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					How to use LIBRI
Learning Management System

 LIBRI Support Team
 SEE University
 Loc. 701.03
       Important information's
•   All your courses in which you are registered, at the beginning of
    the semester will be automatically added into the Libri system

•   The students can be registered in proper course with PIN code
     – The default PIN code for each course created in Libri is 123456,
       but this PIN can be changed by your instructor, that’s why it is
       better to ask your professor to give you the PIN code of his
     – In order to register in proper course, after you will log in into the
       Libri system, click on My Courses link and at the top in the
       search field enter the name of the course in which you want to
       register and click on Search button. From the given list of
       courses choose the proper course and correct professor and
       then click on Enroll by PIN link, enter the PIN code and register.

•   If some students have problems with the registration, visit Marika
    Apostolova in 701.03 office
Getting to LIBRI
 Go directly to the website

 You can access LIBRI learning platform by going directly to the website.
   Click on the link and add to your web browser favorites for easy
Page

 Enter your SEEU account username and password.

 The Calendar link will show you by default a
    weekly view of your tasks. Students
    generally enter course-specific information
    in this calendar by clicking on the proper
    time cell. Set up the proper information's
    and click on Register button to schedule
    your event.
Your LIBRI Home Page

 After signing in, your courses, received e-mails, announcements and
    discussion forums specific to your courses will appear on the right
    side of the page. Also all your courses will be listed when you will
    click on the My Courses link on the left side.
My Courses

  After clicking the My Courses link, you can enter in the certain course by
     clicking on the Enter button below that course.
Course Home Page

  After clicking on My Courses and choosing the proper course, you will
     see that there is a navigation panel at the top left side of the page.
     Through this panel you can easy navigate through the course

 The Main Course tab will open a list of file links, folders and other content and will vary
     depending on the instructor and the course. You will usually find the course syllabus,
     expectations, and required readings at the start of the course. As time progresses
     through the semester, more links will be added by the instructor.
How to send your homework

                  In order to send your homework, click the proper
                      Drop Box      . Afterwards, clicking the Browse
                      button you can attach the document. If you
                      have any remarks regarding your homework,
                      type them in the Comment field and at the end
                      click the Upload File icon and in that way your
                      homework will automatically be sent to your
 How to participate in a discussion forum

In order to participate in a discussion, click the proper
    Discussion Forum         . Then by clicking the Add
    Post button the window shown here at the right
    will appear to you. There you can express your
    opinion regarding the discussion topic. Type the
    title of your post in the Title field, then present the
    content of the information that you want to spread
    in the Content section, format your text using the
    formatting bar, and finally, by clicking the Save
    Post icon, your post will appear at the forum.
Course Management Tools

  LIBRI System also offers you several Course Management tools available on
     Tools Tab at the top of the page. These tools will allow you to send an course
     mail, to access the roster and to publish course announcements.
Send an E-mail

  To send an E-mail just click on Course mail icon on
      the top and this dialog box above will appear to
      you. To send an e-mail click on New Mail Link
      at the top and it will appear to you one pop up
      window like this shown on the right side. Than
      select the receiver of that mail (you can send
      one mail to entire class or to one person from
      the down list), type the subject on the Subject
      field and write the message content in the Body
      section, you can format the text using the
      formatting bar. If there is a need to attach some
      file or files you can use the Attachment section
      and by clicking on Browse button select the
      proper files that you want to be attached to the
      mail. At the end click on Send button.
Course Roster

  To view who is registered in your course in LIBRI, choose the Course Roster
     Section by clicking on Course Roster tab and you will have a list with all
     those students who are registered in that course.
Course Announcements

  In this section you can view all announcement
       published by your instructors for the
       proper course.
Navigation Links

   Choose some of available navigation links to easy return at the
     beginning or to go from on course to another by click on
   My Page link, and Logout link to Log Out successfully from the
     LIBRI system.
Give an IDEA for LIBRI!
 1         LIBRI setup a feedback forum so you can tell us what's on your mind. Please go to
               Feedback section and be heard!
           Here are some instructions how to give an idea for LIBRI:
                –   Click on red feedback tab on the very right side of the Main LIBRI page
                –   On pop up window choose >>Go to our Feedback Forum
                –   You can login (click on login link               ) into the forum or stay
                –   Enter you idea in I suggest you … field
                –   If it’s not already suggested and listed bellow, click on Create New Idea button
                –   Give a small description in Description field and click on Suggest it! Button
                –   Your idea is there now, wait other to vote for her or live a comment and if it is
                    fully supported the LIBRI team will work on it!
 2                                                      5

LIBRI Support Team

 For any kind of question or technical problem with the LIBRI
    system call LIBRI Helpdesk at 2017 or contact at 701.03 office

 Marika Apostolova ( )
 Burim Ismaili ( )

 Enjoy your new online learning experience!

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