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					Introduction to eChalk
             For Students
                       What is eChalk?

eChalk’s unique online learning
environment provides your school with its
own electronic “town square” where
teachers, students, administrators, and
parents can…

As a student, eChalk enables you to:

           Stay in touch with teachers and
            other students regarding class

           Keep informed about upcoming
            school and classroom homework,
            assignments, projects, upcoming
            events, etc.

           Store homework files and project
            materials for easy access from
            any computer connected to the
Using Your Online eChalk Community
Your school’s
homepage will
feature important
school news and
upcoming events,
faculty information,
and school

Using Your Online eChalk Community
Your teachers use
eChalk Class Pages to
provide anytime,
anywhere access to
homework assignments,
project requirements,
class materials, and

Using Your Online eChalk Community
eChalk even
enables your
school’s PTA,
library, student
clubs, teams, and
departments to
participate in your
online community
using eChalk
Group Pages.

                                                     Let’s Go!
Go to our school Web site: http://______________________________
Enter your username and temporary password
to complete your…

         1st Time Login
            1     ACCEPT user policy

            2     CREATE new password

            3     FINISH              Be sure to write down your username and
                                       email address. Make sure you remember
                                                the new password you created!
  Your eChalk Community
    Logged in and ready to go?
    Let’s explore the four main navigation
    areas you will use everyday as an
    eChalk student.

      MY EMAIL

                  MY ACCOUNT

                       MY SCHOOL
                              eChalk Email
   With eChalk you have an email
   address you may use at your school.

   All email addresses have a similar

        Mailbox Name. Usually       Domain Name. The organization
        some form of the person’s   that is hosting the email account.
        name, but sometimes a       The domain name usually refers to
        nickname.                   either the person’s employer, or any
                                    of a number of large Email providers
                                    such as Hotmail or AOL.

What is your eChalk Email address?
                                                                      eChalk Email
                                       MY EMAIL > Inbox
                                       You receive and read email in your Inbox.
                                       When you want to send an email to someone,
                                       click on Write Mail. To browse through your
                                       other email folders, click on Folders.

                                      Complete the following tasks within
                                      your My Email area.
                                         1. Open and read the message from Torrance
                                            Robinson by clicking on the blue Subject header.
                                         2. Delete this email.
                                         3. Write an email to your teacher. Hint: Use the Find
                                            Members link.
                                         4. Empty your Deleted Mail folder.

For more email activities and information, review pages 8-14 in the
                       “Welcome to eChalk: A Guide for Students”
                                      Storing Files in eChalk
                                       MY ACCOUNT
                                       The My Account>Files area is your online file storage
                                       space or, “digital locker”. It allows you to store
                                       application files, such as Microsoft Word documents,
                                       spreadsheets, or PowerPoint presentations. You can
                                       access your files from any computer that is connected
                                       to the Internet.

           1. Open the .jpg file on your My Files page.
           2. Delete this image from your My Files area.

For more information, review pages 15-16 in the
    “Welcome to eChalk: A Guide for Students”
                                     Storing Files in eChalk
                                       MY ACCOUNT
                                       Have a favorite Website? Store that Website’s address
                                       (or “URL”) in eChalk. Your My Account>Bookmarks
                                       area allows you to keep those links in one place that
                                       you can access from any computer with access to the

                                                  1. Add a favorite or helpful Web site to
                                                     your Bookmarks area.
For more information, review pages 16-17 in the
    “Welcome to eChalk: A Guide for Students”
                            My eChalk Classes
                   MY CLASSES
                   Finding your classes in eChalk is easy. Simply click
                   on the My Classes button to view your complete list
                   of classes on one page.

 Click on a link to visit
that class homepage.
        My eChalk Classes
The class homepage allows you to view class
announcements, homework assignments, online
resources, to participate in class discussions over the
                            My eChalk Classes
                    CLASS CALENDAR
                    The calendar displays a monthly view of all homework
                    assignments, projects, and due dates for a class. Select
                    “All Classes” in the View Another Class list to see
                    assignments from all of your classes on one page.
                                                            View another class
                                                            calendar, or a
                                                            monthly view of all

Use the red arrows to
change the monthly

                                                          Read an assignment
                                                          description by clicking
                                                          on the link.
                       My eChalk Classes
The eChalk Homework DropBox
Turn in your homework online using eChalk!
Your teacher will post assignments on your eChalk
Class Page and enable the eChalk Homework DropBox.

                                         Look for the
                        My eChalk Classes
The eChalk Homework DropBox
Look for the Submit Assignment
button to turn in your homework,
project reports, or other
                         My eChalk Classes
                  CLASS MEMBERS
                  Use the members page of your class to email your
                  teacher and classmates.

**Contact your
school’s Site Manager                             Email members of
or check your                                     your class as a group
school’s Student-
Safe™ Email policy.
                                                  or as individuals.**
                            My School
View School News and Events!
Find out what’s going on at your school! View school
announcements, the school calendar, and participate in
online discussions. Use the Find Members tool to
locate and email other teachers and students in your

                                 Make sure you click
                                 each checkbox and
                                click the Next button
                                 at the bottom of the

Remember--eChalk is completely Web-based; you
can access your eChalk account from any computer
with Internet access!
Any questions or problems?
  • Contact our school’s eChalk Site Manager, ___(name and
    email)___ with any questions.
  • Email eChalk Customer Support at

       Don’t forget your username and password.

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