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									After seven months of unchallenged prominence, Apple's hot-selling iPad now has its
first credible competitor in the nascent market for multitouch consumer tablet
computers: the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

苹果热卖的 iPad 当了七个月的天之骄子,没有遭遇任何实质性的挑战。现在,
在大众消费型触摸屏平板计算机这个新生市场,iPad 迎来了第一个像样的竞争
对手:三星公司(Samsung)的 Galaxy Tab。

The Tab is being introduced over the next week by three major U.S. wireless phone
carriers at $400 with a cellular data contract, or at $600 with cellular capability but no
contract. The iPad starts at $499 for a Wi-Fi model with no cellular-data capability or
contract, and is $629 for the least expensive model with cellular data capability but
no contract.

2010 年 11 月中旬,美国三大无线运营商将开始发售 Galaxy Tab,带蜂窝数据协
议的价格为 400 美元,裸机价为 600 美元。iPad 的价格则是:Wi-Fi 版裸机价格
为 499 美元,没有蜂窝数据功能和协议;3G 版最便宜那款的裸机价为 629 美元,

Like the iPad, the Tab, which uses Google's Android operating system, is a good-
looking slate with a vivid color screen that can handle many of the tasks typically
performed on a laptop. These include email, social networking, Web browsing, photo
viewing, and music and video playback. It also can run a wide variety of third-party
apps. But it has major differences, most notably in size.

和 iPad 一样,使用谷歌安卓(Android)操作系统的 Galaxy Tab 外观时尚,屏幕色
序。不过,Galaxy Tab 也有不同之处,最显而易见的就是它的尺寸。

The Tab has a 7-inch screen versus the 9.7-inch display on the iPad. That may seem
like a small difference, but the numbers are deceptive, because screen sizes are
always described using diagonal measurements. In fact, the actual screen real estate
on the Tab is less than half of the iPad's. That's a disadvantage, but it allows the
overall unit to be much smaller and lighter, and thus more easily used in one hand,
something some users will welcome.
Galaxy Tab 使用 7 英寸的屏幕,而非 iPad 的 9.7 英寸屏。这两个数字看起来差
Tab 的屏幕面积要比 iPad 小一半还多。这是 Galaxy Tab 的一个务势,但也让整

The new tablet will be introduced in coming days by Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon,
with a variety of cellular data plans. AT&Twill carry the Tab during the holiday
season but hasn't announced its timing or data-plan pricing. Although it is being sold
by cellular carriers, the Tab, like the iPad (which offers optional month-to-month
cellular data through AT&T) can't make cellular voice calls.

这款新的平板计算机将由 Sprint、T-Mobile 和 Verizon 三大无线运营商推向市场,
配备多种数据套餐供选择。AT&T 计划在圣诞节期间销售这款平板计算机,但
还没有公布具体的时间和套餐价格。虽然是通过手机运营商发售,但 Galaxy
Tab 和 iPad 一样,都不能进行手机通话。iPad 通过 AT&T 公司提供每月的蜂窝

I've been testing the Tab for a couple of weeks and I like it. It's a serious alternative
to the iPad and one that will be preferred by some folks. It includes the three most-
requested features missing in the iPad: a camera (two in fact); the ability to run Web
videos and applications written in Adobe's Flash software; and multitasking, though,
to be fair, the latter feature is coming to the iPad imminently via a software update.
Another strong point is that like Apple, Samsung has rewritten some of the standard
apps, such as the email and calendar programs, to make them look more like PC
programs and less like smartphone apps.

我测试了 Galaxy Tab 几个星期,觉得挺不错,确实是个能够替代 iPad 的产品,
会得到一些人的喜爱。它有三个 iPad 没有但有些用户很渴望的功能:摄像头
(而且是双向的)、播放网络视频和运行用 Adobe Flash 编写的应用程序的功能,
以及多任务处理功能。当然,iPad 也即将通过软件升级来增加多任务功能。另

On balance, however, I still prefer the iPad. For one thing, I like getting twice the
screen size for a little more money up front -- as little as $29 for the no-contract
model with cellular capability. For another, the iPad has vastly more apps specifically
designed for a tablet versus a smartphone -- about 40,000 according to Apple,
compared with a handful for the Tab. And it can run about triple the apps overall, if
you count smartphone apps that aren't optimized for tablets.
不过,相比之下,我还是更喜欢 iPad。原因很简单,我只要多花 29 美元,就能
买到 3G 版的 iPad 裸机,但屏幕要比 Galaxy Tab 大一倍。iPad 上专门为平板计
iPad 应用程序的总数也是 Galaxy Tab 的三倍左右。

Also, in my tests, the iPad's battery life was about five hours better than the Tab's, its
maximum storage capacity is higher, and its aluminum body is more rugged than
the Tab's plastic casing. Finally, the iPad can be bought in a Wi-Fi-only model that
frees you from any entanglement with cellphone carriers. The Tab also has Wi-Fi, but,
so far, no Wi-Fi-only version, though Samsung is promising one next year.

此外,在我的测试中,iPad 的电池续航时间要比 Galaxy Tab 多五个小时左右,
存储容量更大,铝金属外壳也比 Galaxy Tab 的塑料外壳更结实。最后还有一点,
iPad 有纯 Wi-Fi 版,你用不着跟无线运营商有什么纠葛。虽然 Galaxy Tab 也有
Wi-Fi 功能,但纯 Wi-Fi 版明年才计划推出。

Still, the Tab is a very attractive product and I enjoyed using it. For buyers who want
to spend less up front, don't mind the smaller screen, prefer the more compact
dimensions and one-handed usability, and place high value on the cameras and on
Flash, it may well be a better choice.

即便如此,Galaxy Tab 依然是一款很有吸引力的产品,我也很喜欢用它。如果
觉,看重摄像头以及 Flash 播放功能,Galaxy Tab 将是一个更佳的选择。



The Tab is a rectangular slate about two inches shorter and three inches narrower
than the iPad. It is also a tad thinner. It weighs less than a pound, compared with 1.5
pounds for the iPad. While its screen is smaller, it has almost the same resolution as
the iPad, so almost as much material can be displayed on it.

Galaxy Tab 的机身为长方形,比 iPad 在长度方面小了 4 厘米多,宽度更是小了
接近 7 厘米,厚度也更薄一些,重量只有 380 克,比 iPad 的 680 克轻得多。
Galaxy Tab 的屏幕更小,但分辨率跟 iPad 几乎一样,因此在内容显示方面相差

The screen is sharp and generally responsive to touch, though, in my tests, a bit
slower than the iPad's screen. The Tab comes with 16 gigabytes of flash storage, the
same as the base iPad. But with some carriers, this storage is internal and in others,
it's on a removable memory card. The card slot comes on all models and can hold up
to 32 gigabytes at extra cost. The iPad, also at extra cost, comes in versions that go up
to 64 gigabytes, all internal.

Galaxy Tab 的屏幕很敏锐,对触摸的反应照理来说应该很快,但我在测试中感
觉它要比 iPad 的触摸屏反应慢一点点。根据运营商不同,有些 Galaxy Tab 的硬
盘是内置的,有些则是通过外置记忆卡进行存储。每一款 Galaxy Tab 都配有记
忆卡槽,最大能容纳 32G 的卡,但得另外购买。iPad 也可以选择加钱,升级到
最大的 64G 内置闪存。

With its lighter weight and smaller size, I found the Tab easy to use while standing
and moving. It easily fit in one hand, though for many tasks you'll still need two

由于重量更轻,尺寸更小,我发现站着或走路的时候玩 Galaxy Tab 更轻松,一

Battery Life


Samsung and its partners make wildly varying battery claims for the Tab. The former
says it can last up to 13 hours on a single charge, while T-Mobile claims just eight
hours. I gave the Tab the same test I used for my iPad review: I put the screen on
nearly full brightness, left the Wi-Fi on to collect email and played back-to-back
videos until the unit died. My test Tab lasted six hours, 50 minutes, though at six
hours, 10 minutes the screen dimmed irrevocably to a darkness level that made it
useless. In the same test last spring, the iPad logged 11 hours, 28 minutes.

三星及其合作伙伴对 Galaxy Tab 电池续航时间的描述大相径庭。三星说充电一
次能持续 13 小时,而 T-Mobile 说只有 8 小时。我用测试 iPad 的相同方法测试
Galaxy Tab:把屏幕调到最亮,打开 Wi-Fi 收发电子邮件,循环播放视频,直到
设备耗尽电量。在我的测试中,Galaxy Tab 坚持了 6 小时 50 分钟,但到 6 小时
10 分钟的时候,屏幕自动变暗,而且无法再调亮,导致设备基本上无法使用。
在去年春天我做的同样测试中,iPad 坚持了 11 小时 28 分钟。



The Tab has a 3-megapixel rear camera with flash and a 1.3-megapixel front camera
mainly for video calls. Still-photographs and videos I took were of average quality,
but videos taken with the front camera were fuzzy.

Galaxy Tab 有一个 300 万像素的后置摄像头,带闪光灯,还有一个 130 万像素

I tested video calling using a pre-release, tablet-optimized version of Qik, the
software being preinstalled for this purpose on the Tab. Results were mixed. It will
work over either cellular or Wi-Fi connections, but the version I tried wasn't tuned for
cellular, so we used Wi-Fi. In my conversation with a Qik executive, the call at first
failed to go through. When it did go through, it worked fine for awhile, and then
failed when I tried a feature designed to hide my image. Later, the audio dropped
altogether. Qik says it is fixing the problems.

我用一个 Galaxy Tab 上预装的 Qik 软件进行视频通话,这款预先发布的软件专
门针对平板计算机进行过优化。视频通话能通过蜂窝信号或 Wi-Fi 进行,但我
测试的那个版本还不能使用蜂窝信号,所以只能用 Wi-Fi。效果可谓好坏参半,
我与 Qik 公司的一名高管进行视频通话,第一次没有连接成功;连接成功后,
频就断掉了,后来连声音都没有了。Qik 公司表示正在解决这些问题。


The Tab uses the latest version of Android, and it generally worked very smoothly,
even though Google has warned that Android isn't yet ready for tablets. I was
especially impressed with Samsung's attractive and usable rewrites of the calendar,
email and contacts apps, which, like their iPad cousins, use multiple panels to make
them more computer-like, while still remaining touch-friendly.

Galaxy Tab 使用最新的安卓系统。虽然谷歌说安卓系统对平板计算机的兼容性
件和联系人应用程序很有吸引力,使用方便,令我印象深刻。这些软件和 iPad

I found the Web browser to be a bit jerky in zooming into text and scrolling through
long pages. I tested several Adobe Flash videos and websites written in Flash.
Sometimes they played and sometimes they didn't. In all cases, they slowed the
browser down. On one site written in Flash, I got a warning saying I might want to
'abort' lest the computer become 'unresponsive.' In another case, the Tab crashed. So
I conclude that while the Tab does play Flash, it needs work on that score.

我觉得 Galaxy Tab 的上网浏览有点不太顺畅,要放大字体,频繁翻页。我测试
了 Adobe Flash 视频和用 Flash 程序编写的网站,有时候能播放,有时候不行,
但每次都会让浏览功能变慢起来。在浏览一个 Flash 网站时,屏幕上跳出一个
警告,建议我中止任务,以免计算机变得没有反应。还有一次,Galaxy Tab 直
接崩溃了。因此我得出一个结论,Galaxy Tab 确实能播放 Flash,但还有不少改

I downloaded a few third-party apps. I couldn't find any that were rewritten with extra
features for tablets, nor any way to discover these in the Android Market. Some of
my downloaded apps scaled fine to tablet size. Others were surrounded by large black

软件,在安卓市场(Android Market)也没办法找到。我下载的一些程序能调整到

Cellular pricing

On an iPad, if you opt for cellular-data service, there is no contract and only two
monthly prices -- $14.99 for 250 megabytes and $25 for 2 gigabytes. On the Tab, it's
much more complicated. Verizon, which is selling only the $600 no-contract model,
says its pricing will start at $20 a month for 1 gigabyte of data. Sprint charges $29.99
monthly for 2 gigabytes and $59.99 for 5 gigabytes. T-Mobile has different prices for
no-contract and contract models, and different rates for new and existing customers.
Just two examples: a new customer under contract on a Tab can pay $30 monthly for
200 megabytes or $50 for 5 gigabytes.

在 iPad 上,如果你想要蜂窝数据服务,没有合约,只有两个包月套餐──14.99
美元包 250M 流量,25 美元包 2G 流量。Galaxy Tab 的资费更多样。只销售 600
美元非签约版的 Verizon 表示,其蜂窝数据定价为每月 20 美元包 1G 流量起。
Sprint 每月 29.99 美元包 2G 流量,59.99 美元包 5G 流量。T-Mobile 的非签约版
和签约版 Galaxy Tab 售价不一样,对新客户和老客户的资费也不一样;举两个
例子,签约新客户每月付 30 美元包 200M 流量,或 50 美元包 5G 流量。

So, I urge Tab buyers to do the math carefully on the overall cost of the device under
various carriers and plans.

因此,我建议 Galaxy Tab 的购买者仔细计算选用不同运营商和资费计划的整体

Bottom Line


The Tab is attractive, versatile and competitively priced, though monthly cell fees
can add up. It's different enough from the iPad, yet good enough, to give consumers a
real choice.

Galaxy Tab 的外型吸引人,功能丰富,价格具有竞争力,不过每月的资费不低。
它与 iPad 的区别足够大,而且质量不凡,给消费者提供了一个真正意义上的新
Walter S. Mossberg

 expensive [ik´spensiv]        a.费钱的,昂贵的 (初中英语单词)

 system [´sistəm]           n.系统,体系,制度 (初中英语单词)

 screen [skri:n]          n.银幕 vt.遮蔽 (初中英语单词)

 variety [və´raiəti]         n.变化;多样(性);种类 (初中英语单词)

 actual [´æktʃuəl]          a.现实的;实际的 (初中英语单词)

 estate [i´steit]       n.财产;庄园;等级 (初中英语单词)

 holiday [´hɔlidi]          n.假日,假期,节日 (初中英语单词)

 missing [´misiŋ]           a.缺掉的;失踪的 (初中英语单词)

 ability [ə´biliti]        n.(办事)能力;才干 (初中英语单词)

 capacity [kə´pæsiti]         n.容量;智能;能力 (初中英语单词)

 promising [´prɔmisiŋ]         a.有希望的;有为的 (初中英语单词)

 attractive [ə´træktiv]       a.有吸引力;诱人的 (初中英语单词)

 resolution [,rezə´lu:ʃən]      n.决心;坚决;果断 (初中英语单词)

 standing [´stændiŋ]         n.持续 a.直立的 (初中英语单词)

 charge [tʃɑ:dʒ]          v.收费;冲锋 n.费用 (初中英语单词)

 review [ri´vju:]         v.&n.复习;回顾;检查 (初中英语单词)

 useless [´ju:sləs]         a.无用的,无价值的 (初中英语单词)

 mainly [´meinli]           ad.主要地;大体上 (初中英语单词)

 executive [ig´zekjutiv]       a.行政的 n.行政官 (初中英语单词)

 awhile [ə´wail]          ad.少顷;片刻 (初中英语单词)

 altogether [,ɔ:ltə´geðə]      ad.完全;总而言之 (初中英语单词)

 computer [kəm´pju:tə]         n.计算机;电子计算器 (初中英语单词)

 complicated [´kɔmplikeitid]      a.结构复杂的;难懂的 (初中英语单词)

 customer [´kʌstəmə]          n.顾客,买主,主顾 (初中英语单词)
 device [di´vais]          n.装置;器具;策略 (初中英语单词)

 competitor [kəm´petitə]          n.竞争者;比赛者 (高中英语单词)

 consumer [kən´sju:mə]           n.消费者;用户 (高中英语单词)

 tablet [´tæblit]          n.碑;牌;匾额 (高中英语单词)

 disadvantage [,disəd´vɑ:ntidʒ]      n.不利(条件);损失 (高中英语单词)

 calendar [´kælində]           n.日历;月历;历法 (高中英语单词)

 handful [hændful]            n.一把,少数,一小撮 (高中英语单词)

 battery [´bætəri]            n.炮兵连;炮台;电池 (高中英语单词)

 maximum [´mæksiməm]              n.极点 a.最大的 (高中英语单词)

 storage [´stɔ:ridʒ]          n.贮存;存储器 (高中英语单词)

 rugged [´rʌgid]           a.不平的;粗犷的 (高中英语单词)

 compact [´kɔmpækt]             n.契约 a.挤满的 (高中英语单词)

 internal [in´tə:nl]          a.内部的;国内的 (高中英语单词)

 brightness [´braitnis]         n.光明;快乐 (高中英语单词)

 smoothly [´smu:ðli]           ad.光滑地;顺利地 (高中英语单词)

 saying [´seiŋ, ´sei-iŋ]        n.言语;言论;格言 (高中英语单词)

 monthly [´mʌnθli]            a.每月(的) n.月刊 (高中英语单词)

 alternative [ɔ:l´tə:nətiv]       a.二中选一的 n.选择 (英语四级单词)

 vastly [´vɑ:stli, ´væstli]      ad.巨大地;广阔地 (英语四级单词)

 aluminum [,ælju´miniəm, ,ælə´miniəm]     n.铝 (英语四级单词)

 version [´və:ʃən, ´və:rʒən]       n.翻译;说明;译本 (英语四级单词)

 warning [´wɔ:niŋ]            n.警告;前兆 a.预告的 (英语四级单词)

 good-looking []           a.漂亮的,美貌的 (英语六级单词)

 notably [´nəutəbli]          ad.显著地;著名地 (英语六级单词)
 triple [´tripəl]    a.三倍的 v.增加到三倍 (英语六级单词)

 rectangular [rek´tæŋgjulə]   a.矩形的;成直角的 (英语六级单词)

 calling [´kɔ:liŋ]     n.点名;职业;欲望 (英语六级单词)

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