Year 6. Medium Term Planning Autumn Term 1 September-October 2010 by dfsiopmhy6


									                                                 Year 6. Medium Term Planning Autumn Term 1
                                                                       September-October 2010.

                                                                                                                                                             PE and         SEAL and
                Maths           English            Science              ICT               RE          Geography             Art             Music
                                                                                                                                                             Games          Philosophy
                                                      Inter-                          Famine and                                                                            Values for
               National          National                                                                                                 ‘Roundabout’     Games: hockey

                                                    dependence        Multimedia         relief        Investigating                                                        thinking

               Numeracy          Literacy                                                                                  Water            Exploring      Dance: Hakka
                                                        and          presentation.     agencies.          rivers
               Strategy          Strategy                                                                                                musical rounds.
                                                    adaptation.                       Missionaries.                                                                         New beginnings
             Counting,        Getting to know    Plants need                                                           Watercolour
             Partitioning &   you! (Narrative)   light in order                                                        Thought
             Calculating.     Looking at the     to grow.                                                              showers                                              Feelings game

                              components of      Green plants
                              narrative.         need water air
                                                 and light to
                                                 make new plant
             Counting,         Getting to        Fertilisers are    Identify          What is         Where does       Art inspired by   Listen to         Controlled       School council
             Partitioning &   know you!          added to soils     aspects of        famine and      water come       the Masters       ‘Gnossienne’      passing and      introduction
             Calculating.     (Narrative)        to provide         multimedia and    what has it     from?            (individual)      identify chords   receiving of     School Council
                              Composing &        nutrients.         explore how                                                          and scales.       the ball.        initial selection
                                                                                      got to do
                              comparing          Plants need        they have been                                                       Perform own       Using small
                                                                                      with us?

                              introductions.     different          used on                                                              chords.           sided games to
                                                 conditions to      existing          Can there be                                                         develop skills   Read and
                                                 grow.              presentations     famine with                                        Music inspired                     discuss the
                                                 The purpose of     Use PowerPoint    water                                              by water          To learn a       ‘school of
                                                 roots              to make a         present?                                                             dance based on   nightmares’
                                                 River plants.      presentation on                                                                        sports

             Counting,        Narrative          Use keys to        Enhance a         What do         Main rivers of   Art inspired by   Listen to and     Understanding    School Council
             Partitioning &   Fiction genres     identify animals   PowerPoint        Christians do   the world.       the Masters       learn ‘Relay      positions and    campaigns and
             Calculating.     Reading &          and plants.        presentation      about           Where does       (Group wok)       Race’ and         identify         ballot.
 13 –09-10

                              comparing          Animals and        using animation                   water go?                          perform as a
                              short stories      plants in local                                                                         round.            attacking and
                                                                                      Can there be                                       Music inspired    defending
                                                 are                                  famine with                                        by water          skills.          Create a dream
                                                 interdependent.                      water                                              “Blue Danube”     To learn a       school.
                                                                                      present?                                                             dance based on

                                    Year 6 Mid Term Planning, Autumn Term 2010 Miss Cook & Mr Muhammad
                                                                                                                                                          PE and          SEAL and
             Maths           English           Science             ICT               RE          Geography               Art            Music
                                                                                                                                                          Games           Philosophy

           School Journey

            Securing       Narrative         To read and       Make own slide    How do          Study of a river   School Journey   Add                Understand the    Values for
           number facts    Fiction genres    understand        presentation      Christians                         Art              accompaniment      positions that    thinking:
           and             comparing &       food chains.      complete with     help people                                         to ‘Relay Race’    can be played     Courage
           understanding   writing short     Construct food    animation.                                                            and perform.       and how to
                                                                                 who are

           shape           stories           chains for                                                                                                 organise teams
                                                                                 starving?                                                              into
                                             water based                         What would                                                             formations.       Create a class
                                             habitats.                           be a good                                                                                charter
                                                                                 charity?                                                               To learn a
                                                                                                                                                        dance based on
           Securing        Narrative         Plants adapting   Using a simple    What is         Studying the       Water in         Add a two-         To recoginse      Values for
           number facts    Fiction genres    to soil           selection of      mission and     features of a      Motion           chord              strengths and     thinking:
           and                               conditions &      slides to make    who are         river              (Flip book       accompaniment      to organise       Courtesy
           understanding   Deconstructing    testing soil.     hyperlinks that                                      designs)         to ‘Nanuma’        those to best

           shape.          Detective                           link to other                                                                            effect in a       Thinking about
                           Stories                             slides.
                                                                                 missionaries?                                                          team.             strategies to
                                                                                                                                                                          cope with
                                                                                                                                                        To learn a        uncomfortable
                                                                                                                                                        dance based on    feelings.
           Securing        Narrative         Animals and       Add sound to      What can we     Features of a      Shipwreck        Learn to sing      To identify and   Values for
           number facts    Fiction genres    plants in a       ppt               find out        river              3D-designs       ‘Nanuma’ and       describe best     thinking:
           and             Reconstructing    different         presentation      about                                               play an ostinato   parts of lay of   Curiosity
           understanding   /Writing          habitat.                                                                                                   team and

           shape           Detective         Water based                                                                                                individual.
                           Stories           habitats
                                                                                 missionaries                                                                             Create a
                           Storylines &                                          of the past?                                                           To learn a line   feelings wall
                           idea streams                                                                                                                 dance

           Handling Data   Narrative         Tracing food      Show slide        Are             Features of a      Shipwreck        Learn a four       To revise all     Managing
           & Measures      Fiction genres    chains &          show to year                      river              3D-designs       part round         hockey skills     feelings &

                           Writing/Editing   revision          group             the same                                            ‘Junkanoo’ add                       developing calm
                           Detective                                                                                                 accompaniment      To learn a line   down
                           Stories                                                                                                   and perform.       dance             strategies.

                                Year 6 Mid Term Planning, Autumn Term 2010 Miss Cook & Mr Muhammad

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