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					Working together
to succeed
2007 Corporate Profile
IFC   A message from Jim Westlake                  3      Corporate organization            11    Other insurance products
IFC   RBC overview                                 4      Executive committee                     and assistance services
1     A message from Neil Skelding                 6      Life and health                   12    RBC Insurance locations
2     2007 highlights                              8      Property and casualty             IBC Directors	 	
3     Financial highlights                         10     Reinsurance


“Always earning the right to be
our clients’ first choice”
A message from Jim Westlake
Group Head, Canadian Banking, RBC

                            The Canadian Banking segment of          I believe our insurance business, with its strong product suite,
                            RBC®, which includes our Global          extensive distribution capabilities and industry-leading focus
                            Insurance business, had a solid year     on client service, is well-positioned to deliver significant
                            in 2007, part of a record year for RBC   progress in achieving its priorities. I recognize that our success
                            as a whole. In 2007, we generated        comes from our people and sustained success comes from
                            strong revenue growth, reflecting        how we work together to deliver performance. I am confident
                            our focus on growth initiatives and      that together, we will continue to deliver strong results across
our strong national retail presence across all products and          Canadian Banking.
markets. Combining our broad capabilities with investments in
client-facing staff, distribution networks and enhanced product
offerings has positioned us well for future success.
Specifically, within Global Insurance we saw very good results
with full year earnings increasing significantly over the previous
                                                                     Jim Westlake
year. The insurance client loyalty scores also remain well above
                                                                     Group Head, Canadian Banking, RBC
industry levels. We know that loyal clients reward us with more
of their business and refer their family and friends to us.

RBC overview
Royal Bank of Canada (RY on TSX and            We provide personal and commercial           We employ more than 70,000 full- and
NYSE) and its subsidiaries operate under       banking, wealth management services,         part-time employees, who serve more
the master brand name of RBC and may           insurance, corporate and investment          than 15 million personal, business,
be referred to in this text as RBC. We         banking and transaction processing           public sector and institutional clients
are Canada’s largest bank as measured          services on a global basis. Our Global       through offices in Canada, the U.S. and
by assets and market capitalization            Technology and Operations and Global         36 other countries.
and one of North America’s leading             Functions teams enable business growth
diversified financial services companies.      with expert professional advice and
                                               state-of-the-art processes and technology.
A message from Neil Skelding
President & CEO, RBC Insurance

                        RBC Insurance® has grown significantly in   We also broadened our product portfolio to include a wider
                        the past year. Our 2007 net income after    range of options for clients. This includes a new simplified
                        tax increased 46% over 2006, which is       critical illness insurance product that provides basic coverage
                        nearly triple where we were just three      and a simplified application process. In addition to this
                        years ago.                                  change we enhanced our Critical Illness Recovery Plan™
                       This exceptional performance is a            policy to include an industry-leading long term care insurance
                       testament to the commitment of our           conversion feature.
employees, leadership in our chosen markets and a continued         Expanding our retail insurance branch network remained a
focus on providing superior client service.                         priority over the past year. RBC Insurance now has 23 retail
As part of our commitment to clients, we surveyed Canadians         insurance branches located in Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia,
to better understand how we could help meet their insurance         New Brunswick and Alberta. These branches offer a convenient
needs. We know that people often think of insurance as              retail option for customers wishing to meet face to face with
complicated and difficult to understand; however no financial       an insurance advisor for home, auto, travel and simplified
plan is complete without considering insurance.                     life insurance.

The RBC Insurance/Ipsos Reid survey found that only one in four     In 2008, we will focus on three strategic priorities.
(23%) of insured Canadians regularly review their insurance         First, we need to drive increased sales through multiple
needs without prompting and one-third (33%) of Canadians don’t
                                                                    distribution channels. We will also maintain strength in
know if they even have the right amount or type of insurance.
                                                                    our third party distribution channels.
RBC Insurance is committed to providing Canadians with a
superior experience by offering insurance products, services        Second, we will strive to deepen client relationships.
and advice that help meet their needs.                              To do this, we will deliver on key projects that enhance the

When our clients succeed, we succeed. I am pleased to               client experience and allow us to effectively cross sell to our
say that we had a number of key client successes in 2007.           existing insurance clients based on their needs.

RBC Insurance was selected as the winner of the 2006                Our final strategic priority is to simplify the way we do
Large Institution Program of the Year Award from the Bank           business for both our clients and employees. This means
Insurance & Securities Association (BISA). We won this Award        streamlining our processes while continuing to make it
of Excellence for innovation and leadership in providing
                                                                    easier for clients to do business with us.
13 million Canadian RBC clients with insurance advice,
choice and solutions.                                               While we are proud of the success we had in 2007, we will
RBC Insurance also developed an innovative wireless claims          focus on these priorities to accelerate our momentum and
dispatch system that enhances the client experience by              deliver on another exceptional year for RBC Insurance in 2008.
increasing the speed and efficiency of the claims assessment
process. In 2007, RBC won a prestigious award for this new
process and was named one of the banking and financial
services industry’s 25 most innovative people, companies
and technologies in the sixth annual Innovator ranking by
                                                                    Neil Skelding
Bank Technology News.
                                                                    President & CEO, RBC Insurance

                                                                                                                 2 0 0 7 CO R P O R AT E P R O F I L E   1
In 2007, we focused on three strategic priorities: putting clients first
by delivering best-in-class products and services, continuing to lead in
chosen markets by building on our Canadian leadership positions and
improving our client experience.

2007 highlights

Over the past year, we made significant progress against all of     efficiency of the claims assessment process. RBC won an
our strategic priorities. From a product perspective, we enhanced   award for this new process when we were selected as one
existing options and introduced new products for clients. Our       of the top 25 innovators of 2007 in the sixth annual Bank
simplified critical illness insurance product provides consumers    Technology News ranking.
with basic coverage and a simplified application process.           We also improved our risk management and operational
We also enhanced the Critical Illness Recovery Plan policy to       processes and maintained several important financial
include a new long term care insurance conversion feature.          strength ratings in 2007.
In the United States, we launched four new fixed annuities
and an indexed universal life product for U.S. clients.             In order to maintain our momentum and position our
                                                                    business for continued growth and expansion, RBC Insurance
RBC Insurance also expanded its retail insurance branch network     introduced a Lean Six Sigma (LSS) program last year. This
over the past year, opening 12 new branches in 2007. We now         initiative will help ensure our processes make it easy for
have a total of 23 branches in Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia,        clients to do business with us, allow us to operate efficiently
New Brunswick and Alberta.                                          and position RBC Insurance for continuous improvement.
We continued to lead in chosen markets gaining recognition          RBC Life Insurance Company, our Canadian life insurance
for innovation from both the Bank Insurance & Securities            operating entity, and Liberty Life Insurance Company, our
Association (BISA) and Bank Technology News. RBC Insurance          U.S. life insurance operating entity, renewed their “A”
was selected as the winner of the 2006 Large Institution            (Excellent) financial strength ratings from A.M. Best. Royal
Program of the Year Award from BISA for innovation and              Bank of Canada Insurance Company Ltd., an RBC reinsurance
leadership in providing 13 million Canadian RBC customers           subsidiary located in Barbados, also maintained its “A”
with insurance advice, choice and solutions. RBC Insurance          (Excellent) financial strength rating from A.M. Best and its
also developed an innovative wireless claims dispatch system        AA– counterparty credit and financial strength rating from
that provides home and auto claims road adjusters with              Standard & Poor’s.
on-site access to critical claims data. This unique program
enhances customer service by improving the speed and

Financial highlights
RBC Insurance† net income after taxes (NIAT) for 2007 was $442 million, representing a 46%
increase over 2006. Premiums and deposits were also strong, reflecting new sales growth and
stronger client retention.
    RBC Insurance operates through a number of legal entities. Please refer to the chart below for a listing.

GLOBAL INSURANCE                                          GLOBAL INSURANCE                                        GLOBAL INSURANCE                                   GLOBAL INSURANCE
PREmIUmS AND DEPOSITS                                     NET INCOmE AFTER TAxES                                  NON INTEREST ExPENSES                              FULL TImE EqUIVALENT STAFF
($ millions)                                              ($ millions)                                            ($ millions)



                                                                           GR †





2005        2006       2007                              2005              2006       2007                        2005   2006      2007                             2005      2006         2007
                                                               Compound Annual Growth Rate for NIAT

Corporate organization
At RBC Insurance, we offer a wide range of life, health, travel,                                                We continue to lead in the creditor, travel, life and individual
home and auto insurance products and creditor insurance                                                         living benefits insurance markets in Canada. We also have a
services to individual and business clients in Canada and the                                                   fast growing home and auto insurance business and a leading
United States, as well as reinsurance for clients around the world.                                             reinsurance operation.
RBC Insurance, which operates as part of the Canadian Banking
segment of RBC, is the largest Canadian bank-owned group
of insurers.

RBC Insurance                                 Canadian                            RBC Insurance       RBC Life              RBC Insurance              RBC General                Assured
                                              operations                          Services Inc.       Insurance             Company of                 Insurance                  Assistance Inc.
                                                                                                      Company1              Canada                     Company

                                              U.S.                                Liberty Life        The Liberty
                                              operations                          Insurance           Marketing
                                                                                  Company1            Corporation

                                              International                       RBC Reinsurance     Royal Bank
                                              operations                          (Ireland) Limited   of Canada
                                                                                                      Company Ltd.2
This chart does not represent the organization’s actual legal or divisional structure.
     “A” (Excellent) financial strength rating from A.M. Best.
     Royal Bank of Canada Insurance Company Ltd. has an “A” (Excellent) financial strength rating from A.M. Best and an AA– counterparty credit and financial strength rating from Standard & Poor’s.

                                                                                                                                                                             2 0 0 7 CO R P O R AT E P R O F I L E   3
RBC Insurance Executive Committee
From left to right: Stan Seggie, Head, Travel Insurance > John Hillis, Head, Business & Client Strategy > Kathy Pryden, Head, Reinsurance &
International markets > William Onuwa, Head, Insurance Risk management > Tom Dalinda, Head, Investments > Louise Mitchell, Head, Bank
Insurance Distribution > François Boulanger, Head, Home and Auto Insurance > Neil Skelding, President & CEO, RBC Insurance > John Young,
Head, Life and Health Insurance > David Black, Head, U.S. Insurance > Diane Churilla, Head, Finance > Rino D’Onofrio, Head, Insurance Operations

     R B C I N S URANCE                 9

2 0 0 7 CO R P O R AT E P R O F I L E   5
Our life and health insurance business provides a wide range of
individual and group life and health insurance solutions to individual
and business clients in Canada and the United States.

Life and health

RBC Insurance offers life and health insurance, as well as          We also completed the transitioning of our independent
wealth solutions, to individual and group clients in Canada         contracted representatives to RBC Insurance commissioned
and the United States. This includes term and universal             employees. As a result of this change and the increased focus
life, critical illness, disability and long term care insurance,    on streamlining this business, our Canadian career sales
as well as group benefits and segregated funds in Canada.           insurance advisors saw record total production in 2007, with
We also offer variable life insurance, and fixed and variable       a 125% increase in productivity per advisor in the last year.
annuities in the United States. In Canada, these products are       In 2007, our term life and simplified critical illness insurance
distributed through more than 17,000 independent brokers            solutions continued to be offered through the RBC Insurance
affiliated with producer groups, financial planning companies       retail insurance branch network. These branches provide a
and investment dealers, as well as through direct sales and a       convenient retail option for clients who are looking to meet
network of more than 300 proprietary insurance advisors.            face to face with an insurance advisor for home, auto, travel,
Distribution in the United States is through regional and           term life and simplified critical illness insurance products.
independent broker-dealers, national marketing organizations,       There are now 23 retail RBC Insurance branches located in
RBC banking and investment channels, the Internet, other            markets across Canada.
direct marketing channels and a field force of approximately
250 sales agents, operating primarily in the southeastern
United States.
In 2007, we focused on enhancing manufacturing and service
capabilities, broadening our distribution channels and
improving technology. We launched a number of initiatives
over the past year which supported these priorities and
enabled us to further grow and expand our life and health
insurance business.
From a product perspective, we introduced a new Guaranteed
Standard Issue® life insurance product. This unique product
— which is a first in the Canadian industry — uses a group          U.S. operations
underwriting approach to offer individual life insurance            In the United States, RBC Insurance strengthened its position
products. It is geared toward employer/employee groups of           as a leading provider of directly marketed optional mortgage
10 or more and uses a group-like enrollment process rather          life and mortgage accidental death insurance to customers
than a traditional individual life insurance application process.   of U.S. financial institutions, contracting with a new national
                                                                    mortgage account and expanding marketing opportunities
We also launched a simplified critical illness insurance option,    with a key existing national account. We also implemented a
which targets a broader range of consumers. The new product         new marketing protocol based on target package design and
features a simplified application and underwriting process and      prospect modelling.
provides a solid solution to consumers who are looking for an
affordable alternative for meeting fundamental critical illness     We saw continued strong growth in sales of our term insurance

insurance needs. As part of our review of our critical illness      products. The RBC ExpressTERM policy, our fully automated
product portfolio, we also enhanced our Critical Illness Recovery   term insurance product, increased 28% over 2006. The
Plan policy to offer consumers improved and unique features,        RBC LevelTERM® policy, traditionally underwritten term
including an increased number of covered conditions and an          insurance with highly competitive rates for tobacco users,
industry-leading long term care insurance conversion option.        was up 23%.

The RBC Insurance Guaranteed Investment Funds (GIFs),               We also introduced four new fixed annuities (three indexed
which were launched in 2006, had a strong year, including           and one traditional) and an indexed universal life insurance
the introduction of enhancements and two new fund options.          product working with a new third party administrator for
These changes broaden the appeal of the product to a wider          product development. This significant expansion of our
audience and allow clients to further diversify their holdings.     product development capability provides increased design
                                                                    flexibility and enables us to accelerate new product introductions.
We also introduced new rates for both our disability and term
life insurance products to improve competitiveness in these         Our U.S. proprietary sales force also saw the highest average
key markets. We added a new Term 10 Policy Exchange option          agent productivity in our history, nearly doubling in the past
as well, which allows clients to exchange their Term 10 policy      four years. We implemented a new agent activity model
for a Term 20 option without providing evidence of insurability.    designed to significantly improve first year agent retention.

Enhancing our technology platform remained a key priority           Over the next year, our focus will be on further expanding
in 2007. The completion of several phases of our major              our North American life and health insurance operations by
technology transformation resulted in most new Canadian             building our distribution capabilities through retail insurance
living benefits insurance business now being processed              and online options, strengthening our independent and
through these new systems.                                          proprietary channels and enhancing our product portfolio to
                                                                    provide options that appeal to a broader range of consumers.

                                                                                                              2 0 0 7 CO R P O R AT E P R O F I L E   7
Our property and casualty products include home, auto and travel
insurance for individual and business clients in Canada. We also have
a growing U.S. travel insurance business.

Property and casualty

Home and auto insurance                                                The Deductible Rewards program and the Deductible Choice
At RBC Insurance, we offer Canadians a comprehensive range             option will be introduced in other provincial markets in 2008.
of personal home and auto insurance products, including                From a claims perspective we piloted the Auto Watch program,
coverage for houses, condominium units, apartments,                    which allows clients to monitor repairs of their vehicles online.
cottages, automobiles, motorcycles, recreational vehicles              We are also continuing the expansion of our unique valet
and snowmobiles. RBC Insurance home and auto insurance                 program to other areas across Canada. As part of this innovative,
products are offered to clients through direct sales channels,         client-friendly program, RBC Insurance picks up a client’s
including face to face in retail insurance branches, as well as over   damaged vehicle, takes it to a repair facility and delivers
the phone, on the Internet and through group insurance plans.          a replacement rental vehicle to the client’s home or work
Our group insurance program is designed to give employers              place — whichever is more convenient. When the repairs are
and affinity groups the opportunity to offer employees and             complete, the vehicle is returned and the rental car picked up.
members value-added insurance options without the cost                 RBC Insurance implemented a full end-to-end wireless claims
of maintaining an additional benefit program. Over the past            dispatch system and mobile claims application in 2006, providing
year, we added 20 new organizations to this rapidly growing            home and auto claims road adjusters with on-site access to
program. We now provide group home and auto insurance                  critical claims data. Available in all major Canadian cities, this
benefits to more than 80 groups across Canada, representing            unique program enhances the customer service by improving
over 550,000 eligible members and employees.                           the speed and efficiency of the claims assessment process.
In 2007, we continued to expand our home and auto insurance            In 2007, RBC won a prestigious award for this new process and
business. Key highlights include introducing new products,             was named one of the banking and financial services industry’s
services and programs to enhance client experience and grow            25 most innovative people, companies and technologies in the
our overall business.                                                  sixth annual Innovator ranking by Bank Technology News.
We launched a new RBC Deductible Choice option for home                We also introduced a credit-based platform in Quebec that
and auto insurance clients in Ontario. This feature allows             enables RBC Insurance to be more competitive in the marketplace
clients to select any deductible they would like, from $250            and provide pricing tailored to our clients.
to $10,000. This option complements the RBC Insurance                  Over the next year, we plan to continue to grow our business
Deductible Rewards program, which was introduced in 2006 and           by enhancing the overall client experience and expanding
allows Ontario clients to decrease their deductible by $50             our distribution channels, with a particular emphasis on retail
for every year they are claim free, up to a maximum of $250.           insurance branches and group insurance.
Travel insurance                                                      We also launched several process improvements, including
RBC Insurance is the leading provider of travel insurance in          automated policy fulfillment, which gives us the ability to
Canada. We were also the recipient of the Baxter Travel Agents’       provide customized policy language to travel insurance clients
Choice award for favourite travel insurance provider in Canada,       — a first in the Canadian travel industry. With this new process,
marking the sixth consecutive year we have received this honour.      the travel agent’s primary responsibility will be to offer travel
Our travel insurance business provides a wide range of products       insurance, with the policy fulfillment being carried out by
and services, including trip cancellation, interruption and           RBC Insurance. Upon a sale, we promptly deliver a client’s
emergency assistance services to clients in Canada and the            policy directly to them by email or mail. We also introduced
United States. These products are offered through a network of        an online travel insurance claim form and proactive follow
travel distributors, as well as over the Internet. In Canada travel   up on claims information, which improved the efficiency of
insurance products and services are also distributed through          claims processing.
approved bank channels, our network of proprietary insurance          We continued to build our U.S. travel insurance business by
advisors, insurance brokers and retail insurance branches.            signing up new accounts and leveraging our strong Canadian
In 2007, we continued to grow our Canadian business by                business expertise.
launching new technology solutions and enhancing the                  RBC Insurance plans to grow its travel insurance business by
products we provide to distributors and their clients.                exploring additional distribution channels and enhancing and
Over the past year we launched a new electronic application for       simplifying our products, processes and structures.
Travel HealthProtector® insurance for use within bank branches,
replacing the use of paper applications. This has facilitated a
more positive client experience as the new application is faster
to use, easier to understand and streamlines our administrative
processes. New Travel HealthProtector product and sales
fulfillment training was also provided to the bank sales force
over the past year.

                                                                                                               2 0 0 7 CO R P O R AT E P R O F I L E   9

RBC Insurance reinsures risks to other insurance and reinsurance
companies in order to provide greater diversification, limit loss
exposure to large risks and provide additional capacity for future
growth. We have focused our reinsurance business on life retrocession
and trade credit reinsurance.

Life retrocession                                                 Credit and financial products reinsurance
RBC Insurance continues its participation in excess reinsurance   Our credit and financial products business underwrites
pools and quota-share deals of most North American and            traditional trade credit, surety and financial-based risk,
European reinsurers by accepting a portion of reinsurance risk    primarily in the European credit markets. We participate
on life and critical illness insurance policies.                  in quota-share programs and excess-of-loss layers with all
We are now participating in the longevity risk associated         primary trade credit insurers. We also selectively participate
with payout annuities. This is done by assuming the expected      in facultative transactions for specific risks.
payments on blocks of annuities and reimbursing the reinsurers    We plan to continue to increase our share of the trade credit
for the actual payments made to the annuitants.                   reinsurance market and to take on selective business that
Going forward we will continue researching new product            fits within our credit limits and return on capital requirements.
lines and identifying growth opportunities in other               We offer our clients responsiveness, capacity and relationship
international markets.                                            commitment along with strong counterparty credit ratings.

RBC Insurance is involved in a number of key insurance and related
activities that generate fee income for the organization, including
creditor and travel assistance services.

Other insurance products
and assistance services

Creditor insurance                                                    Travel assistance services
RBC Insurance supports the creditor insurance products and            RBC Insurance, through Assured Assistance Inc. (AAI), is one
services for individual and business clients of RBC Royal Bank®.      of North America’s leading providers of emergency travel and
This includes life and disability insurance for mortgages, loans      medical assistance services.
and Visa* cards.                                                      AAI provides 24/7 multilingual travel assistance, medical case
In 2007, we continued to enhance our leadership position in           management, cost containment and network access to more
this market. Over the past year the underwriting threshold for        than three million worldwide travellers annually.
life and disability insurance on mortgages increased from             In 2007, we continued to expand our medical provider network
$300,000 to $500,000 and the longer form application was              through direct relationships with top quality medical providers
replaced with tele-underwriting, making it faster and easier          in key travel destinations. We also continued to contract with
for clients to qualify for insurance. We also integrated the          preferred provider networks to deliver access to top quality medical
BalanceProtector® product into the online Visa application            providers with superior savings.
process, providing access to clients who apply for an
RBC Royal Bank Visa card online.                                      AAI develops and implements advanced quality tracking and
                                                                      measurement tools focusing on delivering superior client
Late in the year, we launched a disability creditor insurance         experience, industry-leading claim savings and improved
option and tele-underwriting for the Business Loan Insurance          workflow efficiencies.
Plan. RBC Royal Bank is the first major Canadian financial
institution to launch a creditor disability product for businesses.   Going forward, our continued focus is on delivering a superior
                                                                      client experience, expanding our worldwide medical provider
Going forward we plan to support the enhancement of existing          relationships, claim savings and operational efficiencies.
creditor insurance products by offering additional solutions
to business and personal clients to make it easier for consumers
to understand and access creditor insurance coverage.

                                                                                                                2 0 0 7 CO R P O R AT E P R O F I L E   11
RBC Insurance locations
CANADA                                                      Life and Health Offices                                           10655 Southport Rd. S.W., Suite 600, Calgary, AB T2W 4Y1
                                                                                                                              T (866) 715-3757 F (866) 804-2228
Canadian Head Office                                        10655 Southport Rd. S.W., Suite 600, Calgary, AB T2W 4Y1
6880 Financial Dr., Tower 1, Mississauga, ON L5N 7Y5        T (403) 264-8686 F (403) 263-5591                                 111 Grangeway Ave., Suite 406, Scarborough, ON M1H 3E9
T (905) 949-3663 F (905) 813-4853                                                                                             T (888) 269-2515 F (905) 813-4791
                                                            10117 Jasper Ave., Suite 610, Edmonton, AB T5J 1W8
                                                            T (780) 423-0066 F (780) 428-1925                                 1 Place Ville Marie, Suite 1300, East Wing, Montreal, QC H3C 2S1
RBC Insurance Branches
                                                                                                                              T (800) 769-2526 F (514) 384-5088
                                                            300-2985 Virtual Way, Vancouver, BC V5M 4X7
Bonnie Doon insurance branch
                                                            T (604) 689-1738 F (604) 683-3320
82nd Avenue & 83rd Street, Unit 155, Edmonton, AB T6C 4E3                                                                     Travel Offices
T (780) 944-5832 F (780) 944-4395                           220 Portage Ave., Suite 1206, Winnipeg, MB R3C 0A5
                                                                                                                              10655 Southport Rd., S.W., Suite 600, Calgary, AB T2W 4Y1
                                                            T (204) 985-9497 F (204) 944-8855
Calgary Main insurance branch                                                                                                 T (403) 271-0504 F (403) 271-8168
195 - 315 8th Avenue SW, Calgary, AB T2P 4K1                5161 George St., 12th Floor, Halifax, NS B3J 1M7
                                                                                                                              2985 Virtual Way, Suite 300, Vancouver, BC V5M 4X7
T (403) 299-4588 F (403) 299-4586                           T (902) 492-3444 F (902) 492-2171
                                                                                                                              T (604) 718-6700 F (604) 718-6752
Dieppe insurance branch                                     1122 International Blvd. Box 5044, Burlington, ON L7R 4C1
                                                                                                                              1 Place Ville Marie, 13th Floor, South Wing, Montreal, QC H3C 3A9
231 Champlain Street, Suite 101, Dieppe, NB E1A 1N9         T (905) 319-9501 F (905) 319-9490
                                                                                                                              T (514) 748-1457 F (514) 748-2588
T (506) 870-3717 F (506) 870-3781
                                                            30 Duke St. W., 8th Floor, Kitchener, ON N2H 3W5
Fredericton insurance branch                                T (519) 579-4770 F (519) 579-4787
1206 Prospect St., Fredericton, NB E3B 3C1                                                                                    UNITeD STATeS
T (506) 450-2344 F (506) 451-6626                           380 Wellington St., Suite 205, London, ON N6A 5B5
                                                            T (519) 679-9590 F (519) 679-4649                                 U.S. Head Office
Clayton Park insurance branch
                                                            90 Sparks St., 2nd Floor Mezzanine Level, Ottawa, ON K1P 5T6      2000 Wade Hampton Blvd., P.O. Box 1389, Greenville, SC 29602
287 Lacewood Drive, Unit 110, Halifax, NS B3M 3Y7
                                                            T (613) 239-3038 F (613) 239-3022                                 T (864) 609-3600 F (864) 609-4100
T (902) 421-5518 F (902) 421-7937
Dartmouth insurance branch                                  483 Bay Street, Suite 1000, North Tower, Toronto, ON M5G 2E7      Life and Health Offices
50 Tacoma Drive, Suite 15, Dartmouth, NS B2W 3E5            T (416) 594-3700 F (416) 861-0897
                                                                                                                              2 Pershing Square, 2300 Main St., Suite 450, Kansas City, MO
T (902) 421-2161 F (902) 421-4234                           2110 Amy Lynn Park Dr., Windsor, ON N9E 4N1                       64108
Centre Mall insurance branch                                T (800) 265-1523 F (519) 945-4383                                 T (816) 218-6500 F (816) 218-6611
1227 Barton Street E, Hamilton, ON L8H 7J3                  1100, boul. René-Lévesque O., bur 710, Montreal, QC H3B 4N4
T (905) 548-5790 F (905) 548-5401                           T (514) 954-1205 F (514) 954-1206                                 Agency Sales Offices
Queen’s Quay insurance branch                               1000, route de L’Église, bur 470, Ste-Foy, QC G1V 3V9             Baton Rouge
207 Queen’s Quay West, Unit 121, Toronto, ON M5J 1A7        T (418) 623-7285 F (418) 623-9608                                 10755 Linkwood Ct., Baton Rouge, LA 70810
T (416) 955-2550 F (416) 955-2588                                                                                             T (225) 766-1116 F (225) 766-1154
                                                            135-21 St. E., Ste 201, Saskatoon, SK S7K 0B4
Kingston insurance branch                                   T (306) 933-3222 F (306) 665-1106                                 Charleston
65 Princess St., Unit 2, Kingston, ON K7L 1A6                                                                                 885 Island Park Dr., Suite 102, Charleston, SC 29492
T (613) 549-7300 F (613) 549-7655                           Career Sales Offices                                              T (843) 856-2257 F (843) 856-3589
Milton Mall insurance branch                                10216 124th St., Suite 606, Edmonton, AB T5N 4A3                  Charlotte
65 Ontario St. S., Unit F6, Milton, ON L9T 2T2              T (780) 944-8774 F (780) 944-8795                                 13860 Ballantyne Corporate Place, Suite 175, Charlotte, NC
T (905) 875-3144 F (905) 875-0744                                                                                             28277
                                                            10655 Southport Rd. S.W., Suite 600, Calgary, AB T2W 4Y1          T (704) 540-2663 F (704) 540-2824
Dixie & Burnhamthorpe insurance branch                      T (403) 271-4422 F (403) 278-3774
4141 Dixie Road, Unit 7, Mississauga, ON L4W 1V5                                                                              Columbia
T (905) 625-3034 F (905) 625-3996                           3960 Quadra St., Suite 507, Victoria, BC V8X 4A3                  4406 — A Forest Dr., Suite 3, Columbia, SC 29206
                                                            T (250) 953-2300 F (250) 881-7497                                 T (803) 743-0071 F (803) 743-0880
Highway 10 & Eglinton insurance branch
4557 Hurontario Street, Unit B3, Mississauga, ON L4Z 3M2    2985 Virtual Way, Suite 301, Vancouver, BC V5M 4X7                Florence
T (905) 712-3236 F (905) 712-8959                           T (604) 718-4300 F (604) 718-4375                                 1810 Second Loop Rd., Suite 12, Florence, SC 29501
                                                            20434 64th Ave., Suite 110 Langley, BC V2Y 1N4                    T (843) 662-3632 F (843) 665-7633
Meadowvale insurance branch
6880 Financial Drive, Mississauga, ON L5N 7Y5               T (604) 532-2650 F (604) 532-2656                                 Greenville
T (905) 286-5099 F (905) 286-1187                           220 Portage Ave., Suite 1305, Winnipeg, MB R3C 0A5                100 Verdae Blvd., Suite 402, Greenville, SC 29607
                                                            T (204) 953-0500 F (204) 947-2733                                 T (864) 281-0684 F (864) 281-0539
Oakville insurance branch
361 Cornwall Road, Unit 107, Oakville, ON L6J 7Z5           525 Main St., Moncton, NB E1C 1C4                                 Lake Charles
T (905) 815-8121 F (905) 815-8844                           T (506) 857-8025 F (506) 853-7939                                 1415 West Prien Lake Rd., Lake Charles, LA 70601
                                                                                                                              T (337) 474-0488 F (337) 474-7504
Finch & McCowan insurance branch                            6880 Financial Dr., Tower 1, 2nd Floor, Mississauga, ON L5N 7Y5
Woodside Square, 1571 Sandhurst Circle                      T (905) 858-8890 F (905) 858-5860                                 Lexington
Scarborough, ON M1V 1V2                                                                                                       1510 Newtown Pike, Suite 152, Lexington, KY 40511
T (416) 292-6466 F (416) 292-6490                           3027 Harvester Rd., Suite 502, Burlington, ON L7N 3G7             T (859) 255-7959 F (859) 253-3124
                                                            T (905) 631-7550 F (905) 631-8705
Warden & Finch insurance branch                                                                                               Myrtle Beach
2900 Warden Avenue, Unit 209, Scarborough, ON M1W 2S8       3300 Highway #7, Suite 320, Concord, ON L4K 4M3                   2024 Corporate Centre Dr., Suite 303, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
T (416) 497-1226 F (416) 497-1262                           T (905) 760-8060 F (905) 760-7701                                 T (843) 626-6252 F (843) 626-6274
Bloor & Yonge insurance branch                              2075 Kennedy Rd., Suite 600, Scarborough, ON M1T 3V3              Raleigh
2 Bloor Street East, Lower Concourse, Toronto, ON M4W 1A8   T (416) 289-5661 F (416) 289-4177                                 Highwoods Tower Two, 3201 Beechleaf Ct., Suite 490, Raleigh,
T (416) 974-2760 F (416) 974-2878                                                                                             NC 27604
                                                            383 Richmond St., Suite 801, London, ON N6A 3C4
                                                                                                                              T (919) 878-0440 F (919) 878-0442
Leslieville insurance branch                                T (519) 645-6840 F (519) 642-1421
1015 Lake Shore Blvd. East, Unit 2A, Toronto, ON M4M 1B4                                                                      SE Florida
                                                            111 Grangeway Ave., Suite 400, Scarborough, ON M1H 3E9
T (416) 461-3970 F (416) 461-3969                                                                                             801 Brickell Ave., Suite 570, Miami, FL 33131
                                                            T (416) 289-8779 F (416) 289-7120
                                                                                                                              T (305) 810-1770 F (305) 810-1779
Southdale & Wonderland insurance branch
                                                            238A Brownlow Avenue., Suite 101, Dartmouth, NS B3B 2B4
3089 Wonderland Rd. South, Unit A, London, ON N6L 1R4                                                                         Spartanburg
                                                            T (902) 492-4100 F (902) 429-7646
T (519) 680-6022 F (519) 680-6029                                                                                             Oak Forest Shopping Center, 2401 Reidville Rd., Suite 7
                                                            40 Hines Rd., Suite 400, Kanata, ON K2K 2M5                       Spartanburg, SC 29301
Place Portobello insurance branch
                                                            T (613) 592-8007 F (613) 592-8077                                 T (864) 587-6570 F (864) 587-6575
7250 Taschereau Blvd., Unit 16, Brossard, QC J4W 1M9
T (450) 923-5122 F (450) 923-5121                           9900 Cavendish Blvd., Suite 310, St. Laurent, QC H4M 2V2          Travel Offices
                                                            T (514) 856-8666 F (514) 856-8699                                 2000 Wade Hampton Blvd., Greenville, SC 29615
Place Grilli insurance branch                                                                                                 T (864) 609-3030 F (864) 609-3737
3535 St. Charles Blvd., Kirkland, QC H9H 5B9                3100 Le Carrefour Blvd., Suite 115, Laval, QC H7T 2K7
T (514) 630-1908 F (514) 630-5001                           T (450) 686-4299 F (450) 686-4644                                 INTeRNATIONAL
Place Ville-Marie insurance branch                          1260 Lebourgneuf Blvd., Suite 200, Quebec City, QC G2K 2G2        Reinsurance Offices
1 Place Ville-Marie, Galeries Level, Montreal, QC H3B 3Y1   T (418) 654-1222 F (418) 654-2036
T (514) 874-2282 F (514) 874-2141                                                                                             Suite A5, Beacon Court, Sandyford, Dublin 18, Ireland
                                                            2010 11th Ave., Suite 500, Regina, SK S4P 0J3                     T (353) 1-293-7120 F (353) 1-293-7130
Mascouche insurance branch                                  T (306) 569-7666 F (306) 569-7733
222 Montée Masson, Mascouche, QC J7K 3B5                                                                                      Chelston Park, 1st Floor, Building #1, Collymore Rock
T (450) 966-3467 F (450) 966-3484                           Home and Auto Offices                                             P.O. Box 1335, St. Michael, Barbados, West Indies
                                                                                                                              T (246) 228-7544 F (246) 228-7553
                                                            10303 Jasper Ave., Suite 2050, Edmonton, AB T5J 3N6
                                                            T (866) 715-3757 F (866) 804-2228
PETER R.P. EVELYN > Attorney-at-Law                       PETER B. PATTERSON > Business Director                    JOHN F. T. WARREN > Partner and National
Peter Evelyn & Co., Bridgetown, Barbados                  Wycliffe College, Toronto, Ontario                        Business Department Leader
Royal Bank of Canada Insurance Company Ltd.               RBC Life Insurance Company                                Borden Ladner Gervais, LLP, Toronto, Ontario
                                                          RBC Insurance Company of Canada                           RBC Life Insurance Company
JOHN LARKIN > Partner                                     RBC General Insurance Company                             RBC Insurance Company of Canada
William Fry, Solicitors, Dublin, Ireland                                                                            RBC General Insurance Company
RBC Reinsurance (Ireland) Limited                         JOHN E. PELLER > President & CEO
                                                          Andrew Peller Limited, Grimsby, Ontario                   CHARLES D. WHELLY, Q.C. > Barrister and Solicitor
JAMES MCKENNA > Business Consultant                       RBC Life Insurance Company                                Cox & Palmer, Saint John, New Brunswick
Dublin, Ireland                                           RBC Insurance Company of Canada                           RBC Life Insurance Company
RBC Reinsurance (Ireland) Limited                         RBC General Insurance Company                             RBC Insurance Company of Canada
                                                                                                                    RBC General Insurance Company
                                                          WILLIAM M. TOMLIN > President/Director
                                                          CGM Insurance Brokers, Bridgetown, Barbados
                                                          Royal Bank of Canada Insurance Company Ltd.

This list does not include RBC officers who sit on any of our boards of directors.

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