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     Arabic & Middle
     East Studies
     MA (Single Honours Degree)
     Arabic & Middle East Studies

     MA (Joint Honours Degrees)
     Arabic OR Middle East Studies and one of:
     Art History (European &        ItalianW
       North American Art)          Latin
     Economics                      Management
                                                                         •   No need to have prior knowledge of Arabic or Middle
     English                        Mediaeval History
                                                                             Eastern History to commence and enjoy the subject.
     GermanW                        Modern History
                                                                         •   The courses offer a wide range of Middle Eastern topics from
     Hebrew                         Social Anthropology
                                                                             several different disciplines in which St Andrews excels.
     International Relations        SpanishW
                                                                         •   As well as gaining a broad knowledge of the Middle East,
     Arabic and one of:                                                      students will also be able to specialise in one or more of the
     Film Studies                        Mathematics                         disciplines represented (e.g. history, Arabic literature, Middle
     FrenchW                             Philosophy                          East politics) at Honours level.
                                                                         •   Students can begin the study of Arabic language without
     Middle East Studies and one of:
                                                                             committing themselves for more than one year and choose
     Classical Studies              RussianW
                                                                             how far they wish to continue year by year, up to Honours
                                                                             degree level.
     W   Available With Integrated Year Abroad – see Modern Languages.   •   The courses offer depth of knowledge and understanding of
                                                                             a region of outstanding importance in world affairs.
     Entry Requirements
     The likely minimum grades currently required are shown              When you graduate in Arabic and/or Middle East Studies you
     below. (For Joint Honours degrees the subject with the higher       will have not only a broad knowledge of the Middle East, but
     entry requirements determines the likely minimum grades.)           also degree-level training in at least one of the major disciplines
                                                                         of Arabic, History or International Relations. The courses cover
     SQA Highers: AABB
                                                                         the language, literature, history and politics of the mainly
     GCE A-Levels: AAB
                                                                         Arabic-speaking Middle East. We also teach a wide range of
     International Baccalaureate Points: 35
                                                                         disciplinary skills that will be of great use in studying and
     We consider all aspects of every application, particularly the      understanding this culturally diverse and strategically important
     Personal Statement. Remember to confirm that you also meet          region of the world. The topics covered include the mediaeval
     the Faculty Entrance Requirements. Information on these and         and modern history of the region, mediaeval and modern Arabic
     other qualifications pages 52-77.                                   language and literature, and the present-day politics of the
                                                                         Middle East.
     Degree Structure
     For Arts Faculty information and other module choices, see          At St Andrews the main disciplines represented in Arabic
     page 13.                                                            and Middle East Studies are Arabic Language and Literature,
                                                                         Mediaeval History, Modern History and International Relations.
                                                                         You normally take mainstream First- and Second-level modules
                                                                         in at least one of these disciplines. At Honours level you can
                                                                         choose from a wide range of Middle Eastern topics in one or
                                                                         more of your preferred disciplines. If your interest is mainly in
                                                                         Arabic language and literature you can concentrate on Arabic
                                                                         language-based studies or alternatively you can specialise in
                                                                         the history or international relations of the Middle East without
                                                                         needing a knowledge of Arabic. It is also possible to study for a
                                                                         semester or year in the Middle East as part of your degree.

                                                                         Summary of Course Content
                                                                         You can progress to Honours in Middle East Studies from the
                                                                         sub-honours modules in International Relations, Mediaeval
     Thinking of visiting us? – See inside front cover                   History and Modern History. For entry via International Relations
                                                                         or Modern History you must be able to satisfy the entry
     Subject Enquiries                                                   requirements for the first-year modules in these subjects. (For
     Dr Angus Stewart or Dr Grant Tapsell                                details see the separate entries for these subjects.)
     E: or
                                                                         If you intend to study Arabic language-based courses at
     General Enquiries                                                   Honours level, your sub-honours course will include:
                                                                         •   Arabic for Beginners 1 and 2
     Rest of the World:
                                                                         •   Intermediate Arabic 1 and 2
                                                                               “My choice to study Arabic and Middle East Studies was              81
                                                                               based upon a love of languages and a desire to harness and
                                                                               develop this. I have certainly been challenged and nurtured
                                                                               through the complementary linguistic and historical
                                                                               studies, and the guidance of expert teaching. It is such a
                                                                               wonderfully beautiful and intricate language that, whilst
                                                                               requiring application, never fails to fascinate.”

Honours                                                              Careers
Topics from which you can currently choose at Honours level          Graduates in Arabic and Middle East Studies go on to a wide
include:                                                             range of careers for which an Arts degree is a recognised
                                                                     qualification. For those who wish to make particular use of their
•   Media Arabic
                                                                     Arabic or Middle Eastern expertise there are opportunities for
•   Literary Arabic
                                                                     work in the Middle East with international agencies and welfare,
•   Key Texts in Islamic Religion and Culture
                                                                     educational or missionary organisations. In the UK there are
•   Modern Arabic Literature: Exile and Identity
                                                                     careers in the diplomatic service or other specialist government
•   The Near East in the Age of Justinian and Muhammad,
                                                                     agencies, in Middle East related journalism, lobbying,
                                                                     commerce, financial services and business consultancy. Our
•   The Mongols and the West
                                                                     graduates compete successfully for the opportunities to
•   French Algeria, 1830-1962
                                                                     continue their studies at higher degree level.
•   Modern Iran since 1834
•   Britain and Iran in the Modern Era
                                                                     Please see page 42 for details of the University’s Careers
First and second year classes are taught by a combination of
lectures and small group tutorials. Tutors advise you closely
on the preparation of written work and give individual
assessments of your performance. Classes in Arabic language
will include small group intensive classroom teaching in
which students actively participate. Most Honours classes are
organised as seminars at which students present prepared
papers for discussion. Assessed work may include advanced
language exercises, essays, oral presentations and an Honours

Study Abroad
Arabic students in their Junior Honours year are currently able to
study in Damascus and Cairo. The Arabic language programme,
run at the University of Damascus, is open to all first-semester
Junior Honours Arabic students, enabling them to both study
the language intensively and also to experience living in an
increasingly popular and vibrant city. We also participate in
an exchange programme with the American University of                                                                                    of Sh
Cairo, allowing several students each year to spend a semester                                                           d ma
studying there. The AUC offers a full range of courses taught in                                                illum 1605
                                                                                                      ion f        d AD
English, so Joint Honours students may be able to study courses                                  strat i – copie
                                                                                          l illu        s
relevant for their other discipline. See pages 40-41 for more                       M oghu of Firdau
information.                                                                        Nam

    “The degree not only allows me to study a unique and
    ancient language, but also gives me the opportunity
    to discover the diverse history and vibrant culture of a
    region that plays a key role in today’s world. The staff
    in Arabic, equipped with first-hand experience of living
    and studying in the region, ensure that each lesson is
    interesting and informative. I am confident that the
    Arabic and Middle East Studies degree will prepare
    me for an exciting career in international affairs or
                           Manalapan, New Jersey, USA
     Art History
     MA (Single Honours Degree)
     Art History

     MA (Joint Honours Degrees)
     Art History and one of:
     Ancient History      Hebrew                      Philosophy
     Arabic               International               Psychology
     Biblical Studies        Relations                RussianW
     Classical Studies    ItalianW                    Social
     English              Management                    Anthropology
     Film Studies         Mathematics                 SpanishW
                                                                         •   The School enjoys an international reputation for its
     FrenchW              Mediaeval History
                                                                             teaching and research.
     Geography            Middle East
                                                                         •   The modular structure offers the possibility of combining
     GermanW                 Studies
                                                                             art-historical courses with those in a range of other
     Greek                Modern History
     W   Available With Integrated Year Abroad – see Modern Languages.   •   The School has a friendly face and is responsive to the
                                                                             needs of individual students.
     Entry Requirements                                                  •   Art History is a popular, career-orientated subject you can
     The likely minimum grades currently required are shown                  take with no previous experience.
     below. (For Joint Honours degrees the subject with the higher       •   The School performed well in the 2008 Research
     entry requirements determines the likely minimum grades.)               Assessment Exercise, in which 90 per cent of its assessed
                                                                             research was placed in the ‘international’ bands, with 75
     SQA Highers: AABB
                                                                             per cent judged to be ‘world leading’ (4*) or ‘internationally
     GCE A-Levels: AAB
                                                                             excellent’ (3*) (see page 21).
     International Baccalaureate Points: 35
                                                                         •   Excellent town centre location and a short distance from
     We consider all aspects of every application, particularly the          the sea and coastal walks.
     Personal Statement. Remember to confirm that you also
     meet the Faculty Entrance Requirements. Information on              The main purpose of the School’s degree programme is not
     these and other qualifications pages 52-77.                         to train students to become professional art historians, but
                                                                         rather to provide a high-quality general education, from
     Degree Structure                                                    which they gain intellectual breadth and learn to become
     For Arts Faculty information and other module choices, see          verbally and visually articulate. The central aim of Art History
     page 13.                                                            as a university subject is to assess images of all kinds critically
                                                                         and perceptively. It does not involve technical or practical art
                                                                         skills – although previous experience in these, perhaps in the
                                                                         context of a Higher or an A-Level, would certainly provide a
                                                                         useful background.

                                                                         Art History involves the study of the visual arts of the past and
                                                                         present. As an academic discipline it usually focuses on the
                                                                         histories of the so-called ‘major arts’ (painting, sculpture and
                                                                         architecture) but it also encompasses the applied arts (e.g.
                                                                         furniture, metalwork), graphic arts (drawing, printmaking) and
                                                                         photography. A wide range of factors may be considered: the
                                                                         analysis of style, content and meaning; patronage and social
                                                                         significance; the implicit and explicit ideas behind works;
                                                                         broad questions of theory and aesthetics.

                                                                         Although the history of art is not yet well established as a
                                                                         school subject, students find that it has much in common
                                                                         with other arts subjects such as History and English. The
                                                                         essential difference is that, unlike these, the foundation of art-
                                                                         historical study is visual and students learn to look extensively
                                                                         and analytically at works of art and architecture, both in
     Thinking of visiting us? – See inside front cover                   reproduction and in the original.

     Subject Enquiries                                                   The School is generally recognised as one of the leading
     Ms Annette Carruthers                                               departments in the UK with an excellent record for both
     E:                                     teaching and research. The relatively large number of
                                                                         academic staff ensures that the large lecture classes in the first
     General Enquiries                                                   and second years are offset by small-group tutorials and also
     UK/EU:                         provides a wide range of options at Honours level. At all levels,
     Rest of the World:                   visits are organised to galleries and monuments in Scotland.
                                                                         The School is located on North Street, close to the mediaeval
                                                                         heart of St Andrews. It combines classrooms, administrative                                             and staff offices, and an extensive Visual Resources Collection.

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