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Specifications, or How to get Naked!

Researched and Compiled by Maria Wiren and Steven Collyer
Contact: Maria Wiren | | 070-492 47 92
What is Naked Juicebar?
Naked Juicebar is an exciting and lively kiosk/bar, between 15 -20m2, custom made
for shopping centre walkways or shopfronts. Naked Juicebar offers fun and healthy
grab and go freshly made juices, smoothies, fresh soups, and warmerstm served in
takeaway cups.

All of our products are made from fresh and snap-frozen produce on direct order, and
customized for the consumer in less than 1 min 30 s. There is a set menu however
customers can create their own unique personal juice combination from a list of

Ideal locations for Naked Juicebar are central areas in shopping malls with a medium
to high traffic flow (min. 2.5 million visitors per year) and a good mix of fashion,
lifestyle and sports shops. It is also highly advantageous if offices and other business
places are within the shopping mall itself or in surrounding areas.
What does a Naked Juicebar need?
Each Naked Juicebar is custom made by our in house architect to suit the
surrounding environment within your shopping centre and to maximize visual appeal
and shop efficiency.

A Naked Juicebar unit requires hot and cold water, power (min 10 kw -may differ with
size of shop), phone and internet connection, and sewerage connection.         Where
sewerage connection is impossible to install in the ideal location, Naked Juicebar has
other solutions available through alternative technology.

A remote storage facility of 15 m2 is also required for the storage of fridges and
freezers, ice machine, equipment, stock and staffs belongings. This room requires
power and a supply of fresh water along with a sewerage connection or floor drain.
The room also requires good ventilation since fridges and freezers generate heat.

(Please refer to the attached example specifications list)
What steps are taken to get Naked?
1. Shopping center representative and Naked management to identify
   possible locations in shopping centers.
2. Investigate location of nearest water, power and drainage connections, and
   storage facilities.
3. Arrange for builder/technician to suggest best method for connection to
4. Agree on contract.
5. Naked Juicebar to arrange a draft design of Juicebar to suit location and
   seek approval from shopping center representative.
6. Arrange and connect utilities to location as specified in contract
7. Construction and installation of Juicebar.
8. Time to get Naked!

Approximate time from signing of contract to opening of store is 10-13 weeks.
                     Specifikationslista Naked Juicebar
SHOP                                  15 – 20m
Vatten                                Tillgång till varmt och kallt vatten. OBS: Kan
                                      dras fram genom taket.

Avlopp                                Kan pumpas ut.Ej behov av fettavskiljare.

Juicemaskin 220 V                                                                0.80kw
Ljudisolerade Blenders 1,55 kw x 3,
220 V                                                                            4.65kw
Juicedispenser                                                                   0.06kw
Ångvärmare – 220 W                                                               2.00kw
Kylbänkar 220 V                                                                  0.04kw
Kassasystem 220 V                                                                0.10kw
Belysning 220 V                                                                  0.40kw
Musiksystem 220 V                                                                0.10kw
LCD Screen/System                                                                0.12kw

Totalt El                                                                       8.16kw

FÖRVARINGSUTRYMME                     För förvaring av livsmedel – ventilation krävs.
Yta                                   15 kvm
Vatten/Avlopp                         Vatten tillförsel (till ismaskin).

Kyl & Frys                                                                       0.75kw
Ismaskin                                                                         0.78kw
Totalt El                                                                       1.53kw

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