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Information Sheet for Photographers - … Printing for Photographers


									Big Print Central Printing for Artists February 2010

                             … Printing for Photographers
     At Big Print Central, we print to large scale (up to 1.1m wide and 18m long!) using archival quality print media (100%
cotton rag fine art and photographic papers, cutting edge resin coated paper technology & professional grade canvas) and
using pigment ink technology that ensures long-lasting, crisp and vibrant prints.

     • Papers and their comparisons
     Big Print Central uses some of the best and (justifiably!) popular photographic papers available, including the well-
known Ilford brand, which you may remember from darkroom days. Modern photographic print papers are a marvel of
nanotechnology – ultrafine layers of pigment-sealing polymer medium embedded in a durable resin coat (RC), with the
added advantage of being touch-dry straight from the printer. With a range of surface textures, superior resistance to
moisture or water damage, tearing and fingerprints, these RC papers have a real ‘photographic feel’.
     Our range is expanding, so please call in to have a look at (and feel!) some samples. We also have detailed
technical data sheets available for most products.

     • Prints to Canvas
     Big Print Central has had wonderful success with the premium Canson Professional Gloss Canvas (390gsm). Finely
woven, this medium imparts a traditional canvas texture, while the slightly glossy resin coat adds crispness to an image
and depth of colour.

     •    Photo Restoration
     Old, well-loved photos can be given a new lease on life with restoration: scratches, tears, stains and age blemishes
can be rectified with great effect. Crisp, clear darks and lights give a cleaner, clearer image and other corrections can truly
enhance an image. Photos can be rendered into pure greyscale, or given extra character with a colour tint, such as
traditional sepia-tone.

     • Requirements for Digital Photographs?
     To avoid disappointment in the final product, start with the highest quality digital raw materials.
     Pixel dimensions show the amount of detail in an image. Image resolution controls how much space the pixels are
printed over.
     Example: You have a 640 x 480 image and you want to print it at 200dpi (dots or pixels per inch). 640 divided by 200
Big Print Central Printing for Artists February 2010

equals 3.2, and 480 divided by 200 equals 2.4, so if you print this picture at 3.2” x 2.4” (81 x 60mm) you will get a print
with 200dpi.
     We recommend 200dpi as a minimum for good quality prints, however 300dpi or more will produce excellent results,
especially when enlarging your print. Depending on the quality of the original image file, enlargement can be enhanced
(up to 500%!) with the help of in-house software.
     Another example: You want to print an 8” x 10” (203 x254mm) picture at 300dpi. 300 x 8 = 2400 and 300 x 10 =
3000. So, we would need a 3000 x 2400 image to do this. 3000 x 2400 is 7.2 megapixels.

                                     Suggested Camera Print output
Image Resolution                                                                                  Maximum print size
                                            (Camera resolution)
   2000 x 1500          3 Megapixel 200dpi (eg: images taken by mobile phone)                  10” x 8” (254 x 203mm)
   2400 x 1800                              4 Megapixel 200dpi                                 12” x 9” (305 x 229mm)
   2700 x 2000                              5 Megapixel 150dpi                                18” x 12” (305 x 457mm)
   2700 x 2000                              5 Megapixel 200dpi                                14” x 10” (356 x 254mm)
   3000 x 2000                              6 Megapixel 200dpi                                16” x 10” (406 x 254mm)
   3000 x 2000                              6 Megapixel 300dpi                                10” x 6.7” (254 x 170mm)
   3500 x 2333                             8.1 Megapixel 200dpi                             17.5” x 11.6” (445 x 296mm)
   3500 x 2333                             8.1 Megapixel 300dpi                              11.6” x 7.7” (294 x 197mm)
   3888 x 2592                             10 Megapixel 200dpi                               19.4” x 13” (332 x 330mm)
   3888 x 2592                             10 Megapixel 300dpi                              13” x 8.6” (330mm x 218mm)

     • How can Colour Matching enhance my prints?
     Managing colour is all about consistency.
     This may be important for photos where the specific colours of the subject matter are significant or where such
photos may be intended to fit with other graphic design colour schemes.
     The hardware and software at Big Print Central – scanners, displays, printer - are calibrated to work harmoniously
with colours, so that prints are consistent and what you see is what you get!

                                                                                         Big Print Central
                                                                                     Opposite the Band Stand
                                                                                        100 Barney Street
                                                                                          Armidale 2350
                                                                                         (02) 6772 0900

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