PEER+REVIEW+FEB+2011 by lalitarai


									Peer Review
Writer Name: Liliya Galko      Essay Title        Stress: The Silent Killer____________________________

      My audience is:
      My purpose is:
      The main point I want to make in this text is:
      One or two things that I would appreciate your comments on are:

Reader Name_Lalita Kumari Rai_______________________

      After reading through the draft one time, write a summary of the text. Do you agree with the writer's assessment
       of the text's main idea?

       This essay is about the stress and how it is related to our body , prolonged high level of stress are damaging and
       moderate stress is beneficial.

      In the following sections, answer the questions that would be most helpful to the writer or that seem to address
       the most relevant revision concerns. Refer to specific places in their text, citing examples of what you mean. Use
       a separate piece of paper for your responses and comments. Also, write comments directly on the writer's draft
       where needed.


      Is there an introduction?
      yes
      Is it effective? Concise? Interesting?
      yes
      Does the introduction give the reader a sense of the essay's objective and entice the reader to read on?
      yes


      Does it meet the objective stated in the introduction?
      yes
      Does it stay focused on this objective or are there places it strays?
      yes
      Is it organized logically?
      yes
      Is each paragraph focused on a single idea?
      yes
      Is each idea thoroughly explained and supported with good evidence?
      yes
      Are there transitions and are they effective?
      yes


      Is there a conclusion? Does it work?
      Yes there is conclusion and it works

Finally, what are two or three revision suggestions you have for the writer?

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