Yeast Infection Treatments That Work Fast

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					Yeast Infection Treatments That Work Fast!

If you are searching for an effective yeast infection treatment that cures
itching and burning fast then natural remedies is your best option. They
are 100% efficient, cost effective, natural and safe to use. Thankfully this
type of treatment makes use of ingredients that you most likely have in
your kitchen right now. This article will feature some of the best natural
yeast infection remedies and their application.

Yeast Infections Treatment # 1

Start with your diet first. If you want a quick recovery then you need to
temporarily eliminate products that only add to the growth of yeast
making the infection worse and longer to treat. Eliminate sweets, alcohol,
yeast breads, refined carbohydrates. Instead choose whole grains and an
abundance of vegetables and fruit along with plenty of water. Once the
yeast infection is gone slowly introduce these foods back in your diet.

Yeast Infections Treatment #2

Second tip is hygiene. Keep the infected area clean and dry at all
times. Wash infected area with mild unscented soap, avoid using
perfumes or deodorants on the infected area, avoid wearing tight
underwear and choose cotton over nylon underwear which can trap

Yeast Infections Treatment #3

Garlic is a remedy used for centuries for treating most infections and is a
natural yeast killer! Simply wrap a clove of fresh raw garlic in a gauze or
cloth and insert into the vagina overnight. Remember to sew the ends of
the cloth with thread for easy extraction.

Yeast Infections Treatment #4

Vinegar naturally restores the balance of the vaginal pH to 4.5. Use apple
cider vinegar for an effective yeast infection treatment. Simply add half a
cup of vinegar to a warm bath and sit in and let the mixture do the
cleansing. That should also bring some soothing to the burning and
itching of the vagina.

These are only a few of the natural remedies that can cure and prevent
future yeast infection outbreaks that you may want to consider. Not only
do they cost less but have no harmful side effects unlike prescribed
medicine and oftentimes cure yeast infections faster than other methods.
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