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					                                       National Bid Q & A

1) When does the yearly National Bid come out? The Bid will be published each year during the
month of June.

2) What training opportunities does the new yearly bid list apply to? The new bid is to be used to
fill actual or anticipated vacancies in the following calendar year. For example, the eligibility list that
is produced from the National bid that started in June/09 will be used to fill training opportunities
from January 1/10 to December 31/10.

3) Do transfer down requests have priority over Seniority Bids? No. Eligibility lists are based only
on seniority.

4) Can I put in a request under the Transfer Down Program whenever I want? No. The only time
transfer down requests can be made is during the National Bid process and/or when NAV CANADA
posts an interim bid.


5) If I already have an accepted offer but have been deferred, do I need to reapply each year? No,
there is no need to reapply as your deferral does not expire or get replaced by the new list.

6) If I put my name in last year but did not receive an offer, do I have to put my name in for this
year’s bid? Yes, the current list will expire at the end of the calendar year.

7) Am I eligible to apply? See the CATCA Collective Agreement - Article 32.06 (c) for seniority bids
and 32.06 (e) for transfer down.

8) If I will become eligible during the next calendar year, can I apply now for Seniority Bids or
Transfer down? Yes. However, you will only be eligible for training opportunities which occur after
you become eligible. For example, if there are two courses planned, one in March and one in
September and you are eligible on June 20th, you will only be considered for the September course.

9) Can I apply for a location which isn’t listed on the National Bid? Yes. You should apply for any
location that you are seeking a training opportunity for in the next calendar year.
10) How many locations can I bid on? A maximum of 2 locations. A location is a tower, an entire
ACC or a specific specialty. Therefore, you may bid entire ACCs with one pick, however, if you only
want specific specialties, each specialty counts as one location.

11) If I can only bid on two locations, why do some people have their name on the eligibility list 7
times? You can only bid on two locations. However, ACCs have many specialties/complexes. If you
bid on an entire ACC (Location 1) with 6 specialties and a tower location (Location 2) your name will
appear on the eligibility list 7 times.

12) I received an offer last year with a three year deferral. Can I withdraw to participate in this
year’s National bid or any interim bids? No. Once you have accepted any offer (even a deferral) you
may not withdraw without incurring the ineligibility penalty. So, if you withdrew, you would not be
eligible to participate in the National bid or interim bids.

13) I have bid two locations on the National bid but have not received an offer yet. Am I eligible to
bid on an interim bid? Yes.

14) I will be absent from the unit during June (vacation/sick), and I’m afraid the National Bid will be
posted while I’m away. What can I do? Before, or while you are away, communicate in writing your
bid to your manager and ask them to forward your request to the appropriate HR Advisor should the
National Bid come out. HR will then be able to enter your bid in Oracle iRecruitment while you are


15) If I applied on the National Seniority Bid or an Interim Bid, how long do I have to withdraw my
bid penalty free? Once a bid closes, NAV CANADA will publish a draft list and for a period of two (2)
weeks you will have an opportunity to withdraw penalty free. Additionally, you may withdraw your
bid at any time without penalty as long as you haven’t received a formal written offer from the
employer yet.

16) If I receive an offer for a training opportunity which would start within one year, and refuse it,
am I subject to a 3 year penalty? Yes.

17) If I receive an offer to train with a deferral date which is longer than a year, and refuse it, am I
subject to a 3 year penalty? No.

18) If I accept an offer to train with a deferral date, and subsequently want to withdraw, am I
subject to a 3 year penalty? Yes.
Pay, Classification and Deferrals

19) I work in an ATC-2 unit but I am a salary protected AI-3. If I bid to another ATC-2 unit, is it
considered a transfer down and therefore I have used my “single use” transfer down? No. Your bid
is determined by the current level of your unit, not your salary protection.

20) I am salary protected and bid to another location. If I am unsuccessful or exercise my return
rights do I retain my salary protection upon my return to my original unit? Yes if it’s a Seniority Bid.
For a Transfer Down, you do not have return rights to your original unit and your salary is no longer

21) What happens to my salary and ATC Premium while I’m in training? If it’s a seniority bid, you
will maintain your current salary and ATC Premium until you qualify at your new location. For a
Transfer Down, you receive the salary of your new location once you report for training but retain the
ATC Premium of your departure unit until you qualify at the new location.

22) I’m in an ATC-7 position and I’m bidding to an ATC-6 position. Is it a Seniority Bid or a Transfer
Down? What happens to my salary and ATC Premium while I’m in training? It’s considered a
Seniority Bid. You will maintain your current salary and ATC Premium until you qualify at your new

23) Why am I being deferred for my seniority bid? Can my manager just defer me to reduce
overtime costs? Are there procedures that must be followed for deferrals? You can be deferred if
releasing you from your present unit would create an immediate staff shortage as defined in Article
32.11 of the Collective Agreement. No, you can't be deferred solely to reduce overtime costs. Nav
Canada must notify the union (Regional Vice President) of its intention to defer an employee, as
stated in Article 32.12. The company and RVP will develop an action plan to permit the release of an
affected employee at the earliest possible date.

Disclaimer: This document is an informal guide only. Only the collective agreement language may be
used for any purpose of interpretation or application. In the event of any real or perceived
inconsistency, the collective agreement language will govern.