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									18                                            THE AMERICAN           KENNEL GAZETTE.                                      January, rgoi .
Gordon Setter.-J . B . Blossom, 938 Pros-         AMERICAN DACHSHUND CLUB,                     LADIES' KENNEL ASSOCIATION OF
     pect Ave ., New York City.                Delegate, Dr. C. Motschenbacher, New                       MASSACHUSETTS .
Great Dane.-C . H . Mantler, 60 Water St .,                  York City .                                      Delegate,          .
     New York City .
Irish Setter .-G. H . Thompson, 278 City            AMERICAN PET DOG CLUB,                           LOUISIANA KENNEL CLUB .
     Hall, Philadelphia, Pa .                                 Delegate,        .                              Delegate,          .
Irish Terrier.-S. Van Schaick, Cold
     Spring Harbor, L . I .                      AMERICAN POMERANIAN CLUB,                       M. A . A. C . ROD AND GUN CLUB.
Pointer.-R . E . Westlake, Scranton, Pa .      Delegate, F. S . Stedman, Pittsburg, Pa.        Delegate, Wm . F . Hobbie, New York City.
Scottish Terrier .-J. Steele Mackenzie,             AMERICAN SPANIEL CLUB,
     North Bend, O .                                                                                MASCOUTAH KENNEL CLUB .
                                               Delegate, Marcel A . Viti, Philadelphia,        Delegate C. F . R. Drake, New York City.
Spaniel .-George Greer, Rye, N.Y .                                   Pa.
St . Bernard .-D. E . Waters, Grand Rap-                                                              MEMPHIS KENNEL CLUB .
     ids, Mich .                                     ATLANTA KENNEL CLUB,
                                                               Delegate, -.                                   Delegate,
                                                       AUSTIN KENNEL CLUB,                        METROPOLITAN KENNEL CLUB .
                                                              Delegate,                        Delegate, H. T . Foote, New Rochelle,
           OFFICERS.                           BALTIMORE KENNEL ASSOCIATION .                                       N. Y.
                                               Delegate, William P. Riggs, Baltimore,               MILWAUKEE KENNEL CLUB .
              President,                                             Md .                      Delegate, D . D. Jennings, New York City .
         AUGUST BELMONT .                      BLOOD14OUND CLUB OF AMERICA .                          NATIONAL BEAGLE CLUB .
           Vice-President,                     Delegate, Dr. Alfred F . Stahl, Boston,         Delegate, Jas . W . Appleton, New York
                                                                    Mass.                                           City .
         EDWARD BROOKS .
                                                      BOSTON TERRIER CLUB,                        NEW ENGLAND BEAGLE CLUB .
            Secretary-Treasurer,               Delegate, C . F . Clarkson, New York City.      Delegate, John Caswell, Prides Crossing,
        A . P. VREDENI3URGH.                                                                                        Mass .
                                                      BRUNSWICK FUR CLUB,
Address all communications to the Secre-       Delegate, L . W. Campbell, Woonsocket,             NEW ENGLAND KENNEL CLUB .
 tary, No . 55 Liberty Street, New York .                           R. 1 .                     Delegate, Edward Brooks, Medford, Mass .
     Officers, Associate Members .                BULL. DOG CLUB OF AMERICA .                  NEW ORLEANS FOX TERRIER CLUB.
                                               Delegate, Tyler Morse, Asylum Station,          Delegate, Norvin T. Harris, Lyndon, Ky.
                 President .                                       Mass .
       H. H . HUNNEWELL, JR .                                                                  NORTHWESTERN KENNEL CLUB.
                                               BULL TERRIER CLUB OF AMERICA,                                 Delegate,         .
           Vice-President,                     Delegate, Arthur Thomson, New York
                                                                    City.                      PHILADELPHIA DOG SHOW ASSOCI-
      FREDERICK S . STEDMAN.                                                                                      ATION.
                                              CALIFORNIA             STATE         AGRICUL-    Delegate, Louis A. Biddle, Philadelphia,
                    Secretary,                            TTTRAL SOCIETY.                                            Pa .
       JOHN LORILLARD ARDEN .                                   Delegate,        .                  POINTER CLUB OF AMERICA .
               Executive Board .                  CAPITAL CITY KENNEL CLUB,                    Delegate, George Jarvis, New York City.
  AUG=UST BELMONT (Chairman),                 Delegate, T . J. Sheubrooks, Baltimore,
  EDWARD BROOKS,                                                     Md .                        RHODE ISLAND KENNEL CLUB .
  H . H . HUNNEWELL, JR .,                                                                     Delegate, W . C. Cadman, Providence,
  H . K . BLOODGOOD,                                 CENTRAL BEAGLE CLUB,                                           R. I.
  A . CLINTON WILMERDING,                     Delegate, D . F . Summers, Downington,              SAN FRANCISCO KENNEL CLUB .
  H . T. FOOTE,                                                      Pa .
  MARCEL A . VITI,                                                                             Delegate, C . B . Knocker, New York City.
  J. V' . APPLETON .                                 CHICAGO PET DOG CLUB,
                                              Delegate, Frank R . Story, New York              SAN FRANCISCO AND SAN MATEO
         Pacific Advisory Committee.                                City .                        AGRICULTURAL ASSOCIATION.
  JOHN E . DE RUYTER (Chairman),                                                              Delegate, Rowland P. Keasbey, New
  H. H. CARLTON,                                   CLEVELAND KENNEL CLUB,                                        York City .
  M . C . ALLEN,                              Delegate, C . M. Munhall, Cleveland, Ohio.
  A . J . ALLEN,                                                                                   SCOTTISH TERRIER CLUB OF
  J . P . NORMAN (Secretary) .                      COLLIE CLUB OF AMERICA,                                     AMERICA.
                                                 Delegate, James Watson, New York.                           Delegate,       ..
           Standing Conunittees .                  COLUMBUS FANCIERS' CLUB .                  ST. BERNARD CLUB OF AMERICA .
                   Stud Book .                   Delegate, J. M . Taylor, New York .          Delegate, Col . Jacob Ruppert, Jr., New
  MARCEL A. VITI (Chairman),                                                                                     York City.
                                              DANBURYAGRICULTURAL SOCIETY,
  C . B . KNOCKER,                                                                                ST . BERNARD CLUB OF CALI-
  CHARLES W . RODMAN, JR .                    Delegate, Dr . John R. Bacon, Danbury,
                                                                   Conn .                                        FORNIA .
            Constitution and Rules .                                                          Delegate, J. Lorillard Arden, New York
                                              DOG OWNERS' PROTECTIVE ASSO-                                          City .
  H. K . BLOODGOOD (Chairman),                       CIATION OF CINCINNATI .
  JAMES WATSON,                                                                                      ST. LOUIS KENNEL CLUB.
  CHARLES W . RODMAN, JR.,                    Delegate, Charles W . Rodman, Jr., New
  HENRY JARRETT.                                                 York City .                  Delegate, C. A . Pratt, Little Rock, ArK.
  A . P . VREDENBURGH .                                                                                TEXAS KENNEL CLUB .
                                              DUQUESNE KENNELCLUB OFWEST-
   Field Trials and Coursing Meetings .                ERN PENNSYLVANIA .                                    Delegate,       .
  J. W. APPLETON (Chairman),                  Delegate, G. M. Carnochan, New York.                     THE FANCIERS' CLUB.
  JOHN CASWELL,                                    FRENCH BULL DOG CLUB OF                                   Delegate, -.
  L . W. CAMPBELL .                                             AMERICA .                     THE LADIES' KENNEL ASSOCIA-
                                              Delegate, F. J. Bristol, New York City.                    TION OF AMERICA.
                                                    GORDON SETTER CLUB OF                     Delegate, Jas . Mortimer, Hempstead,
  A . C. WILMERDING (Chairman),                                 AMERICA.                                           N. Y .
  JAMES B . BLOSSOM,                          Delegate, James B . Blossom, New York
  G . M. CARNOCHAN .                                                                                 VERMONT KENNEL CLUB.
                                                                    City .                    Delegate, George T . Chaffee, Rutland, Vt.
                 Membership .                 GREAT DANE CLUB OF AMERICA .
                                                                                                VICKSBURG FOX TERRIER CLUB .
  H . T . FOOTE (Chairman),                   Delegate, G . Muss-Arnol, Tuckahoe, N. Y .
  SINGLETON VAN SCHAICK,                                                                                     Delegate,       .
  C . B . KNOCKER .                           HOOSIER POULTRY AND KENNEL
                                                             ASSOCIATION.                           WASHINGTON KENNEL CLUB .
              Associate Members. .            Delegate, S . D . Brandt, Logansport, Ind .                    Delegate,       .
  Delegates, A. Clinton Wilmerding, H.                 IRISH SETTER CLUB .                          WELSH TERRIER CLUB OF
K . Bloodgood, New York City ; Henry                                                                            AMERICA .
Jarrett, Chestnut Hill, Pa .                  Delegate, G . H. Thomson, Philadelphia .,
                                                                     Pa .                        Delegate, B. S . Smith, Closter, N . J .
                                              IRISH TERRIER CLUB OF AMERICA .                     \\"ESTMINSTER KENNEL CLUB .
         ACTIVE MEMBERS .                     Delegate, Singleton Van Schaick, New            Delegate, B . R . Kittredge, New York City.
                                                                   York .                     WEST VIRGINIA EXPOSITION AND
 AMERICAN FOX TERRIER CLUB,                        KANSAS CITY KENNEL CLUB.                         STATE FAIR ASSOCIATION .
   Delegate, H . H. Hunnewell, Jr.                           Delegate,       .                               Delegate,       .

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