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Sept. 20, 2001 Minutes - General Meeting (Fisher Park School, Library)

Note takers include: John Perkin & Jane Thompson
Minutes (compiled) by: Greg Laws

1) Note: Agenda was not approved since quorum was not reached
Chair(Greg Laws) begins with information items
2) Chalk it up
Janice Ritchie (Merivale)         eritchie@krarchitects.ca
- sec. schools charging fees for team involvement/intramural activities
- team fees $110
- one of two high schools doing this
- wants info from other schools about practice

Jacqueline Khan (Churchill)       jkhan@coolkhan.com
- vending machines (VM) in elem. schools
- wants to reach other schools with existing machines
- one school has machines available only after hours
- @ Castor Valley, VM put in school without consultation
- healthier choices are offered, e.g., Gatorade, fruit juices
- aligned with Coke

Byron Johnson (Riverview)          byron.johnson@pwgsc.gc.ca
- liability insurance coverage for SC’s
- need info about what other schools are doing
- why do we need this?
- Castor Valley, purchased $100.00 extra liability insurance, to cover fund-raising
- Fallingbrook, covered if approved by principal, pta is separate body
- Greely, also has pta separate
- Woodroofe, OCASC needs an update from board legal department since regulations have changed and
fundraising is now “allowed” (by SC’s)
- OCASC Chair notes that Janice Sargent answered these questions in email on BEAM, etc.
- if directed by school personnel then covered, non-staff directed SC events are not
- was noted by others that in principle, councils should not have to raise funds, and specifically, not for
liability insurance coverage
- LD Billings, for $100, why take the risk

Tony Wohlforth (Mutchmor)
- room closures / cuts in janitorial staff
- superintendent implied that closures would be deferred until October
- but some closures have already been implemented, janitorial staff affected
- 3 rooms temporarily padlocked, yet enrollment up
- school council discussed issue, presented brief at board
- believes the powers of the board/trustees have been circumvented by staff
- came to OCDSB Business Services com. meeting, but agenda transferred to board meeting
- Joan Spice following issue, principals will decide if rooms are needed
- Queen Eliz., sc can advise principal on issues like this
- withdrawal rooms are a factor

Julia Gilbert (Kars)
- K-8 schools with more than 2:1 ratio of intermediate to junior students
- Roberta Bondar at 50/50 ratio (one of the largest ES’s)
- discussion diverted to potential closures during boundary review
(i.e., is OCASC ready to unite on school closures issues?)
- the 2:1 ratio would occur if their school was closed as part of boundary review
- Kars ES is at 56% utilization, yet it is the FI center in rural location, all students bused
- Manotick, this is only 1 of 10 options coming up for discussion
- much “rumbling” about details, closures
- open house on boundary review, this Thursday (Sept. 27/01)

3) OCASC Committee Reports
a) Sec. Schools Com. (second Wednesday of month)
- No meeting In Sept.
- next meeting Oct. 10/01

b) Lobbying Task Force - no meetings held, none scheduled

c) Spec. Education - inactive for now (Lamar Mason in charge)

4) New Business
a) Current consultation items :
- Internet Use Policy
- Medical Conditions
- MFI expansion
- Building Security
- Safe Schools Policies & Procedures
- new one - Changes to sec. school programs and delivery structures
         Lisgar - requesting more info on this, notes that BEAM is experiencing problems
         Queen Eliz. - asking board to send out info directly instead of through OCASC
- Consultation policy task group (report from Queen Eliz.)
         notes: - next meeting Sept 25/01
                  - Joan Spice and other trustees are driving process
                  - hope is for more proactive consultation by board and less reactive by parents
                  - timeline considerations requested, e.g., Nov./Dec. , summer exclusions
                  - OCASC asking board to send more info directly to SC’s and not depend solely on
                  OCASC for circulation
                  - OCASC Chair, still not enough community input to counter board majority

b) Projects
Reconnecting with Diversity (Queen Eliz.)j
- has funding, need steering com. members
- run by OC Immigration Services Org., saving two spots for OCASC (Sept. 26/01)
- Ielca Torok (Robert Bateman) and Chris Ellis (Queen Eliz.) interested
- Byron Johnson (Riverview) spoke up as well (will be alternate)
- OCISO will present at next months (OCT. 18/01) OCASC general meeting

OCASC Oct. 25/01 Training sessions/workshops
- Rob Campbell (Hopewell) organizing with support from Janice Sargent (OCDSB)
- Chris Ellis (Queen Eliz.) is doing pr
- Margaret Elson (Manordale) doing registration
- more info on www.ocasc.ca, open to all, Sir Robert Borden 7:00 PM
- we will need more help with workshops

OCASC Spring Conference
- needs a key person and committee (i.e., six to twelve people)
5) ***Quorum      Reached***
Agenda Sept. 20/01
- Moved by Cynthia (Castor Valley), seconded by Lamar (Woodroffe)
- Carried
Minutes - May 17/01 General Meeting
- Moved by Cynthia (Castor Valley), seconded by Jane Thompson (Rockcliff)
- Carried

- OCASC Chair notes that OCASC did receive $1500 extra funding from OCDSB

- Cynthia (Castor Valley), move to defer approval of OCASC budget to Oct. meeting
- Janice Ritchie (SW Churchill) seconded
- Carried

- OCASC Chair notes that we need auditor to review books

- Cynthia (Castor Valley), motion to defer audit discussion to Oct. meeting
- Lamar (Woodroffe) seconded
- Carried

Minutes - June 14/01 (for information only)
- no quorum, minutes/notes have not been located

6) ORDER OF THE DAY - Breakout Sessions by Zone

Zone 1 (Colleen Connelly)
- boundary review in progress
- principal shift
- admin staffing formulae
- biosolids near to school

Zone 2 (John Perkin)
- noted that only three Kanata schools present (i.e., W.E. Johnson, W.O. Mitchell, John Young)
- discussion on class sizes, especially JK/K
- need info on the magic numbers for JK/K that limit class sizes
- discussions on the various school organizations
- FI (French Immersion) models
- elementary models, e.g., K-8, K-6
- single, dual stream schools, etc
- discussions on the boundary review processes and long-term effects
- continuing need for portables

Zone 3 (Margaret Elson)
- boundary review in progress
- staff allocation – final decisions this Friday
- Longfields DH, numbers increasing daily
- athletics money spent on textbooks

Zone 4 (Lamar Mason)
- enrollment, should we ask the board for summary to examine trends?
- insufficient funds for equipment, facilities
- lack of enrollment in courses reduces options
- limited number of OAC course options
(Is the current OAC situation a side effect of the introduction of the new curriculum?/JP)
- busing discussed

Zone 5 (

Zone 6 (Jane Thompson)
- deteriorating school plants
- school reorganization shuffle
- liability insurance requirement – should it come from SC hard-earned money?
- new regulations increase SC liability
- alternative schools vs new philosophy

Zone 8/12 (Karen Kenniphaas)
- FI (french immersion), model debate
- board admin inconsistencies
- OCASC role with regards to MOE surveys, SC’s tired of them

Zone 9/10/12 (
- focus on HS programing, need better connections between HS and feeder schools
- OCASC role, info conduit or more active (advocate)?

Zone 11 (Greg Laws)
- school council participation problems
- playground equipment still an issue
- inequities around fund-raising

7) Mad Minutes
(Reports from OCDSB Com. Reps. - New Reps. to be nom./elected in November)

OCDSB (Regular Board)
Rep: John MacLatchy ,no report                  Alternate: Greg Laws
- next meetings, Mon. Oct. 8/9 & 22/01 (second and fourth Monday of month)

Rep: Greg Laws, no report                        Alternate: John MacLatchy
- next meetings, special Tues. Oct. 16/01, regular Wed. Oct. 24/01 (fourth Wednesday of month)

Business Services
Rep: Colleen Connelly                                 Alternate: Janice Ritchie
- meeting last week (Sept 12/01), long agenda, some deferred to board
- draft of student transfer policy, responses due Nov. 9/01
          - will move trustees out of appeal role
          - receiving principal input only, not the “sending” principal
          - for space limited schools, additional criteria then apply
- functional elementary facility capacities
          - new study, talk to your principal, driven by trustees
          - “capacity” based on portables, withdrawals, leased facilities, computer labs, playground space,
          total area of school building, JK loading, etc.
          -seeking a “made n OCDSB” policy rather than a MOE one
- next meeting, Wed. Oct. 10/01 (second Wednesday of month)

Rep: Betty Tait                                     Alternate: Jane Thompson
- OCRI volunteer training session, Nov. 6/01
- pastoral care in sec. schools, nine that have it, how appropriate is it?
- testing french skill testing at different levels
- audits in nine schools re: school improvement plans, driven by superintendents
- program dept., quality assurance work plans presented
- next meeting, Mon. Oct. 15/01 (third Monday of month)

Human Resources
Rep: ?, no report                                Alternate:?
- next meeting, Mon. Oct. 1/01 (first Monday of month)

ACA (Advisory Committee on the Arts)
Rep: ? (Contact: Ian Scott 738-1233), no report
- next meeting, Wed. Oct. 31/01, 4:30 to 6:00 PM (Mezzanine Rm) 133 Greenbank Ave.

CYARAC (Children and Youth at Risk Advisory Committee)
Rep: Eleanor Heap, no report
- next meeting, TBA

SEAC (Special Education Advisory Committee)
Rep: Lamar Mason
- new superintendent of spec. ed. Is Dan Mason
- new staffing model being implemented
- needs based budget, was submitted
          - took exception to R. Denley’s column re over budget wish list
- still have $10 M to cut from next years Spec. Ed. budget
- Grade 10 literacy test, list of accommodations “allowed” on the MOE web-site
          - but they must be listed in the IEP (Individual Education Plan)
          - therefor, OCDSB and school principals should do Grade 10 IEP’s ASAP
- FI issues, not getting resources they should for SELC’s and SERC’s
- Zone 1 (Lynn Scott) pilot project (no spec. Ed. congregation) has ended
- next meeting, Wed. Oct. 3/01 (first Wednesday of month)

CCEE (Community Council on Ethnocultural Equity)
Rep: Bina Chohan, no report
- next meeting, TBA (fourth Wednesday of month)

SSC (Safe Schools Committee)
Rep: John MacLatchy, no report
- next meeting, TBA (fourth Tuesday of month - daytime)

8) Adjourn - moved by (Woodroofe)

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