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									    Student National
Pharmaceutical Association
           E-board Members
 President: Tracy Bonsu
  Vice President: Anyoh Fombad
  Treasurer: Nader Rouholfada
  Secretary: Justina Mueller
  Historian: Position available
  Social Chair: Mel Warner
  PR Chair: Jackie Thai
  Webmaster: Chun Wong
 Patient Care Initiatives Chair: Tami Fletcher
       Chapter Advisors
 Dr. Monica Holiday-Goodman
 Mr. Jose Trevino
   Both chapter advisors are located at the health science
   They may be contacted via email
        What is SNPhA?
Mission Statement
 SNPhA is an educational service association of
  pharmacy students who are concerned about
  pharmacy and healthcare related issues, and the
  poor minority representation in pharmacy and other
  health-related professions.
 The purpose of SNPhA is to plan, organize,
  coordinate and execute programs geared toward the
  improvement for the health, educational, and social
  environment of the community.
          What is SNPhA?
 To offer student members the opportunity to develop
  leadership and professional skills.
 To educate students about and promote active
  participation in national health care issues.
 To develop the role of the minority health professional as
  a vital member of the health care team.
 To develop within communities a positive image of
  minority health professionals.
 To educate communities on better health practices and to
  increase their awareness and understanding of diseases.
 $45 covers the yearly membership fee
    $10 local chapter dues
    $35 national dues
 Application
    Forms available on the SNPhA website
    Follow the steps outlined on the UT SNPhA website:
       Click on the membership tab
    Filled application forms along with dues may be deposited
     in the SNPhA mailbox at either the main campus or health
     science campus
       If you need assistance please email us at snpha1@gmail.com
      Why Join SNPhA?
 SNPhA is more than just an organization
   Support system for all college of pharmacy students
   Smoothens out the transition from pre-pharmacy to
    PharmD program
   Meet your fellow classmates
   Mentorship opportunities with PharmD students
   Meet college of pharmacy professors through working
    with them on Patient Care Initiatives
   Benefits as a Member
 Community service involvement
 Leadership development
 Rotation at the SNPhA National Office
 Networking opportunities
 Advancement into the NPhA organization
 Career opportunities/guidance
 Pharmacist’s Letter student subscription
   Benefits as a Member
 PharmD and pre-pharm students
   Participation in SNPhA sets you aside from other
    PharmD candidates on future pharmacy job
    interviews and summer internships
   Participation in patient care initiatives shows your
    commitment as a future health care professional
   You stand out as an applicant into the professional
    division of the pharmacy program
  Benefits as a Member
Up to $50,000 in scholarship opportunities from the
following donors:
  Benefits as a Member
Discounts available from:
 Choice Hotels International
 Avis & Budget Car Rental
 American Airlines
               What is the
                          – That’s only 4 Meetings
 One General Meeting a Month
  a Semester!!
 Meetings: meeting dates, times and location are posted
  on the UT SNPhA website
    Please save the dates and times and adjust your schedules
     accordingly if necessary.
      It is imperative that you attend all of the general meetings as
       a SNPhA member
 Be an active member and participate in our clinical
  initiatives and volunteer opportunities!!!
 Patient Care Initiatives
 Grand Design:
   We will have 3 patient care initiatives this semester
   Each patient care initiative will have one college of
    pharmacy faculty member as a project advisor
   Each patient care initiative will have one PCI chair
   Each patient care initiative can have various sub-chairs
   If you are interested in being a sub-chair for any of the
    projects send an email to snpha1@gmail.com
   All PCI chairs and sub-chairs will report to the overall
    PCI committee chair on the SNPhA E-board – Tami
 Patient Care Initiatives!!!
Operation Immunization
                         awareness campaign
 This program is an immunization
  designed to increase the public’s knowledge about
  immunizations, while                 increasing the
  number of adults who receive immunizations
•   Collaboration: SNPhA and SSHP
•   Location: Wal-Mart and hospitals in the local Toledo Area
•   Design
    •    Tri-fold boards, display boards, handouts and brochures
•   Faculty Advisor: Dr. Diane Cappelletty
•   Chair: Jessica Dobbins
     Chronic Kidney Disease
          KEEP SAKE
   Goal
     to increase awareness on the risk factors and disease states that can lead
        to chronic kidney disease (CKD)
     Provide educational information to CKD patients and their families
     Provide general assistance to CKD patients
     Collaboration
         SNPhA and the Kidney Foundation of Northwest Ohio
Chronic Kidney Disease
 Design: tri-fold boards, display boards, handouts,
 Faculty Advisor: Dr. Mariann Churchwell
 Chair: Melissa Warner
       Power to End Stroke
•   Goals:
    • Increase awareness of high blood pressure, diabetes, and smoking
    • Promote adherence to primary and secondary prevention guidelines
    • Create a “movement” around the serious health disparity issue of stroke in
       African Americans and underserved populations--- and drive the message
       that stroke is largely preventable
    Power to End Stroke
 Collaboration: SNPhA and American Stroke
 Design: BP screenings, handouts, tri-fold boards,
  display boards, brochures
 Location: Wal-Mart, hospitals, community
 Faculty Advisor: TBA
 Chair: Christina Bourbina
    How to sign up for a
 Sign up sheets will be available at general meetings
 If you missed a general meeting you can send an
  email to snpha1@gmail.com indicating with PCI you
  would like to sign up for; include your phone
  number and class
 Once all sub-chairs are indicated for each project,
  work will begin!
   Members of each project will be contacted via email
  PCI Spring Semester!!!
 More patient care initiatives will be announced
  towards the end of this semester for the spring
 Sign up sheets for spring semester will be available
  towards the end of January next year.
          Others Events this
 Wal-Mart Leadership conference
   Location: Health Science Campus
 CVS meet and greet
   Location: Student Union
 Health Fair!!!
 Pre-pharmacy Mock Interview
 More information will be provided on other events
  as we progress through the semester.
 Introduction of Website
 Offical University of Toledo SNPhA Website
   www.utsnpha.org
   All information concerning the UT SNPhA chapter
    will be available here
   Check the website regularly for updates!!!
 National SNPhA website
   www.snpha.org

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