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Buying Impressionist Cityscapes

I have been looking for impressionist cityscapes in various mediums to decorate my
home. I prefer to hang art that was created in the last fifteen years. There are so many
great artists to choose from.

I have decided that I want to have three impressionist cityscapes painted in acrylic. I will
be buying one called Stormy Desert that was painted by an artist named JoanAnn. The
piece is painted on a 40” X 30” canvas and has flowering cactus plants in the foreground.

The next impressionist cityscape painting I plan to buy is called Tuscan Waterfall. The
piece is a triptych and is on three gallery wrapped canvases. The artist lives in Tennessee
and supports herself with her art.

The last acrylic impressionist cityscape that I plan to buy is called Autumn Dream.
Autumn is my favorite time of year and the painting captures every color of autumn. The
artist painted the sides, so there is no need to have it framed. I can’t wait to see this
hanging in my home.

I have found only two impressionist cityscapes that I liked in the Gouache medium. The
first was from an artist named Joe Wojdakowski and the subject is an area located in
Wells, Maine. I’m not sure why I am so drawn to this particular impressionist cityscape,
but I am and plan to buy it.

The other Gouache impressionist cityscape that I plan to buy features Big Ben in London.
The artist is an Englishman named Alasdair Rennie. The scene is rainy and I like it a lot.
It reminds me of my time in London when I was a child.

The first oil impressionist cityscape painting I bought was called Koi Pond Reflections.
I’ve seen this artist’s work before and I always really like it. The painting was completed
using brush and knife. The painting has not arrived, yet, because the paint is very thick
and needs to complete the drying process undisturbed. I cannot wait to get it!

I really like having various styles of impressionist cityscape paintings. I don’t just like
variety in the mediums; I like variety in styles and influences. I really fell in love with an
oil impressionist cityscape painting called En Sendero that was originally purchased in
Oaxaca, Mexico. I purchased the painting for just over three thousand dollars.

The oil impressionist cityscape painting of Paris that I want was painted by a well
recognized painter Radik Atoyan. He is Armenian and signed the painting in his
Armenian language. He has a unique way of using color that just makes his painting look

I have also been interested in watercolor impressionist cityscape paintings. There is an
original painting that depicts an urban rainy night that I think would be perfect for me.
The painting just makes me feel good to look into.

I made a purchase not long ago that was painted by an Israeli artist named Yosef
Kosssonogi. The use of color in this watercolor impressionist cityscape is so vivid. I
could not wait to hang it on my wall. After the shipment arrived with the painting, my
brother came right over with a level to hang it.

I found a painting that reminded me of a vacation I took to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The
impressionist cityscape painting was created by Adam Maeroff and I think that it is the
perfect painting to complete my collection.

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