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                                  Organizing Documents

With the release of WorkSite 8 came workspaces and folders making everyone’s life easier due
to drag and drop functionality. However, two other WorkSite features are available to users that
can provide further organization of documents.

These features are often overlooked but are worth remembering:

    •    Related Documents
    •    Add to Folder

Related Documents
Users create one or two directional relations between documents in FileSite.

Often this is used between an email and the documents that were attached to it. This way you
can separate the documents out without losing the connection to the email.

Another good use of this feature is when a document is created from a template document, the
new document can be related to its original because it is likely they are now in separate folders
and have different metadata.

To Add Document Relations:

1. Right-click on the document and select Document Info         Related Documents… The
   Related Documents window will open.

2. Browse to the document you wish to relate and then drag and drop it into the Related
   Documents window to create the document relation.

    NOTE: Depending on how your system is set up, each document selected is related in a one-
    way or two-way relationship, to the original document. However, your WorkSite administrator
    must enable two-way relations in your system.

To View Document Relations:

3. To display all documents related to a particular document, right-click on the document in the
   Outlook View and select Related Documents from the context menu or from the WorkSite
   view panel, click the Related Documents tab.

4. If the Related Documents window is empty, then no documents have been related to this

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                                   Organizing Documents

To Delete Document Relations:

5. From the Related Documents window, highlight the document and choose Delete from the
   Edit menu or press the [Delete] key. The WorkSite dialog box will appear asking you to
   confirm you wish to permanently delete the document.

    NOTE: Perform this operation only in the Related Documents window; do not perform it in
    the Outlook View and do not perform it from a right-click menu or you will delete the
    document from the library.

Add To Folder
For those users that prefer using the folder structure vs. searching for their documents, it is
beneficial to have some documents reside in more than one folder.

If you simply make a copy of the document for both folders, when the document needs updating,
both copies will have to be updated.

Add a Document to a Folder:

1. Right-click on the document and select Add to Folder… from the context menu. The Browse
   for Folder dialog box will appear.

2. Navigate to the appropriate folder and then click the [Select] button.

View Which Folders a Document Resides In:

3. Now if you right-click on the document and select Document Info  Where Used… the
   Where Used dialog box will appear showing all folders the document resides in.

Remove a Document from a Folder:

4. To remove the document from a folder, navigate to the appropriate folder, highlight the
   document and select Remove from Folder from the context menu.

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