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									        – No Negroes Allowed! – Security Tight!

               The Nubian Times
  Vol. 12 Iss. 3               MAY CONTAIN EXPLICIT LYRICS                                      March 2010

                                          careers. Considered from “the            built for her. Several cities and
Black women are our                       wrong side of the tracks” in
                                          Abilene, Kansas, Ida and her
                                                                                   counties in the United States are
                                                                                   named after Charlotte and her
connection with the Creative
                                          husband raised up a banker, a            birthplace of Mecklenburg. If you
forces and the only way Black             lawyer, a druggist, an engineer, a       read this in Charlotte, North
people enter this dimension.              journalist, a college president and      Carolina, be proud, take your shirt
                                          the president of the United States.      off and fly it like a helicopter again.
 BLACK WOMEN IN                           Ida Elizabeth Stover was born a
    HISTORY                               Black woman in Mt. Sidney,

                                                                                   Our Sistah Charlotte‟s ancestry has
                                                                                   been traced to a Moorish branch of
                                                                                   the Portuguese aristocracy.
                                                                                   Charlotte‟s granddaughter was
                                                                                   Victoria, the Queen for whom the
                                                                                   Victorian Era was named. Queen
                                                                                   Victoria‟s great granddaughter is
                                                                                   the present Queen Elizabeth of
                                               Charlotte of                        When you are working on the
                                            Mecklenburg-Strelitz                   premise that “one drop of Black
                                          The king of England during the           Blood” makes you Black, a
                                          American Revolution was George           whole lot of Negroes be trying
Ida Stover Eisenhower                                                              to pass Yo!
                                          III, who married Charlotte of
Sistah Stover was the mother of           Mecklenburg-Strelitz in 1761. She        March is supposed to be
Dwight David Eisenhower, the 34th         was a Black woman, who gave him
                                                                                   International Month of the
president of the United States. All       fifteen children: nine sons and six
                                          daughters, with their eldest son,        Woman. This is just a part of
toll she had six sons and no
daughters, with each son being            George IV also becoming king of          how we focus on Black women
successful and respected in their         England. Buckingham Palace was           globally. We speak every
  2                                                                           The Nubian Times
language, are every religion,         other, the more we can deal with        apartheid², ³Black nationalism²,
every nationality and the triple      the few enemies we have within          etc., but in the final analysis it is a
blackness of space and time.          and spend some time ending our          struggle against the horrific
The bottom line is that we are        oppression and laying this Beast to     onslaught of white supremacy and
                                      rest!                                   rectifying its assault against Us.”
many shades of Black, heavy,
lightly melanated and                 WESTERN EDUCATION:                                REPTILIANS
genetically dominant whatever            ANTI-AFRIKAN
group we decide to grace our                                                             (YURUGU)
                                           The Gospel According To
presence with. Don‟t start no                                                      The Gospel According To
shyt, won‟t be no shyt! We are              Hilary Odion Evbayiro
                                                                                         Dr. Suzar Epps
built to finish the good fight.
                                      “As unthinkable as it sounds, it is
We are Alpha to Omega. We                                                     “Not only do Black people need
                                      quite palpable, and tragically so,
don‟t die, we multiply!               that some of us are inured by our
                                                                              liberation, but so do all the other so
                                                                              called races, they need liberation
                                      Western education to view our
THE GOSPEL                            customs and traditions as barbaric.
                                      Without any doubt, the western                        FORCE
ACCORDING                             education has influenced and
                                                                                   The Gospel According To
                                      programmed us into embracing the
TO AFRIKANS                           cultural elements, whether good or               Frederick Douglass
                                      bad, of the west that we have
                                      imbibed through the indoctrinating      “A man without force is without
                                      study of the western civilization,      the essential dignity of humanity”
                                      history, astronomy, anthropology,
                                      philosophy, medicine, etc”.                         MELANIN
                                                                                   The Gospel According To
                                       “We cannot afford further loss of
                                      our identities. We must protect and                  Carol Barnes
                                      preserve our culture. Otherwise,
                                      our ways of life and the overall        "Melanin is responsible for the
                                      essence of what makes us                existence of civilization,
                                      inherently unique are at the brink of   philosophy, religion, truth, justice,
      (OUR STORY)                     permanent obliteration.”                and righteousness. Individuals
                                                                              containing low levels of Melanin
                                            PAN AFRICAN                       will behave in a barbaric manner."
These quotes, like the Nubian                                                 Melanin gives humans the ability to
Times, go around the world to             COMMONWEALTH
                                                                              feel because it is the absorber of all
Asia, Afrika, South America,              The Gospel According To             frequencies of energy. Since whites
Australia, North America and                                                  have the least amount of Melanin,
Europe. We do not cater to any              Dr. Raymond Winbush
                                                                              this is why they are perceived by
particular area or any particular                (Tikari Bioko)               People of Color as generally being
region. The main writing language                                             rigid, unfeeling, cold, calculating,
we use is English, but there are      “Let me say this: all, not most or
                                                                              mental, and "unspiritual." Their
Black people that take the time to    some, but all of the struggle of
                                                                              historical behavior towards
break things down for their people    Afrikans for the past half
                                                                              nonwhites often confirms this.”
and translate the Nubian Times into   millennium has been to repair the
over 50 languages. Don‟t you dare     damage of white supremacy               THE BLACK MATRIX
for one moment think that you are     perpetrated on Afrikans. You can
alone and other Black people don‟t    talk about the Garvey, Malcolm,              The Gospel According To
have a clue of what‟s going on! We    King, Mandela, Truth, Tubman or                   Franklin G. Jones
are using technology to bring you     whomever, but they and/or their
just a bit closer to your brothers    organizations have sought this          “Black people in the United States
and sisters across the planet. The    repair. They may resist the use of      are seeing through lenses that have
closer we come together, the less     the term ³reparations² but that is      been deliberately assigned to them
likely we are to hurt each other.     exactly what they are doing. They       by white mass manipulation
The less likely we are to hurt each   may call it ³civil rights², ³anti-      experts. They are being conditioned
  3                                                                            The Nubian Times
to admire only whites and to hate       integration and other subsequent       from both women and men. Being
themselves through a deliberately       opportunities became available.”       female doesn't automatically make
designed psychosocial program. It                                              one a better parent, but in the
is a covert media driven program          ABUSE AT SCHOOLS                     eyesight of the law it does. Judges
designed for ensuring the                   The Gospel According To            and the law should view a person
continuance of white dominance                                                 as an individual, not as a race,
and control. All African                      Lulu R. Stroud-Johnson           gender or culture. As a Black
Americans have experienced the                                                 woman, I don't believe in
                                        “So, folk, pay attention to the
burden of this applied                                                         discrimination of any kind.”
                                        adults -- the educators and those
psychological conditioning, some
more severely than others have. It
                                        who oversee the educators! Stop                 THE BOULE’
                                        blaming the victims. Many 'Black'
is experienced every time an                                                             REVISITED
                                        adults find it easier, safer,
African American read a
                                        preferable, worry-free, and less
newspaper, watches the evening                                                      The Gospel According To
                                        stressful to blame our 'Black'
news, or listens to a radio reports
                                        children, than to deal with the root              Steve Cokely
receiving and accepting their
                                        of the problems that plague our
racially biased propaganda                                                     “A Greek is a fraud. The Greeks
                                        'Black' communities across this
deliberately implying white                                                    stole from Kemet. If the Greeks
                                        country. Chicago is a microcosm,
superiority and Black inferiority.                                             stole from Kemet and a Greek is a
                                        just as Portland is a microcosm.
To the detriment of many African                                               fraud, what then is the fate of those
                                        Adult abusive behavior with
Americans, it has been an                                                      who have perpetrated the Greek in
                                        respect to Black students is not new
extremely effective at conditioning                                            spite of the fact?”
                                        no matter how many of us state
them to accept the dominance of
                                        otherwise.”                            “You can‟t liberate as a Greek.
Whites and white institutions over
their lives.”                               MELANIN: THE                       You can‟t liberate in the name of
                                                                               Greece. It may be a Black thang,
        BLACK UNITY                        CHEMICAL KEY TO                     but you ain‟t gonna liberate called
       DELIBERATELY                             LIFE                           A Phi A!”
         HINDERED                           The Gospel According To
      The Gospel According To                   Dr. Llaila O. Afrika
         Franklin G. Jones              “The more melanin you have the
                                        more civilized you are. The more
“Many African Americans now
                                        melanin you have the more psychic
holds the opinion that in the face of
                                        you are. The more melanin you
greater gained opportunities that
                                        have the more information your
many within their race became
                                        brain can store. The more melanin
their own worst enemies. It is a
                                        you have, the faster the nerve
perception that often engenders
                                        transmissions are. The melanin you
profound feelings of immense
humiliation, racial self contempt,
                                        have, the more sound you absorb in          HIGHER GROUND
                                        your ear, so you hear the full range
and disunity among many African                                                     Stevie Wonder /Fourplay
                                        of sound. No other race can do that.
Americans in the 21st-century. But
                                        The more melanin you have, the         People keep on learnin'
are these depictions and self
                                        more color you can absorb into         Soldiers keep on warrin'
perception of African Americans
                                        your eyes.”                            World keep on turnin'
“ Scores of African Americans now            CHILD SUPPORT                     Cause it won't be too long
share the belief that in the face of            REFORM
increased opportunities and an                                                 Powers keep on lyin'
apparent lessening of racial                The Gospel According To            While your people keep on dyin'
discrimination that the unrivaled                                              World keep on turnin'
                                                 Regina Nicholson              Cause it won't be too long
racial pride, unity and cohesion,
and ambitious perseverance that         “I work diligently in my volunteer           IN THE BOTTLE
were once so undeniably a part of       work with churches and other
early Black American identity           organizations assisting children. I          Gil Scott Heron / Maysa
merely all disintegrated- -when         see an abuse of the court system
  4                                                                             The Nubian Times
See that black boy over there,          fight and what to fight with. And       What we are talking about here is a
runnin' scared                          you don‟t look for justice from         counterfeit. A counterfeit has to
his ol' man's in a bottle.              unjust people.”                         imitate the real thing. It looks like
He done quit his 9 to 5 to drink full                                           it, talks like it, but if you listen
                                         DANGEROUS TO EACH                      close enough you know it‟s a
so now he's livin' in the bottle.             OTHER                             counterfeit.”
See that Black boy over there,
runnin' scared
                                             The Gospel According To            THAT’S BLACK POWER!
his ol' man got a problem                        Dr. Angela Davis                    The Gospel According To
Pawned off damn near everything,
                                        “Jails and prisons are designed to                 Marcus Kline
his ol' woman's weddin' ring for a
                                        break human beings, to convert the
bottle.                                                                         “If we teach the children now, how
                                        population into specimens in a zoo-
And don't you think it's a crime
                                        -obedient to our keepers, but           to create governments, that‟s Black
when time after time, people in the                                             power! And those of you who are
                                        dangerous to each other.”
bottle.                                                                         afraid of Black power…you‟re
                                        BOOK OF DEMONOLGY                       scared of being alive, because
See that Sista, sho‟ wuz fine before       KING JAMES I                         every day you promote White
she started drinkin' wine                                                       power, whether you know it or not.
from the bottle.                             The Gospel According To
Said her ol' man committed a crime
and he's doin' time,
                                              Sister Faola Ifagboyede            CRACKHEAD
so now she's in the bottle.
She's out there on the avenue, all by
                                        “King James dealt very, very
                                        highly in witchcraft. Most of us are
herself                                 familiar with his book the Bible,
sho' needs help from the bottle.        but he also wrote a book on witch
Preacher man tried to help her out,     craft. In this book he deals with the
she cussed him out and hit him in       whole art of imitation and explains
the head with a bottle.                 the Bible. The media is about
And don't you think it's a crime        imitating. Our people are under a
when time after time, people in the     spell at this point. So many of us
bottle.                                 will be loss along the way! If we
                                        don‟t get this information out to our
    WHO WROTE THE                       people, we will go under.
      The Gospel According To
                                             The Gospel According To
        Brother Otim Larib
                                                 Dr. Brenda Verner               YOU STOOPID
“I found out that Thomas Jefferson
was not the author of the
                                        “Feminist, who have placed                        EDITION!
                                        themselves in positions to be able
Constitution. After I‟ve read it and                                            Scientists are saying that Haiti has
                                        to launch their war fare, both
really considered it, I said                                                    larger oil reserves than Venezuela.
                                        spiritual & literal, are now about
considering most of the things in
                                        the perfection of scandalizing          With the use of make-up,
here, it‟s too humane. This
                                        Black people. You see, their            cinematography and a whole host
document was too humane to say
                                        popular culture movement has            of other things, Black people have
that he authored it!”
                                        found a way to stand on the necks       no idea what White people really
          CONQUER                       and the heads of Black people,          look like. We don‟t look at the TV
                                        while at the same time claiming to      show COPS as much as we use to.
      The Gospel According To           champion the cause of Black             Look for them without the make-
        Brother Otim Larib              people, in order to catapult            up.
                                        themselves into international
“If you want to learn to conquer,       prominence. Are you getting the         Melanin is a polymer. Melanin
you‟ve got to first learn how to        gist of what is going on here?”         cannot be destroyed.
fight. So you don‟t expect to
                                        “They have raised up Black              You create, write it, say it or drop
conquer if you don‟t know how to
                                        feminist to replace the real sisters.   science and send it to the Caucasian
  5                                                                             The Nubian Times
to copyright or patent, adding          citizens. One thing we know for         What happens if you take Cialis or
whatever to his arsenal. You might      sure…Europeans won‟t be                 Viagra and the shyt don‟t work?
make 30 pieces of silver, maybe         borrowing shyt from other               That artificial stuff just ain‟t the
moor. If your people try to use it      Europeans. Most other Europeans         same Yo! You could have 2 peeps
cooperatively, to set themselves        are broke, depleted and they do not     waitin‟ & feelin‟ STOOPID!
free, you say they are stealing,        trust the U.S. that much to be
charging too much or boot legging       lending them money.                     We are unbalanced if man and
the shyt we all got passed from all                                             woman are not as one.
our ancestors. Go figure. Who‟s         You have never heard of a White
                                        Mammy. Wiggers know who had             Rumor has it that Hollywood will
STOOPID Yo? There is nothing                                                    soon have 2 new blatant categories
new under the Sun!                      the best breast milk.
                                                                                in the Oscars, for best homosexual
                                        The American attack on women is         actor and actress. The major motion
In the United States, a
                                        fierce. American women are losing       picture studios wouldn‟t want to do
pornographic, sex toy society gone
                                        their minds and their identities. The   anything that would make them
wild, men are not suppose to have
                                        powers that be want them to be          seem homophobic or unfair.
transgressions, women do not have
                                        irrelevant, standing for nothing and
transgressions and if you believe                                               Governments around the world
                                        falling for everything. One minute
that YOU STOOPID! Trust is                                                      worry about attacks on critical
                                        they are lead to believe in fairy
something there is not much of in                                               infrastructure in their countries
                                        tales about Prince Charming or
the American Empire.                                                            coming from the U.S. and China
                                        whomever. The next minute the
Clarence Thomas, the only Black         media throws two females                more than any other potential
Supreme Court member, has a             celebrities together, engaged in a      aggressors.
White wife and some mixed               vampire type kiss. Some are
                                                                                Albinos are trapped in illusions of
children. His wife is now the head      cordially paraded in front of
                                                                                greatness by false history.
of a “TEA PARTY” group, trying          audiences like in meat markets, as
to bring back the Conservative          advertisers constantly banter them      Warning: Do not play around with
values of the Republicans, back to      to change their face, hair, breast,     putting wigs, hair pieces, girl
the United States.                      legs and looks to help them sell        clothes or girl shoes, too much
                                        their worthless products. Is there      jewelry and lip stick on young
Are you giving your children the        any wonder that depression for the      boys. You might be literally
full opportunity to be successful? If   American woman is at an all time        playing with his fire! Something
not, who‟s STOOPID! Parents are         high? Drug and steroid companies        strange might come back to haunt
children‟s first teacher.               rake in millions, just treating their   you Shawty, thinking that they
If you can‟t fight, a bully doesn‟t     societal depression, a direct result    have choices from the die that you
care what your proper name,             of women losing their feminine,         have cast and your cavalier,
acronym, color, class, religion or      cultural bearing.                       emotional attitudes. We all reap
nationality is. They will still kick                                            what we sow Comprendes?
                                        You will never see the parasites in
your azz. If you unite, to do           your body until you start killing       If you are going to fight your own
something to “F” them up, then you      them.                                   nature, you are going to lose.
got something you can cook with.
Some bullies just need a natural        If you don‟t know that Dwight           Black Scientist have found that due
born azz whipping to set them free!     Eisenhower was a Black President        to the number of White people
Comprendes?                             of the United States before Barack      dying, the number of White people
                                        Obama, you STOOPID. You have            suffering depression and the
If the U.S. Federal Government has      been dumbed-down just like the          number of White people just
to borrow money from foreign            Wiggers have been. If you have an       trippin‟ out, there is a shortage of
countries, the Chinese, the             education or a degree, it may not be    nurses. Hospitals, nursing homes
Japanese, the Arabs and the             worth a dam. That‟s why foreigners      and the health care industry need
Africans just might be paying those     can replace your STOOPID azz!           more nurses or trained bodies that
Social Security checks that senior                                              want to get paid for caring for sick
citizens and the disabled are           You don‟t need a PhD. to be a           & dying White people. The main
collecting monthly. Let‟s see if any    genius. In fact, most geniuses are
                                                                                reason there is a health care crisis
of the elderly or disabled refuse       not edumocated. Most of your
                                                                                in America is because White
that borrowed money. One day the        geniuses drop out of college and
                                                                                people are dying and because
United States may owe everybody         give college graduates jobs.
                                                                                White people are sick and need
else in the world, except for its own
  6                                                                             The Nubian Times
drugs to help with their suffering.     scraps off the table. You see a lot     give you Welfare, to look out for
Most of the diseases that White         of slick Negroes on television. It      your welfare and you go to sleep. Is
people currently have…are not           doesn‟t take much training or           that STOOPID OR NOT?
curable under the current “health       programming to consider one‟s self
care system”. White people need         slick, especially when you know         President Dwight Eisenhower
help!                                   you have been specifically trained      proposed aggressive civil rights
                                        to stay in your place on the            legislation, started a civil rights
If Africans do not organize             Hacienda plantation.                    commission, and was the first
globally, the next group to enslave                                             President to appoint a Black to an
Africans, as well as the continent of   Death from drugs is now the             executive position in the White
Africa, will be an Asian                number one killer in European           House. Very few people knew that
contingency led by the Chinese.         dominated societies.                    President Eisenhower was Black,
                                                                                had Negro blood or whatever. What
Speaking White and                      In 1803, Thomas Jefferson and           you don‟t know could kill you. The
communicating White are two very        Napoleon negotiated the United          proof is in the pudding Yo!
different things. Young people          States‟ purchase of Louisiana from
should know the difference.             France. With two strokes of a pen,      You can cook an egg solid in 65
Speaking White may mean that you        a fledgling nation barely a             minutes, using 2 cell phones.
have a certain type of education or     generation old doubled in size
upbringing, but communicating           overnight and became one of the         Three Los Angeles school teachers
White means that you are tied to        largest nations in the world. France    were suspended, back in Black
certain cultural values and norms       had acquired the land from Spain in     History month, for giving some of
that don‟t always coincide with         1800. How did Spain get the land        their elementary school children
your audience. Lots of people           one might ask? Now that‟s a bull        pictures of O.J. Simpson, Dennis
speak what they think is                shyt question for the wizard of OZ.     Rodman and RuPaul to carry in a
intelligently, but they can‟t           Who gave France or Spain the right      Black History Month parade. The
communicate. If you find yourself       to sell Black owned and controlled      teachers were White. The
surrounded by a bunch of wolves in      Land?                                   administration feels the teachers
sheep‟s clothing, you had best learn                                            could have made more appropriate
to communicate to that public, that     Homosexual issues are not about         choices, such as Oprah Winfrey or
audience, or you may find yourself      being “gay” or sexuality; they are      whomever! It seems that other
on the short end of a stick.            about money & power. Instead of         students carried pictures such as
Comprendes? Don‟t make me open          being “gay”, you just might be a        Harriet Tubman, Nelson Mandela
a can of whip azz on you Shawty!        broke-a-sexual! This is just another    and President Obama. Life is
                                        case of somebody playing you            America ain‟t easy Yo. Truth is the
The first thing a Niggah do when        STOOPID!                                hardest pill to swallow in the
they want to act as if they are free                                            Matrix!
is to buy an expensive car and ride     Wigger news- To win the wars in
around the plantation. Maybe get        Iraq & Afghanistan, a few Wiggers       Some specialized men and women
them a Shawty with some                 have suggested that all the United      nurses are making more money
extensions down her back. That is       States has to do is offer the Iraqi &   than some men and women doctors.
why the cops stop their dumb ass.       Afghanistan women food stamps,          Don‟t fall asleep on the prospects!
The cops wanna make sure this           independence cards and public
                                        housing. If they spread some of that    So Tiger Woods is a role model
Nigga is only ACTIN‟. Well, what                                                and a Buddhist, but he doesn‟t
up partna?                              cheddar around neighboring
                                        Pakistan and Iran, mixed in with        profess to be a Black man. He may
 Slick Negroes make conversation        some stockings, colorful fabrics,       be the only Buddhist we could find
about “poor people” when they           candy, a couple computers and           that surrounds himself with White
don‟t want anybody to think their       some magazines to fuel their            Christians, White Jews and is
focus is on Black people. Slick         imaginations, then the sound, smell     married to a non-Buddhist White
Negroes don‟t want anybody to           and taste for freedom may not be        woman. Did he learn these things
think that they owe anything to the     the same. Just ask the Africans that    from his Mother? She married a
neighborhoods or people from            Wiggers kidnapped and brought to        Black man and the majority of her
whence they came. All of a sudden       the Americas. They get to the           close friends and relatives, as far as
they want to play “we‟re all in this    women and children and that puts a      we know, are Taiwanese &
thing together”, while they safely      halt to any idealism that the men       Buddhist. Where is Tiger‟s family?
try to rake in some crumbs and          might have on a grand scale. They       If you want somebody to believe in
                                                                                you, don‟t play us STOOPID Yo!
  7                                                                               The Nubian Times
Black women and Black men are          Pink people may be our albino              Yo. You gotta get your mind, your
not equal. Black women have            children in theory, but lizards are        gut and your azz on the same page
different power than Black men         definitely not our children. Go            or risk some doctor treating you
have. If either of them don‟t use      figure!                                    with drugs and machines Homey!
these powers or forget how to use
their powers, they must buy into       Watermelons and grapes without             Moor Wigger news- White people
                                       seeds are hybrid. That means that          wear a Fez more than most Black
other people‟s powers and become
                                       they are away from Ma Ma Nature.           people in America, but that doesn‟t
powerless. Only then do they
                                                                                  mean they have any history in
become broke-azz & Negroes.            Moor Black GrapeVine news-                 Africa. They are all up in Lodges,
If you don‟t know the expression,      Anyone thinking that all they have         Club Houses and Resorts doing
“White man speak with forked           to do is claim a nationality and they      secret handshakes, naked wrestling,
tongue”, you STOOPID Shawty!           are free…is STOOPID! There are             whore hopping, boy chasing and
                                       millions of slaves that think they         smoking cigars.
Broke Back Wigger news- Wiggers        are something they are not, still
everywhere are starting to find out    being judged by the high-carbon                MARY CHURCH
that they get no credit from other     content (melanin) in their body and        TERRELL LIVES, DRED
White people, just because they are    spirit. They go under a lot of              SCOTT LIVES, BOBBY
White anymore. Those days are          nationalities and religious beliefs,
coming to an end. That‟s why so        but that does not make them any            BYRD LIVES, ROBERT B.
many Wiggers are getting violent.      less a slave, a 2nd or 3rd class citizen      ELLIOT LIVES, MA
They “gets” no respect! The plants     or whatever! There are plenty of            RAINEY LIVES, ELIAS
are being shut down. The factories     people collecting itsy bitsy checks           BOUDINOT LIVES,
are being shut down. The colleges      from Albinoids that profess they              VERNON HUNTER
are pushing up their prices and        are kings, queens, gods and earths
bullshyt standards. People of color    to their peers, but have to shut up in     LIVES, RICHARD BIGGS
from around the world are getting      from of Albinoids or get locked up.           LIVES, JOHN ROY
more respect, better jobs and more     Whatever! Peace-Out!                        LYNCH LIVES, JOSEPH
money and security than so called                                                 H. RAINEY LIVES, REV.
White people are getting. Wiggers      If you can‟t progress beyond your
                                       teacher and clean up your situation,         MICHELLE THOMAS
don‟t know whether to shyt Wigger
shyt, take their own lives or try to   you teacher has failed in their            LIVES, RICHARD ALLEN
take as many people to death with      mission Shawty. Study the past, but          LIVES, RON BANKS
them as they can.                      don‟t get caught up into debates            LIVES and KATOUCHA
                                       about what was if you can‟t change
Some school districts are              and manipulate what is.
                                                                                       NIANE LIVES!
considering banning “hoodies” in                                                  Lemon juice will cut 3 day old
their schools, because hoodies can     When women no longer want land,
                                       food, clothing, shelter, blood             funk. If you can‟t get enough of
hide the face. Cases of violence and                                              that funky stuff and this is no
other reckless behaviors have also     diamonds, gold, silver, expensive
                                       jewelry, fancy cars with filled gas        reference to music, you STOOPID.
been associated with hoodies. What
you think Yo?                          tanks, stockings, make-up and other        Nappy hair is the good stuff. You
                                       petroleum based products, fur              will be able to tune in to things that
How come all Jesus disciples have      coats, minks coats, exotics foods          others may not.
European names like Luke, Mark,        and spices, big houses, servants and
Paul, etc. etc. etc. How come you      lots of lounging time, perhaps half        Moor Black GrapeVine news-
got a European name? Somebody          the world‟s violence will come to          According to White people‟s
lost their Afrikan mind.               an end. Men won‟t have to provide          dictionary, White people ain‟t
                                       these things anymore.                      White and Black people ain‟t
Over half your phone calls are                                                    Black, but what knucklehead wants
from somebody wanting                  One of the most basic                      to go up to a Wigger and tell them
something. Either bills collectors,    fundamentals is that all parts of the      that they ain‟t White? Good luck!
salespeople or Negroes doin‟ bad.      human body are inter-related.
Be careful who you give your digits                                               It‟s STOOPID for anyone to think
to, unless you want to hang up and     If you don‟t drink enough water,           that they can count the people that
lie to a lot of peeps. Don‟t be        exercise and keep on eating junk           they call “illegal aliens”. So how
STOOPID!                               food, you could end up with                can they estimate that these so
                                       irritable bowel syndrome or disease        called “illegals” outnumber
  8                                                                             The Nubian Times
anyone? Ain‟t that much super-         Your Jesus, Lord and Savior had          industry as possible. Maybe they
computing in the world, but there is   locs. His hair was like lamb‟s wool.     want all the drugs for themselves.
that much bullshyt to go around!       He did not wear relaxer, scary-          Maybe they want to be the only
                                       curls, perm, extensions, finger nail     people hooked up to “keep me
In South Africa (Azania), Winnie       polish, lip stick or walk like Peter     alive” machines. Whatever!
Mandela is reiterating what a          Pan. He walked like a Nubian. If
bullshytter her former husband                                                  When White people have to start
                                       you think anything different, you
Nelson Mandela is. He did nothing                                               paying what Black people living in
                                       STOOPID! Don‟t check your
much for the poor people of                                                     metropolitan areas have to pay for
                                       history books, check your common
Soweto or South Africa as a whole,                                              auto insurance, then they start
                                       sense if you have any.
while the rich, White people have a                                             crying about Car Insurance
huge statue of his to view every       There have been several groups of        Reform.
time they walk out of their            Black people STOOPID enough to
mansions and onto the land that        have treaties with Europeans. The
                                                                                If you fail to give your mind orders
                                                                                and instructions, someone else will
they still possess.                    Europeans always spoke with
                                                                                give it orders and instructions.
                                       forked tongue. In every case the
                                       members of the Black groups,
                                       nationalities or tribes faced disorder
                                       suffered greatly and now face
                                       Afrikans as a people are tolerant of
                                       other‟s religion, ethnicity, sexuality
                                       and race, but that script had better
                                       be flipped while there still is a
                                       script to be flipped. Hey Boo, do
                                       you want to become extinct?
                                        What good are Greek fraternities
      IS YOU STOOPID?                  and Greek sororities to the Black
                                       community if all they do is support
I would ask you a question, but I                                                ALL TRUTH IS ROOTED
                                       Negro institutions, including Negro
won‟t, because I already have all      churches and Negro clergy. What                IN REALITY!
the answers.                           do they own and what kind of             Afrikans originated Astrology
When dealing with other people of      wealth have these fraternal              /Astronomy and took it around the
color, some peeps have a fantasy of    organizations created for their          world.
being a queen, a king, God, Earth,     people? How many millionaires
prince or princess. But when           have sororities and fraternities         Chemistry is the study of melanin.
dealing with White folks, White        created in the „hood Boo? This
                                       means that Black frats & sororities
                                                                                The majority of the
people don‟t play that shyt unless                                              African=American women in the
it‟s some type of advertising ploy,    just give token support to other
                                                                                Americas are embarrassed and
fantasy movie or whatever. Ain‟t       tokens.
                                                                                ashamed of their natural hair. They
you seen “ROOTS” Yo? Maybe             Some people that speak proper            are afraid to show their natural hair
White folks just think you Stoopid?    English can‟t balance their check        to the public, their men and their
White folks ain‟t doing too much       books. Some people that can              children. This self-hatred has been
think about how much education,        perform complex mathematical             going on since the slavery period.
how many degrees or how many           calculations can‟t write a letter to     All these women are beautiful, but
credits you got. White folks just      their loved ones. Education is the       chemicals, glues and hair pieces
wanna know what you gonna do for       best way to go, but there will still
them!                                  be people that think you are
                                                                                Melanin is somewhat analogous to
                                                                                chlorophyll in plants. Melatonin is
Dear intellectuals…the next time       STOOPID and you don‟t have the
                                                                                also related to fertility. Those with
you speak the language of the          sense you were born with!
                                                                                pigmented skin have the highest
people, be prepared to think about                                              counts of melanocytes in the
                                       There is only a Health Care Debate
what is coming out of your mouth.                                               genitalia and nipples.
                                       because Europeans want Black
                                       people to benefit as little as
                                       possible out of the health care
  9                                                                           The Nubian Times
Afrikans come from a worldview         At least 1/3 of the Black folks in     troops off American soil, as
where the collective has the highest   the US don‟t have bank accounts.       well as the removal of all
                                       Of the 2 million hysterectomies        foreign flags. This was quite
Black people and color-less people     performed each year, 80% or            a feat, considering the fact
do not vibrate at the same             1,600,000 are performed on Black       that so many European
frequency.                             women.                                 countries had a stake in the
After the Mexican War, 1846-           Melanin is the only chemical that      United States since the days
1848, the United States got the        can be in two places at one time. It   following Columbus. Hanson
territories of New Mexico and          is the only chemical that can do
                                                                              established the Great Seal of
California from Mexico for about
15 million dollars. Up until this                                             the United States, which all

time, Mexico ran all the way up to                                            Presidents have since been
Canada.                                                                       required to use on all official
The Arabic numbers used today                                                 documents. President Hanson
                                                                              also established the first
came from the ancient Arab people
who were Black.
                                                    On                        Treasury Department, the
                                                                              first Secretary of War, and
Biology is the way that melanin
controls a cell.
                                                1st Black                     the first Foreign Affairs
In 1965, President Lyndon B.                    President                     Department. Lastly, he
                                                                              declared that the fourth
Johnson passed bills to destabilize
                                                                              Thursday of every November
the Black community in America.
                                              JOHN                            was to be Thanksgiving Day,
Sudan has more pyramids than any
other country on earth – even more
than Egypt. There are at least 223
                                             HANSON                           which is still true today.

pyramids in the Sudanese cities of                                             Six other presidents were
Al Kurru, Nuri, Gebel Barkal and                                              elected after him - Elias
Meroë. They are generally 20 to 30                                            Boudinot (1783), Thomas
metres high and steep sided.                                                  Mifflin (1784), Richard
Black people have natural sun                                                 Henry Lee (1785), Nathan
glasses with the melanin in their                                             Gorman (1786), Arthur St.
eyes.                                                                         Clair (1787), and Cyrus
Melanin helps Black people absorb                                             Griffin (1788) - all prior to
the full flavor of food.                                                      Washington taking office.
Medical students graduate from                                                You don't hear much about
medical school when they learn                                                the first seven Presidents of
how to take care of White people,                                             the United States, because
but they haven‟t a clue how to care                                           The Articles of
for Black people until they have
some “practice” on sick Black
                                                                              Confederation they served
people.                                                                       under didn't work very well.
                                                                              The individual states had too
The same people that gave us Santa
Claus gave us Jesus Christ.
                                                                              much power and nothing
                                                                              could be agreed upon. A new
It takes Black people less energy to                                          doctrine needed to be written
make energy. Black people make
energy efficiently.                                                           - something we now know as
                                                                              the Constitution of the United
Races are classified based upon        John Hanson, the 1st
                                                                              States. That Constitution took
their melanin content.                 President of the United
                                       States, ordered all foreign
 10                                                                The Nubian Times
some of the power away from      several beatings, he escaped      mind blowing off the hook.
the individual States.           and tries to manage the long      The Black characters almost
                                 journey home, only to be          seem like they are throw ins,
George Washington was            captured by a Cherokee            but Wesley and Don add
definitely not the first         Bounty hunter. This bounty        some snap, crackle, pop to
President of the United          hunter only feels that his life   the scenario and make it
States. He was the first         is only worth living if he can    interesting and worth seeing.
President of the United States   assimilate into White culture.
under the Constitution. The                                               8 1/2 out of 10 stars
                                 The story has a lot of twists
first seven Presidents, most
with Negro blood (perhaps
                                 and turns and flows pretty              COP OUT:
                                 smoothly. It wasn‟t a great
mulatto) are forgotten in        movie, but it held my             Featuring:
history and their important      attention just to have an idea            Tracy Morgan
stories neglected by             of how indigenous people
Europeans.                                                         In this flick, Tracy Morgan
                                 and children were treated. It‟s   and Bruce Willis are
                                 one of the few movies             longtime NYPD Cop
John Hanson got his Negro
                                 (fiction) I‟ve seen that deals    Partners, with Tracy Morgan
blood from his Ma Ma and
                                 with such topics. Take
his Ma Ma‟s Ma Ma! His                                             being the clown. It starts out
                                 caution…White devils are          funny as shyt, but after about
Daddy was Swedish, but his
                                 killed in this movie!             half an hour, the jokes and
Ma ma was B-L-A-C-K!
                                        7 out of 10 stars          dumb scenes are stoopid! I
      MOVIE                                                        personally think this film
                                    BROOKLYN’S                     could have been a lot better
     REVIEWS                          FINEST:                      had Tracy Morgan been a
       By DIVINE1ON1                                               little bit more serious. His
                                 Featuring:                        clownish ways and attitude
THE ONLY GOOD                    Don Cheadle                       didn‟t make him believable at
    INDIAN:                      Wesley Snipes                     all to me. I would have
                                                                   preferred Chris Tucker or
Featuring:                       This is a picture that you        maybe even Martin
Winter Fox Frank                 have to stay focused to           Lawrence. It‟s worth a look
                                 follow. It has lots of twists,    see if you ain‟t got nothing
Wes Studi
                                 turns, action and drama. The      better, but the storyline is
This film deals with the         story is told through the eyes    corrupt. I know a lot of Black
forced and the willing           of 2 White men and 1 Black        folks like goofy stuff like
assimilation of indigenous       man, Don Cheadle. The story       Madea and whatnot, but this
people of the Americas into      line intertwines between          is the pits. This type of
European, American culture.      these 3 cops or Brooklyn‟s        comedy will pull in lots of
A Nachwihiata boy is             finest. It‟s about drugs, it‟s    Negros & Black
kidnapped from his mother        about money and it‟s about        knuckleheads, but they ain‟t
and father by White devils       trying to “get out” and have a    got nothing better to do but
and forced into a boarding       different life. None of the       laugh at themselves anyway.
type Christian, European         characters actually meet, but     If you into Tyler Perry type
school, which he rejects. His    the picture flows from the        comedy stuff, it‟s a winner,
mind cannot handle being         start, drags a little in the      but I‟m not!
forced to assimilate. After      middle and then the finale is
  11                                                                            The Nubian Times
         6 1/2 out of ten stars          In fact, the U.S. has a worse health   major sources of fossil fuels,
                                         care system than any other             especially central Asia.

 EUROPEAN                                democracy and a good number of
                                         poor nations
                                                                                Caucasians like to suppress the
                                                                                truth, keep information secret and
   FACTS                                 All Christian events strangely
                                         coincide with solar events, but
                                                                                not air it. What they do air only
                                                                                contains enough truth to fool an
                                         Christians are taught not to           unsuspecting observer.
                                         subscribe to astrology.
                                                                                A person with blue eyes has no
                                         White people in the Americas use       melanin in their eyes. What you see
                                         quite a few African symbols on         that is blue, green or gray, is the
                                         their money.                           veins that are in the back of their
                                         Caucasian have a different view of
                                         sex than Afrikans. Caucasians are       Europeans use sexual stimulation
                                         more tolerant of men and women         to get people attached to food or
                                         having sex with animals, with each     products that they control.
                                         other, with same sex, with parents
 (SUB-URBAN RUMORS)                      and with children. Anything goes,
                                                                                White people proceed against
                                                                                Afrikan people in America as if
                                         including sex for sale. Caucasians
  BELIEVE IT OR NOT!                     have more of a tendency to equate
                                                                                they were a hostile nation within a
The United States is already facing      violence with sex. Caucasians were
a shortage of about 60,000 primary       the first to spread “whip appeal”.     Lack of melanin is why white
care doctors. Look for them to                                                  people have the lowest birthrates of
                                         White people do have melanin.
depend on people of color and third                                             all people on the planet and are
                                         White people‟s melanin has sulfur
world doctors and nurses to pick up                                             going extinct. Their melanin
                                         in the middle, while Black people‟s
the slack. The pay will be less than                                            deficiency is why their
                                         melanin has selenium in the
most White doctors would get, but                                               reproduction system does not work
sufficient for those that just want a                                           as efficiently as it should.
better living. The racist mentality in   King James revised the word of
the United States won‟t get in most      “GOD” and spiritual knowledge
                                                                                Researchers found that almost half
of their ways if they are determined                                            of forced laborers work in
                                         that Afrikans already knew and
to prosper.                                                                     prostitution or the sex industry,
                                         lived by.
                                                                                close to one-third is domestic
The American Empire is still             North Korea has missiles capable       workers, and one in 10 works in
standing only because they lead the      of reaching the American West          agriculture. And while examples of
world in weapons of mass                 Coast and is believed to either        forced labor have been found in at
destruction. They‟ve maintained,         already possess or be well on its      least 90 cities in the United States,
stock piled and still are collecting     way toward successfully                most are concentrated in states with
weapons and stay abreast of              developing nuclear weapons.            large immigrant populations like
explosion technology.                                                           California, Florida, New York and
                                         Britain had to empty the jails and     Texas.
Americans came up with the words         debtor's prisons to populate certain
mulatto, quadroon, octoroon and          areas in her American colonies.        Without great opposition, the
nigger to describe how the Afrikans      Western Europeans were in no           American Bar Association
they stole from Afrika looked and        hurry to get to a New World where      convinced states to pass
acted after they were domesticated.      they had to work hard and the land     “unauthorized practice of law”
                                         was already occupied.                  statutes in the 1920s and 1930s,
During slavery periods on Southern                                              which effectively gave lawyers a
plantations, White men had most of       White women can be pimps as well       monopoly over the sale of legal
their sex with Black slaves because      as their man, but may go by other      information.
it was more profitable and the           names.
slaves had no choice.
Western civilization is the only
place where zombies are in service
                                         Since 11 September, Caucasians
                                         from the Americas have established
                                         bases at the gateways to all the
                                                                                SEE YA!
to the un-dead.

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