading                 Courtney Lockwood in Reading
Kameon Pete in Writing                     Jake Shelikoff in Reading
Aaron Tom in Writing                       John Ishnook in Cultural Awareness
Mary Tom-Oyoumick in Writing               Alex Otten in Cultural Awareness
Justin Steve in Writing                    Richard Tom in Cultural Awareness
Aaron Tom in Reading                       Iris Billingsley in Reading
La’Trelle Lockwood in Cultural Awareness   Shawn Andrews in Reading
Eric Washington in Cultural Awareness      Alvin Washington in Reading
Mamie Tom in Cultural Awareness            Robert Lockwood in Social Studies
Silas Thompson in Cultural Awareness       Haley Andrews in Social Studies
Cameron Nakak in Cultural Awareness        Alex Andrews in Social Studies
Greg Shelikoff in Cultural Awareness       Autumn Austin in Social Studies
Gunner Oyoumick in Cultural Awareness      Nathaniel Bagongon in Social Studies
LouAnn Niksik in Cultural Awareness        Jasmine Henry in Social Studies
Emma Nakak in Cultural Awareness           Keyshawn Horn in Social Studies
Olga Ishnook in Social Studies
Rachel Kobuk in Social Studies
Kealan Kobuk in Social Studies
Demi Levi in Social Studies
Madelyn Lockwood in Social Studies
Joseph Lupsin in Social Studies
Emma Nakak in Social Studies
Cameron Nakak in Social Studies
LouAnn Niksik in Social Studies
Gunner Oyoumick in Social Studies
Greg Shelikoff in Social Studies
Silas Thompson in Social Studies
Mamie Tom in Social Studies
Eric Washington in Social Studies

NEWSFLASH! All of Ms. Douglas' students have successfully passed Level 3
Technology standards and plan to achieve most of Level 4 by the end of the
year! Technology has been used in parent presentations using i-movie for early
explorer reports as well as submitting writing samples electronically via email.
                                    Way to Go!
                      Congratulations to Luci Washington,
                Alaska’s Bi-cultural Educator of the Year!

For February, Luci Washington’s students are doing some traditional cabin
fever activities. With the bad weather arriving, children usually stay home in
the evening and some play games with parents or amongst themselves. Some
of the games they can play are hang man in Yup’ik, string games, Yup’ik bingo
with numbers or just sing some songs to pass time. They can look for X's in a
magazine and cross them off to see who gets the most X's crossed. They can
also listen to elders tell stories.

  Jason, John, and Shania are hoping to win!   Alex needs only one more to win in Yup’ik Bingo!
                             Coming Together and Having Fun!

The Alaska Initiative for Community Engagement (Alaska ICE) visited
St. Michael on February 5th. Alaska ICE works to give Alaskans at the local level the
information, tools and assistance to work together and engage in the shared
responsibility of preparing Alaska’s children and youth for the future. One activity that
parents, students, and staff enjoyed was making a free standing balloon tower without
taping it to the floor. As you can see below, everyone worked together on the balloon
activity and many had fun putting their creativity to use!

In 2007-2008, St.Michael Storm showed Battle of the Books what they were made of!
A.J. Andrews, Tommicina Cheemuk, Edith Maxim, and Brandie Bocatch proudly
represented Grades 5 & 6. These students met every week and read fifteen novels, from
late-September thru late-January. This is the first time in five years nearly student read
every book! Then, the excitement grew as St.Michael Storm came in FIRST PLACE
during SEMI-FINALS. The FINAL action showed these students knew their stuff,
placing SECOND district-wide. The team that placed FIRST went on to win FIRST in
state. If you're in 4th or 5th Grade and LOVE READING, plan on joining us in
FALL 2008! COACH DOUGLAS - Grades 5/6
Mark Thompson’s students are marking a trail through the canal mouth toward
Kotlik as a way to meet standards at various levels in Life Skills. Basically the
project is placing a trail of willows across 6-7 miles of ice. On Tuesday they
placed about 25 trail markers in the ice to make finding the existing trail easier.

The fact that the temperature was only a few degrees above zero and the winds
were blowing briskly gave real meaning to the possibility that the trail could have
real value to travelers, especially during upcoming Potlatch events in Kotlik.
While one hopes that such work never becomes part of a life-saving event, it is
reassuring to know that it does have that potential should such an unfortunate
event transpire. At the very least, a marked trail makes travel easier.

Six students have so far been involved; Davis Myomick, Melanie Kobuk, Troy
Lockwood, Natalia Lockwood, Jake Shelikoff, and Melody Kobuk. Mark has enjoyed
working with these students outside of the classroom. It is inspiring to see the way some
of them excel at opportunities that the traditional classroom cannot readily offer.
            Martin Luther King Jr.
               By John Henry

Martin Luther King Jr. is my role model
because he changed people’s lives. He stood
up for people. He was brave and he helped

Martin Luther King Jr. save other peoples
lives. They marched through the streets to
say it was wrong to have colored people
treated unfairly.

Also, colored people got hurt put in jail. He
was a very persistent man. I wish I could be
like him. That’s why he is my role model!
               February Pictures of the Month!

            A new instructional technique in Ms. Byrd’s class?

      Eric Washington (first grader) is showing little brother how
              to complete a Read and Response at home!

If you are a student, parent or community member who would like to submit a picture
    or article to our March newsletter, please come by and visit with Ms. Heflin. 

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