SEDA T-Rec Tire De-Rimmer by dfsdf224s


									                                          SEDA T-Rec Tire De-Rimmer

SEDA’s new T-Rec is the innovative and well engineered answer to   Real fast!
quickly and easily separating tyres from rims
                                                                   Saves space
A simple and uncomplicated way to separate tyres from rims
fast was the lead motivation to build the new SEDA-T-Rec.          Powerful hydraulic unit
Incorporating ingenious time saving and safety features not
seen anywhere else ensures that the SEDA-T-Rec will quickly        Automatic safety cage
establish itself as the number one solution for tyre separating
technologies                                                       Innovative tire holder
With its unique quick adjustment system the SEDA-T-Rec can
separate tyres from all sizes of rims, steel and alloys up to a    Easy handling
maximum size of18 inches.
                                                                   Easily moved with forklift
                                                                   Quick & powerful
  31204 T-Rec Tire Recycling Machine
                                         SEDA T-Rec Tire De-Rimmer

Safety comes first at SEDA prompting T-Rec to
incorporate a sturdy piercing device to deflate the tire
and hold it in place while the powerful hydraulic unit
pushes the rim down and away from the tyre.
A self raising Plexiglas and steel mesh guard protects the
operator from broken pieces from shattered alloy rims. A
unique safety feature of the SEDA-T-Rec.
With its small footprint and forklift friendly slots, the SEDA T-
Rec can be moved about with ease and needs very little
room to operate. Ideal for those wanting to process more
                   q p             p
on ever smaller equipment footprints!
Time is money which is why we designed the SEDA-T-Rec
to be one of the fastest tyre separator available. Unique
controls and a powerful hydraulic system means a cycle
time of only 14 seconds.

          y               y             (  )
    Fast cycle time of only 6 seconds (steel) to
    14 seconds (aluminium)
   Powerful robust hydraulics
   Automatic safety system
   Innovative tire securing mechanism
   Ease of use
   Easily transportable with a forklift
                                                   tire.
    Incorporates a unique piercing spike to deflate tire

Technical Details:
Footprint LxWxH:              43 x 32 x 95 in.
Weight:                       2,200 lbs
Max. Cycle Time:              14 seconds
Max. Rim Size:                18 in.
Max. Working Pressure:        2,200 psi
Separating Force:             22,000 lbs (10 tons)
Voltage:                      230V - Three Phase

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