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Gordon Monahan, When It Rains (detail), photo Jamie Osbourne                   Gordon Monahan, When It Rains (detail), photo Peter Janigan

                     Gordon Monahan: Music From Everywhere

                     September 11 to November 6                                                    Sunday, September 11 at 7:00 p.m.
                                                                                                   Opening Reception for Gordon Monahan: Music
                     Susan Detwiler: Feral                                                         From Everywhere featuring international
                     September 29 to November 6                                                    sound/intermedia artist Gordon Monahan in
                     Beyond the Frame                                                              performance with Guelph percussionist Jesse Stewart
                     September 29 to November 12                                                   Tuesday, September 20 at noon
                     Don Russell: Re-presentation                                                  Brown Bag Lunch: Jesse Stewart on Gordon
                     October 13 to December 18                                                     Monahan: Music From Everywhere

                     Lyne Lapointe: La Tache Aveugle (The Blind Spot)                              Thursday, September 29 at 7:15 p.m.
                     December 9 to February 26                                                     Sculpture Unveiling of Susan Detwiler’s Camp
                                                                                                   followed by the Opening Reception for Susan
                     First Nations Art: European Perspectives                                      Detwiler: Feral with remarks by Judith Nasby and the
                     continuing to December 18                                                     artist, also opening Beyond the Frame

                     Nunavut Artists 1950 to 2000                                                  Thursday, October 13 at 7:30 p.m.
                     continuing to December 18                                                     Opening Reception for Don Russell:
                     Sculpture Park
                     The most comprehensive sculpture park in Canada with                          Thursday, October 20 at noon
                     31 works including Susan Detwiler’s Camp, unveiling on                        Brown Bag Lunch: Art Historian Rekha Bhatnager
                     September 29 at 7:15 p.m. and Ted Fullerton’s Achilles,                       on Indian floor paintings and textiles
                     unveiling on October 31 at 1:00 p.m.
                                                                                                   Monday, October 31 at 12:30 p.m.
                                                                                                   Annual General Meeting followed at 1:00 p.m. by
                                                                                                   Sculpture Unveiling of Ted Fullerton’s Achilles with
                                                                                                   remarks by the artist and a dessert reception

                                                                                                   Thursday, November 3 at noon
                                                                                                   Brown Bag Lunch: Guelph artist Susan Detwiler on
                                                                                                   her exhibition Feral

                                                                                                   Saturday, November 12 at 5:15 p.m.
                                                                                                   Beyond the Frame Auction Party
                                                                                                   Doors open at 5:15 p.m.
                                                                                                   Live Auction begins at 7:00 p.m.

                                                                                                   Tuesday, November 22 at noon
                                                                                                   Brown Bag Lunch: Guelph artist Don Russell on his
                                                                                                   exhibition Re-presentation
                                                                                                   Wednesday, December 1, 2004
                                                                                                   Day Without Art: the Art Centre will participate by
                                                                                                   shrouding Evan Penny’s Mask (1989) in support of
                                                                                                   those suffering from the impact of AIDS

                                                                                                   Tuesday, December 13 at 3:00 p.m.
                                                                                                   Brown Bag Lunch: Judith Nasby on “Art and Cultural
                                                                                                   Change in China: Curating Chongqing Chillies”

Susan Detwiler, Seed Walk, 2005

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Gordon Monahan: Music From Everywhere
September 11 to November 6
The Art Centre presents Music From Everywhere by internationally-celebrated
Canadian-born sound/intermedia artist Gordon Monahan. The exhibition features two
innovative installations Music From Nowhere and When It Rains, as well as a montage
of video-recorded performances by Monahan, available for individual viewing. Music
From Nowhere comprises gutted speaker cabinets, retro-fitted with mechanical
sound-generating devices, some of which will be shown for the first time in Canada. The
work challenges popular assumptions about the production and presentation of sound
and music. The site-specific installation When It Rains consists of computer-controlled
water droplets which fall on a series of highly amplified, suspended objects and result in
a series of percussive rhythms. For the opening performance, Monahan will play a
theremin, an instrument that detects body capacitance and produces a secondary audio
track similar to the sound of a UFO in a 1950s sci-fi film.

Monahan’s work spans numerous artistic genres ranging from avant-garde concert
music to multi-media installation and performance art. He has performed and presented
his work throughout North America and Europe. He is the recipient of numerous
international awards and fellowships including the New York Foundation for the Arts
Fellowship and the National Endowment for the Arts Inter-Arts Fellowship. Since            Gordon Monahan, Music From Nowhere (detail)
winning the prestigious Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst Fellowship in 1992,
Monahan has become a vital part of Berlin’s vibrant artistic community. He divides his time between Meaford, Ontario and Berlin, Germany.

Guelph artist and percussionist Jesse Stewart wrote the catalogue essay. The exhibition and catalogue are supported by the Ontario Arts Council and the
Canada Council for the Arts. The Opening Reception takes place on Sunday, September 11 at 7:00 p.m. with a performance by Monahan and Stewart.

                                                                                         Susan Detwiler: Feral
                                                                                         September 29 to November 6
                                                                                         Guelph artist Susan Detwiler creates installation, sculpture, video,
                                                                                         photography and works on paper in response to her daily
                                                                                         observations and interactions with the natural environment. The
                                                                                         exhibition Feral is her first major solo exhibition in a public art
                                                                                         gallery. Through her work, Detwiler has grown accustomed to
                                                                                         exiting her acculturated roles (mother/artist/teacher), in an effort to
                                                                                         turn feral: to exist in a natural undomesticated state, or to revert to a
                                                                                         wild state. Her current practice is founded on this principle. Detwiler
                                                                                         strips her prescribed societal roles and redefines her relationship to
                                                                                         the world. She has learned to adapt to, and better understand, the
                                                                                         wilderness. The exhibition includes two new video works
                                                                                         accompanied by sculptural elements that will be displayed in the
                                                                                         gallery. Part of the exhibition is a new commission for the Sculpture
                                                                                         Park which is the fourth artist’s bench. Titled Camp, the bronze and
                                                                                         stone sculpture is the thirty-first installation in the Art Centre’s
                                                                                         sculpture park. Camp was commissioned with funds raised by the
 Susan Detwiler, Seedwalk (video still), 2005                                            Art Centre Volunteers with financial support from the Canada
                                                                                         Council for the Arts Acquisition Assistance Program, 2005.

The exhibition Susan Detwiler: Feral is supported by the Ontario Arts Council and the Canada Council for the Arts. The exhibition catalogue includes
writing by Susan Detwiler and exhibition coordinator Dawn Owen. The Opening Reception takes place on Thursday, September 29 with the Sculpture
Unveiling at 7:15 p.m. Susan Detwiler will give an Artist’s Talk on Thursday, November 3 at noon.

Don Russell: Re-presentation
October 13 to December 18
Guelph artist Don Russell has stood on many shores, peering across their
rolling surfaces and envisioning their depths. He is drawn to the landscape of
lakes, rivers, and oceans that have long engaged historical and contemporary
Canadian artists. He renders these bodies of water in oil paint, transcending
the ubiquity of his subject, as well as the challenges of a tonal palette. More
than traditional landscape paintings, Russell’s works enter into a postmodern
trajectory where meaning is created by the viewer.

Russell is also engaged in a non-representational practice. His abstract
paintings are defined by their compositional grids and encaustic surfaces. The
stained canvases and translucent shelves of wax belie the history of the work.
By digging into and peeling back the layers of wax, Russell reveals the
paintings’ structure and revisits the history of his own mark-making. In
contrast, the water works comprise gentle brush strokes applied with a deft
hand and the tip of a fine brush. Russell’s practice may seem divided by this
dichotomy; however, upon closer inspection, his works are inextricably

The exhibition Don Russell: Re-presentation features both his water works
and abstractions including a painting that was commissioned for the Art
Centre’s permanent collection. The exhibition and brochure are supported by       Don Russell, Untitled, 2005
                                                                                  Purchased with funds raised by the Art Centre Volunteers with support from the
the Ontario Arts Council and the Canada Council for the Arts. Exhibition          Canada Council for the Arts Acquisition Assistance Program, 2005
coordinator Dawn Owen wrote the brochure essay. Don Russell will give an          Macdonald Stewart Art Centre Collection
Artist’s Talk on Tuesday, November 22 at noon.
                                                                      Beyond the Frame
                                                                      Exhibition: September 29 to November 12
                                                                      Auction Party: Saturday, November 12 at 5:15 p.m. Live Auction begins at 7:00 p.m.

                                                                      Participating artists:

                                                                       Chris Ahlers, Irene Avaalaaqiaq, Anne Barros, Carl Beam, Lois Betteridge, Jane
                                                                       Buyers, Bonnie Deschenes, Chris Down, Abraham Etungat, Will Gorlitz, John Graham,
                                                                       Peter Gudrunas, Doug Haines, Jo-anne Harder, Verne Harrison, Mike Hayes, Barry
                                                                       Hodgson, Phil Irish, Doug Johnstone, Ooloopie Killiktee, John Kissick, Marion Manning,
                                                                       Sandra Martin, Skye Morrison, Linda O’Neill, Dawn Owen, Stu Oxley, Kayo O’Young,
                                                                       Marg Peter, Tammy Ratcliff, Glenna Rebick, John Reeves, Cheryl Ruddock, Don
                                                                       Russell, Kathleen Schmalz, Bill Schwarz, Allanah Scott, Doug Scott, Cole Swanson,
                                                                       Thorn Glass Studio, and Catherine Wilson.
                                                                       Frames have been generously donated by the Framing and Art Centre, Guelph.

Baker Lake artist William Noah with Kivioq’s Journey Ends, the 30th   Corporate Sponsors
outdoor installation in the Sculpture Park.

  First Nations Art:
  European Perspectives                                               Corporate Supporters

  continuing to December 18

                                                                      Corporate Partners

      Robert “Skip” Saunders (Nuxalk - Bella Coola), Raven,           Donors:
      2004 (Collection of William Ruddock)
                                                                       Bistro Six, Guelph Chamber Choir, Guelph Jazz Festival, Guelph Little Theatre, Ivy Le
  In the exhibition First Nations Art: European                        Maguer, John Camelford, Marion Oxley, Maureen MacIntyre, Pond’s Camera, Ray’s
  Perspectives, curator Judith Nasby examines how                      Flowers, ServiceMaster, The Barber Gallery, The Bookshelf, The Gallery Shop, Twelfth
  collecting native arts has been influenced by the artist’s           Night Music Shoppe, Morris Twist, Judy Winberg, Milton Winberg, and Wyndham Art
  personal vision, tourism, economics, and world                       Supplies
  promotion. The exhibition features examples of
  traditional women’s art in quill and bead work, birch bark
                                                                      Featuring tables and other furniture decorated by Centennial CVI art students and framed
  biting (Wigwas) and basketry, as well as works by widely
                                                                      mirrors decorated by St. James Catholic High School art students.
  recognized artists including: Norval Morrisseau,
  Anishnabe; Alex Janvier, Chipewyan; Bill Reid, Haida;               Auction Party: Saturday, November 12
  and Stan Hill, Iroquois.                                            Doors open at 5:15 p.m.
                                                                      Live Auction begins at 7:00 p.m. with Auctioneer Jay Mandarino of C.J. Graphics Inc.
  The exhibition looks at the post-contact period when
  explorers, early tourists, collectors and artists travelled to      Tickets: $45 (includes two complimentary beverage tickets)
  observe native peoples in their camps and to collect their          Available at the Art Centre information desk and at the Framing and Art Centre, Guelph.
  material culture for ethnographical collections, in the
  belief that they were preserving dying cultures. Included           Appetizer buffet by Appetizingly Yours, Kristoria, Your Chef de Table and the
  are paintings and maps with vignettes of native life and            University of Guelph Hospitality and Retail Services. Desserts by With the Grain.
  prints depicting erroneous information and views                    Jazz by pianist John Zadro and Ikebana by Ivy Le Maguer.
  considered exotic by Europeans. In the late nineteenth
  century, tourism influenced the collecting of native arts           Proceeds will support the Macdonald Stewart Art Centre. Advance bids, telephone, and
  that in turn supported artists, created income for                  email bids accepted.
  communities, and in many cases, helped propel artistic
                                                                      The Framed Auction committee is co-chaired by Cheryl Ruddock and Blair Stewart.
  ambition to greater heights.

  Lyne Lapointe: La Tache Aveugle (The Blind Spot)
  December 9 to February 26
  This exhibition features twenty-six works by Montreal artist Lyne
  Lapointe. Through the appropriation of motifs and images and the use
  of rare and unusual materials, Lapointe explores notions of the seen
  and unseen, the constellations and their mythologies, and the graphic
  strangeness of ancient games. On view from December 9, the
  Opening Reception takes place on Thursday, January 19 at 7 p.m.
  See our winter 2006 newsletter for full details.

  The exhibition La Tache Aveugle (The Blind Spot) is organized and
  circulated by Museé d’art contemporain de Montréal. The national tour
  of the exhibition has been made possible with the financial support of             Lyne Lapointe, Quinte (Fifth), 2001
                                                                                     oil on paper mounted on plywood, painted wood frames, marquetry of small branches,
  the Department of Canadian Heritage, through its Museums Assistance
                                                                                     metal hinges (Courtesy of the Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto)
Art Exhibitions on Tour
Chongqing, China – As visiting curator at the Sichuan Institute of Fine Art in Chongqing in May, director Judith Nasby selected works by ten
Chongqing artists which will be shown at the Art Centre in fall 2006. The artists address the incredible changes effecting the largest city in the world (32m)
as it transforms itself into a technological powerhouse. A joint English/Chinese catalogue will be co-published by the Art Centre and the Institute with
essays by Nasby and Luo Zhongli, President of the Sichuan Institute and one of the participating artists. Zhongli will make his first trip to Canada to speak
at the opening. In conjunction with the exhibition, MSAC will publish an artist’s book on the work of Vancouver-based multi-media artist Gu Xiong, as a
continuing project based on his exhibition The Sickle and the Cell Phone, which was curated by the Art Centre and toured to China in 2004. While in
China, Nasby completed a three-city speaking tour to Hangzhou, Chengdu, and Chongqing, where she lectured on Canadian public sculpture. Nasby
wrote an essay on the Art Centre’s Sculpture Park which will be translated for publication in the Sichuan Institute’s Contemporary Artists Magazine.

Lodz, Poland – The Art Centre’s internationally touring exhibition of Canadian Inuit art, Asingit, will tour Poland in 2005. Drawings and wall hangings
by fourteen Nunavut artists were exhibited at the Municipal Contemporary Art Gallery in Jelenia-Gora in winter and in Gdansk in the spring. Asingit travels
to the Ethnographic Museum in Lodz this fall.

Simcoe, Ontario – The exhibition Pictorial Title Pages and Frontispieces will be shown at Norfolk Arts Centre from September 1 to October 30,
2005. Selected from the collection of George Wallace, artist and retired chair of fine art at McMaster University, the exhibition consists of woodcuts,
engravings, etchings and lithographs — many of which are hand-colored — with the earliest dated 1489 and the most recent 1935. Pictorial Title Pages
and Frontispieces was shown in Guelph in 2000.

Peterborough, Ontario – The exhibition Irene Avaalaaqiaq: Myth and Reality continues its provincial tour to the Art Gallery of Peterborough from
December 19, 2005 to February 5, 2006. Featured at the Art Centre in fall 2002, the exhibition has toured to The Textile Museum of Canada, Toronto
(2003) and to the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, Kleinburg (2004). It is accompanied by Nasby’s book Irene Avaalaaqiaq: Myth and Reality.

Art Centre News
Sculpture Unveiling – The Art Centre unveiled its thirtieth outdoor installation on
Saturday, June 25 during Alumni Weekend. The sculpture titled Kivioq’s Journey Ends
is William Noah’s first permanent outdoor sculpture in Canada. Made from local
limestone, the sculpture was commissioned with funds donated by the Class of 1955, on
the 50th anniversary of their graduation from Macdonald Institute, in memory of Professor
Gordon Couling, founding chair of the University of Guelph fine art department.

Kivioq’s Journey Ends depicts a legendary figure who symbolizes the continuation of
Inuit culture and the Inuktitut language in the midst of modern society. Noah, the son of
acclaimed artist Jessie Oonark, began his artistic career in the early 1960s making
carvings and drawings. After 1970, he focussed on graphic arts. He began exhibiting his
work in 1965 and has since been represented in numerous internationally travelling

Book Award – Judith Nasby, director/curator of the Macdonald Stewart Art Centre,
received the 2005 Ontario Association of Art Galleries curatorial writing award in the book          The Class of 1955, on the 50th anniversary of their graduation from
category for Rolph Scarlett: Painter, Designer, Jeweller (MQUP 2004) and a $1,000 prize.             Macdonald Institute, sponsored the sculpture Kivioq’s Journey Ends by
The book discusses the seventy-five year career of this Guelph-born artist. The exhibition           Baker Lake artist William Noah.
Rolph Scarlett: Painter, Designer Jeweller will tour internationally in 2005/6.

                                                                     Our Team – The Art Centre acknowledges our hardworking art camp instructors Aidan
                                                                     Ware and Jennet Clayton (Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, Youth
                                                                     Employment Strategy Summer Career Placement). We thank collection management
                                                                     assistant Cole Swanson (Young Canada Works, Canadian Museums Association
                                                                     through Canadian Heritage) for his enthusiasm and commitment. We also recognize
                                                                     student interns Tasha Ethelston and Jodie Wright-Roberts for their contributions throughout
                                                                     the summer. Our student employees gain valuable experience working with staff in all
                                                                     aspects of Art Centre operations.

                                                                     Gallery Shop/Art Sales and Rental – Offering new contemporary jewelry in silver,
                                                                     glass and semi-precious stones by Erin-Blythe Reddie and porcelain, stoneware and
                                                                     earthenware by Kerslake Pottery (Roger Kerslake and Heather Driver-Kerslake). The
                                                                     Gallery Shop also features outstanding pottery, blown glass, wood, and metalwork by
                                                                     regional artists. A wide range of paintings and works on paper are for sale and rent.
                                                                     Proceeds from the Gallery Shop/Art Sales & Rental sponsor art acquisitions.
                                                                    During the week of July 25-29, thirteen art campers transformed Carl Skelton’s Canadiana/Begging Bear
                                                                    (1995-99) into a Holstein cow, with guidance from instructors Aidan Ware and Jennet Clayton.

 The Macdonald Stewart Art Centre is supported by its sponsors - the University of Guelph, the City of Guelph, the Upper Grand District School Board, and the County of
 Wellington - by memberships and donations and by grants from the Ontario Government through the Ontario Arts Council and the Ministry of Culture and from the Federal
                           Government through the Canada Council for the Arts and the Museum Assistance Program of Canadian Heritage.
                                       Special thanks to @Guelph and University of Guelph Communications and Public Affairs.

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