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Project 2013 gathers pace
I had to pinch myself the other morning: walking
into the cathedral, writes Jonathan Greener, and
seeing two chaps X-raying the floor. Because
suddenly, against many odds, it meant that the
development project has really begun. It’s very
much the initial stages: their work comes before
the early archaeological investigations. But we’re
really underway. And over the next few weeks we
shall experience quite a lot of upheaval with some    further £200,000 to cover these early costs. We are
of the pews being temporarily removed and             enormously grateful to people who have
internal screens erected to allow the preliminary     contributed so far, and fundraising income has
digging to take place. We’ve had a number of long     started. We have enjoyed two first-class summer
meetings with our architects, lighting designers      concerts (which raised £648), and a delicious
and other specialist consultants, who are all now     dinner at the home of Josie Fox (raising £270). If
busily beavering away on our behalf; and it will be   you are still thinking about making a donation,
splendid in the coming months to see their fully-     can I please ask you to consider doing so in the
worked up drawings and plans so we know exactly       fairly near future? And please try to support the
what the project involves in terms of timescale,      exciting range of fundraising activities that are
cost, and technical specifications. This will allow   planned for the autumn (see back page). You can
us to make our second round application to the        see the programme is varied and comprehensive.
Heritage Lottery Fund in December, and to seek        If you want to know more about any of these,
funding elsewhere to turn our development             please be in touch with Rod Walker or Chris Haigh,
dreams into a reality.                                or of course the Cathedral Office. There’s more
You can see from the bar-charts that our funding      room for events if you would like to take the lead
efforts are beginning to bear fruit. In simple        in organising something, but please let us know
terms, we have raised about a third of the funding    first.
needed for this development work; but we need a                                      Continued on back page

                  target for
                   stage 1

                   raised to
Sub Dean’s Sabbatical
The Sub Dean has cleared his desk and packed his bags, but the removal van hasn’t been
ordered! On 11 May Canon Michael Rawson started his sabbatical leave and will be away
from the Cathedral until the beginning of August. He has been granted two months leave
this year and a month next year.

The word sabbatical derives from sabbath. It is intended as a time of rest, renewal and re-
creation so as to return refreshed to one’s ministry. It’s not a holiday nor study leave and
clergy are eligible for a sabbatical every ten years. Michael has been ordained over twenty
years this year and this is his first sabbatical. The focus for Michael’s sabbatical project will
be spending an extended time at our sister Cathedral in Skara, Sweden. He will experience
life in the Swedish Lutheran church and the Skara pastorate in particular. Particularly of
interest will be the way they use liturgical space in their places of worship as well as the
open door retreat movement which seeks to help people take time out of their busy daily
lives to find stillness and the presence of God. There will also be time for reading and study
about the use of buildings for worship as well as some visits to good examples of churches
in this country.

Michael says, “I am very excited by this opportunity to experience a different expression of
church life in Sweden and to strengthen the links we have with the Diocese of Skara. It will
be a time of refreshment and re-creation but I also hope it will bring useful insights to our
cathedral plans for development as well as my work as chair of the Diocesan Advisory
Committee in the diocese. I am very grateful to my colleagues for agreeing to cover my
absence and making this sabbatical possible.”

Good news!
                                We have had a slightly bumpy ride getting permission to start work
                                 on the Chantry Chapel, but we now have a Faculty, and the go-
                                 ahead for our proposed works. As you will remember, this
                                   involves the removal of the pew platforms and the purchase of
                                    new chairs; together with the construction of two pods to
                                    house a WC and some tea-making facilities. And of course
                                     there will be a new sound system. Sadly the tenders for the
                                     work have come in above budget, so we are working with the
                                     Friends of the Chantry to raise some more funds. However,
                                     work has to start in July, to ensure it is all completed by 13
                                     September. That’s the day when we are delighted to welcome
                                     Dr Simon Thurley, the Chief Executive of English Heritage,
                                     who will come for the opening of the refurbished chapel, and
                                     our Bishop will re-dedicate the building.
Farewell to Jonathan Bielby
Jonathan Bielby retired on Easter Day after 40          Jonathan has worked tirelessly to raise the profile
years as Organist and Director of Music at              of Cathedral music in broadcasting too and
Wakefield Cathedral. A special service was held on      Wakefield is one of the smaller cathedrals in this
27 March at which the Bishop of Wakefield               country whose Choral Evensong is regularly
presided and also saw the return of many other          featured on BBC radio.“The best bit of the job for
bishops, clergy, past choristers and friends from       me is watching the singers grow. Over five years
across the UK and beyond. The preacher was the          you see the whole line of boys change, and the
former Archbishop of York and former Wakefield          girls over nine years, and every time choristers
Bishop, Dr David Hope.                                  leave you wonder how the choir will go on – but
                                                        miraculously they step up. If you give children a
Appointed in 1970, Jonathan Bielby had been             challenge they will rise to it. The men are
Assistant Organist at Manchester Cathedral for          wonderful too; they come because they love it, not
two years after studying music in Cambridge and         for the pay. I’ll miss my choir ‘family’”, he added.
his native Oxford. During his time in Wakefield,        The Dean of Wakefield, the Very Rev Jonathan
the number of choral services has doubled, he           Greener, said: “We’re going to miss Jonathan
oversaw the introduction of the first girls’ choir in   enormously. His contribution to the music of the
a northern cathedral in 1992, as well as a series of    cathedral is immeasurable and he has played a
ambitious choir tours in the UK, Europe and the         vital role in shaping our worship and our cultural
USA.“Choristers are ordinary people; we get them        life. It is unlikely that 40 years as musical director
to do extraordinary things,” said Jonathan. “My         in one cathedral will ever be achieved in this
job was running a team aged from 8 to 65, and we        country again. It is an amazing record,” he added.
ask much more of them now than when I started.
Now there are six choral services in the Cathedral      Jonathan Bielby might have retired on Easter
each week, the music is more complex, there is          Sunday but his diary is already filling up and he is
little rehearsal time and the choirs need more          just putting the finishing touches to a 40 minute
conducting.”                                            piece he has written for the Yorkshire
                                                        Philharmonic Choir which will be premiered in
                                                        Wakefield Cathedral in June.
Comings and Goings
In the past week we have bid farewell to Sue
Ellis and Angela Hirst from the Cathedral
Office, who we hope are set to enjoy a long
and happy retirement.

Sue has been Personal Assistant to the Dean
for over 20 years; and Angela has worked
with her for the past seven years. So with
their departure, we are losing a great
repository of knowledge and tradition. But
more than this, we shall greatly miss their
warmth, good humour, kindness and
flexibility. They have been an integral part of
Cathedral life for so long, have helped shape
our work and vision, and will certainly be
greatly missed by many. They both leave
with our love and best wishes.

Sue has been replaced by Neil Holland, who
tells us a bit about himself on the next page.
Angela will be replaced in July by Roz
Cochrane, and we are planning to introduce
her in the next Cathedral News.

From June onwards, we are also going to
benefit from a student from Huddersfield
University who will be on placement for 9
months, Emma Brotherton. Emma will be
working three days a week as events co-ordinator: to help organise and publicise the many
different events and exhibitions that take place here at the cathedral. A particular challenge
for her is to try to increase our audiences at talks and concerts.
Meet Neil Holland, Personal Assistant to the Dean

“I’ll begin with a bold confession – I am, by
birth, a Lancastrian, but I’ve been told I hide
it well! I come to the Cathedral in Wakefield
via a fairly conventional route, with just the
occasional diversion along the way. After
studying for a degree in Music, I became
Organist at a large and busy town centre
parish in Leigh, Lancashire. I stayed for 13
years, eventually taking over the role of
Parish Administrator and getting my first
taste of organising clergy and all other things
ecclesiastical. Undeterred, I moved on to
become a Lay Clerk and Canon Precentor’s
Secretary at Liverpool Cathedral, where I
spent two very busy, very happy years.
Following comments from family and friends
about the increasing strength and
prominence of my newly-acquired Scouse
accent, I decided on a move to Manchester
and a post as secretary to a group of barristers specialising in Employment Law. I might still be
there today, but my partner’s job was transferred to Wakefield, so we ‘upped sticks’ and crossed
the Pennines, finally settling in Huddersfield in May 2008. New house, new job - this time at the
Royal Armouries in Leeds. I worked for the Development Director and team on major
exhibitions and building projects at RA’s three sites in Leeds, the Tower of London and Fort
Nelson near Portsmouth, where the ‘big guns’ are kept (including a section of the notorious
Iraqi ‘Super-gun’). It was a chance visit to the Cathedral website a little while ago which led me
to the up-coming vacancy for Dean’s PA, so an application and interview later, here I am – and it
feels like home already! My thanks to Sue and Angela for their guidance while I settle in and to
you all for the warmth of your welcome. I’m looking forward to getting to know you over the
next few months.”

Neil can be contacted in the office on 01924 373923.
His email address is:

                                                The Cathedral community would like to
                                                congratulate Paul West, his staff and all the students
                                                at Cathedral School following their recent Ofsted
                                                inspection. The news is so good we thought we
                                                would reproduce the school’s own news in full in the
                                                centre pages. If you would like to know more about
                                                the school and its activities please speak to Simon
                                                Beresford or Revd June Lawson who are both
                                                governors at Cathedral School.
Education Project News
                                          The Dean receiving a cheque for £15,000 from Anne Coe and
                                          Ruth Twiggins of the PCT on behalf of the Education
                                          Department. This money will go towards funding our work
                                          with asylum seekers and refugees, some of the most
                                          vulnerable people in our community.

This term we launched our new ’Mara’ package for Primary
Schools. Pupils have the opportunity to learn about life in the
village in Mara through dance, songs, drama and story telling.
They even learn some Swahili! Six schools signed up for the
programme at the Cathedral, and we are doing a three day
residency at Silcoates School, and a day at Sandal Endowed
Primary as outreach.

We were delighted to host Hemsworth Community College music students for a lunch time concert
during Christian Aid Week. Students sang, played instruments and ended up on the Cathedral steps
giving a high energy samba performance. An excellent event. This year the Education Department has
also run lunch time concerts for Holocaust memorial Day and International Women’s Day, along with an
impromptu performance with a post-election theme.

This year we launched our new Stained Glass Windows package which is being run by artist and teacher
Tracey Yates. This is part of our three-year project raising awareness about the history of our unique
windows and encouraging the community to take a pride in the heritage of Wakefield. As well as
working with a number of schools we have run half term art workshops for children and families.
For Celebrating Africa Day we ran a school’s workshop in the morning, followed by a shared community
lunch of African food to which 30 people attended. In the afternoon we ran African drumming
workshops – over 40 people came, and many more enjoyed listening to the music

We were delighted to team up with the Diocesan Youth tean to run a series of six full days of workshops
for pupils from St Michael’s Catholic and Church of England High School. We were well supported by
curates from the Diocese, Bishop Stephen and Bishop Tony and other Diocesan Education staff. We
explored together fair trade issues, and life choices through interactive acitivities and drama.

     Mirror Images by Manasamitra
                  Wednesday 28 July
            7.30 pm in Wakefield Cathedral

Mirror Images will combine prose and poetry that
have been composed as a response to conflict and
weave them into electrifying music and dance from
the Indian subcontinent. This multi-art form
production deals with conflict from both an internal
and external perspective.

Tickets: £6 full price £4 concessions
tel: 0924 434484 or from the Cathedral Bookshop.
Cathedral Weekend in Whitby
In early May two dozen members of the Cathedral community went to Sneaton Castle near Whitby for a
weekend of fellowship and fun. On their return some recorded their thoughts which give a flavour of
the weekend.

Judith Woodhead - “We became aware
of how priveleged we were to be part
of such a warm, friendly and caring
group. Bishop John Flack gave a short
talk each day on the theme Building
Community and with each activity the
theme became a reality. My greatest
regret was that more people had not
taken advantage of this opportunity.”

Eileen Warburton - “When challenged
by the Dean directly to consider
going away to Whitby, what could I
say but ‘ok’ and give it a try! Food and
friendship bound together by gentle talks led by Bishop John Flack; what a rich diet we shared. Very
glad to have been in such good company away from the daily round of common tasks and it was good to
get to know people.”

Angela Rusby - “Diana Grudgings and I felt the days were full of joy and peace. The atmosphere of
Sneaton Castle was very special and as a family it wrapped itself around us. We all loved it from start to

Tom (age 12) - “I thought the entertainments were fantastic; there were magic tricks, singing, dancing,
stories and jokes. I enjoyed taking Communion on the Sunday as I was newly confirmed at Easter. The
talks by Bishop John were really good.”

Elizabeth (age 6) - “I loved eating in the castle, making lots of new friends, meeting the donkeys and
being by the beach.”

Isabella (age 5) - “I liked going on the walk
with lots of people and seeing the baby
ducks. I loved all the music, saying ‘Amen’,
dancing and being on the beach.”

Heather David - “As a new member of the
Cathedral community I jumped at the
chance of getting to know people better. I
was a little nervous but needn’t have been.
I came away with some very good
suggestions from Bishop John: be thankful,
build good relationships, listen to people in
a non judgemental way, get involved in the
wider community, tell your own story
honestly if the occasion requires it, and be
a person of prayer.”
Project 2013 gathers pace... continued from front
While all this is going on Susan Parker is still preparing applications to a large
number of grant-giving trusts, and we are delighted that she is being supported in
this by Bishop Tom Butler. You may know that Bishop Tom has recently retired from
the Diocese of Southwark, and we are delighted that he and Barbara have been
worshipping with us here at the Cathedral. We are really fortunate to be able to call
on his wisdom and experience.

For the project we are also benefiting from the services of Jane Bower, who is the
Diocesan Communications Officer. She is helping us prepare a variety of publicity
materials and we are working towards a city-wide business launch in the autumn.

There is a real mountain to climb to turn our plans into reality, but it’s marvellous to
know that so many people are pulling together to make this happen. Many thanks to
all of you who are supporting the project in any way.

  Project 2013 Calendar of Events
  Forthcoming events - if you are holding a fundraising event please let us know so it can be
  included in the Calendar.

  11-13 June            Three Peaks Challenge by Churchwarden Kairon Bebbington

  30 June               Spring into Summer - Scunthorpe Male Voice Choir

  10 July               Spring into Summer - Sheffield Youth Orchestra with celebrity pianist

  September             Tickets go on sale for Prize Raffle

  3 September Candlelit Dinner in Treacy Hall

  4 September Concert by Salvation Army Choir and Band

  15 September Antiques Evening - talk and valuations on request by John Walsh

  25 September The Friends of Wakefield Cathedral invite you to Come and Sing ‘Messiah’

  28 October            Wakefield Cathedral Flower Festival (to 31 October)

  13 November Barn Dance at Walton Social Club and draw for Prize Raffle

  Plans are being put in place for a mile of 10p pieces

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