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					Rick Ebeirus
                                                                        1016 Swinging Bridges Rd.
                                                                              Montreal, MO 65591
Home Phone (573) 346-9983

                Auto Diagnostic Technician; Boat Builder, Designer; Jig & Fixture Designer, Builder;
                Maintenance; Tool & Die Maker; Welder- Mig, Tig, Arc, Gas, Aluminum, Steel, Galvanized,
                Stainless Steel, Salt Treated Aluminum, Dedicated, Dependable, Hard Working, Honest,
                Productive, Proficient, Problem Solver, Resourceful, Talented, Trustworthy

                I worked in engineering for Tracker Marine designing machines jigs and fixtures, prototyping
                new boats, mill and lathe experience, working from blue prints, all types of welding: alum.
                Steel, tig, mig, ect. Lead Man in new projects and tooling department. I'm 41 years old
                married have 5 children, 3 still at home. I’m hard working and seeking full-time permanent

                WORK HISTORY
2003            F/V Norcoaster – Engineer Kodiak, Alaska - Homeport

1999-2002       Self-Employed

1994-1999       Tracker Marine - Research & Development, Tooling & Engineering Leadsman
                Supervisor: Larry Lillard
                 Designed Bass Boats, Myachts, Pontoons
                 Prototype Designer, Builder
                 Model Year Upgrade Modifier
                 Designed, Built Machines
                 Jig and Fixture Designer, Builder
                 Mill and Lathe Work

1984-1994       Bob Jacob’s UNOCAL - Shop Foreman
                Owner: Bob Jacobs
                 UNOCAL Certified Master Technician
                 Autocare, Tune-Up Emission
                 Air Conditioning
                 Brakes, Wheel Alignment
                 Steering Suspension, Driveline

1984-1982        Tracker Marine - Maintenance Department, Welder
                Supervisors: Rick Thomas
                   Maintenance Department, Welder
                 Plant Maintenance on Equipment, Machinery, Welders
                 Welding Pontoon Boat Production

                 Selma High School                                  Selma, CA
                 G.E.D
                 UNOCAL Certified Master Technician                 Berkley College
                 Steering, Suspension                               Berkley College
                 Automotive Computer Diagnostic Tech.               Berkley College
                 Front End Alignment, Brakes                        Berkley College
                 Tune-Up & Emissions                                Berkley College

                   Larry Lillard       417-532-3650                 10 years
                   Rick Thomas         417-588-3504                 20 years
                   Bob Jacobs          559-924-3644                 20 years