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									  Economic Development
  and Tourism Department
 Q2 Highlights

Agri-tourism industry event a success
As one of 15 regions in Ontario
that are actively developing
vibrant culinary tourism
destinations, Durham Region is
pushing ahead to showcase its
impressive agri-tourism potential.

To further develop relationships
between local farmers and chefs,
Economic Development and
Tourism hosted a photo shoot and
industry networking event on May
17 at Ocala Winery in Port Perry.
                                     (From left to right) Chef Carmen Mocanu of the Royal
                                     Ashburn Golf Club and Jordan McKay of Willowtree
The event provided an excellent      Farm pose for the camera. At right: Pingles Farm
opportunity for both farmers and     Market paired up with Chatterpaul’s in Whitby to make
chefs to discuss possible            a delectable asparagus/crab cake creation.
partnership opportunities in
exploring the usage of local food    Bistro, Port Restaurant, Tin Mill              the Farm, HarmonyTree Farm and
in area restaurants. A total of 23   Restaurant, and the “Fridge                    Svetec Farms.
pairs of farmers and chefs worked    Whisperer” Deb Rankine.
together to create unique dishes                                                    The day was a success with not only
made with Durham Farm Fresh          Participating farms included                   23 pairings of farmers and chefs
products, including asparagus,       Coopers CSA Farm & Maze, Hy-                   attending the event, but several
strawberries, mushrooms, flour,      Hope Farm, Brooks Farms, Ashton                media who sampled the dishes as
beef and wine.                       Maple Products, Archibald Orchards             prepared by the farmer/chef duos.
                                     & Estate Winery, Geissberger
Participating restaurants and        Farmhouse Cider Mill, Tyrone Mills             Thanks go out to Durham Farm
chefs included Chef Georg,           Limited, Willowtree Farm, Algoma               Fresh, the Ontario Ministry of
Butler's Pub, Dinnerjohn, Lucy Lu    Orchards, King Cole Ducks Ltd.,                Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
Lunch ‘n Lounge, Chatterpaul's       Pingles Farm Market, Ocala Winery,             for their generous support with this
Fine Casual Dining and Lounge,       Link Greenhouses, Watson Farms,                event.
Harp and Wylie's Canadian Grill,     Windmill Farms Inc., Swain Farm
King's Court Catering, Bella Notte   Fresh Beef, Yellowlees Family Farm,            See page 6 for more photos.
Ristorante, Cuisine 'n' Jazz,        Zephyr Organics, Wilmot Orchards
Frankie's Ristorante, Chanterelle    Inc., Maple Winds Farm, Gallery on

                                                                              HST Information Seminar for Manufacturers
                                                                                             Durham Farm Connections
                                                                                             OCE Discovery Conference
Spotlight on Advanced Manufacturing
The second quarter of 2010 demonstrated that Durham Region's businesses
are poised for economic recovery. Our department experienced great
successes with a number of workshops planned for manufacturers, such as
our HST information and Preparing Your Best Bid seminars. We also took a
number of companies to showcase their innovative technologies that are
created here in Durham at the OCE Discovery 2010 Conference.
                                                                                       Liisa Ikavalko

The many businesses that operate in Durham have what it takes to reach global markets. Our
tech-based manufacturing sector includes diverse companies from 42 different industry
categories, including aerospace, next-generation automotive, bio and life science, energy and
green technology, IT and metal fabrication.

Changes in manufacturing will be the result of convergences in technologies among innovators.
With Durham quickly becoming a leader in research and development, the opportunities are

Liisa Ikavalko, Manager, Economic Development

Local manufacturers invited to learn about HST at workshop
The Economic Development and Tourism
Department, in partnership with the Canadian
Revenue Agency (CRA), invited local
businesses to participate in a free HST
Information Seminar for Manufacturers on
May 11.

The HST Information Seminar for
Manufacturers provided manufacturing
businesses in Durham Region with
information to help make a smooth and
successful transition to the impending
harmonized sales tax (HST), which takes          Approximately 46 individuals attended the HST Information
                                                 Seminar for Manufacturers.
effect on July 1 in Ontario. The seminar
featured speakers from the Ministry of
Revenue, as well as the CRA, who                 for Durham Region. "The seminar was intended
discussed the wind-down of provincial            to help our manufacturers with the transition to
sales tax (PST) and the transitional rules       a unified tax environment."
for HST.
                                                 Topics of discussion at this event included how
"The Ontario government's harmonization of       HST may affect businesses; GST/HST rules;
our taxes is another step toward the ultimate    transitional rules for tangible and intangible
goal of making manufacturers in Durham           personal property; transitional rules for
Region more competitive," said Liisa             services; as well as point-of-sale rebates.
Ikavalko, Manager, Economic Development

2   www.durhambusiness.ca                                                        www.durhamtourism.ca
Durham Farm Connections provides hands-on learning
for Grade 3 students
Grade 3 students from across Durham Region attended Durham Farm Connections in April at Luther
Vipond Memorial Arena in Brooklin. The three-day program, which meets Ontario curriculum
requirements, provides students with the opportunity to be a farmer for a day.

The event, which ran from April 6 to 8, was organized by a group of volunteers, with support
from the Durham Economic Development and Tourism Department, and included hands-on
demonstrations by local farmers and live animal exhibits. Approximately 1,200 students and
their teachers (48 classes) rotated through eight different farm-themed stations including
agricultural technology, dairy, pork and beef production, land stewardship, eggs, horticulture
and field crops.

An open house was held for the general public on the evening of April 7, where a number of local
farmers were on site to give more than 700 visitors a first-hand look at farming.

Accessibility Expo and Business Breakfast takes place June 17

Durham Region’s first-ever Accessibility Expo will be taking
place June 17 at the Recreation and Wellness Centre on the
Durham College/University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Up to 100 exhibitors will be showcasing information on
support services, community agencies, home health-
care products, assistive devices and technologies.
Inspiring motivational speakers and performers such as
Paul Rosen and Justin Hines will share their
experiences with guests. The Lieutenant Governor of
Ontario, David C. Onley, is also scheduled to attend.

Admission is free and the expo is expected to run from
10 a.m. to 8 p.m. For further information and a complete
outline of the day's events, please go to www.durham.ca
and click on the Accessibility Expo: Celebrating Abilities

Prior to the expo, the Economic Development and
Tourism Department will be hosting a breakfast meeting
for area businesses to discuss new accessibility

  www.durhambusiness.ca                                                      www.durhamtourism.ca
Durham Region attends Ontario                            Durham's farmers' markets
Centres of Excellence (OCE)                              open across the region
On May 17 and 18, the Economic                           From June to October, residents of
Development and Tourism Department                       Durham Region are encouraged to take
attended the OCE Discovery 2010 conference               advantage of the abundant selection of local
at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.                  fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, honey, crafts
                                                         and more, and support their local producers.
Durham Region hosted a four-quad
                                                         Sunderland Arena
display booth, the largest at the                        20 Park St., Sunderland
tradeshow, which featured innovative Durham              Dates: Fridays, June 4 to Oct. 8
companies Oasys Healthcare, Bayly                        Hours: 2 to 7 p.m.
Communications, 4iBIO, Intellimeter Canada,
Renewable Energy Management, Fever                       Uxbridge Arena
Resort + Cruise Wear, Innovative Solutions,              291 Brock St. W., Uxbridge
Gamma Engineering, Global Emissions                      Dates: Sundays, June to October
Systems Inc. and eCamion. The idea is to                 Hours: 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
promote their research and technology.                   Port Perry
                                                         Mary Street parking lot on Water Street
The University of Ontario Institute of                   Dates: Saturdays, May 22 to Thanksgiving
Technology and Durham College also                       Hours: 8 a.m. to noon
showcased research capabilities. Durham
Strategic Energy Alliance and municipal                  Vandermeer Nursery
economic development partners also                       588 Lakeridge Rd., Ajax
                                                         Dates: Thursdays, June 10 to October
partnered in the event alongside the
                                                         Hours: 2 to 7 p.m.
                                                         Old Fire Hall
“OCE Discovery provided an excellent                     201 Brock St. S., Whitby
opportunity to connect with business leaders,            Dates: Wednesdays, May 19 to end of October
investors, researchers and entrepreneurs as              Hours: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
it's one of Canada's premier innovation and
                                                         Legends Centre
commercialization events,” explained Liisa
                                                         1661 Harmony Rd. N., Oshawa
Ikavalko, Manager, Economic Development.                 Dates: Saturdays, June 10 to October
“The event gave our companies the chance to              Hours: 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
showcase their cutting-edge ideas, which are
a driving force in Ontario's innovation                  Oshawa Centre
economy.”                                                419 King St. W., Oshawa
                                                         Southeast parking lot
                                                         Dates: Fridays, May 21 to Oct. 29
                                                         Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

                                                         Zellers Plaza
                                                         555 Simcoe St. S., Oshawa
                                                         Dates: Tuesdays and Saturdays,
                                                         May 16 to end of October
                                                         Hours: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

                                                         Newcastle Arena
                                                         103 Caroline St. W., Newcastle
                                                         Dates: Sundays, May 23 to Oct. 10
                                                         Hours: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Bonnie Wrightman of the Clarington Board of Trade with
the Durham Region four-quad display booth.               Please visit www.durhamfarmfresh.ca for more

4   www.durhambusiness.ca                                                         www.durhamtourism.ca
New Durham Farm Fresh
brochure highlights
abundance of local products
Durham Farm Fresh recently released a
new brochure outlining the variety of farm-
fresh products available in
Durham Region.

With an alphabetical listing of roadside
markets, pick-your-own farms, garden
centres and more, the guide provides
contact information for more than 60
Durham Farm Fresh members.
Associate members are listed online
at www.durhamfarmfresh.ca.

Approximately 58,000 brochures have
been distributed through local newspapers
and in new communities.                                                  The newly designed Durham
                                                                         Farm Fresh brochure was
                                                                         released in May 2010.
To receive a copy of the new guide,
contact the Economic Development and
Tourism Department at 1-800-706-9857.

Sport Tourism Action Team
Durham Tourism hosted a Sport Tourism Action Team meeting in May at the Civic Recreation
Centre Complex in Oshawa to discuss components of the Durham Tourism Strategic Plan.

Since sport tourism is one of the main priorities for Durham Tourism from 2011 to 2016, a
number of questions are up for consideration to identify opportunities and challenges during the
next five years.

“Within the region's borders you will find a variety of sporting venues well-suited to serving
sports teams and tournaments,” explained Kerri King, Manager of Tourism. “Sport tourism is
important, because with these sport tournaments comes the opportunity to take advantage of all
of the other wonderful things happening in Durham—events, a vast amount of shopping
activities, great dining, accommodations and many opportunities for outdoor recreation

Erica McDonald, from the City of Oshawa, is chairing the action team on behalf of the Durham
Tourism Leadership Team. Durham Tourism is also welcoming two summer students; one is
supporting sport tourism strategy development.

  www.durhambusiness.ca                                                 www.durhamtourism.ca
Photo gallery - Farmer Chef photo shoot and networking day


       1                                                                                                       4


     1. Twenty-three pairings of farmers and chefs served up a taste of
     their specialities at the networking event at Ocala Winery in Port

     2. Watson Farms and Kings Court Catering teamed up for this
     delicious strawberry trifle.

     3. Chatterpaul’s and Pingles Farm Market display their offerings in     5
     the orchard.

     4. Algoma Orchards and Dinnerjohn collaborated on an apple pizza

     5. An appetizing chicken dinner entree creation by the “Fridge        Photos by Jason Chow Photography.
     Whisperer” Deb Rankine and Svetec Farm.

6   www.durhambusiness.ca                                                               www.durhamtourism.ca
Cycling workshop encourages development of bicycle friendly
accommodations at local businesses
Durham Tourism provided their promotional support for a Welcome Cyclists workshop in
May, providing participants and business owners with information on how to connect with
the increasing number of cyclists in the community.

The workshop was hosted on May 27 at the Hilton Garden Inn in Ajax by Welcome Cyclists,
and was supported by a number of partners including Durham Tourism, Friends of the
Greenbelt Foundation, and Transportation Options.
“Cycle Tourism in Ontario is rapidly growing, and this is an excellent opportunity for Durham
Region to showcase our recreational trails and cycling services to
visitors,” explained Kerri King, Manager of Tourism.

The resulting network will help cyclists locate bicycle friendly
accommodations, food service providers, attractions and other
cycling-related businesses and services in Durham Region.

Public input requested to help improve access to high-speed
Internet in Durham Region

In recent years, governments have                The Region will seek information from
initiated programs to help ensure that           multiple sources, but the key input will
citizens have access to high-speed               come from citizens. This information will
Internet service.                                be used to discuss options with telecom
                                                 providers and for policy decision-making.
As a telecommunication service, the
Internet is a critical component of              If you are interested in providing input,
business, education, health and daily life.      please contact us and tell us your name,
                                                 civic address, and why you do not have
The Regional Municipality of Durham              access to high-speed Internet.
wants to identify areas where high-speed
Internet access is not available to its          Please complete the online survey at
citizens. High speed is defined as a             www.durham.ca. For more information,
minimum of 1.5 Mbps sustained speed of           email telecommunications@durham.ca
service.                                         or call 905-668-7711 ext. 2612.

 www.durhambusiness.ca                                                   www.durhamtourism.ca
What’s on
     our schedule                             BACD marks 10th anniversary for
                                              Summer Company Program
    Durham Region Accessibility Expo and
    Business Breakfast                        This year will mark the 10th anniversary of the
    June 17                                   Business Advisory Centre Durham's (BACD)
    Durham College/UOIT campus                Summer Company Program in Durham
                                              Region. Summer Company is a unique
    Think Durham: Creative Think Tank         program designed by the Ontario Government
    June 22                                   to engage, inspire and inform Ontario youth,
    Durham College/UOIT campus                and to help young entrepreneurs prosper.
                                              Since 2001, BACD has granted $525,000 in
    Integrated Community Sustainability       start-up funds to 81 students to run their own
    Plan - Integration Meeting                business.
    June 22
    Wyndance Golf Course, Uxbridge            To increase the number of consultations,
                                              BACD launched a satellite location in
    Durham Strategic Energy Alliance          partnership with the University of Ontario
    (DSEA) Annual General Meeting and         Institute of Technology (UOIT), where BACD
    golf event                                provided 25 one-on-one consultations at the
    June 23                                   university. The satellite location also offers
    Winchester Golf Course, Brooklin          direct access for students to receive
                                              information on the Summer Company Program
    For more information, call the Economic   application process and criteria. In addition,
    Development and Tourism Department at     students who are completing school can be
    1-800-706-9857 or email                   directed to the Canadian Youth Business
    business@durham.ca.                       Foundation for start-up financing of between
                                              $15,000 and $30,000, plus long-term
                                              mentoring. Both programs offer the
                                              advantages needed by entrepreneurs to start
      Economic Development                    successful businesses and have a positive
      by the numbers (Q2)                     economic impact in their community.

                                              To create a young entrepreneur community in
      é e-newsletter
      Durham Tourism
      subscribers: 16,563
                                              Durham Region, BACD uses social media
                                              tools such as Facebook and Twitter. A young
                                              entrepreneur-branded website, BossMaker.ca,
      é 24
      Media mentions:
                                              was created to inform young entrepreneurs of
                                              programs, events, services and local young
                                              entrepreneur success stories.
      é online at
      Events registered
      www.DurhamTourism.ca: 226
                                              For more information, visit www.bacd.ca.
      é per cent
      Investment/expansion inquiries
      Q1 and Q2: 100                            *Please note that this newsletter has been printed on
           (versus Q1 and Q2, 2009)              Green Seal-certified paper made up of 15 per cent total
                                                 recovered fiber and 15 per cent post-consumer fiber.

8     www.durhambusiness.ca                                                     www.durhamtourism.ca
                                                                                    JAN-FEB 2010

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