9th January 2011 - Baptism Confession Exposition _ Benediction by dfsiopmhy6


									 HOLY DAYS            OF    OBLIGATION                          Baptism                                                St Anne’s Roman Catholic Church
                    In 2011                                                                                                         Camp Hill Road, Chapel End, Nuneaton CV10 0JP
                                               By arrangement with Fr Stephen.
                                             Speak to him after Mass. Baptism is
                                                                                                                      St Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church
 Which now include Epiphany, Ascension Day                                                                                                                      Spring Hill, New Arley CV7 8FE
  and Corpus Christi, and this year only two    usually on a Sunday at 1.00pm
                                                                                               Priest: Fr Stephen Day, 93 Camp Hill Road, Chapel End, Nuneaton CV10 0JP
      others that do not fall on a Sunday                                                      Tel. 02476 392365 E-Mail stastj@nuneatonwalk.wanadoo.co.uk
         ST PETER AND ST PAUL                               Confession                         www.saint-anne-nuneaton.co.uk
             Wednesday 29th June                                At St Anne’s on
   THE ASSUMPTION OF OUR LADY                        Fridays, 6.15-6.45pm. Other times or
              Sunday 14th August                       places possible—see Fr Stephen          The Baptism of the Lord
                 ALL SAINTS                                                                    9th January 2011
            Tuesday 1st November                         Exposition &                          Readings page 50
             CHRISTMAS DAY
        Sunday 25th December                              Benediction                                                           Mass Times & Intentions
 DATES OF LENT AND EASTER 2011                                         of the
                                                                                               Saturday 8th              Vigil Mass at St Anne’s      5.00pm    The People of the Parish
     Ash Wednesday: 9th March                               Blessed Sacrament
       Good Friday: 22nd April                         St Anne’s on Fridays, 6-7.00pm.            SUNDAY 9th             Mass at St Anne’s            9.00am    Alec Jackson RIP
      Easter Sunday: 24th April                                                                 The Baptism of
                                                                                                   the Lord              Mass at St Joseph’s          11.00am   Mr & Mrs Edward Dwyer RIP
                                                    ST ANNE, Mother of the Virgin
F     ather, on the day I was baptised you made
      me someone new. Given life at my birth,
you gave me a new birth and a new life at my
                                                    Mary, Grandmother of Jesus, blessed
                                                    are you! Take us by the hand and turn
                                                                                               Monday 10th
                                                                                               Feria, 1st week, yr1
                                                                                                                         Mass at St Anne’s            9.30am    Barabra Brady RIP

                                                    us towards God, the Father, source of      Tuesday 11th
                                                                                                                                      ~                  ~                   ~
baptism. You held me and made me your child.        love and life; the Son, Jesus the Re-      Feria
You took me into the tomb with Jesus and led
                                                    deemer; and the Holy Spirit who            Wednesday 12th            Mass at St Anne’s School     9.30am    Private Intention (AB)
me out to live His risen life. Be with me Father,                                              St Aelred, Abb
that each day I may be Your child.
                                                    lives in our hearts.
                                                    Pray with us! Pray for us! Intercede       Thursday 13th             Mass at St Anne’s            9.30am    Iris Sabez RIP
                                                    for us who are placed under your pa-       St Hilary B D
I say, I say, I say…                                tronage!                                   Friday 14th               Holy Hour & Benediction      6-7pm
Q. Why is Christmas just like                                                                  Feria                     Confession                   6.15-6.45
an ordinary day at work? Ans.                       ST JOSEPH, husband of the Virgin                                     Mass at St Anne’s            7.00pm    Pepca Kenk RIP
You slave away doing every-                         Mary, foster-father of Jesus, blessed
                                                    are you! Guide us to your Immacu-          Saturday 15th             Mass at St Anne’s            9.30am    Holy Souls
thing and some fat man in a                                                                    Of Our Lady               Vigil Mass at St Anne’s      5.00pm    Kath Brett RIP
                                                    late wife and her Divine Son, that
suit gets all the credit for                        fathers may be as loving as you,             SUNDAY 16th             Mass at St Anne’s            9.00am    Arvids Melkis RIP
your efforts…!        Ho, ho, ho!                   mothers as cherished as Mary and            Second Sunday
                                                                                               in Ordinary Time          Mass at St Joseph’s          11.00am   The People of the Parish
                                                    children kept as safe as the infant
    Tote Winner: No. 56 £15                         Jesus in your care.
             £15 draw this week                     Pray with us! Pray for us! Intercede                                                                   January,
   Join the Tote! 50p a week                        for us, who are placed under your                                                               Month of the Infant Jesus
                                                    patronage!                                                                                       Blessed be Jesus Christ,
     The Parish of St Anne, which includes St Joseph’s Church, is part of the Roman Catholic                                                        true God and true Man!
                Archdiocese of Birmingham, Registered Charity Number 234216
              For Your Prayers...                                        Coming Soon                                           Sunday’s Readings… BAPTISM Our
• The sick, especially: Helen Mahon, Margaret          • Steve Murray, Professional Gospel Mime Artist
    Donnelly, Viv Melvin, Mary Jones, Antonia
    Vuocolo,, Mary Burgess, Derek Gough, Shan-
                                                           makes a return visit to Our Lady of the Sacred
                                                           Heart Church Hall, Bulkington, Sat 22nd Janu-
                                                                                                                              I   n this passage from Isaiah the
                                                                                                                                  Israelite people (saddened by
                                                                                                                               their sin and the exile and suffer-
                                                                                                                                                                     Lord voluntarily submit-
                                                                                                                                                                     ted Himself to the bap-
                                                                                                                                                                     tism of St John, intended
    non Hill, Wladyslawa Zur, Sadie Walker, Mau-           ary 7.30pm. A striking portrayal of Gospel stories
    reen Horton, Gusti Baldwin, Betty Mackey and           and reflections. Tickets from Lorraine Payne or                     ing that resulted from it) are com-   for sinners, in order to
    Delia John                                             see Fr Stephen., £4 adults, £2 children, £10 for a   forted by the prophet’s message. God will send       “fulfil all righteous-
•   The departed, especially Martin O’Connor,              family (both parents and all their children)         his servant and will take the people by the hand     ness” (Matthew 3,15).
    Henry McShane,Jimmy MacParland, Patrick            •   Soup Lunch at St Anne’s, 4th February                and lead them from darkness to light. In the         Jesus's gesture is a mani-
    Reilly, Frank Ball and Mandy Roy whose anni-       •   Medjuogrje Prayer Group, Sunday 6th Febru-           person of Jesus, He has done just that. By the       festation of His self-
    versaries fall this week                               ary, 3.00pm, St Joseph’s                             waters of the Jordan the ancient promises are        emptying. The Spirit who had hovered over
•   Madeleine McCann and her parents, for all dis-     •   5th April 2011 Discount Clothes sale returns         publicly fulfilled. Jesus, Mary’s Son and the        the waters of creation, descended then on
    tressed children and their parents                 •   13th-15th May 2011 Pilgrimage to Walsingham          carpenter trained by Joseph is revealed as the       Christ as a prelude of the new creation, and
•   The persecuted Christians of Iraq and Egypt        •   Rome Pilgrimage 26th Sept—3rd October 2011           Saviour. He begins his public ministry by re-        the Father revealed Jesus as His “beloved
•   The unemployed and those facing unemploy-                                                                   ceiving John’s baptism. The Spirit manifests
                                                                             Cleaners                                                                                Son”.
                                                       St A J Harness       St J K Hannon & K O’Flanagan        Jesus’s true identity: the hidden years are over
•   Peace in the world, between nations, peoples and                                                            and it is time to teach by word and miracle, by      In his Passover Christ opened to all the
                                                                     Collection Counters                                                                             fountain of baptism. He had already spoken
                                                       Mary & Noel                                              death and resurrection that God will indeed take
•   In thanksgiving for our own baptisms and those                                                              His people by the hand and lead them home to         of His passion, which He was about to suffer
    who brought us to it                                                     Flowers                                                                                 in Jerusalem as a “baptism” with which He
                                                                                  ~                             Him. By undergoing baptism from John, Jesus
                  This Weekend                                                                                  makes holy the waters of our own baptism. At         had to be baptised (Mark 10,38). The blood
• The Feast of the Baptism of the Lord, the last                    Diocesan Directories                                                                             and water that flowed from the side of the
                                                       Copies of this annual publication are available from
                                                                                                                our own baptisms the Spirit was present too and
  day of the Christmas season and the beginning of                                                              given to us so that we might love and serve          crucified Christ are types (foreshadowings) of
                                                       Fr Stephen, price £4
  Christ's public ministry                                                                                      God. We do not need to live in darkness and          baptism and the Eucharist, the sacraments of
• Children’s Liturgy during 9.00am Mass                                 Parish Finances                                                                              new life. From then on, it is possible “to be
                                                     Along with everyone else’s finances in the current         guilt. We do not need to face difficulties and
• Coffee after 9am Mass                                                                                         decisions on our own. Jesus leads us to freedom      born of water and the Spirit” (John 3,5) in
                                                     economic climate, the Parish’s are difficult to fore-
                     This Week                       see. The percentage of tax that we—and every other         and the Spirit strengthens us in all our trials.     order to enter the Kingdom of God.
•   Monday is of the First Week in Ordinary Time,    charity—can reclaim form the taxman on Gift Aided          Like last week’s feast of the                        Baptism is the basis of the whole Christian
    year 1                                           donations is to be reduced. There will be £2,000 to        Epiphany this is a making                            life, the gateway to life in the Spirit, and the
•   First Communion Classes begin again at 3.30pm pay once the latest stage of work on the roof at St           known of the truth about                             door which gives access to the sacraments.
•   Ladies’ Guild meets on Monday evening. See       Anne’s is done. The exterior of the Presbytery is          Jesus, attested this time by                         Through baptism we are freed from sin and
    box giving details opposite                      overdue for repainting and parts of the interior are       the Father and the Spirit as
                                                     too. We need a final push to pay off the last £10,000                                                           reborn as sons and daughters of God; we
•   Wednesday there is a Coffee Morning kindly
                                                     of debt, which ought to be this year. Thanks to the
                                                                                                                they bear witness to the                             become members of Christ, are incorpo-
    hosted by St John’s Methodist Church in Nunea- Building Fund we doubled our repayments last year.           Son. And also like last                              rated into the Church and made shares in
    ton (opposite the Co-Op car park) in aid of Cin- A proper THANK YOU is due to everyone who                  week’s feast, gifts are of-
    thowa Village School organised by Brian and                                                                                                                      her mission—baptism is the sacrament of
                                                     gives regularly, to all Tote members, and to all who       fered—only this time to us:                          regeneration through water in the word.
    Margaret Ingrams. 9.30-12 noon                   support our various Fund Raising activities and            forgiveness and the power
                   Next Weekend                                                                                                                                                  The Catechism of the Catholic Church
                                                     events. Please keep this up! If you pay tax, please        of the Holy Spirit.
•   The Second Sunday of Ordinary Time, Year A in sign up to Gift Aid. 2010’s accounts are in the proc-
    the cycle of Sunday readings                     ess of being prepared and you will be informed of
                                                     how we did in due course. Again, thank you all
                                                                                                                 Coffee at St Joseph’s
                                                                                                                                                                                Ladies Guild
                                    Not Gift                                                                    Volunteers still needed to make tea and                   This Monday 10th January
FINANCE               Gift Aid
                                      Aid          Thank you for all that
                                                   Loose                                                        coffee after Mass at St Joseph’s. Please vol-                7.30pm St Anne’s Hall
                                                                                                                unteer on the list in the porch. Thank you           “It’s-Never-Too-Late” Christmas Party
      Offertory       £262.20 £154.38
                                                        you give!                                                                                                      Silent Auction, bring 2 or 3 items, Raffle
    Building Fund£96.00 £83.87                                                                                      This Wednesday 9.30-12 noon                       Bring a very small plate of any kind of food
If you pay income tax there is no good reason not to join Gift Aid and a very good                               Coffee Morning for Cinthowa Village                   Future events to be discussed, including
reason to join —the tax man adds 28% to your giving! See Fr Stephen                                               St John’s Methodist Church, Nuneaton                    April’s Fashion Show, theatre trips

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