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					Jeff Beard-Shouse
10485 W. 116th st. apt. 283 Overland Park, 66210
Phone: (785) 813-1337
Personal email: Work email:
       I seek a computer programming position that is open to creative innovation, where my skills
       and talents may be utilized, fostered and appreciated.

       Specialty: Internet-based (web) application development / deployment, with an emphasis on security.
       Languages: Java, Javascript, HTML / DHTML, XML / XSLT, CSS (cross browser), SQL, JSP / Java
              Servlets, ExtJs, ANT, Bash, Netopia Commons (proprietary JS framework), Flash (Flex, Action
              Script 3, Haxe, Flasm), Jscript, VBScript
       Also some experience with: PHP, Erlang, Scala, C/C++, Basic (Visual, Q, C64, etc), Mono, x86
              Assembly, Modula-3, Perl
               • OS: Windows, Unix and Unix variants (Linux, Mac OS X, BSDs, etc), Android, Cisco
               • Dev: Eclipse, Netbeans, Kdevelop
               • Web: Resin, Apache / Tomcat, Web Logic
               • DB: PostgreSQL, MySql, Oracle, Hibernate
               • Source control: SVN, CVS, GIT
               • Build systems: Bamboo, custom (bash scripts)
       Technologies: Agile / Scrum development, Android, Marae (proprietary state chart framework for
               concurrent systems written in Java), Greasemonkey, AJAX, Remedy, Drupal, Joomla, ZFS, Spring,
               REST, JUNIT, MVC2, Windows Script Host
       Other Interests:
               • Web Security (XSS, XSRF, SQL injection and other computer security concerns)
               • Web site creation, design and management
               • Portrait, Landscape, Wild life, anything else that catches my eye
               • Post processing in the digital dark room using Photoshop and Lightroom

Published Applications
       SGS Unlock (android app):
     With a friend I developed the SGS Unlock program for the Android platform. This program extracts the unlock
      code for the Samsung Galaxy series phones, this code allows for the phone to be used on another carriers
      network. This program is available on the Android market with 10,000+ downloads, as well as my website.
Employment History
2006 - Present
    Sr. Software Engineer
       Motorola / Netopia       Lawrence, KS
               I currently develop features on the eCare, along with working closely with QA to
       perform bug fixes. eCare is a help desk solution web application with remote control and
       scripting components. Our team uses the Agile / Scrum process to achieve rapid delivery of
       high-quality software. We routinely write documentation and perform code reviews while
       developing. I maintain the build system for eCare, which includes continuous integration and
       nightly builds with container and unit tests. I have also reviewed the security of the code and
       application. Previously I had worked on the NBBS / EMS products.
               eCare is a product for help desks that allows an operation to quickly resolve computer
       support calls. Features include chat, remote control of computers, file transfer, remote scripting,
       and workflows for more complicated tasks.
               NBBS is a gateway management product. A telecommunication company can deploy
       DSL / cable gateways or other IP-based devices to customers and NBBS will manage the
       devices. The scriptable nature of NBBS allows it to handle firmware upgrade campaigns,
       settings on the devices, and virtually every other aspect of the devices.
2006   B.S. in Computer Science & Math minor
        Wichita State University in KS

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