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                R E L E A DA E: SA S AT U ,              EP JUNE             3, 2010
            R E L E A S E S E T D A T E :T U R D A YR DSA Y , T E M B E R 2 1 8 , 2 0 0 7
  of the
 DOC Douro, Portugal
 170217 (XD) 750 mL           $17.95

 Winner of the International Red Blend
 Under £10 Trophy at the 2009 Decanter
 World Wine Awards.
 TASTING NOTE: Aromatically powerful,
 blockbusting, gutsy red cherry fruit.
 Victoria plum, violets plus attractive toasty
 notes and bags of tannin that should
 welcome both food and friends!
 (Judges panel, Decanter World Wine
 Awards, 2009)

 VQA Niagara Peninsula, Ontario
 129056 (XD) 750 mL $18.95

 TASTING NOTE: This is fairly bold for
 an Ontario 2007 pinot noir. It shows quite
 dense flavours with good complexity, all
 complemented by good acidity.
 The tannins are firm and gripping. It’s
 drinking well now and will hold another
 five years. Because of its intensity, drink
 it with red meats, rather than salmon
 or even duck. Score: HHHHK
 (Rod Phillips, www.rodphillipsonwine.com,
 Aug. 24, 2009)

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These five varieties and styles have
planted Ontario firmly on the map.
In the deft hands of local winemakers, Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot
Icewine and sparklers have forged unique identities and proven that
hold our own on the world stage. Read on to find out why we shine
brightly, and meet some of the homegrown talent who’ve helped craft
wines – and our enviable reputation.
we can
         VINTAGES 3
 1    A unique Ontario spin

            on a French classic

‘‘ ’’
    This variety
    is very well
    suited to Canada,
    I’d say.
    – Jancis Robinson, MW,
      Canada House,
      May 2010
                             Thanks to a tasting event held at Canada House in London last May
                             that showcased some of Ontario’s best, our local Chardonnays are
                             now turning heads internationally. As a cool-climate continental region,
                             Niagara is often compared to the world’s most famous Chardonnay-
                             growing region: Burgundy. Yet, once you get beyond the general terroir
                             comparisons and inherent character of the grape, Niagara Chards
                             present some unique expressions. Influenced by multiple moderating
                             bodies of water (Lake Ontario, the Niagara River and, to a lesser
                             extent, Lake Erie), Niagara also sees many more hours of heat than
                             Burgundy with generally lower rainfall, producing wines that are ripe,
                             more opulent and filled with elegance. Ontario winemakers tend to use
                             French oak to best accentuate that elegance. The increasingly popular
                             unoaked styles are appreciated for their crisp apple-tinged refreshment.

Fresh, Chablis-like Chard                      Rave review from                              Perfect paired with
for a seafood salad                            Jancis Robinson                               grilled free-range chicken
CHARDONNAY 2009                                FERMENTED CHARDONNAY 2007                     CHARDONNAY 2008
VQA Twenty Mile Bench,                         VQA Niagara Escarpment                        VQA Niagara Peninsula
Niagara Peninsula
                                               Would make planked salmon, smoked             TASTING NOTE: Toast, spice and delicate
TASTING NOTE: Pretty, Chablis-like             chicken or roast pork very happy.             aromas of pit fruit segue [into] a rich and
unoaked Chardonnay. Aromas suggest                                                           luscious wash of flavour with lip-smacking
pear, mineral, green apple, lees (giving       TASTING NOTE: 40% new oak – all               lemon sorbet, ripe apple compote and
the wine a lovely texture) and citrus. Dry,    French. Vines planted 1988. Bright light      nuances of pineapple predominant. It’s mid
racy and very fresh with the fruit and         straw. Great density and interest. Good       weight and nicely textured. Seamlessly
minerality coming in on the mid-palate to      lift and transparency and lovely freshness.   integrated oak, deft balance and a linger-
bring structure to the wine. This medium-      Delicate and zesty. Long with a little bit    ing luscious finish mark this as well
long-finishing Chard is an excellent partner   of grip. Distinguished. Drink 2010 to 2015.   made, well paced and well ... delicious.
for a seafood salad, grilled herbed chicken,   Score: 16.5+ (out of 20) (Jancis              Poured and paired perfectly with roast
or poached salmon with fresh herbs.            Robinson, MW, www.jancisrobinson.com,         chicken or roast pork. Score: HHHHK
(VINTAGES panel, July 2010)                    May 26, 2010)                                 (Vic Harradine, www.winecurrent.com,
                                                                                             May 1, 2010)
068015 (XD)      750 mL      $15.95      1     268342 (XD)      750 mL     $19.95    2
                                                                                             089037 (XD)     750 mL      $19.95    2
                                                                                                                               VINTAGES 5
   Niagara Chards are
ripe, textured and
      filled with elegance

              ABOVE: These vines at Le Clos Jordanne are planted Burgundy-
                      style, with twice the density of many local vineyards.
                TOP RIGHT: Le Clos Jordanne winemaker Sébastien Jacquey.
                      RIGHT: Niagara soil is rich in limestone, silt and clay.


 Le Clos Jordanne                               Niagara Chardonnay has always been popular locally, ever since it was first
                                                planted successfully in the late 1950s (in vineyards that are still used today).
     spills the dirt                           “Several factors contribute to the success of our Talon Ridge and other
    on the perfect                              Chardonnays,” says Sébastien Jacquey, chief winemaker at Le Clos Jordanne.
                                               “The Niagara Bench soil is rich in limestone, silt and clay, creating the
          local soil                            perfect milieu for the vines’ roots to explore deeply for nutrients. The cool climate
                                                enables us to produce wines with fresh acidity and a perfect balance
                                                between richness and texture.” Jacquey also highlights the importance of
                                                vineyard management: “By using organic viticulture and high vine density,
                                                we’re giving the vines strength to resist disease and pests – so we’re more able
                                                to extract the terroir’s identity.”

Bring out the lobster or sea
scallops pan-fried in butter
VQA Niagara Peninsula, Vinemount Ridge

TASTING NOTE: Le Clos’ most recent addi-
tion to their portfolio, now in its second
vintage, Talon Ridge Vineyard Chardonnay
features aromas of hazelnut, apricot, white
peach and lots of elegant toasty notes. Dry
with excellent fruit and fresh acidity
surrounded by just-right oaking. The whole
package works perfectly with each ele-
ment complementing the other. Medium-
full bodied with a creamy yet lively and
long finish. Match it to butter-brushed lobster,
or sea scallops pan-fried in butter and
garlic. (VINTAGES panel, July 2010)

143974 (XD)       750 mL       $37.00    2
Definitive Ontario personality
        and great ageing potential


    Dry Rieslings pair well with
          grilled calamari and      Riesling has emerged as a Niagara star thanks to the
                                    combination of climate, favourable limestone/gravel/
    shrimp, salmon steaks or        clay soils, and the right version of the Riesling vine (usually
      poultry; serve moderately     the Weis clones created by Hermann Weis, founder/
                                    winemaker of Vineland Estates). From specific locations,
    sweet examples with fiery       such as the Bench area west of St. Catharines and
                                    St. David’s Bench, the wines have an unmistakable
        Szechuan or Southern        personality: an intriguing combination of citrus (lime)
      Indian dishes; try sweet      and stone fruit (peach) with a seam of minerality. The
                                    other signature of great Niagara Riesling is its racy,
   Rieslings with cheesecakes,      refreshing acidity that simultaneously brings a hint of
     rich custards or fruit pies.   dryness to the sweetest version and is key to the
                                    variety’s significant ageing potential: the very best vintages
                                    can be laid down for 20 to 50 years.

                                                                                       ‘‘ ’’
A wonderful palate                            Ideal for pad Thai with
refresher between courses                     lemongrass chicken
                                                                                             Ontario provides
VQA Twenty Mile Bench,
                                              RIESLING 2008
                                              VQA Niagara Escarpment
                                                                                             exceptional growing
Niagara Peninsula
                                              A fine match for pad Thai noodles with
                                                                                             conditions for
TASTING NOTE: With its breeding
shining through – 20+-year-old German
                                              lemongrass chicken.
                                                                                             Riesling: one might
Weis-clone vines planted on the lime-
and shale-rich ‘Bench’ – it delivers a racy
                                              TASTING NOTE: This Riesling from the
                                              iconic St. Urban vineyard oozes minerality     even say it’s a
focused mouth-watering rendition of
cool-climate Riesling. Expressive aromas –
                                              to go with peach, tropical fruits and
                                              citrus on the nose. This is a focused wine     little bit of viticultural
key lime and steely mineral notes –
segue [into] lime-drenched mineral and
                                              with a profound mineral edge from nose
                                              to finish. It all travels on a racy spine of   perfection.
lemon rind flavour. It’s medium bodied        acidity that cuts through the subtle sweet-
                                              ness. Score: HHHHJ (Rick VanSickle,
                                                                                             – Alanna Bailey,
and nicely textured with a lip-smacking
bone dry finish of grapefruit tang …          www.winesinniagara.com, April 2010)              VINTAGES Product Manager,
a ‘must buy’ for lovers of fine Riesling.                                                      Ontario Wines, July 2010
Score: HHHHJ (Vic Harradine,                  038117 (D)       750 mL      $19.95    2
www.winecurrent.com, Sept. 6, 2009)

064584 (XD)      750 mL      $19.95   2
                                                                                                              VINTAGES 9
   A racy,
refreshing acidity is
    a Niagara signature

      ABOVE, RIGHT: Cave Spring’s
              Riesling grapes come
     from these 35-year-old vines;
           limestone-rich soils add
   mineral complexity to the wine.
      RIGHT: Cave Spring operates
    out of an historic circa-1871
           building (with the oldest
  functioning wine cellar in Ontario)
         in the picturesque village
                 of Jordan, Ontario.


       Cave Spring                      Niagara may share a similar climate and soil types with
                                        other famous Riesling-producing regions, such as Germany,
       goes under-                      but with so many other local influences at play, further
           ground:                      comparisons are unnecessary. “With the grapes used in our
                                        CSV Riesling, there’s a confluence of factors that contribute
           mineral-                     to our ability to achieve full ripeness, year in and year out,”

     laced springs                      says Angelo Pavan, co-owner/winemaker at Cave Spring
                                        Cellars, located in the Beamsville Bench. The old vines (about
             infuse                     35 years old) Riesling grapes used for their flagship single-
                                        vineyard CSV Riesling are always sourced from the same two
          structure                     blocks of heirloom vines. “The vineyard benefits from the
                                        cooling onshore breezes in summer and warming breezes
                                        in the fall, allowing for slow, gradual and extended ripening,”
                                        he adds. “The site also benefits from underground springs
                                        that are mineral-laced. The ripeness, structure and mineral
                                        complexity that this wine is known for derives directly from
                                        the place where it originates.”

A great addition to your cellar
or with shellfish tonight
VQA Beamsville Bench, Niagara Peninsula

TASTING NOTE: The ’08 version of this
wine will undoubtedly be counted among
the best from the CSV vintages. It’s
youthful on the nose and tightly wound
but showing exotic tropical fruit aromas
to go with profound talc and mineral notes.
It’s made with slightly more residual sugar
to balance out the high acids and reveals
white peach, grapefruit, tropical and apple
fruits that are playfully sweet and tart in the
mouth. The minerality of this wine is just
starting to poke through the rousing fruit
flavours. Should age beautifully.
Score: HHHHJ (Rick VanSickle,
www.winesinniagara.com, March 24, 2010)

566026 (MD) 750 mL             $29.95    2

Seafood or chicken will be
charmed by this wine
VQA Niagara-on-the-Lake

Success of Riesling in Ontario is beautifully
summed up by Paul Bosc Sr., founder/
winemaker at Château des Charmes: “The
age of the vines in this wine has clearly
been a factor in its success, including a
vineyard block from the original 1978
plantings. Generally, older vines produce
more complex wines. Also, the limestone
from the Niagara Escarpment found in
soils located in the St. David’s Bench
sub-appellation adds the superb minerality
in the finished wine.” This features peach,
pear, apricot, mineral and citrus aromas
with a nervy intensity on the palate.

277228 (D)        750 mL       $16.95    2
  3 NOIR
An elegant Ontario interpretation
     that inspires international buzz


‘‘  Norman Hardie, who owns the
    eponymous winery in Prince Edward
    County [PEC], told me, ‘...we have
    all that limestone in the soil so we
    tend not to see stress in the vines
    even in drought situations. There was
    a six-week stretch when we didn’t
    have any rain [in 2007]. ...it could
    not have come at a more ideal time.
    The fruit was just immaculate.’

        –Tony Aspler, A Wine Lover’s Diary,
         www.tonyaspler.com, Aug. 28, 2008
                                              Pinot Noir is a fickle vineyard partner. It must be
                                              grown in the right soil, with perfect sun exposure,
                                              proper cooling breezes, and the ideal amount of
                                              moisture; and the winery must pick the right version
                                              of this ever-evolving vine. If any of these factors
                                              are out of whack, Pinot Noir can become tired and
                                              jammy (if the climate’s too warm), or thin and lean
                                              (if it’s too cool or wet). Specific vineyard sites in both
                                              Niagara and Prince Edward County have proven
                                              to be sweet spots for the grape, consistently producing
                                              ripe, elegant, cherry-, plum- and earth-infused
                                              versions that are garnering critical and customer
                                              acclaim. Even international buzz is afoot: respected
                                              British wine critic Steven Spurrier named one of our
                                              local Pinot gems “Best New World Red Wine” in
                                              the May 2010 edition of Decanter.
    The Red Paw Vineyard at
  Coyote’s Run Estate Winery
       features red Trafalgar
clay loam, formed about 450
     million years ago. Stony
 and rich in iron, it’s an ideal
          medium for growing
       premium wine grapes.

        Charming Pinot for fish                        Wild yeast fermentation                        A gutsy Pinot for
        or red meat courses                            gives this wine real charm                     flavourful red meats
        COYOTE’S RUN RED PAW VINEYARD                  NORMAN HARDIE COUNTY                           WAYNE GRETZKY No. 99 ESTATE
        PINOT NOIR 2008                                PINOT NOIR 2008                                SERIES PINOT NOIR 2007
        VQA Four Mile Creek, Niagara Peninsula         VQA Prince Edward County, Unfiltered           VQA Niagara Peninsula

        Ever-adaptable, Pinot pairs with every-        Try this 2008 Pinot with veal medallions       TASTING NOTE: This is fairly bold for an
        thing from salmon and tuna steaks to           and a red wine reduction sauce.                Ontario 2007 pinot noir. It shows quite
        grilled veal chops.                                                                           dense flavours with good complexity, all
                                                       TASTING NOTE: Terrific cranberry/cherry        complemented by good acidity. The
        TASTING NOTE: The Red Paw Vineyard             aromas mingle with fragrant woodsy/            tannins are firm and gripping. It’s drinking
        delivers Pinots in a softer, more restrained   earthy notes [from the wild yeast] on the      well now and will hold another five years.
        style. This is delicate and pretty with        nose of this subtle yet substantial Pinot      Because of its intensity, drink it with red
        cherry fruit and vanilla notes.                Noir … The purity of the flavour profile and   meats, rather than salmon or even duck.
        Score: HHHJK (Rick VanSickle,                  unwavering mineral focus make this a           Score: HHHHK (Rod Phillips, www.rod-
        www.winesinniagara.com, April 2010)            lighter style Pinot (11.5 percent alcohol)     phillipsonwine.com, Aug. 24, 2009)
                                                       that’s going to wow fans of graceful
        079228 (XD)            750 mL   $22.95   2     wines that whisper as opposed to shout.        129056 (XD)      750 mL      $18.95   2
                                                       Score: HHHHJ (Christopher Waters,              Wine of the Month
                                                       www.watersandwine.com, Jan. 22, 2010)

                                                       125310 (XD)      750 mL      $35.20    2
                                                                                                                                        VINTAGES 13
Niagara and PEC Pinots
   are ripe, infused with cherry,
  plum and earth aromas

                        ABOVE: With its modern look and weathered wood siding, Lailey
                     Vineyard’s main building bridges the present and the past (it’s built
                          on the site of an 1800s brickyard). ABOVE RIGHT: Lailey ages
                        many of their wines in Canadian oak barrels made by an Ontario
                                           cooperage. RIGHT: Winemaker Derek Barnett.


        Lailey finds                Pinot Noir vines love to evolve in the vineyard, so proper site and vine selection are
                                    vital. “Lailey’s Pinot Noir vineyard was planted over 30 years ago,” says winemaker
     the right DNA:                 Derek Barnett. “The vineyard is close to the Niagara River, whose influence as well

        Burgundian                  as cooler nighttime temperatures permit a longer, slower ripening, creating fresh,
                                    balanced wines with delicate fruit characters. The limestone-based soil is also vital,
      clones match                  but so is clonal selection. The Pinot Noir clones that originated from the Morey-
                                    Saint-Denis region of Burgundy work best in our vineyards, giving us wines with good
               local                colour and rich aromatics.” To add another layer, the winery sources a small
         conditions                 amount of fruit from the Bench area west of St. Catharines for their Niagara
                                    Peninsula Pinot. As Barnett observes, “that property has a wonderful airflow
                                    and fine, shallow, gravelly soil. The 15-year-old vines produce smaller clusters giving
                                    a bit more colour and a touch of spice to the finished wine.”

Roast turkey with trimmings
will love this wine
VQA Niagara Peninsula

This month marks Lailey Vineyard’s
10th anniversary, so why not toast this
exceptional producer with one of their
own fine wines. A great choice for your
upcoming Thanksgiving dinner.

TASTING NOTE: A blend of fruit from the
Lailey estate in Niagara-on-the-Lake and
Wismer Vineyard in Vineland, the 2008
Niagara Peninsula Pinot makes the most
of its bright, juicy character. This medium-
bodied red shows admirable balance
and complexity on the palate. Great value.
Score: HHHHK (Christopher Waters,
www.vinesmag.com, Undated)

591404 (XD)      750 mL      $25.00    2

                              VINTAGES 15
   A venerated style with
            a refreshing local twist

                                               The Champagne method of making sparkling wine is embraced through-
 Ontario sparklers                             out the world, but Niagara’s climatic advantages have allowed winemakers
                                               here to more than replicate the style. Local versions made using this
   are a natural fit                           painstaking and costly traditional method can be favourably compared
                                               to the original, but with that all-important Ontario spin. In order to achieve
with oysters, roast                            the desired structure between flavours, sugars and acidity, grapes for
    chicken, sushi                             traditional-method sparkling wine are picked earlier and at lower sugar
                                               levels than other wine grapes. The Niagara style allows for a fine balance
      and sashimi.                             between its cool-climate roots and New World fruit-friendly nature, creating
                                               a bubbly that is simultaneously refreshing and robustly fruity.

      BELOW: Flat Rock Cellars’ hexagonal
            glassed-in winery tasting room
       affords scenic views of the Niagara
                                                                                 Flat Rock caps it off:
        Peninsula; on a clear day, Toronto
             is visible across Lake Ontario.
           RIGHT: Winemaker Ross Wise.
                                                                                 a way to better ageing
                                                                                 Traditional-method Niagara sparkling wines have
                                                                                 a unique taste profile. “The Twenty Mile Bench
                                                                                 region blesses us with limestone-rich soils, giving
                                                                                 our wines intense minerality and great texture,”
                                                                                 says Ross Wise, winemaker at Flat Rock Cellars.
                                                                                 “The cool breeze off the lake and over the top
                                                                                 of the Escarpment regulates the temperatures,
                                                                                 allowing our grapes to slowly develop their
                                                                                 flavours and maintain their crisp acidity – vital
                                                                                 for sparkling wine.” Even the packaging can be
                                                                                 innovative. Flat Rock has never used cork, so
                                                                                 they weren’t about to start now. Under crown
                                                                                 cap is how all traditional sparkling wines spend
                                                                                 their first few years, so Flat Rock chose it for
                                                                                 their finished product too. “With the crown cap,
                                                                                 there’s no risk of cork taint, and the wine has
                                                                                 better ageing potential,” says Wise. “And to top it
                                                                                 all off, the crown cap allows more bubbles to
                                                                                 stay in the wine once opened.”

Unique closure helps
to intensify the mousse
VQA Twenty Mile Bench,
Niagara Peninsula

TASTING NOTE: This is a brilliantly
packaged and deeply delicious traditional-
method sparkling wine. Aromas suggest
binned apple, pear blossom, lemon-lime,
mineral and even a hint of crème brûlée.
Dry, lemony fresh, complex and very lively.
Wonderfully dense mousse with a
long crisp/toasty finish. Roast pork, grilled
salmon, oysters or lobster would all
complement this fine fizz. (VINTAGES
panel, July 2010)

187377 (XD)       750 mL      $24.95      1

Intensely flavoured
sparkling wine made for
grilled lamb or beef
VQA Niagara Peninsula

TASTING NOTE: Slight copper-tint colour
suggesting a short maceration on the
Pinot Noir skins (Chardonnay is the other
grape). Very attractive nose of straw-
berry eau de vie, lemon zest, bread dough
and pie crust. Dry to just-a-touch off-dry
with a vivacious, tingling mousse. The
fruit and acidity are quite lively and
lovely. Medium bodied with a long, fresh
finish. Best enjoyed as an aperitif, or
with grilled lamb or beef. (VINTAGES
panel, July 2010)

587691 (XD)       750 mL      $19.95      1
 Ontario’s sweet spot
        on the world stage


ABOVE AND RIGHT: Frozen Vidal grapes,
ready for the Icewine harvest.

                                        Icewine may have been born on a cold, frosty day in Germany, but
                                        Ontario gets the credit for making it an international celebrity. For
                                        Icewine to be made, the temperature must stay at or below -8° C for
          Ontario Icewine is            three days in a row while the grapes freeze on the vine. The fruit is
                                        then picked and pressed frozen, which sometimes yields just a single,
         sublime on its own             concentrated drop of juice from each grape (the water stays behind
         or with Parmigiano-            as ice crystals). The first successful Ontario Icewines were made from
                                        the hybrid Vidal grape. Since then, Riesling, Cabernet Franc and
           Reggiano cheese              even sparkling versions have joined the fold. Inniskillin’s 1989 Icewine
          and rich desserts.            won the Grand Prix d’Honneur at the 1991 Vinexpo, which put
                                        Ontario and the style on the world wine map. At a recent in-house
                                        tasting of the 1989 vintage, the wine still exhibited a youthfulness,
                                        suggesting it will continue to age gracefully.

                                                                                                More than 75
                                                                                                percent of all the
                                                                                                ice wine in
                                                                                                Canada comes
                                                                                                from Ontario ...
                                                                                                When the frozen
                                                                                                grapes are
                                                                                                pressed at just
                                                                                                the right temper-
                                                                                                ature, usually
                                                                                                immediately after
                                                                                                picking, the
                                                                                                water is crystal-
                                                                                                lized, and the
                                                                                                juice that
                                                                                                remains consists
                                                                                                of the most
                                                                                                exquisitely con-
Dark chocolate or mature                     Bubbles bring a lovely hint of                     centrated sugars

cheeses are just the ticket                  dryness to this fine Icewine                       and flavors.
ICEWINE 2008                                 ICEWINE 2008
                                                                                                – Julia Lawlor,
VQA Beamsville Bench,                        VQA Niagara Peninsula, In Gift Tube                  The New York Times,
Niagara Peninsula                                                                                 Feb. 26, 2010
                                             Gold Medal winner at the 2010 Sélections
Forty-nine volunteers, including wine-       Mondiales des Vins Canada. This intriguing
maker Shiraz Mottiar, braved the freezing    sparkling version from the Icewine masters
cold to pick the grapes for this wine.       at Inniskillin displays all the virtues of their
Their names are listed in tribute on the     still Icewines, but the CO2 bubbles seem
back label. Nice touch we thought.           to have the effect of adding a touch of
This red Icewine is remarkably fresh with    intriguing dryness to this generally very
all that lovely sweet fruit balanced out     sweet wine. As a result, it is an excellent
by crisp acidity. Look for dark chocolate,   partner for pâté, or great for sipping
cassis and even a hint of fresh herbs.       after a Thanksgiving meal.
Calls for some mature cheeses or a
chocolate mousse.                            560367 (MS) 375 mL              $69.95    2
685602 (MS) 200 mL          $34.95    2
                                                                                                              VINTAGES 19
Adores apple crumble or
a strawberry-rhubarb pie
VQA Niagara-on-the-Lake

Gold Medal winner at the 2010
Cuvée Awards.

TASTING NOTE: This pours 18K yellow
gold in the glass with lifted alluring
aromas of toffee, spice cake and treacle.
From 25-year-old vines, this delivers a
stunning mouthful of flavour with spiced
pear, honeyed mango and spice-infused
apfelkuchen [German apple cake] to the
fore. It’s full bodied, fully flavoured
delivering a monumental aftertaste that’s
balanced and mouth-watering delicious ...
Score: HHHHJ (Vic Harradine,
www.winecurrent.com, Nov. 7, 2009)

544791 (S)       200 mL      $24.95    2
Dream team with Ontario
or French blue cheese
VQA Niagara Peninsula

“Canada’s fine-wine patriarch is back and
I’m thrilled he’s devoting time to riesling,
one of Niagara’s most compelling varieties.”
(Beppi Crosariol, The Globe and Mail,
Nov. 20, 2009)

TASTING NOTE: Ziraldo Riesling Icewine
2007 hails from the great 2007 harvest
and is very good. Intensely sweet and ripe,
with opulent flavours of preserved
apricots, peaches and honey, it’s balanced
nicely by enough acidity to cleanse the
palate ... (Beppi Crosariol, The Globe
and Mail, Nov. 20, 2009)

149609 (S)       375 mL      $59.00      1
   Ontario Icewines
show off an extraordinary
     array of flavours

             TOP RIGHT: Icewine pioneer Donald Ziraldo.
        BELOW: Ziraldo’s latest project is a two-year-old
              organic vineyard, planted in the fertile soil
       of a former fruit orchard. ABOVE: This soon-to-be
                 demolished building housed the original
               Inniskillin winery, founded by Ziraldo and
                                      partner Karl Kaiser.


    Ziraldo Estate                             Karl Kaiser and Donald Ziraldo, of Inniskillin fame, may not
                                               have produced Canada’s first Icewine, but they were largely
     Winery helps                              responsible for this sweet treat becoming our ambassador to

          increase                             the wine world. Donald Ziraldo, now owner of Ziraldo Estate
                                               Winery, explains why Niagara is ideal for the style: “The cold
    the cool factor                            winters naturally freeze the water in the berries to yield an
                                               exquisite balance of fruit, acid and an extraordinary array of
                                               flavours which results in this fine wine.” He found the 2007
                                               vintage especially remarkable: “I was struck by the aroma of
                                               peach. I conferred with Karl Kaiser, Icewine genius and my
                                               long-time partner, and he said that it was a result of the
                                               heat reminiscent of the hotter Okanagan. 2007 was the
                                               hottest vintage on record in Ontario, which brought that
                                               lovely peach smell and taste front and centre.”

                                                                                               VINTAGES 21
Tidy vineyards rise high above the
Douro River near Pinhão, Portugal.

                      Portugal’s most celebrated region is famous
                                for Port, but among those in the know,
                  dry red wines are causing excitement all their own.


     22 VINTAGES

          VINTAGES 23
       Basking in the sun quite a distance from
       the Atlantic coast, Douro is Portugal’s
       hottest region. Over 100 grape varieties
       thrive here, including Douro’s dynamic
       duo: indigenous superstar Touriga Nacional,
       and Tinta Roriz (aka Tempranillo). These
       form the backbone of the region’s dry reds,
       which are deep, smoky wines drenched
       in dark fruit, peppery spice and herbs. Dry
       wines have been produced here since
       antiquity – long before Port – and over the
       last decade, they have reclaimed their
       standing as some of the world’s best. Douro
       reds are fantastic with herbed steak or
       spicy gourmet sausage.

 2007th HEAVEN                                                           QUINTA DO CRASTO
                                                                         OLD VINES RESERVA 2007
       Douro has been blessed with some very                             DOC Douro
       good growing seasons in recent years,          DID YOU KNOW…
                                                                         TASTING NOTE: This has a
       including 2004 and 2008. But once in a        “Quinta” on         complex array of red and
       while a real blockbuster vintage, such as      a Portuguese       dark fruit flavors, led by blue-

       2007, comes along. What Made It Great?         wine label         berry, kirsch, dark plum
                                                                         and dark cherry. Very plush
                                                      means the          midpalate, with an elegant,
       Early-season rain set the Douro River
                                                      wine was           caressing finish of spice,
       flowing swiftly, providing moderating air      grown in the       mocha and cream. Drink now
       currents throughout a beautifully bright                          through 2017. Score: 93
                                                      vineyards of       (Kim Marcus, www.winespec-
       spring. This led to early budbreak preced-     a single estate.   tator.com, April 30, 2010)
       ing a long, sunny growing season.                                 990572 (XD)      750 mL
       The resulting wines are robust, generous                          $34.95    2
                                                                         On the Back Cover
       and deeply flavourful.

QUINTA DOS ACIPRESTES               QUINTA DO TEDO                     QUINTA DO NOVAL                      VALE DO BOMFIM 2008
RESERVA 2007                        VINHO TINTO 2007                   MARIA MANSA 2004                     DOC Douro
DOC Douro                           DOC Douro                          DOC Douro                            (Symington Family Estates)
(Real Companhia Velha)
                                    Winner of the International        TASTING NOTE: Impressively,          TASTING NOTE: Superbly juicy
TASTING NOTE: Powerful              Red Blend Under £10 Trophy         this is just the second vintage of   on the nose, with cherry,
spice from new wood dominates       at the 2009 Decanter World         Quinta Do Noval’s flagship dry       mulberry and plum all coming
this young wine. Under that,        Wine Awards.                       red. Charming and fragrant,          through loud and clear. The
the fruit is raisiny, with black                                       with floral notes followed by        palate is bursting with charac-
figs, dark tannins and a            TASTING NOTE: Aromatically         anise, mulberry, plum and            ter, showing generous fruit
potential blockbuster of flavors.   powerful, blockbusting, gutsy      maraschino cherry. Dry and           enlivened by a touch of spice.
Those tannins and the acidity       red cherry fruit. Victoria plum,   spicy on the palate, with            It’s all wrapped in structured
promise good aging on this          violets plus attractive toasty     mocha and fig characters join-       tannins, and finishes with good
concentrated wine. Score: 90        notes and bags of tannin that      ing the aroma replays.               length. This wine will pair
(Roger Voss, Wine Enthusiast,       should welcome both food           Smooth tannins, round texture,       with any hearty meal, or try it
May 3, 2009)                        and friends! (Judges panel,        and a wonderful, rich, long          with dark-chocolate-covered
                                    Decanter World Wine Awards,        finish. This will pair very nicely   cherries for something a little
167627 (D)       750 mL             2009)                              with lamb. (VINTAGES panel,          more personal. (VINTAGES
$21.95    2                                                            Nov. 2009)                           panel, Nov. 2009)
                                    170217 (XD)      750 mL
                                    $17.95    2                        167650 (D)        750 mL             167676 (D)      750 mL
                                    Wine of the Month                  $19.95     2                         $14.95    2
                                    New at VINTAGES                    New at VINTAGES
                                                                                                                                       VINTAGES 25

  product notes
   DRINKABILITY INDEX                                               SCOTCH WHISKY

   This is intended as a guideline for you, our customer.           GLENFARCLAS 10 YEARS OLD HIGHLAND
   The index reflects the collective view of our purchasing          SINGLE MALT SCOTCH WHISKY
   panel. The length of time to cellar wines is a very subjective   Speyside
   decision and will depend on individual preferences, cellar       TASTING NOTE: ... 10-year-old exhibits a nose of
   temperature, storage conditions etc.                             rich Christmas cake, featuring most notably Sherry,
                                                                    raisins, nuts and spices. A background hint of
                                                                    smoke is also present. The palate is defined by
   1 DRINK NOW: Enjoy and drink. There is no benefit
     to cellaring.                                                  quite dry Sherry, with a developing and gradually
                                                                    sweetening full body. The finish is long, nutty, and

   2 DRINK OR HOLD: cellaring,enjoyed now,on individual
     matured further by
                        Can be
                                           but may be               comparatively dry. Less overtly Sherried than
                                                                    some older expressions of Glenfarclas, the 10-year-
         preference.                                                old nonetheless gives its Macallan rival a real run
                                                                    for its money. Score: 3.5 (out of 5) (Gavin D. Smith
   3 HOLD: Ideal forby somecellaring.feel that the may well
     be enjoyed now
                            but we
                                       This wine
                                                   wine will
                                                                    & Tom Cannavan, www.whisky-pages.com)

         develop favourably under ideal cellaring conditions.       243790                   700 mL $59.95
   Perceived dryness/sweetness by tasting evaluation.
   VINTAGES scale ranges from Extra Dry to Sweet: XD, D, MD,
                                                                    SPRINGBANK 10 YEARS OLD
   M, MS, S. Please discuss specifics with our Product
                                                                    CAMPBELTOWN SINGLE MALT
   Consultants or store staff.                                      SCOTCH WHISKY
                                                                    (J. & A. Mitchell & Co.)
   ALCOHOL CONTENT                                                  TASTING NOTE: Nose: A real young and old
   The alcohol/volume content for any product released by           supershow, with soft adolescent tones from the bar-
   VINTAGES is available on our website. Visit www.vintages.com     ley and something much more brooding from the
   and view the Product Information page by entering the            oak. Intriguing...; Taste: Ditto the delivery: a slight
   LCBO# into the Product Search field.                              molassed feel to the juicy barley but the oak is
                                                                    dry and firm; outstanding spices, too; Finish: Some
   Products in this release may be available to customers in        shards of citrus and lemon drop gives a lovely
   limited quantities. Please see store personnel for details.      contrasting sharpness to the sweet barley. Balance:
                                                                    Now that’s much more like it!! The last bottling I
   Please note prices shown are subject to change without           had really was all over the show. This is still slightly
   notice. VINTAGES cannot assume responsibility for typo-          Bambi-ish; But there is some real meat here, too.
   graphical errors in this catalogue. All prices include appli-    On this showing, I am beginning to change my mind
   cable container deposit and HST.                                 about younger Springbanks. Score: 89 (Jim
                                                                    Murray, Whisky Bible, 2010)

                                                                    708362                   750 mL $79.95

   on the cover                                                     TOMINTOUL THE GENTLE DRAM
   Back:                                                            10 YEARS OLD SPEYSIDE GLENLIVET
   IVORY LABEL CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2008                              TASTING NOTE: Nose: Intense and sharp. Slightly
   California (521021, $24.95, page 29)                             spirity. Leafy. Fern. Cherry trifle. White pepper.
                                                                    Palate: Enveloping and warm. Velvety. Cream fudge.
                                                                    A lot of spices. Nutmeg, cinnamon, pepper. Finish:
   Margaret River, Western Australia
   (606624, $19.95, page 32)                                        Long-lasting. Warm. Gently vanishing with almonds
                                                                    and nuts. Comment: Quite a muscular Speysider.
   QUINTA DO CRASTO OLD VINES RESERVA 2007                          The perfect dram to buck you up after a woodland
   DOC Douro, Portugal (990572, $34.95, page 24)                    walk mushroom-picking on a cold November day.
                                                                    Score: 7.5 (out of 10) (Martine Nouet, www.whisky-
                                                                    mag.com, Nov. 16, 2002)

                                                                    181974                   700 mL $62.95
                        DISCOVER OUR LATEST • SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2010

RUM                                                        FERREIRA LATE BOTTLED VINTAGE
                                                           PORT 2000
RON BARCELÓ IMPERIAL RUM                                   DOC Douro, Btld. 2004
10 Years Old                                               TASTING NOTE: This is delicious and a terrific
TASTING NOTE: Bright amber copper color.                   buy from a great vintage. Its tannins and con-
Aromas of buttercream, dried cherries, pineapple           centrated fruit suggest more cellar time would be
marmalade, and caramelized nuts follow through             rewarded, but it doesn’t need long (LBVs are
on a silky entry to a dry-yet-fruity medium-to-full        usually ready four to six years after bottling). It’s full
body with great depth and balance. Finishes with           bodied, smooth and impressive with very ripe
a frosted carrot cake, cola nut, mocha, and robust         cherry, milk chocolate, and dried herb aromas.
brown spice fade. Exceptional. Score: 92                   Lovely acidity keeps it all together. Excellent length.
(www.tastings.com, June 23, 2010)                          Score: 91 (David Lawrason, www.winealign.com,
                                                           Oct. 2009)
094227                   700 mL $49.95
                                                           675751 (S)                750 mL $18.95          1

                                                           CHARLES MIGNON PREMIER
MADEIRA                                                    CRU BRUT ROSÉ CHAMPAGNE
BLANDY’S 5-YEAR-OLD BUAL MADEIRA                           TASTING NOTE: This is a real treat. Pretty pale pink
DOC, Portugal                                              in the glass with fresh strawberry and apples on
A distinctly sweet Madeira with plenty of nutty            the nose and palate, this dry, medium-bodied, well-
honey and caramel flavours and aromas. This                structured Champagne has superb length and
would be a wonderful partner for a piece of dark           a wonderfully full finish. Great with pork dishes, or
chocolate (70% cocoa and above) or a bowl                  savour sips of it with good company and con-
of mixed nuts.                                             versation. (VINTAGES panel, Feb. 2010)

011049 (MS)              750 mL $24.95          1          173435 (XD)               750 mL $47.95          2

                                                           SPARKLING WINE
DELAFORCE VINTAGE PORT 2003                                JEAN GEILER PRESTIGE BRUT
DOC Douro, Btld. 2005                                      CRÉMANT D’ALSACE
TASTING NOTE: A fabulous nose of cassis and                AC Alsace, France
berries, with hints of licorice. Full-bodied and lightly   TASTING NOTE: Jean Geiler Crémant d’Alsace
sweet, with supersexy tannins and a long, long             Brut Prestige from Alsace, France is a very well
finish. Very classy. Superb for Delaforce. Best after      priced sparkler. Tasteful and well made with
2012. Score: 95 (James Suckling, www.wine-                 bracing acidity and soft round flavours of tarte tatin
spectator.com, April 30, 2006)                             and almond. Pair it with the last grilled shrimp of
                                                           the season. (Carolyn Evans Hammond, www.wine-
180794 (S)               750 mL $57.95          3          tribune.com, Sept. 26, 2008)

                                                           957746 (XD)               750 mL $17.95          1

                                                                 SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2010 VINTAGES 27

              SPARKLING WINE                 CONT’D                   LANDMARK OVERLOOK
                                                                      CHARDONNAY 2008
                                                                      Sonoma County & Santa Barbara County
              L. VITTEAUT-ALBERTI                                     TASTING NOTE: The top value is the excellent
              BLANC DE BLANCS BRUT                                    2008 Chardonnay Overlook, 75% of which is ac-
              CRÉMANT DE BOURGOGNE                                    cessed from Sonoma and 25% from Santa
              AC, Burgundy, France                                    Barbara. Its medium straw/green color is followed
              Blanc de Blancs sparklers are made solely with          by notes of poached pears, cloves, white currants,
              white grapes. Look for especially tangy fruit and       and nectarines, pure fruit, medium to full body, and
              zippy freshness.                                        a good finish. It should drink well for 2-3 years.
                                                                      Winemaker Eric Stern judiciously uses wood as a
              TASTING NOTE: Vitteaut-Alberti’s Brut Blanc de          complementary seasoning, which is evident in
              Blancs has wonderful grapefruit and melon notes,        all these Chardonnays. Score: 89 (Robert Parker
              and fabulous creamy froth. (Kristine Hansen,            Jr., www.erobertparker.com, Feb. 2010)
              www.slashfood.com, Nov. 3, 2009)
                                                                      727891 (D)             375 mL $17.95        2
              180018 (D)              750 mL $18.95        1          356501 (D)             750 mL $32.95        2

              USA – WHITE WINE

                                                                      STAG’S LEAP WINE CELLARS KARIA
              CAKEBREAD SAUVIGNON BLANC 2007                          CHARDONNAY 2007
              Napa Valley                                             Napa Valley
              TASTING NOTE: Cakebread Cellars has been                TASTING NOTE: More lemon oil, hazel nut, and
              a leader in Napa since 1973, and is a master with       brioche notes, along with a hint of orange mar-
              Bordeaux varietals, so perhaps this astonishingly       malade, are found in the 2007 Chardonnay Karia.
              good Sauvignon Blanc shouldn’t come as too much         This is a very pretty wine, and like its sibling,
              of a surprise after all. Pale lemon in the glass, it    the Arcadia, best drunk over the next several years.
              offers up remarkably complex notes of white peach,      Score: 89 (Robert Parker Jr., www.erobert-
              passion fruit, spring flowers, and yellow plum          parker.com, Dec. 2009)
              accented by brush strokes of sweet vanilla oak. Dry,
              medium-full bodied, intense and flavourful, with        054585 (XD)            750 mL $37.95        2
              a long, gently toasty finish. A truly classic example
              of oaked Sauvignon Blanc in top form. Sure to
              impress. Savour with traditional turkey dinner,
              swordfish steaks, or oak-smoked shrimp in a light
              cream-sauce pasta. (VINTAGES panel, Aug. 2010)

              707224 (XD)             750 mL $39.95        1          USA – RED WINE

              CHARDONNAY 2007                                         BENZIGER SYRAH 2006
              Carneros, Napa Valley                                   North Coast
              TASTING NOTE: This is clean and vibrant, with           Benziger has long practised sustainable agriculture
              spicy green apple and green pear joining sweet          in the production of their wines. Their methods
              honeydew melon. Full-bodied, with a touch of oak        are not only good for the environment, they also
              folding in on the finish. Drink now through 2011.       help nurture grapes with more site-specific
              Score: 90 (James Laube, www.winespectator.com,          characters, flavours and aromas. This full-bodied
              June 30, 2009)                                          Syrah shows ample blackberry fruit with hints
                                                                      of coffee, supported by supple tannins. Try it with
              147348 (XD)             750 mL $39.95        1          beef steaks, from grass-fed cows.

                                                                      067215 (XD)            750 mL $19.95        2

                       DISCOVER OUR LATEST • SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2010

BUONCRISTIANI O.P.C. 2006                               IRONY CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2007
Napa Valley                                             Napa Valley
TASTING NOTE: A sleeper selection, the 2006             Listed as one of “California's Best of Best Bargains”
O.P.C. is a delicious, full-throttle blend of 42%       by Quarterly Review of Wines in their Summer
Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Syrah, 20% Merlot, and          2010 issue, this delightful Cabernet is designed for
8% Malbec. Possessing copious aromas of                 everyday enjoyment. Look for blackberry and red-
flowers, blackberries, black currants, pepper, and      fruit characters as well as hints of floral and mint in
camphor, refreshing acid buttressing substantial        this charming, well-balanced red. Serve it along-
flavors, a velvety texture, and good length, this he-   side rare roast beef.
donistic as well as intellectually satisfying 2006
can be enjoyed over the next 5-7 years. Score: 90       025106 (XD)              750 mL $19.95         2
(Robert Parker Jr., www.erobertparker.com,
Dec. 2009)

196063 (XD)             750 mL $47.95        2

Sonoma County                                           LA CREMA PINOT NOIR 2008
TASTING NOTE: A supple, harmonious effort. Full-        Sonoma Coast
bodied, showing ripe, fleshy currant, black cherry      We’re in good hands here because, for more
and plum flavors, with spicy, herbal, cedary notes.     than 30 years, La Crema has specialized in
Charming in its own way, this is graceful and           producing exceptional Pinot Noirs from the cool
balanced, complex and subtle, with a long, full         Sonoma Coast. Look for soft cherry, spice and
finish. Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Merlot,             herbal flavours and aromas in this velvety Pinot
Petit Verdot, and Cabernet Franc. Drink now             courtesy of winemaker Melissa Stackhouse.
through 2016. Score: 92 (James Laube,                   Enjoy with veal tenderloin or grilled salmon. Perfect
www.winespectator.com, Nov. 15, 2009)                   for a cozy evening meal.

928150 (XD)             750 mL $59.95        2          732040 (D)               375 mL $16.95         2

CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2008                                 ROBERT SINSKEY VINEYARDS
California                                              CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2005
Francis Coppola officially opened the new location      Vandal Vineyard, Los Carneros,
for his winery in Geyserville, Sonoma, in May 2007.     Napa Valley
Winemaker Corey Beck, who has been with                 Winner of a Gold Medal and a score of 90 at
Coppola for a decade, works closely with California     BioVino 2010 in Toronto.
growers to find the best fruit for each wine. This
classic Cali Cab features aromas of cassis, cherry,     TASTING NOTE: This has a gorgeous nose
spice and woodsmoke. It’s dry and fruity, with          with loads of blackberry, blueberry and cassis. The
supporting tannins and refreshing acidity. Will work    palate is an instant replay of the aromas and is
well with rich meat-based pasta, or as part             just as exciting and satisfying. Dry and full bodied,
of a relaxing evening with some premium dark            this beauty will pair well with grilled steak.
chocolate.                                              (VINTAGES panel, May 2010)

521021 (XD)             750 mL $24.95        2          196048 (XD)              750 mL $39.95         2
On the Back Cover

                                                              SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2010 VINTAGES 29

              USA – RED WINE CONT’D                                    ARGENTINA – RED WINE

              CALIFORNIA                                               BENMARCO MALBEC 2008
              SEGHESIO HOME RANCH                                      (Dominio del Plata)
              ZINFANDEL 2008                                           TASTING NOTE: The 2008 Malbec, which con-
              Alexander Valley                                         tains 10% Bonarda, spent 11 months in 50% new
              TASTING NOTE: This is a ripper; lifted aromas of         French oak and 50% first use American oak.
              mixed spice, black pepper, dark field berry and          Purple-colored, it reveals an expressive nose of
              notes of mineral peel off the nose of this complex       wood smoke, cinnamon, incense, and black
              and beautifully structured red. Waves of flavour         cherry. Round, ripe, medium-bodied, and savory,
              wash over the palate with juicy boysenberry, suc-        this layered effort has a lengthy, fruit-filled finish.
              culent black cherry and tangy black raspberry            Enjoy it over the next 5 years. Score: 90 (Jay Miller,
              predominant- this vineyard was planted in 1895.          www.erobertparker.com, Aug. 2009)
              It’s full bodied dense and concentrated with ex-
              cellent texture and a lingering balanced lip-smacking    657601 (XD)              750 mL $17.95         2
              aftertaste layering on ripe supple tannin, moder-
              ating acidity and sprigs of spice mingling with dark
              berry fruit. Score: HHHHH (Vic Harradine,
              www.winecurrent.com, May 1, 2010)

              070391 (D)              750 mL $44.95         2
                                                                       PETITE FLEUR 2007
              STONEHEDGE RESERVE                                       Uco Valley, Mendoza
              CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2008                                  (Bodega Monteviejo)
              Napa Valley                                              TASTING NOTE: A fleshy, polished style, with
              Stonehedge Winery has established itself as one of       medium-weight blackberry and crushed plum fruit
              the most reliable producers of affordable premium-       laced with a coffee note. Malbec, Cabernet
              quality wines in California. Their Reserve wines are     Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot. Drink now. Score: 88
              from 100% Napa Valley fruit, and this version offers     (James Molesworth, www.winespectator.com,
              the ripe blackcurrant aromas and silky tannins           Sept. 30, 2009)
              that lovers of Californian Cabernet adore. This is big
              enough to stand up to a grilled steak, but soft          167254 (XD)              750 mL $19.95         1
              enough to be enjoyed on its own.

              025122 (D)              750 mL $24.95         2

              ARGENTINA – WHITE WINE
                                                                       SEPTIMA CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2007
              ALAMOS CHARDONNAY 2009                                   Mendoza
              Mendoza                                                  TASTING NOTE: Admirers of cabernet sauvignons
              For over 100 years, the Catena family have been          made in the style of the New World will appreciate
              making wine in Argentina. Their Alamos line is           the value provided by this Argentine dry red. It’s
              characterized by outstanding fruit concentration         a darkly colored, full-bodied cabernet that’s well-
              and moderate oak ageing. Expect layers of                balanced with natural acidity, all preceded by
              crisp green apple and pear aromas and flavours           vinous aromas of wild mushrooms and moderate
              interwoven with some toasty notes in the back-           vanilla-oak. (Jon Christensen, The Columbus
              ground. Serve it with grilled white fish with a lemon    Dispatch (Ohio), April 28, 2010)
              sauce, or with ratatouille.
                                                                       167262 (D)               750 mL $13.95         2
              801571 (D)              750 mL $13.95         1

                       DISCOVER OUR LATEST • SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2010

TRIVENTO RESERVE MALBEC 2008                             CHILE – RED WINE
TASTING NOTE: This wine is always a great value
– the 2008 shows mixed berry fruit and espresso          CONCHA Y TORO MARQUES DE CASA
notes, it has plenty of juicy, ripe berry fruit on the   CONCHA CARMENÈRE 2007
palate with cedar-y hints and spice. It is rounded       Peumo, Cachapoal Valley
and supple, easy-drinking with coffee flavours           TASTING NOTE: The Marques de Casa Concha
lingering on the finish. (Daenna Van Mulligen,           series begins with the 2007 Carmenere which
www.winescores.ca, May 10, 2010)                         spent 16 months in French oak. Saturated purple
                                                         in color, it offers up a splendid bouquet of toasty
974469 (D)              750 mL $12.95         1          oak, tobacco, Asian spices, plum, and blueberry.
                                                         Mouth-coating, layered, and bordering on opulent,
                                                         there is plenty of ripe tannin lurking under the
                                                         fruit, succulent flavors, and excellent balance. This
                                                         awesome value will be at its best from 2012
                                                         to 2020. Score: 91 (Jay Miller, www.erobertpar-
                                                         ker.com, April 2009)

                                                         169862 (D)               750 mL $19.95         3
CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2008                                  ESTAMPA RESERVE ASSEMBLAGE
Mendoza                                                  CABERNET SAUVIGNON/CARMENÈRE/
Our Quality Assurance Laboratory has determined          PETIT VERDOT 2007
that this wine contains 6 mg/L of free sulphur.          Colchagua Valley
                                                         This big, full-flavoured Chilean blend will pair nicely
TASTING NOTE: Launched in 2000, Vinecol’s sole           with beef fondue, Korean BBQ or bison burgers.
aim has been the production of quality organic
grapes. Very attractive mixed berry character on         TASTING NOTE: Each wine in the Estampa’s
the nose, with red fruit, black pepper and plum          Reserve line is an excellent value. The 2007
rounding out the palate. Well-balanced acidity and       Cabernet Sauvignon-Carmenere-Petit Verdot Re-
tannins. A perfect match for pasta in a meat             serve focuses on black fruits. A bit weightier
sauce. (VINTAGES panel, Nov 2009)                        on the palate, it is likely to evolve for 1-2 years and
                                                         will offer peak drinking through 2015. Score: 87
167270 (D)              750 mL $13.95         2          (Jay Miller, www.erobertparker.com, April 2009)
4   Organic Product
                                                         169920 (D)               750 mL $14.95         2

                                                         AUSTRALIA – WHITE WINE
CONCHA CHARDONNAY 2008                                   CUMULUS ESTATE BLOCK 50
Limarí Valley                                            CHARDONNAY 2007
TASTING NOTE: A vibrant and deliciously layered          Central Ranges, New South
Chardonnay from one of Chile’s newest viticultural       Wales
hot spots, the Limarí Valley. Ripe pear, melon, citrus   TASTING NOTE: Cumulus Estate may have been
zest, buttered toast, and smoke ascend from              named for the cloud formations so common in the
the glass. On the palate, it’s medium-full bodied yet    area, but when it comes to producing wines their
quite elegant, with bright acidity bringing balance.     feet are firmly planted on the ground. This lovely
A toasty oak note emerges on the lingering finish.       bright-gold Chardonnay is loaded with dreamy
Expertly made, and a very fine value. Serve it           peach, lemon, and tropical fruit notes. Crisp with
along-side roasted chicken with a light glaze of         some vanilla and orchard fruit on the palate, this
honey, garden-fresh herbs, and lemon pepper.             dry, full-bodied, buttery Chardonnay will go nicely
(VINTAGES panel, Aug. 2010)                              alongside pasta with chicken in a cream sauce.
                                                         (VINTAGES panel, Jan. 2010)
342857 (D)              750 mL $17.95         1
                                                         186122 (XD)              750 mL $13.95         1
                                                               SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2010 VINTAGES 31

              AUSTRALIA – WHITE WINE CONT’D                                MITOLO JESTER SHIRAZ 2007
                                                                           McLaren Vale, South Australia
                                                                           This is the 375-mL size of our popular Essentials
              ROBERT OATLEY                                                Collection wine (659607).
              SAUVIGNON BLANC 2009
              Pemberton, Western Australia                                 TASTING NOTE: The 2007 Jester Shiraz is dark
              TASTING NOTE: Like their Kiwi neighbours, the                ruby/purple-colored with an alluring perfume of
              Australians are turning some heads with their                mineral, earth notes, blueberry, black cherry, and
              Sauvignon Blancs. Platinum-hued in the glass, this           blackberry. Smooth-textured, ripe, and intensely
              version opens up with scents of fresh asparagus,             flavored, the wine conceals enough structure to
              cut grass, tropical fruit and melon. Ever-so-slightly        evolve for 4-6 years. The finish is lengthy and pure.
              off-dry, it sports a medium body and balancing               Score: 91 (Jay Miller, www.erobertparker.com,
              acidity en route to a tropical-fruit-filled finish. A nice   Aug. 2008)
              sipper, or give it a try with seafood pasta. (VINTAGES
              panel, Aug. 2010)                                            180430 (D)              375 mL $11.95        2
              186106 (D)                750 mL $17.95          1

              AUSTRALIA – RED WINE
                                                                           PARINGA SHIRAZ 2008
                                                                           South Australia,
              BURGE FAMILY                                                 David Hickinbotham
              SHIRAZ/GRENACHE/MOURVEDRE                                    In its June 2010 issue, Wine Spectator named
              OLIVE HILL 2006                                              this Shiraz a “Best Value.”
              Barossa Valley, South Australia
              TASTING NOTE: The 2006 Olive Hill Red Blend                  TASTING NOTE: Dark and spicy, this red offers
              is composed of 68% Shiraz, 18% Grenache, and                 fresh sage and tarragon overtones that mingle with
              14% Mourvedre aged in one-third new French                   the black cherry and spice flavors, persisting
              barriques. It is a glass-coating purple color with an        against polished tannins. Drink now through 2013.
              expressive nose of spice box, leather, earth notes,          Score: 89 (Harvey Steiman, www.winespecta-
              mushroom, blueberry, and black cherry. Smooth-               tor.com, June 30, 2010)
              textured, layered, and savory, it is already reveal-
              ing considerable complexity. Another 3-4 years of            180422 (D)              750 mL $14.95        2
              cellaring should reveal even more of its hidden
              attractions. Drink it from 2012 to 2022. Score: 93
              (Jay Miller, www.erobertparker.com, Feb. 2009)

              183418 (D)                750 mL $34.95          3

                                                                           RINGBOLT CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2008
                                                                           Margaret River, Western Australia
                                                                           TASTING NOTE: Last year we advised that you
              FROGMORE CREEK PINOT NOIR 2006                               should buy the best piece of lamb you can afford,
              Tasmania                                                     roast it up and serve it with this little beauty –
              TASTING NOTE: Light and lithe, with gorgeous                 though of course we were talking of the 2007.
              red cherry and raspberry fruit on a slender frame,           Same advice applies here, though. It tastes
              shaded with spicy, peppery notes. The finish sails           chocolately, gravelly, curranty and pure. It’s got
              away nicely. Drink now through 2012. Score: 90               class and grunt, is beautifully balanced and the
              (Harvey Steiman, www.winespectator.com, Web                  flavours persist long after you’ve swallowed. Quality
              Only, 2007)                                                  wine – fit for a fine Saturday night. Drink: 2010-
                                                                           2015. Score: 93 (Campbell Mattinson & Gary Walsh,
              182972 (D)                750 mL $26.95          2           The Big Red Wine Book, June 1, 2010)

                                                                           606624 (D)              750 mL $19.95        2
                                                                           On the Back Cover

                        DISCOVER OUR LATEST • SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2010

VINROCK SHIRAZ 2007                                       SPY VALLEY CHARDONNAY 2008
McLaren Vale, South Australia                             Marlborough, South Island
TASTING NOTE: Dense purple; medium- to full-              TASTING NOTE: Like quite a few of us, this wine
bodied, with strong regional and varietal expression;     is bright but not rich. A citrusy vibrancy runs
has excellent structure and even more length;             through it, the oak forms a subtle backdrop; a vel-
great outcome for the vintage. Drink [until] 2020.        vety texture supplies comfort and warmth. It
Score: 94 (James Halliday, www.winecompan-                would suit a Japanese dish, such as prawn teriyaki.
ion.com.au, March 2009)                                   Score: HHHHK (www.cuisine.co.nz, May 2010)

180414 (D)               750 mL $19.95         2          057737 (XD)              750 mL $19.95         2

VERDOT 2008                                               NEW ZEALAND – RED WINE
South Australia
TASTING NOTE: This is a stirring return to form.
Of course it’s more than just shiraz – it’s part          OYSTER BAY MERLOT 2009
cabernet sauvignon and petit verdot too. Fantas-          Hawkes Bay, North Island
tically affordable red to wrap your lips around.          The Hawkes Bay region on New Zealand’s North
Full of jammy, blackberried flavour but it’s the dusty,   Island is best known for producing red wines,
earthen, spicy notes that really get send the             particularly with classic Bordeaux varieties. The
Slurpability Score soaring. There’s a modest amount       moderate maritime climate, sunny skies and
of tannin grip and a sweet, Turkish delight-like          gravelly soils are perfect for growing deeply deli-
flavour rippling through the aftertaste. A bonza red.     cious Merlot like this one. This well-structured
Made to drink. Now. Drink: 2009-2011. Score: 90           wine offers rich fruit flavours with hints of spice.
(Campbell Mattinson, www.winefront.com.au,                Enjoy with grilled steaks or gourmet sausages.
Oct. 14, 2009)
                                                          692343 (XD)              750 mL $18.95         2
187765 (XD)              750 mL $15.95         1

                                                          SOUTH AFRICA – WHITE WINE
                                                          FIRST SIGHTING
GOVERNORS BAY                                             SAUVIGNON BLANC 2009
SAUVIGNON BLANC 2009                                      WO Elim
Marlborough, South Island                                 (Strandveld Vineyards)
TASTING NOTE: Here’s a classic Marlborough                TASTING NOTE: Strandveld Vineyards is located on
Sauvignon Blanc. Pretty, fresh and lively. Aromas of      Africa’s most southern tip, right where the Atlantic
sweetgrass, pea pods, asparagus, passion fruit,           and Indian oceans meet. The winery’s First Sighting
green apple, and a touch of mint. Dry, medium             range pays homage to the discovery of the land
bodied, and vivacious, with nice texture and fine         by Portuguese explorer Bartholomeu Diaz in 1488.
balance, culminating in a tangy finish. Definitely a      This wine is fresh with light vegetal and pepper
solid value. Enjoy with lightly herbed pan-seared         notes. Crisp, balanced, with a medium-long finish
scallops, or chicken cacciatore. (VINTAGES panel,         that ensures your first sighting of this wine will
Aug. 2010)                                                certainly not be your last. (VINTAGES panel, Nov. 2009)

651703 (XD)              750 mL $16.95         2          018705 (XD)              750 mL $14.95         1

                                                                SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2010 VINTAGES 33

              SOUTH AFRICA – RED WINE                                    BORDEAUX
                                                                         CHÂTEAU DU JUGE BLANC 2008
              THE RUINS SYRAH/                                           AC Bordeaux Sec
              CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2009                                    (Pierre Dupleich, Vitic.)
              WO Eilandia, Robertson                                     TASTING NOTE: This lovely white Bordeaux –
              (Bon Cap Organic Wines)                                    90% sauvignon and 10% semillon from old vines
              This wine exhibits baked plum, blackberry and              – delivers crisp acidity and well-modulated,
              cassis aromas and flavours. It is dry and ripe with        complex flavours. The components harmonize
              a lively streak of acidity for balance. It is an ex-       very successfully, making this an excellent
              cellent choice for pot roast or braised meats. Our         choice for grilled white fish, seafood, or steamed
              Quality Assurance Laboratory has determined that           mussels. Score: HHHHJ (Rod Phillips,
              this organic wine contains 16 mg/L of free sulphur.        www.rodphillipsonwine.com, July 22, 2010)

              018739 (D)               750 mL $14.95          2          171082 (D)              750 mL $15.95        2
              4   Organic Product

              CYPRUS – WHITE WINE
                                                                         DOMAINE JEAN-MARC BROCARD
                                                                         CÔTE DE LECHET CHABLIS
              KAMANTERENA                                                1er CRU 2008
              XYNISTERI 2008                                             AC
              Paphos Regional Wine                                       TASTING NOTE: A high-toned nose combines
              (SODAP)                                                    mint and lemon peel aromas that slide into round
              TASTING NOTE: Loads of energizing citrus on the            and intense yet rather delicate middle weight
              nose – lemon and orange blossom in particular,             flavors underpinned by a firm spine of acidity and
              but there are also some nice herbal and fresh ripe         ample minerality on the lingering and sappy finish
              pear notes. Crisp and medium bodied, it will serve         where the vineyard’s hallmark citrus character
              as a delightful aperitif, but will also pair beautifully   resurfaces. Drink [from] 2013+. Score: 89-92
              with smoked salmon. (VINTAGES panel, Feb. 2010)            (Allen Meadows, www.burghound.com, Oct. 2009)

              179911 (XD)              750 mL $11.95          2          181305 (XD)             750 mL $26.95        3

              FRANCE – WHITE WINE
                                                                         LORON & FILS LES VIEUX MURS
              ALSACE                                                     POUILLY-FUISSÉ 2007 MURS
                                                                         AC, Vieilles Vignes
              SPARR TRADITION RIESLING 2008                              TASTING NOTE: This is classic Pouilly-Fuissé,
              AC Alsace                                                  with well-extracted flavours that are focused and
              (Charles Sparr, Négoc.-Élev.)                              finely nuanced, riding on a refreshing seam
              TASTING NOTE: The best part of any tradition is            of fresh acidity. Everything is well integrated and
              the trappings – and this wine is no exception.             judiciously balanced, making for a wine that’s
              Loaded with aromas of sweet lime, apricot, mineral,        delicious and refreshing and very versatile. Enjoy
              honey and apple, it is inviting and generous.              it with pork and poultry or with white meats or
              The dry palate is enlivened by refreshing citrus zest      fish in a cream-based sauce. Score: HHHHJ
              tones and a lovely minerality. Finishes fresh and          (Rod Phillips, www.rodphillipsonwine.com,
              crisp. Enjoy it with an authentic Chinese chicken          May 10, 2010)
              salad. (VINTAGES panel, Nov. 2009)
                                                                         181313 (D)              750 mL $29.95        2
              176933 (XD)              750 mL $16.95          2

                      DISCOVER OUR LATEST • SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2010

LOIRE                                                  CHÂTEAU LARY 2006
                                                       AC Bordeaux
DOMAINE DE SAINT-PIERRE                                (Forcato Père et Fils, Prop.)
SANCERRE 2008                                          Winner of a Gold Medal at the 2007 Concours
AC                                                     Général Agricole in Paris. Coming in the wake of
(Pierre Prieur & Fils, Prop.-Récolt.)                  the much-heralded 2005 vintage, the 2006
TASTING NOTE: Deliciously enticing notes of            Bordeaux were only given moderate acknowledg-
chamomile, sweet lemon, white pepper, mineral          ment at their Futures tastings. Now that the
and apricot get the ball rolling. This Gold Medal      wines are in bottle, there are success stories to
winner (Concours de Vignerons Indépendants 2009)       share, such as this predominantly Merlot-based
keeps the pleasure coming with luscious replays.       AC Bordeaux. Showcasing aromas of raspberry,
Delicate and well balanced. Crisp acidity holds        plum, cedar and woodsmoke, it will make a
everything beautifully together through the medium-    delicious match tonight with grilled lamb, or cellar
long finish. (VINTAGES panel, Nov. 2009)               it for 3-5 years.

170258 (XD)            750 mL $24.95        2          177048 (XD)             750 mL $14.95        2

BLANC DE BLANCS 2008                                   CHÂTEAU TOUMILON 2005
AC Jurançon Sec                                        AC Graves
(Cave des Producteurs de Jurançon)                     TASTING NOTE: (Translated from the French)
A Gold Medal winner at the 2009 Concours Général       This family-owned estate was bought from a Dutch
Agricole in Paris. This wine is made from Gros         wine merchant in 1783, and the vineyard
Manseng, a hardy variety known for producing           was recognized on [royal cartographer Pierre de]
flavourful wines.                                      Belleyme’s 18th-century map. A Bordeaux blend
                                                       made of Cabernet Sauvignon (55%), Cabernet
TASTING NOTE: Brilliant deep straw in the glass.       Franc (10%) and Merlot. Elegant, it displays red
Lovely lemon rind and peach aromas with zesty          berries in its emerging bouquet as well as on the
citrus flavours on the palate. Dry, with a nice long   palate. The young tannins suggest a wait of one or
finish. (VINTAGES panel, Jan. 2010)                    two years. (Guide Hachette, 2008)

176727 (XD)            750 mL $15.95        2          177030 (XD)             750 mL $21.95        2


AC Haut-Médoc                                          CHÂTEAU TOUR D’HORABLE 2005
Winner of a Gold Medal at the 2008 Concours            AC Côtes de Castillon
Mondial de Bruxelles.                                  (J.A. Faytout, Prop.)
                                                       TASTING NOTE: A plummy, rich red that’s
TASTING NOTE: This lovely wine is laden with red       balanced and full-bodied with delicious dark berries
fruit and berry aromas. Some chocolate and             and cassis and smoky long finish. Decant for
toffee round out the experience for a decidedly        1-2 hours. Pair with: beef rib roast. Drink: 2010-
delectable offering. Dry, medium bodied with           2016. Score: 89 (Natalie MacLean, www.natalie-
good length and fruit throughout, this Bordeaux        maclean.com, Oct. 2, 2009)
will go with braised meats, or, for a vegetarian
option, try with ratatouille. (VINTAGES panel,         174656 (XD)             750 mL $14.95        2
Dec. 2009)

170282 (XD)            750 mL $23.95        2

                                                             SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2010 VINTAGES 35

              FRANCE – RED WINE CONT’D                                  LOIRE
                                                                        COULY-DUTHEIL LA COULÉE
              BORDEAUX                                                  AUTOMNALE CHINON 2007
                                                                        TASTING NOTE: A lovely Cabernet Franc-based
              CLOS LABORIE 2006                                         wine that will complement lighter red meats or
              AC Margaux                                                pastas. Aromas suggest raspberry, fresh herbs and
              (Château Tayac, Prop.)                                    blackberry. It is dry, with nice fruit replays on the
              A wine such as this shows why the 2006 Bordeaux           palate. Light- to medium-bodied with a lingering
              vintage should get the acclaim it so rightly de-          finish. (VINTAGES panel, Nov. 2009)
              serves. Look for cassis, vanilla, underbrush and
              blueberry aromas and flavours. Dry and fruity with        640771 (XD)              750 mL $15.95         1
              fine acidity and moderate tannins to give balance.
              Cellar it 3-5+ years, or enjoy it tonight with grilled-
              rare red meats.

              091454 (XD)              750 mL $33.95         3

                                                                        CHÂTEAU REMAURY GRANDE
              DOMAINE PAVELOT LES VERGELESSES                           RÉSERVE MINERVOIS 2007
              PERNAND-VERGELESSES 1er CRU 2007                          AC
              AC                                                        (M. Remaury, Prop.)
              TASTING NOTE: An earthy, fresh and ripe nose that         Gold Medal winner at Concours des Grands Vins
              is highly layered while displaying a distinctly           du Languedoc 2008.
              sauvage character to the mélange of red and dark
              berry fruit aromas that precede the powerful,             TASTING NOTE: Deep ruby colour. Intriguing
              concentrated and vibrant flavors brimming with            aromas of black cherry, plum, blueberry, ripe
              minerality on the palate staining finish that             tomato and fresh flowers, enlivened by wisps of
              is youthfully austere. This will need a few years to      floral and peppery spice. Dry, with gently spicy
              emerge from its shell but should be worth the             dark fruit. Medium body, silky texture, fine structure-
              wait. Drink [from] 2013+. Score: 90-92 (Allen             lending tannins, and a long, pretty, floral-tinged
              Meadows, www.burghound.com, April 2009)                   finish. Enjoy with marinated lamb chops. (VINTAGES
                                                                        panel, Aug. 2010)
              155226 (XD)              750 mL $42.95         3
                                                                        181339 (D)               750 mL $13.95         2

              DOMAINE ROUX PÈRE & FILS
              LES GRANDES CHARMILLES                                    JEAN-LUC BALDÈS ESPRIT DE FLORE
              BOURGOGNE PINOT NOIR 2009                                 MALBEC 2007
              AC                                                        AC Cahors
              TASTING NOTE: This wine is loaded with notes              TASTING NOTE: This gorgeous Malbec tantalizes
              of cherry, strawberry, raspberry, ripe tomato,            the senses with mouthwatering notes of chocolate,
              mushroom and spice. An astounding value, this             raspberry, blueberry and blackberry. On the palate
              wine would serve as an excellent introduction             it has a nice intensity that opens to a deliciously
              to Pinot Noir. Rookie or pro alike will enjoy this wine   lengthy finish. Fire up the barbecue and toss on
              with a chicken Florentine. (VINTAGES panel,               some steak, or a gourmet burger or two. (VINTAGES
              March, 2010)                                              panel, Jan. 2010)

              181297 (D)               750 mL $13.95         2          176735 (D)               750 mL $13.95         2

                       DISCOVER OUR LATEST • SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2010

RHÔNE                                                    GEORGIA – WHITE WINE
CHAMPAL SAINT-JOSEPH 2007                                TBILVINO TSINANDALI DRY WHITE 2008
AC                                                       Kakheti Region
TASTING NOTE: This shows a bit of a brawny edge          According to Jancis Robinson’s The Oxford
to its grilled herb, macerated currant and fig fruit,    Companion to Wine, Georgia is “one of the world’s
with notes of tobacco and licorice root. The tobacco     great and historic centres of both wild and culti-
edge takes over on the finish, which has nice grip.      vated vines.” Georgia’s reputation continues to grow
Drink now through 2011 Score: 90 (James                  in the West. This white, a blend of indigenous
Molesworth, www.winespectator.com, Oct. 31, 2009)        varieties Rkatsiteli and Mtsvane, is light-bodied with
                                                         delightful scents of melon and apple. An ideal
177626 (XD)             750 mL $27.95         2          companion for fruit salads.

                                                         026658 (D)              750 mL $12.95         1

AC                                                       ESTATE PAPAIOANNOU SINGLE
TASTING NOTE: ... Voluptuous and crowd-pleasing,         VINEYARD AGIORGITIKO 2006
it’s brimming with European-style elegance and           V.Q.P.R.D. Nemea
balance that should appeal to connoisseurs – the         A Gold Medal Winner at the 2009 Thessaloniki
oenological equivalent of pop art ... There’s a          International Wine Competition.
truckload of dark-skinned fruit flavour here plus
typical Rhone savoury notes of licorice and              TASTING NOTE: Leading with an invigorating nose
lavender ... with a good dose of crisp acidity to keep   of pepper, berry, smoked meat and almond java,
things food-friendly and lively. The St. Gervais         this delicious wine does not slow down one iota as
would be a good partner for braised red-meat dishes,     it dives into flavours of cassis, cherry and light
such as lamb shanks. (Beppi Crosariol, The               smoke. Dry and medium bodied, this is a perfect
Globe and Mail, Jan. 22, 2010)                           match for lamb gyros. (VINTAGES panel, Feb. 2010)

142943 (XD)             750 mL $13.95         2          047977 (XD)             750 mL $17.95         1

                                                         ISRAEL – RED WINE
AC                                                       TULIP WINERY JUST
(Oulié Père & Fils, Vign.-Prod.)                         CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2008
TASTING NOTE: Marie Oulie’s 2006 Madiran                 Upper Galilee
L’Originel blends 30% Cabernet Sauvignon into its        TASTING NOTE: Made entirely from Cabernet
Tannat ... Cocoa powder, mint, vanilla, oriental         Sauvignon grapes, [it is] dark garnet [in colour] with
tobacco, and lightly cooked cherry in the nose lead      violet and orange reflections, [and is] showing
to a dense yet by no means obstreperously-tannic         surprisingly generous wood after only eight months
palate that preserves an admirable sense of juicy        in oak but that in good balance with tannins and
refreshment and even a hint of creaminess of             fruits. On the nose and palate traditional Cabernet
texture. Walnut oil, mint chocolate and bitter-sweet     black currant, blackberry and spices, those with
vanilla bean and cherry skin inform a satisfyingly       an appealing earthy-herbal overlay that lingers nicely
long finish ... certainly could flourish for a decade    on the palate. Score: 88 (Daniel Rogov,
or more in bottle. Score: 88 (David Schildknecht,        www.haaretz.com, Feb. 24, 2010)
www.erobertparker.com, Aug. 2009)
                                                         035097 (XD)             750 mL $19.95         2
070037 (XD)             750 mL $15.95         2
                                                               SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2010 VINTAGES 37

              ITALY – WHITE WINE                                       UMBRIA
                                                                       CASTELLO DELLA SALA BRAMÌTO DEL
              PIEDMONT                                                 CERVO CHARDONNAY 2009
                                                                       IGT Umbria
              CA’ DEI MANDORLI DEI GIARI                               (Marchesi Antinori)
              MOSCATO D’ASTI 2009                                      The Umbria region in general, and Antinori’s
              DOCG                                                     Castello della Sala estate in particular, have shown
              Moscato d’Asti, with its gentle sweetness, fizz          a fine hand with Chardonnay. The 2009 Bramìto
              and low alcohol, is a perfect way to start (or finish)   Chardonnay is no exception. Filled with aromas of
              a fine meal.                                             peach, apricot, toast and a fine minerality, this
                                                                       well-made, fresh Chardonnay is an ideal partner for
              TASTING NOTE: (Translated from the Italian) Fresh,       barbecued jumbo shrimp or even for the up-
              with juicy fruit and a touch of tannins on the           coming Thanksgiving dinner.
              finish. Score: HHK (Angelo Peretti, www.internet-
              gourmet.it, Dec. 6, 2009)                                176792 (XD)            750 mL $21.95        2
              179259 (MS)              750 mL $15.95         1
                                                                       ITALY – RED WINE

              COMUNE DI GAVI 2009                                      AGRIVERDE NATUM
              DOCG                                                     MONTEPULCIANO D’ABRUZZO 2008
              Gavi is the home of the Cortese grape. Other             DOC, Made with Organic Grapes
              regions in Piedmont and northern Italy also grow it,     Our Quality Assurance Laboratory has determined
              but nobody does it better. At its best, as with this     that this wine contains 9 mg/L of free sulphur. It’s
              version, Cortese is fruity and aromatic, with a hint     vibrant, balanced and easy to love, with notes of
              of minerality. A terrific match for pan-fried fresh-     plum, marzipan, raspberry and strawberry. Enjoy it
              water fish, or grilled chicken breast with roasted       tonight with penne arrabiatta. Awarded BBM by
              red peppers.                                             Gambero Rosso Italian Wines, 2010 – very high
                                                                       honours for such a humble price.
              075440 (XD)              750 mL $15.95         1
                                                                       180224 (XD)            750 mL $12.95        2
                                                                       4 Organic Product
                                                                       Available Now

              BOLLINI PINOT GRIGIO 2009
              DOC Trentino                                             G. D. VAJRA ALBE
              (Empson & Co.)                                           BAROLO 2005
              Neil and Maria Empson continue to strive to find         DOCG
              the ultimate expression of the best fruit from the       TASTING NOTE: The 2005 Barolo Albe caresses
              most suitable vineyards. They intrude into the           the palate with a soft core of perfumed fruit. This
              winemaking process as little as possible, ensuring       generous, open Barolo isn’t likely to be a long-term
              the finished wine is a true reflection of the place      ager, but it offers tons of class and elegance. The
              where it was grown. This fresh, versatile, citrus- and   finish is round and impeccably refined. Anticipated
              melon-scented wine would complement a                    maturity: 2009-2019. Score: 91 (Antonio Galloni,
              grilled prawn dish or a selection of hors d’oeuvres.     www.erobertparker.com, Oct. 2009)

              951319 (XD)              750 mL $16.95         1         179879 (D)             750 mL $34.95        2

                       DISCOVER OUR LATEST • SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2010

DOC                                                    BANFI
TASTING NOTE: Rich and grapey, with blueberry          BRUNELLO DI MONTALCINO 2004
undertones. Full-bodied, with chewy mouthfeel and      DOCG
rich, juicy fruit. Drink now. Score: 89 (James         TASTING NOTE: Has fabulous aromas of black-
Suckling, www.winespectator.com, Dec. 15, 2009)        berry, black cherry and raspberry. Full-bodied, with
                                                       wonderfully integrated tannins, fresh mushrooms
182261 (XD)             750 mL $16.95        1         and milk chocolate. Chewy in the end. We will see
                                                       if this is better than the 2001 with age. Best
                                                       after 2010. Score: 93 (James Suckling, www.wine-
                                                       spectator.com, Web Only, 2009)

                                                       378257 (XD)            750 mL $59.95        2

RICOSSA BARBERA D’ASTI                                 BANFI CENTINE 2007
SUPERIORE 2007                                         IGT Toscana
DOC                                                    TASTING NOTE: Attractive, typically dusty Tuscan
Barbera may be given the Asti appellation              nose of dusty cherry and dried earth, licorice,
Superiore designation only if it has been aged in      dried fruit, pot pourri. The palate is juicy, firm,
oak casks or barrel for at least one year. This        flavourful, with well above average intensity and
wine was created with the cuisine of Piedmont in       depth and complexity at this price. Super value;
mind, so think along the lines of agnolotti, grilled   drink or hold mid term. Score: 89 (John Szabo,
meats and aged seasoned cheese when pairing.           www.winealign.com, Feb. 2010)

070839 (XD)             750 mL $16.95        2         947440 (XD)            750 mL $16.95        1

SAN BIAGIO MONTERSINO                                  CASTELLO DI QUERCETO
BARBARESCO 2006                                        CHIANTI 2008
DOCG                                                   DOCG
TASTING NOTE: Shows notes of dried flower and          A terrific, value-priced Chianti that’s perfect for
grilled meat, with white pepper. Full-bodied, with     patio picnics or backyard barbecues. The wine is
chewy tannins and powerful fruit and flavors. Really   filled with blackberry, new leather and spice
builds on the palate. An excellent young Nebbiolo.     aromas and flavours, making it a good partner
Best after 2012. Score: 91 (James Suckling,            for chorizo sausage or pepper steak.
www.winespectator.com, Dec. 15, 2009)
                                                       164798 (XD)            750 mL $12.95        2
181370 (D)              750 mL $34.95        3         Available Now

                                                             SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2010 VINTAGES 39

              ITALY – RED WINE CONT’D                                 MONTEPELOSO ENEO 2006
                                                                      IGT Toscana
                                                                      TASTING NOTE: The 2006 Eneo has developed
              TUSCANY                                                 beautifully since it was bottled. It is a remarkably
                                                                      soft-textured, seamless wine loaded with black
              FATTORIA DI BASCIANO IL CORTO 2007                      cherries, blackberry jam, mint, tar and graphite in a
              IGT Toscana                                             vibrant and utterly spellbinding style. The wine’s
              TASTING NOTE: Dark ruby in color, offering intense      sheer extract covers the potent yet silky tannins that
              aromas of blackberry and mineral, with violet and       lie beneath. Clean, minerally notes linger on the
              blueberry hints. Full-bodied, with silky tannins and    long, satisfying finish. This is a spectacular effort. In
              a subtle yet intense palate of blackberry and           2006 Eneo is 40% Montepulciano 40% San-
              Chinese tea. Complex and fascinating. Sangiovese        giovese, 10% Marselan and 10% Alicante. Antici-
              and Cabernet Sauvignon. Score: 92 (James                pated maturity: 2016-2026. Score: 95 (Antonio
              Suckling, www.winespectator.com, Oct. 31, 2009)         Galloni, www.erobertparker.com, Aug. 2009)

              134775 (XD)             750 mL $27.95        2          114660 (XD)               750 mL $44.95          3

              BRUNELLO DI MONTALCINO                                  SAN FABIANO CALCINAIA
              2004                                                    CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2007
              DOCG                                                    IGT Toscana
              TASTING NOTE: Plush aromas of black cherry and          TASTING NOTE: Offers currant and blackberry,
              blackberry. Full-bodied, with soft, silky tannins       with a hint of black licorice. Full-bodied, with a
              and a long, delicious finish. There’s fresh acidity     very polished and silky tannin structure. Long and
              and lots of subtle flavor on the finish. Still needs    beautiful. Best after 2011. Score: 93 (James
              a little time to open. Best after 2010. Score: 93       Suckling, www.winespectator.com, Oct. 31, 2009)
              (James Suckling, www.winespectator.com,
              April 30, 2009)                                         181420 (XD)               750 mL $22.95          2
                                                                      Arrive in Style
              180083 (XD)             375 mL $24.95        2

              CHIANTI RISERVA 2006
              DOCG                                                    VILLA CAFAGGIO
              TASTING NOTE: The estate’s 2006 Chianti Riserva         CHIANTI CLASSICO 2007
              Castelrotto adds 15% Merlot to the Sangiovese           DOCG
              and is aged in French oak, both of which contribute     TASTING NOTE: This tastes like $50 Chianti, of-
              to the wine’s greater richness. Ripe dark cherries,     fering notes of cherries, smoke and spice – a steal
              plums, flowers and new leather emerge from this         for a Tuscan wine of this calibre. It would go well
              relatively soft yet powerful Chianti. The Castelrotto   with pasta and tomatoes, but has enough stuffing to
              possesses terrific harmony, especially in the way the   stand up to beef and lamb as well. (Geoff Last,
              small barrels give the wine an extra dimension of       www.canada.com, Undated)
              volume without dominating its balance. Anticipated
              maturity: 2009-2016. Score: 90 (Antonio Galloni,        176776 (XD)               750 mL $19.95         2
              www.erobertparker.com, Aug. 2009)

              180026 (XD)             750 mL $26.95        2

                       DISCOVER OUR LATEST • SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2010

This wine was #35 in Wine Spectator’s Top 100           BOVIN ALEXANDAR 2007
Wines of 2009.                                          Tikves Wine Region
                                                        TASTING NOTE: Worthy of the grandeur of its
TASTING NOTE: Fabulous aromas of blackberry,            name, this great blend of Merlot, Cabernet
dark chocolate and flowers follow through to a full-    Sauvignon and Vranec holds nothing back with
bodied palate, with supersilky tannins and              its ripe black fruit, plum, raspberry, vanilla and
amazing richness and subtlety. Goes on for minutes      marzipan aromas and flavours. The palate is
on the palate. Best from 2010 through 2015.             equally impressive, bursting with confident replays.
Score: 93 (James Suckling, www.winespecta-              This medium-bodied beauty will make a nice
tor.com, Oct. 15, 2009)                                 match for a lamb-based shepherd’s pie. (VINTAGES
                                                        panel, Feb. 2010)
599308 (XD)             750 mL $34.95        2
                                                        178061 (XD)             750 mL $13.95        2

                                                        PORTUGAL – RED WINE
MASTINO AMARONE DELLA                                   CALLABRIGA 2007
VALPOLICELLA CLASSICO 2006                              DOC Alentejo
DOC                                                     (Sogrape Vinhos)
(Villa Girardi)                                         Sogrape’s Callabriga is produced from mostly
TASTING NOTE: The Villa Girardi family winery was       Aragónez (Tempranillo) with the rest comprised of
established in 1986. The villa itself was designed      Alfrocheiro and Alicante Bouschet. The wine is
by the Veronese architect Luigi Trezza in the late      designed to demonstrate a modern winemaking
1700s. This soft, creamy Amarone offers up              style using the grapes and vineyards that reflect
gorgeous cherry notes on the nose. Soft, structured,    the best of Portugal. Look for aromas of blackberry,
and rich, the fruit carries through to a wonderfully    cherry and plum, plus hints of spice and nicely
persistent finish. Made for meals featuring red         integrated oak tones. This dry, medium-full-bodied
meats or mature cheeses, but will work beautifully      wine is enjoyable now with flavourful meat, such
as an after-dinner wine. (VINTAGES panel, Feb. 2010)    as bison steaks, roast leg of lamb or game meats.

179382 (D)              750 mL $39.95        2          167643 (D)              750 mL $16.95        2

                                                        ROMANIA – WHITE WINE
VALPOLICELLA 2008                                       RECAS T LEGEND OF TRANSYLVANIA
DOC                                                     FETEASCA REGALA 2009
Year after year, this fabulous Ripasso is a major       Viile Timisului Region
hit with customers. It’s fruit-forward with layers of   TASTING NOTE: The “Legend of Transylvania” line
cranberry, cherry, herb, peppery spice and meaty        might tap into our fascination with vampires, but
notes. Dry with a medium-full body and a lingering      there’s definitely nothing to fear here. This beauty
finish, it has the structure to match flavourful        is all give and no take. Gentle floral tones blend
dishes such as roast leg of lamb or gourmet pizza       pleasingly with peach, apple and candy notes. Off-
with the works. Its upfront fruit-forward style also    dry with a lively crisp acidity, this medium-bodied
makes it a pleasant sipping wine.                       white will match well with farfalle aglio e olio
                                                        topped with grilled chicken strips. (VINTAGES panel,
650713 (XD)             750 mL $17.95        2          Feb. 2010)

                                                        178848 (MD)             750 mL $9.95         1

                                                              SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2010 VINTAGES 41

              ROMANIA – RED WINE                                       DESCENDIENTES DE J. PALACIOS
                                                                       PÉTALOS 2008
                                                                       DO Bierzo
                   ¸     ˘       ˘  ˘
              MONS ER BABEASCA NEAGRA 2008                             TASTING NOTE: The entry-level 2008 Petalos del
              (Cramele Odobesti)                                       Bierzo is sourced from rented vineyards ranging in
              TASTING NOTE: Made from 100% Babeasca   ˘        ˘       age from 40-90 years. It spends a few weeks in
              Neagra, this wine displays notes of black olives,        new French barriques followed by 6-10 months in
              plums, raspberries and mulberries on the nose,           seasoned oak. Purple in color with an alluring
              along with a hint of graphite. On the palate it adds     nose of lavender, incense, spice box, black cherry,
              delicious suggestions of spice and chocolate to          and blueberry, on the palate it has excellent
              go with the well-balanced fruit and tannins. This        volume, intensity, and layered fruit. It has the struc-
              wine has good length and a tangy, fruit-filled           ture to evolve for 1-2 years but can be approached
              finish. A good choice for gourmet burgers. (VINTAGES     now. It is an outstanding value and introduction to
              panel, Feb. 2010)                                        the Mencia grape. Score: 90 (Jay Miller, www.ero-
                                                                       bertparker.com, April, 2010)
              178038 (XD)             750 mL $12.95         2
                                                                       675207 (XD)              750 mL $21.95         2

              SPAIN – WHITE WINE

              BALUARTE VERDEJO 2008                                    DON JACOBO CRIANZA 2005
              DO Rueda                                                 DOCa Rioja
              TASTING NOTE: Founded in 1647, Bodegas                   (Bodegas Corral)
              Chivite can lay claim to eleven generations of family    This wine won a Silver Medal at the 2009 Concours
              involvement in the winery – a truly impressive           Mondial de Bruxelles. It blends 85% Tempranillo,
              record. This continuity of purpose has paid great        10% Garnacha and 5% total of Mazuelo and Graci-
              dividends in their wine. The Baluarte Verdejo            ano. Ripe, round, and filled with raspberry, plum,
              offers lovely grassy notes with lime and grapefruit      blackberry and toasty oak, with a pleasing structure.
              in support. Fresh and lively on the palate with          Match it to pork or lamb roasts.
              good acidity and a crisp, refreshing finish. Pair with
              a salad featuring tomatoes, or try with crab cakes.      937714 (XD)              750 mL $13.95         2
              (VINTAGES panel, Oct. 2009)

              168294 (XD)             750 mL $15.95         2

              SPAIN – RED WINE
                                                                       SWITZERLAND – RED WINE
              BERONIA RESERVA 2006
              DOCa Rioja                                               DÔLE DU VALAIS 2007
              TASTING NOTE: Deep, purple-tinged ruby in                Swiss Valley
              colour, this expressive wine abounds with aromas of      (Provins)
              blackberry, raspberry, black cherry, woodsmoke,          A blend of Pinot Noir and Gamay, this lithe and
              mocha and a hint of vanilla. These nuances replay        savoury red is all about elegance. It’s light bodied,
              nicely on the palate, where they’re balanced by          and features aromas and flavours of cherry fruit,
              fine, structured tannins. Medium-full bodied, the        smoked meat, and tilled earth. Those who love red
              wine offers up a deliciously savoury, spice-infused      Burgundy will find a glimmer of recognition in this
              finish. Enjoy with blackened leg of lamb, or spicy       wine. Enjoy with veal stew or root-veggieratatouille.
              meat dishes. (VINTAGES panel, Dec. 2009)

              050203 (XD)             750 mL $17.95         2
                                                                       160697 (D)               750 mL $18.95         1

            PRODUCT INDEX                                                                                SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2010

            SCOTCH WHISKY        I 243790     GLENFARCLAS 10 YEARS OLD                                               Page 26        $59.95
                                              HIGHLAND SINGLE MALT SCOTCH WHISKY (700 mL)
                                 I 708362     SPRINGBANK 10 YEARS OLD CAMPBELTOWN SINGLE MALT SCOTCH WHISKY          Page 26        $79.95
                                 I 181974     TOMINTOUL THE GENTLE DRAM 10 YEARS OLD                                 Page 26        $62.95
                                              SPEYSIDE GLENLIVET SINGLE MALT SCOTCH WHISKY (700 mL)
            RUM                  I 094227     RON BARCELÓ IMPERIAL RUM (DOMINICAN REPUBLIC) (700 mL)                 Page 27        $49.95
            FORTIFIED WINE
            MADEIRA              I 011049     BLANDY’S 5-YEAR-OLD BUAL MADEIRA (PORTUGAL)                            Page 27        $24.95
            PORT                 I 180794     DELAFORCE VINTAGE PORT 2003 (PORTUGAL)                                 Page 27        $57.95
                                 I 675751     FERREIRA LATE BOTTLED VINTAGE PORT 2000 (PORTUGAL)                     Page 27        $18.95
            FRANCE – CHAMPAGNE   I 173435     CHARLES MIGNON PREMIER CRU BRUT ROSÉ CHAMPAGNE                         Page 27        $47.95
            SPARKLING WINE
            CANADA – ONTARIO     I 187377     FLAT ROCK RIDDLED SPARKLING 2007                                       Page 17        $24.95
                                 I 560367     INNISKILLIN SPARKLING VIDAL ICEWINE 2008 (375 mL)                      Page 19        $69.95
                                 I 587691     JACKSON-TRIGGS PROPRIETORS’ GRAND RESERVE                              Page 17        $19.95
                                              MÉTHODE CLASSIQUE BRUT 2005
            FRANCE – ALSACE      I 957746     JEAN GEILER PRESTIGE BRUT CRÉMANT D’ALSACE                             Page 27        $17.95
            FRANCE – BURGUNDY    I 180018     L. VITTEAUT-ALBERTI BLANC DE BLANCS BRUT                               Page 28        $18.95
                                              CRÉMANT DE BOURGOGNE
            WHITE WINE
            CANADA – ONTARIO     I   566026   CAVE SPRING CSV CAVE SPRING VINEYARD RIESLING 2008                     Page 11        $29.95
                                 I   277228   CHÂTEAU DES CHARMES OLD VINES RIESLING 2007                            Page 11        $16.95
                                 I   064584   FEATHERSTONE OLD VINES RIESLING 2008                                   Page 9         $19.95
                                 I   068015   FLAT ROCK CELLARS UNPLUGGED CHARDONNAY 2009                            Page 5         $15.95
                                 I   268342   HENRY OF PELHAM BARREL FERMENTED CHARDONNAY 2007                       Page 5         $19.95
                                 I   143974   LE CLOS JORDANNE TALON RIDGE VINEYARD CHARDONNAY 2008                  Page 7         $37.00
                                 I   544791   REIF ESTATE VIDAL ICEWINE 2007 (200 mL)                                Page 20        $24.95
                                 I   089037   TAWSE SKETCHES OF NIAGARA CHARDONNAY 2008                              Page 5         $19.95
                                 I   038117   VINELAND ESTATES ST. URBAN RIESLING 2008                               Page 9         $19.95
                                 I   149609   ZIRALDO ESTATE RIESLING ICEWINE 2007 (375 mL)                          Page 20        $59.00
            USA – CALIFORNIA     I   707224   CAKEBREAD SAUVIGNON BLANC 2007                                         Page 28        $39.95
                                 I   147348   LAIRD COLD CREEK RANCH CHARDONNAY 2007                                 Page 28        $39.95
                                 I   727891   LANDMARK OVERLOOK CHARDONNAY 2008 (375 mL)                             Page 28        $17.95
                                 I   356501   LANDMARK OVERLOOK CHARDONNAY 2008                                      Page 28        $32.95
                                 I   054585   STAG’S LEAP WINE CELLARS KARIA CHARDONNAY 2007                         Page 28        $37.95
            ARGENTINA            I   801571   ALAMOS CHARDONNAY 2009                                                 Page 30        $13.95
            CHILE                I   342857   CONCHA Y TORO MARQUES DE CASA CONCHA CHARDONNAY 2008                   Page 31        $17.95
            AUSTRALIA            I   186122   CUMULUS ESTATE BLOCK 50 CHARDONNAY 2007                                Page 31        $13.95
                                 I   186106   ROBERT OATLEY SAUVIGNON BLANC 2009                                     Page 32        $17.95
            NEW ZEALAND          I   651703   GOVERNORS BAY SAUVIGNON BLANC 2009                                     Page 33        $16.95
                                 I   057737   SPY VALLEY CHARDONNAY 2008                                             Page 33        $19.95
            SOUTH AFRICA         I   018705   FIRST SIGHTING SAUVIGNON BLANC 2009                                    Page 33        $14.95
            CYPRUS               I   179911   KAMANTERENA XYNISTERI 2008                                             Page 34        $11.95
            FRANCE – ALSACE      I   176933   SPARR TRADITION RIESLING 2008                                          Page 34        $16.95
            FRANCE – BORDEAUX    I   171082   CHÂTEAU DU JUGE BLANC 2008                                             Page 34        $15.95
            FRANCE – BURGUNDY    I   181305   DOMAINE JEAN-MARC BROCARD CÔTE DE LECHET CHABLIS 1er CRU 2008          Page 34        $26.95
                                 I   181313   LORON & FILS LES VIEUX MURS POUILLY-FUISSÉ 2007                        Page 34        $29.95
            FRANCE – LOIRE       I   170258   DOMAINE DE SAINT-PIERRE SANCERRE 2008                                  Page 35        $24.95
            FRANCE – SOUTHWEST   I   176727   GRAIN SAUVAGE BLANC DE BLANCS 2008                                     Page 35        $15.95
            GEORGIA              I   026658   TBILVINO TSINANDALI DRY WHITE 2008                                     Page 37        $12.95
            ITALY – PIEDMONT     I   179259   CA’ DEI MANDORLI DEI GIARI MOSCATO D’ASTI 2009                         Page 38        $15.95
                                 I   075440   FONTANAFREDDA GAVI DEL COMUNE DI GAVI 2009                             Page 38        $15.95
            ITALY – TRENTINO     I   951319   BOLLINI PINOT GRIGIO 2009                                              Page 38        $16.95
            ITALY – UMBRIA       I   176792   CASTELLO DELLA SALA BRAMÌTO DEL CERVO CHARDONNAY 2009                  Page 38        $21.95
            ROMANIA              I   178848   RECAS T LEGEND OF TRANSYLVANIA FETEASCA REGALA 2009                    Page 41         $9.95
            SPAIN                I   168294   BODEGAS JULIAN CHIVITE BALUARTE VERDEJO 2008                           Page 42        $15.95
            RED WINE
            CANADA – ONTARIO     I   079228   COYOTE’S RUN RED PAW VINEYARD PINOT NOIR 2008                          Page 13        $22.95
                                 I   591404   LAILEY PINOT NOIR 2008                                                 Page 15        $25.00
                                 I   685602   MALIVOIRE CABERNET FRANC ICEWINE 2008 (200 mL)                         Page 19        $34.95
                                 I   125310   NORMAN HARDIE COUNTY PINOT NOIR 2008                                   Page 13        $35.20
                                 I   129056   WAYNE GRETZKY No. 99 ESTATE SERIES PINOT NOIR 2007                     Page 13        $18.95
            USA – CALIFORNIA     I   067215   BENZIGER SYRAH 2006                                                    Page 28        $19.95
                                 I   196063   BUONCRISTIANI O.P.C. 2006                                              Page 29        $47.95
                                 I   928150   FERRARI-CARANO TRÉSOR 2006                                             Page 29        $59.95
tear here

                                                                                                  SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2010 VINTAGES 43
PRODUCT INDEX                                                                                SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2010

CANADA – ONTARIO        I 521021     FRANCIS COPPOLA DIAMOND COLLECTION IVORY LABEL                        Page 29           $24.95
                                     CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2008
                        I   025106   IRONY CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2007                                         Page 29           $19.95
                        I   732040   LA CREMA PINOT NOIR 2008 (375 mL)                                     Page 29           $16.95
                        I   196048   ROBERT SINSKEY VINEYARDS CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2005                      Page 29           $39.95
                        I   070391   SEGHESIO HOME RANCH ZINFANDEL 2008                                    Page 30           $44.95
                        I   025122   STONEHEDGE RESERVE CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2008                            Page 30           $24.95
ARGENTINA               I   657601   BENMARCO MALBEC 2008                                                  Page 30           $17.95
                        I   167254   LINDAFLOR PETITE FLEUR 2007                                           Page 30           $19.95
                        I   167262   SEPTIMA CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2007                                       Page 30           $13.95
                        I   974469   TRIVENTO RESERVE MALBEC 2008                                          Page 31           $12.95
                        I   167270   VINECOL ORGANIC CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2008                               Page 31           $13.95
CHILE                   I   169862   CONCHA Y TORO MARQUES DE CASA CONCHA CARMENÈRE 2007                   Page 31           $19.95
                        I   169920   ESTAMPA RESERVE ASSEMBLAGE                                            Page 31           $14.95
                                     CABERNET SAUVIGNON/CARMENÈRE/PETIT VERDOT 2007
AUSTRALIA               I   183418   BURGE FAMILY SHIRAZ/GRENACHE/MOURVEDRE OLIVE HILL 2006                Page 32           $34.95
                        I   182972   FROGMORE CREEK PINOT NOIR 2006                                        Page 32           $26.95
                        I   180430   MITOLO JESTER SHIRAZ 2007 (375 mL)                                    Page 32           $11.95
                        I   180422   PARINGA SHIRAZ 2008                                                   Page 32           $14.95
                        I   606624   RINGBOLT CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2008                                      Page 32           $19.95
                        I   180414   VINROCK SHIRAZ 2007                                                   Page 33           $19.95
                        I   187765   WIRRA WIRRA SCRUBBY RISE                                              Page 33           $15.95
                                     SHIRAZ/CABERNET SAUVIGNON/PETIT VERDOT 2008
NEW ZEALAND             I   692343   OYSTER BAY MERLOT 2009                                                Page 33           $18.95
SOUTH AFRICA            I   018739   THE RUINS SYRAH/CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2009                               Page 34           $14.95
FRANCE – BORDEAUX       I   170282   CHÂTEAU BARATEAU 2005                                                 Page 35           $23.95
                        I   177048   CHÂTEAU LARY 2006                                                     Page 35           $14.95
                        I   177030   CHÂTEAU TOUMILON 2005                                                 Page 35           $21.95
                        I   174656   CHÂTEAU TOUR D’HORABLE 2005                                           Page 35           $14.95
                        I   091454   CLOS LABORIE 2006                                                     Page 36           $33.95
FRANCE – BURGUNDY       I   155226   DOMAINE PAVELOT LES VERGELESSES PERNAND-VERGELESSES 1er CRU 2007      Page 36           $42.95
                        I   181297   DOMAINE ROUX PÈRE & FILS LES GRANDES CHARMILLES                       Page 36           $13.95
                                     BOURGOGNE PINOT NOIR 2009
FRANCE – LOIRE          I   640771   COULY-DUTHEIL LA COULÉE AUTOMNALE CHINON 2007                         Page 36           $15.95
FRANCE – MIDI           I   181339   CHÂTEAU REMAURY GRANDE RÉSERVE MINERVOIS 2007                         Page 36           $13.95
                        I   176735   JEAN-LUC BALDÈS ESPRIT DE FLORE MALBEC 2007                           Page 36           $13.95
FRANCE – RHÔNE          I   177626   ERIC ROCHER TERROIR DE CHAMPAL SAINT-JOSEPH 2007                      Page 37           $27.95
                        I   142943   FONCALIEU LA RÉSERVE DU CROUZAU ST. GERVAIS                           Page 37           $13.95
                                     CÔTES DU RHÔNE-VILLAGES 2007
FRANCE – SOUTHWEST      I   070037   DOMAINE DU CRAMPILH L’ORIGINEL MADIRAN 2006                           Page 37           $15.95
GREECE                  I   047977   ESTATE PAPAIOANNOU SINGLE VINEYARD AGIORGITIKO 2006                   Page 37           $17.95
ISRAEL                  I   035097   TULIP WINERY JUST CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2008                             Page 37           $19.95
ITALY – ABRUZZO         I   180224   AGRIVERDE NATUM MONTEPULCIANO D’ABRUZZO 2008                          Page 38           $12.95
ITALY – PIEDMONT        I   179879   G. D. VAJRA ALBE BAROLO 2005                                          Page 38           $34.95
                        I   182261   PIETRO RINALDI MADONNA DI COMO DOLCETTO D’ALBA 2008                   Page 39           $16.95
                        I   070839   RICOSSA BARBERA D’ASTI SUPERIORE 2007                                 Page 39           $16.95
                        I   181370   SAN BIAGIO MONTERSINO BARBARESCO 2006                                 Page 39           $34.95
ITALY – TUSCANY         I   378257   BANFI BRUNELLO DI MONTALCINO 2004                                     Page 39           $59.95
                        I   947440   BANFI CENTINE 2007                                                    Page 39           $16.95
                        I   164798   CASTELLO DI QUERCETO CHIANTI 2008                                     Page 39           $12.95
                        I   134775   FATTORIA DI BASCIANO IL CORTO 2007                                    Page 40           $27.95
                        I   180083   FATTORIA LA LECCIAIA BRUNELLO DI MONTALCINO 2004 (375 mL)             Page 40           $24.95
                        I   180026   GIACOMO MORI CASTELROTTO CHIANTI RISERVA 2006                         Page 40           $26.95
                        I   114660   MONTEPELOSO ENEO 2006                                                 Page 40           $44.95
                        I   181420   SAN FABIANO CALCINAIA CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2007                         Page 40           $22.95
                        I   176776   VILLA CAFAGGIO CHIANTI CLASSICO 2007                                  Page 40           $19.95
                        I   599308   VITICCIO CHIANTI CLASSICO RISERVA 2006                                Page 41           $34.95
ITALY – VENETO          I   179382   MASTINO AMARONE DELLA VALPOLICELLA CLASSICO 2006                      Page 41           $39.95
                        I   650713   MONTE ZOVO SA’ SOLIN RIPASSO VALPOLICELLA 2008                        Page 41           $17.95
MACEDONIA               I   178061   BOVIN ALEXANDAR 2007                                                  Page 41           $13.95
PORTUGAL                I   167643   CALLABRIGA 2007                                                       Page 41           $16.95
                        I   990572   QUINTA DO CRASTO OLD VINES RESERVA 2007                               Page 24           $34.95
                        I   167650   QUINTA DO NOVAL MARIA MANSA 2004                                      Page 25           $19.95
                        I   170217   QUINTA DO TEDO VINHO TINTO 2007                                       Page 25           $17.95
                        I   167627   QUINTA DOS ACIPRESTES RESERVA 2007                                    Page 25           $21.95
                        I   167676   VALE DO BOMFIM 2008                                                   Page 25           $14.95
ROMANIA                 I   178038         ¸    ˘      ˘       ˘
                                     MONSER BABEASCA NEAGRA 2008                                           Page 42           $12.95
SPAIN                   I   050203   BERONIA RESERVA 2006                                                  Page 42           $17.95
                        I   675207   DESCENDIENTES DE J. PALACIOS PÉTALOS 2008                             Page 42           $21.95
                        I   937714   DON JACOBO CRIANZA 2005                                               Page 42           $13.95
                                                                                                                                        tear here

SWITZERLAND             I   160697   DÔLE DU VALAIS 2007                                                   Page 42           $18.95

44 VINTAGES SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2010                                            All bottles are 750 mL unless otherwise specified.
                                                                        Nia ra
                                                                        Niagara                                                     AND WINE INSTITUTE
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                                                                                                                                   pairings as you relax in style.
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                                                                                                         ( bravo
 F   all is in the air. The last days of summer are
   a chance to savour mellow evenings around the barbecue or
   intimate gatherings indoors. Either way, the wine must be perfect
   – easy-drinking but also sophisticated, and flavourful enough to
   stand up to grilled foods. Great wines don’t have to break the
   bank. VINTAGES’ experts search the world for delicious bargains
   like these – a deeply satisfying Valpolicella Superiore from a top
   Veneto producer, and a new discovery, an exceptional Malbec
   from a 120-year-old Mendoza winery. Guaranteed to please the
   most discerning crowd.

VINTAGES          D I S C O V E R O U R L AT E S T

   Not all products available at all stores. To find a VINTAGES location near you, visit vintages.com or call us at
           416-365-5767 or toll-free at 1-800-266-4764. Prices are subject to change without notice.
Autumnal reds,                    that will rise to
                                any occasion


        Complex, voluptuously fruity.
        Mendoza, Argentina
        178657 750 mL $15
        A wallop of ripe black fruit and
        smoky, peppery spice. Bring on the
        juicy chargrilled steak.

        Stylish, vibrant, velvety.
        SUPERIORE 2008
        DOC, Veneto, Italy
        995704 750 mL $15
        Berry, cherry and almond notes.
        Terrific with grilled veal or sausages.
             READY FOR THEIR

                  CRISTAL BRUT CHAMPAGNE (V)
                   750 mL 268755 $286.95

                        DOM PÉRIGNON
                     BRUT CHAMPAGNE (V)
                   750 mL 280461 $219.95

                    750 mL 158550 $99.95
                          SPECIAL OFFERS
                                              limited-time offers
                                              Save on these popular wines and spirits
                                              between September 13 and October 10, 2010

                                              BODEGA POESIA PASODOBLE 2007                     MIKE WEIR WINE CHARDONNAY (V)
                                              Mendoza, Argentina                               VQA Niagara Peninsula, Ontario, Canada

       Our                                    166405 (D) 750 mL $14.95
                                              NOW $13.95 Save $1.00
                                                                                               000026 (D) 750 mL $15.95
                                                                                               NOW $14.95 Save $1.00

best bets
                                              CASAS PATRONALES                                 MISSION HILL
                                              CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2009                          RESERVE CABERNET SAUVIGNON (V)
                                              Maule Valley, Chile                              VQA Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada
                                              169607 (D) 750 mL $11.95                         553321 (XD) 750 mL $22.95

             this month
                                              NOW $10.95 Save $1.00                            NOW $21.95 Save $1.00
                                              DON MENDOZA RESERVE MERLOT KP M (V)              MISSION HILL RESERVE CHARDONNAY (V)
                                              Uco Valley, Mendoza, Argentina                   VQA Okanagan Valley,
                                              029306 (D) 750 mL $10.55                         British Columbia, Canada
                                              NOW $9.55 Save $1.00                             545004 (XD) 750 mL $19.95
                                                                                               NOW $18.95 Save $1.00
                                              FLAT ROCK CELLARS PINOT NOIR (V)
                                              VQA Twenty Mile Bench,                           ORGANIC VIGNERONS AUSTRALIA
                                              Niagara Peninsula, Ontario, Canada               OVA BIN 621
                                              001545 (XD) 750 mL $19.95                        MOURVÈDRE/SHIRAZ/GRENACHE 2006
                                              NOW $18.95 Save $1.00                            Victoria, Australia, Made from Organic Grapes
                                                                                               148403 (D) 750 mL $19.95
                                                                                               NOW $18.95 Save $1.00
                                              BRICCOTONDO BARBERA (V)
                                              DOC, Piedmont, Italy                             ORGANIC VIGNERONS AUSTRALIA OVA
                                              072348 (XD) 750 mL $15.95                        SHIRAZ/CABERNET 2008
          SAVE                     SAVE       NOW $14.95 Save $1.00                            Victoria, Australia
                                                                                               109090 (D) 750 mL $19.95
          $10                       $4        GEKKEIKAN PLUM WINE
                                              046763 750 mL $14.95
                                                                                               NOW $18.95 Save $1.00
                                                                                               PÉREZ CRUZ RESERVA
                                              NOW $13.95 Save $1.00                            CABERNET SAUVIGNON (V)
                                              HENRY OF PELHAM RIESLING ICEWINE (V)             Maipo Valley, Chile
                                              VQA Niagara Escarpment, Ontario, With Gift Box   694208 (XD) 750 mL $14.95
                                              430561 (S) 375 mL $49.95                         NOW $13.95 Save $1.00
                                              NOW $44.95 Save $5.00                            ROBERT OATLEY CHARDONNAY 2007
                                              KATNOOK FOUNDER’S BLOCK                          Mudgee, New South Wales, Australia
                                              SHIRAZ 2006                                      159798 (D) 750 mL $17.95
                                              Coonawarra, South Australia                      NOW $16.95 Save $1.00
                                              108167 (D) 750 mL $17.95
                                                                                               RODNEY STRONG ESTATE PINOT NOIR (V)
                                              NOW $16.45 Save $1.50
                                                                                               Russian River Valley, Sonoma County, California
                                              KILIKANOON KILLERMAN’S RUN SHIRAZ (V)            954834 (D) 750 mL $24.95
                                              South Australia                                  NOW $22.95 Save $2.00
                                              925453 (D) 750 mL $19.95
                                              NOW $18.45 Save $1.50                            TEMPLE BRUER CABERNET/MERLOT 2006
                                                                                               Langhorne Creek, South Australia
                                              LAKEVIEW CELLARS VIDAL ICEWINE (V)               165803 (XD) 750 mL $19.95
INNISKILLIN              PERRIN & FILS        VQA Niagara Peninsula, Ontario, With Gift Box    NOW $18.95 Save $1.00
VIDAL ICEWINE (V)        LES SINARDS          522672 (MS) 200 mL $19.95
VQA Niagara Peninsula,                        NOW $18.95 Save $1.00                            TOMMASI RIPASSO
Ontario, With Gift Box                                                                         VALPOLICELLA CLASSICO SUPERIORE (V)
                         PAPE (V)                                                              DOC, Veneto, Italy
551085 (S)               AC, Rhône, France
                                              MALIVOIRE CHARDONNAY (V)
                                              VQA Niagara Escarpment, Ontario, Canada          910430 (XD) 750 mL $19.95
375 mL REG. $49.95       926626 (XD)
                                              573147 (D) 750 mL $19.95                         NOW $18.95 Save $1.00
NOW $39.95               750 mL REG. $38.95   NOW $18.95 Save $1.00
                         NOW $34.95                                                            TORRES GRAN CORONAS
                                              MALIVOIRE GAMAY (V)                              CABERNET SAUVIGNON RESERVA (V)
                                              VQA Niagara Peninsula, Ontario, Canada           DO Penedès, Spain
                                              591313 (D) 750 mL $17.95                         036483 (D) 750 mL $18.95
                                              NOW $16.95 Save $1.00                            NOW $17.95 Save $1.00

Count your savings with our Limited-Time Offers or collect
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                             bonus AIR MILES reward miles                                  ®

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                             from September 12 to October 9, 2010

                             GEORGE WYNDHAM FOUNDER’S                 KITTLING RIDGE VIDAL ICEWINE (V)
                             RESERVE SHIRAZ 2005                      VQA Niagara Peninsula, Ontario, Canada
                             South Australia                          With Gift Box
                             107904 (XD) 750 mL $23.95                563247 (S) 375 mL $39.95
                             10 Bonus AIR MILES® reward miles         15 Bonus AIR MILES® reward miles

                             INNISKILLIN WINEMAKER’S SERIES           ®™ Trademarks of AIR MILES International Trading
                                                                      B.V. Used under licence by Loyalty Management Group
                             TWO VINEYARDS RIESLING 2008              Canada Inc. and the LCBO.
                             VQA Niagara Peninsula, Ontario, Canada
                             105387 (MD) 750 mL $17.95
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                                                                           PETER LEHMANN RIESLING 2008
                                                                           Eden Valley, Australia (186361)
                                                                           FERRARI-CARANO CHARDONNAY 2008
                                                                           Sonoma County, California (295055)
                                                                           INAMA SOAVE CLASSICO 2008
                                                                           DOC, Veneto, Italy (949768)

        We’re easy to find                                                  RED WINES
                                                                           ORNELLAIA 2007
            There are over 300 convenient                                  DOC Bolgheri Superiore, Tuscany, Italy (722470)
                 VINTAGES locations across Ontario.
                                                                           GIUSEPPE QUINTARELLI VALPOLICELLA
              For a complete list, or to find
                                                                           CLASSICO SUPERIORE 2001
        the one nearest you, visit Vintages.com.                           DOC, Veneto, Italy (986117)
                                                                           CORIOLE MARY KATHLEEN RESERVE
                                                                           CABERNET/MERLOT 2007

                                                                           McLaren Vale, Australia (745489)

                     D I S C O V E R O U R L AT E S T
                                                                           Prices not available at press time.

 in style
with sky-high ratings
     Dinner’s at eight? Perfect, because
     you’re ready for primetime with this
     Tuscan Cabernet. Highly rated by
     Wine Spectator, this stylish Cab will
     steal the show, wherever you go.
     With its deep black fruit flavours and
     cashmere-smooth texture, it’s
     simply sublime on its own, or with
     cheese plates, meaty entrées,
     and dark chocolate desserts. Hang
     on tight, this Cab’s about to send
     your approval rating through the roof!

     IGT Toscana, Italy
     181420 (XD) 750 mL         $22.95

     TASTING NOTE: Offers currant and
     blackberry, with a hint of black licorice.
     Full-bodied, with a very polished and
     silky tannin structure. Long and beautiful.
     Best after 2011. Score: 93 (James
     Suckling, www.winespectator.com,
     Oct. 31, 2009)

     923599    $1.95
     pg.29                             pg.24

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Toronto, Ontario, M5 E 1 A4
Telephone 416-365-5767
Toll-free 1-800-266-4764

Please enjoy responsibly.             Catalogue No. 445

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