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									                                         JEEP NEWS
                                                  THE UN-OFFICIAL Newsletter
                                                    of World War 2 Jeeps NSW

                                                       April 2006 – Volume No.90

In keeping with the last editions theme of the ladies, the above picture was
pinned to Neil Goodridge’s Office wall without a caption or hint on its origin.
  Obviously an early MB and don’t those Gals look like they mean business!

       President: Cliff Bambridge –
       Editor and Membership: Mitch Holland –
            STATEMENT and FINE PRINT information
   World War 2 Jeeps NSW, IS NOT a formal club, but more an “Association” of WW2 Jeep
enthusiasts, bonded together by this approximate bimonthly Newsletter, in order to share
information about their vehicles, future displays, trips and events.
It was founded by the late Peter Walker in 1991 in an effort to bring genuine users of the
legendary Jeep together. Our “President”, is Cliff Bambridge and he can be contacted via email
as per the front cover or by snail mail at 1 Ocean Street Thirroul NSW 2515.

   Membership enquiries and Newsletter submissions can be directed to our “Editor”, Mitch
Holland, via email or snail mail at 46 Dalrymple Avenue Wentworth Falls NSW 2782.
Joining information for all new members is, a $20 cash donation, seven stamped self addressed
strong business size envelopes, full contact details, a good colour picture of your Jeep (we will
return it), your Jeep related history along with details of any special Jeep restoration talents
you may possess and whether you are prepared to offer any advice to fellow members.
Renewals are generally due in July (or when you run out of envelopes) and require seven more
self addressed envelopes plus a small cash donation which goes towards the cost of producing
this newsletter. However, it is preferred (and easier all round), for you to receive this
Newsletter by email. If you have access to email, please let Mitch know. This is a FREE
SERVICE and requires only an occasional donation towards the extra costs of providing awards
or prizes.

   Members, their relatives, friends or guests are reminded that some Four Wheel Drive trips
or events notified herein can be extremely dangerous. Participation in any event or trip is
entirely up to the individuals discretion and that no responsibility, what so ever, can be held
against any land holder, individual or group, for what ever situation that may arise, in travelling
to or from or during the course of that event or trip. If we are participating in an event or
trip organised by others outside of the Association, we do so as a group of individuals at their
invitation. Prior contact with the person organising any particular activity advertised herein is
mandatory, to avail yourself with the most up to date and correct information, as dates and
itinerary can change due to unforeseen circumstances.

   Finally, views expressed in our newsletter are also individual and do not necessarily reflect
the Association as a whole. Membership Lists forwarded from time to time are for the benefit
of those listed for contact purposes amongst each other only, and are not intended for
dissemination to third parties or to be used for soliciting of unwanted services and or
advertising material.

Congratulations to Jack Hicks for putting on a big night on 11 February. The food was great, the beers were
cold and good company rounded the night off. Jack’s place (the Yowie Bay Hilton) is that perfect location,
just up the road from Wollongong and just around the corner (for Sydney siders), with a swimming pool,
plenty of room and a garage to park the Jeeps. So thanks again Jack for a good night’s entertainment, which
included a pantomime called the “Duck Hunter” performed by Stuart Wearne, I found it hysterical.

Talking about Stuart he has been a breath of fresh air to the Club. He uses his imagination and seems to
have a great time attending Jeep activities (explains why he’s known as the Gadget Man) and is a participant
at almost all of the organised trips. We need more members like him that are keen to participate.

I heard on the Jeepvine that there will be another auction coming up at Marathon Spares which, by all
accounts, is going to be a big event. More trips are planned so keep an eye on Standing Orders.

Also it was a suggestion that at the Jeep Christmas bash this year one event could be a musical challenge.
With people attending, if possible, playing some sort of music instrument. I have chosen a harmonica as my
weapon of choice. It should make for some entertaining moments at the Christmas festivity.

See you on the track.

Cliff B
                                FOR SALE
                          The Infamous Jeep – “GLADYS”
                        Well Loved and Maintained 1942 FORD

  *THREE OWNERS: THE ARMY, BILL McMURRIDGE (1947 – 1983) and ME - (1983 TO DATE).

                       COUNTRYSIDE ON MANY JEEP TRIPS.

                 *RARE EARLY MODEL    Scripted Ford BODY.


                               MAX GOODRIDGE.



  *ORIGINAL ROUND SCREW CAPPED JERRY CAN (for show purposes as it leaks a bit) AND AN



            Ford Scripted              WRENCH. (Note: TOOL, NOT WOMAN!)




     or phone. ME (DIGGER IAN) on (02) 6687-2270 for further information.


                                (Your local newspaper).
Corowa 2006
It’s become bit of an annual pilgrimage, so after
a hectic day on personal business in
Wellington, country NSW on Thursday, I
headed south to attend the 2006 Corowa “Swim
–in”. After a 4am start to the day, I was getting
tired by 5pm and found a delightful camp spot
at Koorawatha Falls, just south of Cowra.

An early morning cuppa and I was on my way,
and met up with Carl Flannery, Neil Goodridge,
Dave Clare, Jimmy Head and Brian Beasley at
the Bandianna army museum at Wodonga. If              Model T – Replica WW1 Truck
you have never been there, put it on the
itinerary, as the museum has a great collection       Neil, Carl and I headed for the nearby Sports
of military vehicles, including a fantastic jeep in   Club to make sure the beers were worth
very original WW2 condition. Lots of Land             drinking, and after a return to the park to have a
Rovers, a DUKW, a LARC, staff cars, RAEME             look around, we returned to the club that night
mobile workshops, mobile kitchens,                    for an excellent feed and a few more sherberts.
ambulances etc, as well as cannon, uniforms           The braised steak and onions we all had made
etc. Well worth the $5 admission charge.              for an interesting night back in the cabin.

Followed Neil in his truckload of Jeep parts (for     The Saturday parade was due to start at 9am,
the Saturday swap meet) to Corowa where we            and despite being offered a lift in a Series 1
settled in to our cabin at the Ball Park Caravan      Land Rover, I had already accepted an offer
Park, and met up with a few old friends and           from Maureen Bell to drive her ex Blue
fellow WW2 Jeep Club members including John           Mountains Bushfire Brigade Jeep in the parade.
and Monika Swane, Barry Greenland, John               The Mountain Man decided it was all too much,
Cooper and Ruth Coleman, as well as Graham            so let Carl drive his Jeep, and the others
“Wash” Shaw and his mate Davo from                    scrounged lifts in various vehicles with the
Melbourne. The Park was full of the usual             usual friendly mob who drive ex-military
contingent of WW2 military vehicles, and their        machines.
owners swapping yarns and downing a few
cleansing ales.

                                                      “The Porcupine”
Carl giving his buggered knee a workout on the
clutch pedal of John Swanes Jeep.                     A total of just over 120 vehicles entered the
                                                      official parade through Corowa and assembled
                                                      at the Corowa Airport. A very interesting WW1
        Jeep News No.90 – April 2006                  replica T-model Ford led the parade, followed
                                                      by the Scout Cars, being “The Year of the
Scout Car”. A half dozen White Scout cars            Later on, after an evening meal at a nearby
participated, including one half track, as well as   pub, we managed to get back to the Caravan
a number of more unusual vehicles such as the        Park to participate in the Auction, led
“Porcupine” and a British Dingo. A large             entertainingly by the usual auctioneer and
number of jeeps attended, as well as Blitzes,        Raconteur (and Blitz owner) Bay Kelly.
Dodges of various types, a Champ, Andy
McFarland’s Mobile Cinema van, a Humber              A few bargains were snapped up, including a
Snipe staff car, various motor bikes and various     very original enamel sign by Brian Beazley
other makes and models. I’m sure the                 (after a few pushes and shoves from the Jeep
organisers, KVE, will issue a list in the near       mob around him).

Andy Macs Mobile Cinema Unit                         Some of the White Armoured Scouts.

Following the parade, the usual swap meet was        A few more laughs and a couple more drinks
held in Bangarang Park adjacent the Caravan          back in the cabin brought the night to a close.
Park, and the number of stalls seems to be           Carl and Neil had to do a few “Marathon”
growing each year. Neil was kept busy catering       deliveries before hitting the Yowie Bay Hilton on
to the needs of the Jeep enthusiasts looking for     Sunday night, so a 4.30 am morning call saw
a swap meet bargain.                                 most of us up and ready to head home.

                                                     2007 is “The Year of the Staff Car and Bike”, so
                                                     dust off your old Cyclops, BSA, Hardly Ridable
                                                     or Kubelwagen in the back shed and see you
                                                     next year.

                                                     Thanks to the Organisers, Jan Thompson, John
                                                     Hedges and all their families and Crew for yet
                                                     another fantastic event.


                                                     Note: Photos shown here where taken by
                                                     “Davo” and appear on the Land Rover Owners
Some of the many Jeeps lined up after the            Club of Victoria Website
Parade at Corowa Airport.
                                                     They must be a little edgey at showing
A leisurely arvo was spent on the banks of the       registration (number) plates, but if you want to
Mighty Murray watching the 3 GPA’s and the 2         find out some more, just ring the phone
DUKW’s doing their stuff with the eager crowd.       numbers shown on some of the bonnets!
                                                     Editor Mitch

        Jeep News No.90 - April 2004
From the Signals Tent
*Welcome to the following new members:
Terry Smith of Villawood who rushed off with our
last newsletter to purchase the Jeep and Trailer
advertised in the last edition. He visited me one
day to find out all about us and was sent an old
copy of the News with the details and promptly
replied with his $20. He now has a good Jeep and
wishes to join us on a few excursions in the
future. Say Gday also to Shane Slattery, currently
of Queensland, who has a couple of Jeeps under
restoration. He found us through G503 and Steve
Malikoffs information section. More on Shane and
Terry will appear in a future Profile. Stay tuned.
* Envelopes – The following have used their last
with this editions posting and need to get to me
the suggested type and quantity as printed in the
last issue: Max Clissold, Bruce (Guantanimo Bay)        Rare Ford GPW Data Plate
Hicks, Graham Meyer, Rob Modesto, Peter
Toohey and Graham Upton. Thanks                         *From our Interesting Items Locater – Bruce
* James Baxter and Annie Appleyard – Due to             McCann who just read this on the G503 website.
a change of work arrangements, they are heading         Jeep Terminology:-
back to the UK via an “African Safari”. They are        j -- just
packing up the Land Rover and departing Kenya           e --empty
for the full tour and have promised to send us the      e --every
odd report en-route. James said he wishes he can        p --pocket
do it in the Jeep! Although it might be dangerous       ha ha - pretty good eh?
with the man eating wildlife! Best wishes for a
safe journey from all within the Association.           *WANTED – a 1956 cj3b engine. I only have an
* Websites – A Canadian site that appears to be         email contact -
their version of our Marathon Spares is They have a 1945                    * Jeep Action Magazine – I know I say this every
Bantam Trailer for $1900 Canadian, which is             month, but it is getting better and better. I do not
about the same as our Aussie Dollar. Blimey!            know how this is possible, but the information that is an interesting site run         is being put forward is top class with the current
by Robert deRuyter of the Netherlands. He               March edition not only featuring our Shallow
manufactures “authentic” data plates for Jeeps          Crossing Xmas Bash and Maureen Bells BFB
and some other Military Vehicles and is trying to       Jeep, but a lot of other interesting articles as well.
build a database on all types and variants. He is       The Feb edition that I did not mention in the last
interested in pictures of any data plates you might     News, featured an interesting book written by Roy
have in your collection. A visit to his site is well    Follows titled “Four Wheels and Frontiers” about
recommended and you will see that it is not as          their driving in the 50’s a Jeep overland from
simple to get any old blank data plate, punch on a      Singapore to England. You can enquire about this
few numbers and stick them on your glove box!           book by calling Roy in England on 0011 44 1694
                                                        781354 or email for
I hope to co-ordinate a full information article with   details on cost and who has got it perhaps here in
Robert for a future edition of the “News”, but in       Australia. It sounds like an interesting read.
the mean time you can help us, help you, by             * Peter Walker Perpetual Award – remember
taking a picture of your glove box lid, especially if   that? Yes we were going to organise something,
you think yours are genuine, ridgy didge and of         well we are getting there. Phil Heesch has been
the main data plate and send it to me, so we can        looking for a Harvard part, without much success,
collate some information.                               I got hold of an old associate who is involved with
The Plate pictured is a rare brass GPW one and          the Historic Aircraft Association and the Neptune
we will attempt to list some of the important           Bomber they have and he hasn’t been able to find
features in data plates, differences in the material    anything yet. I mentioned it to an old school mate
of manufacture and why the changes, in that             of mine who is in the RAAF and guess what! I
article. You will be amazed! Get those pics in.         have a Pratt and Whitney piston and rod being
                                                        flown down from Queensland! We can rely on our
          Jeep News No.90 – April 2006                  Defence Services yet again. Stay tuned.
Did you know the differences in cushions?                Fifth Style:
Willys MB Type Seat Cushions                             Start of production: About April, 1944 . SN: About
First Style:                                             MB 321000, Seat Cushions: The springs were "S"
Start of production: November 1941. SN: MB               shaped, with horse hair on top for padding and
100000. Seat Cushion: The cushion had                    were covered on the top and sides with canvas.
horsehair for padding, and a zippered pouch. The         This style had no zippers. Back Pads: Same as
zipper started at the left rear, and went to the right   the fourth style.
front. Back Pads: One inch thick with horse hair
for padding, and three canvas tabs on each side          Ford GPW Type Seat Cushions and Back Pads
to attach the back pad to the seat back frame.           First Style:
Second Style:                                            Start of production: January, 1942. SN: GPW 1.
Start of production: Date in 1942 unknown. SN:           Seat Cushions: The cushion had curled cattle
Unknown, Seat Cushion: Same as first style, only         hair, was rubber coated, making a two inch thick
the zipper started at the left front and went to the     pad There was a bottom pouch with a zipper that
right rear. Back Pads: Same as first style.              started at left front, and went to right rear. Back
Third Style:                                             Pads: One inch thick curled cattle hair, also
Start of production: About mid November 1942,            rubber coated. There were three canvas tabs on
SN: MB 185700, Seat Cushions: Driver's side.             each side to attach the back pad to the seat back
The cushion had springs with horse hair on top for       frame.
padding and the zippered pouch that started at           Second Style:
the left rear, and went to the right front.              Start of production: About mid December, 1942 .
Passenger's side. Same as the driver's side. Back        SN: About registration number USA 20193970 .
Pads: Each back pad had enclosed springs, with           Seat Cushions: The cushion had tufted hair
horse hair on top for padding, and had three             padding, on top of the springs, with a zippered
canvas tabs to attach the back pad to the seat           pouch that started at the left front, and went to
back frame.                                              right rear. Back Pads: One inch thick curled cattle
Fourth Style:                                            hair , also rubber coated. There were three
Start of production: About the end of March, 1944        canvas tabs on each side to attach the back pad
SN: About MB 316000, Seat Cushions: The                  to the seat back frame.
Driver's and Passenger's were the same as the            Third Style:
third style. Back Pads: Again the same as the            Start of production: About May, 1944 . SN: About
third style, except the canvas side tab went all the     registration number USA 20538240. Seat
away around the seat back frame to attach the            Cushions: Tufted hair padding on top of "S"
pad to the seat back thus eliminating the three          shaped springs, and covered on the top and sides
tabs. This style was carried into production of the      with canvas. Back Pads: Same as the second
M38 Jeep back rest.                                      style.

                                                         All Information by Lloyd White from
                                                         “Reconn G503,“ MVPA Army Motors,
                                                         issue 69, Fall 1994
           Jeep News No.90 – Aril 2006

What a big couple of months we have planned!!

Easter – April 14 – 17 Camp Coffs
You might be lucky to get a last minute
Registration to this event being staged by the
Coffs Coast Jeepers and Jeep Action Australia
Magazine. Plenty of activities with or without the
Jeep and for all the family. For more information
call Stephanie Wilson – The event Manager on
(0418) 469 884, Visit the Jeep Action web site at or phone the office on
(02) 6653-6596 Costs are a very reasonable $55
per person for a full weekend campsite with
water, amenities and the lead trips or for those
staying off site a $10 per vehicle per day pass.

                                                      Wreck – A – Jeep Tours – May ?
                                                      Johnno is planning another great weekend, Call
ANZAC DAY – Tamworth                                  “the Mountain Man” on (02) 6352-3182 for details
Our usual pilgrimage is being supplemented with
a trip option for a back country tour of the ranges   SHED FULL OF SHIT – Auction Sat 29 April
west of Coffs Harbour to Taree. Contact Carl          Howard Holgate has sold the family Farm, so to
Flannery (0427) 618 105 for proposals covering        speak, that includes a “Shed full of Shit” that his
Monday 17 April to Thursday 19 April departing        Grandfather had acquired over a lifetime of
Camp Coffs and adventuring into them thar hills.      owning the Ford Dealership in Ganmain NSW.
Editor Mitch wants to depart Sydney bright and        The business has been closed since 1956 and
early on Thursday to travel to Mr. Coopers at         the shed has remained untouched until recently.
Yarrowell, (west of Wauchope) to meet them on         He has a unique marketing tool, by creating a
Thursday arvo. Friday, Saturday are planned to
                                                      web site which
make our way back towards Tamworth arriving
                                                      attempts to cattle dog the lot prior to the big day.
Sunday. A vehicle in sturdy condition and a lust
                                                      No Jeep stuff, but plenty of early Ford stuff and
for some good four wheeling country is required.
                                                      some Military Trucks including Blitz stuff. Further
Call Mitch on (02)9563-8819 if interested. Things
                                                      information as above or visit Keith Webbs
are happening for Jeep owners around Tamworth
for the visitors those few days before ANZAC as
                                             for a little history on one truck.
well as our duties to our Diggers on the Tuesday.

Menangle Steam Museum – 20 to 21 May
The Museum is having its annual extravaganza
as shown opposite. Permission has been granted
to camp on site overnight if desired. Swaney is
also sanctioned for a good fire! Come for one or
both days. Plenty to see. Contact Mitch on the
above No. for additional details. Should be a hoot!

        Jeep News No.90 - April 2006
                                                       the troops north should the expected Nip invasion
After a little confusion on the right day to make      come. After the attack on Sydney Harbour in
the booking to visit the Nuclear Facility at Lucas     1942, all glass was removed and replaced with
Heights (ANSTO), the weekend as advertised got         tin. The Conductor had to call out the stops as no
underway with several members meeting at Jeep          one could see out! Part of the collection includes
HQ by Saturday lunch. The planned visit to             a 4x4 C15A Chev Blitz. The Government used
ANSTO was unfortunately cancelled at the 11th          quite a few of them as breakdown service and tow
hour by them due to some internal problems in          vehicles for many years after the war.
conducting the tour, so plan B was initiated. Stu      The party continued at Jacks after all the
(Mr. Gadget) was able to, with an official letter      travellers came back to roost. A fine BBQ was
sent by Cliff, to arrange a visit and inspection of    had by all along with plenty of lubricating fluid. We
Victoria Barracks and their Museum on the              had a visit from a Paul Martin and family who has
Sunday morning. So on the Saturday arvo,               a fine collection of Militaria, some of which we
several members attended the Bus and Truck             brought along, squeezed in the Tarago between
Museum at Tempe, while a few of the ladies went        the five kids. Jack met him at the Kokoda
shopping and to the movies to see some poofta          Memorial Service last August and he was
flick.                                                 interested in meeting us lot. Later in the evening,
Merv Johnson of the Museum showed us many of           Mr. Gadget employed the services of his son,
their excellent displays and we noted the              Brad and his girlfriend, Josey, when he played out
presence of many of our country members!               a pantomime about “The Duckhunter”. Very funny
Shorty was there in his landy collection, Digger       indeed. A picture can tell a thousand words! Most
Ian and Ford Bear was there as well as Merv            of them, we don’t want to think about and it only
Kennedy and his LRDG Jeep! (On the way, from           reinforced to the movie goers, the dangers of
Jacks to the Museum, we passed no less than            Boys Weekends away! (You will have to see
five local members, within a stones throw of the       Brokeback Mountain for that!).
Princes Hwy, who obviously got lost in the traffic!)   The next day dawned a little late for some, a few
                                                       had to leave for other arrangements and for those
                                                       that remained the tour of Victoria Barracks
                                                       awaited after a hearty BBQ bacon and egg
                                                       breakfast. Members attending at sometime or
                                                       another, throughout the weekend, some in Jeeps,
                                                       included: Cliff and Deb, John and Monika, Stu,
                                                       Bruce, Carl and Julie, Mitch, Terry and Rachel,
                                                       Mick, Wally, Later Ron and of course Jack himself
                                                       whose hospitality was greatly appreciated! It is
                                                       intended to do it all again later in the year to
                                                       attempt to visit the ANSTO facility and of course
                                                       the Tramway Museum, which we missed this time

Some of our country members in the carpark!

The Museum has an impressive fleet of old buses
and trucks, mostly from the Government sector,
but a few private companies as well. Interestingly
enough for us, they have some detail on the
buses during the War period and have a double
decker painted in the camouflage colour scheme
of the day, along with a few story boards on the
fleet at this time. Most of which were painted in
the camo, ready to transport

         Jeep News No.90 – April 2006
Send your requests to Dorothy Jeep c/- Cliff Bambridge

Dear Dorothy, (once phoned Ollie Cornale), I have a lot of trouble starting my Jeep, especially after a long
periods of being parked in the shed, not being used. What can I do to help get it going easier?
Well Ollie, I said at the time, it seems to be a common problem with those who do not use their Jeep
regularly. I gave him advice on keeping his ignition electrics in tip top shape, tuning and carby maintenance
tips and I then went on to tell him of my experiences with my Jeep in times of long periods of non use and
how I gave away six volts and converted to 12 because batteries are expensive and they don’t seem to want
to last these days and it was easier for me just to keep one, which is in my regular day to day car, which is
run almost every day up and down the M4 Motorway and when I want to use the Jeep, it is a simple matter
just to pull this out and put it in the Jeep. You cannot drive both at once eh? Anyway, to cut a long story
short, I hear he has off loaded the Jeep for a Mustang because his misses did not like the Jeep anyway. So
much for the long winded advice? To cut to the chase, our “Honorary Web Site and Interesting Items
Finder” – Bruce McCann, has found (and subsequently purchased), a Battery Butler. “A what??” It comes
from the States and it is the only one available anywhere, designed for 6 volts. At $40 US, it sounds like just
the accessory that Mr. Gadget will have in his Jeep. What a bargain!

You will find all the information at not only for this item, but anything auto
electrical for older vehicles (mostly American of course). Their spiel on themselves “Specialising in
Automotive Wiring Harnesses and Wiring Products for the Restoration Industry”. If you don’t have access
to the web and their on line ordering system, you could try and write to them at 6750 W. 74th St. - Bedford
Park, IL 60638 in Good ol’ US of A. or phone them on 0011 1708 563-0400 (remember they are less 15 –
21 hours AEST. And what does Bruce say about his “Battery Butler”? ….After all the trouble in getting it
through the US Postal Service and their exorbitant costs (simple postage charges can cost as much as the
device!), I have only used it twice. The jury is still out, 50 / 50. I guess it will come into its own when I get a
flat or weak battery!

          Jeep News No.90 – April 2006
It is great to see a new member who is keen to get out there and use their Jeep. Chris has quickly learned
to take the back roads and keep off the main highways. (Chris you had better talk to Wally on those oil
transfer problems. He is an expert on them! And very stern on how they should not occur if the units are
assembled properly. It might mean a trip out to have them fixed under warranty!) Jeep driving throughout
this fine land IS fun (especially topless – yes the Jeep, not you or your passenger!). Just ask Jacko Hicks!
He runs up plenty of miles each year. Dougie used to put a few under his belt a few years back too. It was
a wonder that it did not automatically stop at the Wollombi Tavern for a drink! A few miles past there, it
might have had a flutter as it passed Teds Memorial at Murrays Run Culvert without the traditional “Cuppa
Stop” that it so used to do over all those years tripping to Tamworth and other adventures.
Thanks for the report Chris and we look forward to seeing you on a trip in the near future.

Trip Report – Wellington to Patonga and return – Chris Grossett

After taking over the care of Wally Brandis's 'Dougie', a 1942 Willys MB, a little shy of a year ago, my
fiancée Jeannie and I have taken him (the Jeep, not Wally) on many adventures in the countryside around
our home. This summer however I endeavoured to take Dougie on my first major road trip. From
Wellington in the Central West, to Patonga on the Central Coast.
Jeannie had already set up camp, Dougie and I were to follow a few days later.

Wellington - Patonga
We (the Jeep and I) set forth
around 7am in near perfect
driving conditions, cool and
dry. Wellington - Gulgong -
Ulan and onto the 'Golden
Highway' by 9am. The first
'near death' semi-trailer
experience left me shaken, but
not stirred. The cool day turned
to mist, and then rain. It was
only then that I realised how I
take such small things such as
window wipers for granted.
Thankfully the rain eventually
eased and I decided to travel
the remainder of the journey
with the roof down.
We sped past the huge coal
mines and wineries of the
Hunter Valley and eventually
turned off onto the Broke -
Wollombi - Peats Ridge road.
This area is a great drive and I can see why so many journeys have been made by members of our
association to this area over the years. I HIGHLY recommend it to any Jeep owners. We eventually made
Patonga just in time for happy hour at the camp site.
Return Patonga - Wellington
After some serious rest, relaxation and fishing it was time for the return journey. I made Wellington by 4pm
that day after drinking 6 litres of water and only a mild case of heat stroke!

Distance travelled including in and around Patonga - 679 Miles
Lesson - What a great way to see Australia!
Mechanics - Generally sweet with the exception of oil transfer concerns.
Gave the old thing, (the Jeep not Wally) a complete oil change, fuel and air filter clean and general service
on our return.                                        Cheers! Chris.

          Jeep News No.90 – April 2006
More Signals from the Tent                             *More Wanted Brett Nichols is after a Capstan
                                                       Winch or parts to suit, Braden J2. You can
                                                       contact him at email
*Welcome to more of the following new members or phone
(we are having a busy month!) : Vernon Dates of
                                                       (0407) 229-396
Holmesville NSW, who owns a 1947 CJ2b and
was featured in the January edition of Jeep Action
                                                       *Blitzkreig! Bloody Hell, I am being inundated
Magazine. We will reprint that in the next edition
                                                       with reports from some of our members and their
as a Member Profile. Also, we have Glen Murphy
                                                       latest projects on my second love – Blitz’s.
of Sydney, who has joined after contacting Cliff.
                                                       Remember the Dalgety Auction just before last
He is looking for a Jeep, so we might be able to
                                                       Xmas with the Jeeps? Well Roly Davey bought
sort him out there. We have Jon Forrest, of Far
                                                       one of the Blitz’s for $400. A good restoration
North Queensland, an old school mate of Mitch’s
                                                       project which we will write up about soon. He
who inherited his Grandfathers Jeep some twenty
                                                       needed some points for the Crab type Ford V8
odd years ago. I used to shoot rabbits, goats and
                                                       distributor (GF70) and in order to get some new,
roos and generally charge around on Dirt bikes
                                                       he needed to buy by the whole carton. (If anyone
with Jon and others on that property in those early
                                                       is after some, Roly can be contacted on his email
youthful years after leaving school and it was
                                              or phone 4753-1025 for
probably my first contact with a Jeep that was
                                                       details) He had them in the AMVCS for $15 a set.
actually being used. Quite possibly, the original
seed planted in my head to actually go out and
                                                       Here is a picture of Merv Kennedy’s latest project
get one? Old Hilton would drive it up from his
                                                       to match his LRDG Jeep. A nice job on this Chev.
house down on the Turon River to their
Razorback block to check on the cattle and us
young blokes staying in the old hut.
After all this time since Hilti’s passing, Jon is in
the throes of restoration of his family heirloom.
Jon will bring us up to date when he submits his
Member Profile in a future issue of the News.
If anyone has a glove box lid with original MB
Data Plates still attached, His grandad was
Hilton Tobin of Sofala, who at some stage in
the late 70's possibly early 80’s, swapped it for
something he could use on the farm with a
bloke whom Jon thinks came from, Cullen
Bullen or the Lithgow area.
The serial number is MB 164132.
Jon would be happy to buy it back.

*FOR SALE – Spotted by Cliff in a recent Just
                                                       And another member, James Baxter with his
4x4 Magazine, Association member, Kim Stott,
                                                       restoration project in Kenya of this Ford Wrecker.
who has reluctantly offered his 43 MB Jeep for
sale after 13 years for $11,000. Rego’d until Dec.
ROS-523 It is in very good condition, but RHD.
Call him on (0419) 273-233 for further details.

As featured in Member Profile Volume 20.
                                                       This is currently being restored in Kenya, before
           Jeep News No.90 – April 2006                being shipped back home to “Old Blighty”

Sorry it has taken so long to send in this
profile., Thanks to John Swane who my
brother and I met at the Dalgety Auction in
December I have become a member.
My brother and I run the family merino sheep,
cropping and irrigation farm in Central Vic.
I have always been interested in mechanical
workings and being on a farm we are always
fixing and repairing machinery. The first real
restoration project was a 1927 Chev in the
early 70’s. Next came the restoration of my
XY GT Falcon in the late 80’s (some before
and after shots if anybody is interested).
Now to Jeeps, I have always loved Jeeps (too
many John Wayne movies I think). As kids
there was always a few early jeeps around
the area, but sadly to say have all
disappeared. Been looking for years and
finally purchased a 1942 Ford Jeep with lots
of Willys parts used on it at an auction in
Rochester last year. (shot of the Jeep the day
we brought it home) As you will realise, we
are in need of a few parts, so if anybody is
able to help with any Ford parts please let me
know. Been able to find a few bits but still in
need of lots more. Well Baz, well said and
welcome to the fold. Owning a “Superior”
Ford, as we say in friendly stirrings of the
other mob, will put you in good stead for
getting your Jeep back on the road quickly.
The Newsletter is all about Information
sharing, so just holler out with whatever you
are chasing and we can see what we can do.

        Jeep News No.90 – April 2006
History of a 1943 World War 2 Willys JEEP
By Maureen Bell 963 East Kurrajong Road
East Kurrajong, N.S.W. 2758 phone (02) 4576 3515

Jeep No.1 in its second life in the Military after WW2 as an
Aust. Army RAEME Support Vehicle. Picture taken in 1958.

Following a request from Cliff Bambridge for any
information I might hold pertaining to my Jeeps history
as a Fire Unit, I got to thinking about writing it all
down. Unfortunately like most of every other Jeep
owner, details of Army Service during World War 2 is
rare, however I was able to find some pictures and
information of the Jeep prior to its disposal. After her
World War 2 role was over, she was then modified by
the Army RAEME as a Support Vehicle and was fitted
with a compressor and generator equipment. This
modification was finalised by 16 December 1958 and
she entered general service with the Army. Part of the
modification, a Power Take Off unit (PTO) is still fitted
today. I am still researching any information on her War       A young Brian Bell pictured here in 68 or 69 with Jeep No.1
Service for another edition.
                                                               In 1970 she was replaced by a shiny new Landrover and
The Jeep was sold at Auction to further her career as a        was moved to her next job with the Megalong Valley
Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade vehicle with the Blue              Brigade. Sometime in the period of 1974 to 1975, Jeep
Mountains Council. In 1967, “Jeep No.1”, as she was to         No.1 was sold, along with two other Jeeps through an
become known, became part of the Leura and                     Auction with the Blue Mountains Council. Was she to
Katoomba Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades.                         go to a paddock as great work horses do? Who knows
                                                               what she did or where she went for 10 years? (I would
In 1968, Jeep No.1 was moved to the Blaxland                   very much like to know and would welcome any
Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade, where my then future              information.)
husband, Brian Bell, drove her in his 30 years with that
Brigade. I assume that she was slightly modified for her
new role in fire fighting.

           Jeep News No.90 – April 06
Brian had a passion for a jeep since his very young days       She is showing her years, after all she is 62 years old, (a
and certainly after those early Brigade days and driving       little younger than me!). In Tamworth in 1995 and
“Jeep No.1”. So it was on 25 October 1985, he saw an           again in 2000 and at the Jamboree last year, she has
advertisement for three Jeeps for sale. He had raised a        proved to be a popular part of those events and I would
family, so now he could pursue his interests, previously       like to thank Neil and his father Max, for those
put on hold, so he went to look at these Jeeps and there       tremendous weekends.
in the shed was his “red girl” – so he bought her.
This little red girl brought a great deal of pleasure to his
children. BUT.. It she was red. Not khaki.. and not
acceptable within the majority of Jeep enthusiasts and
Military Vehicle Clubs. This concerned Brian a great
deal – the non acceptance of this hard working horse.
He ended up selling her to buy a khaki amphibious
vehicle. Fortunately he had told the person to whom he
had sold it, “that I should have the first opportunity to
buy her back, should you ever wish to sell”.

                                                               Jeep No.1 after Brian’s second restoration

                                                               My project now, is to get her back to A1 condition in
                                                               recognition of her many years of service. I have
                                                               gradually collected all but one part of her original
                                                               equipment used during her years of service to the
                                                               Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades in the Mountains and
                                                               would like to thank many of their personnel for their
                                                               assistance in obtaining its history of this small in size,
Jeep No.1 “On Parade” amongst other historically important     but large in life vehicle.

My connection with the little red girl, first began in
1989, when I re-entered Brian’s life and then in 1991
when the opportunity came to Brian to buy her back.
So she came back to Brian and to his children and
grandchildren, all again reunited with “Jeep No.1”

I soon learned that when Brian got behind the wheel of
the little red girl, he became a sixteen year old again.
(Good or bad – I’m not sure!)

By Brian’s side and since his passing in 1999, I have
fought to have her recognized for the service that she
gave during World War 2, post war and for the local
community in the Bushfire Brigades and I am pleased
to say, that 14 years later, have achieved this.               Jeep No.1, Bob Smart and myself at the 2005 Jamboree

What I was determined to do was to see her accepted by         Maybe I am being over sentimental in some eyes, but
Military Vehicle Clubs as she is now, as an Ex Military        when I take on something, I do it with a passion,
Vehicle and not what she originally started. I sincerely       especially when the project is about something related
would like to thank the persons who have helped make           to our Australian History.
this possible.                                                 Jeep No.1 will pass from me to Brian’s grandchildren,
                                                               Michael and Geoffrey Davey one day. Hopefully she
                                                               will never change colour and my wish is, that it never
                                                               be sold, but donated to the Penrith Museum of Fire.
           Jeep News No.90 – April 06
     Has anyone in Australia seen this jeep or know who owns it now? Is it still in Australia?
It is Willys MB100046 which makes it a very early one indeed. Obvious error in the picture looks like it sports a
later model grill and the front bumper bar ends have been curved backwards. This article was published in Off
Road magazine circa 1979, so 27 years later, where is it? The Yanks are chasing it, so who knows its worth!

          Jeep News No.90 – April 2006
Jeep News No.90 – April 2006

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