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					   Our Year 12 Students Win First Prize in USA for Technical Communication

                                       Redeemer Baptist School Year 12 students Ian Cannon
                                       and Rickystan Savaiko have won the Distinguished
                                       Team Award provided by the Society for Technical
                                       Communication at the Intel International Science and
                                       Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF) which they attended at
                                       Indianapolis, Indiana, 7-13 May, 2006.

                                        Ian and Rickystan developed an electronic device that
                                        identifies colour, and determines the differences in colour
                                        between two surfaces (luminance contrast). In scientific
                                        terms, their project involved “versatile colour
                                        identification and luminance contrast determination
                                        using a triluminate source”.
                                        They were two of four
                                        students representing
                                        Australia at the Intel ISEF
                                        this year. Our students
                                        were accompanied by two
                                        of our staff, Jonathan and
                                        Lenore Cannon.           In
addition, Stuart Garth was selected by the NSW Science
Teachers’ Association to act as mentor for the Australian
contingent, travelling with them to the Intel ISEF this year.

Intel ISEF—which was founded in 1950—is the world’s largest
pre-college celebration of science, bringing together some 1,500
students from 40 nations each year to compete for scholarships
and prizes. Ian and Rickystan won two awards, also gaining a
place in the grand awards, pocketing $US1,500!

Students gain entry to the international fair through the Young Scientist Competition organised
by the NSW Science Teachers’ Association, in which all of our students—K–12—are
encouraged to participate. In the NSW competition last year Ian and Rickystan’s entry was
judged “Best team entry of a scientific investigation Years 10-12”. Eleven of our students won
awards in the NSW competition last year, more than any other school in the State.

                                  Prior to the Intel ISEF Ian and Rickystan were asked by
                                  Australian representatives of the International Standards
                                  Organisation (ISO) to contribute a paper on the best
                                  algorithm to use in the determination of luminance
                                  contrast (the measurement determining the differences in
                                  colour between two surfaces). This algorithm is of particular
                                  importance for design of buildings and equipment to be used by
                                  those who are vision impaired. Their paper has been received
                                  with interest by scientists in Japan, USA, Austria, Italy and
                                  Canada. Their electronic device, which is relatively cheap to
                                  produce, could provide significant savings for those who
                                  currently have to employ highly specialised technical
                                  consultants when required to demonstrate compliance with
                                  National Standards.
Redeemer Baptist School students have a
distinguished history both at the local Young
Scientist competition and at the international Intel
ISEF. In 2004 two of our students—Simeon
Cannon and Marcus Cannon—won a special
award at the Intel ISEF for their study aimed at
reducing the risk of life-threatening clots during
periods of prolonged sitting. Their research was
given significant media attention, and was also
featured in a scientific paper presented in
association with a Professor from Westmead
Hospital.     In 2000 another two of our
students—Keith Lam and Marbury Lau—won a
grand award second prize at the Intel ISEF for their millennium refrigerator, which was an
energy efficient design with accompanying research.

Redeemer Baptist School has previously been given recognition by the Federal Department of
Education Science and Training for its “enviable reputation in the teaching of science,
technology, mathematics and design, its students and teachers having won numerous national
and international awards”. The achievements of Ian and Rickystan continue to reinforce this
culture of excellence in science at Redeemer.

The school would also like to take this opportunity to thank QANTAS & American Airlines
of the Oneworld Alliance for their assistance in shipping the required display materials for
Ian & Rickystan’s winning entry.

The achievement of Ian and Rickystan this year will continue to stimulate interest among all of
our students in this important area of the School’s curriculum.

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