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					                                                                      Surface Modifiers
Lanco A 1601
Product Type           Micronized, High Melt Point, Amorphous Amide Wax

Performance            Lanco A 1601 is a pale colored amide wax with good thermal
                       stability and low melt viscosity. Due to its homogeneous particle
                       size distribution, it is used in wood coatings to improve
                       sandability and provide matting. It is used in powder coatings to
                       improve the surface slip of the powder and, in some applications,
                       de-aerate the coating. Lanco A 1601 provides the following
                        Provides excellent sanding properties in wood finishing
                        Offers gloss control for matte or satin gloss finishes
                        Provides a soft, silky feel in wood coatings
                        Improves the processing of polypropylene and PVC resins
                        Improves thixotropic properties of asphalt, bitumen, paraffin
                           and hydrocarbon resins
                        Excellent release agent in can coatings
                        May be combined with Lanco PTFE modified PE wax to
                           enhance antiblocking
                        May be used as a release agent for all food-contact
                           applications under FDA regulation 21 CFR 181.28 including
                           coatings under FDA regulation 21 CFR 175.300

Typical Applications   Lanco A 1601 is useful in a wide range of applications, including:
                        Wood coatings              Powder coatings
                        Varnishes                  Primers

                       Based on:
                        Alkyds                       Acrylics
                        Nitrocellulose               Polyesters
                        2K polyurethanes             Epoxy/polyester powder systems

Incorporation          Lanco A 1601 can be easily dispersed into liquid coatings using
                       low speed mixers. Formulation variables such as viscosity,
                       solvent package, resin type, selection of dispersant, pigment
                       surface treatment, etc. can influence the ease of incorporation.
                       High-energy dispersers may offer advantages in some
                       applications. In powder coatings, Lanco A 1601 should be
                       incorporated into the premix, prior to the extrusion step.
Addition Levels         To improve surface finish (slip, mar, scratch and abrasion
                        resistance), the recommended addition level of Lanco A 1601 is
                        0.25-2%, based on total formulation weight.

                        To provide matting, the recommended addition level of Lanco A
                        1601 is 1-5%, based on total formulation weight. Combinations of
                        Lanco A 1601 and silica products can provide synergistic results,
                        including improved matting and antiblocking.

Typical Properties      Appearance                         Fine Pale Yellow Powder
                        Chemical Type                      Amorphous Amide Wax
                        Particle Size*, Median (Dv50-)    7
                                Dv90-                      18
                        *Determined by Laser Diffraction
                        Density (g/cc) @ 20°C (68°F)       0.99
                        Wax Melting Point °C (°F)          140 (284)
                        Acid Value (mg KOH/g)               10
                        Hardness (ASTM D-1321)             9

Packaging and Storage   Lanco A 1601 is packaged in 15 kg (33 lb) bags, 15 bags per
                        pallet. Material should be stored on pallets in closed areas. A
                        storage temperature of 30°C should not be exceeded.

Regulatory Status       Lanco A 1601 may be used as a release agent for all food-
                        contact applications under FDA regulation 21 CFR 181.28
                        including coatings under FDA regulation 21 CFR 175.300.

                        All components comply with the chemical control laws and
                        notification requirements of the United States (TSCA), Canada
                        (DSL), European Union (EINECS/ELINCS) and Japan (ENCS).
                        Complete, up-to-date worldwide regulatory information is
                        available on the Material Safety Data Sheet.

                                                                                 Revised March 2005