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									                 Miss World® Canada 2010
                               “Beauty With A Purpose”
                 Official Preliminary to the Miss World® 2010 Pageant
                    May 3rd - 7th , 2010 Vancouver, BC CANADA

                        APPLICATION FORM                                            

____________________________________________            ____________________________________________
Last Name                                               First Name

____________________________________________            ____________________________________________
Birth Date (DD / MM / YYYY)                             Age

____________________________________________            ____________________________________________
Mailing Address                                         City

____________________________________________            ____________________________________________
Province/Territory                                      Postal Code

____________________________________________            ____________________________________________
Phone                                                   Alternate Phone

Email Address (Please check on a regular basis.)

Please submit the following items to the address below:
□ Application Package (Completed pages 1 – 4)
□ Headshot (Non-professional)
□ Brief Bio (1 paragraph)
    Include special awards, community service, talents, hobbies and interests; and of course, why you
   would like to be a delegate in this competition.
□ Cheque
   A deposit of a $250 may be submitted with your application form to expedite your paper work and
   secure your spot. Only accepted delegates will have their cheques cashed.

                                UPSTAGE THIS! PRODUCTIONS
       P.O. Box 56650 Lougheed Mall 236 – 9855 Austin Ave., Burnaby, BC Canada V3J 7W2
       Tel: 778.994.4922 Email: info@missworldcanada.org Website: www.missworldcanada.org

Please read the following and sign below.

As the participant named below, at The Miss World® Canada 2010 Pageant, I do hereby agree to abide by the rules and
regulations, directives and provisions for winners and contestants as set forth in the Miss World® Canada 2010 Pageant
Handbook. I agree to hold Upstage This! Productions and/or the Miss World® Canada 2010 Pageant, its directors and staff
members harmless of any damages or liabilities due to theft, accident or injury during or resulting from my participation in the
Pageant. I also accept full responsibility for my own regulation of hours and personal activities. I understand and agree that
should war, an act of God (hurricane, fire, tornado, or any other natural disaster) or an act of Man beyond the control of the
Pageant cause the cancellation of the event, that said pageant will be cancelled without benefit of any refund; however, the
pageant will be scheduled at another time and location. I also confirm that all of the enclosed information and forms are true and
correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. I affirm that all of the information I have provided, including birth date and place
of residence, to be correct and true to the best of my knowledge.

I understand that each delegate has the opportunity to acquire sponsorship to reimburse her entrance fee. I understand that a
deposit of $250 and 2 post-dated cheques of $300 each must be paid to Upstage This! Productions prior to any delegate being
allowed to participate in any sponsorship or fundraising activities. I understand that this deposit and balance is non-refundable,
but that this money may go towards participation in the pageant for next year should the participant named below be unable to
compete in May of 2010. I understand that Upstage This! Productions will only cash cheques from those potential delegates who
are accepted after a successful telephone audition (if not competing in a regional preliminary pageant).

I understand, also, that I will be responsible for transportation costs to and from Vancouver (May 3rd - 7th, 2010), as well as
accommodation while in the Vancouver area (The host hotel, The Holiday Inn on Howe Street , will offer highly discounted
room rates to our Miss World® Canada 2010 delegates. The hotel will require an accommodation chaperone to be present upon
signing in for the hotel room for all underage participants.) The hotel desk person may be required to ask whether or not the
adult chaperone will be staying with the minors and how many will be in the room (They may charge extra if more people are
recorded to be in the room). It is noted that the hotel accommodation arrangements are separate from the responsibility of the
event organizers and delegates and their chaperones take on the responsibility of coordinating these arrangements on their own.

I understand that no cameras, video and other recording devises are permitted in the theatre during the competition. This will
help ensure the safety of the performers and contestants from unnecessary distractions. Only the official pageant photographers
will be allowed cameras, and all other recording devices shall be confiscated until after the show. All photos will be made
available after the show on a photo disk for an extremely low cost to the delegate.

I understand that any and all filming/photography of any sort of the participant named below is the property of Upstage This!
Productions. I hereby release all video footage and photos regarding my participation in this event to
Upstage This! Productions.

I also understand that each delegate will be required to do some fundraising for Variety - The Children’s Charity contributing to
10% of the pageant score. I will make an effort to conduct myself in a responsible manner while participating in Miss World®
Canada 2010.

I affirm that I have read, understand, accept and agree to abide by all of the rules and regulations set forth above.

__________________________________________________                                 ________________________________
Delegate's Full Name (Please Print)                                                Date


__________________________________________________                                 ________________________________
Witness’s Name (Please Print)                                                      Date



This includes:
         Eligibility for Scholarships, Awards, and Prizes
         Chance to Perform in front of a Large Theatre Audience
         Recognition Banquet Dinner
         Revolving Restaurant Outing
         Gifts from Sponsors and Upstage This! Productions
         Voice Over Recording Experience
         Modelling Experience
         Speaking, Presenting, Interview, Scrapbooking and Make-Up Seminars
         Choreography Lessons
         Delegate Handbook and Official Pageant Documents
         Host Hotel Discount (Holiday Inn on Howe St)
         Pageant Week snacks
         Space in program book totalling $850 for your sponsors

DELEGATE SASH & CROWN PIN                 $50

Please check if interested.

Judged in front of a supportive and more intimate audience of fewer than 200 people. Top talents are selected to
perform on pageant night and winner will be fast-tracked to a Semi-Finalist Position.

□ PAGENT KIT $199 ($585 Value)
This includes the following optional fees, also available separately:
    □ Photogenic Competition Entry $15/photo
         Delegates may submit a maximum of six photos of themselves while wearing their delegate sash.
    □ Scrapbook Competition Entry $15
         Although submitting an entry is optional, delegates are encouraged to make scrapbooks depicting what
         they have been up to over the course of the year. This helps give the directors insight when awarding the
         director’s and promotions scores.
    □ International Costume Competition Entry $100
         To be judged on pageant night. Winner will be fast-tracked to a semi-finalist position.
    □ Swimsuit Competition Entry $40
         To be judged prior to pageant night. Winner will be fast-tracked to a semi-finalist position.
    □ Pageant File Disk $35
         Useful for developing delegate sponsorship packages. Contains sponsorship forms, letterhead, logos,
         photos, tutorial of how to create sponsorship presentations, sample interview judging questions, etc.
    □ Pageant Stationary $35
         25 envelopes, letterhead and business cards.
    □ Past Teen Pageant Show DVD $80
         Useful for preparing for this year’s show
    □ Past Teen Pageant Feature DVD Documentary $50
         Gives delegates an idea of what to expect during pageant week.
    □ Two Talent Show Tickets $30
         The talent show is held on a separate night. Top Talents will perform pageant night.
    □ Two Prime Seat Pageant Show Tickets $60
         Two Prime seat tickets for your family, friends or extra sponsors.

All delegates must read the following information. The delegate must give permission to Upstage This! Productions
to use photographs, speeches, videos, etc., for publicity and future pageant material. Contestants and their parents
agree to release unconditionally and forever, all claims and damages against Upstage This! Productions and the
Miss World® Canada 2010 Pageant, its directors, staff, officers, employees, subsidiaries, and agents. It is
understood that sponsorship fees and all other fees are non-refundable without exception.
Entrants must be a Canadian citizen.
Entrants must be a single female between the ages of 17-25 inclusive within the year of 2010.
Entrants must be of good moral character.
Miss World® Canada 2010 reserves the right to change the dates and locations.
Employees of the Miss World® Canada 2010 Pageant and members of their immediate families are not eligible to participate.
Any contestant showing unsportsmanlike conduct will be disqualified.
If for any reason, Miss World® Canada 2010 is disqualified, or elects not to participate; her title and all awards will be passed to
the 1st Runner-Up.
Sponsorship fees are non-refundable, but may be carried over to the following year.
Miss World® Canada 2010 agrees to make no changes to her personal appearance during the course of her reign, without
permission from the Director.
Entrants agree that they will not participate in any other pageants until after April, 2010, unless authorized in by the Director.
Contestants and their parents or guardians agree to hold harmless all persons affiliated with the Miss World® Canada 2010
Pageant in case of any loss or injury occurring during or in travel to and/or from the pageant.
Entrants hereby agree to release unconditionally and forever, any claim against Upstage This! Productions and the Miss World®
Canada 2010 Pageant, its directors and employees, and agents, which they may have, by virtue of their participation in this
pageant or any use of their name, likeness, voice and/or biography in connection with this pageant, including use in promotional
and advertising material.
Recipient of the title Miss World® Canada 2010 agrees to promote the program by making a minimum of 6 appearances during
her reign, wearing her international crown and sash before the next level of competition.
Recipient of the title Miss World® Canada 2010 agrees to continue raising funds for Variety - The Children's Charity during her
reign and attend the Miss World® Canada 2011 Pageant to crown her successor.
All decisions of the judges are final and irrevocable.
All delegates must make their own accommodation arrangements with the pageant host hotel. Upstage This! Productions is not
responsible for the delegate chaperone or accommodation arrangements.
Advertising Receipts made out by Upstage This! Productions to delegate sponsors cannot exceed the amount of $850 for each
delegate. Delegates must make out their own thank you receipts for additional sponsors. Advertising Receipts are handed out to
the delegates on the first day the pageant commences. Delegates must arrange for tickets for sponsors well beforehand by
contacting the pageant coordinators.
I affirm that I have read, understand, accept and agree to abide by all of the rules and regulations set forth above.

__________________________________________________                                 ________________________________
Delegate's Full Name (Please Print)                                                Date


__________________________________________________                                 ________________________________
Witness’s Name (Please Print)                                                      Date



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