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					Wednesday, September 22, 2010                                                                                    Edition #8
                                                                                   Cathedral High School Vision
                                                                           Cathedral High School, a Catholic institution,
                                                                               will be the model for all high schools
                                                                            as she profoundly shapes the way students
                                                                                        think, serve and lead.

                                                                                  Cathedral High School Mission
Dear Cathedral Parents,                                                Cathedral, a Catholic college preparatory high school,
                                                                       provides to a diverse group of students opportunities
Immunizations for high school students were updated at the                  for spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional
                                                                   and physical growth through service and academic excellence.
end of the last school year. It is very important that your
children receive these new shots. They are:
     Tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis booster
     Meningococcal vaccine
     2 doses of the varicella (chickenpox) vaccine (Tdap is needed)
     2 MMR (measles, mumps, rubella)
Although I have not yet announced a date by which these immunizations must be completed, I will be doing so in the
future. Please be sure to have these immunizations up-to-date and send a copy of your child’s shots to our Registrar,
Susie Thornburg (
     A list of clinics for these immunizations is included in this document on pages 9 and 10.

The Cathedral Connection Meeting held on Monday, September 13th provided many questions for our administration
to answer. These responses are on pages 3 – 7 of this parent email.

Homecoming is a very special week for our Cathedral students and will be from Monday, September 27 – Friday,
October 1st. Our students do dress up in theme costumes (as do some teachers), and points are earned through the
costumes, hall decorating, and Walk-a-thon towards winning “The Spirit Stick!” More information on this week is
included in this document.

Use these hyperlinks to find information quickly:

Advancement                       Bookstore and Spirit Shop     College Information                    Prayers
Announcements                     Cafeteria Menu                Congratulations                        Service
Athletics                         Chapel Proposal               Dates to Remember                      Smart Quote
Band Information                  Choir News                    Magazine Sale

Dates to Remember:

Fri, Sep 24     Spirit Assembly from 2:45 – 3:10 p.m.
Sun/Mon 9/26-27 Millikin University Vocal Festival – 6 choir students
Mon – Fri, Sep 27-Oct 1 Homecoming Week
Thurs, Sep 30 Homecoming Dance- Café- 7-10 PM

Fri, Oct 1         Homecoming Walk, Assembly, Game; School begins at 8:30 a.m.; dismissal at 1:00 p.m.
Sat, Oct 2         Band at ISSMA District Contest at Lawrence Central HS – 4:50 p.m. performance time
Sun, Oct 3         Children’s Play at 1:00 and 4:00 p.m. in O’Malia Performing Arts Center
Tues, Oct 5      Professional Learning Communities for faculty/staff – school begins at 8:05 a.m.
                 Rosary Prayer Service – Special Schedule
Wed, Oct 6       Parent Meeting about Freshman Day of Recollection – (new format) in SLC from 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Thurs-Fri, Oct 7-8 Junior Women’s Overnight
Fri, Oct 8       Official end of magazine sale
                 Dad’s Day Breakfast in Cafeteria from 6:00 – 7:15 a.m.
Sat, Oct 9       SAT Test
Tues, Oct 12 Caritas – school begins at regular time
Wed, Oct 13 Freshman Day of Recollection –dismissal at 3:00 p.m.
                 PSAT for Sophomores and Juniors – students without extended time should finish at 10:30-10:40
                          students with extended time will be finished between 11:40 and 12:00
                 Senior College Visitation Day
                 Professional Development 11:30 – 3:00 p.m. for faculty and staff
Friday, Oct 15 End of First Quarter
                 Amy’s Day Breakfast – Cafeteria from 6:00 – 7:15 a.m. (information inside)
Sat, Oct. 16     Choral Tech rehearsal (Auditorium) from 8:00 – 11:00 p.m.
Sun, Oct 17      Senior Retreat Team Meeting (for those giving the retreat) – 1:00 – 4:00 in Commons
                 Choral Fall Show in Auditorium at 3:00 p.m.

Mass Information:
               From the Desk of the Chaplain ~ Daily Mass is offered in the Chapel at 7:00 a.m. on Tuesdays,
               Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Fr. Munshower encourages members of the Cathedral
               Family to contact him to have a mass said in memory of a loved one. If you are not able to pay
               the $10 Mass stipend, you may still submit an intention for our daily Mass. Please contact Fr.
               Munshower at 968-7362 for details and arrangements. Father also requests that, if you
               contract a Mass, that someone from your family tries to be in attendance on that day.
               Communion Services and Masses begin at 7:00 a.m. in the Cathedral Chapel.

 Day          Date   Holy Day                 Mass Offered for:
 Thurs        9/23   St. Pio of Pietreicina   RIP Pat Glassmeyer from June Dinn
 Fri          9/24   Weekday Mass             For Healing for Josh Fry (’14) from the St. Matthew’s Class of 2010
 Mon          9/27   Communion Service        Private Petitions
 Tues         2/28   St. Wenceslaus           RIP Pat Trainor from R. Graham & L. Braswell
 Wed          9/29   St. Michael              RIP Alberta Cronin from Marianne Echelbarger
 Thurs        9/30   St. Jerome               For the CHS faculty from the Renie Family
                     St. Therese of the
 Fri          10/1                            School begins at 8:30; walk-a-thon; end of spirit week – no Mass
                     Child Jesus


Steve Rothkopf (CHS ’06) is now a grad student at Jacobs School of Music at IU. Help him promote this song.
             If you’re getting this email from me, it’s because I consider you either a great friend, a supporter
             of my music, or (most likely) both. One of my best friends and fellow band members, Adam
             Cantor, and I recently recorded a professional version of the song “Hallelujah.” We made a
             youtube video with our recording which can be found

Congratulations to former CHS teacher and Coach Bobby Allen and his wife, Mollie, as the
welcome their first-born at 5:45 this morning. Benson Robert Allen weighs 7 lb, 1 oz. and is
20 inches long. All are well at Community North Hospital. If you wish to send Bobby a card
or email, he is working at Knightstown High School and his email address is:


September Insight:
Remember to read the Insight, since it carries some different information than the parent email does.

Cathedral Connection/Mothers’ Club Freshmen/Sophomore Meeting was held on Monday, September 13th.
The moderators turned all unanswered questions over to us so that our administrators could answer them for
you. The questions and answers are printed here:


What is the first step in addressing a poor grade? How long should a parent wait before approaching a teacher
about an at risk grade?

The first thing a parent should do in this situation is to discuss the grade with the student. If a student isn’t
studying or doing homework, then the parent can correct that situation. If the student is working hard and still
struggling, the parent should contact the teacher.

As a parent, I wanted my child placed in French 2. Parent received no assistance and student remains in French
1. What is the next? Why is there a cost associated with testing out? Seems like we have to pay for everything.
Why can’t a parent make the determination regarding appropriate entry level? Don’t wants kids to get bored
with classes. A better explanation of the testing out process for a foreign language is needed. Why is there no
oral component? Why is there only a written exam?

At this point in the quarter, the student should be working as hard as he can in French I, so that he/she can
achieve at the highest possible level. The proficiency testing fee offsets the cost of proctoring and grading the
exam. It also helps to offset the expense associated with writing and revising the exams. While no one knows a
student better than his/her parents do, most parents are not curricular experts. The goal of the math and world
                language departments is to use the proficiency tests to best place students in the level that will
                challenge them and will best prepare them for the next level. It is not unusual for some students
                to experience a feeling of “I know all of this already” at times during the first semester. However,
                the second-semester material is foreign to them. To initially place students in the next level
                without their having mastered the second-semester material is placing them in jeopardy of
                experiencing future struggles. There is nothing as valuable to a junior or senior in advanced
classes than having a firm grasp of the prerequisites. There is no oral component to the test for two reasons.
One is logistical . . . there are so many students taking the test at so many different times that it is difficult to
find enough time/space/proctors to spend ten minutes or so with each one in direct conversation. The main
reason, however, is that our world language teachers have noticed that the greatest deficiencies with which
students are coming to us are in the areas of grammar, reading, and writing.

State is now offering PE credit for participating in a sport or band. Will Cathedral move toward this in the future?

At this time, Cathedral’s PE program is curricular. That is, the students are exposed to wellness, physiology, first
aid, etc., as well as to getting physical activity. Furthermore, PE aids in helping students build social skills with
students with whom they may not ordinarily socialize, and PE exposes the students to “lifelong activities” as well
as various activities in which their friends participate. Currently, there are no plans to change Cathedral’s two-
semester PE requirement.

NHS offers tutoring: How is this tutoring program set up. Is there a sign up form? Please explain the process.
Another parent attendee explained that forms are in the library and students can identify their area of need and
tutoring is scheduled. Wondered whether an appointment is scheduled or if the student just shows up and hopes
to find a tutor in that subject.

NHS tutoring is available before/after school in the library on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. This tutoring
is free of charge, and it is available on a walk-in basis. The student would merely approach the
table with a sign saying “tutoring” on it and speak to the NHS students. No appointment is
necessary. Students who desire help should bring their book, notes, homework papers,
quizzes, etc., when they come for help. If a student has visited the library tutors several times
and feels that he/she needs more extensive help, he should immediately contact his counselor.

Could a student be allowed to have the same counselor for all four years, unless the counselor leaves CHS?
Having the same counselor would promote continuity and familiarity and trust.

Cathedral’s current counseling structure gives students the opportunity to benefit from our counselors’
expertise. College advising is a specialty, and we have these specialists to counsel our juniors and seniors
through their college search and application process. Academic advising is also a specialty, so we have
counselors who specialize in working with young students in the transition to high school, in four-year planning,
etc. The college advisors work closely with the academic advisors, so the “hand off” of students after
sophomore year is generally seamless. Any parent who has concerns about this process should contact his
child’s counselor or Mr. Mike Jaskoski, the Director of Guidance.

Is it policy for a student to choose the SLC or the library for the entire semester for their resource time? Can
students make library vs SLC on day to day basis? Are freshmen still required to attend resource. (This parent’s
child did not have resource presently). Further explanation of what is covered during the resource period. Parent
wanted to know whether she could require her student attend resource in library if she didn’t want the student to
be in SLC at all. Another parent explained that the teacher assigned to the resource period will have the student
stay in the library or authorize the student to student go to the SLC.

Resource- Only freshmen are required to be in a regular classroom for resource the first quarter. During this
time they receive information about the school through a program called Extended Orientation which is
conducted by 8 different staff members. Also during this time period they will receive three days a week for 10-
15 minutes some tips on study skills, organizations to be help them prepare for their academics. During the
second quarter they will be released two days per week to the SLC and the other days they will have
Organizational skills review and some further Extended Orientation. During the second semester all students will
go to the SLC or Media Center except those who are not academically eligible (that is a GPA of 2.0 or below) or if
they wish to remain in a quiet study resource they may do so by request from their parent or themselves. Part of
resource is to set students together with other students in a social setting.

A parent complained of the confusion between this meeting and the sophomore parent meeting
that covered PSAT, counseling. Are there minutes from the most recent sophomore parenting
ACT/SAT meeting. Are there any handouts available? Where are the above handouts located on
the website? Or can they be made available on the website? The above info would be more
accessible if published on the website.

The PowerPoint presentation from that evening is posted on our guidance website. It is under the
Freshman/Sophomore Advising section. The first topic is the “PSAT for Sophomores” heading. Where it says
“click here for more information,” that is the link. If a parent or student has further questions regarding this,
he/she should contact Mr. Mike Jaskoski, Director of Guidance.

The same parent wondered if the school could describe the contents of the meetings more fully so parents will
understand the content. This parent was very upset that no answers could be provided at this meeting and
would not have come if he had known the content was so limited.

The very top of the parent email for Wednesday, September 8th included this information (below). We do our
best to try to keep our parents informed.
         Freshman and Sophomore Parents: Cathedral Connection is a group of parents working together with
         the Mothers’ Club to keep good communication between CHS parents and the school. When these
         meetings are scheduled, only parents attend unless there is previous notification, when administrators
         come for a question and answer session. This is the ideal time to voice a question that you have been
         hesitant to ask or to speak a concern to see if others share your same concern. The group leaders will
         then handle any questions they can, which are many since they are all CHS parents. If there are
         questions or concerns that they cannot answer or which need to be brought to the administration for
         responses, this is done anonymously. Responses to these questions will be announced in later parent


Are you going to enforce the “belt” rule for uniform pants as listed as the handbook? The handbook says that
belts are required and if it’s no longer enforced, please let students know.

Uniforms- We do not have a belt rule for Cathedral students at this time.

Why is the homecoming dance on a Thursday night this year? What is the appropriate attire for this dance?

Homecoming dance- This year the dance is held on Thursday of Homecoming week so that there are more
               activities before the actual homecoming game. It is also a part of the opportunity to earn
               spirit points for a class. The dance will end earlier than the normal Friday night midnight hour
               and gets students home earlier. The dance is from 7:30- 10:30. There is a theme: Cowboy-
               Cowgirls so dress up in the theme or wear nice shirt and or dress. One reason for moving the
               dance was students came from the football game which could be wet or dirty and this allows
               for a more dressy opportunity.

Are students from other schools allowed to attend CHS dances and/or social events? A parent indicated they
could come as long as permission slip is signed by student’s principal and parents.

Students from other schools may attend the dance as long as the permission slip is completed and returned
prior to the dance. These are available in the front office. The staff does monitor the type of dancing as best it
can and the DJ is instructed not to play music that is reflective of grinding type dancing. We invite any parent
who would like to help us monitor the dance area to please call or email Mr. Greer and you will be assigned to
an area. This always helps us when there are more eyes.

Is the Christian modesty attire required for all dances and/or events. Is there any way to enforce a dress code
when the students are off premises, such as football games? A few parents complained about the attire at the
recent football games. When students are wearing tailgate shirts, they should not be torn or shredded and neon
sports bras were way too visible. Parents were in favor of warning about attire and then approaching the kids at
the games/events if they are dressed inappropriately. Two other parents agreed that they were troubled by the
dress of the upperclassmen at these events.

Concerning dress at games. The issue of modesty in attire has been addressed. All should dress in a way that is
reflective of Christian values.

Does the staff try to monitor “grinding” actions at the dances? This was listed on the notecards that we left for
parents to write questions.

Yes, faculty and administrators are at every dance as well as parent chaperones and volunteers. They walk
through the crowd, through the dance floor, and when we see inappropriate dancing styles, we take immediate
action. In the past, we have asked students to leave who refuse to stop such dancing. Also, parent volunteers
for the dances are always welcome.


With all that has occurred, will CHS be requiring their coaches to be in the “back of the bus” when traveling to off
premises sports venues? Most parents had kids who played sports and this was the only comment made during
this section.

                      Yes, our monitoring of our students on the team busses is currently in effect. At the
                      beginning of the school year, it has been stated that it is a requirement that all coaches
                      who travel with their teams have a coach at the front, in the middle, and in the back of the
                      vans or busses.


Please get the students more involved in the school Masses. They aren’t participating even though Father
Munshower tries to involve them.

Just as in your parishes, the priest can ask for participation, but cannot demand it. All students are invited to be
a part of the ministries of the liturgy. We are always trying to come up with ideas to engage the students to
participate. I welcome any suggestions!

Any advice or tips for daily time management in order to fulfill the service hour requirements. Parents thought
the school should encourage students to get hours in the summer especially as incoming freshmen. One parent
complained of inability to locate the forms and projects in the email and another parent contacted the
coordinator of the project over summer and her student was able to get hours before coming to CHS.

Service Hours: Each student is required 25 hours per year which is reflected as a “S” on the final report card of
the year if completed. If they fail to complete the 25 hours there is an “Unsatisfactory” on the card. So yes, 25 is
required but if for some reason they are short students are not “held back” but can complete in the future as
long as 100 hours are completed before graduation. Of course this is not ideal and causes
problems, so a gradual approach to service by using summer opportunities in the
neighborhood. Joining the class project is an excellent opportunity. One objective of service
hours is to diversify experiences so doing several types of service is optimal. Using the parent
email as a way to see what options are available is a good way to see where a student can
obtain service hours. Normally there are several pages devoted to this as well as some specific items. Students
also receive information through their email on specific events that come about through the year. The idea to
provide a freshmen service opportunity over the summer will be considered.

Please confirm service hour requirements. One parent insisted that there was 25 per year strict requirement and
another parent insisted that there was 100 hour requirement before graduation. Guideline vs. rule? We told
parents we would ask for clarification.

This response is included in the previous answer.

Parents suggested that there be a big project over the summer that freshman can work with before coming to
CHS where they can 5 hours, get to know the other incoming freshman and get to know the school. This would
be another way for kids who are not in band, sports or summer school to get to know other incoming freshman.

The idea to provide a freshman service opportunity will be considered.


A mom suggested that since the newsletter is so large, special attention could be drawn to the important
freshmen items by color coding those items or noting in a different color those items or tips that will be helpful to

I do use color-coding to indicate new (red) versus previously printed (black) information. Since so many high
school activities span across school class lines, it is not possible to have just “freshman” or just “sophomore”
information in special colors. Also, it would appear to me that a freshman parent would want to read it each
week so that you are aware of what will be available (eventually) for your child. If you do read it weekly, then
you only need to read the red type each week.

Another parent complained that she didn’t understand what this meeting was about from the content listed
here. Another parent chimed in that the dates of the meetings have been listed wrong or inconsistently.

We are working diligently to be clear in when meetings are listed. We will continue to work to make these
accurate in all mailings.

I would like to thank the Cathedral Connection moderators and all the freshmen and sophomore parents who
attended this meeting, left questions, and helped provide responses for others.


Notre Dame has scheduled their annual Notre Dame Information Night for our parents and students on
Thursday October 28th. It will be held at 7 PM in the SLC.

Recently, a parent requested the dates for all future PLC days. I wish to share them with each of you. Please
remember that on these days school begins at 8:05 a.m.
       Tues, Oct 5                               Tues, Jan 4                           Tues, Mar 15
       Tues, Oct 26                              Tues, Jan 25                          Tues, Apr 5
       Tues, Nov 9                               Tues, Feb 15                          Tues, Apr 26
       Tues, Nov 30                              Tues, Mar 1

If your sophomore or junior rides the bus and needs to remain for extended-time testing for the PSAT, please
be sure to contact Ken Kaufman (cell: 289-3963) to arrange for transportation home after the testing on
Wednesday, October 13th. Also, please call early so arrangements will be possible for your child.


Join the Cathedral Volleyball Family for the Memory Walk. They are walking to honor Mrs. Rita Kesterson,
mother of Coach K, wife of Coach Mr. K).
Memory Walk on Sunday, October 17th at the Michael A. Carroll Track & Soccer Stadium IUPUI Campus -
Downtown Indianapolis
Registration is from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.
The Walk begins at 1:30 p.m.
        Phone: 317.542.1481 x 329 E-mail:
Join Team Rita K and help us support the cause! Memory Walk is the nation's largest
fundraising event to support individuals with Alzheimer's, their families and
caregivers. If you would like to donate, or would be interested in signing up as a team
member, please go the Indianapolis Memory Walk Web site then click on team rank
                                                                                       2010 team rita k.pdf
(lower right side of page), find Team Rita K, go to link for Jean Kesterson and make
your donation. (See link on right.)
Thanks for supporting such a worthy cause.

                                          LETTER JACKET ORDER DAY
                                          WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 6TH
                                            DURING ALL LUNCHES

                          Order forms available in the Bookstore and Athletic Office.

A group of 15 students and 2 teachers from the Otto-Hahn-Gymnasium Bensberg, our partner school in
Cologne, will be visiting us and attending classes from Sept. 28th through Oct. 13th to complete the first part of
this year’s GAPP (German American Partnership Program) exchange. (Debbie Boyd and I will accompany eleven
CHS students to Germany in June, 2011.) The guest students and teachers are very excited about visiting
America and experiencing American high school life.

 The students will shadow their host for the 1st day of their visit (Sept. 29th), but would then like to visit some
   of our courses on their own. In addition, the students will have presentations on different aspects of
   German culture they would like to share with our students.
Host students for the exchange include:
        Maddie Mitchell                         Shane Bielefeld                            Lauren Engelman
        Andy Young                              James Kirchgraber                          George Peyton
        Alex Moore                              Ben Osborn                                 Adam Bridges
        Brennan Champion                        Sean Bucherl                               Devin Ludes-Braeger
        Brigid Murphy                           Kathryn Habecker

Mark your calendars: Monday, November 1st will be Colt’s Blue Day at Cathedral. This means
that we will be able to wear Colts’ shirts or blue shirts to honor the Colts on that day when they
play the Houston Texans at home at Lucas Oil Stadium. Dress code on that day will be regular
from the waist down.

Tutoring available:
Tutoring available mornings and afternoons every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in the library provided by
National Honor Society members.
 If you are interesting in being tutored, just show up at the library. The NHS tutors are scheduled for a week at a
    time and they sit at a table marked with a sign that says “Tutoring here”.

                                       th       th
Tuesday and Wednesday, October 16 and 17 - End of Course Assessment (ECA) Algebra I and English 10 re-
test for Sophomores and Juniors ONLY.

Magazine Sale Update:
The 2010 Cathedral Magazine Sale is off to a great start! Thank you for all of the orders already submitted—many
students have met quota eligibility for the FREE DAY. Online orders are at an all-time high—you can view the catalog,
submit orders and track progress at by registering your student under the Cathedral code: 425004249. If
submitting paper orders, simply disregard the processing fee without altering the order form. To be eligible for the FREE
DAY, students must meet an individual quota of 11 magazine orders, or 15 orders for families with more than one
Cathedral student. Our next Magazine Sale counting day is Tuesday, September 28th. THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR

If your child needs some of the new immunizations, please see your physician or you may go to one of these clinics:
Where to get immunizations:
The Indianapolis Immunization Coalition and the Marion County Health Department will hold three September
immunization clinics.
The Marion County Health Department has five satellite offices where students can receive vaccinations.
      Northwest District: 6940 Michigan Road. (317) 221-7500. Hours: Noon to 4 p.m. Mondays; 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
         Tuesdays; 3 to 7 p.m. Wednesdays; noon to 4 p.m. Thursdays; noon to 4 p.m. Fridays.
      South District: 505 E. National Ave. (317) 221-5700. Hours: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Mondays; 3 to 7
         p.m. Tuesdays; 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesdays; 8 a.m. to noon Thursdays; 8 a.m. to noon

        Northeast District: 6402 E. 21st St. (317) 221-7300. Hours: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Mondays; noon to 4 p.m. Tuesdays;
         3 to 7 p.m. Wednesdays; 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Thursdays; 8 a.m. to noon Fridays.
     Hasbrook Clinic: 3838 N. Rural St. (317) 221-2366. Hours: 8 a.m. to noon Mondays; noon to 4 p.m. Tuesdays; 8
         a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesdays; 8 a.m. to noon Fridays.
     Georgetown District: 3974 Georgetown Road. (317) 221-3441. Hours: 8 a.m. to noon Mondays; noon to 4 p.m.
         Tuesdays; 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesdays; 8 a.m. to noon Fridays.
In addition to the Health Department offerings, an immunization clinic is held 9 to 11:30 a.m. the first and third
Thursdays of each month at East 91st Street Christian Church, 6049 E. 91st St.

Parents of Seniors, if your senior is interested in politics, a free trip to Washington D.C. and a college scholarship all at
the same time, then he/she should look into the United States Senate Youth Program Scholarship. All interested seniors
should check out the following website and have all materials submitted to Mr. Worland no later than Friday, September
24th so that Cathedral can select her representative. If you have any questions regarding the scholarship or application
process, contact Mr. Worland. For more information, he/she may check this link:

Homecoming Week: Sept. 26- October 1
Each year the students participate in Homecoming, one of the most exciting weeks of the year. Each class earns points
toward the “spirit stick” by participating in different events. The “stick” represents years of tradition and is given or
“won” in memory of several students who lost their lives in the mid 1980’s. Thank you to the Student Council for
organizing this week.
     The week begins with Powder Puff football on Sunday, September 26th, at the activity field at 5:00PM. Games
        will be played that evening at 6:30. Teams are being formed and if you wish to participate then email grace
        gibbons at the championship games will be played on Wednesday night of that
        week at 6:15PM. All are welcome to come and watch.
Each day has a special them and the students earn points by dressing up.

     The theme for Monday is “As Seen on TV”- Dress up as a character from your favorite cartoon or TV show.
      Jeans are permitted this day.

     Tuesday- “Out of this world” – Take a trip to outer space- Dress as an astronaut or extraterrestrial.
         o Tuesday- Magazine Collection Day. Money collected by this day will be used to
             determine who wins a spirit point as Magazine Champions. Get your orders in by
             this day to help your class win the spirit point for Magazine Sales.
         o Tuesday is Hall decorating- Students bring items and decorate their assigned hall
             to the themes for each day. Halls are judges that evening for a spirit point. This
             year new hallways are being decorated so that they can remain up longer.

     Wednesday- “Wonderful World of Disney”- Dress up like Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, or any of your favorite
      Disney characters. Shorts and jeans ok. No short shorts

     Thursday- “Littler Bit County”- Dress in your best cowboy or cowgirl gear. Hats, boots, jeans. No short shorts.
      Normal shorts are okay.

            o   Thursday- Homecoming Dance- 7:30-10:30PM. The theme is Homecoming Barnyard Hoedown. The
                                 cost is $5.00 for everyone at the door; seniors have some perks (free stuff). A

                spirit point is given for each person who attends the dance. To earn a spirit [point for your class you
                must be at the dance from 8:30 to 10:00PM. Since there are some other school activities that evening
                attendance at any of those events count toward a spirit point. The dance will be held in the cafeteria.
                If a student wishes to bring one guest they may do so but a form obtained from the front office must be
                signed by the visitor’s school and host parent. The Dance has been moved to Thursday so that it is
                actually part of the week. Poor weather during or after football games, and the lateness of the games
                were factors in moving the dance. There are no classes on Friday. Students now can dress up more for
                the dance than they could go to the football game. Attire for the evening- Dress to impress wear your
                best cowboy and cowgirl attire

     Friday- White, Gold, Green, Blue Day
          o Friday- School begins at 8:30 a.m. No classes. We do the annual Walk-a-thon for
              charities. We start with a prayer assembly, and the walk down Fall Creek.
          o School will be dismissed about 1:00 p.m. on Friday, after the assembly.

During Homecoming:
    Students earn a point for their class toward the spirit stick by donating $5.00 to charity as part of the walk.
       Students are to turn in their money before Friday.
    We are hopeful for a great week with friendly competition and then everyone gather at Arlington to watch
       the football team defeat Cincinnati Moeller. Game is free with student ID.


Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. – Indianapolis Alumnae Chapter is pleased to announce its 26th
Annual Black College Tour which will take place Sunday, March 27, 2011 through Friday, April
1, 2011. This tour, for students grades 9 – 12, will visit the following accredited universities**:
Lane College, Alabama A & M, Alabama State, Tuskegee University, Xavier University,
Dillard University, Southern University and Jackson State University. **Tours will be based on
each university’s availability and are subject to change without prior notification.
      Attached you will find the application packet, which includes an information sheet, parent letter, application
         form and academic teacher recommendation form. The application deadline submission is Friday, October
         29th. We encourage you to distribute this application packet to those students who may be interested in visiting
         or learning more about the universities listed above.
      If you should have any questions regarding the application process or the tour itself, do not
         hesitate to contact Bridgette Liggons, Co-Chairperson & Student Coordinator,
                                                                                                      Spring_2011_Applica                                                                           tion.doc
      Applications are available from Mr. Jaskoski in the Guidance Office and from Mrs. Powell
         in the Enrollment Management Office.


As we continue with our possible affiliation with the Brothers of Holy Cross, we wish to announce that Blessed Brother
Andre is to be Canonized in Rome by Pope Benedit XVI on October 17th. There is also a large banner that is hanging in
front of the Media Center, facing the Courtyard, for all to enjoy!

   Andre’, born Alfred Bessette, has already been recognized by the Catholic Church for his healing powers. In 1978 he

was declare venerable. He was beatified in 1982. The man most people associate with the massive St. Joseph’s Oratory
on the flank of Mount Royal in Montreal was born on August 9, 1845, in St. Gregoire d’Iberville, southeast of the city.
                         Andre’ was a frail child, orphaned at the age of 10. He worked on farms and in mills in New
                     England before returning to Quebec in 1867. In 1870 he took a job as custodian at College Notre
                     Dame, run by the Congregation of Holy Cross in Montreal.
                         He entered the Congregation of Holy Cross as a lay brother in 1870, and in his capacity as the
                     porter of the school for 40 years, counseled many parents of pupils. With those who had fallen ill,
                     he prayer to St. Joseph.
                         So many sick people began to visit his humble room in College Notre Dame, there was a fear of
                     spreading disease through the school. Andre’ gained a reputation as a healer, and a man who could
                     perform miracles.
                         When the congregation purchased land across the street, Andre’ was instrumental in getting a
                     small chapel built in 1904. There, he met with the sick, who left their crutches and canes behind
when healed.
    A church seating 1,000 was built in 1917 and in 1924 construction began on the current oratory, stopping only during
the Depression.
    When Andre’ died at age 91 in 1937, an estimated one million people came to pay their respects.


All parents of freshmen are invited to attend one of the following sessions on the topic of Developmental Assets
offered by Mr. Greer. This topic will help you better understand where your freshmen is in terms of development and
what to expect as they progress through high school. Many parents over the past 14 years have expressed that this is a
most worthwhile use of one hour.”
The dates and time are as follows:
        Thurs, September 23- 9:00AM-Baker Bd. Room
        Mon, September 27- 7:00PM- Commons
        Wed, September 29- 1:30PM- Baker Bd. room
        Wed, October 6- 1:30PM- Baker Bd. Room
        Thurs, October 14- 7:00PM- Commons
        Wed, October 20- 7:00PM-Commons
        Mon, October 25- 7:00PM- Commons

For Parents from Mr. Greer:

1. Please return the slip in the front of the Bluebook to be signed by parents and students. Due date was September

2. Parents who ordered extra bluebooks may either stop by Mr. Greer’s office or have their students do so.


This information is for our current college students. I thought this might be the best way to communicate (through the
parent e-mail) as parents may see this and pass it on.

        Indiana Senate Republicans are seeking college interns for the 2011 legislative session. Applications for the 4
        month, Indianapolis based paid internships are available online at:

                                                            12 and are due by October 31st. College undergraduate students
        who are interested in state government are encouraged to apply. Students should plan to live in or near
        Indianapolis because of the varied work schedule. A $700 bi-weekly stipend is paid to help interns with
        expenses. For more information contact Jennifer Carlton, intern coordinator, by calling her toll free at 800-382-

        Mike Jaskoski
        Director of Guidance and College Advising
        Co-Chairman, Indianapolis National College Fair
        Cathedral High School
        (317) 968-7318

Indiana Catholic Men’s Conference “Lions Breathing Fire” – Putting on the Armor of Christ – will be
offered at the Indiana Convention Center on Saturday, October 16, 2010 from 8:30 – 4:30 p.m. Flyers
are available at our front office, or can be downloaded at this link:

Whatever happened to Kofi Hughes (’10)?
Kofi Hughes (’10) - IU wide receiver Hughes gets thumbs up - HERALD-TIMES, BLOOMINGTON, IND. | DUSTIN DOPIRAK | Wed,
Sep 15, 3:34 AM
Kofi Hughes' teammates can't make any sense of it.
         The Cathedral graduate's rise up the wide receiver depth chart has been impressive enough on the surface,
considering that he's a true freshman trying to make it at the strongest position on the Indiana football team despite
playing quarterback in high school. But you wouldn't call that shocking. There are precocious freshmen everywhere and
few players can adjust to a position change quicker than an athletic, dual-threat quarterback like Hughes. What's
shocking is that he's doing it with one hand.
         OK, maybe one hand is stretching the truth. But he is doing it with just one fully operational thumb. Hughes tore
ligaments in his right thumb during the first week of practice. It needed surgery, but about a week after that he was back
out on the field wearing a cast from his forearm down with the thumb immobilized. Somehow, he's still managed to
catch passes with it, which is part of the reason why he's one of just two true freshmen practicing with IU's first and
second teams.
         "A lot of people were laughing when I came out with the big club on," Hughes said. "Like, 'What the heck are you
gonna do out there?' But I didn't care if I was going to drop (passes) or not. The main thing was like, I don't want to sit
out just because something's wrong with my hand. There's so many other things you can do besides just catching the
ball at receiver. I think with that mindset, that's what allowed me to get through camp and get where I am right now and
not be down in the dumps just because my hand's messed up."
         That's a pretty mature approach to injury for an 18-year-old who has been in Division I for just over a month,
and that, Lynch said, is one of the most impressive things about Hughes. The articulate Hughes's dissertations on college
football, what he has already learned and what he needs to learn about the position of wide receiver, sound academic.
That's why, Lynch said, some of his teammates have taken to calling him, "Professor Hughes."
         "He's such an impressive kid, just in general," Lynch said. "He's a very focused, very serious kid. Not that he
doesn't have a great sense of humor, but he's just locked in. And a lot of times with freshman, no matter how talented
they are, if they don't have that focus, they don't have a chance. . Then talent wise, there's no question that within the
first few days, you saw, 'Oh gosh, this kid's just a little different.'"
There's that maturity again. Almost as impressive as catching footballs one-handed!

Band Information:

Sat, Oct 2      Band at ISSMA District Contest at Lawrence Central HS – 4:50 p.m. performance time

Choir News:

Sat, Oct 16     8 a.m. – 11 a.m. Choir Tech Rehearsal for the Fall Show
Sun, Oct 17     3 p.m. – Choir’s Fall Show

Interested in Traveling to Ireling with Cathedral’s Choir Families next July? Check out this proposal and get signed up
at Select trip #1107-1-20. Contact Choir Director, Elaine Holloway, at
if you have any questions.

Only 20 students from our immediate area of the State were chosen to participate in Indiana’s All-State Choir after a
           difficult audition. Congratulations to choir students Malcolm Herbert, Steven Meuleman, Zain Santamaria,
           and Sarah Schultz and CJ Benberry who is an alternate. Other schools represented in the finals were
           Greenfield Central, Heritage Christian, Lawrence Central, North Central and Sheridan. The final performance
           will be at the IMEA Convention (Music Educators) in January at Ft. Wayne. Congratulations!!!!

Don’t miss the Choir’s Fall Show on Sunday, October 17th at 3 p.m. in the Joe O’Malia’s Performing Arts Center. Great
singing and dancing with fabulous solos! From gospel to pop, you’ll be entertained! Special guest performers will be
some of the singers from our “Singers’ In Motion Vocal Camp”. They will join the Cathedral Choirs in performing

College Information:

Until the new "Connect!"(formerly known as PrepHQ) website is fully functional, please use the following link to view
scholarships that have been sent to the Cathedral Guidance Department. Once the new "Connect!" is ready for full use
by our students, we will return to that platform to convey opportunities to you.
The link also provides other scholarship search engines that you might find helpful. Please see your college advisor for
any assistance.
                 Kathy Pivonka
                 College Advisor

Visits of College Representatives:
         Trinity Christian              Sept. 23rd      3rd period        Guidance Conf. Room
         Furman University              Sept. 23rd      5th period        Guidance Conf. Room
         St. Louis University           Sept. 23rd      7th period        Guidance Conf. Room
         Univ. of Southern California   Sept. 24th      3rd period        Guidance Conf. Room
         Taylor University              Sept. 27th      2nd period        Guidance Conf. Room
         Marquette Univ.                Sept. 27th      3rd period        Guidance Conf. Room
         Savannah State Univ.           Sept. 27th      4th period        Guidance Conf. Room
         Hillsdale College              Sept. 27th      5th period        Guidance Conf. Room
         Rose-Hulman Inst of Tech       Sept. 27th      7th period        Guidance Conf. Room

        American University              Sept. 28th      2nd period       Small Guid. Conf. Room
        Albion College                   Sept. 28th      2nd period       Guid. Conf. Room
        Wake Forest                      Sept. 28th      3rd period       Guid. Conf. Room
        College of Holy Cross, MA        Sept. 28th      3rd period       small Guid. Conf. Room
        Martin University                Sept. 28th      4th period       Guid. Conf. Room
        Univ. of the South               Sept. 28th      5th period       Guid Conf. Room
        John Carroll Univ                Sept. 28th      7th period       Guid. Conf. Room
        Emory University                 Sept. 29th      2nd period       Guid. Conf. Room
        Morehouse College                Sept. 29th      4th period       Guid Conf. Room
        Davidson College                 Sept. 29th      5th period       Guid. Conf. Room
        Case Western Reserve Univ        Sept. 29th      7th period       Guid. Conf. Room
        Vanderbilt Univ.                 Sept. 30        5th period       Baker Board Room



       Cathedral Irish Silly Bands are here ~ $3.00/package of six fun designs!
       New Arrival: Cathedral Baden Footballs! Regulation and Junior size ~
       Popular Dodger Spirit Football Jersey, now $20.00!
       Restocked with Navy & Gold Badger Shorts ~
       Get your SPIRIT WEAR & IRISH GEAR for Homecoming Week!
        Bookstore hours: 7:15 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. on regular school days

        Please note:      Friday, October 1-8:00 a.m. – Noon




Parent Class Parties

        Each year Cathedral High School hosts its major fundraiser - ShamrAuction. This year's ShamrAuction is
        February 26, 2011. Leading up to ShamrAuction, each class holds a parent party which provides an opportunity
        to bring Cathedral families together for a social gathering and to serve as an avenue to raise money for
        ShamrAuction. One hundred percent of your contribution will be a donation to ShamrAuction 2011.
        For more information and to make your reservation click here.

ShamrAuction 2011

        Rick Pfleger and Julie Crowe (2011 ShamrAuction co-chairs) and the
        ShamrAuction committee officially kicked off the 34th year of
        ShamrAuction! The committee is ready to work very hard to make
        ShamrAuction 2011 the very best. Please click here to see a complete
        listing of our ShamrAuction 2011 committee.

        This year we will honor Hollywood and its legends, as well as a few of
        our own Cathedral legends! Below is the front of this year’s invitation

        designed by our very talented Cathedral parent Steve Vanderbosch. Please mark your calendars for February
        26, 2011!


Cafeteria Menu: As you can see (below), we have enough options that our Cafeteria menu does not change each week.

                                              Cathedral Lunch Menu
                                   Monday      Tuesday    Wednesday       Thursday      Friday

                                     Taco       Cobb       Souhtwest      Chicken       Tossed
                          Salad      Salad      Salad        Salad         Salad         Salad
                                               Chicken                                   Tuna
                                    Turkey      Fajita                   Southwest       Salad
                          Wrap       Club       Wrap       Club wrap      Chicken        Wrap

                                     Hot                                   Beef &       Grilled
                         Special    Ham &       Club                        Rice        Cheese
                           1        Cheese    Sandwich     Patty Melt      Burrito     Sandwich
                         Special Any Cup       Any Cup      Any Cup       Any Cup      Any Cup
                           2      Soup          Soup         Soup          Soup         Soup
                                    Mixed       Mixed        Mixed         Mixed        Mixed
                                    Green       Green        Green         Green        Green
                                    Salad       Salad        Salad         Salad        Salad
                                              Hot Dog
                         Special              or Coney                   Chiken
                           3                     Dog                    Quesadillas
                                    Pulled                 Meatloaf/
                         Special     Pork                   mash                       Meatball
                           4         BBQ                   potaoes                      Sub
                         With any sandwich you can make a combo meal fries and a large
                         fountain drink for about $.50 less than getting everything ala cart.


Service Outreach News:

Our beginning of school year offers inspirational service opportunities for our Cathedral students.

Class Service Projects As an insight regarding the good works that we can accomplish this year, ponder this scripture:
“A good person out of the store of goodness in his heart produces good; for from the fullness of the heart, the mouth
speaks.” Luke 6:45. And as we perform simple acts of giving, and sharing fellowship with others, we ask God to sow his

word once more in our hearts today until patiently the soil of our souls brings forth a rich harvest. In October, you may
join our outreach on Saturday, October 9, 10:15-1:30, when juniors will be serving up a fabulous lunch for the Saturday
noon meal at the Cathedral Soup Kitchen. Or, the sophomores will be serving spaghetti dinner for the special
community of English second language families at the Lord’s Pantry on Wednesday, October 13, 3:30-7:15 (the 2nd Wed
of each month.) Details on all of these on-going class service projects are noted below in Service Opportunities as
wonderful expressions of giving and grace.

Mentoring Magic Over eighty Cathedral students have joined Mentoring Magic, completed their training and commence
their one-on- one mentoring relationships this week and next at IPS #58 on Mondays, IPS#106 on Tuesdays, Belzer
Middle School on Wednesdays, and East 10th United Methodist Church on Thursdays. Should you be interested in
joining, but missed the initial start-up due to sports, you are still welcome to join. Come to Mrs. Halstead’s office for a
packet. We are excited to see the impact and positive contribution we can make in the lives of these younger students.
Our programs will emphasize reading this year as a special focus, in addition to a wide variety of activities to encourage
academic responsibility, develop good self-control and reinforce positive self-esteem.

Joint Service Outreach With Other High School Students and Herron High School Would you like to help plan a joint
service outreach with other high students for IPS middle school students in our community? We are proposing a special
day of events combining reading, athletics and other passions such as art, music and dance. The theme is “MAKE IT
MINE”. We have already submitted one grant application and are doing more planning regarding our Saturday, Dec 4
2010 and Saturday, Feb 26, 2011 events. Our next meeting is Sunday, Sep 26 at 12:30 PM in room 3304 (Mr. Payne’s
room). Please email Jasmine Whitaker, Imani Parker-Robinson, Haley Roach or Mrs. Halstead (chalstead@cathedral- with your interest. Many juniors and sophomores are involved in this project. Our outreach dates are
Saturday, Dec 4 (IPS #106) and Feb 26, 2010 (University of Indianapolis, 9:30-2:30 PM. It is our goal to present this day
to 200 IPS middle school students in February. The December event is a small test of the program for about 50 students.
We were just awarded one grant of $1500 for this program from the America’s Promise foundation. We have planning
to complete for these events targeted for IPS middle school students to help them commit to their academics, high
school graduation and greater successes in life.

Fall Mission Trip to New Orleans: We will be returning to help rebuild and assist in the post Katrina restoration efforts in
the New Orleans. This trip will also provide an opportunity to be informed firsthand about the recovery from the oil spill
and its toll upon the economy and ecology of the Gulf area. Departure dates will be Wed, October 27 after school and
we will return on Monday, Nov 1. See Mrs. Halstead for the mission trip sign up signup form or download it here. This
will be our third fall trip to the Gulf region to assist with post Katrina rebuilding and it will be an invigorating help mission
squeezed into the fall weekend. Family members are invited to join us as well. Our next and last meeting will be
Tuesday, Oct 12, 6:45 PM, SLC Commons. Please complete all forms and signups by October 1. They may be picked up
outside Mrs. Halstead’s office.

Leadership Students are invited to apply for the Youth Leadership Initiative with United Way to work on boards or
committees of nonprofit agencies. Application must be made by freshmen, sophomores or juniors by Monday, Nov 1.
Applications may be downloaded from Except for your November application and interview, this will
take place during the second semester of the school year. You will join students from other high school in this endeavor.
Questions, contact Paul Shepley at 920 2562.

Service Hours on Power School Service hours may be viewed on Power School/ and are current for all
hours received since the start of school. There is a small button in the upper right hand corner to view the service
hours. For the 2010-11 academic year, service hours for seniors are due December 1, 2010 to meet their total
graduation requirement. The status of service hours for seniors will be shown as satisfactory or unsatisfactory on their
second quarter report card. For the academic year of 2010-11, freshmen, sophomore and junior hours are due March 1,
2011. The status of service hours for these underclassmen will be shown as satisfactory or unsatisfactory on the third
quarter report card. If the hours for last year were completed, hours earned after April 23, 2010 may be credited to the
current year’s requirement. We are accepting service on a project basis as well. Hours will not be accepted more than

sixty days after the date of service performance after Sep 1. Service hours are very current as you receive this. Thank
you for your patience during the last two weeks.

For details about these service opportunities, this chart and other links on the Cathedral web site, click here. If you have other
problems with the linked documents, please proceed to the website to access links from the Service Opportunities area under On C

Service Opportunities

                                                                           Date &
    Organization                    Service Provided                                       Location

                   Student tutors are needed to help with
                   homework. Over 100 refugee families from             Mondays,
   First Baptist                                                                       86th and
                   Thailand / Miramar were forced to leave due to       Tuesdays,
   Church                                                                              College
                   religious persecution. Contact Cort Gillett 570-     6-7
                   4398. Flyer.

                                                                                       Various           More
   Food Drives     Support your local food pantries with donations.     Weekly
                                                                                       locations.        Info

                   Assist Gabrielle Campo (Cath alum ’98) and Tim
                   Winn as they prepare apartments for newly
                   arriving refugees from Sudan, Guinea and other
   Catholic        countries. Donations of sofas, tables, lamps and
   Charities       chairs may be delivered to the Catholic Center                      Catholic Center
                                                                    8-5:30 M-F
   Refugee         and pick-up of large furniture may be scheduled.                    Meridian St
   Resettlement    The refugee resettlement office number is 236-
                   1517 (Tim Winn). For Sophomores or Juniors you
                   are invited to join their council and work with
                   other high school students.

                   After school programs including basketball at
   Brookside       three Shepherd locations. Mr. Tim Street spoke                                        More
                                                                        M-Th 3:30-6 1035 Olney St.
   Community       from Shepherd Communities at our Fall Service                                         Info

   Tear Down
                   Help with street ministry for the homeless.          Sat 2:30-                        More
   the Walls                                                                           1253 East St.
          Newsletter. Contact Brian Walls.           5:30                             Info

                   Various projects. Click details here. Website
   Keep Indy
          Great opportunities for all
   Beautiful                                                            Anytime
                   summer long. Sign up for trash cleanup of a
                   certain area.

                   Help teach the homeless computer skills. Ages        Saturday
   Horizon                                                                             11033 E.
                   17-18. Join Marcos Puente. Contact Mrs.              12:30-2:30
   House                                                                               Washington
                   Halstead.                                            Sep 25

   Second          Like to cook? Help re-prepare food for               Thurs 4-8      1121
   Helpings        disadvantaged families and individuals by            PM ;           Southeastern

                assisting in the cooking at Second Helpings.         Sat 9-1 AM   Inpls 46202
                Must be 16 yrs of age. See website for details.

                Help out by tutoring at IPS#14 once a week for
School on                                                            M-Th
                one hour after school. See details on this flyer                  IPS#14
Wheels                                                               3:45-4:45

                                                                     Fridays      4 locations      More
Easter Seals    Help at Parents' Night Out for special needs kids.
                                                                     6-10 PM      once a month     Info

                Adopt a resident from Westminster Village
Westminster                                                                       63rd and
                North For the Adopt a Grandparent program            Anytime
Village                                                                           Sunnyside Dr
                details, click here.

                Help children of divorce learn to cope. Consider
Children of     participating in the next training in                Tuesdays
Divorce New     September~(Sep 25, 28 and 29, 2010). Click here      eve 2x per                    More
                                                                                  7700 N
Day             for application info. See flyer. More                month
                information below about the walk.

Cathedral       Assist in serving food to the needy. See Parish      Any          1350 N Penn      More
Soup Kitchen    assistance schedule. and Sunday shifts.              Sunday       46202            Info

                Do puppetry and presentations regarding health
                and well being issues for children interest you?
Kids On The     Join a network of nurses from Community
                                                                     Children     East
Block Puppet    Hospital to develop and present this well-
                                                                     Program      1500 N. Ritter
Team            being program for children. For details, click
                here. Contact Sherry McIntyre 355-8702

                Assist in re-packing bulk foods (Wed,), client
                choice shopping Tu/Th/Sat, & client intake
St. Vincent                                                          Wed 5-7PM
                (Tu/Th/Sat) for 3,000 families each week. Parish
De Paul                                                              Th 5-7 PM,   3001 E. 30th     More
                schedule Website: You can
Pratt-Quigley                                                        Sat 9-12     46218            Info
                also assist with the vegetable garden that has
Food Pantry
                been planted at the food pantry or donate extra
                fresh produce in one gallon sealed bags.

                Help at the warehouse to pass out and collect
St. Vincent                                                                       1201 E.
                furniture and household goods for relocated and                                    More
De Paul                                                              Sat 8-12     Maryland
                disadvantaged families. Parish schedule.                                           Info
Warehouse                                                                         46202

                                                                     M-Th 4:30-
Life Bridge     Southside outreach program to assist the youth                    Benedict Inn
Programs        in after-school programs. www.lifebridge-                         1402 Southern
                                                                     Th 5:45-
Beech Grove                                                    Ave 46106

                Work in the Habitat Home Store any Saturday          Habitat
Habitat for                                                                       1022 E. 22nd     More
                but first contact Jessica in advance 921 2121        Home Store
Humanity                                                                          St 46202         Info
                x114. Habitat Volunteer form. Must be 14 to          Sat 9 AM-2

               work in Home Store; must be 16 for builds.           T-F 9-6

Catholic       Students are needed to help organize some
                                                                    No specific
Charities      church and parish contacts with Mrs. Snyder for
                                                                    dates or      1435 N. Illinois
Christmas      the Christmas Store. Please let Mrs. Halstead
Store          know of your interest.

               Assist with dynamic art programs at many                          Various
               schools this fall. Phone 823 9555 x 11 for Kaitlin                downtown and
Art With a                                                          After school              More
               Mariutto. (ask to speak with Art With A Heart),                   Lawrence
Heart                                                               M-TH                      Info
               email; Register                        Township
               online at website                           locations

               Help with at risk children ages 3-5 on early
               dismissal days during the fall. Contact Brenta
St. Mary’s                                                                       At Ft Ben and
               Clem at 361-4864 email
Child Center                                                        on half days downtown

               Each Saturday you may help with Special Sports
Carmel Dads                                                         Every
               Programs hosted by the Carmel Dad's Club. See
Special                                                             Saturday      Primarily Held
               detail listing of events, times and locations on
Sports                                                              starting      at Carmel
               Saturday mornings. Sports vary from soccer, T-
Program                                                             8/31 til      Lutheran 131st
               Ball, bowling, tennis, BB, and others. Contact
Location                                                            May           and Gray Rd
               Suzanne Mandel 595 9016 or

Agape                                                               Starting      24970 Mt.
               Help with riding sessions. Flyer with
Therapeutic                                                         8/31 until    Pleasant
               information. Phone 317 773 7433 x 18.
Riding                                                              Dec 17.       Cicero IN

               Rebuilding a home at 932 King. There are
               various jobs that a parent and students may
Hearts and
               enjoy assisting. See detail listing here. Most                     932 King St.
Hands                                                               09/25
               work is set up for 932 King St.

               Help distribute food to needy families for           Sat           St. Andrew’s
Food Link      agency that goes from neighborhood to                Sep 25        4052 E. 38th
               neighborhood. See video on youtube. Food link.       8:30 - 12     46218

               Help with the Festival of Families Day at            Saturday,     Community
Community      Community North Hospital for the families of         Sep 25        North Parking
Festival of    the hospital clients. Flyer. To assist, please       8:30- 7 PM    Lot
Families Day   contact Jenny Hawk at 845 4199 or                    Shifts of 2   NE side by
                                   hrs or more   building #7250

Children of    Help children of divorce learn to cope with          Sat Sep 25    Second
Divorce        divorce. More than six CHS students participate      8-1 PM        Presbyterian

program        as facilitators in this program every year and        Tues Sep 28   Church 7700 N.
(New Day)      love this                                             and Wed       Meridian
               outreach. Click here for flyer regarding              Sep 29.       46260
               mandatory training Sep 25, 28 and 29. Contact
               Centerpoint with questions. After training it is 6-
               8:30 PM twice a month on Tuesdays.

               Help set up, distribute water and cheer on
               participants in the Ft. Harrison Hemophilia           Sat Sep 25
Hemophilia     Walk. Flyer with details. Jeanne White will be        8:30         Ft. Benjamin
Walk           on hand (Ryan White’s mom) to further                 Registration Harrison
               advocates for the needs of those with HIV/AIDS.       10:30 Walk

               Turn in DVDs and movie snacks to Mrs. Halstead
               in the SLC for deployed National Guard soldiers                     Camp
                                                                     Oct 2
Soldier        AND write a supporting card or letter. See flyer                    Atterbury
                                                                     6 PM to
Support USO    for the details. Our next planned trip is                           Edinborough
               Saturday Oct 2. 6 PM -10:45 PM. Permission                          IN

               Help distribute food to needy families for            Sat           New Wineskin
Food Link      agency that goes from neighborhood to                 Oct 9         4501 E. 38th
               neighborhood. See video on youtube. Food link.        8:30 – 12     46254

Cathedral      Help serve lunch to the homeless. Jr class
Soup Kitchen   service project. This is a lot of fun. Email your     Sat Oct 9
                                                                                   1350 N. Penn
               participation if you need a ride down. See you        10:15-1:30

             Help cook and serve spaghetti dinner.
             Sophomore class project. Email Mrs. Halstead.   Wed Oct 13
Anna’s House Bring a friend.                                 3:30-7:15             303 Elder St
             Meet in the SLC outside my office at 3:30 PM on
             Wed. A few extra parents are needed as drivers.

               Help prepare meals at the monthly Kids Against
                                                                                   American Red
               Hunger assembly session to aid worldwide
                                                                                   Cross, 15325
Kids Against   hunger and malnutrition. If you helped prepare        Sat, Oct 16
                                                                                   Herriman Blvd,
Hunger         the Haiti meals at Cathedral, this is your            12-2 PM
               opportunity to help once a month. These meals
               are still going to Haiti.

Catholic       Help with the Golden Jubilee Anniversary
                                                                                   Catholic Center
Center         celebration reception at the Catholic Center. 10
                                                                     Sun Oct 17    14th and
Golden         Cathedral students are needed. Contact Mrs.
Jubilee        Halstead of your interest.

                                                                     Oct 15-17
               Help the lions and tigers and children Oh My!
Indianapolis                                                         Oct 22-24     Indianapolis
               have a great time at the zoo in the fall. Details
Zoo Boo                                                              Oct 28-30     Zoo
               in flyer.
                                                                     1:30 – 7 PM

                                                                      or 4-7 PM

                Get your signup packet here for our New
New Orleans                                                           Wed Oct 27     New Orleans
                Orleans Mission Trip. We will help rebuild
Mission Trip                                                          To Monday      Lower Ninth
                houses and work in the Lower Ninth Ward. First
                                                                      Nov 1          Ward
                meeting Sep 15 6:45 SLC.

                Disaster drill. Students are dressed in fake
Community                                                             Sat Oct 30     Hospitals of
                blood and act as victims for the drill. Check flyer
Hospital East                                                         7 AM-12        Ind
                for details.
                                                                                     1500 N. Ritter

                To serve on a board or committee of a not for
United Way      profit organization, download the application                        United Way
Youth           from this site: The deadline        Nov 1, 2010    3901 N.
Leadership      for applications is Monday, Nov 1. Questions,                        Meridian
Initiative      Paula Shepley, 920 2562. This is a second                            46208-0409
                semester opportunity with a Nov interview.

                                                                      M-F after
                Help to assist in the summer student playroom         school to 8
Dayspring                                                                            1537 N.          More
                with children during the summer. Transitional         PM. Sat,
Center                                                                               Central          Info
                housing. 2 hr shift pls.                              Sun 8 AM-8

                                                                                     1721 Pleasant
County          Help care for homeless animals. Training                                              More
                                                                      Anytime        Noblesville
Humane          sessions on Thursdays                                                                 Info

                                                                      Mon-Th 8-4
Gleaners        Assist in the packaging of food boxes, senior         2nd Tues 6-8   3737
Food            boxes and weekend kids back-sacks. Note new           1st and 3rd    Waldemere
Bank            address and expanded hours.                           Sat 9-12       Ave 46241

Hispanic        Community Opportunities

                                                                      Sat 8-12
                                                                      Sat 9-11       14598
Trinity Free    Assist in translation or story hour. Requires a                                       More
                                                                      Story Hour,    Oakridge Rd
Clinic          commitment of approx. 30 volunteer hours a yr.                                        Info
                                                                      1&3rd Th.      Carmel 46032
                                                                      eve Eye

                Help continue the ministry of Lucious Newsom          Sat 9-11:30    303 Elder
Anna's House
                to pass out food or 2ndth Wed Spaghetti dinner.       Wed 3:30-7     Street, 46222

For details about these service opportunities, this chart and other links on the Cathedral web site, click here If you
have other problems with the linked documents, please proceed to the website to access links from the Service
Opportunities area
under On Campus.

Please continue to turn to the most compelling areas of need to perform your service stewardship. Thank you for
supporting your class service projects with enthusiasm and compassion. Should you desire to pursue an outreach project
with an agency not listed, you may also consult the list of service agencies available by clicking here. By working with
diligence and interest on your service, you should find yourself achieving about four hours of service each month.
The balance of 2010 and 2011 provides rich opportunities to direct helpful hands and hearts to aid our community

  Service Reflection
  They say it takes a minute to serve a special person,
  An hour to appreciate them,
  A day to love them,
  But then an entire life to forget them.

May your Cathedral service personally enrich you and your spirituality, as we seek to
address challenges faced by our brothers and sisters in our immediate community and world-wide.

Service hours for freshmen, sophomore and junior students for the academic year of 20010-11 are due on March 1,
2011. Seniors graduation hours for the academic year of 2010-11 are due December 1, 2010. Click here for the 2010-
11 Service Documentation. Click here for the 2009-10 Service Documentation form. Click here for the Service Hour
Criteria. Hours will not be accepted more than sixty days after the date of service performance.


Hey, Football fans, did you hear? The Fighting Irish are heading down the highway to Lucas Oil Stadium! We are part of
the Marsh Hoosier Classic this SATURDAY, 9/25/10. We will be the final game on the bill, playing the
Roncalli Rebels at 7:15 p.m. The pre-sale ticket price is $11.00, a four dollar discount over tickets sold at
the game. At Lucas Oil Stadium, they will be $15.00. Everyone 6 years and older needs a ticket. EACH
TICKET gets you into every game, ALL DAY SATURDAY. The other games will be Indian Creek vs. Milan at
11:00am, Decatur Central vs. Plainfield at 1:45pm and Franklin vs. Whiteland at 4:30pm. Tickets are
currently for sale in the Athletic Office and student lunches Thursday & Friday. Tickets will be sold until Friday
afternoon at 4:00pm. So get your tickets early and enjoy a day of football at Lucas Oil this Saturday!

             Lady Irish Soccer Team Carwash from 9 am to 3 pm, Saturday, September 25th at the Marathon Gas Station
             at the corner of 116 Street and Rangeline Road in Carmel. Please have the Irish Nation bring their cars for
             an automatic wash at the Marathon Station and to support the Lady Irish!

Call-Out Meeting for Swimming and Diving:
        When: Wednesday, September 29
        Time: From 3:20 – 3:50 p.m.
        What: Annual Ice Cream Social on the Patio of SLC
For more information, please contact Paula Meyer at
                                                            23 or 525-3761.

Last Game: 9/17/10 Cathedral vs Arlington at University of Indianapolis
Recap: The Irish scored the first 31 points and went on to defeat Arlington by the score of 31-20. Colin Barthel was 13
of 20 for 171 yards passing and Gino Gillum rushed 9 times for 81 yards and one TD. Reece Horn had 5 receptions for
57 yards.
Overall Record:2-3
State Ranking: 5th in the coaches poll, 6th in the AP poll.

Last Game: 9/15/10 Cathedral vs Lawrence Central and 9/16/10 vs Lawrence North
Recap: Cathedral beat LC by the scores of 25-16, 25-9, 25-18.
Cathedral defeated LN by the scores of 19-25, 25-23, 25-10, 25-14.
Overall Record: 9-6
State Ranking: 9th

Girls Golf
Last Match: 9/17/10 Cathedral at South Grove Golf Course in the Sectional
Recap: Cathedral finished 2nd in the sectional and qualified for next week's regional in Lafayette. Bishop Chatard won
with a 317 and the Irish score was 329. Christine White shot a 79 to lead the Irish.
State Ranking: 14th

Boys Tennis
Last Match: 9/14/10 Cathedral vs. Carmel
Recap: The Irish lose to top rated Carmel by the score of 5-0.
Overall Record: 14-2
State Ranking: 4th

Boys Soccer
Last Game: 9/21/10 Cathedral vs Roncalli
Recap: Cathedral defeated the Roncalli Rebels by the score of 4-2.
Overall Record: 9-2-1
State Ranking: 11th

Girls Soccer
Last Game: 9/18/10 Cathedral vs Zionsville
Recap: The Irish and Zionsville played to a 1-1 draw. The Irish goal was scored by Sophie Spenia.
Overall Record: 7-2-4
State Ranking: 7th
         Lady Irish Soccer:
         Your #7h-ranked Lady Irish Soccer team travelled to #2 Zionsville Saturday night to take on the Eagles.
              The JV team defended well and got the counter attack goal they needed to defeat an impressive
                  Zionsville team. The goal was scored by Monica Waller.
              The varsity team started slowly and saw the Eagles take the lead 1-0 in the first half. The second half
                  was much better. Sophie Spenia scored a fantastic goal and the ladies fought back to earn a 1-1 tie.
         The ladies will host #3 Carmel on Wednesday at Lawrence Park at 5pm (JV) and 6:30 (varsity).

Girls Cross Country
Last Meet: 9/21/10 Lawrence Central Invitational

Recap: The Lady Irish Cross Country team took 3rd out of 5 teams at the Lawrence Central Invitational. Top finishers in
the Varsity race were: Hannah Compton - 14th, Marissa Mallinckrodt - 15th, Haley Ferguson - 16th, Natalie Dickman -
20th, Karlie Fletcher - 25th, Grace Knerr - 30th, and Emma Leising - 36th.
The JV team finished 2nd out of 3. Top finishers were: Erin Ratterman - 3rd, Morgan Toby - 4th, Megen Pliske - 9th,
Maddie Mahoney - 11th, Maria DeSanto - 12th, Jessica Schoettle - 15th, and Jessica Peszek - 17th.
 State Ranking: NR

Boys Cross Country
Last Meet: 9/18/10 Flashrock Invitational-Green Division
Recap: The Irish finished 10th out of 22 teams.
State Ranking: NR

Smart Quote: “Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense."
                                   --Gertrude Stein, writer, poet, feminist

Prayers are requested:
 For the unemployed and under-employed;
 For Jackie Echelbarger, relative of teacher Marianne Echelbarger, for a peaceful death; (9/22)
 For Grechen Echelbarger, daughter of teacher Marianne Echelbarger, recovery from a staph infection; (9/22)
 For the repose of the soul of Adolph Chrapla, parent of Michael Chrapla ’67, Andrew Chrapla ’69, Margaret Chrapla
    SAA ’64, and Ann Long, SAA ’62 ~ may he rest in peace; (9/22)
 For the repose of the soul of Jack B. Fagan, father of Daniel Fagan ’70 and grandfather of Kevin Fagan ’06 ~ may he
    rest in peace; (9/22)
 For the repose of the soul of Marilyn Henderson, grandmother of Erica Tuttle ’10 ~ may she rest in peace; (9/22)
 For healing for Josh Fry (’14), recently diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma; (9/20)
 For healing for Gavin Campbell, 2-year old nephew of Campus Ministry Assistant Sarah Erotas, who is hospitalized
    with a brain trauma; (9/20)
 For the repose of the soul of Greg Piechocki, nephew of our Cathedral Piechocki family, who was killed in South
    Bend ~ may he rest in peace; (9/15)
 For Amanda Tames, 20 years old, the young bicyclist injured in the hit-and-run accident, who has been removed
    from life support . We also pray for the Tames family. They have signed the papers permitting full organ donation.
    Please pray for strength and wisdom for the family; (9/14)
 For Rich Tirman, former CHS teacher and parent of Michael (’07) and Anna (’09) Tirman, who will have surgery soon;
 For Dirk Godsey, a relative of Mrs. Gilmore’s, who is in Hospice Care; (9/10)
 For the repose of John L. Mueller, the grandfather of Olivia Zerr (’14) ~ may he rest in peace; (9/8)
 For the repose of Homer Wike, Jr., father of former teacher Dana Van Deuren and grandfather of former student,
    Zach (’12) ~ may he rest in peace; (9/8)
 For the repose of the soul of Robert Wehrli, grandfather of Matt Wehrli (’14) ~ may he rest in peace; (9/7)
 For the repose of the soul of Bob Harmon, father of former CHS teacher/Academic Dean Janet McNeal ~ may he rest
    in peace; (9/2)
 For Sidiki Diallo and family, brother-in-law of Mrs. Robie’s, who is quite ill; (9/2)
 For the healing for Nick Carmen (’04) recovering from surgery; (9/1)
 For the repose of Michael Cunningham, (’51), brother of Patrick’56, Daniel’60, and James Cunningham ’67. His sister
    Mary McClelland is the wife of Carl McClelland ‘61, former CHS parent and current Alumni Association President; ~
    May he rest in peace; (8/31)
 For Denny Hoff, a friend of Mr. Worland’s, recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer; (8/30)
 For the repose of the soul of Alberta Herman Cronin, aunt of Mrs. Echelbarger. Special prayers are requested for
    Tom Cronin, husband of Alberta ~ may she rest in peace; (8/30)

 For the repose of the soul of Gregory T. Farmer (’70), a Viet Nam vet ~ may he rest in peace; (8/27)
 For the repose soul of John Thomas Queally, grandfather of John Queally (’06) and Jenna Queally (’08); (8/25)
 For the repose of the soul of Patricia Smith, grandmother of Cameron Borkowski (’10) ~ may she rest in peace;
 For the following people who are fighting cancer:
   For healing for Caroline Jaskoski, wife of College Advisor Mike Jaskoski, fighting cancer; (3/1)
   For Matt Luedeman (’07), continuing to fight cancer; (1/14)
   For healing for Bob Matthews (‘63) who is battling cancer, husband of Jenny Matthews (former ShamrAuction
    director), and father of Christy (’91), Tracy (’94) and Amanda (’00); (1/14)
   For a return to good health for Andra Ignas, struggling with breast cancer and mother of
    daughters Brittany (12), Amanda (10) and Hannah (9th at North Central H.S.) and husband,
    Stan; (10/21)
   For healing for Kathy Miller, recently diagnosed with breast cancer, and mother of John
    (’06) Miller; (1/11)
   For a return to health for Tracy Mirro, sister of one of our faculty members, recently
    diagnosed with cervical cancer; as a single mother with two little ones, this will be a very
    difficult time for her; (11/3)
   For healing for Cynthia Forgey, mother of Jennifer Jarrett (’94), who has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer;
 For those who serve our country:
     For Justin Mason (’05), USAF Academy graduate, is stationed at Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton, Ohio;
     For Daniel Laskowski, father of Natalie (’13), who is in the Air Force and has been deployed at this time;
     For Katie Wacker (’10), who is a plebe at West Point Military Academy;
     For Craig Thedwall (’99), going to Guam in October as part of the Navy Jag Corp unit for a three year stint. His
       wife Heidi Zawadzki Thedwall, (’99) and their new son, Malachy, will be along for this deployment;
     For Daniel Hess ('07) who is in his senior year at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs,
       Colorado; (8/12)
     For Pvt. Erik Goertemiller (’06), currently in basic training at Ft. Benning Georgia with the US Army;
     According to the weather reports, it is our understanding that it is 122 degrees in Iraq right now -- and the low
       will be 111! Our troops need our prayers for strength, endurance, and safety.. If it be God's will, give these men
       and women the strength they need to prevail. (8/13)
       Please continue to pray for all of our soldiers, deployed or at home;
     and for all who protect us – soldiers, sailors, firefighters, police forces, and parents.

Meditation: Luke 9:1-6
“Take nothing for the journey.” (Luke 9:3)

Jesus was not naïve about the hardships of traveling. Having walked many miles proclaiming God’s kingdom, he
understood perfectly well what was needed for long journeys. Yet as he sent the apostles out, Jesus told them not to
bother about the very things that made traveling possible. They were to take “nothing” for their journey: “neither
walking stick, nor sack, nor food, nor money” (Luke 9:3). There is an inconsistency here that just doesn’t make sense!
Why would Jesus tell them to take nothing with them when he knew how demanding the journey would be?

When you think about it, though, what sense does it make at all for Almighty God to work his miraculous, healing power
through mere human beings? Why would he depend on us to preach his kingdom and do his supernatural work?
Because in the end, it’s not really us doing the work at all—just as it wasn’t their reliance on
walking sticks, food, or money that sustained the disciples in their missionary work. Jesus wants

us to learn how to depend not only on our earthly skills and possessions but also—and even more so—on his power and

Incredible as it seems, God wants to make you an instrument through which his power is manifested to the world. Your
part is to respond with the kind of faith that allows him to work. Jesus promised: “Whoever believes in me will do the
works that I do, and will do greater ones than these” (John 14:12). As Jesus told the apostles before sending them out, it
is trust in God that makes this possible. When we look to our heavenly Father, he supplies everything we need.

So have confidence in God! When someone tells you about an illness, pray in faith that they will be healed. If family
relationships are strained, pray and expect miracles in Jesus’ name! God wants his wonders to be a normal part of life. If
you do, too, then start praying with anticipation and watch for God to work. The journey of life can be very hard at
times, but Jesus wants us to know that he is with us to help us along the way.

        “Holy Spirit, empower all your people to be witnesses to the kingdom. Help us to take you at your
         word and to receive all the grace you offer. Make us ambassadors of your love.”

                            -   The World Among Us


Cathedral High School


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