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NATO and the Partnership for Peace Programme(1)


									NATO and the Partnership for Peace Programme

Below you can find a range of publications examining NATO's decision making structure and scope of activities,
including information about the Partnership for Peace Programme.

1) How does NATO function?
        a)   NATO Handbook – Edition 2005/2006 (pdf) - A completely revised edition, covering current policies and
        structures of NATO - Pdf | Html | Tekst na hrvatskom jeziku (pdf) | Tekst na hrvatskom jeziku (html)

        b) Together     For Security (pdf) - An introduction to NATO - Tekst na srpskom jeziku (pdf)
        c)   NATO Transformed - A comprehensive introduction describing how NATO works and covering policy
        development in the principal areas of Alliance activity - Pdf | Html | Tekst   na srpskom jeziku (pdf)
        d)   NATO After Strasbourg/Kehl (pdf) - An overview of the decisions taken at the NATO Summit in
        Strasbourg/Kehl, 3-4 April 2009.

2) What does NATO do?
        a) NATO     in the 21st Century - A concise introduction to NATO - Pdf | Html | Tekst na srpskom jeziku (pdf)
        b)   Bringing Peace and Stability to The Balkans - an overview of the NATO deployed forces in Bosnia and
        Herzegovina in what was the Alliance's first peacekeeping operation –    Pdf | Html | Tekst na srpskom jeziku
        (pdf) | Tekst   na srpskom jeziku (html)

3) What is the Partnership for Peace Programme?
        a) The Guide to     the Partnership for Peace - 2nd Edition (pdf) - Tekst na srpskom jeziku (pdf)
        b)   Security Through Partnership - publication examining NATO cooperation with Partner countries through the
        Partnership for Peace and the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council - Pdf | Html | Tekst   na srpskom jeziku (pdf)

4) NATO Briefings:
        a) Weapons      of Mass Destruction (pdf)
        b) Transforming Allied      Forces for Current and Future Operations (pdf) (html)
        c) Response     to Terrorism (pdf) (html)
        d) NATO     Military Structure (pdf) (html)
        e) Ready to     React Rapidly to Crises Worldwide (pdf) (html)

5) NATO      Review:
        a) Terrorists   and Organised Crime: Just Business? (html)
        b) World    Financial Crisis: What it Means for Security (html)
        c) Law,    Order and the Elections in Afghanistan (html)
        d) NATO     at 60 (html) - Tekst na hrvatskom jeziku (html)
        e) The Arctic:   too Hot to Ignore? (html)
        f) Security:   2008 Review, 2009 Predictions (html)
        g) Partnerships:   How Are They Changing? (html)
        h) The Balkans:    Quo Vadis? (html)
        i) Afghanistan    (part 1): the Issues (html)
        j) Food   and Security (html)
        k) The Mechanics     of Terrorism (html)
        l) Bucharest:   the Place Where Answers Take Shape? (html)
        m) New    Media: Weapons of Mass Communication? (html)

To recommend additional resources for the Euro-Atlantic Integration On-Line Resource Library, please contact TransConflict at
the following email address -

This project has been made possible thanks to the generous support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech
zahvaljujući velikodušnoj podršci Ministarstva spoljnih poslova Češke Republike.

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