How to Square A Piece of Wood by smythesteven


									How to Square A
 Piece of Wood
Technology Education
When ever you want to build a project
 out of wood, one of the first steps
 you go through is squaring up the
 piece of wood.

These next steps will help you as you
 proceed with your project.

Equipment Needed; Table Saw, Jointer,
 and a Thickness Planner,
As you can see this 2x4 is so warped
  and twisted that it won’t lay flat.
Take the stock and place the wide side
      down and run it through the
jointer. Have the jointer set to 1/32 of
   an inch. It will take approximately
 about 15 passes to flatten the bottom
              of this board.
This is what the board should look like
after you have flattened it. When you
  remove material from the face of a
board it is call planning. Don't confuse
     this with thickness planning.
   Now place the face that you just
planed up against the jointer fence like
  shown and plane one of the edges.
Now adjust the fence to take off about
  1/8 of material from the board as

The machine face should be down and
the tooled edge should be against the
I now flip the board and cut off another
1/8" from the other side. The machine
          face is still face down.
  Now it is time to machine the other
face and to make sure the board is the
same thickness through out. This must
   be done on a thickness planner.

Make sure the machined face is down.
 That's it. Now you have nice square
boards ready for what ever project you
             are building.

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