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                T he c leaRinghouse

 SPRING 2007                       703.742.4200

Inside:                              Clearinghouse Announces
New StudentTracker                   Major StudentTracker Enhancements
                                     New Data Elements & Pricing Options Available
Spotlight On: New
Client Services                      Since 2004, the Clearinghouse has been working
                                     with its Advisory Committee on ways to make its
Clearinghouse Advisory               StudentTracker research service more valuable to the
Committee Members                    higher education community. At the urging of the
                                     committee, as well as many of our collegiate partners,
Audit Resource                       we have increased the number of data elements that
Center Launches                      institutions can report to us.

                                     According to David Yeh, chairman of the Clearing-
Meteor Data Integrated               house Advisory Committee and assistant vice
With LoanLocator                     president and university registrar at Cornell
                                     University, “This was a multi-year effort. We
Two New Regional                     regularly sought input from a wide range of schools
Directors Named                      through focus groups and other channels. This
                                     approach ensured that our final selection reflected the
                                     needs and desires of the diverse collegiate community,
                                     representing institutional researchers and planners,
                                     financial aid officers, and registrars.”

                                           At the request of our collegiate partners,
                                         the Clearinghouse has increased the number
                                           of data elements that schools can report.

                                     If you participate in StudentTracker, you will have the
Write for                            option to utilize a more robust data set, which can
                                     significantly expand your research capabilities. Many
                                                                                                All colleges get a 17% discount when they sign up for or
                                                                                                renew StudentTracker. Colleges can also save an additional
The Record                           departments on your campus can benefit: admissions,
                                     registration, enrollment management, financial aid,
                                                                                                50% or get StudentTracker for free.

If you or a colleague is             and more.
interested in submitting
                                     Costs Savings for All StudentTracker Schools
an article for publication
in The Record, contact
                                     Along with adding new data elements, effective March          Clearinghouse Audit
Kathleen Dugan at
                                     1st, the Clearinghouse also substantially lowered its
                                     StudentTracker fees. All educational institutions will        Resource Center EW!
703-742-4208.                                                                                                                                 N
                                     automatically receive a 17% discount when they sign up        Have you visited our new Audit
                                     for StudentTracker or renew their service. In addition,       Resource Center yet? Try our
                                     there are two options to save an additional 50% and even      online tools and information at
                                     a way you can get StudentTracker for free!          

                                     For some schools, the cost savings can add up to              For additional assistance, contact
                                     hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year. This is
                                     the Clearinghouse’s way of thanking the higher
                                     education community for its support of our                    For more on the Audit Resource Center,
                                     StudentTracker service, which is now widely used              see page 5.
                                     by institutional researchers nationwide.
                                                                         continued on page 2

                                                                                                  Services You Need. People You Trust.
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New Data Elements Eagerly Anticipated
The Clearinghouse announced its expanded data elements collection
and StudentTracker pricing at a special presentation during the 2007
AACRAO Annual Meeting in Boston. “For three years, we’ve worked
closely with our Advisory Committee and focus groups to identify data
elements to add to our database, so we knew colleges would be receptive
to our news,” said Jeff Tanner, vice president of Higher Education
Development, “In fact, during our session, it was standing room only.
Clearly, this is the kind of student information that administrators and
researchers have been waiting for.”

A Look at the New Data Elements
The following is a description of each new data element, why it has been
added, and how the element can be used.

  • Current Major & CIP Code: The current major for each                       • Good Student Discount: A flag to indicate an individual
    student your school reports to the Clearinghouse by CIP code                 student’s eligibility for good student discounts based on academic
    or, if the CIP code is unavailable, title of the current major.              performance: generally, a grade point average of “B” (3.0 or higher)
    With this information, enrollment managers and researchers                   for the most recent term or cumulative, on dean’s list, or in top 10%
    can gain greater insight into student transfer and career                    of class. This data element enables students to obtain “good student”
    decisions. Additionally, it allows the Clearinghouse to verify               certifications via Student Self-Service so they can qualify for discount
    the enrollment of students without degrees for employers who                 auto insurance.
    require the information.
                                                                              • Middle Name: The student’s middle name, if available. The
  • Institutional ID: The ID that your school provides to its students.         Clearinghouse will use this data to help identify the student.
    Reporting institutional IDs enables students without Social Security
    numbers or TINs (e.g., international students) to benefit from
                                                                              • High School Code: List of SAT/ACT high school codes. This
    Clearinghouse services, like free Student Self-Service. Student IDs
                                                                                information can bolster the matching logic used to identify students.
    are used by the Clearinghouse for identification purposes only and
                                                                                It can also reveal the migration of students as they move from
    are not reported to third parties.
                                                                                secondary through postsecondary education and graduation.
  • Institutional Email Address: Your student’s school email address.
                                                                              • First-Time/Full-Time Student: A flag that indicates which of your
    This enables the Clearinghouse to deliver information to students at
                                                                                undergraduate students is enrolled for the first time. Institutional
    institutions that do not participate in Student Self-Service. (Student
                                                                                researchers can use this information to establish cohort classes or
    email addresses will not be used by the Clearinghouse or provided to
                                                                                groups for aggregate-level research.
    third parties for solicitation purposes.)
                                                                              • Degree Seeking Student1: A flag that indicates whether or not a
                                                                                student is seeking a degree. This information can help establish the
                                                                                number of students who are taking non-degree courses, providing a
                                                                                better context for graduation rate and pipeline research studies.

                                                                              • Gender1: A flag indicating the student’s gender. This data field is
                                                                                useful for developing a range of aggregate studies.

                                                                              • Race/Ethnicity1: A student’s race/ethnicity according to the
                                                                                categories used by IPEDS. This data field is useful for developing a
                                                                                range of aggregate studies.

                                                                              • Class Level: With this information (e.g., freshman, sophomore,
                                                                                ...master’s, doctoral, etc.), researchers can easily understand
                                                                                persistence and differentiate between undergraduate and graduate
                                                                                students. Additionally, it allows the Clearinghouse to verify the
                                                                                enrollment of students without degrees for employers who require
                                                                                the information.

                                                                             To Learn More, Contact the Clearinghouse
                                                                             Expanding the Clearinghouse data set also expands the research capabilities
                                                                             of our StudentTracker participants. To learn how your school can benefit
                                                                             from the new data elements and StudentTracker pricing options, contact your
                                                                             Clearinghouse regional director or today.
 1Reported   at aggregate level only.

Page 2                                                                                                          
         New StudentTracker Pricing
         Save 50% or Get StudentTracker for Free!
         In appreciation of the higher education community’s support of StudentTracker, we are giving each of our member schools a substantial
         discount on the service. The annual rate of 12¢ x enrollment has been reduced to 10¢ x enrollment – a cost savings of 17%!
         (The $350 minimum has been reduced to $300.)

         In addition, we are offering two ways to cut
         your new StudentTracker fee in half. You
         can even combine both options and get our
         enhanced StudentTracker program for free.
         The chart below outlines the new options.

         Our free StudentTracker option yields the
         greatest combination of time- and money-
         saving benefits as well as substantially expanding
         the research value of the data you receive. If you
         choose not to take advantage of the free option,
         consider one of our 50% discount offers. Do
         nothing at all and you will still receive the
         automatic 17% deduction to your annual fee
         when you renew StudentTracker.

         To take advantage of the free StudentTracker
         offer or one of the 50% discounts, contact
         your Clearinghouse regional director or

                                              Annual Fee                      You Participate In...                        You Receive...

                                                                                                               • 17% OFF StudentTracker
                SAVE 17%                         10¢                     • Core Service                          (or $50 off the minimum fee)
             AUTOMATICALLY                    x enrollment
                                                                                                               • FREE Core Service
                                             (or $300 min.)

                                                                                                               • 50% OFF StudentTracker
                                                                                                                  (or $150 off the minimum fee)
                                                                         • Core Service
                                                                                                               • FREE Core Service
                                                                         • DegreeVerify*
                                                                                                               • FREE DegreeVerify*
                                                                         • EnrollmentVerify*
                                                                                                               • FREE EnrollmentVerify*
                                                 5¢                                                            • FREE Student Self-Service*
                                             x enrollment
               50% OFF                      (or $150 min.)
                                                                                                               • 50% OFF StudentTracker
                                                                         • Core Service & report                 (or $150 off the minimum fee)
                                                                           new data elements                   • Expanded StudentTracker Report
                                                                                                               • FREE Core Service

                                                                                                               • FREE StudentTracker
                                                                         • Core Service & report               • Expanded StudentTracker Report

                FREE!                             $0
                                                                           new data elements
                                                                         • DegreeVerify*
                                                                                                               • FREE Core Service
                                                                                                               • FREE DegreeVerify*
                                                                         • EnrollmentVerify*                   • FREE EnrollmentVerify*
                                                                                                               • FREE Student Self-Service*

                                                                                                               *You must actively refer verification requests.

Page 3                                                                                                                       
CSI:Herndon – On the Case
Herndon, Virginia, is not the latest host city of the wildly popular
crime series, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. In this case, CSI
stands for Client Services Implementation: a dedicated team of
Clearinghouse employees responsible for the implementation
of new Clearinghouse services at colleges and universities. The
seven-member CSI team possesses an in-depth knowledge of our
Core, DegreeVerify, Student Self-Service, Transcript Ordering, and
international enrollment reporting services.

The CSI team works closely with school registrars, financial aid
directors, and their staff who use the Clearinghouse daily. Good
communication between the school and its CSI team member
during the implementation phase is critical. Often this determines
the character of the relationship between the Clearinghouse and
the school long after the service has been implemented.

Each Clearinghouse service has its own implementation process.
The timeframe varies by service, but also depends on the
institution’s available resources. Before starting the implementation
process, the CSI team member identifies any specific issues
requiring special or individualized resolution by the school. One
of the hallmarks of the CSI team is knowledge sharing within the group.                 (L to R): Diana Loy, Stephanie Fowler, Ross Myers, Adriene
Because the team works in such close physical proximity, ‘thinking out loud’            Doray-Franklin (supervisor), David O'Brien, Renee Patrick,
is encouraged and has resolved many implementation challenges.                          Liz Herrera
                                                                                       and out, enabling us to respond with confidence,” according to CSI team
“The CSI team is used to thinking on their feet. They regularly field                  supervisor, Adriene Doray-Franklin, “That is not to say we don’t get stumped
questions from every direction, in every shape and form, during start-up               from time to time, but team members know when to call for backup ... kind
and strategy calls with schools. This group understands our services inside            of like those guys on TV.”

                                                    The Clearinghouse Advisory Committee
  Current Members                            James F. Murphy,                          Joseph R. DeCristoforo,               Patrick Perry,
                                             AVP of Enrollment, CUNY                   AVP & University Registrar,           Dean of Information Systems,
  Angela R. Anderson,
                                             Bernard M. Baruch College                 University of Texas - San Antonio     CA Community College System
  Asst. Vice Chancellor & Registrar,
  East Carolina University                   Anders M. Nilsen,                         Suzanne Dmytrenko,                    Brenda Selman,
                                             Director of Financial Aid,                Registrar, San Francisco              Registrar, University of
  Susie C. Archer,
                                             Manatee Community College                 State University                      Missouri - Columbia
  Asst. to Provost & Director,
  Vanderbilt University                      Vincent A. (Van) Novack,                  Robert Dunning,                       Gail Stephens,
                                             AVP of Institutional Research,            former Registrar,                     Senior Associate Registrar,
  Thomas Black,
                                             California State Univ. - Long Beach       Sam Houston State University          Univ. of South Carolina - Columbia
  Registrar, University of Chicago
                                             Dr. Jeffery Seybert,                      Peter S. Fong,                        Jeff Tanner,
  Joy Chambers,
                                             Dir. of Research, Eval. & Instructional   Dean of Admissions & Records,         former Assoc. Dean of Admissions &
  Director of Admissions & Records,
                                             Dev., Johnson Co. Comm. College           Fullerton College                     Records, Brigham Young University
  Cuesta College - San Luis Obispo
                                             Howard Shanken,                           Kathryn Forbes,                       J. James Wager,
  Calvin D. Coleman,
                                             Registrar, Grand Rapids                   Associate Registrar,                  former Asst. Vice Provost &
  Associate Registrar,
                                             Community College                         University of New Hampshire           Registrar, Pennsylvania State Univ.
  North Carolina Central University
                                             David S. Yeh (Chairman),                  Gary Gibson,                          W.W. “Tim” Washburn,
  Mary Ellen Flaherty,
                                             AVP & University Registrar,               Registrar, Vanderbilt University      AVP of Enrollment Services,
  Registrar, The Catholic Univ. of America
                                             Cornell University                                                              University of Washington
                                                                                       David Guzman,
  William R. Haid,
                                                                                       Registrar, Washington                 Jan Williamson,
  Executive Director of Enrollment
  Services, Colorado State University
                                             Past Members                              State University                      Registrar, Indiana Univ. Southeast

                                             Richard Backes, Sr.,                      Carolyn Parham,                       Richard L. Yount,
  Kathleen M. Jones,
                                             Associate Registrar                       Registrar, Univ. of South Alabama     Registrar, Univ. of North
  AVP of Enrollment & Registrar,
                                             Washington State University                                                     Carolina - Charlotte
  Iowa State University                                                                Ron Pennington,
  Lorraine A. Kitchner,                      Anita Cotter,                             Director of Institutional Research,
                                             Associate Registrar,                      St. Charles Co. Community College
  Registrar, Saint Mary’s College
                                             University of California Los Angeles

Page 4                                                                                                                     
Clearinghouse Audit Resource Center Launches
Online and One-On-One Audit Assistance Available
Launched at the end of 2006, the Clearinghouse Audit Resource Center              and our role in improving the enrollment data flow from schools to the
includes a team of operational experts and online tools to address schools’       Department of Education, guarantors, lenders, and servicers,” said Donna
audit needs and questions. In its first six months, the center has assisted       Knauff, AVP of Operations Management, who heads the Audit Resource
nearly 50 colleges with all types of audit inquiries.                             Center. “I’m pleased to say, it’s working.”

             “Having [the Clearinghouse] available to discuss                     Audit Resource Center staff regularly work one-on-one with schools
               the particulars about several of the students                      and auditors. “This provides us with an opportunity to share successful
             and the regulatory requirements was valuable.”                       approaches and information between schools,” added Knauff. All types
                                                                                  of assistance is provided, from researching individual student records and
Bucknell University, for example, requested assistance responding to              recommending changes to a school’s transmission schedule to reviewing
auditors that questioned the compliance of specific student records.              complex federal regulations.
According to Dennis Hopple, Bucknell’s associate registrar, “Having [the
Clearinghouse] available to discuss the particulars about several of the                            The Audit Resource Center is available
students and the regulatory requirements was valuable … Thank you for all                          to assist with all types of audit inquiries.
the time you've spent these past few weeks assisting me and guiding me as
I worked through student statuses and time lines in response to our auditor       An audit checklist and FAQs to help you prepare for upcoming audits
and controller.”                                                                  are available online at You’ll also
                                                                                  find a copy of our most recent annual audit and links to Department
“Our goal was to provide schools with a single source for their audit             of Education regulations. A member of our Audit Resource team is also
questions and review how to use the Clearinghouse to document and                 available to provide guidance and assistance as well as answer questions
maintain compliance. We also wanted to educate auditors, many of whom             for you and your auditors. If you need help with an audit, contact
are unfamiliar with the intricacies of enrollment reporting compliance  

LoanLocator Enhanced with Meteor Data
The Clearinghouse recently enhanced
LoanLocator to incorporate Meteor data. This
enables financial aid directors at participating
StudentTracker schools to access a student's real-
time loan information through LoanLocator.

         Financial Aid directors can use
         LoanLocator to obtain real-time
           student loan information.

LoanLocator is available on the StudentTracker
tab of the Clearinghouse secure web site. Once
you enter the student’s Social Security number,
all award information available via Meteor is
displayed, including award summary, repayment
summary, and claim and default details. Any
additional lender information provided by
LoanLocator but not available from Meteor
is displayed at the bottom of the award
summary page.

Are You Eligible to Use LoanLocator?                 Meteor data is now available through LoanLocator.
If your institution participates in StudentTracker
and has a financial aid director contact with
authorized access to our school secure site, he or she already has LoanLocator access. To check your Clearinghouse contacts, log on to the school secure site
and select “Our current list of Clearinghouse contacts at your school” from the home page. You can add or change a contact using the Secure Web Access
Agreement located in the Resource Center on the home page.

You can see a sample of the data available through LoanLocator, as well as other online StudentTracker queries, at
Tracker/demo.htm. To sign up for StudentTracker or learn more, contact your Clearinghouse regional director or

Page 5                                                                                                                  
Clearinghouse Names Two New Regional Directors
                      The Clearinghouse recently named two new                                         Joe Roof has more than 30 years of experience
                      regional directors. On January 8, Dannette                                       within the Florida community college system.
                      Sullivan became regional director for Alaska,                                    Before joining the Clearinghouse, he was the
                      Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Utah, and                                       associate vice president for enrollment and
                      Washington. On April 2, Joe Roof became the                                      senior provost at Daytona Beach Community
                      regional director for Florida.                                                   College (DBCC). Prior to DBCC, Joe was the
                                                                                                       director of Enrollment Services and Technology
                      Dannette has more than 30 years of experience                                    at Seminole Community College. He began his
                      in registration, enrollment management,                                          career as the assistant director (later director) of
  Dannette Sullivan   admissions, and student affairs. Before joining the            Joe Roof          admissions at Edison Community College. Joe is
                      Clearinghouse, she was the associate vice chancellor                             an active member of AACRAO and has served as
and director of Student Affairs at the University of Washington Bothell.      its president, vice president of Finance, and on the board of directors.
Prior to that, Dannette was the assistant provost for Enrollment Services     He is also a past president of two regional associations, FACRAO and
and Student Success at Seattle University, where she worked for almost        SACRAO, and a past chair of Florida Community College Registrars
20 years. She has also served as the registrar at Carroll College. Dannette   and Admissions Officers (FCCRAO).
is an active member AACRAO and one of its regional associations,
PACRAO. She is a past president of PACRAO and the founding                    Joe can be reached at
chairperson for the Private Registrars of Washington (PROW).                  or 386-740-0146.

Danette can be reached at
or 206-324-3228.

                                                        Are you going to the 2007 AIR Forum in Kansas City, MO, June 2-6? If so, stop by
    See You at the                                      the Clearinghouse booth to learn more about StudentTracker. And don’t miss our two
                                                        presentations: “StudentTracker for Institutional Research” (session E03) on Monday,
    2007 AIR Forum!                                     June 4, at 11:40 am and “Disappearing Students: A Reality Check and an IR Endeavor,”
                                                        (session 407) on Tuesday, June 5, at 3 pm.

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